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04 May 19:38

Tips on packing your holiday luggage

by luxirare
Daria Nifontova

вот это Luxirare иронично врывается (или таки окончательно ебанулась)

I’ve met women that feel perfectly fine with packing only the essential when going on a holiday. By this I mean a pair of shorts, maxi dress, and a beach dress, 3 T-shirts, 1 bathing suit, a linen shirt, a cardigan for chilly evenings, a scarf, a pair of flip-flops, a pair of canvas sneakers, a pair of gladiator sandals, sunglasses, and a hat…

I admire these women, I really do. But with all my efforts, I am far from achieving the same performances. I am by far this disciplined, and I am not a hardcore minimalist either. Of course, I can always grab my things and throw them in a mini-suitcase, for a spontaneous vacation, but each time I can’t help myself to add some extra items also.

It is about the pleasure of wearing something in particular, about the joy of having enough clothing pieces to choose from, the emotional safety offered by all the possibilities. But no, I don’t end up stuffing my entire wardrobe in my suitcase, no matter how tempting that might be. Let’s be serious about it! So, trying to make the perfect luggage set up for a vacation, not compromising too much of my favourite clothes, but not dragging an entire closet along, here are a few rules I made in time, which may work in your case as well.


Rule #1: Only pack the clothes you really like!

This might be something that is more than obvious. Still, think about it: didn’t it occur to you to take with you clothes that usually leave you indifferent, on any other day? Some T-shirt, a dress with a faded colour – those clothes that you saved for the “you never know” situations or “just for vacation”. You just put them in the suitcase, hoping that you will wear them on this occasion, at least. But let’s face it, this is not going to happen.

luggage Tenerife

Rule #2: Imagine yourself at the destination

If you are going to spend two weeks at Punta Cana or Tenerife, you don’t have to take a pair of high heel sandals, the coloured blazer, that elegant ruffled dress, an urban bag, hair rollers, or the flat iron. Even if you are afraid that you won’t manage with what you have in the suitcase, missing that “something” that may make your outfit perfect, please, be reasonable. Thinking about the destination will help you make the right choices.


Rule #3: Pick the most versatile pieces

To best use the space in your luggage, select those clothing items that can be reinvented in various ways. Those you can adapt and transform according to the moment of the day, location, occasion, or temperature. Here are some examples:

  • The bandeau bra or the top of a tankini, which can be worn as tops, with a pair of short pants, or a pair of palazzo or chino pants.
  • A denim shirt, which can be worn as a jacket during a chillier evening;
  • An extra large shirt, thin and light, made out of linen or modal, which can replace a beach dress and can also be worn open, with a skirt or short pants;
  • A light maxi dress or loose coverall, which can be switched from a daytime attire to a night one, just by playing with various accessories;
  • A coloured scarf, large enough to fit you as a pareo during the day and a turban at night;

Rule #4: Pick jewellery, belts, scarves that will fit with most of the clothes you packed.

luggage Tenerife
Rule #5: Organise your luggage

Put everything that has a heavier weight (books, shoes, dressing case) on the bottom of the bag or spread them evenly on the sides.

Instead of an incredibly large dressing case, split the needed products in 2, 3, or 4 smaller cases. One can hold the beach products, one for the cosmetics, one for makeup products, and one for medicines.

Roll your clothes, instead of folding them. To your surprise, they will be less rumpled when they reach the destination. Use as much as possible the empty spaces. Put rolled socks inside sneakers, rolled tops in the corners of the suitcase, a scarf rolled around phone chargers…

Also, you may want to add an extra fordable bag. Again, you can never know…

And last, don’t forget to grab a small plastic bag or sac for the dirty clothes.

All that is left for me to do is to respect with meticulosity the previously mentioned rules. And, of course, to get ready for my vacation to Tenerife!


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30 Mar 18:28

kazuyagoddamnmishima: Neon Genesis Evangelion (Hideaki Anno,...

Daria Nifontova

a masterpiece


Neon Genesis Evangelion (Hideaki Anno, 1995-1996)

24 Mar 18:39

You used to call me on my cell phone 🐾

You used to call me on my cell phone 🐾

20 Mar 20:01



15 Mar 20:00

On the Street…Patterns of Pitti, Florence

by The Sartorialist
Daria Nifontova




10 Mar 17:10

On the Street…Avenue de Friedland, Paris

by The Sartorialist


29 Oct 14:29


by karladeras
Daria Nifontova

goddamit boo

Wearing a little vintage dress I found in Burbank a few weeks ago. It had a zipper, but it wouldn’t zip because of my hips so I removed the zipper and now it fits perfectly.

You guys should definitely take a trip to your local vintage shop or Goodwill- you can really find some gems if you’re patient. I rather spend my time rummaging around at a flea market than wandering aimlessly through a mall, but that’s just me. xo

23 Feb 14:00

On the Street…Coats with Personality, London

by The Sartorialist





20 Feb 07:56

sleepatnights: Christian tattooing in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Christian tattooing in Bosnia and Herzegovina

17 Feb 08:00

Sausage Kale French Bread Pizza

by Tracy
Daria Nifontova


Sausage & Kale French Bread Pizzas are sure to be a crowd pleaser around the dinner table. Find the recipe at

Thank you so much for all of your kind comments about my cat, Pinot.  Your words mean so much to me!  Things have been a little weird around my house. I’m used to having a little buddy that hangs around with me while I’m cooking in the kitchen. I didn’t realize how many times a day we checked in with each other until she was gone. It’s pretty crazy how animals become so apart of your everyday routine, you know?  I keep looking for her face at the sliding glass door to see if I need to let her in. Going to sleep at night has been a little weird too, since she used to sleep on my pillow and I’d fall asleep to the sound of her purring. The only thing that’s helping me right now is keeping busy. I think I’ve cleaned my kitchen at least 25 times since this weekend.  So, anyways THANK YOU. I really appreciate your love and support.

Sausage & Kale French Bread Pizzas are sure to be a crowd pleaser around the dinner table. Find the recipe at

Yesterday I made this Sausage Kale French Bread Pizza situation because I felt like cleaning the kitchen ANOTHER time.  Tuesday was a major errand running day (with Cooper! who had school off! Ahhh!) and instead of making another pit stop to pick up individual french bread rolls (we already went to the Post Office/Oil Change & Trader Joe’s), I decided to use a whole batard I picked up at the store. Yeah buddy, we went BIG on this recipe. Who says that french bread pizza needs to be on individual rolls?

Sausage & Kale French Bread Pizzas are sure to be a crowd pleaser around the dinner table. Find the recipe at

We brown sausage and then sauté kale. We add red pepper flakes on and a ton of garlic to the mixture. We spread marinara all over our batard then top with the sausage kale mixture and a ton of cheese. Then we get this crunchy/crispy/doughy french bread pizza that’s ridiculously meaty/hearty yet full of kale!  Next time I am going to freeze one of the halves and just bake off one because then I won’t eat it a lllllllllllllllll and then future me will be like, “You’re so smart and thoughtful, Tracy from the past.”  I will also make a section just for Cooper who picked EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF KALE off of his pieces. Kids, man.

Let’s gather our ingredients.

Sausage & Kale French Bread Pizzas are sure to be a crowd pleaser around the dinner table. Find the recipe at

Garlic sliced thin!

Sausage & Kale French Bread Pizzas are sure to be a crowd pleaser around the dinner table. Find the recipe at

Sausage cooked with olive oil. Bread sliced in half.

Sausage & Kale French Bread Pizzas are sure to be a crowd pleaser around the dinner table. Find the recipe at

Kale addition.

Sausage & Kale French Bread Pizzas are sure to be a crowd pleaser around the dinner table. Find the recipe at

Followed by garlic & red pepper flake addition.

Sausage & Kale French Bread Pizzas are sure to be a crowd pleaser around the dinner table. Find the recipe at

Assembly time!

Sausage & Kale French Bread Pizzas are sure to be a crowd pleaser around the dinner table. Find the recipe at

A little sprinkle of cheese.

Sausage & Kale French Bread Pizzas are sure to be a crowd pleaser around the dinner table. Find the recipe at

Followed by sausage and CHEEEEEEEESE.

Sausage & Kale French Bread Pizzas are sure to be a crowd pleaser around the dinner table. Find the recipe at

Look at these two lovebirds.

Get a room, you two!

Sausage & Kale French Bread Pizzas are sure to be a crowd pleaser around the dinner table. Find the recipe at

They took a nice trip to the oven. No chaperone was involved.

Sausage & Kale French Bread Pizzas are sure to be a crowd pleaser around the dinner table. Find the recipe at


Sausage & Kale French Bread Pizzas are sure to be a crowd pleaser around the dinner table. Find the recipe at

Pretty much my teenage dream.

Sausage & Kale French Bread Pizzas are sure to be a crowd pleaser around the dinner table. Find the recipe at

We slice.

Sausage & Kale French Bread Pizzas are sure to be a crowd pleaser around the dinner table. Find the recipe at

We enjoy. We have no leftovers. Dangit!

For more fun pizza ideas, check out:

And if you also love the combo of kale & sausage, check out:


Sausage Kale French Bread Pizza

Note: There is a print link embedded within this post, please visit this post to print it.

serves 4-5

  • 1 large loaf French bread, sliced in half
  • 2 cups marinara sauce
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 1lb. Italian sausage, casings removed
  • 5-6 cups chopped Tuscan kale
  • 4 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
  • 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • 2 cups shredded mozzarella
  • 3 tablespoons grated Parmesan


Preheat oven to 400F

Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Cook the sausage, breaking up into smaller pieces with a wooden spoon, until sausage starts to brown, about 4-5 minutes. Add kale and continue to cook until kale has softened, about 4 minutes. Season with salt & pepper and stir in garlic and red pepper flakes. Cook for another 1-2 minutes.

Place french bread halves on baking sheet. Divide marinara sauce evenly between two halves. Sprinkle tops with 1/2 cup mozzarella. Add the sausage kale mixture onto the bread, followed by the remaining cheese. Sprinkle with Parmesan and place in the oven for 10-15 minutes, or until bread is golden and cheese is melted and slightly brown. Transfer bread to a cutting board and cut into thick slices to serve.

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08 Feb 11:30

Work Out Without Leaving Your Bed

by Into The Gloss
Daria Nifontova

какие они красивые материалы стали делать

Work Out Without Leaving Your Bed

This is not Crossfit. This is not Soulcycle. Hell, this isn't really a workout—or at least not a strenuous one. Because we've long been supporters of the less-is-more fitness category, we figured there had to be a way to incorporate some movement into a standard morning routine without requiring a trip to the gym. So we created one! Think of it more like active multitasking that's easy enough to do immediately upon waking up, developed with the help of Traci Copeland (title: Nike Master Trainer). Literally anyone—the running haters, the nothing-but-Modelfit crew, the Pilates reformer converts—can do this and actually enjoy it. Cute pajamas help. Here's how to start:

bed exercises

Traci says: "Getting out of bed, the thing that tends to be the most tight are our hip flexors. That’s the thing that allows us to walk and run, so doing things like knee hugs help warm them up right away. Hugging one knee at a time, you can go for 30 seconds each side 2-3 times to wake up your legs."

bed exercises

No, don't get up yet—do a couple of quick crunches first. Bed crunches won't get you a six pack, but you do get points for engaging your core first thing.

bed exercises

Leg lifts suck less when your mattress is supporting you.

bed exercises

Traci says: "Your quads, glutes and hamstrings are also going to be pretty tight, so a good thing to do is wake up those core muscle groups. The way you can do that is by thinking about getting out of your bed and standing up and doing that 5 times. It’s like a chair pose, but assisted."

bed exercises

For a bit of real fitness, here come the tricep dips. "Do 10 or 15 of these on an incline, using your bed—now you're waking up the upper body."

bed exercises

Instagram break! Scroll while practicing your wall sits.

bed exercises

For anyone who wears heels or is actively avoiding their barre class, calf raises make great multitasking. Start brushing your teeth and you've got two minutes of these.

bed exercises

Hydrate while balancing on one leg, hitting your core, your glutes, and your brain (it takes some concentration). Traci also recommends a more strenuous version: "You stand and balance on one leg and spell your name with your foot for ankle mobility. If you want something to wake up your core, you can lift your leg a little bit higher and go through the alphabet. Do that on both sides."

bed exercises

Job well done. Get some coffee, go to work, or get back in bed. At least you've already gotten something done.

Rachel Tabb photographed by Tom Newton at The Standard High Line. Rachel is wearing a pajama set from Olivia von Halle. You can work out with Traci on the Nike+ Training Club app.

Keep going! Read up on ITG's guide to low-impact ballet exercises for better posture here.

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16 Jan 08:13

hypersexualsportswear: ramplings: Oscar Isaac sings Caetano...

Daria Nifontova

советую елене булыгиной перейти по ссылке



Oscar Isaac sings Caetano Veloso’s rendition of “Cucurrucucú Paloma” from Talk to Her

16 Jan 07:04


Daria Nifontova

*** DEAD ***

08 Jan 12:29

iheartjade: lana del rey’s entire discography described in 2...


lana del rey’s entire discography described in 2 gifs (x)

30 Dec 03:55

Ever since I left the city,

30 Dec 03:57

gotitforcheap: this is the gun that killed my son


this is the gun that killed my son

17 Dec 15:27

Drake on Cake

by joythebaker
Daria Nifontova


Drake Cake Collage

I’d like to cordially invite you to join me in my new passion project on Instagram:  @drakeoncake.  

Thank you, carry on.  

24 Nov 02:23


Daria Nifontova

a friendly reminder

29 Oct 05:10


21 Oct 13:39


Daria Nifontova

sweet baby jesus

13 Sep 19:31

im having a

31 Aug 13:45

What Happens When You Give 100 Cameras Out To Homeless Londoners

by Jessica Chou
Last July, London's Cafe Art, a CIC company that assists artists affected by homelessness, gave out 100 disposable cameras to the homeless. They got 80 cameras back, filled with photos of everyday life in London. Now, thanks to a Kickstarter, a few select images will be printed in a calendar.

"Some [of the photographers] are sleeping rough; others have been homeless but are still attending homelessness charities. We contacted them through art groups run by the charities," Paul Ryan, Cafe Art's director, told Refinery29 in an email. "We gave basic training on how to use the camera in the art groups, followed by a training session for anyone who wanted to come, run by The Royal Photographic Society."

In total, 2,500 photos were submitted; the 12 selected for the calendar were chosen by a public vote in August. They include images of a Holi-inspired event, London parks, and a row of telephones. Here, nine photos from the project, and the stories behind them.

"Tyre Break, Hackney," by Desmond Henry

Henry, born in Northamptonshire, captured this image of a woman taking a coffee break in front of a mural by the Brazilian street artists Cranio, Bailon, and Sliks.

Henry attends the Pritchard's Road Day Centre and plays music as a DJ.

"Everything I Own" or "Bags of Life, Strand," by David Tovey.

David Tovey ran across Tony sitting near the Royal Courts of Justice. "It was the first photo I took. He was sitting there in complete contrast to the building across the road," Tovey told Cafe Art.

Tovey, who took a foundation art course at London Metropolitan University in 2013, originally started as a restaurateur. After dealing with health issues, he lost his business and home. He is now a practicing artist and volunteers with Clothing the Homeless and Café Art.

"Colour Festival, Olympic Park," by Goska Calik.

Goska Calik was not new to photography. "I started taking photos when I was five years old," she says. "The first photography I did was with my father. It was with a Zorky 12, a Russian camera. He taught me about light and the zoom and everything. I loved it."

After losing her job to to an illness, Calik got support from Crisis Skylight and is now a part-time support worker.

"Left Boot, East London," by Ellen Rostant.

Rostant, who is 16, has been in temporary housing with her parents and seven siblings for three years. She is attending Sixth Form College.

"Nature's Tunnel" or "Light and the End," Stratford, by Ellen Rostant.

Rostant's second photo to be voted onto the calendar was captured at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. "It’s like you are in a tunnel when you are homeless: It’s a journey, and there’s always going to be light at the end of the tunnel," she says.

Rostant is now studying geography, 3-D graphic design, and photography.

"Tower Bridge PICNIC, Southwark," by Cecie.

Hong Kong-born Cecie, who was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, works with the Crisis art group to help escape her Bethnal Green squat.

She is currently creating a blog about random acts of kindness.

"The Artist, Whitechapel," by Michael Crosswaite.

Michael Crosswaite ran across Aaron Little in Providence Row, a homeless charity. "I didn’t over-think the photo, and perhaps that’s why it worked. The painting is so good, it makes the picture," he says.

"Telephone Row, Lincoln's Inn," by XO.

XO was fascinated by the shorter telephone booths, unique to London. "Although very rarely used these days, I love the fact they're still around. They're synonymous with our capital, and this city wouldn't be the same without them, so I'm happy they're protected," XO told Cafe Art.

"Past & Future, City of London," by Ioanna Zagkana

The Gherkin, built in 2003, and the St. Andrew Undershaft, which survived the Great Fire of London, represent modern and historic London, Zagkana says.

Zagkana, who was a dancer until an accident ended her career, attends Crisis Skylight and Women at the Well and is currently staying with a friend.

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Not Cool: Prince George Is Being Hounded By The Paparazzi

Glorious Sky Pool Or Terrifying Human Aquarium? You Decide
05 Sep 14:30

There's A Man Whose Almost-Perfect Poop Saves Lives

by Sara Murphy
Daria Nifontova

no comments

bathroom_EMBEDPhoto: Chameleons Eye/REX USA
You can learn a lot from your poop: The state of your digestive system, the impact of your diet and lifestyle on your general health, even your predisposition for illness. But CNN Wire explains that if you're one of those rare people whose poop is "fairly close to perfect," like Eric, a 24-year-old research assistant at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, you can even use it to help save lives.

It turns out that the necessary bodily function that can stink up a bathroom like no other can also quite literally heal those suffering from the gut infection Clostridium difficile, or C. diff. A bacterium that inflames the colon, C. diff causes diarrhea, fever, nausea, loss of appetite, and, in 14,000 to 30,000 cases a year, death. But life-saving bacteria inside the fecal matter of people like Eric can help.

How's it work? Basically, a ridiculous amount of bacteria — some good, some bad — lives inside your poop. When people take antibiotics for various reasons, sometimes the antibiotics don't work properly and the good bacteria ends up being killed off while bad bacteria, like C. diff, multiplies, unchecked. But through a fecal transplant, the life-saving bacteria that lives inside of people like Eric's guts can be used to chase the harmful C. difficile bacteria out of the intestines of sick people.

"It’s unreal," Eric said of the process's impact. "I never thought I would be staring at my poop, frozen in a freezer, destined to help people across the country. It’s really cool.” And while Eric is making money for his donations — as Refinery29 has previously reported, if you qualify, you can make up to $13,000 from selling your poop — he's right to be proud. OpenBiome, the small laboratory outside of Boston that pioneered this process, put Eric through a 109-point clinical assessment before determining that he would be a helpful donor. Turns out, only 3% of prospective donors end up being healthy enough to give.

"It’s easier to get into M.I.T. and Harvard than it is to get enrolled as one of our donors," Mark Smith, OpenBiome’s research director, explained. "A lot of our donors are pretty excited to take something they do every day and save people’s lives with it."

And that simply must be true: Eric travels more than half an hour, taking a train to a bus, to reach the OpenBiome labs every time he donates. But for the amazing 90% of treated patients that get better following a fecal transplant, Eric's efforts are life-changing. Props to your poops, sir.

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Why You Don't Need To Worry About Grabbing A Post-Run Beer

These Portraits Will Change How You View The Human Body (NSFW)

Let This Adorable Kiwi Show You How Addiction Works
29 Aug 17:14

cryism: M E 


M E 

30 Aug 00:51

nohighs: BALMUNG 2015-16 Autumn Winter


BALMUNG 2015-16 Autumn Winter

07 Aug 03:03


10 Aug 03:45

eseheatwave: some of Britney’s best shirts 


some of Britney’s best shirts 

27 Jul 21:27

cotonblanc: Fashion, protest and the war from withinKirsty Hume...


Fashion, protest and the war from within
Kirsty Hume (1998) wearing Versace, Lawrence Corner and Millets by Tim Walker

Fashion Today, Colin McDowell, Phaidon

25 Jul 17:19

I woke up to this email from my bff Angela, comparing True Detective S2 to Twin Peaks. Angela Brown is a nerd.

(leaving M.Drive and Lost Highway comparisons out for nerd purity sake)

Missing Girl = Missing Girls


Biker James Hurley = viagra biker Officer Paul, “the Kid”


Catherine “The Mill” = Vaughn’s “Construction” land theme


One Eyed Jack Escorts = escort hooker theme


Road House with Julie Cruise = Dive bar singer with guitar


What happened to Agent Cooper’s love in Pittsburgh? What happened to Detective Velcoro’s wife? Both tragedies made the protagonists dedicated to work and willingly single.

Agent Cooper’s recorder Diane = Velcoro’s recorder to his kid


Dr Jacoby = Rick Springfield


Colin “Velcoro” goes to “Another house where Casper brought girls”; music is left playing for days = The cabin where Leo took Laura and Ronnet; music was left playing for days.


The blue diamonds of TD and the Blue Diamond Motel of Twin Peaks


Twin Peaks on the TD escort party invite


Dive bar waitress with cut eye and cheek is two parts Norma and one part Nadine (sans eye patch)


Jacques Renault = club owner with “fuck you” grill


So, my guess is that McAdams will pretend to be an escort/her sister to get into the exclusive private escort party


She’ll have to hide from the Mayor JUST like Audrey Horne had to hide from her Father at One Eyed Jacks


Meaning, they will find McAdams, drug her and Colin and the kid will have to save her, Maybe in disguise…


Oh, and Bob is supernatural spirit and Casper is named after one. (Dork joke for dorks)

24 Jul 10:24

Гик-гик ура: что пить, если ты особенный

Daria Nifontova

"Все сидят в твиттере, вы сидите на Хабре" okay.jpg

С головой ушли в свои интересы и как-то незаметно оказались в вакууме? Гладим вас по головке и помогаем приблизиться к людям – подобрали вино в мини-формате (бутылка 0,375л), в самый раз для облегчения процесса.

1 Кулинар

Приметы: Изучаете в инстаграме фото с тэгом foodporn и даже под пытками не сдадите рецепт соленых груздей от прабабушки. А еще завели кулинарный блог с целью нагнуть Джейми Оливера.

Открывать: Мальбек 0,375л на даче, под кусок мяса поможет изобразить щедрость и угостить фирменным шашлыком соседей, а потом выслушать комплименты и осознать — вы повар 80-го уровня.

2 Синефил

Приметы: Читали весь архив Кайе дю Синема и раздаете на трекерах фильмы Беннинга. А вместо личной жизни — портрет Ингрид Бергман / Марлона Брандо над кроватью?

Открывать: Проносим бароло 0,375л в летний кинотеатр — под его фиалки и сливы тут же сойдетесь с эстетом, который выговаривает Апичатпонг Вирасетакул и угорает по пленке 16мм.

3 Айтишник

Приметы: Все сидят в твиттере, вы сидите на Хабре, а больше всего в жизни любите кодить, форматировать и бэкапить. Ну, и еще рубиться в Fallout и GTA 5, да.

Открывать: Кьянти с копчеными вишнями. Раcпиваем с воображаемым другом под бургеры и остаток вечера с ним же спорим — собирать Lego-деревню эвоков из Star Wars или раскрашивать японские комиксы.

4 Балетоман:

Приметы: Немногие определят градус вскидывания ноги, когда балерина крутит фуэте, но вы можете. А если кто-то хмыкнет при имени Плисецкой, сходу отвесите хаму в пятак. И правильно сделаете.

Открывать: Изысканно-клубничный пино нуар в мини-бутылке. Набравшись вина наглости, зовем к себе весь Facebook — смотреть трансляцию «Корсара» из Мариинки под ваши комменты.

5 Патриот

Приметы: Гордо рассекаете на тюнингованной Волге, пользуетесь русским поисковиком Спутник, а ваш Yotaphone и планшет от Роснано — в чехлах с хохломой Симачева.

Открывать: Красностоп 0,375л, заедать бородинским хлебом с тушенкой, слушать казачий хор на Youtube, выслать открытку писателю Захару Прилепину с приглашением на борщ.

6 Спортсмен

Хотите стать звездой районной качалки или сорвать ленту на финише Московского марафона. По ночам вздрагиваете и кричите во сне «Есть! Победа-а!», чем пугаете своего пса.

Открывать: Новозеландский совиньон — ваш энерджайзер, делаем глоток и запрягаемся рикшей в парке. Катать пожирательниц пончиков и носителей пивных животов — лучшая тренировка.

7 Меломан

Приметы: Ваша одежда с посудой хранятся в коробках, ведь все шкафы забиты винилом. А ради Fender Stratocaster 56-го года, вы взяли кредиты в трех банках и ничуть не жалеете.

Открывать: Играем каверы на Deftones под терпкий каберне совиньон, при максимальном звуке, пусть весь дом приобщается. Плевать, что 4 утра.

8 Политота

Приметы: Чекинитесь на всех митингах, назначаете свидания 31 числа на Триумфальной и мочите лук в автозаке. Втайне мечтаете о депутатской зарплате.

Открывать: Выверенный, как ваши планы, бордосский ассамбляж — открыть и подумать, что надо сделать для своих избирателей, а не для своей карьеры.

9 Фэшионист(-ка)

Приметы: Отличаете небесно-голубой Ив Сен Лорана от голубого у Dior, а Библию заменили французским Vogue. За место в первом ряду на показах Русской Недели Моды уже подкупили охранника.

Открывать: Мини-бутылка франчакорты удачно влезает в клатч — лайфхак. Принимать для блеска глаз, угощать при случае редакторов глянца, вам нужны связи.

10 Книжный червь

Приметы: Вас узнают продавцы в Фаланстере и букинисты на Китай-городе, а мама волнуется, что у вас нет друзей и зрение за последнюю неделю упало до −5.

Открывать: Мозельский рислинг прибавит решимости. Грузим в рюкзак прочитанные книги и тащим на блошиный рынок — раздавать плебсу людям и способствовать просвещению.

11 Зоофил

Приметы: Вы же не тот самый человек, чьи 11 кошек, хромой пес, попугай и камбоджийские жабы кошмарят соседей по лестничной клетке? Тот? А, ну ок.

Открывать: Грюнер вельтлинер, покровитель флоры и фауны, к вашим услугам. Распить 0,375л и просвещать школоту во дворе о животных голосом Николая Дроздова.