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23 Nov 17:34

Biden's failed disinfo director is now advising "American policy makers" as a foreign agent for a British organization that tracks wrongthink

by Not the Bee

Remember the whole Ministry of Truth debacle earlier this year that featured the Mary Poppins lady who was supposed to determine what was and wasn't disinformation?

22 Nov 16:48

Report: Saudis look to increase oil production for US after Biden grants immunity to Saudi Crown Prince and Prime Minister for Kashoggi murder

by Not the Bee

I was assured during the previous president's tenure that a quid pro quo was an impeachable offense.

22 Nov 01:13

BIDEN AGREES U.S. TO PAY ‘CLIMATE REPARATIONS:’ I couldn’t believe the headline when I first read it…

by Mark Tapscott

BIDEN AGREES U.S. TO PAY ‘CLIMATE REPARATIONS:’ I couldn’t believe the headline when I first read it either, but Hans Bader at Liberty Unyielding has the facts of what could turn out to be the most damaging of Biden’s countless damaging decisions. Here’s why:

“Third-world litigants will point to this agreement to say they they are entitled to compensation for billions or trillions more under ‘customary international law.’ They will use this concession to try to sue American businesses or the U.S. for vastly more money than Biden has agreed to pay, based on the idea that the U.S. has now admitted it and its citizens are at fault. International tribunals and ‘human rights’ bodies sometimes issue rulings based on ‘customary international law,’ vague principles based on the international ‘consensus’ of enlightened people across the globe,” according to Bader.

And China? No such reparations agreement.

21 Nov 18:02

Tiniest Ever Ancient Seawater Pockets Revealed

by Charles Rotter
The surprising discovery of seawater sealed in what is now North America for 390 million years opens up a new avenue for understanding how oceans change and adapt with the changing climate.
21 Nov 17:00

Missouri Man Robs Bank Using Back of Birth Certificate While Wearing Ankle Monitor

by jonathanturley

We have come a long way since the heady days of Professor James Moriarty.

In Missouri, Michael Conley Loyd, 30, pleaded guilty last week to bank robbery.  That is not particularly notable, but Loyd wrote his demand note to the teller on the back of his birth certificate and robbed the bank while wearing an ankle monitor. It only got more bizarre from there.

Loyd took his roommate’s truck to the robbery. He told police that he really did not have a particular bank in mind and selected the Bank of America in Springfield by random. He then panicked after succeeding in getting the money.  He threw his birth certificate and ID out the window as he fled.  As he passed police cruisers, he anxiety increased and he began to throw the money out of the window.

The boyfriend of Loyd’s roommate reportedly later called police and they picked up  Loyd (appropriately enough) at the Lazy Acres Mobile Home Park.

Before one complains about the lack of effort by millennials as bank robbers, Loyd made one comment that stood out on the criminal complaint below. He said that he robbed the bank “because he and his lover . . . had gotten into a fight and he wanted to ‘prove a point.'” It is not clear what point that was beyond how not to rob a bank or why his girlfriend should be more judicious in finding a life partner.

Here is the criminal complaint.

21 Nov 14:56

SAD: ‘Anti-adoption drumbeat’ leaves kids in foster care. White couples adopting non-white childr…

by Stephen Green

SAD: ‘Anti-adoption drumbeat’ leaves kids in foster care.

White couples adopting non-white children are accused of a “savior” mentality in an Atlantic discussion between Nicole Chung, who was adopted from Korea, and Tony Hynes, a black adoptee raised by a white lesbian couple.
“Especially when people learn that my birth mother is schizophrenic, or that I was in an orphanage and experienced the foster-care system, they want to believe that my adoptive moms saved me,” says Hynes, who now works with adult adoptees.

Chung responds: “Yeah, sometimes it’s hard for me not to hear the assertion that ‘more kids should be adopted’ as ‘more kids should experience the trauma of being separated from their families of origin.’”

Children are “removed from their homes because of chronic or severe abuse and neglect,” usually before the age of three, writes Schaeffer Riley. It’s not about seeing “families of color” as “less fit,” as Hynes puts it, she argues.

Leaving kids in foster care as a method of “anti-racism” virtue-signaling is just cruel and anti-kid.

18 Nov 22:25

FUN! Qatar bans beer from World Cup stadiums after 11th-hour U-turn. Flashback: “There are no j…

by Stephen Green

Prepare for some international incidents.

18 Nov 19:35

DEMS PREPARE IRS TO CRUSH EVANGELICALS: Buried in the laughably titled “Respect for Marriage Act” no…

by Mark Tapscott

DEMS PREPARE IRS TO CRUSH EVANGELICALS: Buried in the laughably titled “Respect for Marriage Act” now before the Senate are provisions authorizing the IRS to jerk tax-exemption from any church or non-profit social service agency that refuses to support the LGBQT agenda regarding marriage.

What will come in the months following enactment will be a swarm of gay couples demanding that evangelical pastors perform wedding ceremonies that many of them will refuse, as a matter of faith, to do. There will similarly be gay couples demanding that religious-based adoption agencies that only match orphans with intact heterosexual couples abandon their beliefs.

In other words, the full force of the federal government is being prepared for the assault on tax-exempt churches and church-related social service agencies that liberals have dreamed of for decades.

UPDATE: Sen. James Lankford explains in detail why Respect for Marriage Act threatens religious liberty:

18 Nov 18:11


by Robert Shibley

How is this possible?

YIKES: “28 PERCENT OF FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS WEREN’T EVEN AWARE THEY HAD FEDERAL STUDENT LOANS TO BEGIN WITH.” Seems like low-hanging fruit to address before we go straight to unconstitutional giveaways.

18 Nov 15:39

BIG BROTHER TO THE DEEP SEVENS: This Insane Video Will Make You Believe There’s a Serpent Inside Th…

by Glenn Reynolds
18 Nov 15:38

FTX: Bombshell court filing suggests Sam Bankman-Fried ‘transferred digital assets to Bahamas govern…

by Ed Driscoll

FTX: Bombshell court filing suggests Sam Bankman-Fried ‘transferred digital assets to Bahamas government.’

The collapsed cryptocurrency exchange platform FTX claims former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried ‘hacked’ its systems after filing for bankruptcy to transfer ‘digital assets’ to Bahamian regulators.

FTX lodged the motion in the US Bankruptcy Court in Delaware on Thursday saying it had evidence to suggest the Bahamas government ordered Bankman-Fried, 30, to gain ‘unauthorized access’ while in custody.

‘In connection with investigating a hack on Sunday, November 13, Mr. Bankman-Fried and [FTX co-founder Gary] Wang, stated in recorded and verified texts that ‘Bahamas regulators’ instructed that certain post-petition transfers of Debtor assets be made by Mr. Wang and Mr. Bankman-Fried (who the Debtors understand were both effectively in the custody of Bahamas authorities) and that such assets were ‘custodied on FireBlocks under control of Bahamian gov’t,’ the filing states.

‘The Debtors thus have credible evidence that the Bahamian government is responsible for directing unauthorized access to the Debtors’ systems for the purpose of obtaining digital assets of the Debtors—that took place after the commencement of these cases.’

FTX, which is based in the Bahamas due to its relaxed tax laws, collapsed on November 11 in a scandal that has cost its investors more than $11billion.

Shady accounting practices at FTX? I just can’t see it myself:

Meanwhile, in the “it’s not a cult” category: Sam Bankman-Fried ex Caroline Ellison made ‘foray’ into ‘Chinese harem’ polyamory.

Disgraced Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison penned graphic blog posts about polyamory and masochism before the implosion of her FTX-linked cryptocurrency hedge fund.

Ellison — who dated FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried — wrote candidly about her “‘foray into poly” on her now-deleted Tumblr account back in February 2020, according to the Daily Mail.

The post — along with a series of other sexualized entries — was unearthed by the tabloid just days after CoinDesk claimed Ellison, 28, and Bankman-Fried, 30, were part of a 10-person “cabal of roommates” that managed operations for FTX and Alameda from a luxury penthouse in the Bahamas. CoinDesk claimed the group “are, or used to be, in romantic relationships with each other.”

“When I first started my foray into poly, I thought of it as a radical break from my trad past,” Ellison allegedly wrote in the Tumblr entry. “But tbh I’ve come to decide the only acceptable style of poly is best characterized as something like ‘imperial Chinese harem.’ “

The Stanford grad continued, “None of this non-hierarchical bulls–t; everyone should have a ranking of their partners, people should know where they fall on the ranking, and there should be vicious power struggles for the higher ranks.”

Finally (for now): Sam Bankman-Fried’s media outlets must come clean.

[S]ince the scandal broke, Bankman-Fried has been treated to two relative puff pieces on his philanthropic efforts in the Washington Post and the New York Times. Both drew severe backlash on social media for seeming to handle him with kid gloves.

The coverage of Bankman-Fried and the FTX collapse, which has resulted in the disappearance of millions of dollars invested into FTX and crypto currencies, must be called into question, given his connections and donations to corporate media outlets. A media storyline is forming that while Bankman-Fried did lose billions almost overnight of FTX user and investment money, his heart is still in the right place when it comes to fighting for the same global causes that liberal editorial boards agree with.

Putting it bluntly — every media organization that accepted funding from Bankman-Fried should come clean and offer full transparency as to the nature of their agreement with him and their financial arrangements. As Semafor’s Max Tani reported, these grants and their funding mechanisms have been put on hold. ProPublica announced that they had received “the first tranche of the $5 million grant in February of 2022. The remaining two-thirds of the grant are due, respectively by April 1, 2023 and by April 1, 2024.” Happy April Fools’ Day indeed.

This WaPo headline on FTX — written after its collapse — is  an absolute classic:

18 Nov 00:23

Please stop using Eventbrite. Use TicketLeap instead.

by Steve Kirsch

Here’s reason #6: If they don’t like your event, they will cancel it right after you’ve collected all your funds. They will keep all the money they’ve collected. By cancelling the event at the last minute, they maximize their profits and leave you high and dry at the worst possible time.

This has happened multiple times to people in our community including Peter McCullough. I guess this is the new business model nowadays.

TicketLeap is the better alternative

Please use TicketLeap instead for your events. We made the switch and are delighted.

Other vendors we like that don’t discriminate based on their beliefs

  1. SendInBlue (the only emailing service that won’t cancel you)

  2. GiveSendGo (never use GoFundMe they are the worst)

  3. Substack


Please avoid using Eventbrite, PayPal, and GoFundMe whenever possible.

All of these services have a proven track record of stealing funds/cancelling accounts from people who refuse to comply with false government narratives.

This is not a complete list of course. We were using Eventbrite and were just warned to switch. I wanted to be sure others don’t make the same mistake.

17 Nov 23:34


by Ed Driscoll


17 Nov 23:00

OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY: San Francisco Launches Program To Pay Trans Residents $1,200 A Month For 18 Mo…

by Stephen Green

Cue a massive surge in identity dysphoria.

OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY: San Francisco Launches Program To Pay Trans Residents $1,200 A Month For 18 Months. “The Transgender District and Lyon-Martin Community Health Services, in partnership with municipal city departments in the City and County of San Francisco, will provide 55 Transgender residents of San Francisco County with $1,200 a month in guaranteed income for a year and a half. The program will prioritize enrollment of Transgender, Non-Binary, Gender Non-Conforming, and Intersex (TGI) people who are also Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC), experiencing homelessness, living with disabilities and chronic illnesses, youth and elders, monolingual Spanish-speakers, and those who are legally vulnerable such as TGI people who are undocumented, engaging in survival sex trades, ​or are formerly incarcerated.”

17 Nov 22:55

YES, BUT…: Sam Bankman-Fried’s media outlets must come clean. “The media outlets he buoyed with …

by Stephen Green

YES, BUT…: Sam Bankman-Fried’s media outlets must come clean. “The media outlets he buoyed with FTX investor money include a list of popular titles that lean to the left when it comes to covering issues like those Bankman-Fried is passionate about: Vox, the Intercept, ProPublica, the Law and Justice Journalism Project and the recently launched Semafor, a much-hyped news outlet cofounded by former BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith. Smith has brought several known names from the world of Beltway media on board, including Politico’s Max Tani and the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel, the latter of whom it’s fair to assume was looking for an exit after being suspended for retweeting a joke earlier this year. Semafor and Vox have disclosed Bankman-Fried as a financial backer in their recent reporting on the FTX collapse, but that’s about it.”

…who watches the watchmen?

17 Nov 20:29

REPORT: Paul Pelosi Seen Opening Door for Police on Body Cam Video as Originally Reported. “So why…

by Stephen Green

REPORT: Paul Pelosi Seen Opening Door for Police on Body Cam Video as Originally Reported. “So why would NBC News scrub an awkward story about the husband of a House Speaker representing an embattled majority in the weeks before a midterm election to determine control of the House?”

17 Nov 19:24

AIR FORCE, FBI RAID HOMES IN PROBE OF AREA 51 WEBSITE: Agents from the U.S. Air Force and FBI recen…

by Ed Driscoll


Agents from the U.S. Air Force and FBI recently raided homes in Clark and Lincoln counties in an investigation of a man who operates a website about the top-secret military base known as Area 51, a spokesman said Wednesday.

The Air Force Office of Special Investigations and FBI entered homes owned by Joerg Arnu in Las Vegas and the tiny town of Rachel on Nov. 3 and seized potential evidence for an undisclosed joint agency probe, according to Lt. Col. Bryon McGarry, spokesman for Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas.

“This is an open and ongoing law enforcement investigation between the Las Vegas FBI and Air Force OSI,” McGarry said in a statement.

He declined to elaborate on the basis for the investigation, but Arnu, of Las Vegas, is the webmaster of a site titled Dreamland Resort, focusing on Area 51, an Air Force base in Lincoln County about 120 miles northwest of Las Vegas where testing is conducted on new and classified U.S. military aircraft.

Dreamland Resort, at, started by Arnu in 1999, features YouTube videos taken from drones flown over places around Area 51, satellite images of the base, a discussion forum with posts on the topic, articles on test flights, “black projects” and UFOs, and what it says are photos of new vehicles such as the so-called “super secret” Northrop Grumman RQ-180 unmanned stealth aircraft shown flying in 2021.

Arnu, reached by email Wednesday, declined comment until he can speak to his attorney. But he forwarded a news release posted on his web page last week telling his side of the story.

“I believe the search, executed with completely unnecessary force by overzealous government agents was meant as a message to silence the Area 51 research community,” he said.

Arnu said both his homes were raided “without warning” on Nov. 3 “by 15-20 agents in full riot gear.” The agents broke open the doors while Arnu was in the Rachel home and his girlfriend at the Las Vegas one, and then they “were detained and treated in the most disrespectful way.”


‘Politicized bureaucracy’ has FBI ‘rotted at its core,’ GOP charges in shocking report.

Majority see FBI as Biden’s ‘personal Gestapo’ after Trump raid.

Can the FBI Be Saved from Itself—And Can We Be Saved from the FBI?

17 Nov 16:58


by Stephen Green


17 Nov 16:46

HMM: How Google Stopped the Red Wave. Over a period of months, Google nudged undecided voters to…

by Glenn Reynolds

HMM: How Google Stopped the Red Wave.

Over a period of months, Google nudged undecided voters toward voting blue by showing people politically biased content in their search engine, suppressing content they didn’t want people to see, recommending left-leaning videos on YouTube (pdf) (which Google owns), allegedly sending tens of millions of emails to people’s spam boxes, and sending go-vote reminders on their home page mainly to liberal and moderate voters.

These manipulations (and others) don’t affect voters with strong points of view, but they can have an enormous impact on voters who are undecided (pdf)—the people who decide the outcomes of close elections.

I know Google did these things (and more!) because, in 2022, my team and I were doing to them exactly what they do to us and our kids 24/7: We were monitoring the politically related content that Google and other tech companies were showing to actual voters—our politically diverse panel of 2,742 “field agents,” who were located mainly in swing states.

Flashback: Could Facebook Swing an Election?

Related: Facebook Worked With FBI to Spy on Americans Who Questioned 2020 Election.

16 Nov 13:54

The “Russian” missile that killed two people in Poland turned out to be Ukrainian instead 😬

by Not the Bee

What a sad day for the warmongers:

16 Nov 11:39

BBC Admit Their Pakistan Floods Claim Was False

by Charles Rotter
It was plainly evident that nothing like a third of the country had flooded.
16 Nov 11:21

Update… Ukraine missile struck Poland, it wasn’t Russia…

by Kane
15 Nov 22:55

ANOTHER DEMOCRAT GETS RED-PILLED: There’s an old saying that when you are taking flak, you know you’…

by Charles Glasser

ANOTHER DEMOCRAT GETS RED-PILLED: There’s an old saying that when you are taking flak, you know you’ve over the target. My friend and client, Asra Nomani, a lifelong Democrat has over the years taken abuse from the likes of Linda Sarsour, Rashida Tlaib and other “Squad” members. Her crime? Although a Muslim, she actually dares to question the double standard the MSM has when reporting on fanatical Islamic violence. (She was a close friend of murdered journalist Danny Pearl.)

Asra’s latest piece is a must read, as she looks deep into the soul of the current Democratic party, and does not like what she sees:

“[T]he Democratic Party, which once valued fairness and justice, has, alas, been torching the American Dream. Democratic politicians, school boards, governors and even US Supreme Court justices are pushing “equity” over equality, “anti-racist” bigotry over colour-blindness, and mediocrity over merit. Literacy and maths scores are plummeting nationwide, while black and Hispanic kids are falling further and further behind — and yet progressive Democrats are far more interested in bringing crackpot racialist theories into our classrooms. In other words: they choose indoctrination over education.”

Under the logic of CrazyWorld, this woman, a well-spoken, gentle and intelligent ethnic Indian of Muslim faith, has been attacked as as a “tool of white supremacy”, promoting a “wannabe white supremacist ideology.” So again, a person of color who strays from the plantation suddenly becomes a “white nationalist.” Utterly insane.

Asra’s story is in fact a perfect example of American Exceptionalism. The ability of an immigrant family to come to this country (legally), work hard, become educated and succeed in their chosen profession is a reality that race-baiters and professional victims will do anything to destroy, because it strips them of the power they obtain in the “cult of victimhood.”

15 Nov 22:52

RELIGION OF PEACE UPDATE: In Horrific Move, Iran’s Parliament Votes to Execute 15,000 Protestors to …

by Stephen Green
14 Nov 02:23

HMM: “Dark ships” emerge from the shadow of the Nord Stream pipeline mystery: Satellite monito…

by Glenn Reynolds
13 Nov 20:04

OUT ON A LIMB: Confirmed: Soccer Is the Greatest* Threat to Freedom and Democracy. FIFA bans “human …

by Ed Driscoll

OUT ON A LIMB: Confirmed: Soccer Is the Greatest* Threat to Freedom and Democracy. FIFA bans “human rights for all” practice jerseys at World Cup.

What happened: FIFA, the international soccer federation, refused to let the Danish national team practice in shirts promoting “human rights for all” at the World Cup, which begins later this month in Qatar.

Seriously? Yes. The chief executive of Denmark’s soccer association said FIFA rejected the team’s request “due to technical reasons.” The seemingly innocuous phrase was presumably deemed too “political” due to the host country’s appalling human rights record and ties to terrorist organizations.

Wait, what? Human rights groups have condemned Qatar for using forced labor to build the infrastructure required to host the World Cup. More than 6,500 migrant workers are believed to have died there since 2020. The country is a longstanding supporter of Hamas, the Taliban, al Qaeda, and other Islamic terrorist groups.

So why is Qatar hosting the World Cup? Because FIFA is an irredeemably corrupt organization that represents an irredeemably corrupt sport. A U.S. Justice Department investigation found that Qatar and Russia, site of the 2018 World Cup, secured hosting rights by bribing FIFA officials.

* To be fair, the NBA might want to put in a word here.

13 Nov 03:21

Real estate firm owned by Chinese billionaire found guilty of paying $1M in bribes to LA councilman

by Natalia Mittelstadt
The bribes were for approval of the redevelopment of a 77-story skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles
11 Nov 02:22

WELL, THIS IS THE 21ST CENTURY, YOU KNOW: People With Complete Paralysis Walk Again After Nerve Sti…

by Glenn Reynolds
10 Nov 15:52

YALE MANDATES COVID BOOSTER FOR STUDENTS, NOT STAFF: If you plan to attend the Spring semester in Ne…

by Mark Tapscott

Heart disease for the students not the staff.

YALE MANDATES COVID BOOSTER FOR STUDENTS, NOT STAFF: If you plan to attend the Spring semester in New Haven as a student, you must get the latest Covid booster. But not to worry, according to Campus Reform’s William Biagini, if you are a faculty member or staff employee because the mandate applies only to students.

10 Nov 15:15

Reality Check on the Vaccine Narrative

by Ramesh Thakur

On October 23, an online poll on Covid controls and vaccines was published on with some intriguing results. Conducted over one day, the survey attracted more than 42,000 votes for every question and more than 50,000 for some. Although the scale of the responses is impressive, the results show that the respondents were highly unrepresentative of the general population.

Official data from the health department show that nationwide, 95.2 percent of over-16s had received at least two doses of a Covid vaccine as of November 2, 72.2 percent were triple-vaccinated, and 41.7 percent had received four doses. But in the online survey, the percentages were 62, 26 and 16 for two, three and four shots, respectively. 

Clearly, therefore, the site’s readership is not representative of the population and the survey attracted a disproportionate share of the Covid vaccine-hesitant.

Even with that caveat, some of the results are striking. “An overwhelming majority” are no longer concerned about Covid and do not wear masks in public. Half said they had caught Covid, with 6 percent getting it more than once. Around 37 percent said they were unvaccinated. Over two-thirds said the governments’ pandemic response had been too heavy-handed, 25 percent said the leaders had done the best they could, and 8 percent thought Australia had handled the pandemic as well as any other country.

Most strikingly of all, only 35 percent of the 45,000 vaccinated respondents in the poll said they would make the same decision again, while not a single unvaccinated person expressed regret for the decision

The rest of this article provides clues as to why many people feel this way. I first look at the latest weekly data from New South Wales (NSW) Health covering the week of October 23–29, highlighting four major disconnects between two critical claims in support of the official narrative and what their own data show.

Claims (p. 2)

  1. “COVID-19 vaccines are very effective in preventing the severe impacts of infections with the virus.”
  2. “Over 95 percent of people aged 16 and over in NSW have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.” 

Data (p. 4) 

  1. Not a single Covid-19 patient in NSW for the week – not one – who was admitted to hospital, or was admitted to ICU, or died, was unvaccinated: exactly 0 percent on all three metrics.
  2. Every single one of the Covid-19 patients in NSW for the week, whose vaccination status was known, who was admitted to hospital, or was admitted to ICU, or died, was at least double-vaccinated: 100 percent on all three metrics.
  3. Eight of the 15 Covid-related deaths – 53.3 percent – had received four or more doses of the Covid vaccine. As of November 2, the share of NSW residents eligible for four doses of the vaccine (30+ years old) to have received them was 43.3 percent. Thus, compared to their population, the four-dosed are over-represented by 23.1 percent in the Covid-related mortality in this reporting week. However, it’s surely reasonable to say that it’s almost certain that neither of the two who died with their vaccination status not known would have been four-dosed. If so, the share of the quadruple-vaccinated deaths drops halfway closer to their population share.
  4. Not a single person whose death with Covid-19 in NSW was recorded in this week was under 50 years old.


  1. Can you spot the gap/inconsistency/cognitive dissonance (pick your own preferred descriptor) between the claims that seek to bolster the highly effective vaccines slogan, and the data?
  2. What do you think the chances are that if consulted, “fact-checkers” will judge this to be “misleading,” “lacking context,” and perhaps even “dangerous?” No doubt they could also find a couple of ‘useful idiots’ to provide a helpful quote or two.

Of course, one weekly report cannot possibly have anything to say about trend lines. Figures 1 and 2 cover more than five months of NSW data. They cast serious doubts on claims of vaccine effectiveness with regard to hospital admissions, ICU admissions and even deaths. The claims of trials-based efficacy were hugely exaggerated by using relative rather than the more honest absolute risk reduction, while ignoring the age-stratified number needed to be vaccinated in order to prevent one hospitalization or death. 

Because of the long-term harms caused by the fear narrative and the severity of the coercion employed to encourage multiple rounds of vaccine and booster take-up, governments really do need to subject vaccine regulators and public health bureaucrats to serious scrutiny. Otherwise, they will continue to suffer from falling trust in public institutions.

At the individual level, vaccines may still offer some protection to the elderly, especially to people with serious underlying health conditions. But with the known and suspected risks of side-effects in the short and medium terms, the as yet unknown long-term safety profiles, and rising numbers with natural immunity from infection, the decision really is best left to individuals after full discussion with their doctors. 

The latter must not just be free, but must be encouraged to go over the balance of benefits and harms for their patients in order to get their informed consent.

Figure 3 shows that Covid-related deaths in NSW (including those with unknown vaccination status) have dropped from a peak of 200 in the first week of August to just 17 in the final week of October. 

Fearing the onset of relevance deprivation syndrome should the country conclude the pandemic is over and time to move on, or rather move back to pre-Covid normality, some experts are inevitably issuing grim warnings about newer, dangerously infectious variants that will come ashore over the Southern Hemisphere’s autumn and winter.

Finally, Figure 3 also suggests that perhaps Australia should join the Scandinavian countries and Florida and drop booster recommendations for healthy people under 50 or 60 years old.