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29 Mar 13:47

ive had five coffees and five joints and it's time to turn race-ism into race-wasm who's with me?

This only kind of tracks, but somehow I feel u.

29 Mar 13:47

I'm not sure I agree that taking to the streets is more important than electoral politics. Street movements used to be strong because they were feared, because during the Cold War there was always genuine fear of revolution. Not anymore. I think the way of housting the right-wing from power is to get involved in primaries, get involved in the electoral process and get better people in office.

That’s streets too.

29 Mar 13:41

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - The Uses of Bureaucracy


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Look, I don't know what I was thinking when I drew his hair. I guess he stopped off at an expensive salon on the way home.

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28 Mar 14:17

Chili Out

by nedroid

Chili Out

27 Mar 13:44


by Greg Ross

"...and gave uninspiring radio interviews"

During World War II one of the most surprising advocates of war bonds was Tommy Tucker, an Eastern gray squirrel who toured the nation in a humiliating wardrobe of 30 dainty costumes. (“THOUGH TOMMY IS A MALE SQUIRREL HE HAS TO WEAR FEMININE CLOTHES BECAUSE TAIL INTERFERES WITH HIS WEARING PANTS,” Life reported defensively.)

Tommy had been adopted in 1942 by the Bullis family of Washington D.C., who took him on the road in their Packard automobile, where he performed for schoolchildren, visited hospitals, and gave uninspiring radio interviews. Between appearances Zaidee Bullis would bathe him and place him in a specially made bed. At the height of his fame his fan club numbered 30,000 members.

Tommy retired after the war but gamely endured further travels with the family. When he died in 1949 he was stuffed and mounted “with his arms out so you could pull the clothes over him,” and his nightmarish fate pursued him even into the grave. He stands today in a display case in a Maryland law office — in a pink satin dress and pearls.

27 Mar 13:39

Yo, all oppressions are interlocking but I think there's a biological reason (White) feminism and LGBTQ rights can make progress while racism can flourish. Women and queer people are inevitably among the family members of powerful bigots, so the bigots have to deal with those people on a personal level, and some of them learn something. But it's apparently pretty fuckin' easy to insulate yourself from ever getting to know someone of another race. Unless... mandatory interracial marriage?

A bold policy proposal.

24 Mar 17:37

I used to consider myself a nerd because I partake in nerd culture (anime, comics, video games, etc..) But I'm increasingly seeing so much misogyny, racism, homophobia, and all sorts of bigotry from nerds to the point that it's impossible to ignore. I constantly hear Anti-PC and Anti-SJW talking points. It's gotten to the point where I don't want to be associated with nerds anymore, seeing how at least half are gamer-gaters. I'm not into nerd shit as much as before. Am I still a nerd?

Listen: you’re still a nerd to me.

23 Mar 13:41

Hey, smart guy. If you think it's so terrible that this website exists, then why don't you quit writing it after you somehow manage to stop the systemic oppression of all people everywhere? Ever think of that?

Honestly, it crossed my mind.

23 Mar 13:37

calling in sick

by kris

dan’s flu is a much better employee

22 Mar 13:57

I’m a freelance designer but one of the companies I work for are mainly retirees and always call me...

I’m a freelance designer but one of the companies I work for are mainly retirees and always call me for IT support.

Client: I got a new smart phone and I want you to set my email up on it.

Me: OK no worries. Is it an iPhone or an Android?

Client: It’s an iPhone.

Me: OK. I can help you do this remotely. Go to the settings app. It looks like a small cog.

Client: I don’t have that app do I need to download it?

Me: No. It’s an app that’s already installed on your phone when you buy it.

Client: Well it’s not on my phone.

Me: Are you sure it’s an iPhone?

Client: Yes! It’s a Samsung iPhone!

Me: Look at the front of the phone. Does it have Samsung written on the front?

Client: Yes it does.

Me: Ok, that’s not an iPhone. It’s a Samsung, Android phone. No worries! We can still set up your email on it.

Client: No! The salesman said it’s an iPhone! It has a touch screen and everything!

Me: Yes, they are similar to iPhones, they are a smart phone but run a different operating system.

Client: Do I need to download the iPhone app?

Me: Tell you what. Why don’t you bring the phone to me and I’ll set up the email. We’ll have coffee.

Client: Ok! Thanks! I’ll bring cake.

22 Mar 13:56

staying in a pick-up line too long

by kris

don’t forget to pull up out of your lame pickup line spiral or you’ll crash into the mountain

also — dear readers, if you’ve been having trouble with the RSS feed, remember to make sure you’re subscribed to that’s the official feed with both blog posts and comics. if you’re subscribed to another RSS, there’s no telling WHAT you’ll end up with, oh my god

21 Mar 13:46

Bad Mood Thesaurus

by Reza

16 Mar 14:08

Children Are Our Future.

You wouldn't happen to be Destiny's Child?
15 Mar 13:27

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Biology


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Nah, just kidding, biologists sit in offices filling out grant applications and surveys.

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15 Mar 13:26

Noise-beasts are frighteningly confident.

by Jessica Hagy

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14 Mar 14:30

I had written a TV ad for a Government client that mixed live action of people with animated...

I had written a TV ad for a Government client that mixed live action of people with animated woodland animals to convey that happy, zip-a-dee-doo-dah vibe of someone benefitting from tax credits (as you do). Think Disney cartoon bluebirds and cutesy bunnies and you’ve got the picture.

At the customary pre-production meeting, everything went well, with client approving our casting, location and costume selections. She did, however, have one question as she flicked through the shoot schedule -

Client: Where’s the vet? There’s no mention of a vet on set?

Me: We don’t need a vet.

Client: Legally, we do. We need to ensure the rabbits are properly treated.

Me: What rabbits?

Client: (jabbing finger repeatedly on to the script) It says here that “our hero is surrounded by rabbits.”

Me: They’re animated rabbits.

Client: I don’t care how lively they are, we can’t film them without a vet.

14 Mar 14:28

Bank Card

by Reza

13 Mar 13:53

Person Curves

by Greg Ross

Wolfram Alpha has a collection of parametric curves that produce portraits of famous people — above are Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, and PSY.

Wolfram chief scientist Michael Trott explains how it’s done in three blog posts.

(Thanks, Danesh.)

13 Mar 13:50

Yo, I am the father of a new baby. I am white, her mom is black. I think my baby is gorgeous, but in exactly the way that all parents think their own children are gorgeous. What is jarring is all these people who say 'She has the most gorgeous complexion!' Do you know the only people who talk about 'complexion'? Dermatologists, makeup-selling-motherfuckers, and white people talking about a mixed race baby. That's it. Stop. White people, stop. It's icky and fetishy and frankly, racist.


13 Mar 13:47

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Science Idea


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We can achieve a Christmas aversion by introducing fruit cake and low quality peppermint into the reward.

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10 Mar 15:05


by Greg Ross

“Dirt is not dirt, but only matter in the wrong place.” — Lord Palmerston

09 Mar 15:46

Client: We would like a time-lapse of the city skyline at sunset.Me: I can do that.  Sunsets usually...

Client: We would like a time-lapse of the city skyline at sunset.

Me: I can do that.  Sunsets usually last about 45 mins, so I can give you a final time-lapse anywhere between 4 to 20 seconds long.

Client: No, we want it to be the same length as a sunset. 

Me:  So you want a real-time video of the sunset?

Client: No, a time-lapse video of the whole sunset that lasts for 45 minutes. 

Me: Um…

Me: Ummmm….

> Want to know if freelancing is for you?

09 Mar 15:44

As a scientist (physiologist, not sociologist) I want to say that maybe the reason people do the kind of studies you mock is that they're trying to use hard data to demonstrate that something we think happens really definitely happens. But then I realize that the people they're trying to convince don't believe in data anyway. So maybe you're right.

I know, it’s just frustrating, but I know.

08 Mar 02:11


Sure, you could just ask, but this also takes care of the host gift thing.
07 Mar 15:44

A Snow Dam

by Greg Ross

flateyri dam 1

The Icelandic fishing village of Flateyri was devastated when an avalanche buried 17 homes in 1995. To guard against further trouble, they built an earthen dam in the shape of an enormous A.

It worked: An avalanche struck the dam’s eastern wing in February 1999, and another struck the western wing the following March. Both were deflected harmlessly into the sea.

flateyri dam 2

07 Mar 15:44


by Reza

06 Mar 15:51

Boat Question

by Reza

06 Mar 15:50

Borrow Your Laptop

If used with software that could keep up, a scroll wheel mapped to send a stream of 'undo' and 'redo' events could be kind of cool.
06 Mar 15:50