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26 Apr 08:30

flyartproductions: DRAKE IS KILLIN IT The Death of Marat...



The Death of Marat (detail) (1793), Jacques-Louis David / If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, Drake

26 Apr 14:54

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - A physicist, chemist, and an economist are on a train...


Hovertext: Meanwhile, in the humanities, we would like to see a bit less whimsy.

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26 Apr 19:17

Do it once a year.

by Jessica Hagy


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26 Apr 19:36

the julius caesar defense

by kris


“if he had devoted his entire life to plotting the murder of his neighbor, why is he not plotting his neighbor’s murder right now? he’s merely sitting there, sweating and benignly twitch-smiling”

from a much worse conversation with @RyanHartmanWins

25 Apr 17:33


maybe I’m bringing forward Time Racists, I don’t understand how time travel works.

25 Apr 04:00

Women on 20s

I get that there are security reasons for the schedule, but this is like the ONE problem we have where the right answer is both easy and straightforward. If we can't figure it out, maybe we should just give up and just replace all the portraits on the bills with that weird pyramid eye thing.
25 Apr 23:17

Young or old.

by Jessica Hagy


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22 Apr 21:15

Do you like any white people music? I like some white people music but it seems like you might think all the white people music I like is bad :(

I love white people, some of my best white friends are white

21 Apr 18:52


by Greg Ross

A snob asked James McNeill Whistler, “Whatever possessed you to be born in a place like Lowell, Massachusetts?”

He said, “I wished to be near my mother.”

20 Apr 16:55


20 Apr 06:35

The Outer Limits

by Greg Ross

In January 2007, inspired by this article by computer scientist Scott Aaronson, philosophers Agustín Rayo of MIT and Adam Elga of Princeton joined in the “large number duel” to come up with the largest finite number ever written on an ordinary-sized chalkboard.

The rules were simple. The two would take turns writing down expressions denoting natural numbers, and whoever could name the largest number would win the duel. No primitive semantic vocabulary was allowed (so that it would be illegal simply to write the phrase “the smallest number bigger than any number named by a human so far”), and the two agreed not to build on one another’s contributions (so neither could simply write “the previous entry plus one”).

Elga went first, writing the number 1. Rayo countered with a string of 1s:


and Elga erased a line through the base of half this string to produce a factorial:


The two began defining their own functions, and toward the end Rayo wrote this phrase:

The smallest number bigger than any number that can be named by an expression in the language of first-order set theory with less than a googol (10100) symbols.

With some tweaking, this became the winning entry, now enshrined as “Rayo’s number.”

“It was a great game,” Elga said after the match. “Heated at times, but nevertheless, a really great game.”

The use of philosophy was “crucial,” Rayo said. “The limit of math ability was reached at the end. Knowing a bit of philosophy, that was the key.”

Asked whether he thought his entry had set the Guinness world record, “It’s hard to be sure,” Rayo said, “but the number is bigger than any number I have ever seen.”

(Thanks, Erik.)

19 Apr 14:20

"Call me if you don’t get this email."

“Call me if you don’t get this email.”

- Instructions in an email.
18 Apr 04:00


No, a hydroplane doesn't land on water--that's an aquaplane. A hydroplane is a plane that gets electric power from an onboard water reservoir with a tiny dam and turbines.
15 Apr 15:49

Mr. Fix Computer 2

by nedroid

Mr. Fix Computer 2

11 Apr 15:27

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Record Lows


Hovertext: He is, of course, forecasting today's Internet.

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09 Apr 22:07

fansylla: #Gina is a saint for modeling how to stay in your...

10 Apr 21:30

wadeboogs asked: lol Don’t worry racists, this is a way to...

wadeboogs asked: lol

Don’t worry racists, this is a way to honor white culture, you should be flattered by this.

08 Apr 14:51

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - The POLICE


Hovertext: Anyone who doesn't like this comic for any reason is officially part of the COMIC POLICE.

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Hey geeks, there's an SMBC subreddit

08 Apr 04:00

City Talk Pages

I don't think the Lakeshore Air Crash Museum really belongs under 'Tourist Attractions.' It's not a museum--it's just an area near the Lake Festival Laser Show where a lot of planes have crashed.
06 Apr 12:59


by nedroid


04 Apr 15:02

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Your Past Self


Hovertext: Of course, the downside is that if you give them the numbers to every lottery winning ticket, they apparently blow it all.

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04 Apr 12:40

Client: Good morning, I’m interested in a website.Me: OK, we can help you with that. Can you tell me...

Client: Good morning, I’m interested in a website.

Me: OK, we can help you with that. Can you tell me a little about your business and what the website needs to look like and do?

Client: I can, but before that I want to see some examples of your work.

I then gave him the website address for our portfolio and waited while he typed it in and confirmed he could see it.

Me: Can you see the portfolio?

Client: Your website is making noises at me, make it stop.

I could hear what sounded like a jingle or ringtone somewhere in the background.

Me: I assure you our website does not make noises.

Client: (getting irate) Yes it is, make it stop now! You have no right to do this.

Me: It isn’t our website. Are you sure it’s not your phone?

Client: What? Hold on….

I listened to the sounds of him rummaging through a bag, and then the ringing stopped. He continued without any hint of acknowledgement or apology.

Client: So back to your portfolio, what are you most proud of? What is your best work?

Me: Sorry but I really don’t think we are going to be able to work together. Thanks for the inquiry but we cannot help you with this. Bye.

04 Apr 04:00



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29 Mar 18:45

Plain Sailing

by Greg Ross

In 2006, Florida amended its constitution to say that any future amendments must have the approval of 60 percent of the voters.

The measure passed with 57 percent.

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29 Mar 12:40

Client: We’re going to need the same signage you made for our new store too. How much will that...

Client: We’re going to need the same signage you made for our new store too. How much will that cost?

Me: Let me find a printing shop in that area and I’ll get you a quote.

Client: You can’t just tell me?

Me: Different print shops charge different rates, you don’t want to have them printed here and shipped, that’d be pretty expensive. I’ll let you know.

Client: Cool, I need that in twenty minutes.

Me: It’s going to take longer than twenty minutes.

Client: So an hour?

Me: Print shops will be closed by now, I can have them by the end of the day tomorrow.

Client: Why does it take so long?!

Me:Let me put it to you this way. You know how you complained about that “crazy woman” that called earlier demanding that her 10,000 unit order of handmade products that she placed this morning needed to be shipped out tomorrow or she would take her business elsewhere? 

Client: What about it?

Me: She’s at your mercy. I’m at the mercy of another company, and right now, you’re being her for me.

He left without saying a word and waited patiently. Quotes were received and approved. I never heard another peep of complaint.

26 Mar 18:35

lauracallaghanillustration: Got an ask about this the other day...


Got an ask about this the other day so here’s all the pieces from the ‘Dante’s Inferno’ series in one looooooong post. >:)

The circles of hell the pieces are based on, in order of appearance are:

Limbo - Lust - Gluttony - Greed - Anger - Heresy - Violence - Fraud - Treachery

27 Mar 15:46

amazighprincex: happy Easter, Jesus wasn’t white


happy Easter, Jesus wasn’t white

27 Mar 19:50

Sins Invalid poster from yesterday’s SickFest in Oakland....

Sins Invalid poster from yesterday’s SickFest in Oakland. So inspired and hyped after an amazing event.

27 Mar 20:05 Sick fest was hella...

Sick fest was hella sick

Completely inspired by writers/performers:

Kiyaan Abadani
Carolyn Lazard
Claire Light
Mia Mingus
Neve Be(ast) aka Lyric Seal
Amy Berkowitz
Johanna Hedva
Liz Henry

Extra meta: photo taken on/from my bed

25 Mar 14:05

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Bedroom Experimentation


Hovertext: Can you at least appreciate how clever my word choice was?

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Desperately hoping no else has made the exact same joke...