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14 May 18:07


by Greg Ross

Eleven fenmen from the Isle of Ely, being employed by Sir John Griffin, in training a part of his park at Audley End, went one evening to the Inn called The Hoops, to drink. After getting a little spirited, they told the maid, they would give sixpence each to fetch them as much beer they could drink, in half-pints out of the cellar; if they tired her, she was to pay for the liquor; if she tired them, they were to pay for the whole. The girl accepted the bet, although she had been washing all the day, and drew them 517 single half-pints, before they gave out, which were all drank by the said men. The distance from the room where they sat, to the tap, was measured, from which it appears she walked near 12 miles in fetching it; and the quantity of liquor drank by each man was about three gallons in three hours. The above is the real fact.

Police Gazette, Feb. 17, 1775

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15 May 01:06




Natasha Mckenna, a mentally ill woman who died after a stun gun was used on her at the Fairfax County jail in February, was restrained with handcuffs behind her back, leg shackles and a mask when a sheriff’s deputy tasered her four times, incident reports obtained by The Washington Post show.

Six members of the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team, dressed in white full-body biohazard suits and gas masks, arrived and placed a wildly struggling 130-pound McKenna into full restraints, their reports state. But when McKenna wouldn’t bend her knees so she could be placed into a wheeled restraint chair, a lieutenant delivered four 50,000-volt shocks from the Taser, enabling the other deputies to strap her into the chair. 

Minutes later, she stopped breathing. Days later, she died.

The truth is, though, that police have been covering up the real details on Natasha’s death for months. And, even after all of this, police are not quite clear on why Natasha McKenna was even jailed in the first place. On the day she was arrested, she had actually called the police herself to report being assaulted and appeared to be struggling mightily with mental illness before she bounced around between hospitals and jails for days.

Nothing has happened to the officers yet.

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14 May 14:54

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - The Golem


Hovertext: Oh wait. In this one she's smiling at that guy.

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I did an interview with Zoink Games about the project I'm writing for them! 

15 May 04:00

Emojic 8 Ball

14 May 08:30

flyartproductions: The false mirror recognizes real The false...


kinda irks me when they pick a line that's in tons of songs, then attribute it to one specific (newer) song


The false mirror recognizes real

The false mirror (1928), Rene Magritte / Embrace The Martian, KiD CuDi

14 May 13:24

A Softer World: 1235

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13 May 16:28

A bunch of racists are really mad that sociologist Saida Grundy tweeted about white masculinity being a problem. They keep saying, "what if a white person said this about black masculinity?" But people say this kind of shit all the time though.

Yeah, if a white person singled out the problems of black people to demonize them, that would just be called The News.

13 May 18:25

The Maryland State Song celebrates a riot in Baltimore. I wonder if there's any important difference between the People Rioting against Union troops in 1861 and people rioting against the police now.

Government loves a white riot.

13 May 14:20

Client:  I want a big image of the director prominently displayed on the main page of the website,...

Client:  I want a big image of the director prominently displayed on the main page of the website, front and center, about this size.

Client sends me an 800x600 image of the director in a stern, unsmiling pose, staring straight ahead.

Me: I don’t think that’s a good idea.  That image is going to completely dominate the front page and gives a very unsettling “Big Brother” look.

Client: Big Brother? Who is that?

Me: Erm, it’s a reference from a very famous book about totalitarianism.

Client: I don’t know what that means, but I like the term “Big Brother”, it reinforces the “family” feel we are trying to portray. Please go ahead and put the image on the front page.  Thanks.

13 May 01:31

vasectomy options

by kris


did you know? you have a choice when you walk into that doctor’s office. here are a couple more you can request:

  • klein bottle
  • impossible tribar
  • gordian knot
  • balloon animal (your choice: giraffe or poodle)


Big news! I will be a guest at PAX Australia 2015, October 30 – November 2nd at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center! I’m very excited to go back to Melbourne — it’ll be my first time at PAX on another continent! (Excluding 2009’s failed PAX Antarctica.)


And although the event schedule isn’t set, Paul Verhoeven and I will be doing a live version of our gaming podcast 28 Plays Later! Will keep you updated when we have a date and time!

13 May 04:00


I would say time is definitely one of my top three favorite dimensions.
11 May 18:45


by Greg Ross

“It vexes me greatly that having to earn my living has forced me to interrupt the work and to attend to small matters.” — Leonardo

“I cannot afford to waste my time making money.” — Louis Agassiz

“How in the hell could a man enjoy being awakened at 6:30 a.m. by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress, force-feed, shit, piss, brush teeth and hair, and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially you made lots of money for somebody else and were asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so?” — Charles Bukowski

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10 May 08:30

flyartproductions: Napoleon doesn’t know what they want from...


Napoleon doesn’t know what they want from him

Napoleon Bonaparte in his study at the Tuileries (1812), Jacques-Louis David / Mo Money Mo Problems, Notorious B.I.G. ft. Mase, Puff Daddy

10 May 20:53


08 May 14:58

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Cheap AI


Hovertext: Imagine your computer comprehends what you watched last night.

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In case you missed it, Starpocalypse is now free!


08 May 16:16

some weather, huh

by kris


if you were wondering, i thought of the third panel first, then worked backwards

have a great weekend

10 May 13:25

A Softer World: 1232



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10 May 15:35

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Attention Bankruptcy


Hovertext: Can I get this expunged?

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10 May 19:34

linewebtoon: So True.Cluster Fudge _by John McNamee 

11 May 04:00


Oh, weird, Amazon is out of butterfly nets.
11 May 11:00

Child Psychiatrist

by Ryan

Child Psychiatrist

08 May 06:32

The Seventh Art Cinema

by Greg Ross

In the late 1990s, Frenchman Diynn Eadel set out to build an immense open-air movie theater in the desert near Sharm el-Sheikh, at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. He arranged financing in Paris and installed projection equipment, 700 cinema seats, and a generator in the desert.

Unfortunately, the theater was shut down by Egyptian authorities before its planned opening in October 1997. The reasons aren’t clear. It was largely forgotten until Estonian photographer Kaupo Kikkas rediscovered it in 2014.

“Dynn Eadel with Seventh Art attempts to prove that tourism is not necessarily a destructive element and that The Great Theatre of Nature can reconcile us with the elements,” reads an old flyer for the project. “When will be the first Sinai International Film Festival?”

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07 May 17:32

"You people should be more like Martin Luther King: dead so I can pretend you always agreed with me." --every racist

This is a 100% correct quote.

07 May 15:38

Forgot about that.

by Jessica Hagy


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07 May 14:43

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Quick!


Hovertext: Get creative, people!

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07 May 01:50

My dad just claimed he'd heard a statistic about more white people being shot by police than people of color. Was it a statistic from the Angry Old Man Internet?

There’s probably a chance that this statistic isn’t even true in absolute numbers (which is actually horrifying if you think about it), but without even checking the actual numbers, I can tell you that your stupid and racist-ass dad is almost certainly ignoring the fact that white people make up about 75% of the population, so if the percentage of police shootings of white people is anything less than 75%, it’s a fucking (huge) advantage to being white. Racists love throwing this shit around because, as a rule, they’re stupid or dishonest or both and know that their supporters are the same.

07 May 07:33

crapuccinos: i am like a hexagon all my hecks r gone


i am like a hexagon

all my hecks r gone

07 May 12:40

I was building a microsite for a client who was running a late night infomercial to drive traffic....

I was building a microsite for a client who was running a late night infomercial to drive traffic. The following discussion took place regarding the infomercial script and site integration:

Client: So for the URL, we are thinking 

Me: What?

Client: Because the actor in the infomercial will say and the viewers will probably think the dot com is part of the name. So we need to add dotcom to the URL so the viewers can reach the site.

The room was silent for a few long seconds.

Me: (joking) Maybe we should just make it “.net” for clarity.  

Sadly this was taken as a serious suggestion and the client wanted us switch the website to

06 May 07:45




06 May 08:30



uh... that's not originally a nicki line



Lilith with a snake (1886), John Collier / Anaconda, Nicki Minaj