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03 Mar 05:00

March 03, 2015

Have you ever wondered about the evolutionary origins of beards?

02 Mar 16:00

Yo, hogg, check this out: when a whiny racist starts complaining on the Internet, the Internet has a way of correcting itself. Let me use this example: imagine four racists on the edge of a cliff. Say a new racist is sent to the back of the line of racists and whines to the first racist. The formerly first racist whines to the second, the second whines to the third, and the fourth falls off the cliff. Libertarians work the same way.

There is not enough weed in the world for this this to make any damn sense at all.

03 Mar 01:00

Yo dogg, the police get a lot of hate, but at work yesterday a group of LA sheriffs came in and were complete asshats. So not only fuck the police, but also fuck the sheriffs tho.

I think it’s already implied that sheriffs are included in “fuck the police.”

03 Mar 08:30

Police think they have the authority to kill a minorityRevolt of...

Police think they have the authority to kill a minority

Revolt of Cairo (1810), Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson / Fuck Tha Police, N.W.A.

02 Mar 05:00

March 02, 2015

28 Feb 08:30

flyartproductions:Blow the smoke straight up to the cloud...


Blow the smoke straight up to the cloud like

The Smoker Peasant (1888), Vincent Van Gogh / My Yout, Joey BADA$$ ft. Collie Buddz

27 Feb 21:30


27 Feb 15:20

I don't know where the pages should go...

Our client has been hiring for several years to type her books for her (they are awful stories and never get published, so she has to pay a vanity publisher). When we have sent her draft manuscripts she usually makes handwritten alterations before sending it back. However, today’s call was the best…

Client: Thank you for the copy of the book, but I’m in a terrible mess. I’ve made lots of alterations, but the pages are now out of order and I don’t know which pages should go where.
Me: Have you made the alterations to the manuscript we provided to you?

Client: Yes.
Me: Well, it has page numbers. 

Client: Yes, but I don’t know which page numbers should go where.

Me: Okay, which is the first page you’re not sure of?

Client: Page 29.

Me: Okay, can you find pages 28 & 30?

Client: (after a few seconds shuffling paper) Yes.

Me: Well, page 29 goes between 28 and 30.

Client: Are you sure?

26 Feb 18:31

Turn, Turn, Turn

by Greg Ross

Image: Flickr

The Hoover Dam contains a star map depicting the sky of the Northern Hemisphere as it appeared at the moment that Franklin Roosevelt dedicated the dam. Artist Oskar Hansen imagined that the massive structure might outlive our civilization, and that the map could help future astronomers to calculate the date of its creation. The center star on the map, Alcyone, is the brightest star in the Pleiades, and our sun occupies a position at the center of a flagpole. The whole map traces a complete sidereal revolution of the equinox, a period of 25,694 of our years, and marks the point of the dam’s dedication in that period.

“Man has always sought to express and preserve the magnitude of his exploits in symbols,” Hansen said in 1935. “The written words are symbols arranged so as to preserve in objectified form the thought of man and to record his variant states, both mental and physical. All other arts are similar as to their symbolic significance. They take their place among the category of human endeavor simply as the interpreter of life to itself. They serve as an outer object typifying the inner process. They form the connecting link between the spiritual and the material world. They are the shadows cast by the realities of the soul.”

26 Feb 17:48

A Softer World: 1208

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26 Feb 08:30

flyartproductions:Hey Bonita nice to meet ya Mars disarmed by...


Hey Bonita nice to meet ya

Mars disarmed by Venus and the Three Graces (1824), Jacques-Louis David / Bonita Applebum, A Tribe Called Quest

25 Feb 05:00

February 25, 2015

In case you missed it, thanks to our patreon subscribers, old comics are now getting voteys! If we raise a bit more, I'll increase the rate to 2 a day!
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24 Feb 08:30

flyartproductions:pound cake, upside-down cake, carrot cake,...


pound cake, upside-down cake, carrot cake, icing on the cake

Cakes (1963), Wayne Thiebaud / Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2, Drake ft. Jay-Z/Birthday Cake, Rihanna

24 Feb 15:20

"I would like you to write me an article. Please focus on recent high-profile killings by police,..."

“I would like you to write me an article. Please focus on recent high-profile killings by police, especially of innocent suspects, and any other acts of police brutality you want to include (e.g. beatings). Conclude by saying how bad this is for all of us as a society. Our audience are mostly aged 18-30 so please make it funny.”
23 Feb 18:03

This reggae version of "Country Roads, Take Me Home" that I heard in a homeopathic pharmacy yesterday

There is so much shit you need to rethink about your life, homie.

23 Feb 18:00

When in Rome …

by Greg Ross

Another of these dreams he had used as a basis for ‘Pickman’s Model,’ while still another formed the nucleus for ‘The Call of Cthulhu.’ I referred to this story one day, pronouncing the strange word as though it were spelled K-Thool-Hoo. Lovecraft looked blank for an instant, then corrected me firmly, informing me that the word was pronounced, as nearly as I can put it down in print, K-Lütl-Lütl. I was surprised, and asked why he didn’t spell it that way if such was the pronunciation. He replied in all seriousness that the word was originated by the denizens of his story and that he had only recorded their own way of spelling it. Lovecraft’s own invention had assumed an actual reality in his mind.

— Donald Wandrei, “Lovecraft in Providence,” in Peter Cannon, ed., Lovecraft Remembered, 1998

23 Feb 23:00

Yo isn't a homeopathic pharmacy just, like, a grocery store?

I thought it was just a faucet.

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21 Feb 15:20

13-Year WordPress Expert

Client: We have a project that we are ready to start on now. It is a real estate website running on WordPress. I am a WordPress expert for over 13 years, have already installed everything on the server, I have designed the wireframes, etc, and all I need now is someone who can help me implement.

Me: I just have one question for you: how you became a WordPress expert when WordPress first appeared in 2003?

22 Feb 17:12

pleatedjeans: via

by joberholtzer
23 Feb 05:00


When I was little I had trouble telling my dad apart from the dog. I always recognized my mom because she had a bunch of extra plutoniums in her middle. I never did ask her why ...
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20 Feb 05:00

Fundamental Forces


Everything about this

"Of these four forces, there's one we don't really understand." "Is it the weak force or the strong--" "It's gravity."
07 Feb 08:30

The laughing cavalier is straight off the Roc Laughing Cavalier...

The laughing cavalier is straight off the Roc

Laughing Cavalier (1624), Frans Hals / Dirt Off Your Shoulder, Jay Z

19 Feb 17:38

A Softer World: 1205

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19 Feb 05:00

February 19, 2015

New bonus comic exclusively at The Nib!
16 Feb 14:32

starlingsongs:maptitude1:"Walled world" - the uneven...

by joberholtzer



"Walled world" - the uneven distribution of population and wealth worldwide - Theo Deutinger

observe that the hard red lines indicate some of the most heavily policed borders on earth. that’s not an accident.

16 Feb 08:27

Search Ingenuous.

No search is safe with bing.
16 Feb 11:00

Happiest Day

by Wes + Tony

''In fact, you're going to cost me like 100 thousand dollars.''

The problem with the Greatest Day of Your Life is that you probably have no idea that it’s happening. Sure, births, weddings, and the occasional five dollars are pretty cool, but there’s no way to know for sure until you can look back on everything on your deathbed. And even then, you might be about to have the most amazing deathbed ever!

In fact, you might be living the greatest day of your life TODAY and you don’t even realize it. Later this afternoon you might discover that the video game you’ve been playing is a secret simulator to determine the world’s champion in defending humanity from giant space crabs. Or a giant space crab will show up at your door and announce that you’re a lottery winner. Or you might run into that giant space crab you had a crush on in high school and you two will discover your true feelings for one another. Basically I don’t know what it’ll be for sure, but I am fairly certain it involves giant space crabs.

So good luck today! Heck, it might even be the WORST day of your life, which would really take the pressure off the other days. Keep those fingers crossed!