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18 Aug 22:55

This US swimmers fake robbery thing is still pretty murky, but at it's core its going to turn out to be racism right?

If nothing else, the fact that Ryan Mufuckin’ Lochte isn’t getting a fraction of the hatemail that Gabby Douglas did is racist as fuck.

18 Aug 22:55

What if I got my four year old a cowboys and indians birthday cake that showed the native americans being driven from their land and dying of disease and it said "THIS IS YOUR UGLY LEGACY... also happy birthday"

That would be DOPE.

19 Aug 02:08

A half-black actress has been cast as Mary Jane in the Marvel Spider-Man movie. Guess who's suddenly very concerned about the movie accurately adapting the comics? It's racists.

Listen, if you’re so concerned that representations of characters aren’t their “original race” why don’t you go fix the depictions of Jesus as a fucking white dude first?

17 Aug 06:02

Going Nowhere

by Greg Ross

A thousand miles off the coast of West Africa, where the equator crosses the prime meridian, lies a nonexistent point of land known as Null Island. It was invented by GIS analysts to help trap errors: When software converts misspelled street names, bad building numbers, and other faulty data into coordinates of latitude and longitude, the result is often 0°N 0°E — which led cartographers to joke that there’s a 1-square-meter island in the Gulf of Guinea where all these lost features reside. (In fact what’s there is a weather observation buoy, above, which must wonder what all the fuss is about.)

Related: Conceptual artists Terry Atkinson and Michael Baldwin considered a map on which the areas that we normally call Arizona, New Hampshire, Tennessee, etc., are instead labeled “Not Arizona,” “Not New Hampshire,” and “Not Tennessee.” This would have to be regarded as simply false, or at least as inviting new names for these places.

“Yet such a scheme would be correct if, for example, the delineated area normally named Arizona was labelled ‘Not New York’ and so on throughout the whole map synopsis. Only this time the map would be a map to indicate what was not where rather than the conventional what is where. Where there is no road in a certain place we do not conventionally indicate this fact upon the relevant map by labelling it ‘There is no road at this point.'”

(From Jeffrey Kastner and Brian Wallis, Land and Environmental Art, 1998.)

11 Aug 15:36

Client: The soundtrack is very loud on the videoMe: Have you tried turning down the volume on your...

Client: The soundtrack is very loud on the video

Me: Have you tried turning down the volume on your speakers?

Client: Ah, that’s much better!

11 Aug 18:52

uhhhhhhhhhh the baltimore police template for trespass arrests that had "black male" already auto-filled?

Weird that all those “good” cops let the entire system of policing be run by a “few bad apples.”

10 Aug 12:40

A client called today looking for my coworker who is out for a family emergency.Client: Can you...

A client called today looking for my coworker who is out for a family emergency.

Client: Can you give me her email?

Me: Sure! It’s ‘L,’ ‘M’…

Client: Ok ‘O,’ ‘M’?

Me: No, ‘L,’ ‘M.’

Client: Right, ‘O,’ ‘M.’

Me: No, no, ‘L’ as in Lemon.

Client: ‘O’ like Oliver? 

Me: ‘L‘ like for Lemon.

Client: ‘O’ ‘L’ ‘M.’

Me: No, there’s no ‘O.’

Client: Right, ‘O’ ‘L’ ‘M.’

This went on for almost 5 minutes.

> Want to know if freelancing is for you?

10 Aug 16:38

My friends are calling me sexist because I thought Ghostbusters was complete dogshit. To be fair I didn't like the original either. Back me up here, please.

Nah, u sexist.

09 Aug 17:11


by Greg Ross


“A Kiss and Its Consequences,” English carte de visite, 1910.

In 1965, Caltech computer scientist Donald Knuth privately circulated a theorem that, “under special circumstances, 1 + 1 = 3”:

Proof. Consider the appearance of John Martin Knuth, who exhibits 
the following characteristics:

Weight      8 lb. 10 oz.      (3912.23419125 grams)         (3)
Height      21.5 inches          (0.5461 meters)            (4)
Voice          loud               (60 decibels)             (5)
Hair         dark brown       (Munsell 5.0Y2.0/11.8)        (6)


He conjectured that the stronger result 1 + 1 = 4 might also be true, and that further research on the problem was contemplated. “I wish to thank my wife Jill, who worked continuously on this project for nine months. We also thank Dr. James Caillouette, who helped to deliver the final result.”

(From Donald E. Knuth, Selected Papers on Fun & Games, 2011.)

10 Aug 06:52

My buddy's Chinese-American. He was talking about how his parents old him they didn't want him dating black or white girls. It occurred to me that I was bothered by the fact that they didn't want him to date black girls, but not by the fact that they didn't want him dating white girls. Like, "Don't date black girls" hits me as racist without thinking about it, but "Don't date white girls" doesn't. Is there something wrong with me?

The only thing that’s wrong with you is not being able to figure out the difference between those two statements. Hint: ONE FUCKING RACE IS CONSIDERED DOMINANT OVER OTHERS IN OUR CULTURE, AND THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE

08 Aug 17:23


by Greg Ross

“There may now exist great men for things that do not exist.” — Samuel Burckhardt

09 Aug 06:26


by Greg Ross

A Scrabble player needs a way to recognize the potential in any collection of tiles. If your rack contains the seven letters AIMNSTU, for example, what eighth letter should you be watching for to create an acceptable eight-letter word?

If you arrange your seven letters into the word TSUNAMI, and if you’ve memorized the corresponding phrase COASTAL HARM, then you have your answer: Any of the letters in that phrase will produce an acceptable eight-letter word:


TSUNAMI: COASTAL HARM is an example of an anamonic (“anagram mnemonic”), a tool that tournament players use to memorize valuable letter combinations. Devising useful anamonics is itself an art form in the Scrabble community — one has to create a memorable phrase using a constrained set of letters. Some are memorable indeed:


“One of the first anamonics I ever read, back in 1998, was PRIEST: EVERYONE COMPLAINED OF THE SODOMY,” wrote Jeff Myers in Word Ways in May 2007. “I couldn’t believe it. The letters in that phrase — no more and no less — could combine with PRIEST to make 7-letter words.”

When the word list TWL06 appeared, PERITUS became a legal word. That’s PRIEST + U, so the mnemonic phrase now needed to include a U. “One simple fix is: EVERYONE COMPLAINED OF YOUTH SODOMY,” wrote Myers. “Now maybe even more startling.”

John Chew maintains canonical lists of anamonics using the official Tournament Word List and the alternate SOWPODS list.

09 Aug 02:20

emmanuelnegro: youdontneedtofollowme: British Privilege,...

by joberholtzer



British Privilege, Entitlement & Exceptionalism in one photo.

The whole problem, in one simple image.

09 Aug 02:33

fruitsoftheweb: “The Face of Crime in the United States”

by joberholtzer
08 Aug 14:39

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - The Resurrection


Fun fact: Pastors are always available for on the spot theological discussions.

New comic!
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06 Aug 03:25

Serious writing consultation question. I live in the metro Detroit area, and am trying to write a story set in New York with a character from the city. Is Detroit AAVE similar enough to New York AAVE (I'm thinking probably Manhattan, I know the boroughs have their own speech patterns) to just base it on my friends around here?

In NY they say “hot dogs” not “coneys.”

06 Aug 17:24

yo man i've never actually voted and i need to know whether genitalia are involved in the process at any point

Aside from the eye roll and JO motion u have to make when you cast your vote, I guess not??????

05 Aug 15:14


by Greg Ross

In March 1945 the Japanese painted the giant image of an American B-29 on the Tien Ho airfield in China. They gave it a burning engine and a 300-foot wingspan, so that when viewed from a great altitude it would look like a stricken bomber flying at several thousand feet. Their hope was that this would induce high-flying Allied planes to drop down to investigate, bringing them within range of their anti-aircraft guns. I don’t know whether it worked.

The Atlantic has a collection of similar deceptive exploits from World War II.

03 Aug 20:30

More Cluster Fudge HERE


Pretty sure we all follow this, but I still like it enough to share

More Cluster Fudge HERE

03 Aug 16:03

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Working Hard


Look, they can't all be philosophy jokes, okay?

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03 Aug 04:00

Household Tips

To make your shoes feel more comfortable, smell better, and last longer, try taking them off before you shower.
30 Jul 02:03

I was planning to vote for Jill Stein (like since the primaries, not as a reactionary anti-Hillary Clinton thing), but just found out she was pro-Brexit so fuck her stupid, racist ass.

Yeah, look, Green Party is great in theory, but HOLY FUCK in practice.

30 Jul 05:02

justasimplehoe: what are the symptoms of being fergalicious


what are the symptoms of being fergalicious

29 Jul 04:00

50 ccs

There's been a raccoon accident at an accordion bacchanalia! Double doses!
30 Jul 15:25

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Paul


Now, if we could just get everyone together to agree on a universal standard...

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28 Jul 12:40

Client: The website you made me is broken. It keeps giving me this annoying pop-up and I can’t do...

Client: The website you made me is broken. It keeps giving me this annoying pop-up and I can’t do anything. Is the site infected?

Me: That’s weird. What does the pop-up say?

Client: “Internet Explorer is not responding.”

28 Jul 06:52

Three Exclusive Clubs

by Greg Ross

The Caterpillar Club is an international association of people who have saved their lives by using a parachute to bail out of a disabled aircraft. It was founded in 1922 by Leslie Irvin, inventor of the first free-fall parachute. The name pays tribute to the silkworm, whose contribution made the canopies possible; the club’s motto is “Life depends on a silken thread.” Famous members include Jimmy Doolittle, Charles Lindbergh, and John Glenn.

The Goldfish Club accepts people who have escaped an aircraft by parachuting into water, or who have crashed into water and survived by using a life jacket or other device. The club’s stated goal is “to keep alive the spirit of comradeship arising from the mutual experience of members surviving ‘coming down in the drink’.” It was founded in November 1942 by a British manufacturer of air-sea rescue equipment. Gold reflects the value of life, and fish represent water. “Money, position or power cannot gain a man or woman entry to the exclusive circles of the Goldfish Club,” noted the Australian newspaper Burra Record in 1945. “To become a member one has to float about upon the sea for a considerable period with nothing but a Carley Rubber Float between one and a watery death.”

The Guinea Pig Club, above, was a social club for patients who had undergone experimental reconstructive plastic surgery, generally after receiving burns injuries in aircraft during World War II. It was founded in 1941 by New Zealand plastic surgeon Archibald McIndoe and included patients and their surgeons and anaesthetists at Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead, Sussex. The surgical treatment of burns was in its infancy, and McIndoe wanted to make the patients’ lives as normal as he could. The club continued to meet for 60 years after the war; annual reunions continued until 2007. They had their own theme song, known as “The Guinea Pig Anthem”:

We are McIndoe’s army,
We are his Guinea Pigs.
With dermatomes and pedicles,
Glass eyes, false teeth and wigs.
And when we get our discharge
We’ll shout with all our might:
“Per ardua ad astra”
We’d rather drink than fight.

John Hunter runs the gas works,
Ross Tilley wields the knife.
And if they are not careful
They’ll have your flaming life.
So, Guinea Pigs, stand ready
For all your surgeon’s calls:
And if their hands aren’t steady
They’ll whip off both your ears.

We’ve had some mad Australians,
Some French, some Czechs, some Poles.
We’ve even had some Yankees,
God bless their precious souls.
While as for the Canadians –
Ah! That’s a different thing.
They couldn’t stand our accent
And built a separate Wing.

We are McIndoe’s army …

28 Jul 06:02

blackmattersus: All Black people on 4th of july. We had nothing to celebrate.


All Black people on 4th of july.

We had nothing to celebrate.

28 Jul 06:28


27 Jul 22:50

advanced computer problems

by kris


“if your keyboard starts smoking, you’re being hacked. what color is the smoke?”