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22 Feb 15:11

A little late, but Happy Fuck the President Day!

In a lot of ways, every day can be Fuck The President (He’s Racist) Day.

22 Feb 15:08

I already know the answer to all the questions you get. Only reason I keep coming back to read them though is because I know we're in the minority, and it helps to see other people with the same thoughts, so as to not feel like I'm alone or crazy since I'm constantly surrounded by racism.

Little secret: people like you are the actual main reason I do this webpage.

22 Feb 15:07

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Solving Sophie's Choice


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My love for you is boundless, but it's not a desideratum in this context.

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Some fresh and tasty book reviews have been posted at The Weinerworks.

22 Feb 15:06


[*disables social networking accounts*] [*social isolation increases*] Wait, why does this ALSO feel bad?
21 Feb 18:27

Waste Not

by Greg Ross,_Cervus_Maral,_summer.jpg

British Columbia woodsman Francis Wharton shot a deer in the late 1960s but had no serviceable teeth with which to eat it.

With venison steak hanging in the balance, Wharton extracted the teeth from his deer, filed and ground them to what appeared a handy size. He then chewed up a wad of Plastic Wood, molding it to the shape of his gums, and thereto affixed the teeth, using household cement for binder. Francis then sat down to a hearty meal of venison and ate it with the deer’s own teeth.

That’s from dental researcher Gardner P.H. Foley’s 1972 Treasury of Dentistry. The teeth, described as “loose,” “dark and dirty,” are on display at the Museum of Health Care in Kingston. Reportedly Wharton used them for three years; collections manager Kathy Karkut says, “He must have used a lot of Polident.”

21 Feb 15:28

Client: I put these documents in the fax machine, but they didn’t come back out.Me: That’s the paper...

Client: I put these documents in the fax machine, but they didn’t come back out.

Me: That’s the paper shredder.

Client: Oh! Can you set it to reverse? Those papers are very important.

21 Feb 15:25

Client: We want to thoroughly document these processes so everyone can understand how to use the new...

Client: We want to thoroughly document these processes so everyone can understand how to use the new online systems.

Me: That makes a lot of sense. I’ll send you an MS Word template so your team can work on the supplying content more quickly.

Client: We were thinking it would make more sense to use Adobe Captivate. It’s a really cool program and it’s got a lot of features we could use for our material. 

Me: I use Captivate quite frequently, and yes, it’s a great tool. However, we’ve established that we’re documenting basic processes, correct?

Client: Yes, but Word doesn’t provide the functionality we need. We want to put PDFs of this up on our internal website.

Me: Just so I understand what you’re requesting, let me repeat all of this back to you. Your team would like to create non-interactive, text-based lists in Captivate, publish the end result as a PDF, then upload those PDFs to a website. Is that correct?

Client: (Losing confidence in the plan) Yes…do you pay for Captivate licenses that we can use?

Me: Unfortunately not, that will have to be something your company will need to handle. If you’d like, I can show you how much they cost, and give you an estimate for the amount of people on your team who will need access.

Client: Well, why don’t we just use Word?

Me: That seems to be the most economical option. When do you want them?

> Want to know if freelancing is for you?

21 Feb 15:21

odioart: ドラゴンボール O D I O 



O D I O 

21 Feb 15:10


by Reza

21 Feb 15:07

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Anti-Theodicy


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I think you could do an entirely novel exegesis of the Old Testament based around this premise.

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Hey! Geeks of London! Come see me, March 25th, at Imperial.

16 Feb 15:29

The Phonautograph

by Greg Ross

In 1857, Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville patented a device for recording sound: A person spoke or sang into a barrel, causing a membrane of parchment to vibrate and a pig bristle to record a mark on a moving surface of glass or paper.

This was useful in studying the characteristics of sound, but a century and a half would pass before we had the technology to play back the recordings. In 2008, audio historians recovered Scott’s “phonautograms” from the French patent office and converted his waveforms into digital audio files.

The recording below was made on April 9, 1860. It’s the French folk song “Au clair de la lune,” recorded 28 years before Edison’s first wax cylinder.

16 Feb 15:26

is it my responsibility to explain to other white people why their obviously racist bullshit is racist? i don't think i have the patience.

how the fuck you think the rest of us feel???

16 Feb 15:25

Bad Map Projection: Time Zones

This is probably the first projection in cartographic history that can be criticized for its disproportionate focus on Finland, Mongolia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
16 Feb 15:24

21 Amazing Life Hacks (Not Really)

by admin

These are just too great not to share. Read Here »

16 Feb 15:22

Naive Dramatic

by Reza

15 Feb 15:24

superman’s real secret identity

by kris

he had to say “yes” to avoid blowing his cover

later, a flying man covered in a trash bag diverted the meteor. the mysterious trash bag man is a hero, while clark kent is known for bringing pajamas to work and pooping his pants

13 Feb 16:04

I’m currently working with an elderly, computer illiterate client whose understanding of what a...

I’m currently working with an elderly, computer illiterate client whose understanding of what a computer can do seem to be wildly inconsistent.

First she asked me to Photoshop an entire person out of a photo as if it were a simple task. Then literally five minutes later was absolutely amazed to learn that you can draw a line on a computer. She thought I had to hand draw lines and scan them in.

13 Feb 15:48

Everythings fucked but here's one nice thing that happened; my grandmother's church agreed to hold every Saturday for several weeks presentation about white privilege- it been the biggest turn out in any event in the church in a year, and it was mainly white people in a room who had to be quiet and listen and forced to realize that they live in a world of privilege. That's happening in a church. In this sort of world. In a real conservative state. A tiny speck of hope, but a nice one nonetheless

Hey, fingers crossed they learn something.

13 Feb 15:46

Oh, Professor

by ohelli


10 Feb 15:37

Small World

by Greg Ross

paramount shooting locations 1927

In 1927, Chicago investment bank Halsey, Stuart & Co. published a prospectus inviting its clients to consider investing in the burgeoning motion picture business. Among the illustrations was this Paramount Studios map of international shooting locations in California.

“It was not mere chance that established the motion picture industry in Southern California,” notes the booklet. “The actual localization of production there came through a process of pure competitive selection in which the geographical advantages favorable to producers in that region literally forced competing directors and their companies to come to California — and Hollywood.

“The advantages of dependable sunshine, permitting outdoor production without delays, and of great variety in scenery at close range (the ocean on one side, the deserts, mountains, and forests in other directions), so that the sequence of almost any picture can be suitably filmed with but little cost for travel — all have militated to established Hollywood as the center of the motion picture world.”

(“The Motion Picture Industry as a Basis for Bond Financing,” reprinted in Tino Balio, ed., The American Film Industry, 1985.)

10 Feb 15:34

I think I have an answer to your question: being right-wing makes you unfunny, not the other way around. I know this because I am, sadly, unfunny, but I'm also left-wing and I try, though I often fail, to not be a total asshole and be more woke.

Here’s a data point.

10 Feb 15:32

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Nightmares


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Brain would like you to read comics for a while so Brain can take a break.

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10 Feb 15:31

See who cares.

by Jessica Hagy

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08 Feb 21:25


08 Feb 21:24

Bury Ourselves

by Reza

08 Feb 21:23

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Math Puzzles


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You come to a mysterious island where everyone always tells the truth...

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08 Feb 21:23

Face It

by nedroid

Face It

07 Feb 15:38

Not that it matters cause nothing means nothing anymore, but KellyAnn told the same Bowling Green story to Cosmo, except she made very clear she thought it was a real massacre where soldiers died. And they waited to run it until after she said that shit somewhere else and tried to play it off as a slip of the tongue brainfart. Teen Vogue and Cosmo will lead us where CNN and the NYT fear to tread.

Well there you go: obvious liar is obviously lying.

07 Feb 15:24


by Reza

07 Feb 15:23