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07 Sep 15:12

Seriously, Pancreas?

by The Awkward Yeti

Seriously, Pancreas?

Type 1 diabetes is caused by a lack of insulin production from the pancreas, wherein your own stupid immune system kills off the insulin-producing beta cells. Way to go, your body.

01 Sep 02:54

teal bat buddy

by toni

teal bat buddy

26 Aug 22:44

Where is your dog now?

by Jessica Hagy


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28 Sep 19:09

Excellent tailgate puppet theater in traffic jams

by David Pescovitz

If you're stuck in gridlock in Ljubljana, Slovenia, you might be lucky enough to be entertained by a tailgate puppet show from the Mini Teater.

"It demonstrates a true power of theater as it amuses people when being least amused - stuck in traffic jams," they write.

(via Laughing Squid)

29 Sep 19:56

“I built my rabbit a cart and now he delivers me beer!”

by Xeni Jardin


Says the uploader of this superb video, “I built my rabbit a cart and now he delivers me beer! This event marks the release of an epic accomplishment.”

02 Oct 05:00

#1163; An Account of the Offense

by David Malki

If he had EATEN the hearts, I could at least understand the hunter's mindset -- but he THREW THEM AWAY like it was so much SPORT!!

24 Sep 15:33

Face Off s9: Four Horsemen – Pestilence

by toni


Alright! After a few weeks of challenges that I couldn’t really replicate too well, they had a four horsemen of the apocalypse episode! My concept here is that four regular people found some pretty badass looking masks. So, like curious humans do, they put them on. The masks integrate into their bodies, make them go insane, and turn them into the legendary four horsemen. The mask of Pestilence is a gas mask.

16 Sep 14:58

scrawls: ghostiness: OK, but I partially disagree with this...



OK, but I partially disagree with this headcanon, and here’s why:

1) Bruce is totally playing Gamora. You don’t think Bruce Banner has played Dungeons & Dragons before? Bruce Banner has absolutely played Dungeons & Dragons before. He played all through high school and college and when Bucky announces the campaign Bruce jumps at the opportunity because he just misses it so much (mostly rose-tinted nostalgia goggles but). So he sits Bucky down and asks him for every bit of info he can on the setting and spends a whole night with a pot of tea drafting up the five-page backstory for his space assassin and her family tree and her struggle with her relationship with the villain and comes to Bucky with a fully-ready character sheet and a list of things Bucky will need to OK before Gamora hops in.

Bucky quietly resolves to integrate as much as he can into the story, mainly because Bruce came up with some better ideas than he’d had.

2) Tony is definitely playing Quill, because Tony has never played D&D before. You don’t get to be where Tony Stark is in life and have much free time. He does what a lot of newbies do and bases a character on himself, or at least the parts he likes: clever, snarky, pre-’90s musical taste, beds space babes, heroic sometimes probably. He wants to be cool but has no idea how to be cool within this context (“My character’s name is Starlord.” “What? Tony, no.”). He hogs the spotlight all the time (all the time) but clearly has no idea what he’s doing and when someone who seems like they know what they’re talking about gives him advice he always takes (“I’m going to need that guy’s leg.” “Seriously? Alright” *Rolls to grapple*).

Quill’s backstory is primarily Bruce’s doing. Tony just handed it in with a “yeah whatever’s on there.”

3) Thor is playing Drax but didn’t join until a few sessions in when he tagged along and decided it looked like fun (“THIS PLEASES ME! ALLOW ME TO JOIN YOUR TALES OF ADVENTURE!”). He definitely needed help constructing his character sheet, but he had no problem coming up with a character. Bucky asked him what he wanted to play and got that glint in his eye and responded “I WILL FORGE A HERO WORTHY OF THE ANCIENT TALES OF ASGARD.” And he put a lot of thought into Drax, both in personal history and personality. He’s mostly modeled on Thor’s favorite Asgardian folk heroes, with some personal flaws and quirks thrown in that Thor thinks are interesting.

Of course Thor doesn’t really understand the game part of it, he’s in it for the story (“Thor what the hell man there’s no way we can take on Ronan at this level!” “AH BUT THINK OF THE THRILLING DRAMA OF THE MOMENT DRAX AND RONAN MEET AGAIN!” “We are all going to die.” “AND IT WILL BE A THRILLING TRAGEDY!”)

4) Steve is absolutely playing Rocket but what started as a complete joke ballooned into a fully fleshed-out character with a tragic backstory. Steve’s an artist, he’s a creative guy and little too creative for his own good sometimes and bouncing his ideas off of Natasha turned a simple joke into a more elaborate character dynamic than even Bruce’s. He trolls Bucky a lot and it’s even better for Steve when he really gets into Rocket’s character and plays up the drama, partly because Bucky can’t tell if he’s joking or not.

5) Somewhere in the brainstorming session, Steve and Natasha decided that Rocket has a partner who is a talking tree. Natasha pitches this idea completely straight-faced to Bucky and after the fiasco of Steve’s character idea Bucky’s just too tired to say no to the tree-man. Natasha gives him a bit of a backstory and how Rocket and Groot got together and it sounds pretty solid, so whatever, tree-man can stay.

Then when all the characters get introduced Natasha just hovers over Tony and puffs out her chest and says in her deepest voice: “I am Groot.”

And Steve snickers and nobody has any idea why.

A session later Natasha is responding to everything Tony says with that same deep “I am Groot.” and Steve goes blue in the face trying to hold in his laughter and Tony cracks and the game has to pause for 10 minutes while Nat and Steve recompose themselves.

Nat also has a better grasp of the rules than Bucky realized and completely tweaked her character into being able to do basically anything she can justify. And it’s all right there in the book, Bucky can’t even argue from a rules standpoint. They’re only level 5 Groot shouldn’t be essentially bulletproof but through some loophole in the rules, yep, there it is.

Natasha Romanoff is trained to exploit weaknesses. Of course she’s a total munchkin.


03 Sep 16:26

A tiny fedora for your manbun

by Rob Beschizza

It "unites the best of contemporary styles in hair and hats for young men," writes an unbylined author at Capitol Hill Seattle [via Stylite, via Dan Savage]

08 Sep 17:20

Website creates fake Brooklyn bar menus on demand

by Mark Frauenfelder


With the click of a button you can create a custom menu and name for a trendy Brookyln bar. There are a lot of places like this in LA, too, which serve pricey tapas portioned for a pygmy jerboa.

11 Sep 18:11



I can ID more of these than I can of the Republican candidates.

10 Jul 20:38

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

by Jessica Hagy
06 Aug 16:47

Arts & Sciences

by Jessica Hagy


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17 Aug 17:31

We all love a good game.

by Jessica Hagy


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31 Jul 02:55

Why I write

by toni

Not a story, I know, but this week’s terribleminds challenge caught my attention. The subject? Why I write. It’s a great question. It ties in with Gen Con, which has its own writer’s symposium (which I am totally at! Right now! Well, right now I’m in my hotel, but you get the idea).

I have to say, at first, this question filled me with all manner of existential dread. As if the real question were “who the f*k said you could write?” So, I played whack-a-mole with that thought process until I beat it back down to whatever subconscious anxiety pit it oozed out of.

My answer didn’t come easily. I toyed with the concept that I can’t not write, and that I have stories to tell. Both are true. I’ll keep writing as long as I’m able, and probably some time after that. I can be pretty crafty. And there are always new spaceships and dragons and robots and misunderstood monsters to write about.

But that felt like surface stuff.

So, I peeled back each layer of why until I reached what I think is the meaty center. Why do I write? Why do I really, really write? I like affecting people. If you see me in the real world, I will probably try to make you laugh. It’s like that, but with more ink. Writing is like a concentrated feelings machine. When I can make you laugh or cry or get mad at a completely fake character as if they were real, that’s amazing. That’s what stories do, and it’s the best.

28 Jul 16:56



This is purely adorable. And the kind of parent I want to be.

oh SHOOT well i cant swing 100 but how bout

23 Jul 15:02

Arnold is still playing the terminator at 70, Stallone is still Rambo at 65, so why do we need a new Xena: Warrior Princess? Lucy Lawless is only in her 40s, ffs.

20 Jul 17:16

Why isn’t this working?!

by The Awkward Yeti

This is how it works, right?

Why doesn't this work?!

22 Jul 00:00

Spice Girls

The Earth's five major mass extinctions were the Posh Extinction, the Sporty Extinction, the Scary Extinction, the Ginger Extinction, and the Baby Extinction.
01 Jul 14:00

Can’t fault the logic of this bar. (photo by dasuberspud)

Can’t fault the logic of this bar. (photo by dasuberspud)

09 Jul 14:11

incidentalcomics: How to Climb a Hill


How to Climb a Hill

12 Jul 19:32

maggiesox: anthfan: TOO SOON!! I AM A LEAF ON THE WIND.





15 Jul 03:05

quietserval: thepioden: possiblestalker: I had a dream where...




I had a dream where Lying Cat replaced Garfield. So then this happened. And because of Max Gladstone, it KEPT happening. ;)



21 Jul 19:47

RT @joaoluisjr:

by Pai Osias
12 Jul 17:27

22,000 miles up, a Japanese Satellite is taking an image every 10 minutes

09 Jul 02:10

Beyonce Moment

30 Jun 17:35

A Library That Plummets into an Abyss by Susanna Hesselberg for Sculpture by the Sea

by Christopher Jobson

Susanna Hesselberg, “When My Father Died It Was Like a Whole Library Had Burned Down” (2015) / Photo by Claire Voon for Hyperallergic



For her entry into the biannual Sculpture by the Sea in Aarhus, Denmark, Swedish artist Susanna Hesselberg installed this ominous library that plumments into the ground like a mining shaft. While visually arresting, the piece has a somewhat somber intention. Titled “When My Father Died It Was Like a Whole Library Had Burned Down,” the artwork makes reference to lyrics from Laurie Anderson’s song World Without End. The piece joins an additional 55 sculptures on display right now at the 2015 Sculpture by the Sea through July 5, 2015. (via Hyperallergic)

26 Jun 01:00

#1135; Throw Back the Dead Man’s Coin

by David Malki

Of course you can live without actual, coherent ideals. Wad enough tiny strands of hair together, it'll still clog a drain.

29 Jun 05:43

Cross-sectioned brain sample drink coasters

by Cory Doctorow

Thinkgeek's Brain Specimen Coasters come in a set of ten, stacking to form a 3D brain. (via Geeky Merch)

29 Jun 03:46

Coffee Is Universal

sleep is dumb

Tonight’s comic is dripping as fast as it can!