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08 Feb 04:52

Comic for 2020.01.27

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic
08 Feb 04:29

My demographic is merely decorative.

by Jessica Hagy

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19 Jan 22:02

It’s hard to focus when all the world is aflame.

by Jessica Hagy
18 Jan 06:46

Bad Map Projection: South America

The projection does a good job preserving both distance and azimuth, at the cost of really exaggerating how many South Americas there are.
01 Jan 14:39

He forms. He falls. And he shall rise again, children.

by Jessica Hagy
01 Jan 14:33

Only Toilet

by KatSwenski

Snake? Snake?! Snaaaaaaaaaaake!!!

29 Sep 15:27

Four reasons to care about Beaked Whales, AKA the best...

Four reasons to care about Beaked Whales, AKA the best whales.

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04 Sep 05:59

Found the Ocean

by Reza
04 Sep 05:56


by Reza
04 Sep 05:25

White Wagtail

White Wagtail

01 Sep 22:40

You Otter Beaver-y Embarrassed Right Now

Did you know that this otter is related to the honey badger? Yeah, it's true! They both don't care! - Matty Malaprop

31 Aug 06:53

9 Useless Tips That Can Save Your life If a Bear Ever Attacks You

Brought to you By Bearmagadon

12 Aug 00:37

Escape fly

Comic for Sunday February 17th, 2019 - "Escape fly" [ view ]

On this day in 1997, Lindesfarne had just been swept off her feet (literally) by Fenton on their first date. He's quite graceful... or is he?... [ view ]

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11 Aug 22:14

True experts don’t think they are.

by Jessica Hagy
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11 Aug 20:53

24 Punny Memes & Pics That'll Get You Groaning

Bad jokes and puns will never get old. Or they get so old that they're new. So bad that they're good. Sometimes what you need is a terrible joke to make you laugh. So here's a bunch of them to get you rolling your eyes and shaking your head with pain and laughter. Pain at how badly-good the jokes are. 

11 Aug 20:46

10 More Fantastic Pun Jokes Because We Can't Get Enough

Sometimes all you need is an arsenal of terrible puns up your sleeve to shoot out at people when they least expect it. If you don't have a party trick, this is the perfect thing to impress people at parties. The worse the joke, the better. Granted, you might get some eye-rolling and groaning from your audience, but soon the laughs will come rolling in. Just you wait. You will be the pun master. Mother of bad jokes. It will be legendary. 

11 Aug 16:04



29 May 01:41

Let’s start a new tradition.

by Jessica Hagy
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29 May 01:40

Disrespect is earned, too.

by Jessica Hagy
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29 May 01:33

European Roe Deer

European Roe Deer

29 May 01:30


29 May 01:29

Yo Mama

by KatSwenski


07 Nov 04:10



02 Nov 04:52


by Reza

02 Nov 04:35

Familiars Amok (art)

Happy Halloween!
10 Sep 02:35

Black-tailed Prairie Dog

Black-tailed Prairie Dog

09 Sep 23:43

Data-driven analysis of the total, gratuitous inadequacy of women's pockets

by Cory Doctorow


Pudding's data-driven analysis of women's jeans pockets compares 32" waist jeans for men and women from a variety of brands and uses various common cellphones as a benchmark; the conclusion will not surprise you. (more…)

09 Sep 18:06

A 1000-piece color-changing jigsaw puzzle

by Rusty Blazenhoff

You thought those single color jigsaw puzzles were difficult? Try putting together one where the pieces change colors! That's just what the latest offering from artist Clemens Habicht does:
1000 CHANGING COLOURS is a colour gamut jigsaw puzzle of 1000 pieces in which each individual tile has two distinct colour states from intersecting gradients of colour. Printed in Poland using a lenticular lens, the colours change depending on the angle of view, resulting in a radiant iridescence that shimmers in beautiful colour combinations.

Pre-order it now for $100 plus shipping.

(The Awesomer, Mike Shouts)

04 Sep 01:49

an entomologist rates ant emojis


"I want this ant to have a better life. I am rooting for her."


Beautiful big almond eye, realistic and full of expression as she gazes gently at you. Elbowed antennae and delicately segmented legs and body. Gorgeous pearlescent sheen like she is glowing. This ant moisturizes. This ant is round and huggable. This ant is a star. 11/10.

Beautifully detailed, lifelike pose but with an unexpected neck and odd antennae, perhaps scared straight. Her eyes suggest she has seen things. Her expression confirms she has seen too much. She is haunted and I want to know more. 7/10.

Floppy antenna, pointy muppet face, oddly posed legs. What is she? She has no waist. May be she is some kind of bee in disguise? I find her unsettling. 3/10.

This ant has an unexplained, double-jointed thorax, and no evidence of a waist. Her four-footed pose suggests that she a centaur rather than an ant. Centaur ants would be cool. I’m not sure what was intended here. 2/10.

Good first impression, kind of bland in the details. This ant has no particular waist to speak of, floppy rather than elbowed antennae, and an inexpressive face. Her color scheme is soft and hazy. I like the sharp angles of her stylishly sophisticated legs. This ant may not know quite were she is going, but she knows how she is getting there. 6/10.

Were you even trying. 0/10

Gasp! This ant is elegant. This ant has a beautiful tapered thorax, a segmented abdomen, alert, elbowed antennae, and a light-footed pose. This ant’s face suggests curiosity and a desire to explore the world. This ant inspires me. I want to be like her. 10/10

3-legged, waistless centaur-ant with strange, limp antennae and a beak. I don’t know what this is? It kind of reminds me of a Hork-Bajir. 1/10, not an ant.

This ant… makes me sad. All of her legs are broken. The MS Paint art style and gradient abuse convey distress. She has a duck beak. Despite this, her expression suggests perseverance and determined cheerfulness. I want this ant to have a better life. I am rooting for her. 3/10

This ant is a bold and challenging mixture of photorealism and caricature. She is broad and low-built and seems very sturdy. She looks like she would help you move. This ant is a dependable friend. 9/10

A picture of an ant from a children’s book.  She is wearing little boots.  This ant is wrong in every way, and yet I can’t stay mad at her.  7/10

An interesting, top-down view of an ant; her legs are positioned with slightly jarring symmetry.  Nevertheless, her overall impression is that of a graceful, stylized design, like a pictograph.  She is suitable for adorning fine garments and jewelry or perhaps gracing the walls of a tiny ant church.  I like this minimalist ant.  8/10.

This is a termite. -10/10

04 Sep 01:45


by justanotherguyincali