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06 Nov 22:22

#1257; No Fêtes but What We Make

by David Malki

Everything Audrey knows about the Foreign Legion comes from one tattered old copy of JOGGING IS IN, SNOOPY

06 Nov 21:04

The purpose of haters.

by Jessica Hagy


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06 Nov 21:03

More like, “I’m sorry I got caught.”

by Jessica Hagy


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05 Nov 03:24

Comic for 2016.10.11

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic
02 Nov 05:57

Marvel and espnW Teamed Up to Turn Women in Sports Into Superheroes

by Stubby the Rocket

espnW and Marvel, IMPACT25, Serena Williams

Last year, espnW did something special for their second annual IMPACT25 list–a group of 25 female athletes and influencers that broke boundaries and inspired–they combined forces with Marvel Comics and had the entire group drawn up like the superheroes they are. The results are every bit as stunning as you would expect them to be, starting with the unmatchable Serena Williams as a hero named Super Galactic Slam by Elizabeth Torque.

More of these gorgeous covers below!

Many of these protraits are even more exciting in the wake of the 2016 Olympics, such as Kevin Wada’s rendering of Simone Biles:

espnW and Marvel, IMPACT25, Simone Biles

Simone Biles by Kevin Wada

Or Simone Manuel by Laura Braga:

espnW and Marvel, IMPACT25, Simone Manuel

Simone Manuel by Laura Braga

X Games’s youngest gold medalist ever, Chloe Kim (RB Silva, Walden Wong, and Rachelle Rosenberg):

espnW and Marvel, IMPACT25, Chloe Kim

Chloe Kim by RB Silva (pencils); Walden Wong (inks); Rachelle Rosenberg (color)

Special Olympics Gold medal winner at the 100 meters–who put off chemotherapy to compete with stage-4 breast cancer–Olivia Quigley (Alti Firmansyah and Jessica Kholinne):

espnW and Marvel, IMPACT25, Olivia Quigley

Olivia Quigley by Alti Firmansyah (pencils & inks); Jessica Kholinne (color)

And of course, Annie Wu’s stunning depiction of Misty Copeland, the first African-American woman to bear the title of principal dancer in the American Ballet Theatre:

espnW and Marvel, IMPACT25, Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland by Annie Wu

There are 20 more of these heroic illustrations, so head over and take a peek!

02 Nov 05:16

Owl facts. (via dave)

Owl facts. (via dave)

02 Nov 05:13

sizvideos: Here are some facts men don’t know about periods

04 Oct 05:11

sweethotnight: he made the sign


he made the sign

25 Sep 20:56

The Fraction Less Traveled

by The Awkward Yeti


25 Sep 19:23

Like camping, but forever and not fun.

by Jessica Hagy


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25 Sep 05:57

annleckie: Screenshot of a tweet that reads, “In case of...


Screenshot of a tweet that reads, “In case of volcanic eruption, you will hear mermaids. Do not ignore the mermaids; they are there for your safety.”

Underneath it, a quoted tweet: “Perils of Google Translate no 44a. People seeking greater warning of volcanic eruptions want sirens, not mermaids.”

25 Sep 05:54


23 Sep 18:05

How old are you?

I’m in my very late teens. I’m 32.

23 Sep 18:03

sandandglass: The Daily Show, September 6, 2016


The Daily Show, September 6, 2016

23 Sep 18:00

trashycat2242: mercenaryflower: spiroandthelacktones: blazepre...





Family gathering.


Aunt Carol is fucking ripped.

reblog if you love aunt carol

11 Sep 03:15


by shaenon


09 Sep 20:53

Time Traveled

by Reza


09 Sep 20:46

angreav: elvishgirl: Projeto Identidade is a Brazilian project...



Projeto Identidade is a Brazilian project idealized by Noemia Oliveira and Orlando Caldeira. The project raises the question of the black representation in pop culture.


06 Sep 03:25

America will finally gather statistics on which and how many people are killed by law enforcement

by Cory Doctorow


As the highly controversial deaths of black people at the hands of American law enforcement officers has crept into our public discourse this decade, so too has the revelation that no federal agency maintains statistics on killings by police officers, prompting The Guardian -- a UK-based newspaper -- to launch The Counted, a project to piece together a national picture of death-by-cop from the fragmentary evidence of press reports and open records requests. (more…)

06 Sep 03:24

Why did it take a private foundation to do public science right?

by Cory Doctorow

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen funded the Allen Brain Observatory, a detailed, rich data-set derived from parts of a mouse-brain: what's striking is that the Allen Institute released all the data into the public domain, at once, as soon as it was available, which is exactly what you'd want the publicly funded alternatives to do, and what they almost never do. (more…)

06 Sep 03:07

Important man's African-American colleague wins Olympic medal

by Rob Beschizza


At the Olympic games in Rio, The Mercury News reports that top U.S. swimmer "Michael Phelps shares historic night with African-American."

The subject of The Mercury News's unspecific racial disinterest is in fact Stanford junior Simone Manuel, who not only has a name and is neither Phelps' sister or wife, but is the gold medal winner in the 100-meter freestyle event.

The Mercury News later apologized for its "insensitve headline."

06 Sep 01:34

Stuck for a D&D character to role-play? Here's one for you

by Rob Beschizza


Who the fuck is my D&D character generates succinct character concepts for you to roleplay. It's clever how evocative it is! It's by Ryan Grant; the underlying code uses the WTF Engine. (more…)

06 Sep 01:05

US Army committed $6.5 trillion in accounting fraud in one year

by Cory Doctorow


In June, the Defense Department’s Inspector General released a report on the US Army's accounting, revealing that the Army had invented $6.5 trillion in "improper adjustments" ($2.8T in one quarter!) to make its books appear balanced though it could not account for where the funds had gone. (more…)

23 Aug 02:08

My geeky baby shower – dinosaurs playing board games

by Toni Johnson

Holy crap, it’s amazing when you have people that just GET you. My friends threw me a baby shower that was themed as “dinosaurs playing board games.” Dinosaurs everywhere, themed trivia, a baby version of Cards Against Humanity, the works.

I even got to help a bit by sketching out this for the invitation.

dino game invite

There were also onesies of various sizes that people decorated. A good portion had poop jokes. 🙂  There were a couple blanks left over afterwards, and I couldn’t leave them plain. Here’s one of them.

clever girl onesie


15 Aug 21:05

"At the risk of taking Gingrich’s nonsense seriously, just imagine for a moment what translating his..."

At the risk of taking Gingrich’s nonsense seriously, just imagine for a moment what translating his proposal into action would mean. The government would round up 3.3 million American Muslims, then “test” them to see “if they believe in Sharia,” a notion about which Gingrich doesn’t have the remotest clue. Sharia is the Arabic word for “law”; there’s no guidebook of official Sharia, and Islamic scholars have a multitude of ideas about how Koranic ideas could or should be translated into civil rules. But even if there were, Gingrich is literally proposing to prosecute thought crimes, as well as jettisoning the First Amendment to throw people in jail for visiting certain web sites. And where is he going to “deport” the Americans whom he decides believe in Sharia to?

Frankly, I think we need to ask just how Newt Gingrich got radicalized, and what caused him to reject the values of the country that gave him so much. Was it some radical cleric who did this to him? Is there a church somewhere in Georgia we need to be monitoring?

- On terrorism, Republicans reach for new heights of stupidity and moral repugnance.
15 Aug 20:51

toomanypangalacticgargleblasters: Well…you’re not wrong.


Well…you’re not wrong.

15 Aug 04:58

micdotcom: Watch: Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui had no idea she...

02 Aug 06:14


by Reza


02 Aug 05:32

help I keep getting the Turing test and the bechdel test confused

when two robots talk about something other than a human