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21 May 06:01

blaow blaow blaow

Today on Married To The Sea: blaow blaow blaow

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12 Jun 11:54

Water and ink combine to create beautiful drawings for a good cause

by Caroline Siede

Artist Clément Beauvais uses water and ink to create stunning images in this campaign for humanitarian NGO Solidarités International and its agency BDDP Unlimited. Read the rest

12 Jun 03:41

"Big T" measuring tape looks like Mr. T

by David Pescovitz

The Fisco "Big T" measuring tape resembles Mr T. "I pity the rule." (more…)

12 Jun 11:31

A tempting offer

by Cory Doctorow

Spotted outside Fix Coffee on Whitecross Street in London.

02 Jun 14:05


by The Awkward Yeti


01 Jun 23:10

Woodland Critter Mobile

by toni


I made this woodland themed mobile for some friends of mine who just had a kid! The animals are porcupine, black bear, squirrel, red fox, barn owl, and lynx/bobcat. The leaf shapes used for accents are maple and tulip tree in medium brown, poplar and oak in dark brown, and walnut (leaflet) and dogwood in golden brown.



You can see, they’re essentially little felt sandwiches! The bobcat has spots done in ink.IMG_1048.JPG IMG_1050.JPG


24 May 22:00

marshmellowtea:high-metafive:so i made and account on tv tropes and it asked for my relationship...



so i made and account on tv tropes and it asked for my relationship status

i went over and was about to put in “single” or “it’s complicated” and, well..


i can’t deal anymore

this is beautiful

21 May 13:07

Heart tries reading

by The Awkward Yeti

Heart tries reading

22 May 00:00


Or whatever's handy! I'm pretty much pure alcohol and water, so it doesn't really matter!
21 May 18:55

Pac-Man bathroom mosaic tile

by David Pescovitz

Portland's Ground Kontrol Arcade features amazing Pac-Man mosaic tile floors in the restrooms. Read the rest

08 May 21:44

RT @BoingBoing: A smartass explains why "Work Intelligent" poster is stupid.

by Pai Osias
Author: Pai Osias
Source: Twitter Web Client
RT @BoingBoing: A smartass explains why "Work Intelligent" poster is stupid.…
18 Apr 12:51


26 Apr 20:45

Here's An Insane Video Of A Dragon Head Being Carved Out Of A Watermelon

by Cheryl Eddy

In this remarkable time-lapse video, artist Valeriano Fatica (who has also coaxed a unicorn, a Game of Thrones White Walker, and Cthulhu from various fruits and vegetables) transforms a watermelon into a detailed, toothy dragon. Meanwhile, we can barely peel an orange over here.


23 Apr 13:06

Women come together to highlight the "struggles" of men in Hollywood

by Caroline Siede

There’s been a lot of discussion recently over how satire can and should be used as our society becomes increasingly aware of issues of inequality Read the rest

26 Apr 06:03

Variations on the Trolley Problem

by Cory Doctorow

The "Trolley Problem" is a highly problematic thought-experiment about utilitarianism and morals -- ripe for skewering in the pages of McSweeney's. Read the rest

26 Apr 05:42

against humanity

Today on Married To The Sea: against humanity
22 Apr 15:20

Warning: Jenga blocks can be used as weapons.

by Jessica Hagy


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21 Apr 05:00

#1118; Reintroducing Randomness

by David Malki

necessary features of Netflix Shuffle: 1. playback starts at a random point in the program, then continues unabated until shuffled again; 2. each random stream generates a permalink so you can tweet ''OMG everyone tune in to RIGHT NOW''

21 Apr 03:14

The Perfect Definition

sleep is dumb
17 Apr 20:56

Bat loves stuffing its little face with grapes

by Xeni Jardin

A recently rescued Grey-Headed Flying Fox enjoys gorging on grapes. All of the grapes. (more…)

15 Apr 04:09

Golden Lasso

sleep is dumb

Tonight’s comic is about Golden Lassos.

01 Apr 18:33


by Greg Ross

“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing that a tomato doesn’t belong in a fruit salad.” — Miles Kington

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26 Mar 20:16

Madrid becomes no-kill city

by Heather Johanssen

On March 13, Madrid became a no-kill city, making the euthanasia of stray or abandoned animals illegal. That means all animals—even homeless ones—are free to live their lives.

31 Mar 10:32

Paper sculpture intricately transforms the sky above

by Andrea James

Japanese artist Shoko Konishi created Transition, a paper sculpture with a geometric vaulted ceiling. Inside the somewhat nondescript sculpture, shadow and light dance across the teardrop-shaped tubes she's arranged in a fractal pattern that opens to the sky. Read the rest

02 Apr 16:47

Undulating jellyfish-like chandeliers

by David Pescovitz

Design studio Studio Drift created "Shylights" that unfurl as they lower from the ceiling, looking more like glowing jellyfish than chandeliers (more…)

13 Mar 02:29

Chance Encounters With Greatness

sleep is dumb

Tonight’s comic is about meeting your heroes

11 Mar 22:43


by Greg Ross

“It has been said, not truly, but with a possible approximation to truth, that in 1802 every hereditary monarch was insane.” — Walter Bagehot

10 Mar 00:00

It's Not The Mightiest Lizard, But Bubble Dragon Has Stolen Our Hearts

by Lauren Davis

It looks fragile, but the Bubble Bath Dragon is remarkably adaptable creature, ever changing its soapy hide. And it doesn't hurt that every sentient that gazes upon it melts a bit at the sight of the bathtub dwelling beast. Concept art by Luke Mancini.


04 Mar 04:43

Both a Purr-ticle and a Wave

sleep is dumb

Not everyone will get this comic. That’s my superposition and I’m either sticking to it or not.

20 Oct 22:00

Death Eaters WOULD Enjoy Standardized Tests!