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13 Feb 03:57

Twitter Users Find a Way to Celebrate and Condemn Singledom with #SignsYouAreSingle


This hashtag reveals some of the dark and not-so-dark truths about single life. Even some companys are jumping on the trend.

29 Jul 00:21

Shameful Dawn, a novel by United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

by Mark Frauenfelder

From Sean Tejaratchi's wonderful [and sometimes NSFW] website: Shameful Dawn, a novel by United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

"A terrifying look at America’s sick, glistening future…" — American Conservative


27 Jul 22:04

xkcd Time - at your own pace

27 Jul 18:47

vaultoftheboy: waterfall 5 by lukas12 on Flickr.

27 Jul 18:26

The Coffee Process

27 Jul 18:25

Deadpool Lives It Up at Comic Con

Submitted by: Unknown

27 Jul 18:23

Spike Lee’s List of Films Every Filmmaker Should See

by Germain Lussier


Spike Lee has been in the news quite a bit recently. He’s got Oldboy, arguably his biggest movie ever, coming out soon, and just began a Kickstarter for his follow-up that will be “about blood and sex.” Being that he’s currently in the public eye, the director of such classics as Do The Right Thing, Malcolm X and Clockers is using the spotlight to educate fellow filmmakers. He’s released a list he gives to his NYU Graduate film students of the films he believes every filmmaker should see.

Thanks to The Playlist for the heads up on this. First, here’s Lee’s explanation.

And here’s the full list, unfortunately presented as two JPEG images.


Any surprises on there? Lots. Only two Steven Spielberg films, an odd Woody Allen choice, Spartacus but no 2001 for Kubrick, District 9 and Kung Fu Hustle are included, there’s plenty to discuss here. This is not the typical list.

27 Jul 18:07

A Comparative Lesson in Language, Starring Screaming German

27 Jul 18:06

dyevid: djazzy: ximune: did-you-kno: Source I saw a news...






I saw a news report about this on T.V., she was a straight A Student who had perfect attendance and everything. Everyone loved and respected her for her skills, but when she started this experiment and people thought she was pregnant, they started treating her like garbage. Even her teachers started looking down on her like she was scum of the earth. The only people who knew she was doing this as an experiment were her school principle, her health care teacher and her father. Her own mother thought she was pregnant.

I mean even her friends turned on her, it was horrid. Very very sad, and as soon as she revealed during an assembly that the pregnancy was false, a lot of people were in shock as she brought up all the horrible things they said and did to her because they thought she was pregnant.

The reason for the experiment was to see how people would react and treat her if they thought she was pregnant, as opposed as to treating her as the straight A “Perfect” student they usually did. And it proved that people were horrible scumbags to her as soon as they thought she was.

holy shit. this is fucking awesome

mad respect for her to keep it going for 6 months. like can you imagine everyone turning on you like that holy fuck 

27 Jul 17:57

A loaf of bread made in the first century AD, which was...

A loaf of bread made in the first century AD, which was discovered at Pompeii, preserved for centuries in the volcanic ashes of Mount Vesuvius. The markings visible on the top are made from a Roman bread stamp, which bakeries were required to use in order to mark the source of the loaves, and to prevent fraud. (via Ridiculously Interesting)

(sigh) I’ve seen these before, but this one’s particularly beautiful.

27 Jul 05:10

Liberty Bottleworks Metal Water Bottle

by mark

I have way too many water bottles. I think it’s because I’m always trying to find the right one. It wasn’t until I received a 16oz metal Liberty Bottleworks water bottle as a gift that I knew I had finally found the perfect water bottle. So perfect in fact, I ordered the 32oz and 24oz size from their website which claims “the only American made metal water bottle; 100% recycled aluminum; BPA free materials.”

Three things make this water bottle a stand out among all the others I have owned:

1) Cool 1/4 twist on/off locking cap seals up your water bottle tight and allows you to open up quickly to grab a drink or fill it up. You can also order a standard flip top “sport” cap with a straw.

2) One-of-a-kind artistic designs created by real artists with proceeds from each sale going to their favorite charity or non-profit. Their “straight up” series of bottles include colors like Shiraz, Flamingo and Lime or you can get a topo map as a design option on your bottle.

3) Create a custom design. The bottle I received as a gift was specially made with a logo from the university where I teach. You can submit your own custom graphic by uploading a PNG or GIF file to their website and they will imprint your design on a metal water bottle.

This Northwest company creates the most unique, eco-friendly, artist supporting, non-profit supporting, American made metal water bottle. It’s a solid design I have been using for several months that is rugged for day to day use when I throw my backpack on the ground or take it on a hike on the weekends. It’s functional and looks great.

-- Ken Pendergrass

Liberty Bottleworks Straight Up Water Bottle
$15 – $20, depending on size

Available from Amazon

27 Jul 05:00

Here's How to Start Your Weekend

by Josh Marshall

Check out this mindblowing video of the Space Shuttle during launch, taken with cameras and mics mounted on the solid rocket booster that propelled the shuttles into space. It's amazing. You won't want to miss this.


27 Jul 04:48

Supercut of the Day: Saturday Night Live Actors Breaking Character

Check out this giggly supercut montage of Saturday Night Live cast members breaking character!

Submitted by: Unknown (via YouTube)

21 Jul 05:03

Meet the best-preserved mammoth in history of paleontology

by Maggie Koerth-Baker
Yuka died 39,000 years ago, and is so well-preserved that we can tell she was a ginger.

19 Jul 23:40

Practice These Yoga Moves at Your Standing Desk

by Melanie Pinola

Practice These Yoga Moves at Your Standing Desk

While sitting all day might be killing you, standing for long periods of time can also cause discomfort. A few yoga moves can get rid of the aches and pains that come with switching to a standing desk.


19 Jul 23:20

July 18, 2013

Oh god. Flying out to SDCC this morning. See you all soon at the Overdue Media booth. God help me.

Also, just for SDCC, an SMBC Theater Superhero compilation!

18 Jul 17:49

A visual guide to understanding the introverted, and how to live with them

by Xeni Jardin
At deviantART, Schroeder Jones has published a clever and spot-on "How to Live with Introverts" graphic explainer.

The artist explains,

I thought a lot of folks out there could benefit from learning how to with introverted people. I drove my ex crazy by being introverted. He thought that I was being "distant" and "purposely ignoring him as part of a passive-aggressive power play". Here I was just enjoying his company without talking.
German translation. Chinese translation. Polish translation.

Here's a printable version.

(HT: @ClaireRPorter)


18 Jul 17:02

Drop of pitch finally caught on film

by Maggie Koerth-Baker
Begun in 1927 at The University of Queensland, Australia, the pitch-drop experiment is an attempt to prove that pitch (a sticky, black, seemingly solid form of petroleum) is actually just a particularly viscous liquid. It takes years for a drop of pitch to form and, until this week, nobody had ever observed the drops in the act of, well, dropping. The catch: It wasn't the University of Queensland that finally succeeded. Instead, the documentary footage comes from a different (and less famous) pitch-drop experiment at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. You can watch the drop drip in a video at their site.

17 Jul 14:45


by jwz
Interesting visualization:

These maps show the corporate networks of the top six banks in the USA. Each dot represents a company, and each line shows where a company controls another company. A "corporate network", therefore, is a network of control, with a single corporation at the top of the tree, ultimately controlling all the companies beneath it.

We have grouped together companies that are in the same country, in the shape of that country. This gives you an idea of the size of the corporate network, and how it is structured. By comparing different corporate networks, you can see where and how different companies operate.

If you want to understand how complex multinational companies are, consider this.

In Hong Kong, there's a company called Goldman Sachs Structured Products (Asia) Limited. It's controlled by another company called Goldman Sachs (Asia) Finance, registered in Mauritius.

That's controlled by a company in Hong Kong, which is controlled by a company in New York, which is controlled by a company in Delaware, and that company is controlled by another company in Delaware called GS Holdings (Delaware) L.L.C. II.

...Which itself is a subsidiary of the only Goldman you're likely to have heard of, The Goldman Sachs Group in New York City.

That's only one of hundreds of such chains. All told, Goldman Sachs consists of more than 4000 separate corporate entities all over the world, some of which are around ten layers of control below the New York HQ.

Of those companies approximately a third are registered in nations that might be described as tax havens.Indeed, in the world of Goldman Sachs, the Cayman Islands are bigger than South America, and Mauritius is bigger than Africa.

17 Jul 02:10

This movie about an evolutionary explosion will haunt your dreams

by Annalee Newitz

In this evocative trailer for short film "Dust," you'll be sucked into a beautifully-designed, futuristic world. Nature is evolving at a breakneck pace, transforming Earth's ecosystems while humans lock themselves up in walled cities.



17 Jul 02:06

There's an island in the Bahamas which is only inhabited by Swimming Pigs.





Pigs are the only inhabitants on the place, which goes by the name of Big Major Cay aka Pig Beach.


16 Jul 04:59

Animated maps of great empires

by Rob Beschizza

GIF: Maps On The Web

Vince Miklos collects GIFs of Empires, from the Roman to Soviet. [io9]


16 Jul 04:57

Girls? A collection of essays about being young and single in NYC

by Mark Frauenfelder

Our friends at Thought Catalog (which published Mark Dery's terrific long read, England My England: Anglophilia Explained, has a new eBook title called Girls? A Collection of Essays. Publisher Chris Lavergne says:

13 women were asked to write for this book, and given free reign over the subjects they wrote about -- the key thing that unites these stories is that they were written by young women living in NYC. But there's no unifying voice or message, there's nothing telling the reader to see themselves in every writer and in every essay. It forces the reader to view the writers as individuals.
Girls? A Collection of Essays on Amazon

16 Jul 04:56

Frixion Erasable Pens

by mark

Frixion erasable pens are hugely popular in Japan, but relatively unknown in the States. I didn’t even hear about them myself until 2012, though the product has existed for 5+ years.

Frixion pens are not the smearing horror pens that you may have used in school — the ink is not rubbed away — it actually becomes invisible when heated with an erasing motion of the rubber tailcap. No eraser dust is generated.

This pen allows me to take correctable notes at work at the speed and detail I desire, yet have the text be dark enough that the resulting documents can be read when scanned.

As electronic documents become more popular, I think Frixion pens will have a bigger role in replacing mechanical pencils, whose gray output is not always clear when scanned.

The pens come in gel, marker, and highlighter types with various colors. They are easy to come by at your local office and grocery stores, and are as cheap as $2 a pen.

Of course, I wanted something with a finer tip, and more business-appropriate, so I sprung for a 0.4mm, metal-frame LF-2SP4-B business-style Frixion pen.

Note: Because the ink disappears under heat, do not leave your notes in a car on a hot, summer day, as they will disappear. They are recoverable by putting the document in the freezer, however. That brings up a concern about whether or not text erased by the tailcap can be recovered in the freezer. From my experience, when the tailcap is used to erase text, it’s mostly unrecoverable by the freezer method.

-- Kaz Mori

[This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2013]

Pilot FriXion Ball Erasable Gel Pens
Prices vary based on model

Available from Amazon

16 Jul 04:56


by Emi Guner
still don't understand the acquittal at all. will never do. never ever. so wrong.
13 Jul 09:31

Calvin and Hobbes for July 12, 2013

12 Jul 18:14

Hello? Yes this is NSA.

by Xeni Jardin

Below, an idle 'shoop by yours truly. Above, a far superior version sent in response, by Rob Beschizza.


12 Jul 05:16

How to wash your hair in space

by Robert T. Gonzalez

Expedition 36 Crew Member Karen Nyberg gives us a rundown of hair hygeine aboard the International Space Station.



12 Jul 05:10

Jezebel Being a Mom Is Not a ‘Job’ | Deadspin The “My Little Pony Convention 2013 Highlights” Video

by Lauren Bertolini on lauren ☄, shared by Whitson Gordon to Lifehacker
12 Jul 05:01

Show HN: I hacked my microwave with a Raspberry Pi