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29 Jul 18:27

PDE Photography

by tuberoalato
18 Jul 08:42

Nathanial Krill at the Time Node

by John


Nathanial Krill at the Time Node (1978) by Richard Glyn Jones and Robert Meadley.

Michael Moorcock’s New Worlds magazine resumed publication in 1978 after a hiatus of two years following the end of its New Worlds Quarterly paperback format. The issues for the years 1978 and 79 are the oddest in the entire run of the magazine. Issue 214 had the magazine title in Russian, a cover illustration of Union Jack anti-hero Zenith the Albino, and promises “Politics—Sport—Science”; issue 213 had an Empire-era cover, and contents which mostly dispensed with written fiction in favour of visual features such as newspaper pages from parallel time streams, or satirical collage.


Among the satire there was this two-page piece by Richard Glyn Jones and Robert Meadley which is probably the closest the magazine came to what people now call steampunk. I say probably because many of Moorcock’s alternate histories were doing in the late 60s and early 70s what steampunk does today although not all of these appeared in NW. Nathanial Krill at the Time Node has the additional interest for me in being another example of using period engravings for fantastic or satirical ends. Other examples of this are well-documented but this is one that few people will have seen. Richard Glyn Jones was a regular illustration contributor to New Worlds; Robert Meadley had four short stories in New Worlds Quarterly. Ten years ago I designed Meadley’s essay collection, A Tea Dance At Savoy. He’s a great writer, I keep hoping we’ll see more of his work one day.



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18 Jul 07:17


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this isn't happiness™

by turbo2000
18 Jul 07:16

Subway over the sea. (via Photo by claytoncubitt • Instagram)

Subway over the sea.

(via Photo by claytoncubitt • Instagram)

28 May 20:58

Cities Are Matter Battles

by Warren Ellis

I’m working on the non-fiction book this week, in between a dozen other things.  On Twitter, James Bridle reminded me that Timo Arnall of BERG has a Flickr account, and, there, I found this photo of Dan Hill of Fabrica giving a talk.  Which I’m clearly going to have to find and gank, partly because it strikes a few sparks off one element of the book, partly because I want to see where he takes that.  My abiding memory of Cognitive Cities was stories of people looking at the city like code, encoding the city (‘s processes), and then turning that data over and paying no attention to where that information went once it was out of their hands.

Also, I cannot right now come up with a better way to describe London.  Look at London’s maps, and London’s streets.  Plans and improv and eras just banging up against each other, road by road, sometimes door by door.

Look, I told you it was going to be free-association here this week.

28 May 07:20

Library Lounge: decorating with books

by Cory Doctorow

The Library Lounge at the B2 Boutique Hotel Zürich is one of those amazing temple-of-books rooms that always make me catch my breath. If I had a teleporter, this is where I'd go every time I felt stressed out. (Except for the wallpaper with the pattern that looks like JPEG artifacts -- that'd have to go).

Library Lounge – B2 Boutique Hotel Zurich (via Attack of the Bonniegrrl)


24 Apr 08:13

"Bela Lugosi's Dead" stretched to nine hours

by David Pescovitz
22 Apr 15:12

1940 - 1945 : Women Cleaning Blast Furnaces

by Amanda Uren
16 Apr 08:26


by jwz
15 Apr 10:23

c. 2nd century BC–4th century AD : Egyptian Twenty-sided Die

by Amanda Uren
12 Apr 07:28

1965 : Communism, Hypnotism and the Beatles

by Chris Wild
10 Apr 14:18


16 Mar 08:52

Unexpected day: what are we gonna do about Google Reader death? Keep calm and carry on.

Hello everyone!

This morning I have mixed feelings: I am happy that we have the possibility to bring our beloved The Old Reader to a new level, and I am sad that Google Reader soon will be completely over. It was a large part of my daily internet life. We even started making The Old Reader because no one could stand my whining anymore.

News came unexpected (mind you, we are living in GMT, so it was literally the middle of the night), but we are doing out best. We tripled our user base (and still counting), and our servers are not amused so far. We will be deploying more capacity shortly, so things should get better by the end of the day. Please, be patient with us.

image(The Old Reader’s team before March 13, photo by

This is overwhelming. When we started this as something for us and our friends to use, we never expected so many of you to join us in our journey. Thank you very much for your kind words and support, we appreciate this.

Seeing Google Reader go, many of you are asking whether The Old Reader is going to stick around. Also, quite a lot of people would like to donate to keep our project running. We have been discussing this quite a lot recently, and we decided that paid accounts (the freemium model) are the way to go. We want to keep making a great product for our users, not cater it for advertisers’ needs.

We are going to be honest, we have not even started coding this yet. However, we would like to get this news out as soon as possible for everyone to know the way we will be going. Paid accounts will have some additional features, but the basic free accounts will still be 100% usable. We are not in this game to make money, but we want to give something special back to the people who are going to be supporting us.

We have our daily jobs, so we can’t promise that new features will be ready tomorrow or next week. We have no investors or fancy business plans, but we are open about everything we do, and we want to do it the right way.

We reworked the plans according to the news today. Creating an API for mobile clients is the number one priority in our roadmap. We would love to collaborate with any developers who were making Google Reader clients. Please, spread the word about this if you can.

For those of you who are posting feedback and creating new feature requests - please, double-check for existing items in Uservoice. We hate answering the same questions multiple times and removing duplicate requests.

Most asked questions are:
- “When will OPML import be working again?” As soon as we launch more capacity to handle this. Hopefully, later today.
- “Why are you asking for access to my Google contacts when I log in via Google account?” We don’t anymore.
- “When will you make an iOS app? How about Android?” We will start with API as soon as we can and see how it goes.
- “Why is there no way to login without Google or Facebook accounts?” We cover that one in our knowledge base, but we plan to implement own login code. The demand is high.
- “How do I rename a feed?”. Just browse the Tour page, please? 
- “Shut up and take my money!”. Will work on that, stay tuned.

We have lots of things to do, and it will probably take us several days to reply to all emails and tickets. Also, Twitter keeps reminding us about daily tweet limits, so there might be delays as well.

Some other news: last week our developer (on the left) turned 21, and we have implemented PubSubHubbub support. Many of you asked us to make feed updates faster, and PubSubHubbub makes compatible feeds refresh almost instantly. Yay!

Thank you very much for your support. We will do our best during next three months to prepare for the day Google Reader will no longer be around.