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21 Jul 18:18

Meet Zeus, the dog who alerted family of house fire


Very good boy

21 Jul 10:13

Man finds snake in toilet; roommate devises epic plan to help


This is my worst nightmare.

"We've had snakes in the yard, but not in the toilet."

20 Jul 15:37

Cyclist finds injured puppy, carries pooch on his back to safety


Puppy content

He made it through surgery and now he's found his forever home.

20 Jul 15:32

Working cat program helps local businesses thrive


Kitty content

You may have heard of working dogs, but what about working cats?

20 Jul 15:27

Maggy Rouff | c. 1935 • • • Crepe and Lace evening gown...


For Janelle Monáe

Maggy Rouff | c. 1935
• • •
Crepe and Lace evening gown purchased by Canadian heiress, Mrs. Opal Holt in 1935.
• • •
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20 Jul 15:24

Decorating a Hungarian gingerbread cookie

by (Minnesotastan)

All I can think about is how much that cookie should sell for and that it would be a shame if anybody actually ate it.

20 Jul 10:47

Wrestler loses scholarship after using slur in online video


This kid was in my niece’s graduating class. I am not surprised at his attitude. Oakdale is backward and the only thing it has going for it is that you drive through it on the way to Yosemite.

A Stanislaus County high school athlete is losing his college scholarship after a video of him yelling a homophobic slur was posted online.

19 Jul 16:49

Lost bunny returned after store workers comb through landfill to find stuffed animal


I hope they soaked Bunny in bleach

"I really don't know how long they were out there, but they found bunny, a needle in a haystack."

19 Jul 16:41

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin morph into same person in Time magazine cover


It’s so perfectly creepy.

The photo illustration, "is meant to represent this particular moment in US foreign policy, following the pair's recent meeting in Helsinki, Finland," Time said in a statement.

19 Jul 16:40

Mother of accused serial killer says son 'had a good heart'



Jose Gilberto Rodriguez, now a suspected serial killer, is facing at least two capital murder charges in connection with a crime spree starting July 9 that left three dead.

19 Jul 14:07

Voting-machine vendor admits some machines have remote-access software

by (Minnesotastan)

This is fine

Excerpts from a stunning article at Vice's Motherboard:
The nation's top voting machine maker has admitted in a letter to a federal lawmaker that the company installed remote-access software on election-management systems it sold over a period of six years, raising questions about the security of those systems and the integrity of elections that were conducted with them.

In a letter sent to Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) in April and obtained recently by Motherboard, Election Systems and Software acknowledged that it had "provided pcAnywhere remote connection software … to a small number of customers between 2000 and 2006," which was installed on the election-management system ES&S sold them.

The statement contradicts what the company told me and fact checkers for a story I wrote for the New York Times in February. At that time, a spokesperson said ES&S had never installed pcAnywhere on any election system it sold. "None of the employees, … including long-tenured employees, has any knowledge that our voting systems have ever been sold with remote-access software," the spokesperson said.

ES&S did not respond on Monday to questions from Motherboard, and it’s not clear why the company changed its response between February and April. Lawmakers, however, have subpoena powers that can compel a company to hand over documents or provide sworn testimony on a matter lawmakers are investigating, and a statement made to lawmakers that is later proven false can have greater consequence for a company than one made to reporters...

ES&S is the top voting machine maker in the country, a position it held in the years 2000-2006 when it was installing pcAnywhere on its systems. The company's machines were used statewide in a number of states, and at least 60 percent of ballots cast in the US in 2006 were tabulated on ES&S election-management systems...

Election-management systems are not the voting terminals that voters use to cast their ballots, but are just as critical: they sit in county election offices and contain software that in some counties is used to program all the voting machines used in the county; the systems also tabulate final results aggregated from voting machines...

But election-management systems and voting machines are supposed to be air-gapped for security reasons—that is, disconnected from the internet and from any other systems that are connected to the internet. ES&S customers who had pcAnywhere installed also had modems on their election-management systems so ES&S technicians could dial into the systems and use the software to troubleshoot, thereby creating a potential port of entry for hackers as well...

Wyden told Motherboard that installing remote-access software and modems on election equipment “is the worst decision for security short of leaving ballot boxes on a Moscow street corner.”
In 2006, the same period when ES&S says it was still installing pcAnywhere on election systems, hackers stole the source code for the pcAnyhere software, though the public didn’t learn of this until years later in 2012 when a hacker posted some of the source code online, forcing Symantec, the distributor of pcAnywhere, to admit that it had been stolen years earlier...

He notes that election officials who purchased the systems likely were not aware of the potential risks they were taking in allowing this and didn’t understand the threat landscape to make intelligent decisions about installing such software.

All of this raises questions about how many counties across the US had remote-access software installed—in addition to ES&S customers—and whether intruders had ever leveraged it to subvert elections...

Wyden says he’s still waiting for ES&S to respond to the outstanding questions he sent the company in March. “ES&S needs to stop stonewalling and provide a full, honest accounting of equipment that could be vulnerable to remote attacks,” he told Motherboard. “When a corporation that makes half of America’s voting machines refuses to answer the most basic cyber security questions, you have to ask what it is hiding.”
18 Jul 21:18

‘Go back to Mexico’ spray-painted on side of South Carolina hair salon


Trump’s America

"It's not just the writing, because I can paint over that, but emotional. I'm just hurt," the owner said.

18 Jul 20:22

Forensics Experts Say the Shroud of Turin is Probably a Hoax

by Hemant Mehta


The researchers concluded that blood stains on the infamous cloth were almost certainly not from Jesus (or anyone else who was crucified).
18 Jul 20:04

Police: Man arrested after calling 911 to find out if he had any warrants


Welp, you do now, idiot

18 Jul 19:59

‘America’s Got Talent’ judges were shocked when couple's trapeze act went dangerously wrong



18 Jul 19:46

Bohemian Rhapsody trailer

by (Minnesotastan)

Oh my gawd, I CANNOT WAIT!

Discussed at the movies subreddit.
18 Jul 19:41

Arizona lawmaker thinks he's above the law

by (Minnesotastan)
As reported by Fox News:
Mosley was pulled over on March 27 for driving 97 mph in a 55 mph zone in La Paz County, according to Parker Live. In a video obtained by the website, Mosley was caught telling a deputy that “legislative immunity” prevented him from receiving a ticket for his speeding.

The lawmaker admitted to the deputy he was going 120 mph and sometimes hits speeds of 140 mph.
“Yeah, this thing goes 140. That's what I like about it,” Mosley said.

Mosley was not given a ticket, according to The Arizona Republic. Driving over 85 mph on Arizona highways is a Class 3 misdemeanor, however, which usually results in a fine.
18 Jul 14:54

When a Stranger Puked Up a Communion Wafer, This Catholic Woman Had a Solution

by Hemant Mehta

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Well, she couldn't just let Jesus sit there in a puddle...
18 Jul 14:52

Stranded woman drank water from moss after California crash


This story is bonkers

An Oregon woman who was badly injured and stranded for a week after her Jeep plunged 250 feet over a cliff into the ocean near Big Sur in California says she survived by drinking fresh water dripping from moss until she was rescued by a couple hiking along the beach.

17 Jul 18:48

President Trump says he misspoke, clarifies he accepts U.S. intelligence agencies conclusion Russia meddled


It doesn’t matter what he says now. He already stood in front of the world next to Putin and three the US intelligence community under the bus.

On Monday, Trump stood beside Russian President Vladimir Putin and challenged American intelligence agencies' findings that Moscow had interfered in the 2016 U.S. elections.

17 Jul 15:00

Report: Woman impaled by beach umbrella that got loose from sand


Well that’s horrifying!

Police in New Jersey say the umbrella was driven completely through due to the “force of the wind.”

17 Jul 14:58

Man walks 20 miles to first day of work, CEO gifts him car as thanks


Some days I like people

"Seriously?" the stunned young man asked.

17 Jul 14:53

Over 150 new emojis are coming this year


Too many emojis

15 Jul 11:30

Wanted: Foster families for kittens too young for Sacramento shelter


I saw this news story earlier. It goes something like this:

—Please help us by fostering these kittens too young to stay in the shelter

—To become a foster family, you have to take the class offered by the shelter

—The next class is August 11

What are they going to do about the excess amount of tiny kittens in the almost month until the next class?

The Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento says it’s having a kitten crisis.

14 Jul 14:36

Missing Oregon woman found after car plunges off Big Sur cliff


Holy moly

An Oregon woman who vanished last week in California has been found injured after her Jeep went over a cliff near Big Sur.

14 Jul 13:24

American tourist tries to bring back souvenir from Europe; it was a WW II-era grenade


What kind of idiot would pick that up, much less attempt to board a plane with it?

The tourist told customs agents she found the device while hiking and thought it was harmless.

14 Jul 13:21

Kentucky’s Banning Religious License Plates, Possibly to Get Back at One Atheist

by Hemant Mehta

The way the state of Kentucky is handling this is really amusing.

A woman who had a "PRAY4" license plate is furious that Kentucky wants her to change it.
13 Jul 19:38

Cheerful story for the day

by (Minnesotastan)

Today’s happy story

Dulce Gonzalez was sure her beach wedding was ruined... Gonzalez, 24, watched from inside her parents’ car June 30 as thick raindrops tore at her fairy tale nuptial setup — drenching the rows of white folding chairs set up on the sand, the flower-crowned altar inscribed with her initials and those of her fiance and the petal-strewn white carpet down which she was supposed to walk.

“I was trying to hold my tears,” Gonzalez said in an interview with The Washington Post this week. “I’m about to have a panic attack, I’m asking my mom, ‘What am I gonna do?’ ”

Just then a woman walked up to Gonzalez’s car window, umbrella-less and soaking wet, and made an offer that Gonzalez could hardly believe.

Hold your wedding in my house, the woman told her...
The rest of the story is at The Washington Post

Image credit to the bride; cropped for composition from the original.
13 Jul 15:55

​Viral video shows police officer pointing gun at group of children



One boy is heard cursing at the officer right before the officer draws his gun, points the weapon at the group and says, “Back up, (expletive).”

13 Jul 15:52

3-year-old uses FaceTime to save father's life after he suffers a stroke


Good kiddo.

Time to teach her to call 911

“She did a FaceTime call, and she was so brave, and she told me that daddy got sick, and she showed me where daddy was, and so I saw him lying on the ground," the girl's mom said.