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20 Apr 21:08

Stephon Clark's brother arrested in Sacramento on threat charge


I feel really bad for this guy. He’s been obviously spiraling since his brother was killed. I hope he can get some help.

20 Apr 19:24

Burglary suspect tries to disguise face with plastic water bottle case


"This craftily disguised gent, decided to burglarize GameStop here in St. Marys last night," police captioned the video. "You can help us catch him, once you stop laughing."

"You can help us catch him, once you stop laughing," police captioned the video.

20 Apr 19:01

Owner of 33 Chihuahuas rescued from 'filthy' SUV calls them his therapy dogs

One of the dogs was euthanized. Its stomach contained uncooked rice, plant material and tin foil.

20 Apr 16:42

Big hair

by (Minnesotastan)

Fancy as fuck.

From a gallery of "hair-tossing horses."  Credit Wiebke Haas.
17 Apr 18:23

‘Night Court’ actor found dead in his North Carolina home, officials say



I loved Night Court.

An actor best known for his leading role in the "Night Court" sitcom in the ‘80s, died Monday morning at his home in Asheville, police officials said.

17 Apr 18:14

WiFi network named ‘remote detonator’ prompts gym evacuation



A gym patron looking for a WiFi connection found one named “remote detonator,” prompting an evacuation and precautionary search of the facility by a bomb-sniffing dog.

17 Apr 18:12

Police: Grandmother killed husband, then killed lookalike to steal her identity



"She smiles and looks like anyone’s mother or grandmother...And yet she’s calculated, she’s targeted and an absolute cold-blooded killer."

16 Apr 17:31

Black teen who wanted directions shot at by white homeowner

Detroit-area prosecutors say home security video shows the boy was just trying to get to school when he knocked on a door, but the man's wife thought it was a break-in attempt.

15 Apr 18:48

KY Governor “Guarantees” a Child Was Sexually Abused Due to Teacher Protest

by David G. McAfee


It's no surprise that a man who promotes Ark Encounter has this much contempt for real educators.
13 Apr 15:37

Survey: American adults, millennials lack basic knowledge of Holocaust


How? My second-most vivid memory from 6th grade social studies is the unit on the holocaust. We learned about it again in 7th grade social studies, in 8th grade English we read Night by Eli Wessel, in high school, we revisited it multiple times. How can people lack a basic knowledge?

My most vivid memory from 6th grade is watching the Challenger explode.

A survey released on Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, paints a stark picture of Holocaust knowledge by American adults and millennials.

13 Apr 15:31

Tiger reported running through streets of New York ... or not


Raccoon, tiger, same diff

Shortly after an emergency call reported the big cat, police confirmed that there was indeed a wild-animal sighting.

13 Apr 01:55

Trump judicial nominee refuses to say if landmark civil rights opinion was correctly decided


Oh good.

At issue was Brown v. the Board of Education -- a seminal opinion that held that state laws requiring separate but equal schools violated the Constitution.

13 Apr 00:31


by (Minnesotastan)
The Onion doesn't pull punches.  Also on the same page "Jealous Paul Ryan Asks Legislator With 37% Approval Rating What His Secret Is."
12 Apr 22:12

Tarantula topped burgers being served at North Carolina restaurant



Brave customers who clean their plates get a tarantula challenge T-shirt -- and bragging rights.

12 Apr 03:39

Paul Ryan is retiring. This man wants to take his seat in the House.

by (Minnesotastan)

Paul Ryan currently represents Wisconsin's 1st congressional district (the Milwaukee area).   The Republican who wants to take his place is Paul Nehlen, a white nationalist.  Paul Ryan does not endorse him:
“There are many qualified conservatives who would be effective representatives for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District, and Paul Nehlen isn’t one of them,” said Kevin Seifert, the head of Ryan’s political operation. “His bigoted rhetoric and his reprehensible statements should disqualify him from holding any public office and we are confident voters in Southern Wisconsin feel the same way.”
There are currently three other candidates - one Republican and two Democrats (links with information about each at Ballotpedia).

To me, the most interesting one is Randy Bryce. who was featured in a recent article at Vox:
Bryce is a union ironworker and Army veteran. He was a Bernie Sanders supporter in 2016, serving as a Sanders delegate from Wisconsin during the Democratic National Convention. He’s proud of his working-class roots — unlike a lot of other candidates, it’s typical to see Bryce standing on a construction site with a hard hat on in his campaign ads, rather than wearing a suit...

He’s indicated he’s a different kind of Democrat, and has also been cautious when talking about whether he would support House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi if she were to run for speaker if Democrats can retake the majority in 2018...

Bryce is a supporter of Medicare-for-all and has said he would sign on to the bill that is currently proposed in the House. He’s running on a platform that focuses mostly on jobs and the economy and has made infrastructure a huge focus of his campaign...
I've embedded his first campaign video above.  It's very effective.
11 Apr 18:16

Kansas GOP Legislator: Schools Don’t Need More Funding; They Need More Prayer

by Hemant Mehta


Kansas State Rep. Randy Garber says, "the way to fix our schools is to put prayer and the Bible back in."
11 Apr 18:09

Astronaut demonstrates rotational inertia

by (Minnesotastan)


"The effect shown in this clip is true for any object that has three different moments of inertia, e.g. as shown here for a prism. If you try to spin the object along two of its axes, it will spin in a smooth stable way, as shown here. In particular, these axes are the ones that have the highest and lowest moment of inertia. On the other hand, if you try to spin it around the axis with the intermediate moment of inertia, things get a bit chaotic. The reason is that any small perturbation (e.g. if you didn't throw it perfectly or if a whiff of wind blows) in the motion will cause the object to try to rotate about another axis of rotation as well. The net result is that you get the tumbling you see in the GIF. This effect is called the intermediate axis theorem, or the tennis racket theorem. In case you are interested in a more technical explanation, I posted a longer write-up here a while back."
More discussion at the Wikipedia entry on the Tennis Racket Theorem and at the Educational GIFs subreddit source.
11 Apr 16:14

New study finds snow monkeys get mental health benefits from spa days


Gawdammit, that monkey looks so relaxed. I want to be that chill

11 Apr 16:11

Kate Gosselin lands her own dating show called 'Kate Plus Date'


I feel sorry for her kids. Nothing about their lives has ever been normal

The single mother of eight is ready to be taken off the market.

11 Apr 15:26

Family missing on road trip from Oregon to California


WTF is going on with entire families in SUVs in Mendocino County?

A vehicle fell into a rain-swollen river and vanished last week in the same region of California's far north coast where a family that vanished during a road trip is last known to have been, authorities said.

11 Apr 15:21

Student wears 'Women for Trump' shirt, shows gun in now-viral graduation photo


Shoving a handgun into your jeans is a great way to shoot yourself.

The image has sparked some debate online.

11 Apr 15:12

Woman trying to flee ex-husband killed, along with sister, in double murder-suicide


Her “allegedly” abusive husband. Ok.

A Florida woman on the run from her allegedly abusive ex-husband was killed when he tracked her to her sister’s house and fatally shot them both before killing himself.

10 Apr 23:28

"Glitter beer" contains titanium and mica

by (Minnesotastan)
Glitter beer has become the “what will they think of next?” beer story of this spring, part of the larger trend of sparkly foods from doughnuts to pizza and cupcakes. Many news outlets have run stories of local breweries jumping into the fad...

Eichelberger said the German-made glitter he’s using does not affect flavor. It contains titanium
dioxide — a white compound that’s used as a pigment in paint and sunscreen — and tiny flakes of mica, a pearlescent mineral that’s the same stuff found in kids’ craft projects and teenagers’ hair.
All of that sounds not super great to put in your body, but if the Food and Drug Administration says it’s safe (it does), let’s have a glitter beer party! (Really, though, titanium dioxide is commonly used as a food coloring, and mica flakes have been in toothpaste for years.)...

Glitter beer has incited many eye rolls and much hand-wringing from purists, especially on beer Twitter. But appearance has always been a part of beer evaluation, and rather serious beer writer Jeff Alworth noted on his “Beervana” podcast that glitter allows a drinker to follow the usually hidden convection cycle of a beer as it is agitated while pouring and drinking.
More information at the Wisconsin State Journal.
09 Apr 15:30

Mom accidentally sends her son to school in X-rated shirt, hilarity ensues

"I thought it was like McDonald's." The boy grabbed the lewd shirt out of a bag of hand-me-downs, thinking it had to do with the popular fast food chain.

09 Apr 15:27

Teachers acquire new skill: How to stop the bleeding


You know those striking teachers in OK? I am 100% on their side. Now teachers are having to learn to be combat medics?

With school shootings a regular occurrence, educators across the country are learning techniques to help victims survive by stemming blood loss.

09 Apr 15:23

Police: Mother used kitchen knife to decapitate 7-year-old son


>>>10 days after she was released from a hospital mental health unit, authorities said Friday.

>>>“There’s absolutely no explanation for us,” Sheriff Todd Baxter said at a news conference Friday. “The word ‘evil’ comes to mind.”

Maybe if this country took mental illness seriously this could have been avoided.

“There’s absolutely no explanation for us,” a sheriff said during a news conference. “The word ‘evil’ comes to mind.”

09 Apr 08:18

'I’m not going to be a Gabby Giffords' - Congressman draws gun at constituent meeting


Wow. I can’t believe he thinks that he would be able to stop an ambush.

Republican U.S. Rep. Ralph Norman placed the .38-caliber gun on a table during the “coffee with constituents” meeting.

07 Apr 18:03

School gives student without bra bandages to cover nipples


I swear to fucking god if adults don’t stop sexualizing teenage girls I might scream. WTF?

School administration has no right to know what kids are wearing or not wearing under their clothes.

Administrators told the girl her nipples were 'distracting'

07 Apr 02:43

Balmain | c. 1963 • • • Custom dress and jacket made of Thai...



Balmain | c. 1963
• • •
Custom dress and jacket made of Thai silks for Queen Sirikit’s state visit to Rome.
• • •
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07 Apr 02:33

There's a biannual corgi convention every dog-lover needs to check out


ZOMG corgis

Stubby legs and funny ears as far as the eye can see!