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19 Oct 19:16

Report: 911 caller tells police he accidentally shot, killed best friend



"[The caller] reported that he believed the gun was not loaded..."

19 Oct 19:14

Kristen Bell criticizes 'Snow White' for how it portrays consent


She’s not wrong.

The star says she encourages her daughters to question the stories they're reading.

19 Oct 19:12

Christian Dior | ‘Ligne Vivante’ | c. 1953 • • • Dior’s 1953...


More proof that fashion continually comes back around. I’d have sworn that this dress was from the late 80s/early 90s.

Christian Dior | ‘Ligne Vivante’ | c. 1953
• • •
Dior’s 1953 Vivante collection featured this voluminous powder blue silk taffeta gown worn by the American socialite, Elizabeth Firestone.
• • •
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19 Oct 15:25

'Squirrels did me in': Man shot after triggering booby trap he set

A sign on his property warns "crackheads, drug dealers and illegal aliens” to stay away.

19 Oct 15:23

Video shows Walmart employee telling man to speak English 'because we're in Texas'


Are tourists not allowed now? How does she know he’s not a tourist?

People have so little empathy. It makes me very sad.

The woman reportedly told him that he shouldn't be in this country if he couldn't speak English.

19 Oct 15:05

Should those who get chickenpox share it?


No. There’s a vaccine and even though it’s rare, people can die from the chicken pox infection.

Vaccines work.

A group of Facebook users reportedly discussed planning a children's get-together to spread the highly contagious disease.

19 Oct 15:02

Mom and dad arrested for riding moped with 5-month-old between them


Mom and dad get helmets.

Both parents were charged with two counts of felony child neglect.

19 Oct 15:02

'Act of genuine kindness': Worker drives 200 miles to surprise dying man with his favorite pizza

17 Oct 17:54

USA Gymnastics loses 2nd president in 2 months


Because she was called out by Simone Biles and Aly Raisman for shitty behavior that would make heading up an organization reeling from a sex abuse scandal problematic at best.

The revolving door of USA Gymnastics' top leadership keeps spinning as the organization struggles to recover from the Larry Nassar scandal.

17 Oct 17:33

You've been grating cheese wrong your whole life

16 Oct 23:16

Piece of plywood slices car's windshield, narrowly misses driver

The freak accident reminded some of the movie "Final Destination."

16 Oct 22:18

Google Plus disbands after bug exposes personal information for up to 500,000


This is what google reader died for.

The ill-fated social networking platform was meant to be Google’s answer to other sites that were prone to data and security breaches.

16 Oct 22:13


by (Minnesotastan)


"American Craig Ramsell reportedly came up for the idea for his boomwhackers in 1994 while at home recovering from radiation therapy. While cutting cardboard tubes into shorter lengths for recycling he happened to notice the different pitches resulting from the different lengths and decided to investigate their creative potential. He experimented with various plastics before settling on plastic mailing tubes.

Boomwhackers produce musical tones when struck together, on the floor, or against nearly any surface. They can also be grouped together and struck with mallets in different configurations, in specialized holders (homemade or available from the manufacturer), similar to a horizontally-aligned xylophone. When one end of a Boomwhackers tube is covered with what the manufacturer calls an Octavator Cap, the pitch it produces is lowered by an octave.

Boomwhackers are most commonly used in elementary music classrooms as an inexpensive alternative or supplement to traditional pitched instruments such as xylophones and metallophones. Boomwhackers are often used by performance artists and other musical performance groups to add an element of spectacle. They can also be used by people with intellectual and developmental impairment to develop sensorimotor skills, social skills, and creativity."
16 Oct 20:54

Fish and game commissioner resigns after bragging about killing family of baboons


It wasn’t just baboons. It was also an oryx, a giraffe, a waterbuck, and a leopard. Disgusting asshole.

"So I shot a whole family of baboons."

16 Oct 18:54

5 things you need to know about the PG&E wildfire power shutdown


You know how the Midwest gets snow days? Northern California now gets red flag days in which pg&e shuts off power in areas where low humidity and high winds can combine to make unsafe fire conditions. Schools close because they would be without power.

Red-flag warnings issued over the weekend in response to heightened wildfire risks led Pacific Gas and Electric Co. to shut off power to tens of thousands of Northern California customers.

16 Oct 15:40

'I could've killed you': Officer warns 11-year-old who pulled out BB gun in body cam video


These kids are damn lucky that this cop is the one who responded to the call.

"You should be sorry, and you should be scared."

15 Oct 04:28

Medical Doctor: 90% of Goop’s “Wellness” Products Aren’t Supported by Science

by Hemant Mehta

This is my shocked face. expressionless

Dr. Jen Gunter added that Goop is a "classic example of pseudoscience profiteering."
15 Oct 04:18

City social media post in search of googly eye vandal goes viral


This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week

What are you looking at? Officials in a historic town are keeping their eyes peeled for someone who has been gluing googly eyes onto statues.

14 Oct 22:22

Florida Panhandle building codes lagged behind rest of state


Wouldn’t want any undue government regulations

Building codes in sections of Florida slammed by Hurricane Michael have historically been weaker than the rest of the state.

14 Oct 15:04

‘Cornerstore Caroline' claims 9-year-old boy groped her; surveillance footage shows otherwise


>>>"I understand how it looks, but she escalated it and then I lost my temper at her, not at that child," Klein told WPIX, referring to the boy's mother.

Oh. Of course. It’s the fault of the black woman who was defending her child against a false charge of sexual assault.

A woman labeled "Cornerstore Caroline" on social media has apologized after she appeared to call police claiming a child sexually assaulted her inside a store.

13 Oct 12:22

First lady Melania Trump discusses sexual assault, immigration and bullying in interview


>>>The first lady said she could be one of the “most bullied” people in the world, judging by what people are saying about her.

I see she is quite as delusional as her husband.

First lady Melania Trump shares her personal views on issues ranging from sexual assault to immigration in an interview that aired Friday.

13 Oct 02:06

‘I totally lost it’: Surprise assembly to honor beloved school custodian leaves him in tears


Today in happy news

Mr. Eugene, as the students call him, was told there was a mess to clean at a school assembly. He walked in to find something completely unexpected, and now the video of his reaction has gone viral.

13 Oct 01:14

Borderline behavior

by (Minnesotastan)

What. The. Fuck.

Excerpts from an article in this month's Harper's:
Laura Sandoval threaded her way through idling taxis and men selling bottles of water toward the entrance of the Cordova International Bridge, which links Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, to El Paso, Texas. Earlier that day, a bright Saturday in December 2012, Sandoval had crossed over to Juárez to console a friend whose wife had recently died. She had brought him a few items he had requested—eye drops, the chimichangas from Allsup’s he liked—and now that her care package had been delivered, she was in a hurry to get back to the Texas side, where she’d left her car. She had a three-hour drive to reach home, in the mountains in New Mexico, and she hated driving in the dark.

Sandoval took her place in the long line of people waiting to have their passports checked by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP). When it was her turn, she handed her American passport to a customs officer and smiled amicably, waiting for him to wave her through. But the officer said she had been randomly selected for additional screening. Sandoval was led to a secondary inspection area nearby, where two more officers patted her down. Another walked toward her with a drug-sniffing dog, which grew agitated as it came closer, barking and then circling her legs. Because the dog had “alerted,” the officer said, Sandoval would now have to undergo another inspection.

She was taken to a fluorescent-lit, windowless room inside the port of entry office. Two female officers entered and announced that they were going to search her for drugs. They patted her down again, but found nothing. At that point, Sandoval assumed they would release her, but instead they told her they were going to conduct a strip search. The officers put on latex gloves, picked up flashlights, and asked Sandoval to remove her clothes and bend over so they could look for signs of drugs in her vagina and her rectum.

By the time they finished, Sandoval had been detained for more than two hours in the stifling room. Her passport and cell phone had been confiscated; her husband and children had no idea where she was. Sandoval begged to be released. “I was shaking and I was in tears,” she told me. Saying nothing, the officers put her in handcuffs and led her to a patrol car waiting outside. They left the international bridge and drove north into Texas. Frightened, Sandoval asked the officers if they had a warrant for her arrest. “We don’t need a warrant,” one of them replied...
Sandoval, whose name has been changed to protect her privacy, told me that after the officers forced her into the squad car, they drove her to University Medical Center, a public hospital in El Paso. The officers found an empty room and shackled her to the examination table. A nurse entered and asked her to swallow a laxative so they could observe her bowel movement. Then a group of doctors came in. Sandoval pleaded with them to let her go. “A nurse told me to calm down,” she said. “That this was something they did anytime Border Patrol brought people in.” One of the doctors conducted a vaginal and rectal search using a speculum and his hands. “The agents kept saying that they knew I had drugs,” Sandoval told me. Still not satisfied, the doctor ordered an X-ray and a full-body scan. Again they found nothing...

Sandoval tried to forget about what had happened to her. She figured it would be too costly to fight the government. But then the bills from the hospital started to arrive. For the cavity searches, the X-ray, and the CT scan, the hospital was charging her $5,488. [she had refused to sign a consent form]
The article continues at Harper's.   I'm going to close comments for this post.  Posted because some people don't realize what's going on in this country.  Just to emphasize - this lady is a legal American citizen.  The only "probable cause" was someone's interpretation of a dog's behavior.
And these CBP agents operate not just at the border itself, but for a hundred miles inside (see the map at top), where two-thirds of all Americans live.  Some "roving patrols" extend twice that far.
In 2008, Patrick Leahy, a senator from Vermont, was stopped at a temporary immigration checkpoint in New York—125 miles from the border. Agents ordered Leahy to get out of his car and asked him to prove that he was a US citizen. When Leahy asked under what authority the Border Patrol agent was acting, the agent pointed to his gun and said, reportedly, “That’s all the authority I need.”...

[Beto] O’Rourke’s opposition to CBP’s sweeping powers stems in part from his own encounter with border agents. In 2009, he and his two-year-old son were detained at a checkpoint more than seventy miles from the border while agents pulled his truck apart. “They don’t have to explain why they’re holding you,” he said, “and you’re not given the right to an attorney.” O’Rourke told me that he and his son were held in a cell for close to thirty minutes before they were allowed to leave. “It was a strange feeling to be held against my will and to have my car searched,” he said. “I hadn’t committed any crime. I hadn’t even crossed the border.”..

Sandoval said she was glad to hear that the hospital had changed its policy, but she still worried that CBP would subject others to similar treatment. She has not been back to Juárez. “It’s not because I’m afraid to go to Mexico,” she told me. “I’m afraid of coming back to my own country.”
There's more at the link.  Sad.
12 Oct 13:55

Bicycling Ensemble | c. 1890s • • • Ok, what? This ridiculous...


Inspiration for the dress Kim Kardashian wore to the Met Gala when she was pregnant.

Bicycling Ensemble | c. 1890s
• • •
Ok, what? This ridiculous cycling ensemble isn’t a modern costume? I saw this on @katestrasdin. At first glance I thought this must be from a modern film, stage production or amazing cosplayer’s collection. This was farcical in its own time. Cycling suits for women were already controversial during the 1890s (women in bifurcated garments! AHHH!). This surely turned heads, dropped jaws and was a sartorial “f*ck you” to the standards of the era. I will be going to the FIDM’ Museum’s “Outdoor Girls” Exhibition just to see this in all its glory.
• • •
#historicalfashion #fashion #fidm #cycling #victorian #ootd #victorianfashion #fashionhistory #historyoffashion #vintagefashion #vintage #defunctfashion #couture #fidmmuseum

11 Oct 16:49

Shocking video shows gun range customer pointing pistol at himself, friend


Fucking idiot.

A nearby firearms instructor immediately reacted.

11 Oct 04:57

"Bullshit asymmetry principle"

by (Minnesotastan)


Publicly formulated the first time in January 2013 by Alberto Brandolini, an Italian programmer, the bullshit asymmetry principle (also known as Brandolini's law) states that:
The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.
11 Oct 04:43

‘I ain't raisin' no princesses’: Father’s set of rules for dating daughter shared more than 54K times


I like this guy.

The blunt message has been shared more than 54,000 times with at least 9,800 reactions.

09 Oct 16:33

Officials clear more than 120 missing children cases after human trafficking sweep


Why is this not bigger news?

Most of the children found weren’t actually missing, police say

09 Oct 16:29

Reunion of twins separated at birth

by (Minnesotastan)

An 8-minute video worth watching.  Backstory at The Atlantic.

Posted for my twin cousins, Audrey and Meridee.  
09 Oct 14:20

Cristóbal Balenciaga | Robe ‘Plumes’ | c. 1967 • • • In 1967 the...



Cristóbal Balenciaga | Robe ‘Plumes’ | c. 1967
• • •
In 1967 the couture world went into mourning: ‘Balenciaga bows out and fashion will never be the same again,’ ran the headlines. No longer feeling in harmony with the times and the ongoing rise of ready-to-wear, the 'couturier’s couturier’ had decided to shut down. In 1970 Cristóbal Balenciaga donated to the Paris Musée Galliera a series of pieces from his final show in August 1967. This evening ensemble is made up of a gazar dress opening onto a petticoat and a cascade of delicate pink ostrich feathers. Light and sculptural, this model has the same shape as the peacock-tail dress, short in front and long at the back, that Balenciaga first designed in 1958; this was when he was beginning to use gazar, a complex fabric derived from wild silk gauze and produced almost exclusively for him by Zurich weaver Abraham.
• • •
#historicalfashion #fashion #fashiondesign #fashionhistory #ootd #historyoffashion #vintagefashion #art #vintage #defunctfashion #couture #costumehistory #balenciaga #cristobalbalenciaga #1960sfashion