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18 Sep 18:14

GTA-ISIS: Militants hooking youngsters with ‘Jihad video game’ trailer

by RT

De repente esse povo gosta da cultura americana. Hein?

Islamic State (IS) militants have released a jihadist video game trailer in which the aim is to destroy Iraqi and US forces, Arabic media report. The game, styling itself as a Grand Theft Auto adaptation, appears specifically aimed at young people.
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16 Sep 17:57

Are video games sexist?

by American Enterprise Institute

Boom Goes the Dynamite

Are video games rife with sexism? And have you heard that most video gamers are now adult women—not teenage boys in the basement? A new study says so. Feminist tech writers have seized on...
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16 Sep 19:40

We've Come a Long Way With Free Music and U2


[f] Esse mundo é uma piada

We've Come a Long Way With Free Music and U2

Submitted by: (via rapcatmixer)

Tagged: u2 , Music , iTunes , piracy , free stuff
13 Sep 20:20

Star Wars' Final Scene Is Ridiculously Awkward Without Music

by Robbie Gonzalez

Vou ter que dizer que é bem ridículo mesmo com música.

Take out the triumphant score from John Williams, throw in a little foley work, and the throne room scene from A New Hope becomes a steaming pile of uncomfortable silence. This is way funnier than it has any right to be.


13 Sep 22:50

Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

by Soulskill

[f] Ponto de vista bastante válido.

New submitter anlashok writes: Atheism and science face a real challenge: To frame an account of science, or nature, that leaves room for meaning. According to this article, atheists have pinned their flag to Mr. Spock's mast. But they need Captain Kirk. Quoting: "I'm pro-science, but I'm against what I'll call "Spock-ism," after the character from the TV show Star Trek. I reject the idea that science is logical, purely rational, that it is detached and value-free, and that it is, for all these reasons, morally superior. Spock-ism gives us a false picture of science. It gives us a false picture of humankind's situation. We are not disinterested knowers. The natural world is not a puzzle. ... The big challenge for atheism is not God; it is that of providing an alternative to Spock-ism. We need an account of our place in the world that leaves room for value."

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11 Sep 10:08

What if the Apple Watch was round?

by Tom Warren


Apple’s Watch was unveiled to the world earlier this week as a rounded square timepiece. While Motorola has opted for a circular smartwatch with the Moto 360, Apple’s Watch will be available early next year in two square editions and a variety of finishes. Square might be the only option in Apple’s smartwatch portfolio right now, but what would a circular Apple Watch look like?

UX and UI designer Alcion has opened up Photoshop and some 3D rendering software to find out. In a series of...

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01 Sep 02:19

Massive privacy breach? Dozens of celebrities’ nude pics leaked online (NO PHOTOS)

by RT

Isso é muita honestidade.

​Dozens of celebrities could be affected by what appears to be the largest privacy breach in history in which the anonymous perpetrator released a handful of stars’ nude photos and shared a list of the alleged victims of the hack.
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19 Dec 23:44



[f] Isso não faz sentido.

Curta e compartilhe AQUI.

30 Aug 19:32

Watch The Incredibles Trailer As If Christopher Nolan Had Made It

by E. Alex Jung

[f] As vezes eu me esqueço de como esse filme é do caralho. Muito melhor que quase todos os filmes de super-heróis feito depois.

It's been a whole ten years since Pixar released The Incredibles (makes you feel old now, doesn't it?), so it's an appropriate time for the original trailer to get a makeover. Here's a YouTube clip of the trailer of the movie as though it went through a Christopher Nolan à la ... More »

30 Aug 18:28

Alienware just built the Mac Pro of gaming PCs

by Dante D'Orazio

[f] E não parece uma lata de lixo.

Apple's new "trash can" Mac Pro is pretty wild, but Alienware might have just snatched back the title for craziest desktop PC with its new Area-51. Gone is the rectangular tower desktop of old — in its place, Alienware's made a funky, hexagonal machine. Similar to Apple, Alienware claims the design for its new desktop has some practical benefits beyond just looking insane. Since the back of the desktop isn't perpendicular with the floor, the company says you can push the unit up against the wall without blocking its all-important ventilation. Hardcore gamers should take note that the Area-51 will ship with Intel's newest 6- and 8-core Haswell-E processors, and it can handle up to three monster, double-wide graphics cards. Just what you...

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27 Aug 11:40

OMG, you would not BELIEVE what Facebook thinks about click-baiting


[f] Tive meu respeito pelo Facebook renovado.

Facebook is cracking down on those click-baiting headlines - you know, the ones that say “YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT THIS GIRL DID NEXT”, or “Watch what happens when this guy puts a BATTERY in a MICROWAVE”.
28 Aug 15:30

Chloë Grace Moretz Says Piracy Killed ‘Kick-Ass 3′

by Angie Han

[f] Mandaram bem piratas.

Kick-Ass 2 (5)

The original Kick-Ass made Chloë Grace Moretz a household name, but Kick-Ass 2 didn’t fare quite so well with moviegoers. Now Moretz says Kick-Ass 3 isn’t happening at all, and it’s all because of the “fanboys” who wouldn’t pay for the movie. Hit the jump to read her comments on Kick-Ass piracy.

Moretz discussed the problem of Kick-Ass piracy in an interview with Digital Spy.

Sadly, I think I’m done with the character. Hit-Girl was a very cool character, but I don’t think there will be any more movies. You make these movies for the fanboys, but nowadays everyone seems to pirate them rather than watch them in the movie theatre. Kick-Ass 2 was one of the number one pirated movies of the year, but that doesn’t help us because we need box office figures. We need to prove to the distributors that we can make money from a third and a fourth movie – but because it didn’t do so well, we can’t make another one.

That Kick-Ass 3 is unlikely to happen isn’t news. Kick-Ass 2 didn’t make enough money to earn a sequel, and comic book creator Mark Millar acknowledged as much in an interview earlier this month. But he didn’t blame “fanboys” for illegally downloading the last film.

To be sure, Moretz is right about piracy in a general sense. Fans should know by now that if they want a sequel to any given movie, they need to vote with their dollars by actually paying for a ticket. Not to mention it’s just wrong to enjoy the fruits of other people’s hard work without paying for it.

But the reasoning is a bit questionable when applied to the Kick-Ass films. Despite what Moretz has heard, Kick-Ass 2 was not the most pirated movie of 2013 — it didn’t even crack the top 10. The first Kick-Ass was the second most torrented film of 2010, but that’s not why there’s no Kick-Ass 3.

So maybe it’s not so much that people didn’t want to pay for Kick-Ass 2 as it was that they didn’t want to watch it in the first place. To begin with, it was dogged by controversy before it even hit theaters. Star Jim Carrey publicly denounced the movie in the wake of Sandy Hook, and refused to do any press.

Then, when the film did open, the general consensus was that it “never came close to the energy and smarts of the first movie,” as Germain put it. What felt fresh and unique the first time around fell flat the second, and piracy isn’t to blame for that.

The post Chloë Grace Moretz Says Piracy Killed ‘Kick-Ass 3′ appeared first on /Film.

28 Aug 15:30

Blue Vampires With Guns Rejoice, Underworld Is Getting A Total Reboot

by Meredith Woerner

[f] Aff.

Blue Vampires With Guns Rejoice, Underworld Is Getting A Total Reboot

The Underworld movie franchise is getting a reboot. Because vampires doing flips in leather catsuits sell movie tickets, dammit.


28 Aug 14:01

Pear Babies Are Growing on Trees in China

by Krista Peryer

[f] Porque tudo que você sempre quis foi partir a cabeça de um bebê a dentadas.

baby-shaped-pears-china-designboom-01Babies are growing on trees in China. Little babies with tiny facial features, closed eyes and daintily crossed hands. These are not normal babies though, these are pear babies. That’s right. Pears that are shaped like babies, and they look oddly realistic. Fruit Mould Co, Ltd. is a company that […]

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28 Aug 20:21

The littlest Rapture: we played 'BioShock' on an iPhone

by Adi Robertson

BioShock is an absolutely classic video game, and anyone who likes action games should play it at some point in their life. Its "underwater Ayn Rand" premise is great, it contains one of the most memorable video game speeches of all time, and the combination of conventional weapons, psychokinetic powers, and hacking is open-ended without being too complicated. And as of today, you can purchase a version of the original BioShock, packed down to fit in a tiny 2GB package, for $15 on the App Store. It's an ambitious goal, and in the interest of pursuing the most mobile mobile experience out there, we skipped the iPad and played through the first level on an iPhone 5S.

Please, for the love of Andrew Ryan, don't try playing BioShock on the...

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20 Aug 15:08

Brazilian Court Orders Google To Remove 'Secret' App From The Play Store And Remotely Wipe It From Phones

by Ryan Whitwam

[f] Mandou bem Aécio.

sSecret is a social networking app that allows users to share pictures and text anonymously. It's become the hot new thing in some circles, but not everyone is happy about it. A court case in Brazil has resulted in Judge Paulo Cesar de Carvalho issuing a preliminary injunction requiring Google to remove the app from the Play Store and remotely delete it from users' devices. Apple was hit with the same ruling.

Brazilian Court Orders Google To Remove 'Secret' App From The Play Store And Remotely Wipe It From Phones was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

26 Aug 17:42

Pressy Review: I Had No Clue Something Could Suck This Badly

by Cameron Summerson

[f] Eu por exemplo, tenho um e também me arrependi pra caramba.


I'm going to keep this short and sweet: Pressy is the worst product I've ever reviewed. I generally find some redeeming quality about even the worst products, but Pressy doesn't have one. It is, without question, complete garbage and a waste of money.

Four members of the Android Police team, myself included, backed Pressy on Kickstarter. Out of the four of us, roughly zero percent likes or uses it. In fact, in a recent poll conducted in the Android Police team chat, 100% of those who backed this project regret doing so.

Pressy Review: I Had No Clue Something Could Suck This Badly was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

18 Aug 14:41

This face-tracking projection is the craziest thing you'll see today

by Russell Brandom

[f] Uma das coisas mais legais que eu vi em semanas.

We've seen a whole bunch of projection-mapping videos, but this demo raises the bar, training the projection to recognize a model's face and follow her as she moves it. The result is basically real-life CGI — a real-time layer of animated light that's inseparable from the object itself. People say this on the internet a lot, but this is actually the craziest thing I've ever seen. Here's a gif of the best part, courtesy of Prosthetic Knowledge:


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25 Aug 21:20

Croatia Really Does Not Want Cersei To Get Naked In Game Of Thrones

by Rob Bricken

[f] :(

Croatia Really Does Not Want Cersei To Get Naked In Game Of Thrones

Finally, someone is cracking down on the rampant nudity on HBO's adaptation of Game of Thrones! Of course, I didn't expect it to be the Croatian government, but they are indeed trying to make sure one GoT actress keeps her clothes on. A season 5 spoiler ahead!


19 Aug 00:45

A tradicional revista de entretenimento Empire divulgou uma lista com os 100 melhores jogos de todos os tempos. A partir da votação de milhares de leitores da publicação britânica, "The Last of Us", produção da Naughty Dog (Sony) para PS3 e recém remasterizado para...


[f] Baita lista estranha.

A tradicional revista de entretenimento Empire divulgou uma lista com os 100 melhores jogos de todos os tempos. A partir da votação de milhares de leitores da publicação britânica, "The Last of Us", produção da Naughty Dog (Sony) para PS3 e recém remasterizado para...
20 Aug 13:18

George W. Bush takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

by Nilay Patel

[f] O mais próximo que vão conseguir de fazer um water board no cara.

Here is former president George W. Bush in a little skit that perfectly captures every possible feeling about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, from "this is weird and undignified and just donating is better" to "having ice water poured on people is hilarious" to "revenge."

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21 Aug 18:20

Monkey’s selfie cannot be copyrighted, US regulators say

by David Kravets

[f] O cara compra uma câmera, arranja as lentes, filmes etc. Viaja para indonésia, fica lá um tempo entocado numa floresta, um macaco pega a máquina dele e ao invés do cara tocar o macaco, deixa o bixo tirar um foto, porque sabe se lá se vai dar certo... Daí cara volta pro país dele só pra descobrir que ele não tem direito nenhum sobre a foto... Parece justo...

United States copyright regulators are agreeing with Wikipedia's conclusion that a monkey's selfie cannot be copyrighted by a nature photographer whose camera was swiped by the ape in the jungle. The animal's selfie went viral.

The US Copyright Office, in a 1,222-page report discussing federal copyright law, said that a "photograph taken by a monkey" is unprotected intellectual property."The Office will not register works produced by nature, animals, or plants. Likewise, the Office cannot register a work purportedly created by divine or supernatural beings, although the Office may register a work where the application or the deposit copy state that the work was inspired by a divine spirit," said the draft report, "Compendium of US Copyright Office Practices, Third Edition." [PDF]

The report comes two weeks after Wikimedia, the US-based operation that runs Wikipedia, announced that the public, not British photojournalist David Slater, maintains the rights to the selfie and the other pictures the black macaca nigra monkey snapped. The monkey hijacked the camera from Slater during a 2011 shoot in Indonesia and took tons of pictures, including the selfie.

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24 Aug 15:01

Smart Cap Is A Fully Functional AR/VR Headset

by Cabe Atwell
Arvind Sanjeev’s DIY Smart Cap features a head-mounted display strapped to a stylish hat. I would like to just carry my Raspberry Pi on my hat... no connectivity.An alternative to Google Glass costs just a fraction as much and has its own unique style. The Smart Cap was designed around the Raspberry Pi SBC, USB camera and LCD with an external microphone for voice commands.

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23 Aug 19:03

Watch the teaser trailer for Quentin Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight'

by Dante D'Orazio

[f] Eu tenho lá minhas dúvidas.

Acclaimed filmmaker Quentin Tarantino was none too thrilled when the script for his eighth film, The Hateful Eight, leaked onto the internet earlier this year. Nevertheless, the film is starting to come together in time for its scheduled release next year. We saw the film's first movie poster just last month, and now we're getting a taste of the film courtesy of a brief teaser trailer screened ahead of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

Unfortunately the trailer hasn't been officially posted online, but you can get a look via a cellphone-shot YouTube video. The teaser is graphical — it doesn't contain even a second of shot footage — but that's to be expected considering shooting has yet to begin. True to Tarantino's cinephile roots, the...

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22 Aug 11:21

Lionsgate Wants to Settle Expendables 3 Lawsuit With Torrent Site

by Ernesto

[f] Eu culpo o péssimo filme. Embora as outras coisas podem ter ajudado.

expendablespiracyWith a disappointing $16 million in earnings during the opening weekend, the box-office premiere of The Expendables 3 turned into a big flop.

Many insiders blame the pre-release leak of the film for the disappointing numbers. Millions of people have downloaded pirated copies and skipped the box office, they argue.

Over the past several weeks Lionsgate has countered the leak by sending tens of thousands of takedown requests. The movie studio even went as far as suing the operators of six websites that allegedly failed to remove the infringing files –,,,, and

This pressure resulted in drastic actions at several of these sites. Faced with a preliminary injunction, cloud hosting service Hulkfile shut down its website, for example, and Swankshare did the same. LimeTorrents remained online, but removed all expendables torrents, including the trailers.

TorrentFreak spoke with the operator of the torrent site who says he installed a filter that blocks everything related to the Expendables franchise. He hoped that this would be enough to appease the movie studio, but thus far Lionsgate has no plans to back down without compensation.

In an email the movie studio’s lawyer notes that the preliminary injunction stays in place. Interestingly, however, the torrent site operator is invited to discuss a potential settlement.

“Thanks for the email. As you know the court has entered a preliminary injunction, and the lawsuit is going to continue unless we can reach a settlement. I think it would be helpful to set up a time to talk by phone,” Lionsgate’s lawyer writes.

Whether Lionsgate is serious about settling or whether it merely wants to know more about the identity of Limetorrents’ operator remains anyone’s guess. It’s very unlikely that the movie studio will settle for anything short of a few million dollars in damages, something the torrent site owner can’t afford.

So for now, this means that the lawsuit is destined to drag on.

Yesterday LimeTorrents’ domain registrar eNom had to hand over any information it has on the site’s owner. With the domain name at risk LimeTorrents has decided to move its website to a new .CC domain name, where it will continue serving torrents, minus the Expendables.

Source: TorrentFreak, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing and anonymous VPN services.

22 Aug 21:30

Download the New Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Core Rule Set for Free

by Patrick Allan

[f] Baixei pra ver se tinha ilustrações bacanas, mas nem...

Download the New Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Core Rule Set for Free

Whether you're an avid player who's been in the game for years, or curious to see what Dungeons & Dragons is all about, Wizards of the Coast is offering everything you need to start playing for free.

At the Wizards of the Coast blog you can download the Player's Basic Rules and the Dungeon Master's Basic Rules in PDF and printer friendly format. In the Player's Basic Rule Book, you get everything you need to play: including four classes—Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, and Wizard—as well as four races—Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, and Humans—and printable character sheets. The Player's Basic Rules comes in at around 115 pages and the Dungeon Master's Guide at around 61 pages, so there's plenty of content to start you off.

This is all for the upcoming 5th edition, and is literally all you need to get some friends together and play—except maybe some dice. What you won't get in these PDFs is the fantastic art that is normally in the printed books, any additional races and classes, or the new 5th edition pre-made campaign. Which is fine, because it's more beneficial for you to run your own custom game anyway.

Before you go printing everything, keep in mind that they will continue to update both of the books through December. At that point the release of the three complete, printed core books will be released. So if you want to start playing sooner rather than later, or you're just curious about what's to come, download the books at the link below.

Basic Rules for Dungeons & Dragons | Wizards of the Coast via How-To Geek

Photo by Will Merydith.

23 Aug 12:00

Report: Adult women gamers now double the number of under-18 boys

by Sam Machkovech

É uma boa notícia, mas tenho impressão de que se trata mais dos Candy Crushs da vida do que dos triple A.

Entertainment Software Association

The Entertainment Software Association, best known for its video game rating system, issued its annual "sales, demographic, and usage data" report on Thursday, chock full of statistics about console, PC, and mobile gaming. The numbers are all worth poring over, but this year's report highlights a particular demographic explosion: adult women, whose gaming ranks now more than double the long-sought-after demographic of boys under the age of 18.

According to the ESA's measure of 2013 sales, women ages 18 and over now constitute 36 percent of all measured gamers, compared to boys under the age of 18, who represent 17 percent of the total population. This measure shows a further increase from last year's count of 31 percent to 19 percent (and that 2013 measure only counted boys 17 and younger, meaning the total boost may be even bigger this year).

While males still hold the total gamer-population lead at 52 percent, that is a drop from last year's count of 55 percent, and the survey's count of "frequent game purchasers" found that men and women split that category neatly in half. The report also notes a giant boost in women gamers over the age of 50, a group that grew 32 percent in 2013.

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18 Aug 08:51

Assange plans to leave embassy 'soon', no details given

by RT

[f] Ele descolou uma portal gun?

Julian Assange plans to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in the near future, he told a press conference at the embassy's London compound, where he's been holed up for two years. The WikiLeaks founder gave no further details.
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19 Aug 12:19

Siberian elders vote to bury 2,500yo mummy to stop quakes, floods

by RT

[f] Contrataram a Cacique Cobra Coral por lá também?

A council of elders in Russia’s Altay Region voted to bury the mummy of a woman who lived in the region in the 5th century BC. Altay locals believe that her excavation from her tomb back in 1993 angered her spirit and causes natural disasters.
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22 Aug 16:36

​User beware: Researchers have 92% success rate hacking into Gmail app

by RT

[f] Não tem jardim murado pra ninguém.

Your smartphone may be far less secure than you think. A group of computer scientists say they’ve found a way to hack into six out of seven popular apps like Gmail on Android, Windows and iOS platforms, with a success rate of up to 92 percent.
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