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09 Apr 04:39

A Bethesda revelou hoje um novo trailer com gameplay do jogo "Wolfenstein: The New Order". O vídeo começa com imagens do Brasil de 1950 e cenas de uma partida de futebol, mas o cenário e a época são, provavelmente, só pra contextualizar o game: ele se passa em um mundo...


[f] Porque o vídeo começa no Brasil?

A Bethesda revelou hoje um novo trailer com gameplay do jogo "Wolfenstein: The New Order". O vídeo começa com imagens do Brasil de 1950 e cenas de uma partida de futebol, mas o cenário e a época são, provavelmente, só pra contextualizar o game: ele se passa em um mundo...
12 Apr 02:34

How does the Heartbleed bug work? XKCD explains!

by Shane Gowland

[f] Que explicação linda.

You’ve probably heard about the Heartbleed bug; a recently discovered flaw in OpenSSL which could allow attackers to hack millions of unpatched servers.

The most latest XKCD comic eloquently explains how the vulnerability works. It’s useful for explaining it to people without a working knowledge of cryptographic security.


10 Apr 15:00

This cartoon can never be tamed

by seemikedraw

[f] Spoiler


14 Apr 21:26

David Fincher may not direct Steve Jobs biopic after all

by Bryan Bishop

[f] Aaaah. :(

While Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs film came and went, the real attention has been on the big-screen adaptation of Walter Isaacson's biography of the Apple co-founder. That project may be hitting a speed bump, however: according to The Hollywood Reporter, David Fincher may not direct the project as previously hoped. The disagreement appears to be a matter of money; Fincher is said to be asking for a $10 million upfront fee, which the studio is balking at due to what it sees as the film's relatively niche appeal. "You're not doing Captain America," an unnamed studio source is quoted as saying. "This is quality — it's not screaming commerciality."

Fincher seems an obvious choice for the film, given his exacting aesthetic sensibilities...

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15 Apr 11:00

Extracting Gesture Information from Existing Wireless Signals

by Mathieu Stephan

[f] Pra quem achava que a traquitana que o Batman usa no Cavalheiro das Trevas era pura fantasia.

A team at the University of Washington recently developed Allsee, a simple gesture recognition device composed of very few components. Contrary to conventional Doppler modules (like this one) that emit their own RF signal, Allsee uses already existing wireless signals (TV and RFID transmissions) to extract any movement that may occur in front of it.

Allsee’s receiver circuit uses a simple envelope detector to extract the amplitude information to feed it to a microcontroller Analog to Digital Converter (ADC). Each gesture will therefore produce a semi-unique footprint (see picture above).  The footprint can be analyzed to launch a dedicated action on your computer/cellphone. The PDF article claims that the team achieved a 97% classification accuracy over a set of eight gestures.

Obviously the main advantage of this system is its low power consumption. A nice demonstration video is embedded after the break, and we’d like to think [Korbi] for tipping us about this story.

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14 Apr 18:38

Google Patents Tiny Cameras Embedded In Contact Lenses

by Darrell Etherington

[f] Sweet dreams are made of this.

Hand holding - zoomed in Google has a new patent application with the USPTO (via 9to5Google), which takes one of the basic concepts of Glass and extends it even further, embedding tiny cameras that could be embedded in contact lenses for various uses, including photographing what a wearer sees, or providing the basic input for a contact-based assistive device for the visually impaired. Google has previously detailed a… Read More
09 Apr 16:35

Heartbleed, The First Security Bug With A Cool Logo

by John Biggs

[f] Então era isso. Bom... Realmente o caras conseguiram o que queriam, então.

heartbleed-cereal1 It's been fascinating to watch news of heartbleed, the massive OpenSSL exploit, spread on the web. After years of quietly putting us at risk, the general web user became aware of the exploit only a few days ago, and probably via Read More
09 Apr 23:12

O Netflix começou a transmissão de conteúdos em 4K, e os primeiros programas disponíveis na resolução são a 2ª temporada House of Cards e documentários sobre a natureza. Só que o recurso estará disponível apenas para certas TVs Ultra HD, que tenham codificador HEVC (H.265) embuti...


[f] Todo mundo vendo Netfilix nas suas TVs 4k

O Netflix começou a transmissão de conteúdos em 4K, e os primeiros programas disponíveis na resolução são a 2ª temporada House of Cards e documentários sobre a natureza. Só que o recurso estará disponível apenas para certas TVs Ultra HD, que tenham codificador HEVC (H.265) embuti...
08 Apr 14:47

LastPass and the Heartbleed Bug

by Amber Gott

[f] O que mais me intriga é por que teriam feito um logotipo tão interessante pra uma vulnerabilidade?

With news breaking on Monday, April 7th that the Heartbleed bug causes a vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library, which is used by roughly two-thirds of all websites on the Internet, we want to update our community on how this bug may have impacted LastPass and clarify the actions we’re taking to protect our customers.

In summary, LastPass customers do not need to be concerned about their LastPass accounts. Though LastPass employs OpenSSL, we have multiple layers of encryption to protect our users and never have access to those encryption keys.

What is the Heartbleed Bug?

The Heartbleed bug is a vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library that allows stealing of information normally protected by the SSL/TLS encryption used to secure the Internet. OpenSSL is open-source software that is widely used to encrypt web communications. SSL/TLS is what normally provides secure and private communication over the Internet via websites, email, IM, and VPNs. According to CNET, an attacker can exploit Heartbleed to essentially “get copies of a server's digital keys then use that to impersonate servers or to decrypt communications from the past or potentially the future, too.”

Heartbleed is being taken so seriously because OpenSSL is widely used, essentially no servers locally encrypt their data the way LastPass does, and it’s been exploitable for some time.

How does it affect LastPass?

LastPass utilizes OpenSSL for HTTPS/TLS/SSL encryption and we were therefore “vulnerable” to this bug. For anyone who was using this tool: to check whether LastPass was vulnerable, it would have shown that we were vulnerable until this morning, when we restarted our servers after the patched OpenSSL software update.

However, LastPass is unique in that your data is also encrypted with a key that LastPass servers don’t have access to. Your sensitive data is never transmitted over SSL unencrypted - it’s already encrypted when it is transmitted, with a key LastPass never receives. While this bug is still very serious, it could not expose LastPass customers’ encrypted data due to our extra layers of protection. On the majority of the web, user data is not encrypted before being transmitted over SSL, hence the widespread concern.

Also, LastPass has employed a feature called “perfect forward secrecy”. This ensures that when security keys are changed, past and future traffic also can’t be decrypted even when a particular security key is compromised.

Our next steps

This bug has been out there for a long time, so we have to assume our SSL keys could have been compromised. We requested a reissued certificate this morning, and plan to roll it out today, while we’ve already deployed the OpenSSL software update after restarting our servers this morning.

LastPass customers should not be affected by the certificate transition, we expect it to be seamless with no interruptions to service. 

Because other websites may not be encrypting data the way LastPass does, we recommend that LastPass users generate new passwords for their most critical sites (such as email, banking, and social networks) if those sites utilize Apache, Nginx or show as vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. However, users should wait until their sites have replaced their certificates, with a start date after today (April 8th, 2014). For more information on replacing passwords with newly-generated ones, please see this article.

Thank you to our community for your vigilance, and we’ll provide further updates if there are any changes to the situation.

Update: April 8th, 4:46PM ET

We have built a tool to help LastPass users check whether other sites and services they use may have been affected by Heartbleed, you can check it out at:

The new SSL certificates for LastPass and Xmarks have been reissued as well.

Update: April 9th

LastPass now alerts you if the sites stored in your vault may be impacted by Heartbleed. See our new blog post for more details: 

Update: April 10th, 2:29PM ET

Many users are still concerned about what the Heartbleed situation means for their LastPass master passwords. To further clarify, we do not see a need at this time for LastPass users to update their master passwords. That said, if you would prefer to, there is no harm in doing so. We continue to update our LastPass Security Check tool to provide you the latest information regarding impacted sites. Thanks to our community for the feedback and input.
08 Apr 19:56

Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season One Is Now Available On Google Play

by Cameron Summerson

[f] Misto de felicidade e tristeza. Demorou pra cacete Telltale.


Earlier this year, Telltale Games released The Walking Dead: Season One in the Amazon Appstore, but gave it exclusive availability on the Kindle Fire. If you've been waiting (as I have) for this one to finally make its way to other Android devices, today's the day – it's now available in Google Play. No, that rhyme wasn't intentional. I promise.

Screenshot_2014-04-08-14-53-21 Screenshot_2014-04-08-14-54-56 Screenshot_2014-04-08-14-54-36

Anyway, for those who may not be familiar with Telltale's rendition of The Walking Dead universe, this is a point-and-click adventure game based on the comic book.

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Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season One Is Now Available On Google Play was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

07 Apr 17:45

This Sponge-Filled Syringe Is Ready for the Battlefield

by Ria Misra


This Sponge-Filled Syringe Is Ready for the Battlefield

This syringe is capable of staunching a gunshot-wound within 20 seconds — practically on contact. And it was just approved by the FDA to be used out on the battlefield.


07 Apr 23:13

Fallen drone knocks Australian out of triathlon

by RT
An athlete competing in an Australian triathlon had her race cut short over the weekend when she needed to be hospitalized after being struck in the head with an unmanned aerial vehicle, also known as a drone.
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01 Apr 23:30

Jose Padilha and Wagner Moura Team for Netflix Series ‘Narcos’

by Russ Fischer

[f] Ainda vou entender pq o José Padilha deu certo e o Fernando Meireles nem tanto...

Jose Padilha and Wagner Moura

Pablo Escobar is a figure that has become the inspiration for many a film, and now he and the Medellin Cartel are going to be the focus of a new limited series on Netflix. The former DVD rental house and current streaming movie champ will be the home for a ten-episode show called Narcos. Jose Padilha (Elite Squad, RoboCop) is directing. Now Wagner Moura, star of Elite Squad, has been cast as Escobar.

THR passes on the news that Gaumont Television and Netflix have greenlit the series, and features just a quick description of the show from Padilha, who says,

Our idea is to tell the true story of how cocaine became such a huge problem in the U.S. and Europe – and how it all started here in Medellin.

There’s also an enthusiastic quote from Ted Sarandos of Netflix: “Jose and Wagner together created one of the most sophisticated and chilling portraits of criminality and official corruption ever in their Elite Squad movies. Their version of the Escobar saga will be like nothing ever seen before.”

Narcos is expected to debut in 2015, along with the third season of House of Cards and Marvel’s Daredevil series.  


The post Jose Padilha and Wagner Moura Team for Netflix Series ‘Narcos’ appeared first on /Film.

04 Apr 14:01

SQL Injection Fools Speed Traps and Clears Your Record

by James Hobson

[f] Close, but not cigar.


Typical speed camera traps have built-in OCR software that is used to recognize license plates. A clever hacker decided to see if he could defeat the system by using SQL Injection…

The basic premise of this hack is that the hacker has created a simple SQL statement which will hopefully cause the database to delete any record of his license plate. Or so he (she?) hopes. Talk about getting off scot-free!

The reason this works (or could work?) is because while you would think a traffic camera is only taught to recognize the license plate characters, the developers of the third-party image recognition software simply digitize the entire thing — recognizing any and all of the characters present. While it’s certainly clever, we’re pretty sure you’ll still get pulled over and questioned — but at least it’s not as extreme as building a flashbulb array to blind traffic cameras…

What do you guys think? Did it work? This image has been floating around the net for a few years now — if anyone knows the original story let us know!

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30 Mar 04:48


by admin

[f] Nintendo ultimate bane.

We heard your feedback on the Gateway firmware 2.0 “OMEGA” private beta and made a couple of improvements.

These improvements have been bundled into Gateway firmware 2.1 “OMEGA” and we decided to release this as public release.

So what’s new in Gateway 2.1 “OMEGA”?

* E-shop games support

That’s right, you asked for it, we supported it. And it only took us a day to support it!

We really want to keep that 100% Game Compatibility rate maxed out!

* Gateway Card Update Improvement

We made a small improvement to the updating procedure to hopefully help some users out there that were unable to update their
Gateway card. An error code will now appear on screen in case of an error and you should email us this error code so we can further
help your issue.

Available in our download section here

And as always, ENJOY!

28 Mar 16:10

Study shows iOS apps crash more than Android

by Alex Colon

[f] O tipo de matéria que vale mais pelo flame nos comentários do que por qualquer outra coisa.

Android has mostly caught up to iOS in terms of the number and quality of apps available, and it might have eclipsed it in another regard: App stability. According to Crittercism’s Mobile Experience Benchmark report, apps are about twice as likely to crash on iOS as they are on Android.

Crittercism Android

Not surprisingly, the study shows that newer versions of Android and iOS offer more stability than older ones. KitKat, Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich, for instance, showed a 0.7-percent app crash rate, while apps crashed 1.7 percent on the older Gingerbread OS. The same is true for iOS. The latest iOS 7.1 has a 1.6-percent app crash rate, while apps on iOS 7 crash 2.1 percent of the time. iOS 6 is even higher at 2.5 percent.

As someone who primarily uses an iPhone but tests plenty of Android devices, I find this somewhat surprising. Anecdotally, I definitely experience more crashes on the Android phones I test, but then again, I mostly just tend to run the same apps over and over again on my iPhone, which brings less variability to the mix.

Crittercism Apple

The study also shows that gaming apps have the highest crash rate, at 4.4 percent, while e-commerce apps tend to crash the least, at 0.4 percent. That makes sense, since games tend to be much more resource intensive and are becoming fairly complex on mobile devices.

The report also breaks down app stability by certain devices. The Samsung Galaxy S4, for instance, is shown to experience fewer crashes than either the Galaxy S3 or the HTC One. For iOS, the iPhone 5 is the most stable device, followed by the iPhone 5s. The iPad 2 experiences the highest number of crashes, likely because it runs the oldest hardware.

Related research and analysis from Gigaom Research:
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20 Mar 22:26

Newswire: Sony announces Powers TV show on PlayStation

by Sam Barsanti

[f] até que enfim

Console exclusives are nothing new in the video game industry. You can’t play a Super Mario game on Xbox and you can’t play Gears Of War on the Wii. Although that trend seems to be changing these days, with previously PlayStation-exclusive titles like the Metal Gear series branching out, it looks we’re soon going to be seeing the console makers set themselves apart from the competition in another way: Exclusive TV shows.

According to Deadline, Sony has just announced that Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming’s comic series Powers will be coming to PlayStation as an hourlong drama series billed as the game console’s first original show. Presumably that’s because Sony is hoping people have forgotten about The Tester, a reality show in which video game fans competed to earn a job as a quality assurance tester (the most glamorous and exciting job ...

21 Mar 20:58

Newswire: Flappy Bird will return to the App Store someday, when the world is ready

by John Teti

Ele morreu pelos nossos pecados, mas a boa noticia é que voltará... quando estivermos prontos.

Earlier this week, Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen said on Twitter that he intends to return Flappy Bird to the iTunes App Store, but “not soon.” The Vietnamese designer pulled his game from the App Store at the height of its popularity, despite the fact that by his own estimation, he was pulling down about $50,000 a day in ad revenue. That’s a lot of coin for a simple game about a bird who crashes into pipes, which made it all the more baffling when Nguyen killed the App Store listing.

@painfullpacman Yes. But not soon.

— Dong Nguyen (@dongatory) March 19, 2014

While there have been plenty of rumors about the “real” reason behind the game’s revocation, a recent Rolling Stone profile reconfirmed Nguyen’s contention that he ended the craze because he didn’t need the money or want the spotlight. Sure, he could be a ...

19 Mar 10:23

Risk Assessment / Security & Hacktivism 10,000 Linux servers hit by malware serving tsunami of spam

by prital choudhari


Researchers have documented an ongoing criminal operation infecting more than 10,000 Unix and Linux servers with malware that sends spam and redirects end users to malicious Web pages.

Windigo, as the attack campaign has been dubbed, has been active since 2011 and has compromised systems belonging to the Linux Foundation's and the developers of the cPanel Web hosting control panel, according to a detailed report published Tuesday by researchers from antivirus provider Eset. During its 36-month run, Windigo has compromised more than 25,000 servers with robust malware that sends more than 35 million spam messages a day and exposes Windows-based Web visitors to drive-by malware attacks. It also feeds people running any type of computer banner ads for porn services.

The Eset researchers, who have been instrumental in uncovering similar campaigns compromising large numbers of servers running the nginx, Lighttpd, and Apache Web servers, said the latest campaign has the potential to inflict significant harm on the Internet at large. They explained:

The number of systems affected by Operation Windigo might seem small when compared with recent malware outbreaks where millions of desktops are infected. It is important to keep in mind that, in this case, each infected system is a server. These usually offer services to numerous users and are equipped with far more resources in terms of bandwidth, storage and computation power than normal personal computers. A denial of service attack or a spam-sending operation using one thousand servers is going to be far more effective than the same operation performed with the same number of desktop computers.
22 Mar 11:01

It’s Not 2015 Yet But Marty and His Hoverboard Are Already Here!

by James Hobson

[f] A realidade é mais triste que a ficção, mas pelo menos nos mantém humildes.


Okay now this is seriously awesome. [Rodger Cleye] has made a real working Hoverboard.

You guys might remember the recent [Tony Hawk] and [Christopher Lloyd] viral Hoverboard hoax video… Well, this isn’t that. Nope, not even close. It’s real.

The Hoverboard is a quadrotor on steroids — it features four 1200W brushless motors driving 12″ props, a massive 13.4Ah 5S Li-Po battery, and a [Marty McFly] mannequin wearing the classic red vest. He’s counter-balanced [Marty] and the battery around the rotors which makes for a surprisingly smooth flight. It even has a run-time of over 5 minutes, thanks to a whopping 83% efficiency using the 12″ props.

[Rodger] designed and simulated the entire system in eCalc before construction — He had first attempted a bi-copter design, but opted for the tried and true quad-rotor instead. The frame is made of 1/2″ PVC pipe to conserve the mass budget, but altogether it still weighs an unbelievable 20lbs! How close are we to being able to give toddlers the ability to fly?

Just take a look at the following video — we’re seriously impressed.

This has gotta be one of the biggest home-made quads we’ve seen so far. Mind you the Spruce Goose of quadrotors is still a bit bigger…

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22 Mar 13:05

Creationists Demand Equal Airtime With 'Cosmos'

by timothy

[f] Porque é assim que funciona. Quero que a teoria de Discworld também tenha tempo igual.

Hugh Pickens DOT Com (2995471) writes "Travis Gettys reports that creationist Danny Falkner appeared Thursday on "The Janet Mefford Show" to complain that the Fox television series and its host, Neil deGrasse Tyson, had marginalized those with dissenting views on accepted scientific truths. "I don't recall seeing any interviews with people – that may yet come – but it's based upon the narration from the host and then various types of little video clips of various things, cartoons and things like that," said Falkner of Answers In Genesis who also complained that Tyson showed life arose from simple organic compounds without mentioning that some believe that's not possible. "I was struck in the first episode where he talked about science and how, you know, all ideas are discussed, you know, everything is up for discussion – it's all on the table – and I thought to myself, 'No, consideration of special creation is definitely not open for discussion, it would seem." To be fair, there aren't a ton of shows on TV specifically about creationism says William Hamby. "However, there are entire networks devoted to Christianity, and legions of preachers with all the airtime they need to denounce evolution. Oh, and there was that major movie from a few years back. And there's a giant tax-payer subsidized theme park in Kentucky. And the movie about Noah. And entire catalogs of creationist movies and textbooks you can own for the low low price of $13.92.""

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20 Mar 22:17

Infográficos premiados

by Sergio Kulpas

[f] Curto.

A Society of News Design destacou o jornal South China Morning Post pela qualidade de seus infográficos, que mostram como uma reportagem pode ser bem contada com o auxílio de boas ilustrações.

Alguns bons exemplos das páginas do jornal, criados pelo artista Adolfo Arranz:






Veja mais infográficos

Veja mais gráficos e fotografias premiadas do South China Morning Post aqui.





Leia também:


Conheça os cursos patrocinadores do Webinsider

20 Mar 23:00

LOL: Bradley Cooper Proves Louis CK’s ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ Theory Wrong

by Germain Lussier

Bradley Cooper Louis CK Actors Studio

Louis CK is known for telling the truth. Even if it’s painful or offensive, Louis CK will tell people how it is. Now, a recently discovered interview shoves that idea in his face thanks to CK’s American Hustle nemesis, Bradley Cooper.

To explain, in an old interview CK did with fellow comedian, writer and actor Stephen Merchant, he joked about the fact every single actor who asks a question on Inside the Actor’s Studio will never be famous. That sounds like a pretty safe assumption, if only because of the millions of people who want to be actors, only a small handful actually reach recognizable status. But, it’s not 100% true; one young actor who asked a question on Inside the Actor’s Studio did become famous. A young man named Bradley Cooper.

Check out this great video below.

Thanks to the Wrap for the heads up.

Bradley Cooper Louis CK’s Inside the Actors Studio Theory Broken

The levels of coincidence and irony here are just incredible. Obviously, the fact that Cooper, now a famous actor, did ask a question on Inside the Actor’s Studio, is the biggest one. Second is the fact Cooper is asking Sean Penn that question, the exact actor CK mentions as a throwaway example. And third, that CK ended up in a movie with Cooper, and in that movie, Cooper serves him up in such demeaning way. It’s as if years of frustration culminated on set that day. Not that either actor was likely aware of this odd coincidence at the time.

The editing of this video is perfect and hilarious. In fact, it’s almost too perfect and hilarious. You can’t watch this and not think Penn, Cooper, Merchant and CK are all in on the gag and shot an elaborate version of the show. However, a quick Google search will show that not only did Cooper earn his Masters of Fine Arts from the Actors Studio at The New School, where this show was taped, he did ask that question.

What are your thoughts on the video?

The post LOL: Bradley Cooper Proves Louis CK’s ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ Theory Wrong appeared first on /Film.

20 Mar 18:48

Christian Bale may play Steve Jobs in upcoming David Fincher biopic

by Nathan Ingraham

[f] Chupa essa manga Ashton Kutcher.

We've heard little about the Steve Jobs biopic that Aaron Sorkin is writing, but now we're starting to get a better picture of that the film might look like. A few weeks after word spread that David Fincher was in talks to direct the project, The Wrap is reporting that Oscar-winning actor Christian Bale (The Dark Knight trilogy, American Hustle) is Fincher's first and only choice to portray that Apple CEO. Indeed, Bale's involvement appears to be a critical factor in Fincher officially taking on the project — it sounds like he'll only direct the upcoming film if Bale agrees to take the lead role.

Of course, we're a ways off from this being a done deal — Bale reportedly has not been approached about the role yet, as he's currently...

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20 Mar 15:30

Hwæt! Tolkien’s Beowulf Coming in May

by Stubby the Rocket

[f] Mortos prolíficos.

JRR Tolkien Beowulf translation

Tolkien’s 1926 translation of Beowulf will be published after a nearly 90-year wait! The book, which is being edited by Christopher Tolkien and published in May, will include transcripts of lectures that Tolkien gave on the poem, as well as The Sellic Spell, a previously unpublished story that retells The Saga of Hrolf Kraki.

Tolkien spent years studying Beowulf, calling it “laden with history, leading back into the dark heathen ages beyond the memory of song, but not beyond the reach of imagination… the whole thing is somber, tragic, sinister, curiously real.”

Will Tolkien’s Beowulf supplant Seamus Heaney’s? Will his translation and lectures offer insights into his creation of Smaug? How will he tackle the opening salutation, “Hwæt,” which has been translated in so many different ways? We can’t wait to find out!

Read the full article

18 Mar 17:34

Self-driving cars are coming soon and will revolutionize cities and society

by Katie Fehrenbacher

[x] O futuro disso é incrível: Cardumes auto-regulatórios de trânsito baseado em bem comum... Será excelente

Designer and engineer Bran Ferren says autonomous vehicles will fundamentally change how cities are built and how society interacts, and the emergence of the technology in a meaningful way on our roads is only a few short years away. Ferren — who co-founded Applied Minds and is the former president of research and development for Walt Disney Imagineering — made the comments during a talk to kick off the TED conference in Vancouver on Tuesday.

Ferren isn’t alone in his enthusiasm for self-driving cars. Tesla’s CTO and co-founder JB Straubel has made similar comments in recent months, telling an audience late last year that the tech will be transformational, inevitable and is already here today. Google famously has been working on the technology, but so have car companies like Tesla.

Bran Ferren speaking at Web 2.0, 2005

Bran Ferren speaking at Web 2.0, 2005

Ferren is bullish that autonomous cars are coming soon because much of the technology to enable a switch over to this system is already here. He said there are five things that autonomous cars need:

  1. They need to know where exactly the car is and what time it is. That can be done easily with GPS systems.
  2. They need to know the roads, the rules of the roads and where the car is going. That is already solved by modern web-based mapping technology.
  3. They need to be connected to one another and know the intentions of the other cars. Current wireless networks can do this using databases, software and wireless connections.
  4. The emergence of self-driving cars will happen in a designated area that lawyers and advocates agree will be safe enough. Ferren says this will likely be the HOV lane, and eventually move into the rest of the road.
  5. Finally, self-driving cars need to recognize people, places and objects. Most of the high performance computing that can do this is already around, but it’s not quite good enough yet. Thus, as autonomous vehicles emerge, the car will likely “wake up” the person every once in awhile to help with things like object recognition.

Google self driving car

Ferren is also optimistic about how beneficial autonomous cars will be. He says they will significantly reduce accidents and car-related deaths. They will enable much more efficient driving, lowering carbon emissions and pollution. They will boost productivity by freeing drivers from their commutes. And they will change the way society builds cities, and enables people to interact, as cars and drivers become disconnected and vehicles are used in smarter ways.

Related research and analysis from Gigaom Research:
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19 Mar 19:34

Brazil’s ‘Constitution Of The Internet’ Puts Net Neutrality In The Spotlight

by Julie Ruvolo

[x] Esse negócio de servidores em território brasileiro embora seja uma bobagem, em curto prazo é uma oportunidade incrível para empresas e profissionais de TI. Ou não?

Brazil’s Congress is days away from voting on Marco Civil, the country’s first major internet legislation, and the big issue at stake is net neutrality. Read More
15 Mar 19:56

JuiceSSH Hits 500,000 Users, Celebrates By Giving Away Free Pro Pack Upgrades Until March 18th

by Cody Toombs

[l] Excelente cliente. Recomendo.


Come on everybody, give a big round of applause to the guys behind JuiceSSH for hitting 500k installs! To celebrate the accomplishment, they're giving away free upgrades to the Pro pack for anybody that signs up before March 18th. There's no expiration date and all you have to do is enter the Google account you want to have registered.

2014-03-15 11_50_51-JuiceSSH - Free SSH client for Android

In case you're not familiar with JuiceSSH, it's a terminal (command line) client capable of opening secure connections to remote computers.

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JuiceSSH Hits 500,000 Users, Celebrates By Giving Away Free Pro Pack Upgrades Until March 18th was written by the awesome team at Android Police.


16 Mar 15:45

Xbox One Game Pad Driver for Windows


[f] Bem interessante

Developer Lucas Assis has released a windows driver that will enable any Xbox One controller owner to use their controller with their windows PC. This is the first release and is a bit rough in its install method but it does work, Perfectly.

Download the attached files and follow the installation tutorial video above. Dont forget to stop by Lucas Assis's blog and say thanks.


Attached Files

15 Mar 03:00

This was the first kiss ever filmed—and it was between two women

by Lauren Davis

[f] E a globo estava se gabando de quê mesmo?

This was the first kiss ever filmed—and it was between two women

The Internet is currently ablaze over a video of strangers having a first kiss, but what was likely the first kiss committed to film was between two models—two female models. Oddly, the photographer filmed a same-sex kiss because, not in spite of, mores of the era. Artful nudity below.