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29 Jul 14:04

Why Gmail Redesigned the Compose Interface

by Alex Chitu

good point, it's a lot less daunting

Many people complained about the new UI for composing messages in Gmail, others found it useful, but it's interesting to know what's the main goal of the new interface. I initially thought that Google wanted make it easier to use other Gmail features while you're composing a message, but an article from Co.Design suggests something else.

What it looks like, really, is a slightly oversized version of Gchat. And that's no accident. Google's actively trying to make email less fussy and formal--or, in other words, to make it a little more like instant messaging. And as Jason Cornwell, Gmail's lead designer, explains, one of the ways to do that is simply to 'give you permission to write shorter messages.' (...) Picture the standard full-screen compose window. The one that gives you a dauntingly huge text box to fill and an array of options for formatting whatever you manage to put in it. What that really looks like, with its button-strewn toolbar, is an empty word processor--and according to Cornwell, what it communicates to users is this: 'Write something long. It was a space that was sort of intimidating, I think, to write a message like "Hey, wanna get lunch?"' he explains. 'We wanted the new compose to facilitate these quicker messages. Or at least make it a space where that felt appropriate.

Gmail's lead designer says that "a very small percentage of emails involve a formatting action," so that's the reason why you need two clicks instead of only one click to make text bold. Once you click the "formatting options" button, the bar stays open, so you can use other features without an additional click.

Co.Design argues that Gmail now competes with SMS, instant messaging and social networks, so Google had to simplify the interface "to keep up with the times".

The old interface:

The new interface:

29 Jul 09:07

Schlock Mercenary: July 29, 2013

by Howard Tayler
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29 Jul 08:56

JL8 #136

29 Jul 08:45

And just to clarify... the overloaded server has nothing to do with

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29 Jul 08:39

Inner Peace (Through Superior Firepower) – Episode 069

by balder

“It’s been a big day in Haffaton!” said Charlie. “Hasn’t it? You know, most of what goes on in Erfworld is pretty dull, after a while. It’s all the same ebb and flow of battle, conquest, alliance, diplomacy, treachery... But this is pretty novel, isn’t it? A trial?” The Overlord’s voice was deep and masculine, but his tone was bright, almost chipper. “So Judy is gone...with the shoes, Olive Branch is Overlady, and you have her on trial? Do I have all that right? Definitely new and interesting ground there. Hello, Olive.”

King Banhammer watched from the bench, and the rest of the Court had arranged themselves to face Jack Snipe. The Foolamancer was receiving a Thinkagram from Charlie, and projecting it into the air as a glowing rectangle in front of him. At the moment, nothing showed there but the gold wings of the Charlescomm crest on a bright blue field, and the words, “YOUR BATTLESPACE SOLUTIONS PROVIDER.” But the Overlord’s woody voice filled the air throughout the little green courtyard.

“Hello, Charlie,” said Olive quietly. From this angle, Jillian could see her face well. The Florist wasn’t even attempting a smile.

“It may be an awkward and regrettable circumstance, Lord Charlie,” said Banhammer, “but I cannot apologize for it. This is our best, most enlightened means to gather the truth and avoid acting rashly, and we hope you can help us. We’d like to forego any further violence, if that can be.”

“Also novel! And very civilized. You have nothing to apologize for, Your Highness,” said Charlie warmly. “But it’s a bit unexpected. You know, given that you’re a mercenary side. You want to avoid violence? I mean, I don’t know much about you, King Banhammer, but your warlord there hires out her sword to do violence all over the West. And she’s pretty good at it, too.”

Jack cocked his head and looked her way. “Hello, Warlady Jillian. I’m glad to see you’ve come in out of the rain, and found your way to freedom. Or, nearly so.”

Jillian winced. The image in the air hadn’t changed, but something about the way the disembodied voice echoed made her aware that Charlie’s attention was focused on her now. “Thanks,” she muttered.

From her left flank, the looks of disapproval from the Court hit her like arrows skittering off her armor.

“You know, I’d always wondered where you were based,” said Charlie. “We never tracked you all the way home to wherever ‘Faq’ was. And now this time around, look at where you are. El-Efbaum, of all places! I’m sure there’s a story...”

“If you are willing, Lord Charlie,” said King Banhammer, “we have need of your sworn testimony.”

“Of course! My time can be had for most any reason, at the rate of eighty shmuckers a minute. I will not reveal information of a strategically sensitive or personal nature, or anything I have been paid not to talk about. What am I testifying to?”

“Well. The defendant is charged with attempted patricide,” said Banhammer. “But as regards a fee, I would hope that the seriousness of these—”

“Of Judy? That’s...technically hericide, isn’t it?”

Banhammer cleared his throat. “Of you,” he said.


“They know I’m your daughter,” said Olive, her voice low and bitter. “And they think I tried to croak you.”

Charlie gave the briefest pause, but his voice never lost its sunny tenor. “What else do they know, Olive?”

“More than you want them to,” said Olive coldly. “Still more, if this goes on.”

“Ah. So the question is, um... Hmh.” Charlie’s voice seemed to stumble and trail off. Then he instantly brightened again. “Well, the question is, how does it feel to be a ruler, Olive? I mean, are you getting a new perspective on things? Maybe changed your mind on some of those old, ah, discussions we’ve had?”

Olive glanced around the courtyard. “Under the circumstances, I haven’t had a lot of time to think about that.”

“Mm. Well, you know. Circumstances can change so quickly. But I’m asking, if your present situation were, ahm...resolved, would you perhaps be willing to reconsider some things?”

Olive folded her manacled hands and looked down at the stone tiles, bowing her head. “I think we could see eye-to-eye on the...territorial matter. But there’s no way I’m yielding the g—”

The air was rushing past Jillian’s ears as she willed her mount to leap across the courtyard, so she didn’t catch all of Olive’s second sentence. The next word might have been “garden.” What she caught was the Florist’s full body with the weighty wall of the gwiffon’s breast. In one crashing movement, the mount slammed her down to the stone and covered her from head to toe. There wasn’t even time for her to cry out. She made no sounds now, either.

“I can change her circumstances a lot faster than you can, Charlie,” she snapped viciously at the floating rectangle. “Watch me.”

King Banhammer stood up so quickly that his chair was thrown backwards into the bush behind him. “Princess!”

Jillian turned and shouted back into her father’s face, matching his outrage. Maybe topping it. “This prisoner,” she hefted her sword and pointed it down, to indicate the spot below the gwiffon where Olive was pinned, silently suffocating, “is the ruler of the largest side in the world! The one that conquered Faq? Remember it? She does not get a chance to negotiate terms with the most powerful mercenary side in the world! We have one city now, they have sixty-nine.”

She swung her sword in a violent arc to point at Jack and the Charlescomm logo. “And he’s her father. Who do you think he’s gonna make a deal with? Huh?”

Her father pointed a stabbing finger. “Let her up!” he ordered.

Jillian clenched her teeth and resolved to disobey, straightening in the saddle. How could he not see the danger in this? She forced her tone lower, calmer. “Look, Charlescomm has forces in the area. I’ve seen them! If Charlie comes at us, I can’t guarantee we’ll be able to hold—”

The King gripped the edge of the marble bench and heaved the whole thing aside. It flew for an impressive distance, before striking the patio stones and cracking into four or five slabs. It was the first even vaguely violent act she’d ever seen him commit. He stomped forward to the gwiffon’s flank and barked up at her.

“You will not execute this prisoner! We are civilized! Let. Her. Go!”

Jillian flinched with the effort of refusing the order again, but felt herself slipping into a cold pool of certainty. “I will execute her, before I let her negotiate with Charlie.”

Banhammer’s eyes flashed. He bared his teeth and raised his palms.

“You are disbanded!” he snarled, and clapped his hands.

Rob's Other Comic Project: Duel In The Somme--Read it from the beginning!

26 Jul 13:40

Classical Inheritance is Obsolete – How to Think in Prototypal OO

by Eric Elliott

object orientation vs class orientation :-)

That’s right. I said it. To a packed room at the O’Reilly Fluent Conference: JavaScript and Beyond, 2013. And I’ll say it again: Classical inheritance is obsolete. Classes are dead. They just don’t know it, yet. Check out the corresponding blog post, “Fluent JavaScript – Three Different Kinds Of Prototypal OO”. See also: JavaScript Constructor […]
26 Jul 09:35

July 22, 2013


automagicallity :-)

Thanks so much to everyone who came by at SDCC. And extra special thanks to the surprisingly large number of dorks who bought the new ebook. I was pleasantly surprised by the volume on that little labor of love.
22 Jul 12:07

Book 2 – Page 113

by balder

Rob's Other Comic Project: Duel In The Somme--Read it from the beginning!

22 Jul 11:16


by Tarol


18 Jul 08:41

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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17 Jul 13:26

I Bet It's Hannelore

17 Jul 13:07

July 8

July 8

What word best describes this memo? Lean. Nimble. Concise. Inspiring. Bloated. If I may use more than one word, something, er, someONE, needs to be re-organized at Microsoft!

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17 Jul 12:51

Schlock Mercenary: July 10, 2013

by Howard Tayler
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16 Jul 16:22



Progress! :-)

Well, we've really only settled the question of ghosts that emit or reflect visible light. Or move objects around. Or make any kind of sound. But that covers all the ones that appear in Ghostbusters, so I think we're good.
16 Jul 16:18

July 07, 2013

Last day for the new project! Thanks, geeks!

16 Jul 14:58

June 28, 2013

16 Jul 14:52

Habitable Zone

They have a telescope pointed RIGHT AT US!
16 Jul 14:52

How to Explain Game of Thrones

by Scott Meyer

Dooooooomety Doom Doom Dooooommmmmmah! :-)

Thanks again for using my Amazon Affiliate links (USUKCanada).

05 Jul 16:16

The Heisenberg Escape

25 Jun 16:28


'I'm here to return what Prometheus stole.' would be a good thing to say if you were a fighter pilot in a Michael Bay movie where for some reason the world's militaries had to team up to defeat every god from human mythology, and you'd just broken through the perimeter and gotten a missile lock on Mount Olympus.
25 Jun 16:16

June 19, 2013

Hey geeks! Join my drawathon.
25 Jun 16:12

The Pace of Modern Life


The past century and a half has been a bit of a downer, it seems :-)

'Unfortunately, the notion of marriage which prevails ... at the present time ... regards the institution as simply a convenient arrangement or formal contract ... This disregard of the sanctity of marriage and contempt for its restrictions is one of the most alarming tendencies of the present age.' --John Harvey Kellogg, Ladies' guide in health and disease (1883)
20 Jun 10:10

Comic for June 17, 2013

20 Jun 10:07

strip for June / 17 / 2013

strip for June / 17 / 2013
20 Jun 10:06

How to Use a New Perspective to Solve a Long-Standing Problem

by Scott Meyer

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20 Jun 09:25



defined: awesomeness

20 Jun 09:09

Comic for June 13, 2013


too real a problem *wince*

20 Jun 08:51

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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19 Jun 14:25

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013

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19 Jun 14:05

Dwarf Fortress

I may be the kind of person who wastes a year implementing a Turing-complete computer in Dwarf Fortress, but that makes you the kind of person who wastes ten more getting that computer to run Minecraft.