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14 May 13:25

swooshmami: huffingtonpost: California cops are pulling people...


надо нашим гаишникам выдать мороженое



California cops are pulling people over See all the surprised reactions here.

The only time they’ll pull over white people 

18 Apr 04:00

Free Speech

I can't remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you're saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it's not literally illegal to express.
22 Jan 22:58




26 Jan 23:02

templetonthecorgi: The idea is to put Templeton in the cart so...


The idea is to put Templeton in the cart so I won’t buy so many plants…apparently I found a way around that.

He loves trips to Home Depot, I think he likes the height of the cart. :P

09 Jun 14:01


11 Jul 22:00

herochan: Adventure Time Mash Ups Illustrations by Mike...


Adventure Time Mash Ups

Illustrations by Mike Vasquez & Joe Hogan

29 Jun 00:44



это я смотрю на сладкое

01 Jul 11:23


05 Jul 07:51

alilnugget: this is one of the best things i’ve seen on tumblr...


this is one of the best things i’ve seen on tumblr :)

09 Jun 02:52


20 Jun 07:46


Бесконечная серия поцелуев в клипе британской команды CITIZENS.
08 Jun 00:27


17 Jun 16:00

gaminginyourunderwear: fuckyeahhardfemme: Kevin Wada’s art is...



Kevin Wada’s art is too much

05 Jun 15:58

fuck yeah dementia!!1!

by awallofbooks

это банкомат съел мои деньги

05 Jun 17:55

Red Bull Hand Crafted

by bingo

а это я в бибике сегодня

08 Jun 00:46

aconversationoncool: Oh Kate. 


Oh Kate. 

31 May 16:00




10 Jun 04:00

Dwarf Fortress



I may be the kind of person who wastes a year implementing a Turing-complete computer in Dwarf Fortress, but that makes you the kind of person who wastes ten more getting that computer to run Minecraft.
04 Jun 12:51


by calpol
04 Jun 08:37


28 May 10:06

Best of Kickstarter: Musguard

by Jeff

Юрий из Любляны молодец

Best of Kickstarter: MUSGUARD
Musguard is the brainchild of Jurij Lozić, a designer from Ljubljana, Slovenia. It’s a simple, removable fender, and you can roll it onto your bike frame to store it. Watch the video to get a better idea, by the time I got to the end I wanted to be buds with Jurij. He’s even giving away the bike in the video as one of the rewards!

Check out the video below!

View the whole post: Best of Kickstarter: Musguard over on BOOOOOOOM!.

24 May 07:18

My Cannes Tapis Rouge

by Gala Gonzalez

это я ждал Димасика, а он не приехал

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 23.24.12
Attending Cannes Film Festival has been one of the most exciting moments of my life. It wasn't the first time to step on a red carpet like this as last august-september I also attended Venice film festival, and we had so much fun! My host this time was Dior, which now is almost like my second family. I had an amazing time with the whole team and we of course had so much fun that it cannot be even described! I had the pleasure to attend to one of the most important premiers Inside Llewyn Davis, the latest Cohen Brothers movie. And imagine my face when I was waiting my turn to walk the Tapis Rouge standing right next to Steven Spielberg. For the occasion I chose a Dior smoking inspired dress with matching shoes and bag, as I normally don't wear heavy make up this was the perfect time to go for an intense one, made of course by the super talented Dior make up artist at the Majestic Hotel suit. (but you'll have to wait to see the whole article about my make up for the night!!). Thank you to everyone who made it possible and for all the fun we had!
Caminar sobre la alfombra roja del Festival de Cine de Cannes es sin duda una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida. No es la primera vez que lo hago delante de una avalancha de fotografos en un festival de cine (Recordar mi experiencia en Venecia), pero siempre se tiene la misma ilusion y los mismos miedos/nervios antes de entrar. Es todo un subidon de adrenalina! Esta vez mi invitacion al festival vino por parte de Dior, ( que es ya casi como una familia para mi) y que durante mi estancia me ha tratado como a una princesa. (Os contare paso a paso como ha sido mi maquillaje muy pronto). Para pisar el Tapis Rouge de la premier de Inside  Llewyn Davis, de los hermanos Cohen (y una de las peliculas mas importantes del festival) elegi un vestido smoking en negro con zapatos y bolso de Dior. Muchas gracias a todo el equipo de  Dior y a los que hicisteis de este dia uno para no olvidar jamas!
24 May 13:19

when a new fashion mall is opening (and has a shark pool)


Димасик приезжает в фазенду

25 Apr 19:31

turnoverchange: Bring on the seersucker! Your Style -...

by you-see-the-world

чатик, чтоб вы понимали, я полчаса завязывал бабочку, в честь приезда Димасика

25 May 00:33


23 May 11:37

when you hear that Fazenda Bar is closing



23 May 17:59

what you actually think when talking to your landlady


23 May 10:36

how do you feel at Xlib Club on Friday night



09 Aug 22:54

Every thing existing on the physical plane is an exteriorization of thought, which must be balanced through the one who issued the thought, and in accordance with that one’s responsibility, at the conjunction of time, condition, and place

by but does it float
Photography by Akos Major Title: Harold W. Percival Atley
06 Feb 17:18

pic of the day ~ Imogen Cunningham

by Patrick

Димон, всего 9к осталось!


pic of the day:

Imogen Cunningham 

 via  The Red List