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10 Dec 15:04

Wired releases a surveillance self-defense guide

by Cory Doctorow

Wired's new Guide to Digital Security is an excellent addition to the genre of simple-to-follow how-tos for reducing the likelihood that you'll be victimized by computer-assisted crime and harassment, and that if you are, the harms will be mitigated. (more…)

25 Oct 23:53

Surreal puzzle game Back to Bed is free to claim on Steam

by Florin Bodnarescu
In anticipation of the release of Figment, their new game, Bedtime Digital Games is giving away Back to Bed for free on Steam. You can grab the surreal puzzler through Thursday the 21st. Read more...
15 Oct 12:22

Excellent video explains real purpose of NFL protests

by Mark Frauenfelder

For people who want to believe the NFL protests are against the National Anthem, this video of Fox Sports 1 and First Things First host Nick Wright's explanation won't mean anything. For everyone else, it's worth watching.

Wright went on to clarify that it is not true that the players are protesting the anthem, flag, country, or military. They are protesting systemic racism and police brutality.

“What I will engage on is what is actually happening, because I can’t walk past a television screen without seeing this on the bottom line: ‘NFL players protest anthem,’” he said. “It is amazing to get a fact error in a four-word headline.”

He added, “When people march, they are not protesting traffic. The players have been uniform that they are using the anthem as a vehicle to protest inequality, police brutality, and racial injustice. And this story — by the president and others, many well before the president ever chimed in — has been hijacked to making it about the anthem when in reality the anthem was always just the vehicle.”

The protests have been hijacked by folks with an agenda. I tried to set the record straight this morning. I think this is worth your time.

— nick wright (@getnickwright) September 25, 2017
14 Jul 10:28

Um mau trabalhador culpa suas ferramentas

by Andre Noel
Inclua essa tirinha em seu site
Fonte: Vida de Programador

Tirinha original

Transcrição ↓

Traduzido do
(Um carpinteiro com suas ferramentas)
Carpinteiro: Um trabalhador é tão bom quanto suas ferramentas
(Um chef com suas facas)
Chef: Uma faca bem afiada é a melhor amiga de um chef
(Um fotógrafo com sua câmera)
Fotógrafo: Abertura, OK. Velocidade, OK. Foco, OK. ISO configurada. Pronto!
(Um gerente de projetos com seu computador)
GP: Meu computador está lento de novo... Você pode olhar?

O artigo "Um mau trabalhador culpa suas ferramentas" foi originalmente publicado no site Vida de Programador, de Andre Noel.

08 Jul 20:01

Dinner’s on Him

by Scott Beale
08 Jul 18:50

O dependente autossuficiente

by Will Tirando


08 Jul 11:49

Mundo Avesso – Radicalismo

by Carlos Ruas


07 Jul 22:22

MHDM #157

by Fábio Coala


Todo mundo é bom em alguma coisa.

Acaba amanhã -> Horo – O Castelo da Neblina

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07 Jul 10:30


by Doug
06 Jul 17:26

12-year-old ukulele player wows judges on America's Got Talent

by Mark Frauenfelder
Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 3.34.46 PM

Grace VanderWaal, age 12, got a standing ovation for her ukulele performance of her original song on America's Got Talent.

01 Jul 10:32

Muller x Brown

by Will Tirando


30 Jun 01:31

Mr. Fix Computer 2

by nedroid

Mr. Fix Computer 2

18 Jun 09:51

Bláblálogia e problemas na escola

by Carlos Ruas



11 Jun 20:26

Online Shopping

by Doug
11 Jun 20:24

Friday the 13th: Part XX

by Doug

Friday the 13th: Part XX

My 20th Friday the 13th comic!

11 Jun 20:20

The Best Meeting

by Doug
11 Jun 20:14

Mentirinhas #991

by Fábio Coala


Antigamente era mais difícil fazer inimigos.

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04 Jun 19:45

How to save your Android phone from bad skins and crappy OEM software

by Ron Amadeo

Android skins seem to get more annoying every year. The skins themselves aren't getting worse, necessarily, but more and more third-party apps have adopted Google's unified Material Design aesthetic. Google has been pushing Material Design since 2014—it publishes comprehensive design guidelines, provides frameworks so developers can easily get consistent designs up and running, and continually has conferences and publishes videos explaining and promoting this design language. Google recently announced there were over 1 million Material apps in the Play Store.

OEMs tend to completely ignore Material Design, which leaves a user of a skinned phone with a bunch of Material Google apps, an increasing number of Material third-party apps, and a weird OEM-designed slate of core apps that clash with everything else. If you care about what the software you use looks like, it sucks.

If you bought a skinned Android phone and are looking for a more unified look, there are some things you can do to fix it, however. Android remains very customizable, and with a combination of apps, settings, and lots of crapware removal, it's possible to get something that at least looks like the Google-designed Android software.

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04 Jun 16:46

Comic for 2016.04.22

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic
01 Jun 15:50

Vá, Adailton!

by Will Tirando

pastor gritar anjo mensagem religião Deus culto

29 May 22:57


by pempins
17 May 22:57

Mentirinhas #983

by Fábio Coala


A natureza sempre arranja um jeito.

E vai ter Horo, sim \o/ O projeto chegou à meta mínima de produção ontem. Mas, se quiser garantir o seu exemplar (e o nome no livro) ainda dá tempo. Corre lá:

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31 Jul 14:12


11 Jun 11:33

Candylebrity: the sweet mosaic art of Jason Mecier

by Xeni Jardin


Jason Mecier, an artist best known for his candy portraits of pop culture figures, has a show of new works at SWEET! in Hollywood, June 25 through Sept 25, 2014. Read the rest

10 Jun 11:59

HangFire simplifies job processing and fills gap in .NET development

by Tony Patton
The open source solution HangFire provides a common programming model for background job processing for ASP.NET. Our reviewer says it's worth checking out.