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22 Aug 20:15

Pizza Science is the Tastiest Science

by Jason G. Goldman on Animals, shared by Ria Misra to io9

Pizza Science is the Tastiest Science

Everybody knows that pizza is delicious, but did you know that there's a science to getting that perfectly browned-but-not-too-brown, moist-but-not-oily, haphazard-but-also-uniform arrangement of peaks and valleys for the blistered cheese that rests on top of a pizza?


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22 Aug 20:46

Researchers Hack Gmail With 92 Percent Success Rate

by Soulskill
SternisheFan sends this report from CNET: Researchers at the University of California Riverside Bourns College of Engineering and the University of Michigan have identified a weakness they believe to exist across Android, Windows, and iOS operating systems that could allow malicious apps to obtain personal information. Although it was tested only on an Android phone, the team believes that the method could be used across all three operating systems because all three share a similar feature: all apps can access a mobile device's shared memory. "The assumption has always been that these apps can't interfere with each other easily," said Zhiyun Qian, an associate professor at UC Riverside. "We show that assumption is not correct and one app can in fact significantly impact another and result in harmful consequences for the user." To demonstrate the method of attack, first a user must download an app that appears benign, such as a wallpaper, but actually contains malicious code. Once installed, the researchers can use it to access the shared memory statistics of any process (PDF), which doesn't require any special privileges.

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22 Aug 20:39

Spider-Woman Cover Artist Milo Manara & Writer Dennis Hopeless Respond To Online Discussion

by Jill Pantozzi


Milo Manara, the Italian artist behind Marvel’s Spider-Woman #1 variant cover, and writer of the upcoming series Dennis Hopeless have both commented on the recent controversy.

The story began when Comic Book Resources posted exclusive cover reveals from Marvel’s November books. One included a variant cover by Manara that we (and many others) took issue with for its blatant sexualization of a character on a title meant to be reaching out to women. But it wasn’t only women who were offended as Rob Bricken at io9 and others have also expressed their distaste at Marvel’s decision in this matter. Many have also criticized the art itself as a poor use of the otherwise accomplished artist’s talent.

Since online discussion began, many in the comic industry and out, have debated the criticisms, but now Manara himself has been interviewed by an Italian outlet to get his thoughts.

Fumetto Logica posted an interview with Manara which we’re using Google to translate. We know that’s not always reliable so if anyone speaks Italian and would like to submit an alternate translation, we would be greatful. We’d also like to take this time to reiterate our primary concern over the Spider-Woman cover was the decision by Marvel to hire an erotic artist for this particular book, knowing they were trying to reach out to women readers, not that the artist drew how he always does.

How do you interpret the debate generated by its cover?

Reading on the internet, I saw that the criticisms have two different reasons. One is the sexy and erotic side, the other is the anatomical error. Now, sull’imperizia [Editor's note: incompetence?] in the drawing do not know what to say. Let’s say I try to do my best for 40 years. Nobody is perfect, and I may be wrong; simply, I’m a professional, so I do my best.

On the erotic side, however, I found it a bit ‘amazing. Apart from the fact that there is a mandatory prerequisite to do it seems to me that both the United States and around the world there are things much more important and serious to worry about. The facts of Ferguson, or the drama of Ebola. That there are people that they take it for things like that … Unless there is, these days, a hypersensitivity to erotic images more or less, due to this ongoing discussion that we are called to do with Islam. We know that the censorship of a woman’s body should not be a feature of our own, Western Europe. This is also quite surprising.

Manara rightly admits he was trying to do his best and that he could be wrong about how the art eventually turned out, but it’s sad to see him take the route so many do when people try and discuss issues as they pertain to women’s representation in entertainment—namely, that there are more important things to worry about. This line of argument assumes people can only be concerned about one thing at a time and is meant to derail (whether on purpose or not) an otherwise worthy topic of discussion.

The main criticism to that image – although not new, nor in the debate about comics nor in his work – is that it represents a woman who is the ‘object’ of sexual desire, through a shape and a pose provocative little ‘natural ‘.

What I wanted to do a girl who, after climbing a wall of a skyscraper, crawling on the roof. She finds herself on the edge, and his right leg still has it off the roof. So the criticism anatomical that were made, I think they are wrong: it is not to have both knees on the roof. One leg is still down, and the other is pulling up. Precisely for this reason, also, then this back arched. I tried to do this.

After that, it’s not my fault if women are like that. I do the design only. It’s not me that I’ve done so: is an author much more “important”, say, for those who believe … For evolutionists, including me, on the other hand, women’s bodies have taken this form over the millennia in order to avoid the ‘extinction of the species, in fact. If women were made exactly as men, with the same shape, I think we would have already been extinct for a long time.

Also, do not consider it one of the covers most erotic I’ve done. I think I have chosen out of all the poses imaginable – and the proof is if one goes on the Internet, where I documented myself, to see all the photos of Spider-Woman – at the bottom of that, even as framing, less problematic . Indeed view is a bit ‘from above. You do not see hardly anything. We see that only has an ass, drawn like this. And it’s a girl with a nice ass, that yes, from my point of view.

The superheroes are like that: they are naked, painted anything. Superman is naked painted blue, Spider-Man is naked red and blue, and Spider-Woman is painted red. But they are things that are part of the “trick”, so to speak, that publishers use to create these forms of superheroes nude – on which I do not find anything wrong – but there is no real nudity. If we see them later in the stories, going beyond the cover, are characters whose bodies are “in view”.

So, Manara is basically saying “she’s not sexualized, women are just born that way?” The argument has never been “women don’t have curves” but “clothing doesn’t work that way” and again, “not the right art to promote this title.”

Manara also touches on the “men and women are depicted unrealistically in comics” argument. Those with a modicum of art knowledge knows male comic book characters are depicted as a male power fantasy and female characters as a sexual fantasy. It’s why the “look, Spider-Man is drawn like that too!” argument holds no water. One is to show a strong man, in action, being dominant while the other is to show a women objectified, existing solely to appeal to the baser senses. It’s about intent, presentation, and context.

Asked if he saw the position he put Spider-Woman in as provocative or problematic, he said, “It is actually a girl who is crawling, or rather, advancing at the pace of the jaguar. After climbing the wall of the building, is pulling himself on the roof of this building. I see it. Sure, of course, since women are done in a certain way, do any movement, if they are nude … And more or less, the super heroines are all naked. Of these covers I’ve done different” and added “there are many far more erotic” images to be found online.

I tend to believe that maybe I was already targeted by some commentators or bloggers who have taken advantage of the opportunity, perhaps even the most convincing, to raise such a problem. I understand the controversy over the fact that the use of women’s bodies is a sensitive issue. And they agree more on the fact that the female body should not be used in advertising, for example, to sell … silicone sealant. The thing that I do not agree is not so much the fact that these images are erotic, but the fact that they are trivial.

I’m having trouble parsing this particular segment of the interview because of the translation but he again seems to be calling the issue of controversial comic book covers “trivial.” Your mileage may vary.

From the rest of the interview I get the sense Marvel never asked for any kind of alteration on the art after receiving it a few months ago. Manara also believes his fanbase is also 50%, if not more, women, and that they enjoy erotic art just as much as men. Which again, wasn’t being debated. He also noted his aim is never to offend, only to provide something beautiful and does “not think a design like the one on the cover of Spider-Woman could have an impact masturbatory.”

Marvel previously declined to comment on our original story but senior vice president of publishing Tom Brevoort did reply to an anonymous comment on his tumblr referencing the cover.

I think that the people who are upset about that cover have a point, at least in how the image relates to them.

By that same token, Milo Manara has been working as a cartoonist since 1969, and what he does hasn’t materially changed in all that time. So when we say “Manara cover”, his body of work indicates what sort of thing he’s going to do.

Exactly. Marvel knew what they were going to get from this artist, and that’s why this is such a big deal.

But Brevoort ended on a positive note: “I think a conversation about how women are depicted in comics is relevant at this point, and definitely seems to be bubbling up from the zeitgeist. That too is fine. Nothing gets better unless ideas are communicated.”

Spider-Woman writer Dennis Hopeless also commented briefly on the cover issue on his Twitter feed, and it may give Jessica Drew fans some hope.


@EmmyHildy I can promise you we have no intention of blatantly sexualizing any of the characters in our story.

— Dennis Hopeless (@HopelessDent) August 20, 2014

@PositivelyB I don’t have any input at all on covers. You have my word that our story treats Jess with the utmost respect.

— Dennis Hopeless (@HopelessDent) August 20, 2014

One last note from Manara:

To date I have not heard those of Marvel (these days there are some communication difficulties, but I think I hear them soon, in a week). But it seems to me that this cover has not yet been published. This is to say that it may well be that Marvel, seeing these controversies, withdraws and does not publish. Who knows, maybe we are talking about nothing: Marvel decided not to publish it and goodnight to the bucket.

Goodnight to the bucket, indeed.

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22 Aug 21:15

49ers’ stadium Wi-Fi served 25,000 concurrent users, 2.13TB in all

by Jon Brodkin
Levi's Stadium crowd on August 17, 2014.

The San Francisco 49ers' heralded Wi-Fi network served its first NFL crowd in a preseason game on Sunday, and the team has now released statistics showing that it was able to serve lots of data to lots of fans, just as intended.

"We offloaded 2.13 terabytes during the event," 49ers VP of Technology Dan Williams told Mobile Sports Report. The newly built Levi's Stadium has 68,500 seats and more than a third of attendees used the Wi-Fi network simultaneously.

"We peaked at 24,775 (roughly 38 percent of attendance) concurrent connections with an average of 16,862 (roughly 25 percent of attendance)," Williams said.

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22 Aug 20:52

harikondabolu: harikondabolu: Happy Indian Independence Day!...

Courtney shared this story from Super Opinionated.



Happy Indian Independence Day! Maybe the UK could return the Kohinoor Diamond as a “gift”?

Hey Brits, India is still waiting! HAPPY INDIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY 2014!

17 Aug 20:11

comixology: -zdarsky


Gambit 100% accuracy
Mohawk Storm beat

22 Aug 18:32


22 Aug 18:33

Report: Average American Worker Replaced Within 10 Minutes Of Taking Vacation


and apparently I'm their replacement

WASHINGTON—Confirming widely held suspicions about the risks of taking time off from a job, a report released Friday by the Department of Labor found that the average American worker is replaced within 10 minutes of beginning a vacation.

22 Aug 15:38

Talib Kweli Flips Out On Don Lemon Over CNN's Ferguson Coverage

A discussion about the issues in Ferguson between Brooklyn-born rapper Talib Kweli and CNN host Don Lemon devolved into a seven-minute conversation about etiquette.
22 Aug 15:43

Dressing Like A Two-Year-Old Is The Latest Fashion Craze

From rocking overalls to wearing onesies decorated with junk food, it's never been cooler to look like a baby.
22 Aug 18:02

Patrick Stewart does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge the right way

by Ross Miller

"Update: Chivas Regal 12 Year. You're welcome."

When the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge first started, the rules were simple: donate money toward fighting ALS or dump a bucket of ice on your head. It was meant as an incentive to be charitable — not, as it later evolved, to be both charitable and cold.

Cheers to you, Sir Patrick Stewart, although I worry that raise of his glass was a non-verbal challenge to everyone watching to do it.

Stay classy.

22 Aug 19:38




22 Aug 19:30

GoFundMe campaign for Ferguson shooter drowns under racist commentary

by Lee Hutchinson


Almost two weeks ago in Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown. The incident kicked off protests in the racially divided town, and Wilson has been in hiding since the shooting.

Four days ago, a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to support Wilson was launched, and as of Friday afternoon it had brought 5,901 donations totaling $234,990. However, money wasn’t the only thing people were giving to the crowdfunding campaign: the campaign page quickly found itself drowning in hateful, racist commentary.

"We are NOT gonna let that racist bastard Sharpton and his kind railroad you into prison," said a $50 donor under the name Mark Milazzo. "Wake up White America!"

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22 Aug 19:30

Comcast donations help company secure support of Time Warner Cable merger

by Jon Brodkin

all carriers suck forever + campaign finance reform + amercia = TAL

Comcast’s proposed $45.2-billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable has been criticized by angry customers, consumer advocacy groups, and even some members of Congress.

But Comcast has plenty of support, too, much of it from politicians and organizations that benefit from its political and charitable donations. With the deadline to submit initial comments on the merger to the Federal Communications Commission set to expire Monday, a number of elected officials and charities have urged the FCC to think favorably of Comcast during its merger review.

Charities supporting the acquisition include the Greater Washington Urban League, the Urban League of Broward County in Florida, the Boys and Girls Club of Rockford, Illinois, and the United Way of Tucson in Arizona. "Comcast has dedicated itself to advancing organizations like ours through financial support and partnerships," the Greater Washington Urban League wrote.

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22 Aug 19:56

Newswire: Remo Williams is coming back to the big screen, thanks to Shane Black

by Sean O'Neal

'Fred Ward played the tough cop turned kung fu assassin for the secretive organization CURE, which took down 1980s threats by playing songs that made them really weepy about their ex-girlfriends.'

Exciting those who fondly recall the early days of VHS as well as fans of really chunky turtlenecks, Remo Williams is set to make a return to the big screen, for the first time since 1985’s Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins became the biggest lie of a movie title since The NeverEnding Story. Indeed, the adventure began and ended with that film, in which Fred Ward played the tough cop turned kung fu assassin for the secretive organization CURE, which took down 1980s threats by playing songs that made them really weepy about their ex-girlfriends.

But now Remo Williams, the adventure continues with a new movie from Shane Black, who’s been hired to direct a fresh adaptation of Warren Murphy’s pulp novel series The Destroyer, with Fight Club’s Jim Uhls handling the script. As Deadline notes, the story combines Shane Black-friendly slick action with opportunity for ...

22 Aug 19:59

Sneak peek, Captain Marvel (2014) Issue 8, page 16 Art by Marcio...

Sneak peek, Captain Marvel (2014) Issue 8, page 16

Art by Marcio Takara

22 Aug 20:00

Pariah Missouri RPG up on Kickstarter

by Polar_Bear

maybe not the best timing for heroic white people and mob justice in missoh nevermind it's already funded

Pariah Missouri RPG up on Kickstarter

Andres Salazar is running a Kickstarter campaign for his Pariah Missouri Book 2 of his comic trip. Along with that, they’ve created an RPG book based on the setting. I used to live in Missouri. Looking at the artwork, it seems pretty accurate. Source From the campaign: The Pariah Missouri Role-playing Sourcebook will plug and […]
22 Aug 19:29

Don't Go See the Towering Pile of Garbage That Is Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

by Erik Henriksen

'meaningless noir riffs like some bad Saturday Night Live skit that runs on way too long'

'the color that occasionally pops up in the mostly black-and-white film is just meaningless emphasis, a child banging on a piano'

'Dame to Kill For’s dialogue and female representation is so impossibly bad that it retroactively makes the first film, and the comics from which these films were adapted, look terrible'

'The fact that Rodriguez shoots, scores, and edits his own films no longer feels like ambitious frugality so much as baseless egocentrism, especially since the cinematography, editing, and soundtracks are relentlessly mediocre'

The first Sin City film was an example of a very small subset of comic book movies that slavishly adapt directly from the source material, using the comics as storyboards. (The other two films in this subset that immediately come to mind are Zack Snyder’s 300 and Watchmen.) It was nothing special—it’s hard to picture Sin City being anyone’s favorite movie—but at least certain scenes looked exactly like the stark illustrations from Frank Miller’s excellent first book in the Sin City series, which made the film a kind of proof-of-concept for digital filmmaking as a way to totally divorce flesh-and-blood actors from reality and insert them into an artist’s world. It was self-conscious noir rip-off, but it sure didn’t look like anything else at the multiplex.

And now, almost a decade later, co-directors Robert Rodriguez and Miller are back with a second Sin City movie, this one subtitled A Dame to Kill For, and it’s everything you hate about sequels: There’s not one original thought in the movie, the story is a weak rehash of the first film, and everything feels phoned-in. The problems spring from the source: After Sin City, the first book in the series, the quality of Miller’s Sin City series of books dropped precipitously. The art started getting lazy and loose; the writing veered into self-parody. Since the movie hews closely to the source material, it’s a less visually dynamic experience, and the dialogue is often laughably bad.

Dame follows a number of characters through very loosely related adventures, with no real energy or wit. The best actors are Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a card shark named Johnny (he almost manages to sell this terrible bit of voiced-over narration: “A city’s like a woman, or a casino. Somebody’s gonna win, and it’s gonna be me”) and Eva Green as a femme fatale named Ava. But even Green and Gordon-Levitt are adrift in a sea of black and white and splashes of color, doing meaningless noir riffs like some bad Saturday Night Live skit that runs on way too long. (And let’s talk about the use of spot colors in Dame: Specifically, it’s stupid. Some fire is in color, and other fire is in black and white. Some blood is in color, and other blood is just pure white. Sometimes Ava’s lips are bright red, and sometimes they aren’t. Without a consistent visual language, the color that occasionally pops up in the mostly black-and-white film is just meaningless emphasis, a child banging on a piano.)

With all these stories and characters sharing a setting, you’d probably expect Dame to be a well-structured film. You’d be expecting way too much. Rather than weaving the stories together, Dame cuts from one episode to another with all the subtlety of a commercial TV break, creating a stuttering rhythm of beginning and endings. And though they share a similar backdrop, the stories are maddeningly self-contained. The ending of Johnny’s story seems to set up some revelation in the final episode featuring Jessica Alba, for example, but that payoff never comes.

A lot of people had a lot of complaints about the first Sin City’s wooden dialogue and the fact that every female character was either a stripper or a prostitute. Fans of the comic justified those flaws by saying that Miller was commenting on a long tradition of noir storytelling, from Chandler to Spillane. But Dame to Kill For’s dialogue and female representation is so impossibly bad that it retroactively makes the first film, and the comics from which these films were adapted, look terrible. This is not a smart, respectful tribute to noir filmmakers and storytellers; it’s an unmoored succession of “cool” moments strung together with no overarching narrative or aesthetic sense, a couple of dumb boys fucking around with their toys.

In the last decade, Miller has lost his grip on reality; his solo directorial debut, The Spirit, is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, and the only comic he’s published in that time, Holy Terror, was a bigoted, jingoistic piece of shit. And Rodriguez has churned out bad film after bad film in a parody of the do-it-yourself aesthetic that made his debut film, El Mariachi, so charming. The fact that Rodriguez shoots, scores, and edits his own films no longer feels like ambitious frugality so much as baseless egocentrism, especially since the cinematography, editing, and soundtracks are relentlessly mediocre. The word that kept coming to mind while watching Dame—from the pounds of makeup slathered on Mickey Rourke and Stacey Keach to the waste of actors like Christopher Lloyd and Juno Temple to the rampant gun-worship—was “garbage.” This is an eminently disposable movie that just takes up space, with no reason to exist. It’s not even fun enough to be trash cinema; it’s just trash.

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22 Aug 20:02

A ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Audiobook With Readings by Felicia Day, ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, and Ice-T

by Rollin Bishop

followup on Ice-T

D&D Audiobook

The Legend of Drizzt: The Collected Stories is a 2011 anthology of short stories by author R.A. Salvatore that features protagonist Drizzt Do’Urden and his various cohorts in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting of Dungeons & Dragons. The anthology is currently available as a free audiobook at Audible with readings from the likes of Felicia Day, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Ice-T, and more.

SoundCloud user Something Awful Zack has uploaded a series of clips from Ice-T’s particularly enthusiastic reading of “Comrades at Odds” from the anthology.

image via Audible

via K. Thor Jensen

22 Aug 19:45

Administration moves toward new rule on contraceptives -


'Under the proposal, a religious college or other nonprofit group could inform the Department of Health and Human Services of its religious objections and the department would then contact insurance companies and arrange the birth control coverage at no cost to the employer or its employees.

Previously, the organizations were required to notify the insurance companies directly, a step that some organizations said still made them complicit in providing drugs they objected to.'

Administration moves toward new rule on contraceptives
WASHINGTON — The Obama administration on Friday moved to enact new rules that help ensure contraception coverage for employees of certain companies that have religious objections to birth control. The new rule would seek to isolate the employers ...
Administration Offers New Rules for Religious Objections to Health Care LawHealthDay

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22 Aug 18:06

The Rise Of Time Machine Fiction

“The smooth, uninterrupted passage from a beginning to an ending has fallen out of favor in literature.”
22 Aug 18:28

$225000 in Crowdfunding Raised to Support Darren Wilson -



$225000 in Crowdfunding Raised to Support Darren Wilson
A crowdfunding site created this week to support Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson and his family continues to rake in donations, but not without backlash against comments made by some of the campaign's donors. Created on Monday on the ...
Missouri grand jury mulling Darren Wilson's shooting of Michael Brown has 3 ...New York Daily News
March, memorial service planned in embattled Missouri townReuters
Thousands of dollars raised for officer who shot Michael BrownMSNBC -The Times-Picayune - -Fox News
all 3,801 news articles »
17 Aug 19:56

marvelwomenofcolor: Monica Rambeau Doc Bright


Captain Marvel before Captain Marvel was cool


Monica Rambeau

Doc Bright

22 Aug 19:00

Is ‘Kill la Kill’ a warning about wearable tech? PBS Idea Channel investigates

by Kevin Melrose

n.. no. no it isn't.

what in the fuck

Is ‘Kill la Kill’ a warning about wearable tech? PBS Idea Channel investigates

Although I’ve never watched Kill la Kill, I’ve certainly heard about the popular anime series set in a dystopian school where students don sentient Goku Uniforms that give them superhuman abilities. But now, after watching fast-talking PBS Idea Channel host Mike Rugnetta wade into the anime while wrestling with its fascist themes and possibles warnings […]
22 Aug 19:20

Quester (Namco - arcade - 1987) Japan-only Arkanoid-style block...

Quester (Namco - arcade - 1987)

Japan-only Arkanoid-style block breaking game 


(ナムコ「クエスター」チラシ/namco “Quester” Flyerから)

19 Aug 05:02

dog philosophy

by Ian


dog philosophy

22 Aug 04:00


by Christopher Hastings

practical medical advice from your physician


28p09 is a post from: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad could be here, right now.

28p09 is a post from: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad could be here, right now.
21 Aug 15:56

That Time of Year: TOR's Year in Review


who the fuck is Ben Wolf

Hey! It’s kinda, sorta the one year anniversary for The Old Reader. I know, some of you have been using The Old Reader since 2012. But the current team took over just a year ago. And now we’re going to celebrate, have some cake, and reminisce.

When we first got involved, there was a lot of mystery about who we were. This blog initially only said that a “a new corporate entity in the United States” was going to take over and improve the service.

We didn’t mean to be so mysterious. We were a new company ourselves. Levee Labs is our web application company. It’s the kind of work we’ve been doing since the late 90’s before starting our own shop a few years ago.


Like most people who used TOR, we were sad when we heard that the founders, Elena and Dmitry, planned to shut it down because the volume of users was overwhelming. However, they were willing to sell the application as long as the new owners had the same values and attitudes along with the technical ability to improve the application’s availability. I like to think we’ve delivered on both.

Our first priority was to handle traffic spikes better. We’ve been building high volume, highly scalable web apps for a long time, so we knew a lot about that particular problem. In the first few months, a lot of what we did was backend stuff to improve the architecture and performance.

Thanks to all of you who hung with us while we moved all of the data 5,000 miles to our new infrastructure.

Next came the new features. We’ve added a number of new social sharing features as well as usability features. Social sharing features like Starred items and Send To allow you you to highlight and share posts from The Old Reader for friends or social media. We also added the bookmarklet feature to send a copy of any web page to your TOR account.

A lot of these are features you’ve all been asking for, while other are just things we think are cool. More recently, we added Spritz to help you read faster. And of course, we have grown the list of apps to make your Old Reader feed available everywhere, as with the most recent, Reeder for iOS and Mac.

Of course, the biggest change was in February when we rolled out Premium accounts for The Old Reader. This was the biggest risk of all, but I am happy to say it has worked out. TOR now has well over a half million users and thousands of Premium users.

Premium isn’t just way to make sure the service is viable for the foreseeable future. It’s what lets us keep the service available without resorting to the ads, feed manipulation, data mining, sponsored content, and all of the crap that pollutes social media and other online services. We’ll also keep rolling out new Premium features to make the service even more valuable. 

Reading this, I am immensely proud of what we’ve accomplished. But know that we’re not even close to done. We’ve got a lot of stuff in the works, big and small. It should be a fun year. 

Now, back to cake.

22 Aug 16:45

Do you ever think about Black Bolt being a vegetarian and being very careful about what he eats and drinks, because he's afraid that if he burps, he'll destroy the whole moon?

by brianbendis