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19 Dec 16:20

Archaeologists Find Royal Entryway To King Herod's Hilltop Palace

by Mark Strauss

Archaeologists Find Royal Entryway To King Herod's Hilltop Palace

King Herod's most ambitious project was Herodium, a fortified palace on top of a hill in the Judean desert. Honeycombed with passages and chambers, it also became his mausoleum. Now, archaeologists have found a resplendent, 65-foot corridor to provide the royal entourage direct entry into the palace courtyard.


19 Dec 15:30

Guy Fieri receives the key to the City of Ferndale from the...

Guy Fieri receives the key to the City of Ferndale from the Ferndale City Council: L-R John Maxwell, Ken Mierzwa, Mayor Jeff Farley, Vice-mayor Stuart Titus at Ferndale City Hall at a special council meeting, 23 November 2012.

Link (thanks, Don!)

19 Dec 03:08

Critical Git bug allows malicious code execution on client machines

by Dan Goodin


Developers who use the official Git client and related software are being urged to install a security update that kills a bug that could allow attackers to hijack end-user computers.

The critical vulnerability affects all Windows- and Mac-based versions of the official Git client and related software that interacts with Git repositories, according to an advisory published Thursday. The bug can be exploited to give remote code execution when the client software accesses booby-trapped Git repositories.

"An attacker can craft a malicious Git tree that will cause Git to overwrite its own .git/config file when cloning or checking out a repository, leading to arbitrary command execution in the client machine," Thursday's advisory warned. "Git clients running on OS X (HFS+) or any version of Microsoft Windows (NTFS, FAT) are exploitable through this vulnerability. Linux clients are not affected if they run in a case-sensitive filesystem."

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19 Dec 03:05

Instagram makes teens and celebrities angry by killing millions of spambots

by Rich McCormick

"a user named chiragchirag78 who plumetted from more than 3 million followers to exactly eight. Chiragchirag78's Instagram account no longer exists."

A crackdown on spam Instagram accounts has triggered a cataclysm in the world of low-grade social media celebrities. The event began today as the photo-sharing service made good on its promise to start deleting millions of fake accounts. The "Instagram Rapture," as it's come to be hashtagged, has seen the follower counts of apparently popular Instagrammers ravaged. Jenni Farley, maybe better known as Jersey Shore's JWoww, saw her followers drop from 2.6 million to 115,000, while rapper Ma$e committed Instagram's version of seppuku, deleting his account after freefalling from 1.6 million followers to around 100,000.

Some users have revelled in the spam massacre, suggesting that those who have seen the biggest drops are guilty of having purchased fake followers to boost their numbers, while others have railed against the crackdown, begging Instagram to bring the spam accounts back to reinflate their follower counts. Instagram told Business Insider that the users it was removing were either already deactivated spam accounts, or violated the service's guidelines.



Web developer Zach Allia has collated the figures into a handy graph, showing the number of followers Instagram's top 100 accounts lost in a single day. Major celebrities like Beyoncé had their follower counts dented in the cull — poor Justin Bieber's figure dropped by 3,538,228 — but the process hit some less well-known names harder. "Smack That" singer Akon shed some 56 percent of his followers in the space of a few hours, while Allia's figures show a user named chiragchirag78 who plumetted from more than 3 million followers to exactly eight. Chiragchirag78's Instagram account no longer exists.

Ironically, it was Instagram itself that lost the most followers in the "Rapture." The photo service, owned by Facebook, has lost almost a third of its followers, dropping 18 million users in a single day. The vast majority of the missing likely never existed, but given how vociferously users are venting their annoyance at losing their imaginary fans, it's safe to bet that real people are behind a good proportion of the unfollows

19 Dec 05:33

FBI Confirms Open Investigation Into Gamergate

by samzenpus
v3rgEz writes In a terse form letter responding to a FOIA request, the FBI has confirmed it has an open investigation into Gamergate, the loose but controversial coalition of gamers calling for ethics in gaming journalism — even as some members have harassed and sent death threats to female gaming developers and critics.

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19 Dec 08:00

Raspberry Pi helps old school pinball machine spew internet cliches #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

by Jessica


Via Engadget.

Pinball machines have been created from a single meme, so why not base one on, say, all of them? Liberty Games decided to refurbish an old and busted “Baby Doll” machine with all the cats, doges and “winter is coming” memes they could wedge in, while giving it a tech spit-shine with a 3D printer and Raspberry Pi. First they spiced up the play field with 3D-printed Grumpy Cat, Doge and Actual Advice Mallard figurines and new graphics. All the old mechanical relays were then wired to a Pi to to play meme videos on an LCD screen for certain actions — like a Rickroll if you lose. We’re not sure if the experimental game is actually for sale, but if so, shut up and take my money!

Read more.



998Each Friday is PiDay here at Adafruit! Be sure to check out our posts, tutorials and new Raspberry Pi related products. Adafruit has the largest and best selection of Raspberry Pi accessories and all the code & tutorials to get you up and running in no time!

19 Dec 12:34

Apple is 'deeply offended' by BBC's labor abuse allegations

by Amar Toor

Apple CEO Tim Cook has responded to an investigative report that revealed labor abuses at one of the company's Chinese suppliers, saying he's "deeply offended" by the allegations. In an internal email to UK employees obtained by the Telegraph, Jeff Williams, Apple senior vice president of operations, wrote that both he and Cook are "deeply offended by the suggestion that Apple would break a promise to the workers in our supply chain or mislead our customers in any way."

The email was in response to a BBC documentary released this week, in which undercover journalists working at a Pegatron factory in Shanghai reported that workers there were subjected to long hours without breaks, and under cramped living conditions. In the email, Williams said that the hour-long documentary "implied that Apple isn’t improving working conditions. Let me tell you, nothing could be further from the truth." He went on to say that the company provided the BBC with "facts and perspective" on its efforts to improve working conditions throughout its supply chain, but that input was "clearly missing from their programme."

"Let me tell you, nothing could be further from the truth."

The plant in question manufactures iPads and iPhones for Apple, which employs around 1,400 workers across China. The BBC reported that employees there were forced to work shifts that lasted up to 16 hours, and that some worked 18 days in a row after their requests for time off were denied. One reporter was made to share a small dorm with 11 other workers.

Apple and other technology companies have come under increased scrutiny in recent years for alleged labor abuses in their supply chains, most notoriously at plants owned by Foxconn. Last year, a labor rights watchdog accused Pegatron of committing safety and environmental violations at its factories, in addition to labor abuse allegations that are similar to what the BBC reported this week.

In response, Apple has increased efforts to monitor and regulate its supply chain, as detailed in its annual supplier responsibility reports. In the internal email, Williams noted that the company has tracked the working hours of more than 1 million supply chain workers, and that 93 percent comply with the mandated 60-hour working week limit, though he acknowledged that there's room for improvement. "We can still do better. And we will," he wrote.

"We can still do better. And we will."

The BBC investigation also reported that tin from an illegal mine in Indonesia may be making its way into Apple's supply chain, with some of the mines employing child laborers under unsafe working conditions. In the email, Williams contests that Apple has publicly acknowledged that "tin from Indonesia ends up in our products, and some of that tin likely comes from illegal mines," and that the company has visited the region and is "appalled by what's going on there." He added that Apple is actively working to hold tin suppliers accountable, after having created an Indonesian Tin Working Group with other tech companies.

"Apple has two choices: We could make sure all of our suppliers buy tin from smelters outside of Indonesia, which would probably be the easiest thing for us to do and would certainly shield us from criticism," Williams wrote. "But it would be the lazy and cowardly path, because it would do nothing to improve the situation for Indonesian workers or the environment since Apple consumes a tiny fraction of the tin mined there. We chose the second path, which is to stay engaged and try to drive a collective solution."

Williams' full email is below.

UK Team,

As you know, Apple is dedicated to the advancement of human rights and equality around the world. We are honest about the challenges we face and we work hard to make sure that people who make our products are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Last night, the BBC’s Panorama program called those values into question. Like many of you, Tim and I were deeply offended by the suggestion that Apple would break a promise to the workers in our supply chain or mislead our customers in any way.

I’d like to give you facts and perspective, all of which we shared with the BBC in advance, but were clearly missing from their program.

Panorama showed some of the shocking conditions around tin mining in Indonesia. Apple has publicly stated that tin from Indonesia ends up in our products, and some of that tin likely comes from illegal mines. Here are the facts:

Tens of thousands of artisanal miners are selling tin through many middlemen to the smelters who supply to component suppliers who sell to the world. The government is not addressing the issue, and there is widespread corruption in the undeveloped supply chain. Our team visited the same parts of Indonesia visited by the BBC, and of course we are appalled by what’s going on there.

Apple has two choices: We could make sure all of our suppliers buy tin from smelters outside of Indonesia, which would probably be the easiest thing for us to do and would certainly shield us from criticism. But it would be the lazy and cowardly path, because it would do nothing to improve the situation for Indonesian workers or the environment since Apple consumes a tiny fraction of the tin mined there. We chose the second path, which is to stay engaged and try to drive a collective solution.

We spearheaded the creation of an Indonesian Tin Working Group with other technology companies. Apple is pushing to find and implement a system that holds smelters accountable so we can influence artisanal mining in Indonesia. It could be an approach such as "bagging and tagging" legally mined material, which has been successful over time in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We are looking to drive similar results in Indonesia, which is the right thing to do.

Panorama also made claims about our commitment to working conditions in our factories. We know of no other company doing as much as Apple does to ensure fair and safe working conditions, to discover and investigate problems, to fix and follow through when issues arise, and to provide transparency into the operations of our suppliers.

I want you to know that more than 1400 of your Apple coworkers are stationed in China to manage our manufacturing operations. They are in the factories constantly — talented engineers and managers who are also compassionate people, trained to speak up when they see safety risks or mistreatment. We also have a team of experts dedicated solely to driving compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct across our vast supply chain.

In 2014 alone, our Supplier Responsibility team completed 630 comprehensive, in-person audits deep into our supply chain. These audits include face-to-face interviews with workers, away from their managers, in their native language. Sometimes critics point to the discovery of problems as evidence that the process isn’t working. The reality is that we find violations in every audit we have ever performed, no matter how sophisticated the company we're auditing. We find problems, we drive improvement, and then we raise the bar.

Panorama’s report implied that Apple isn’t improving working conditions. Let me tell you, nothing could be further from the truth. Here are just a few examples:

Several years ago, the vast majority of workers in our supply chain worked in excess of 60 hours, and 70+ hour workweeks were typical. After years of slow progress and industry excuses, Apple decided to attack the problem by tracking the weekly hours of over one million workers, driving corrective actions with our suppliers and publishing the results on our website monthly — something no other company had ever done. It takes substantial effort, and we have to weed out false reporting, but it's working. This year, our suppliers have achieved an average of 93% compliance with our 60-hour limit. We can still do better. And we will.

Our auditors were the first to identify and crack down on a ring of unscrupulous labor brokers who were holding workers’ passports and forcing them to pay exorbitant fees. To date, we have helped workers recoup $20 million in excessive payments like these.

We’ve gone far beyond auditing and corrective actions by creating educational programs for workers in the same facilities where they make our products. More than 750,000 people have taken advantage of these college-level courses and enrichment programs, and the feedback we get from students is inspiring.

I will not dive into every issue raised by Panorama in this note, but you can rest assured that we take all allegations seriously, and we investigate every claim. We know there are a lot of issues out there, and our work is never done. We will not rest until every person in our supply chain is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

If you’d like to learn more about our Supplier Responsibility program, I encourage you and our customers to visit our website at

Thanks for your time and your support.


19 Dec 12:57

Duet turned my old iPad into a fast MacBook display

by Thomas Ricker

I just spent $10 on Duet Display to turn my aging iPad into a secondary MacBook display. That’s about 5 times more than I’d normally consider prudent for an app, but it was worth every penny.

I’ve been a daily ipad-as-secondary-display user for years. My goto app had always been Air Display (and then Air Display 2). That just changed. For the same price as Air Display 2 I’m able to ditch the unstable Wi-Fi connection typical to these remote display apps and extend my workspace over an old 30-pin USB cable. That's given new life to my three-year-old MacBook Air and three-year-old iPad 2. No stutters, no lag, and it's surprisingly robust enough to support video playback. Duet says its app was developed by a team of ex-Apple engineers and it definitely seems to benefit from this expertise.

After getting past the price, setting up Duet was painless. I was up and running in 5 minutes after first downloading the app from the iOS App Store and then installing the free companion app on my MacBook Air (and rebooting). Duet found the iPad just as soon as I connected the USB cable. The company claims it can deliver a retina display at 60 frames per second with no lag. That might be true, but I’m running in energy saving mode at 30FPS and I’m still able to watch Kim Jong-un’s head explode with glorious fluidity while working from this cafe. Sure, my setup is nerdy as hell but any embarrassment is offset by my increased productivity, so the choice is a real no-brainer.

19 Dec 15:14

Viking women were most certainly not stay-at-home moms

by The Conversation

The traditional picture of Vikings is one of boatloads of hairy men pillaging their way along the coasts of Europe. Though true to some degree, this stereotype has more recently been tempered with the appreciation of Vikings as explorers and settlers, founding colonies from the Black Sea to Canada.

Left out of this picture are Viking women, but with the results of state-of-the-art DNA sequencing techniques, geneticists from Norway and Sweden have provided a picture of the Viking world that reveals women traveled to settle in far-off places. This appears to be true of born-and-bred Norsewomen as well as those from the lands where vikings traveled.

Handed down the maternal line

The study, published by the Royal Society, sequenced DNA from 45 Viking-age skeletons. This was mitochondrial or mtDNA which, unlike most DNA, is passed down from mother to child with no input from the father. Unless there's a mutation, children have identical mtDNA to their mothers, their mother’s mothers, and so on. If you go back far enough, every person who has ever lived falls somewhere on a single, branching, maternal family tree.

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19 Dec 16:40

NASA just e-mailed a wrench to space


When International Space Station Commander Barry Wilmore needed a wrench, NASA knew just what to do. They "e-mailed" him one. This is the first time an object has been designed on Earth and then transmitted to space for manufacture.

Made In Space, the California company that designed the 3D printer aboard the ISS, overheard Wilmore mentioning the need for a ratcheting socket wrench and decided to create one. Previously, if an astronaut needed a specific tool it would have to be flown up on the next mission to the ISS, which could take months.

This isn't the first 3D-printed object made in space, but it is the first created to meet the needs of an astronaut. In November astronauts aboard the ISS printed a replacement part for the recently installed 3D printer. A total of 21 objects have now been printed in space, all of which will be brought back to Earth for testing.

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12 Dec 04:22

x09: cultureisnotacostume: laliberty: Cops Beat a Deaf Man...




Cops Beat a Deaf Man for Seven Minutes Because He didn’t Respond to Their Yelling

Pearl Pearson is a 64 year-old diabetic deaf driver who resides in the Oklahoma City area. On the evening of January 3rd, Pearl crossed paths with the wrong cops.

What’s the story?

At this time, only limited details can be provided since this case is under investigation.

1. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol pulled Pearl over late in the evening on January 3, 2014. Pearl pulled over as he should.

2. Pearl’s driver’s license indicates he is Deaf. He also has a placard in his driver’s door that says, “Driver is deaf”.

3. Pearl pulled over and rolled down his window, expecting an officer to ask for this identification. An officer struck him in the face before Pearl had the chance to do anything.  As you can see, he was struck multiple times.

4. An interpreter was never provided while Pearl was under the care of law enforcement.  Not during the booking, hospital, or time at the jail  was an interpreter provided, even through Pearl requested one.

5. Pearl was left wondering “why” the the entire time.  He has no clue why  he was beat. Pearl and his family are still not sure, but are ready for some answers.

6. Pearl’s own son is a police officer, as was his son-in-law, who is now a deputy sheriff.  He respects law enforcement and knows how to respond when pulled over.  There is no reason for someone like Pearl to be hurt like this by those who are meant to protect and serve.

[LAL Note: "respect[ing] law enforcement" is not a prerequisite for proper treatment by law enforcement.]

Yelling at a deaf man to put up his hands will not do much, except aggravate an already aggressive police officer. This is a tragic scenario of ignorance and needless escalation of violence.

Eric Foster and Kelton Hayes were the two OHP officers that were involved in what an affidavit claims was a 7 minutes altercation.

Where is the dash cam footage from the units of Eric Foster and Kelton Hayes? Wouldn’t this clear up any inconsistencies in this story?

Naturally, it’s paid vacation time:

The two officers have been suspended with pay while the investigation into this incident continues.

This is hardly the first time a bully in blue attacked a deaf man for not listening. One other notable example: in 2010, a Seattle cop shot and killed a partially deaf man for holding a folded pocket knife he used for whittling when the man couldn’t hear orders to drop it. He wasn’t harassing anyone, he was just walking. The city of Seattle paid the man’s family $1.5 million. Which means, yet again, taxpayers were on the hook for the wrongdoing of state agents. 

Suspended with pay? Ugh. Those idiots should lose their jobs. There are plenty of terrible cops, we don’t need any more who beat up disabled people plz

fire them prosecute them and send them to hell

12 Dec 03:49

adventuresinozrpg: BEWARE THE WHEELERS Even though they’re...


those damn wheelers



Even though they’re really more bark than bite.

hey otterdidact

19 Dec 01:24

beyoncesupremacy: ronracer: DEAD drag ha!


back in the hole I go




drag ha!

13 Dec 05:59

Billy Corgan Says Smashing Pumpkins Are Still Better Than Pearl Jam And Foo Fighters

by gguillotte

hey Overbey

"I know [Pearl Jam] have a tremendous fan base, and they should," Corgan said of the group, whom he called "derivative." "They're a great band, but I'm a Beatles guy, I'm a Stones guy, I'm a Kinks guy. To me a lot of other bands don't have the work. [...] I think if you stack my songs up, Cobain's songs up, and that band's songs, they just don’t have the songs. They're a great band. They're still an arena act. They've gotten it done for a long time; I have to bow to that. That's a mystery to me, because I don't get it." It seems like Corgan's biggest beef with the Foo Fighters is that they aren't Nirvana. (Nirvana's drummer, Dave Grohl, is founder and frontman of the Foo Fighters.) "Dave is a great musician, a great songwriter and has done the work, but to me, my criticism of the Foo Fighters, if I’m being a music critic, is that they just haven’t evolved and that’s sort of the recent rap on them is, you know, making the same music," Corgan said. "Obviously, I’ve put my whole life on the line for making different types music as I’ve gone along. We’ve talked last time I was here about playing old songs, evolving and it’s just my mentality. I know it’s not for everybody. Listen, [Dave’s] getting it done, so it’s like, if you want to be competitive, my philosophy against his, he’s the one winning."
19 Dec 01:37


18 Dec 20:59

Comedian Jenny Slate Sings ‘Landslide’ by Fleetwood Mac as Her Character Marcel the Shell

by Glen Tickle

During a recent appearance on Conan, comedian Jenny Slate performed a portion of the Fleetwood Mac song “Landslide” in the voice of her character Marcel the Shell (previously). Marcel has appeared in a series of short popular films by director Dean Fleischer-Camp.

For comparison, here is Fleetwood Mac performing the song during a 1997 concert, and the original Marcel the Shell short film.

18 Dec 21:18

Newswire: Ellen Page is Han Solo, Jessica Alba is Princess Leia for Jason Reitman’s live read

by Sean O'Neal

'Aaron Paul’s Luke Skywalker facing off against J.K. Simmons’ Darth Vader, Stephen Merchant contributing his British gangliness to C-3PO, Dennis Haysbert his insurance company pitchman smoothness to Lando Calrissian, and Kevin Pollak playing Yoda and myriad strangled Imperials. And now he’s brought Page in to play the gender-flipped Solo, hoping to reexamine Empire in the way he did with his all-black version of Reservoir Dogs and all-female Glengarry Glenn Ross. Or, at least, to get the Internet talking about what is otherwise just a bunch of actors sitting on stage, reading aloud a movie it’s seen 100 times.'

Likely fulfilling the dream of some Star Wars fan, who would normally keep that dream to themselves or a Reddit thread, Ellen Page will play Han Solo to Jessica Alba’s Princess Leia in the upcoming Empire Strikes Back live-read from Jason Reitman. As announced yesterday, Reitman is staging one of his now-traditional run-throughs of the film with another all-star cast, with Aaron Paul’s Luke Skywalker facing off against J.K. Simmons’ Darth Vader, Stephen Merchant contributing his British gangliness to C-3PO, Dennis Haysbert his insurance company pitchman smoothness to Lando Calrissian, and Kevin Pollak playing Yoda and myriad strangled Imperials. And now he’s brought Page in to play the gender-flipped Solo, hoping to reexamine Empire in the way he did with his all-black version of Reservoir Dogs and all-female Glengarry Glenn Ross. Or, at least, to get the Internet talking about what is otherwise just a bunch ...

18 Dec 05:43

vysaninja: dannytime: mickeyblowsyourmind: aaliyahhhs: but...







but where was he at my last doctor’s appointment…

this is how you know someone loves what they’re doing.

gonna have to ask my dr. to do the same thing…

But seriously, this is how to pediatrician.

01 Dec 10:00

Understanding GIT

by sharhalakis

god I hate git

by Murf

19 Nov 05:20

via kremlint: i got the russian spacecraft simulator...


via Dmitry Krasnoukhov

via kremlint:

i got the russian spacecraft simulator working

More information

"Spacecrafts use software to provide an interface to the astronauts. There’s a training version of this very software which simulates a flight. It’s what you see in the OP pic. It looks like some 1337 haX0r software since it’s been develeoped in the 60ies until at least 2002."

12 Dec 16:06

Professional school students offer look at new world of extreme student debt |

by gguillotte
A little over a year since she graduated, she owes more than $150,000 in student debt. She didn't feel comfortable disclosing her salary but confirmed she makes less than the industry average of $67,000 for first-year veterinarians. Faced with a monthly payment approaching 40 percent of her take-home pay, Stafford got into an income-based repayment program that lowered her monthly obligation. The debt, which she figures could take 25 years to repay, weighs on her. "It's like a mortgage to a house I'll never live in," Stafford said. "I sometimes put my head under the covers and pretend it doesn't exist."
07 Dec 21:47

Lions DT celebrates sack with Hadouken

by Seth Rosenthal

"You could argue this is a Street Fighter Hadouken or a Dragonball Z Kamehameha (I'm told the build-up is the important determining factor here)."

You could argue this is a Street Fighter Hadouken or a Dragonball Z Kamehameha (I'm told the build-up is the important determining factor here). Either way, it is awesome. Well done, Andre Fluellen.

(h/t Deadspin)

18 Dec 02:07

Why The Workday Should Be 10–6, Not 9–5


back to the sharebattical

If you've ever wished you didn't have to get to work until later in the morning, you're not alone. A new study shows that those who start work later also get more sleep. And that's led some health experts to suggest that pushing back the workday could be a good idea.
18 Dec 06:00

Movie Review: Love is nice, but money is better in the shiny, hollow Annie

by Katie Rife

'Cameron Diaz as Miss Hannigan, re-imagined here as a shrill, washed-up backup singer for C + C Music Factory. Diaz seems to have been working with a different director than everyone else, one who kept yelling, “More! more!,” as she stumbled around the IKEA-furnished apartment we are supposed to believe is the nadir of urban poverty in—gasp!—Harlem.'

'The treatment of Stacks’ self-made billionaire status is especially troublesome, removing the Great Depression elements of the musical while enthusiastically preaching capitalist meritocracy. Annie spends a significant amount of time focusing on the couches and swimming pools and high-tech gadgets in Stacks’ penthouse, every surface polished to a gleaming, very expensive-looking shine. But, as the movie reminds us over and over, it’s okay that he’s so rich, because he earned it through hard work. (Cannavale and Diaz, on the other hand, are looking for an easy way out.) At one point, Annie accompanies Stacks as he makes sure all his cell phone towers are working, which is somehow accomplished by flying over them in a helicopter. Soaring over Manhattan in a symbol of Stack’s capitalist empire, Annie asks how he became so wealthy. “I worked very, very hard,” he tells her.'

Quvenzhané Wallis’ performance in Annie should effectively silence people who grumbled at the casting of a black child in a role traditionally performed by redheaded white girls. At 11, Wallis is superhumanly adorable in the title role, and her dogged optimism and energetic charm compensate for the weaknesses in her vocal performance. Hating Wallis is like hating ice cream on a summer’s afternoon, and it’s a good thing that little girls of many colors can find some version of themselves in the multiracial cast of this musical reboot. But Broadway purists determined to hate Annie need not fear, because there’s plenty worth complaining about.

The adult cast is agreeable at best. Any scene without Wallis and her gang of remarkably symmetrical, well-groomed orphans feels like a chore—“Let’s just get through this,” the movie seems to be saying, “Then we’ll show you that cute little ...

09 Dec 14:00

Women in Apocalyptic Fiction Shaving Their Armpits.

by Lisa Wade, PhD

via ThePrettiestOne
bonus is if the socimages without lisa text feed is still going, this post is probably _hilarious_

This is what gender ideology looks like:


That’s The Walking Dead’s Rosita Espinosa with newly shaven armpits.

This is also gender ideology at work: the privileging of an idea of gender over real life or, in this case, realism.

The Walking Dead’s producers go to great lengths to portray what a zombie apocalypse might be like. They are especially keen to show us the nasty bits: what it really looks like when dead people don’t die, what it looks like to kill the undead, and the evil it spawns in those left alive. It’s gruesome. The show is a gore orgy. But armpit hair on women? Apparently that’s just gross.

If gender ideology had lost this battle with realism, we’d see armpit hair on the women in Gilligan’s Island, Planet of the ApesThe Blue Lagoon, Beauty and the BeastWaterworld, Lost, and The Hunger Games – but we don’t. (Thanks to Ariane Lange at Buzzfeed for the whole collection and to @uheartdanny for the link.)

At least Rosita could conceivably have a razor. How do women supposedly shave their armpits on deserted islands? Did the Beast slip Belle a razor, you know, just as part of his controlling personality? And maybe some persnickety women would continue to shave even if they were lost in purgatory, but Riley in Alien? Come on.


Our interest in realism only goes so far. Armpit hair on women is apparently one of its limits.

Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

(View original at

12 Dec 03:16


12 Dec 16:05

I Left My Heart in Jalisco Cocktail Recipe |

by gguillotte
This warm, spicy and romantic tequila cocktail makes enough for two.
18 Dec 06:00

12 Days Of Non-Denominational Winter Holidays: Shane Black expertly trims the action movie tree with Christmas spirit

by Les Chappell

'Why did Marvel’s latest big-budget film seem to have a secret ambition to be the studio’s first holiday classic?

The answer to that question is evident in the film’s writer and director, Shane Black. While Black’s scripts are famous for their price tags, commanding up to $4 million in his early ’90s heyday, they’re also distinctive for containing as much holiday cheer as they do banter. Beginning with 1987’s Lethal Weapon and continuing throughout his career—1991’s The Last Boy Scout, 1996’s The Long Kiss Goodnight, 2005’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang—Black has a penchant for setting his films during the latter half of December. In his world, “Jingle Bell Rock” is the prelude to a drug-induced suicide, gunfights take place in Christmas tree lots, villains turn the benediction of “Merry Christmas” into a veiled threat, and Santa Claus watches someone threaten to jump off the roof.'

For the past three years, The A.V. Club has devoted the month of December to reflecting on our favorite holiday entertainments, and this year is no different. It’s a feature so nice, it’s never had the same name twice, and this year it’s the 12 Days Of Non-Denominational Winter Holidays.

When Iron Man 3 was released last May, it heralded the start of the 2013 summer blockbuster season in the way you’d expect: big-name stars, lots of high-definition explosions, climactic battles, and one-liners in equal measure. Yet there were plenty of details throughout the film that made it feel like it should have been released at the end of December. Every single action scene seemed to have a Christmas tree or a string of multicolored lights somewhere in frame. “Jingle Bells,” not AC/DC or Black Sabbath, was the music Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony ...

12 Dec 16:39

Bob Jones University made victims feel to blame for sex abuse: report - Yahoo News

by gguillotte
A Christian university in South Carolina discouraged some students who reported being sexually assaulted as children or on campus from going to the police and made them feel they were responsible for the abuse, a report released on Thursday said. Bob Jones University's attitude over nearly four decades toward student reports of sexual abuse or assault was "blaming and disparaging," according to nearly 62 percent of survivors who took a confidential survey as part of an independent investigation commissioned by the university.
12 Dec 04:06

Transgender Teen Awarded $75,000 in Lawsuit

Transgender Teen Awarded $75,000 in Lawsuit:



Maine court ruled she was discriminated against over school restroom use

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this is important bc its the first time this has been enforced on a state level