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reblogging again because it’s absolutely incredible

important as fuck

can i put this on my refrigerator

I’m tapping this inside my locker and my room and looking at it everyday, this needs to be seen.

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07/21/14 PHD comic: 'Writing'

Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham
Click on the title below to read the comic
title: "Writing" - originally published 7/21/2014

For the latest news in PHD Comics, CLICK HERE!

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Why It's Good for You to Be Kind to Others

by Patrick Allan

Being nice doesn't have to be selfless. There are many benefits to helping others that come right back to you. Professor, researcher, and philosopher Stephen Post talked with Big Think about how being good is good for you mentally and physically.


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"After 40 years of impoverished black men getting prison time for selling weed, white men are..."

“After 40 years of impoverished black men getting prison time for selling weed, white men are planning to get rich doing the same things. So that’s why I think we have to start talking about reparations for the war on drugs. How do we repair the harms caused?”


Michelle Alexander  (via lugardepiedras)

Always reblog, because I’ve noticed the media salivating over all these *white* weed entrepreneurs for being so “ingenious” and “savvy businessmen”, while ignoring the the mostly Black, Brown and poor victims and survivors of Amerikkka’s “War On Drugs”, and the ongoing racist and classist injustices that keep locking away Black, Brown and poor people in masses while giving white people who commit the same offenses less or no jail time at all.

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And it costs like $8,000 non-refundable application fee to even get started running a legal weed shop.

WHO had access to that kinda money?


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The fact that the ALA shared this link is so gloriously bitter and angry and I love it.

Is there a portmanteau for that? Angritter? Bangry? 

My library card already gets me multiple “real” books, e-books, audiobooks, magazines and movies per month. For free.

Kindle Unlimited offers nothing from big presses, and no guarantee the authors will get paid fairly for their work. Libraries buy the book up front for a higher price (and a better binding). Kindle Unlimited offers the authors a variable percentage of a as-yet-undetermined-and-unannounced amount of money. 

While Amazon touts Kindle Unlimited at “Netflix For Books!” the reality is Netflix signed contracts with everyone whose work they offer so that actors, screen writers, best boys, and the rest of those people get paid for the shows and movies you watch. Amazon does not.

That means your favorite author isn’t being compensated for their time or work. If you love a book series and want to see the next one get published: buy the book or hit the library. Starving authors quit writing because they like eating. 

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The World Health Organization Wants to Legalize Sex Work and Drugs

by Annalee Newitz

The World Health Organization Wants to Legalize Sex Work and Drugs

Earlier this month, the World Health Organization (WHO) released guidelines for helping to prevent the spread of HIV in key populations. The group, which also monitors the globe for pandemic outbreaks, says we have to decriminalize sex work and drugs if we want to stop HIV.


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​Readsy Makes It Easy to Focus and Speed Read Online Articles

by Mark Wilson

​Readsy Makes It Easy to Focus and Speed Read Online Articles

Readsy is a free web service that makes speed reading or focusing on any online article or web site easy. Just paste in the text or the URL, and the site guides you through a rapid reading of the content.


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That Pretty Much Sums it Up

That Pretty Much Sums it Up

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World Health Organization Calls For Decriminalization of Drug Use

by Soulskill
An anonymous reader writes: We've known for a while: the War on Drugs isn't working. Scientists, journalists, economists, and politicians have all argued against continuing the expensive and ineffective fight. Now, the World Health Organization has said flat out that nations should work to decriminalize the use of drugs. The recommendations came as part of a report released this month focusing on the prevention and treatment of HIV. "The WHO's unambiguous recommendation is clearly grounded in concerns for public health and human rights. Whilst the call is made in the context of the policy response to HIV specifically, it clearly has broader ramifications, specifically including drug use other than injecting. In the report, the WHO says: 'Countries should work toward developing policies and laws that decriminalize injection and other use of drugs and, thereby, reduce incarceration. ...Countries should ban compulsory treatment for people who use and/or inject drugs." The bottom line is that the criminalization of drug use comes with substantial costs, while providing no substantial benefit.

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Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Pues sí que ha cambiado el asunto... - versión para adultos

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Comic for July 21, 2014

Dilbert readers - Please visit to read this feature. Due to changes with our feeds, we are now making this RSS feed a link to
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Comic for July 22, 2014

Dilbert readers - Please visit to read this feature. Due to changes with our feeds, we are now making this RSS feed a link to
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Get Fuzzy by Darby Conley for July 22, 2014
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Remember Renisha McBride and That Imperfect Black Women's Lives Also Matter


On November 2, 2013, Ted Wafer, a 55 year old White male resident of Dearborn Heights, Michigan, killed Renisha McBride, a 19 year old young Black woman who was injured from a car accident and seeking assistance. According to Detroit Free Press, Ted Wafer has been charged with second degree murder and manslaughter, where if convicted he can face up to life in prison. However, they’re already bringing out the “Angry Black Woman” trope and tapping into anti-Black myths about inherent violent behavior and criminality for Black people as a way to smear her name. I expect her name will be dragged through the mud and she, not Wafer will really be on trial in the way that Trayvon Martin, not George Zimmerman was.

Though she’s a Black woman and not a Black man (and let’s not be obtuse; we know despite some extrajudicial/White male killings being of Black women, Black women receive less media coverage and community support, and virtually none if they are Black trans women…so don’t even) and because she had been drinking, not sober, let’s not forget that Black women who are sober (i.e. Rekia Boyd), Black men who are intoxicated (i.e. Rodney King) and Black men who are legally sober (i.e. Oscar Grant) are still harmed or murdered, period.


Thus, the urge for misogynoir (anti-Black misogyny that deems Black women’s lives less valuable than Black men’s), for patriarchal cisheterosexism (idea that cishet Black men’s lives are more valuable than other Black people’s lives and that Black women have “easier” lives than Black men) and the politics of respectability (idea that she’s not an “acceptable” and “appropriate” victim to support)—that’s making some of us Black folks not be concerned for McBride’s family or the fact that she was shot in the face despite being unarmed and needing medical attention—is an urge that needs to be deconstructed and rejected.

Of course White supremacy dictates that Whites have every racist, classist, misogynoiristic response to her death and will act as if she is on trial, not Wafer, and of course haul out their ahistorical and ignorant tropes about “Black on Black crime" and the filthy lie about how Black people “don’t care” as a distraction, but I don’t write to them or for them. Instead, I’m thinking about how some of us Black folks have bailed on Renisha and how we can change this in general for Black women (though especially for Black trans women).

Remember Renisha McBride and that despite being cis (let’s always complicate cis privilege discussion for Black women; the complication is not denial of privilege; it is nuance and it is intersectionality), she, like many Black women are viewed as “equally violent” as Black men, face the same violence that Black men often do (i.e. Marlene Pinnock, Dr. Ersula Ore) and cannot reasonably expect any protection from the State whatsoever, whether in a historic context or even now when we are viewed as not capable of being harmed or needing help (i.e. via misogynoiristic and ableist archetypes such as “Strong Black Woman” and “Angry Black Woman” who are “automatically violent”) but only as capable of harming others. The fear of Blackness is always deemed reasonable and a death sentence in response is regularly deemed justifiable.


  • As far as I know, there is no live visual coverage of the jury selection (which started today) or the trial itself, which also speaks to lower visibility for Black women as victims.
  • @FeministaJones started the hashtag #RememberRenisha since people tend to do things with tags like “RenishaTrial” which connects to what I just stated about Black victims being on trial for their own deaths.
  • @dreamhampton mentioned to follow @ColorofChange for updates on Ted Wafer’s trial.  
  • @oralandar_DN and @idabeewells have live tweets on the jury selection and trial.
  • My posts on this are tagged on my blog via her name “Renisha McBride.”

While I wish she would have had more support and someone to take her home that evening, I don’t think a bullet in the head is an adequate response. But again, plenty of Black people have been murdered similarly and were sober. Blackness is always deemed sufficient proof to justify death. Anything else is tacked on as extra. 

While I have less than zero percent faith in both her memory and her family getting the support they need and Ted Wafer actually paying for deciding to murder her—in such a way, placed a cool as a cucumber call to 911 after murdering her and being arrested weeks later—I still hope that the calloused crime will evoke some sense of accountability and that her life won’t be yet another Black life deemed worthless and disposable; somehow.

Related Posts: White Supremacy Still Matters More To Whites Than Renisha McBride’s LifeUnlike Renisha McBride, A White Woman Came To My Door (Not Even For Help) And Lived Another Day, tweets re: dealing with intoxicated Whites, but I didn’t use murder as the solution [X]

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‘Are You a Human’, A Quick Test Presented During a TED Talk by Ze Frank

by Brian Heater

Ze Frank presented a brief quiz for determining which members of the audience were human — a sort of reverse Turing Test — in his latest TED appearance. The list ranges from silly questions about booger-eating to heartfelt reflections on lost love.

Have you ever lost the ability to imagine the future without a person who was no longer in your life?

The full list is available in a TED blog post from earlier in the year.

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Women Who are Ambivalent about Women Against Women Against Feminism

by thebloggess

So...yeah.  Right now there’s a lot of talk about a tumblr called WomenAgainstFeminism.  It’s just pictures of some women holding up handwritten signs entitled “I don’t need feminism because...”  Some of the reasons they give for not needing feminism almost seem like a parody (“How the fuck am I suppose to open jars and lift heavy things without my husband?”) and some (“I don’t need to grow out my body hair to prove I’m equal to men”) just make me wonder where in the world they got their definition of feminism.

At first I considered starting my own “I Don’t Need _____ Because” tumblr with people holding equally baffling signs.  Signs like:




But then I remembered that I’m too lazy to make a tumblr and that this whole thing was a bit ridiculous. Here’s the thing:  Do you think men and women should have equal rights politically, socially and economically?  Then you’re probably a feminist.  There are a million tiny aspects of this to break off into and I get it.  It’s complicated.  There’s not just one type of feminist, just as there’s not just one type of Christian or Muslim, or man or woman.  Hell, there’s not even just one type of shark.  Some are non-threatening and friendly.  Some get sucked up into tornadoes and viciously chew off people’s faces until that guy from 90210 stops the weather with bombs.  (Spoiler alert.)    The point is that sharks, much like feminists, are awesome, and beneficial, and the world would be a worse place without them.  Plus, they’re incredibly entertaining and even if you sometimes think they’re dicks for eating cute seals you still yell “HOLYSHITLOOKATTHAT!” when Shark Week comes on.  I think this is a bad analogy.  Lemme try again.

Feminists are like bees.  They are adorable and fuzzy but people run away from them because they don’t understand that they just want to make things good.  We’d be fucked without bees.  Seriously.  And yes, some bees are assholes and maybe one killed your great-uncle and there are some that you give the side-eye to when they start acting crazy but eventually you realize that you have to take the good bees with the bad bees and maybe just be picky about what honey you choose to eat.  Eat the raw honey, by the way.  It’s way healthier.  That last part isn’t part of the analogy.  It’s just good advice from my great-grandfather (beekeeper).  Also, like bees, feminists secrete a non-edible wax and are easily distracted by smoke.

I’ve lost my point.

Wait, no.  I’ve got it again.

Feminism is inherently good.  It’s not even close to perfect and still needs lots of work and sometimes it gets all fucked up and backward and awful but that doesn’t mean it’s not still worth fighting for.  Now go back and replace “Feminism” with “The human race”.  It works, right?.  That’s because feminists are made of human.  Men and women.  In fact, one of my favorite feminists is Sir Patrick Stewart.

Patrick Stewart, feminist. His mother made 3 pounds 10 shillings for working a forty hour week in a weaving shed. She was also an abuse victim and he’s an anti-domestic violence advocate.

Patrick Stewart, feminist. His mother made 3 pounds 10 shillings for working a forty hour week in a weaving shed. She was also an abuse victim and he’s an anti-domestic violence advocate.  More at the bottom.

I’m not saying you can’t choose to not be a feminist but know what you’re choosing.  Don’t make a decision about a group based on the most radical beliefs of a group.  Don’t get defensive if you get deeper and are exposed to difficult ideas about intersectionality and race and gender and colonialism and patriarchy and male liberation.  Just listen.  Some of it will make sense.  Some of it won’t.  Some of it will later when you’re a different person.  Some of it you’ll change your mind about throughout your life and the world will change too.  Some of it is bullshit.  Some of it is truth.  All of it is worth listening to.

And now you get to decide.  Are you a feminist?  Yes?  No?  Well, don’t worry because tomorrow you get to choose again.  And that keeps happening every day for the rest of your life.

As for me, I am a feminist (among so, so many other things).  I believe in equality and I think we still have work to do.  I’m thankful to the men and women who worked to give me the freedom and rights I have today and I am proud to be a part of a movement that I hope will make the world better and safer for my daughter (and for the men and women she’ll share that world with).  I’m happy we’ve come so far and I’m glad that we’re becoming more aware of feminist issues that don’t just focus on straight, white women, even though confronting those issues is sometimes painful. And I’m happy that the womenagainstfeminism tumblr exists.  Because even though I disagree with most of them I’m glad that those women have a platform on which to speak, and also because if we know what the arguments or misperceptions are against feminism then we can better address them.  Or agree with them.  Or ignore them.  Or discuss them with our sons and daughters so they can make informed decisions for themselves.  It’s up to you.

We’re all equally deserving to express our opinion.  After all, that’s what feminism is all about.*

*Or maybe not.  I got kinda confused after the shark analogy went sideways.

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Dog Eat Doug by Brian Anderson for July 21, 2014
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supersoldiers: Ms Marvel 006


Ms Marvel 006

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violetimpudence: cups-of-tea-and-history: wolfwithafoxtail: People think feminism means that...




People think feminism means that there’s a group of women somewhere that want to take trousers with pockets away from men and give them to women, and give men trousers with fake pockets, while in reality feminism is the general idea that everyone should have trousers with pockets, because pockets are awesome.

I cannot lie, I would like every man to spend one day, or maybe a week, living with fake pockets. Just as an exercise in empathy. Then we can go to the ideal Pockets For All scenario.

I endorse the Pockets For All scenario wholeheartedly.

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Toy Story 19

by admin

Toy Story 19

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durpacerangerrogjro: IT’S BEEN OVER A YEAR SINCE I SAW THIS...



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Dramatic Stainless Steel Wire Fairies by Robin Wight

by Christopher Jobson

Dramatic Stainless Steel Wire Fairies by Robin Wight wire sculpture fairies dandelions
Jo Fitzpatrick‎

Dramatic Stainless Steel Wire Fairies by Robin Wight wire sculpture fairies dandelions

Dramatic Stainless Steel Wire Fairies by Robin Wight wire sculpture fairies dandelions

Dramatic Stainless Steel Wire Fairies by Robin Wight wire sculpture fairies dandelions

Dramatic Stainless Steel Wire Fairies by Robin Wight wire sculpture fairies dandelions

Dramatic Stainless Steel Wire Fairies by Robin Wight wire sculpture fairies dandelions

Dramatic Stainless Steel Wire Fairies by Robin Wight wire sculpture fairies dandelions

UK sculptor Robin Wight creates dramatic scenes of wind-blown fairies clutching dandelions, clinging to trees, and seemingly suspended in midair, all with densely wrapped forms of stainless steel wire. The artist currently has several pieces on view at the Trentham Gardens and sells a number of DIY wire sculpting kits from his website where he also discusses in great detail how each piece is built. See more over on Facebook. (via Reddit).