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20 May 14:48

U.S., China putting trade war on hold, Treasury's Mnuchin says

Petr Tvaruzek

So many tables flipped at ZTE right now

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. trade war with China is "on hold" after the world's largest economies agreed to drop their tariff threats while they work on a wider trade agreement, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Sunday.
08 May 06:43

What Will New York Do About Its Uber Problem?

Petr Tvaruzek

Why didn't the taxi drivers start working for Uber? If there are so many other Uber drivers happily doing the same work, it would seem they get paid enough.. otherwise they wouldn't be doing it

Ride-hailing apps are convenient for city residents, but they’ve had devastating effects on the livelihood of taxi drivers and on the streets.
07 May 18:12

26 Years Later, Justice for Men Imprisoned for a Bogus Rape

Petr Tvaruzek

shouldn't this get it's own hashtag like #metoo? some people might be surprised how widespread this is

Gregory Counts and VanDyke Perry were found guilty of a rape that the woman now says “never happened.”
23 Apr 15:03


Petr Tvaruzek

so when will the "Soft skills" trainings at the job address this problem?

"But there are seven billion people in the world! I can't possibly stop to consider how ALL of them might interpret something!" "Ah, yes, there's no middle ground between 'taking personal responsibility for the thoughts and feelings of every single person on Earth' and 'covering your eyes and ears and yelling logically correct statements into the void.' That's a very insightful point and not at all inane."
20 Apr 02:42

Trump launches effort to boost U.S. weapons sales abroad

Petr Tvaruzek

Sure, first turn everyone into an enemy with immigration crackdown and import tarifs, then sell them your guns. For economic profit?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Trump administration rolled out a long-awaited overhaul of U.S. arms export policy on Thursday aimed at expanding sales to allies, saying it will bolster the American defense industry and create jobs at home.
12 Apr 05:12

"If you want to be wrong, follow the masses" - Socrates - Always think of this quote when everything gets negative on bitcoin when it falls...

by /u/Crevative
Petr Tvaruzek

But also.. "Being wrong in a herd hurts you less"

10 Apr 03:52

[N] SenseTime (Hong Kong-based CV startup) is now worth $3bn, the most valuable AI startup in the world.

by /u/wei_jok
Petr Tvaruzek

“It will not affect privacy because only authorized persons can access it,” - funnies statement in a long time

08 Apr 07:58

Op-Ed Contributors: Polluters on the High Seas

Petr Tvaruzek

actually.. AFAIK container ships produce orders of magnitude lower emissions per kg transported than any other existing mode of transport

The International shipping industry is a major emitter of greenhouse gases but has been slow to address the problem.
08 Apr 07:54

Dozens reported killed in suspected Syria gas attack; Damascus denies

Petr Tvaruzek

Putin will veto any investigation..

BEIRUT (Reuters) - A chemical attack on a rebel-held town in eastern Ghouta has killed dozens of people, medical services reported, and Washington said the reports - if confirmed - would demand an immediate international response.
06 Apr 03:54

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Clowns

Petr Tvaruzek

So they finally reached the top of the hill.. is this the end?

Click here to go see the bonus panel!

Incidentally, this also explain's my mom's creepy Victorian era doll collection.

New comic!
Today's News:
04 Apr 06:36

Swedes Turn Against Cashlessness

by BeauHD
Petr Tvaruzek


An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: It is hard to argue that you cannot trust the government when the government isn't really all that bad. This is the problem facing the small but growing number of Swedes anxious about their country's rush to embrace a cash-free society. Most consumers already say they manage without cash altogether, while shops and cafes increasingly refuse to accept notes and coins because of the costs and risk involved. Until recently, however, it has been hard for critics to find a hearing. "The Swedish government is a rather nice one, we have been lucky enough to have mostly nice ones for the past 100 years," says Christian Engstrom, a former MEP for the Pirate Party and an early opponent of the cashless economy. "In other countries there is much more awareness that you cannot trust the government all the time. In Sweden it is hard to get people mobilized." There are signs this might be changing. In February, the head of Sweden's central bank warned that Sweden could soon face a situation where all payments were controlled by private sector banks. The Riksbank governor, Stefan Ingves, called for new legislation to secure public control over the payments system, arguing that being able to make and receive payments is a "collective good" like defense, the courts, or public statistics. "Most citizens would feel uncomfortable to surrender these social functions to private companies," he said. "It should be obvious that Sweden's preparedness would be weakened if, in a serious crisis or war, we had not decided in advance how households and companies would pay for fuel, supplies and other necessities." The report mentions a recently-released opinion poll, which found that seven out of 10 Swedes wanted to keep the option to use cash, while just 25% wanted a completely cashless society.

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04 Apr 03:39

YouTube Shooting: Female Suspect Dead

Petr Tvaruzek


At least three people were injured in a shooting at the YouTube headquarters on Tuesday, the police in San Bruno, Calif., said.
31 Mar 07:34

Facebook Employees In An Uproar Over Executive's Leaked Memo

by BeauHD
According to The New York Times, "Facebook employees were in an uproar on Friday over a leaked 2016 memo from a top executive defending the social network's growth at any cost -- even if it caused deaths from a terrorist attack that was organized on the platform." From the report: In the memo, Andrew Bosworth, a Facebook vice president, wrote, "Maybe someone dies in a terrorist attack coordinated on our tools. And still we connect people. The ugly truth is that we believe in connecting people so deeply that anything that allows us to connect more people more often is *de facto* good." Mr. Bosworth and Facebook's chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, have since disavowed the memo, which was published on Thursday by BuzzFeed News. But the fallout at the Silicon Valley company has been wide. According to two Facebook employees, workers have been calling on internal message boards for a hunt to find those who leak to the media (Warning: source may be paywalled; alternative source). Some have questioned whether Facebook has been transparent enough with its users and with journalists, said the employees, who asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation. Many are also concerned over what might leak next and are deleting old comments or messages that might come across as controversial or newsworthy, they said. In the aftermath, some Facebook executives have taken to Twitter for a public charm offensive, sending pithy phrases and emoticons to reporters who cover the company. Adam Mosseri, Facebook's head of news, in recent days wrote unprompted to a BuzzFeed editor and to its chief executive reminiscing and telling a story about his mother. He also wrote to a reporter from the Verge tech site about the songs played at his wedding reception.

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30 Mar 05:02

EPA to its employees: Ignore science when talking about climate change

by John Timmer
Petr Tvaruzek

yeah, good bye US

Enlarge / NEW YORK: Scott Pruitt, administrator of US EPA speaks at the 2017 Concordia Annual Summit at Grand Hyatt New York. (credit: Riccardo Savi/Getty Images for Concordia Summit)

On Wednesday, an internal Environmental Protection Agency memo was leaked to the Huffington Post. Under the guise of developing "consistent messages about EPA's climate adaptation efforts," the memo suggests a number of talking points the agency's employees can use if asked about adaptation. Most of them are general statements about how the EPA would like to help citizens and local governments manage adaptation. But there are two that directly address what we know about our changing climate, and both of them do a pretty awful job with the subject.

The memo, which has been confirmed as authentic by the EPA, is from Joel Scheraga, a senior advisor on climate adaptation. In it, Scheraga says that the EPA's Office of Public Affairs has developed a set of talking points on climate issues. While he's pleased that many of them focus on adaptation, it's striking that they describe nothing but adaptation. Scheraga describes them as general "talking points about climate change," yet they don't contain a single mention of greenhouse gasses or any action by the EPA that might limit greenhouse gas emissions.

But that's hardly the only issue with the talking points, given that one is largely false and a second is questionable at best.

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30 Mar 05:02

US To Seek Social Media Details From All Visa Applicants

by BeauHD
Petr Tvaruzek

good bye US

According to Bloomberg, the State Department wants to require all U.S. visa applicants to submit their social media usernames, previous email addresses and phone numbers. From the report: In documents to be published in Friday's Federal Register, the department said it wants the public to comment on the proposed new requirements, which will affect nearly 15 million foreigners who apply for visas to enter the U.S. each year. The new rules would apply to virtually all applicants for immigrant and non-immigrant visas. The department estimates it would affect 710,000 immigrant visa applicants and 14 million non-immigrant visa applicants, including those who want to come to the U.S. for business or education, according to the documents. If the requirements are approved by the Office of Management and Budget, applications for all visa types would list a number of social media platforms and require the applicant to provide any account names they may have had on them over the previous five years. It would also give the applicant the option to volunteer information about social media accounts on platforms not listed in the application. In addition to their social media histories, visa applicants will be asked for five years of previously used telephone numbers, email addresses, international travel and deportation status, as well as whether any family members have been involved in terrorist activities. Only applicants for certain diplomatic and official visa types may be exempted from the requirements, the documents said.

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29 Mar 15:50

After 255 straight days on track to the McAfee prediction, the price just dipped below the curve for the first time

by /u/raumi75
Petr Tvaruzek

That's a buy signal

29 Mar 06:47

Facebook reportedly delaying smart speaker launch in wake of data outrage

by Jeff Dunn
Petr Tvaruzek

yeah, because in the middle of this storm, some people might actually read the TOS of the new data collection device

Enlarge / Facebook has some hardware on the market already through Oculus, but its reported smart speakers would be a deeper dive. (credit: Oculus)

Facebook is delaying plans to unveil its long-rumored smart speaker in the wake of the ongoing public outcry over the company's data collection policies, according to a new Bloomberg report.

Reports from Digitimes and Bloomberg last year said that Facebook is working on a large-touchscreen smart home speaker designed for video chatting, similar to Amazon's Echo Show, as well as a standalone speaker akin to the Google Home and Echo, which would sell for a lower price.

The former will reportedly include a wide-angle lens that can recognize users' faces and associate them with Facebook accounts. Both devices are said to use a new voice assistant. A January report from Cheddar said that the video chat device would be named "Portal" and that it could be priced at $499. Work on the devices is said to be led by Facebook's Building 8 team, a group within the social media giant that focuses on consumer hardware.

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21 Mar 16:53

US officials: Kaspersky “Slingshot” report burned anti-terror operation

by Sean Gallagher
Petr Tvaruzek

well, when the goverment uses computer malware to spy on people, what should a good antimalware company do? Kaspersky is probably the only good thing Russia produced

Enlarge / US Navy SEALs conducting special reconnaissance of Al Qaeda operations in Afghanistan in 2002. JSOC added malware to Special Operations units' bag of tricks, and it may have been exposed by Kaspersky. (credit: Department of Defense)

A malware campaign discovered by researchers for Kaspersky Lab this month was in fact a US military operation, according to a report by CyberScoop's Chris Bing and Patrick Howell O'Neill. Unnamed US intelligence officials told CyberScoop that Kaspersky's report had exposed a long-running Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) operation targeting the Islamic State and Al Qaeda.

The malware used in the campaign, according to the officials, was used to target computers in Internet cafés where it was believed individuals associated with the Islamic State and Al Qaeda would communicate with their organizations' leadership. Kaspersky's report showed Slingshot had targeted computers in countries where ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other radical Islamic terrorist groups have a presence or recruit: Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The publication of the report, the officials contended, likely caused JSOC to abandon the operation and may have put the lives of soldiers fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda in danger. One former intelligence official told CyberScoop that it was standard operating procedure "to kill it all with fire once you get caught... It happens sometimes and we’re accustomed to dealing with it. But it still sucks. I can tell you this didn’t help anyone."

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21 Mar 16:06

Telegram Loses Supreme Court Appeal In Russia, Must Hand Over Encryption Keys

by BeauHD
Petr Tvaruzek

why did telegram have the encryption keys anyway?

Telegram has lost a bid before Russia's Supreme Court to block security services from getting access to users' data, giving President Vladimir Putin a victory in his effort to keep tabs on electronic communications. Bloomberg reports: Supreme Court Judge Alla Nazarova on Tuesday rejected Telegram's appeal against the Federal Security Service, the successor to the KGB spy agency which last year asked the company to share its encryption keys. Telegram declined to comply and was hit with a fine of $14,000. Communications regulator Roskomnadzor said Telegram now has 15 days to provide the encryption keys. Telegram, which is in the middle of an initial coin offering of as much as $2.55 billion, plans to appeal the ruling in a process that may last into the summer, according to the company's lawyer, Ramil Akhmetgaliev. Any decision to block the service would require a separate court ruling, the lawyer said. Putin signed laws in 2016 on fighting terrorism, which included a requirement for messaging services to provide the authorities with means to decrypt user correspondence. Telegram challenged an auxiliary order by the Federal Security Service, claiming that the procedure doesn't involve a court order and breaches constitutional rights for privacy, according to documents. The security agency, known as the FSB, argued in court that obtaining the encryption keys doesn't violate users' privacy because the keys by themselves aren't considered information of restricted access. Collecting data on particular suspects using the encryption would still require a court order, the agency said.

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21 Mar 15:56

YouTube Will 'Frustrate' Some Users With Ads So They Pay for Music

by msmash
Petr Tvaruzek


YouTube will increase the number of ads that some users see between music videos, part of a strategy to convince more of its billion-plus viewers to pay for a forthcoming subscription music service from the Google-owned video site. Bloomberg: People who treat YouTube like a music service, those passively listening for long periods of time, will encounter more ads, according to Lyor Cohen, the company's global head of music. "You're not going to be happy after you are jamming 'Stairway to Heaven' and you get an ad right after that," Cohen said in an interview at the South by Southwest music festival. Cohen is trying to prove that YouTube is committed to making people pay for music and silence the "noise" about his company's purported harm to the recording industry. The labels companies have long criticized YouTube for hosting videos that violate copyrights, and not paying artists and record companies enough.

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17 Mar 15:58

Florida school says it was aware of bridge cracks before fatal collapse

Petr Tvaruzek

officials got a lesson that a crack doesn't give a damn about what some officials concluded

MIAMI (Reuters) - Engineers and state and university officials met hours before a newly built pedestrian bridge collapsed, killing six people, but concluded that a crack in the bridge was not a safety concern, Florida International University said on Saturday.
17 Mar 06:54

SEC Official Says 'Dozens' of Crypto Investigations Underway

by Nikhilesh De
Petr Tvaruzek

I wonder how many "USD investigations" they have at the same time

Stephanie Avakian, a co-director of the U.S. SEC's Enforcement Division, said the agency is investigating "dozens" of ICO campaigns.
12 Mar 06:13

Japan PM, finance minister under fire over suspected cronyism scandal

Petr Tvaruzek

try blockchain, it cannot be "doctored".. but i guess that's exactly why they don't want it.. they need to "doctor" things..

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's finance ministry on Monday acknowledged that documents in a suspected cronyism scandal had been doctored, said a senior ruling party official, as pressure mounts on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his ally Finance Minister Taro Aso over the case.
10 Mar 13:25

Reddit Admits Russian Trolls Got Into Website During 2016 Election

by BeauHD
Petr Tvaruzek

"...content produced by accounts now known to be Russian trolls was enthusiastically shared by Trump supporters on subreddits such as r/The_Donald".. who would have expected that...

An anonymous reader quotes a report from VICE News: Reddit says it has identified and removed hundreds of Russian propaganda accounts, a few days after reports revealed that Russian trolls were active on the platform during the 2016 U.S. presidential election. In a post Monday, Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman said his site operators had been investigating for awhile and had found a few hundred accounts suspected to be of Russian origin or linked to known sources of Russian propaganda. "Of course, every account we find expands our search a little more," he said, also claiming the "vast majority" of the suspicious accounts were banned back in 2015-2016. An even bigger challenge was the problem of "indirect propaganda," where content produced by accounts now known to be Russian trolls was enthusiastically shared by Trump supporters on subreddits such as r/The_Donald. Reddit's investigation followed a report from The Daily Beast, based on leaked internal data from Kremlin-backed troll farm the Internet Research Agency, that confirmed Russian trolls were active on the site, as well as Tumblr, in their mission to spread disinformation, divide Americans and disrupt U.S. politics. The Washington Post reports that congressional investigators looking into the Russian issue intend to question Reddit and Tumblr over their involvement.

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07 Mar 19:22

How the Spoils Were Doled Out to Trump Campaign Workers and Allies

Petr Tvaruzek

And after the next election, the new administration, no matter which it will be, will start doing the same. Because they just saw that it works - voters don't care if you stuff the offices with your relatives, so why wouldn't they?

Presidents have 4,000 federal jobs to fill. Mr. Trump has turned to campaign staff, lobbyists and conservatives, some lacking relevant experience, a ProPublica tally shows.
07 Mar 15:35

Ask Slashdot: Should We Worry Microsoft Will 'Embrace, Extend, and Extinguish' Linux?

by msmash
Petr Tvaruzek

Absolutely, obvious..

BrianFagioli writes: While there is no proof that anything nefarious is afoot, it does feel like maybe the Windows-maker is hijacking the Linux movement a bit by serving distros in its store. I hope there is no "embrace, extend, and extinguish" shenanigans going on. Just yesterday, we reported that Kali Linux was in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10. That was big news, but it was not particularly significant in the grand scheme, as Kali is not very well known. Today, there is some undeniably huge news -- Debian is joining SUSE, Ubuntu, and Kali in the Microsoft Store. Should the Linux community be worried? My concern lately is that Microsoft could eventually try to make the concept of running a Linux distro natively a thing of the past. Whether or not that is the company's intention is unknown. The Windows maker gives no reason to suspect evil plans, other than past negative comments about Linux and open source. For instance, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer once called Linux "cancer" -- seriously.

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04 Mar 16:58

YouTube Hiring For Some Positions Excluded White and Asian Men, Lawsuit Says

by BeauHD
Petr Tvaruzek

future me, check Wilberg vs Youtube in a year or two

Kirsten Grind and Douglas MacMillan report via The Wall Street Journal (Warning: source may be paywalled; alternative source): YouTube last year stopped hiring white and Asian males for technical positions because they didn't help the world's largest video site achieve its goals for improving diversity, according to a civil lawsuit filed by a former employee. The lawsuit, filed by Arne Wilberg, a white male who worked at Google for nine years, including four years as a recruiter at YouTube, alleges the division of Alphabet's Google set quotas for hiring minorities. Last spring, YouTube recruiters were allegedly instructed to cancel interviews with applicants who weren't female, black or Hispanic, and to "purge entirely" the applications of people who didn't fit those categories, the lawsuit claims. A Google spokeswoman said the company will vigorously defend itself in the lawsuit. "We have a clear policy to hire candidates based on their merit, not their identity," she said in a statement. "At the same time, we unapologetically try to find a diverse pool of qualified candidates for open roles, as this helps us hire the best people, improve our culture, and build better products." People familiar with YouTube's and Google's hiring practices in interviews corroborated some of the lawsuit's allegations, including the hiring freeze of white and Asian technical employees, and YouTube's use of quotas.

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20 Feb 04:02

Infamous Google memo author shot down by federal labor board

by Sam Machkovech
Petr Tvaruzek

Sooo, shouldn't Yanna J. Weisberg, Colin G. DeYoung, and Jacob B. Hirsh be also fired for sexual harrasment? Or only the men?

(credit: Shutterstock)

Former Google engineer James Damore has attempted to take civil and legal action against his former employer after being fired in August, but on Thursday, a federal memo revealed that one of Damore's filings has been unequivocally denied.

The National Labor Relations Board published its memo this week, which was issued in January after Damore filed a charge against his former employer on August 8. In spite of Damore withdrawing his NLRB filing in September, the board proceeded to examine and issue its own ruling: Google "discharged [Damore] only for [his] unprotected conduct while it explicitly affirmed [his] right to engage in protected conduct." The NLRB emphasized that any charge filed by Damore on the matter should be "dismissed."

In explaining the board's reasoning, NLRB member Jayme Sophir points to two specific parts of the controversial memo circulated by Damore in August: Damore's claim that women are "more prone to 'neuroticism,' resulting in women experiencing higher anxiety and exhibiting lower tolerance for stress" and that "men demonstrate greater variance in IQ than women."

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18 Feb 10:14

Learning To Program Is Getting Harder

by msmash
theodp writes: While Google suggests that parents and educators are to blame for why kids can't code, Allen Downey, Professor at Olin College argues that learning to program is getting harder . Downey writes: The fundamental problem is that the barrier between using a computer and programming a computer is getting higher. When I got a Commodore 64 (in 1982, I think) this barrier was non-existent. When you turned on the computer, it loaded and ran a software development environment (SDE). In order to do anything, you had to type at least one line of code, even if all it did was another program (like Archon). Since then, three changes have made it incrementally harder for users to become programmers: 1. Computer retailers stopped installing development environments by default. As a result, anyone learning to program has to start by installing an SDE -- and that's a bigger barrier than you might expect. Many users have never installed anything, don't know how to, or might not be allowed to. Installing software is easier now than it used to be, but it is still error prone and can be frustrating. If someone just wants to learn to program, they shouldn't have to learn system administration first. 2. User interfaces shifted from command-line interfaces (CLIs) to graphical user interfaces (GUIs). GUIs are generally easier to use, but they hide information from users about what's really happening. When users really don't need to know, hiding information can be a good thing. The problem is that GUIs hide a lot of information programmers need to know. So when a user decides to become a programmer, they are suddenly confronted with all the information that's been hidden from them. If someone just wants to learn to program, they shouldn't have to learn operating system concepts first. 3. Cloud computing has taken information hiding to a whole new level. People using web applications often have only a vague idea of where their data is stored and what applications they can use to access it. Many users, especially on mobile devices, don't distinguish between operating systems, applications, web browsers, and web applications. When they upload and download data, they are often confused about where is it coming from and where it is going. When they install something, they are often confused about what is being installed where. For someone who grew up with a Commodore 64, learning to program was hard enough. For someone growing up with a cloud-connected mobile device, it is much harder. theodp continues: So, with the Feds budgeting $200 million a year for K-12 CS at the behest of U.S. tech leaders, can't the tech giants at least put a BASIC on every phone/tablet/laptop for kids?

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29 Jan 19:33

Medieval Times Goes Modern, Replacing Its Kings With Queens

Petr Tvaruzek

"equality"... "only women"... right...

Zounds! In a coup for gender equality, only women will now preside over a realm of chicken legs, beer and jousting. But do the commoners care?