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16 Mar 17:47

Image: Amy Dickinson. (Dede Hatch/Hachette Books)Amy Dickinson...

Image: Amy Dickinson. (Dede Hatch/Hachette Books)

Amy Dickinson says her hometown of Freeville, N.Y, is mostly a town of leavers and stayers — and she managed to be both. Dickinson went away to college and lived in Chicago, New York, London and Washington, D.C. Eventually, as her mother was nearing the end of her life, Dickinson returned home.

Dickinson is the author of the syndicated Ask Amy advice column and is a regular panelist on NPR’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Her new memoir, Strangers Tend to Tell Me Things, chronicles marriage, parenthood, divorce, single-parenthood, being on your own, moving back, saying goodbye, saying hello and starting over.

In ‘Strangers Tend To Tell Me Things,’ An Advice Columnist Comes Home

16 Mar 17:45

High & Low: An "Old Hollywood Meets Contemporary" Dining Room

by Melissa DiRenzo
(Image credit: Emily Henderson Design)

If you're lucky enough to have the space for a formal dining area then we'll all just be patiently waiting for our dinner party invite. Really though, if you have the space, large or small, it's great to put the effort into making your dining area memorable because let's face it, it's not common these days that we have the time to stop and enjoy a meal together.


16 Mar 17:45

Casio G-STEEL Street Vintage Collection

submitted by Mikey Bautista

Casio are best known for their G-Shock series of watches, some of the most rugged timepieces you can buy. And while the style and construction lend themselves to a tough and tactical style, G-Shocks won't be the first watch you pick out of your drawer for more formal affairs. That is, until now. Casio have debuted the G-STEEL collection, a series of watches that combine the classic look of leather with the heavy-duty G-Shock heritage.

True to their overbuilt roots, the G-STEEL watches feature Tough Leather, a unique hybrid of synthetic leather and resin. It's designed to be stylish and soft to the touch just like regular leather, but able to withstand abrasions over time in addition to water resistance.

As for the watches themselves, each model comes with the latest and greatest G-SHOCK technology, including a Tough Solar battery, shock resistance, and 200 meters of water resistance. For evening visibility the dial features Neo-brite lume on its hands and markers, while an automatic double LED gives extra illumination when needed. Adding to the 12/24-hour format analog and digital displays are 48-city world time, daily alarms, and a stopwatch and countdown timer, all in a robust 52.4 mm case.

Casio's first foray into “tough formal” is definitely a collection to watch. You can pick up the light brown-strapped GSTS120L-1B model from Amazon at the link below, and be sure to check out the rest of the models on the G-Shock website.

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16 Mar 17:44

“I Chopped 13 Inches Off My Hair”

by Megan Cahn

I Chopped 13 Inches Off My Hair

Have you ever gotten a dramatic haircut? Today, we’re introducing our “Tried” series. The Cup of Jo staff and friends will be dipping their toes in uncharted waters, testing out curious beauty procedures, making lifestyle changes, switching up work habits and more.… Read more

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16 Mar 17:44

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Biology


Click here to go see the bonus panel!

Nah, just kidding, biologists sit in offices filling out grant applications and surveys.

New comic!
Today's News:

BAHFest London is almost upon us!

16 Mar 17:44

On Anniversary of Fappening Hacker Charges, Sad Jerks Post More Nude Photos

by Bryan Menegus

Exactly one year ago today Ryan Collins—one of the hackers involved in the celebrity iCloud nude photo leaks known as “the Fappening”—was charged with violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Today, more alleged intimate photos of actresses are being circulated online, and this time Emma Watson and Amanda…


16 Mar 17:44

Get ready for The Matrix reboot

by Annalee Newitz

Enlarge / Early versions of the Machines from The Animatrix. (credit: The Animatrix)

Blade Runner and Mad Max are back, so why not The Matrix? The Hollywood Reporter says sources have confirmed that Warner Bros is starting work on a reboot of The Matrix, and it even has a star in mind: Michael B. Jordan, who recently broke out as the star of Creed. Zak Penn (Alphas, X-Men: The Last Stand, The Incredible Hulk) is currently writing a treatment.

The Matrix was not expected to be a blockbuster when Warners released it in March 1999. At the time, writer/director siblings the Wachowskis were best known for an indie film noir called Bound about lesbian lovers plotting the ultimate crime. But the innovative camera effects (bullet time!) and futuristic originality of The Matrix blew audiences away, rocketing it to the fourth-highest box office on Earth that year. Who could forget badass Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus, offering the blue and red pills, or Carrie Ann Moss as Trinity, using nmap when she wasn't doing gun ballet. And then there was Keanu Reeves as Neo, downloading data over his brain port and intoning gravely, "I know kung-fu."

Though the sequels never lived up to the promise of the first film, the franchise was a game changer, influencing science fiction to this day. Everything from Inception to Mr. Robot owes something to the style and themes that the Wachowskis popularized. Plus, bullet time has forever left its mark on action scenes, both technologically and stylistically. Any time you see a fight scene that moves between fast and slow motion, viewed in 360 degrees, you are looking at a special effect that the Wachowskis invented.

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16 Mar 17:43

Dash Cam Footage of High St and Lodge Rd, Caerleon, Newport

by subterraneansecret

Driving through High Street and Lodge Road, Caerleon.
16 Mar 17:43

Dash Cam Footage of Royal Oak Hill and Belmont Hill Road, Caerleon, Newport

by subterraneansecret

Notorious accident-prone road that connects Caerleon and The Coldra, Newport.
16 Mar 17:42

Dash Cam Footage of Pillmawr Road between Malpas and Caerleon

by subterraneansecret

Pillmawr Road is a narrow, accident-prone country lane that connects Malpas and Caerleon, Newport.
16 Mar 17:42

How to Program a Brand New Garador/Hormann Remote Control to Your Garage Door

by subterraneansecret

If you're old Garador/Hormann remote control breaks, unfortunately, there is no other option to buy an expensive new one which will cost £40 on average. Thankfully they are easy to program by simply finding the receiver located on top of the garage door motor.
16 Mar 17:42

How to Put Your Panasonic Smart TV into Game Mode to Reduce Lag or Blurriness

by subterraneansecret

Most modern TVs come with a feature called game mode, which basically stops the television from processing the signal that comes from your game console, such as your PS4 or Xbox one. If the signal gets processed by both the game console and the TV, this can cause the video quality to become blurry or slightly lag, making it difficult if not impossible, to play your games.
16 Mar 17:42

Dash Cam Footage of High Cross Rd, Rogerstone, Newport

by subterraneansecret

A drive along high cross road through Rogerstone, Newport, Gwent.
16 Mar 17:42

Dash Cam Footage of Cwmcarn Forest Visitor Centre and Mountain Bike Facilities

by subterraneansecret

Cwmcarn Forest, also known as Forest Drive in Abercarn is currently still shut due to diseased trees being felled, but you can still visit and use the main facilities.
16 Mar 17:42

Dash Cam Footage of Risca Town Centre and Surrounding Area, Caerphilly County Borough

by subterraneansecret

A drive through Risca town and the surrounding area, which is part of Caerphilly County Borough.
16 Mar 17:42

Dash Cam Footage of Cefn Road, Rogerstone, Newport

by subterraneansecret

A drive along Cefn Road, Rogerstone, Newport.
16 Mar 17:41

Close up Video of a Cat's Face and Eyes

by subterraneansecret

This is a close-up shot of my cat's face who is called Pikelet.
15 Mar 19:21

I Just Ordered This Congestion-Dodging Wi-Fi Router For An All-Time Low Price, and So Should You

by Shep McAllister on Deals, shared by Shep McAllister to Lifehacker

The past year or so has seen a welcome deluge of Wi-Fi router innovation, and Portal seems to be one of the best newcomers in the space, particularly for smaller dwellings in congested, urban environments.


15 Mar 18:30

This Infographic Shows How to Chop Weirdly-Shaped Vegetables

by Andy Orin

I’m not an ambitious cook and my culinary pursuits are limited to the familiar. I know how to peel a potato. I don’t know much else. That’s why I need a guide for more oddly-shaped vegetables like artichokes, as demonstrated in this graphic.


15 Mar 16:31

What Will Trumpcare Mean For My Disabled Brother?

by Terrence Doyle on Adequate Man, shared by Andy Orin to Lifehacker

My older brother Sean has cerebral palsy. He also listens to bebop and enjoys teaching our nephew Oliver about the virtues of counting from one to ten in the voice of The Count and was angered when the Bruins fired Claude Julien. He makes a pot of coffee each morning when he wakes up, reads his news feed, and gets to…