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14 Jan 10:16

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Antes e depois dos efeitos especiais

Surgiu durante a madrugada um vídeo que mostra uma comparação de Star Wars: The Force Awakens, mostrando as filmagens antes e depois de ser aplicada uma camada de efeitos especiais.

O vídeo mostra as técnicas usadas na gravação do novo filme e também a quantidade de efeitos especiais usados. Aparentemente, o vídeo apareceu no canal Youtube dos Oscares, mas entretanto foi colocado em privado. Ainda assim, houve quem publicasse o vídeo noutros meios.

Tenham em atenção que o vídeo está cheio de spoilers para aqueles que ainda não viram o filme.

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13 Jan 23:45

VFX Reel Shows Just How They Created Some of The Force Awakens' Most Brilliant Shots (UPDATED)

by Germain Lussier on io9, shared by Cheryl Eddy to Gizmodo

Correction: Sorry, apparently we were ahead of the game on this and all embeds of the reel have been made private. Expect it to go back up some time Thursday morning. We will remove this message when that happens. Apologies.


11 Jan 17:30

Build Your LinkedIn Profile From Start to Finish With This Massive Visual Guide

by Kristin Wong

You’ve got six seconds to impress a recruiter on LinkedIn, and once you reel them in, you want to make sure your profile is solid. This giant visual guide tells you the basics of what you need to know to make your profile stand out.


11 Jan 21:30

Warcraft trailer not enough like the games for you? This fan edit is ready to serve

by Spencer Campbell, Contributing Editor

The Warcraft movie’s first trailer had some pretty amazing sound design, even slyly including a cameo from Blizzard fans, but YouTuber Robert Mermet decided to take a more authentic approach, editing in sounds from the original source material, specifically 1995’s Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness.

The video uses both sound effects and music from Warcraft II to replace the entire audio track from the trailer. It’s worth watching if only to see some impressive lip syncing between the new characters and the original voice clips. Well, that and the zug-zugs. You can never get enough zug-zug.

The real version of Warcraft, which may or may not include zugs, is scheduled for theatrical release on June 10th, 2016.

07 Jan 22:23

Destiny’s Crota’s End raid conquered solo in record time

by Matt Buchholtz, Contributing Editor

Speed-runner Sean “Gladd” Gallagher achieved the first sub-nine minute run of Destiny’s second raid, Crota’s End.

Achieving a total time of 8:59, Gladd beat the previous record by two seconds. His 313 light-level Hunter, possessed an impressive loadout—a 316 attack power Raze-Lighter Exotic sword and Bones of Eao boots—which helped him slice and jump his way quickly through the raid.

Throughout the run, Gladd swapped between the various Hunter subclasses in order to stay best equipped for each section. Nightstalker allowed Gladd to quickly dispose of the Knights that surround Ir Yut with its tether, while Bladedancer granted invisibility that made it easy for his character to sneak past the mobs leading up Crota.

Crota has been a popular boss for the Destiny community to challenge, with Gladd even defeating the boss last October using only a Rock Band Drum kit as a controller.

05 Jan 13:04

A Verdade Por Tras Do Walking Dead

Han, han?! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

04 Jan 08:19

lois-lane: Daisy Ridley: I started stunt training just a few...


Daisy Ridley: I started stunt training just a few weeks after I found out I was gonna star in Star Wars. Four hours a day, four days a week. Kickboxing, and then climbing. Without the guys we were training with there’s just no way neither me or John would have been able to get through Abu Dhabi. It was almost a relief when there was explosions because you knew that there was only so many times you could do the running. 

John Boyega: A few months prior to shooting I had to train for these lightsaber fight scenes. Running back and forth in the desert, you honestly feel like your body is trying to fight the oxygen in the air because it’s so hot, and me and Daisy were thrust right into it.

17 Dec 15:23

As vantagens de não ter WhatsApp

by ninja vermelho


Para o bem da humanidade não volte whatsapp

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13 Dec 19:00

Build a Super Cheap Gaming PC with Old Server Parts

by Whitson Gordon

You can build a pretty decent computer with a small budget . But if you really want to cut costs, the folks at Linus Tech Tips scrounged together a used server motherboard, two tandem quad-core CPUs, and 16GB of RAM for under $150.


13 Dec 13:07

Vamos Formar Uma Dupla

Isso faz parte do ensino fundamental em Goiás

10 Dec 15:23

4 simple tricks to make way better scrambled eggs

by Casey Chan on Sploid, shared by Ria Misra to Gizmodo

4 simple tricks to make way better scrambled eggs

What did you have for breakfast? Eggs? Scrambled? Were they good? Of course! Everyone loves scrambled eggs and any variation of it is edible. But there are very easy ways to make scrambled eggs more luxurious and pillowy and delicious. America’s Test Kitchen says to add extra yolks, add dairy, whisk with a fork so you don’t over whisk, and to first cook the eggs on medium-high heat and then on low.


10 Dec 13:07

O Que é o Amor?

É dificil entender o amor... Mas as vezes o amor apenas acontece
D <3 A

01 Dec 17:05

potato kugel

by deb

potato kugel

Among the great Ashkenazi soul food traditions — bagels, lox, chicken noodle soup, challah, brisket and its cousins, pastrami and corned beef — few are more deeply rooted in the communal psyche than kugels, or starch-based puddings that hail from southern Germany. The word kugel, meaning sphere, globe or ball, originally referred to dumplings dropped over a soup pot, the version baked casserole pans became my people’s favorite, always made in vast quantities, served on Shabbat or holidays in squares and usually shoved in the hands of unsuspecting relatives and guests in disposable foil tins on their way home. The smart ones know resistance is futile.

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01 Dec 18:22

Mira mortal: f0rest vence em CS:GO com os tiros mais belos que você já viu

by Maximilian Rox

Já dizia o ditado das ruas: “one shot, one kill”. Jogadores de Counter-Strike: Global Offensive conhecem bem essa expressão, ainda mais quando um clique no mouse pode significar a sua morte neste game tão reverenciado dentro dos eSports. E, falando nas competições, o jogador sueco Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg, representante da Ninjas in Pyjamas, realizou durante a DreamHack Winter 2015 uma das jogadas mais mortais e bonitas que os fãs do jogo já viram nos últimos meses.

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26 Nov 18:01

Precisamos conversar

by Léo Boese



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25 Nov 20:07

Universos em miniatura – A arte em vidro de Satoshi Tomizu

by EvelRyu


Satoshi Tomizu é um artista com uma habilidade única de criar mini universos em pequenas esferas de vidro, usando opalas, pra representar os planetas e flocos de ouro e viro para as estrelas, Tomizo cria joias únicas, incríveis e poéticas. Confira a galeria: [gallery type="rectangular" link="file" ids="83355,83354,83353,83352,83350,83349,83348,83347,83346,83345,83344,83313,83312,83311,83301,83303,83308,83309,83310,83351"]

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24 Nov 13:02

Senhor De Idade Fazendo Todos Os Taunts De Smash Bros

Esse senhor merece meu repeito, passei mal aqui!

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12 Nov 19:05

Sujariam a espada?

by Léo Boese


Grandes filósofos do Facebook

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11 Nov 18:40

Paulistanos que têm medo da polícia x paulistanos que não têm medo da polícia

by Helder Ibanez


chris-pratt-gif-2 (1)Segundo as estatísticas, esse cara está certo

08 Nov 22:38


03 Nov 20:52

minizilla: What can i do for you Snake ?

Solid Snake

Mei Ling



Naomi Hunter

Colonel Campbell


What can i do for you Snake ?
27 Oct 20:03


21 Oct 14:54

owengrady: “The dark side. The jedi. They’re real.”


“The dark side. The jedi. They’re real.

21 Oct 13:11

Vídeo mostra um generoso material do cancelado Star Wars Battlefront 3

by Bruno Micali

Antes do badalado Star Wars Battlefront da DICE, que está em contagem regressiva para ser lançado em novembro, a franquia teve seus tempos áureos. O vindouro título, para quem não sabe, é um reboot da série. Mas nem todos sabiam (ou sequer imaginavam) que poderia haver um eventual Star Wars Battlefront 3. Pois bem: o game esteve em desenvolvimento, mas nunca viu a luz do dia. Confira um generoso material no vídeo acima.

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19 Oct 18:21

Os cara mita nos comentários…

by Léo Boese


Os cara é demais IHAEUAE

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19 Oct 16:13

Tentar argumentar contra a mamai

by ninja amarelo


Nada bate de frente com o argumento da mamai… N A D A!

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17 Oct 22:03


16 Oct 16:26