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07 Jul 11:24

Classic Sega Games From Genesis To Dreamcast Are Going Free (With Ads) On Mobile

by Kevin Knezevic

Sega is bringing a catalog of its classic games to mobile devices via a new service called Sega Forever. The service will encompass titles from every era of Sega consoles, including Master System, Genesis, Game Gear, Sega Saturn, and Dreamcast.

Each game available through Sega Forever will be free to download and features in-game ads. Like the recent mobile release of Crazy Taxi, however, players have the option to remove the ads via a $2 in-app purchase per game. Every title will also support new features such as leaderboards, cloud saves, offline play, and controller support.

The first batch of Sega Forever titles goes live worldwide tomorrow, June 22, and consists of the following five Genesis classics:

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The service will be updated with additional titles every two weeks, according to a press release. Each Sega Forever game will be available to download individually on Android and iOS devices from the Google Play and App stores.

21 Jun 15:44

Researchers can now desalinate seawater with the power of the Sun

by Andrew Tarantola
One of the oldest means of extracting potable liquid from seawater involves distillation, basically boiling the water into steam and then cooling the purified vapor in condensation tubes. Problem is, this method is incredibly power intensive with nea...
21 Jun 15:17

The 30 Best 3DS Games of All-Time


With the release of the Nintendo Switch, it looks as though the 3DS is heading into its sunset years. There are a few releases to look forward to as of this writing (another Fire Emblem, a Pikmin game), but Nintendo is probably going to put its focus behind its console/portable hybrid over a six-year-old system. But that doesn't change the fact that there has never been a better time to be a 3DS owner, thanks to the huge library of fantastic games. But which titles stand out above the rest? 

We put that question to readers, and over half a million votes later, we have a super-official ranking of the best 3DS games ever. If you're angry with the ignorant masses for leaving out your favorite RPG or platformer, make sure to tell everyone how wrong they are down in the comments. Just don't hurt us. 

*Editor's Choice*  Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice

ace attorney

This one barely missed the list, but I'm abusing my power to give it an honorable mention before we get started proper. If you haven't played the Ace Attorney games, well, you might be better off with the Ace Attorney Trilogy compilation. But if you're familiar with Phoenix Wright's quirky brand of anime adventure game, Spirit of Justice is a great follow-up that shakes up the series in some compelling ways. Most of the game takes place in a foreign country that has its own unique court system -- one that isn't exactly friendly to defense lawyers like Phoenix. The stakes are almost immediately raised beyond anything seen in the franchise so far, and the trademark plot twists remain as ridiculous as always. This one's only on the eshop, so you'll have to download it if you'd like to hear that killer accusation music one more time.

30. Kirby: Planet Robobot

planet robobot

There's Mario, there's Zelda, and then there's Kirby. You might call the little pink blob a second or third stringer, but his track record is commendable for its consistency. Planet Robobot falls in line with the rest of the series in that it's a delightful platformer with vibrant visuals and breezy gameplay. Like most Kirby games, Robobot is a bit on the easy side, but this series has never tried for Dark Soulsian difficulty. This is definitely one of those games you pull out if you want to have a nice, relaxing time with one of gaming's most charming protagonists. The giant badass mechs don't hurt, either.

29. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon


Don't let the Pokemon name fool you -- this one's a bit more hardcore than a mainline game, and definitely a bigger challenge than something like Kirby. The Mystery Dungeon games have always been grindy roguelikes, and if you don't know what that means, this game might not be for you. And that's okay! Not everyone is into tough, repetitive RPGs that take a while to get going. Those who stick with it, however, might find the game a bit more rewarding compared to some of the cakewalk Pokemon campaigns you see in games like X/Y.

28. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

kingdom hearts

In both quality and ludicrous titling, Dream Drop Distance sits around the upper-middle of the Kingdom Hearts echelon. Though it doesn't quite reach the heights of KHII, it's still sort of miraculous that a portable game can hang with the best entries in such a storied franchise. You can always check out the remastered console version of DDD in the recent Kingdom Hearts 2.8, but it's tough to beat the utility of portability. 

27. The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes

triforce heroes

There are plenty of other Zelda games on this list (believe me), but only one of them puts the focus squarely on fun with friends. Like Four Swords Adventures before it, Triforce Heroes allows players to control multiple links that join forces to fight, solve puzzles and most importantly throw each other off cliffs. Costuming also plays a big part, with outfits ranging from "samurai" to "a cactus." You can even dress up in Zelda's dress, which is kind of almost as good as actually playing as Zelda in a danged Zelda game. 

26. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

donkey kong

Yes, DCKR 3D is a port of a Wii game, but it's a port of an excellent Wii game. All the fantastic visuals and tight level design made the jump to the 3DS, meaning you can fit one of the best platformers of the last decade in your pocket. The resolution is obviously bumped down for the portable screen, but you could argue that DKCR 3D has one major leg up over the Wii version: a complete lack of motion control. See, unless you mess around with mods and own a Classic Controller, the Wii version makes you shake the controller for simple moves like ground pounding and the roll -- the latter of which is absolutely vital for precision play. On 3DS however, you can just press a button to do the exact same thing. Isn't technology great?

25. Monster Hunter Generations

monster hunter

When people still bought music, the concept of a "Greatest Hits" album was a great way to introduce someone to a singer or a group. And while Monster Hunter Generations takes a bunch of monsters, towns and other content from older games, it seems more directed at hardcore franchise fans than for newbies. Don't get me wrong, it's a really neat game with some super helpful quality-of-life improvements that MonHun has needed forever, but this is something you want to move onto after your introduction to the series (which should be with #20 on this list). 

24. Kirby Triple Deluxe


Ahh, Kirby. Even though he's already been on this list, it just feels right to slip back into those comfy pink shoes. Triple Deluxe is arguably even more traditional than Planet Robobot, but this isn't a wacky offshoot in the series like Dream Course or Air Ride or even Epic Yarn. This is a game you can depend on for an enjoyable, stress-free experience that's pleasant top-to-bottom. If you want a real test of your skills, you can go with Donkey Kong, but if you just want to chill out, you can always count on Kirby.

23. Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

monster hunter

Now that the Paper Mario series has gone in more of a puzzle/adventure direction, the Mario & Luigi series is the defacto RPG series starring Nintendo's most famous mascots. Though Dream Team doesn't quite reach the heights of the stellar Bowser's Inside Story, Dream Team retains the same creativity and sharp dialogue fans of the series expect. If you're still not sold, this game does include a giant kaiju battle between a Mega-Bowser and a Gigantic Luigi. So there's that.

22. New Super Mario Bros. 2


NSMB2 was where the "New" line of Mario platformers began to get a little stale, but you know, it's still a Mario platformer. We're talking about some of the best designers on the planet doing what they do best, and the result is one of the most solid games on the system. Though it definitely has more value for those into the idea of exploring every level and finding every secret. 

21.  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

monster hunter

Heard a lot about the Monster Hunter series but aren't sure where to start? Try here. MH4U is by far the best entry to the franchise that has never quite caught on in the West, despite being a massive hit in Japan. The story -- especially the opening chapter -- does a commendable job at guiding players who might otherwise be confused or lost in other iterations. That being said, it's best if you call in a friend who knows a bit more about the series to tag along anyway, since multiplayer hunts represent the game at its finest.

20. Hyrule Warriors Legends

hyrule warriors

The Dynasty Warriors games have always been about mindlessly mashing your way through hordes of enemies, and if we're being honest, Hyrule Warriors isn't much different. That isn't a bad thing though! Sometimes you just want to feel powerful by wrecking everything in your path, and sometimes you want to do that as Link, Toon Zelda or a King that can also turn into a boat.  Just FYI, you're going to get the best performance if you have a *NEW* Nintendo 2DS or *NEW* 3DS -- it still plays on the regular models, but it can get pretty rough.

19. Super Mario Maker

super mario maker

Fans were pretty disappointed in Super Mario Maker 3DS losing the ability to upload custom-made levels, which seemed like the entire point of Mario Maker on Wii U. But the fact that it still made it to the top 20 of this list speaks to the quality of the core product. It just feels good to create levels in Mario Maker -- it's one of those things that you never think you'd do yourself (you can always play endless amounts of levels from other people), but the way it's presented is so easy and intuitive that even passing the 3DS back and forth between friends is a joy. 

18. Kid Icarus: Uprising

kid icarus

For years, Kid Icarus was the last substantial IP that Nintendo hadn't touched since the NES days. Fans clamoring for a new follow-up were finally met with Uprising, a labor of love from Smash Bros. mastermind Masahiro Sakurai. Far from its odd platforming past, the new Kid Icarus switches between on-rails and third-person shooting. It can be a little cramped to play since it doesn't offer dual-joystick support unless you have a Circle Pad Pro, which is an awkward and bulky attachment. Fans would argue that the vibrant and engaging campaign is worth the cost of the extra dongle.

17. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

luigis mansion

Misunderstood at the time of its release at the launch of the GameCube, the original Luigi's Mansion is a wonderful ghostbusting romp. Really its biggest shortcoming is the whole thing ended too soon. Dark Moon rectifies that with a lengthy, brand-new adventure that takes place across multiple mansions. Be sure not to overlook the multiplayer, which is a strange co-op roguelike unlike anything else on the system. 

16. Bravely Default

bravely default

If you're looking for a traditional JRPG to play on 3DS, you can't do much better than Bravely Default. That's not to say BD plays it safe -- on top of its familiar structure and Final Fantasy Artbook aesthetic, an innovative combat system allows heroes to make sacrifices for huge gains. Some fans are split on how the late game rolls out, but without spoiling anything, you can argue it's a smart commentary on the genre on the whole (even if it's kind of a drag to play sometimes). If you devour this, you can always move onto Bravely Second, which is exactly what it sounds like.

15. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

animal crossing

It's hard to imagine a time when Nintendo handhelds didn't have Animal Crossing. The company's unique, laid-back lifestyle "simulator" is an essential game for anyone with a 3DS. Okay okay, there are a few reasons why you wouldn't like New Leaf. You could a) not feel like revisiting an evolving and changing town that misses you when you're gone; b) hate cute rhino neighbors that want nothing but to give you free furniture; or c) you're a monster. These are the only options.

14. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

xenoblade chronicles

Arriving late into the Wii's life, the original Xenoblade Chronicles wowed fans with its gigantic open world. I should probably amend that -- the game wowed fans that could find a copy. The 3DS port isn't nearly as hard to come by, thankfully, so anyone can enjoy what might be Nintendo's biggest RPG to date. This is one of the few titles to be outright exclusive to *NEW* 2DS and *NEW 3DS*, so keep that in mind if you're buying for someone else. 

12 + 13. Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright & Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest

fire emblem

It might be a little bit confusing for those who are only familiar with the series through the many Smash Bros. characters, but Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest are two separate games. Almost. The two start out as the same strategy RPG, but after the first five chapters the player is given a choice of which side to choose, which family to support. The Birthright path is best for those new to the series or those who don't want their ass handed to them. For the masochists out there, however, Conquest offers a challenge suited to FE diehards. I'm not telling you how to live, so I won't tell you that you should probably just get both and then download the DLC that combines the two sides into a new campaign. That would be irresponsible of me.

(For those keeping score at home, Birthright came in at #13 in the polls, while Conquest edged it out at #12.)

11. Super Mario 3D Land

mario 3d land

You probably already know if you want to play an awesome Mario game. If you're unsure, put your fingers on your wrist -- should you feel a rhythmic bump coming from under your skin, you're probably good to go. This one's an interesting mix between the 3D open world of Super Mario 64 and the more traditional 2D sidescrolling games of yore. The levels almost play out like adorable little dioramas, and the effect really pops when you (gasp) use the 3D features of the 3DS. Chances are you'll have a good time playing an awesome Mario game. If not, well, my condolences to your family.

10. Mario Kart 7

mario kart

On one hand, Mario Kart 7 is a fantastic game that took portable racing to heights it wouldn't see until, well, Mario Kart 8 on Switch. On the other hand, every Mario Kart game takes offense at your very existence and will throw every banana peel and blue shell at you until you break your system in half, thereby freeing the malevolent spirits that rest inside every hateful cartridge. If you're okay with that, MK7 is a great time.

9. Shovel Knight

shovel knight

Plenty of indie games do the whole "8-bit" thing, but none have committed so much to the conceit while being so successful. Shovel Knight feels like the Game of the Year of 1989, so much so that Capcom should have made five dozen sequels and then abandoned the franchise completely by now. It's part Mega Man, part DuckTales, part Mario, part Castlevania and all rad. Be sure to keep your headphones in for this exceptional soundtrack, too. 

8. Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire


Pokemon often seems like it's just remaking the same games over and over again, but that's sort of what fans come back for -- a new coat of paint on the childhood, with some tweaks here and there. This formula works so well that Nintendo and Game Freak have been remaking old Pokemon games. ORAS is the first set of remakes for the 3D era of the series, and it's got all the bells and whistles you'd want. Though if we're being honest, the only reason that you'd pick it over the other Pokemon titles on the system is if you're super attached to the generation's Pokedex. And hey, from what the internet tells me, there are plenty of Mudkip fans out there.

7. Pokemon X/Y


The first real 3D Pokemon game brought a lot more than a new dimension to the series. X and Y introduced customizable characters, a new type (Fairy) and Mega Evolutions, the latter of which are basically Super Saiyan versions of existing Pokemon. Maybe most vital of all is the new EXP Share, which players get early on in the game; instead of doling out bonus XP to a single Pokemon not in battle, in this iteration all the Pokemon in your party get XP. This cuts way, way down on grinding and makes becoming a Pokemon Master much less of a chore. You can always turn the feature off, of course, if you're finding the game too easy. Which, for Pokemon X and Y, is admittedly an issue.

6. Fire Emblem Awakening

fire emblem

I know I said that FE Fates: Birthright was the Fire Emblem to go with for beginners, but really you want to start here. Awakening was supposed to be the swan song for the franchise after sales had sagged for a while, and you can really see the developers put everything they had into this game. Story-wise, Awakening is by far one of the best RPGs on a handheld, and speaking in gameplay terms there are tons of options depending on how hardcore you want to be about stuff like permanent character death. Personally, I played with permadeath on, but found myself resetting every time a favorite was killed. I just can't let my sweet innocent Donnel go. 

5. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D


If you've been wondering where the hell all the Zelda games have been on this list then boy, get ready. Majora's Mask has always been an odd duck compared the rest of the franchise, but open-minded fans have embraced its eccentricities. Nintendo certainly made it easier to love with the 3DS remake, adding more save points, an improved questlog, tweaked bosses, expanded areas and even a new sidequest. This is all on top of a graphical overhaul that looks like how you remember Majora's Mask (quirky and charming) compared to how it actually looks (choppy and kind of ugly). 

4. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D


For many fans, this is the pinnacle of the Zelda series. Even after all these years, it's hard to shake that memory of wandering out in the Hyrule Field for the first time. For a game that's nearly 20 years old, it's held up surprisingly well. The world might not be as big as you remember, but the dungeons are still fantastic and the soundtrack is an all-time classic. Like Majora's Mask, Ocarina of Time 3D has seen several improvements on top of a graphical overhaul. OoT 3D even includes the Master Quest, a version of the game with tougher dungeons that was previously only available on an expensive out-of-production GameCube disc. If you're a fan of the series, this is kind of a no-brainer.

3. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds


Though both of the 3D Zelda remakes mentioned above are stellar games in their own right, you can always tell when a game was built for a system from the ground up. A Link Between Worlds somehow manages to be a very traditional sequel to Link to the Past on SNES while being the freshest Zelda in years (you know, besides Breath of the Wild). A lot of it has to do with the item rental system, which allows you to pay a small fee to take anything in the game out for a spin right from the get-go. This also means you can visit whatever dungeon you'd like to in any order -- so if you're stuck on a puzzle, you can always bail and go adventuring elsewhere while still progressing in the game. This is my personal favorite game on the system, but the votes say there are two games that are slightly better than ALBW. They're pretty good, so I guess I can allow it. 

2. Super Smash Bros. 

smash bros

One of the most consistently impressive things about the 3DS is how it's been able to successfully replicate console games and make them playable (and enjoyable!) on a small screen. When Nintendo announced that the next Super Smash Bros. would come to Wii U AND 3DS, fans were skeptical. But with what was presumably the darkest blood magic, they managed to cram in every single character in the game and make the series' trademark chaos readable on a surface the size of a phone. Smash is best played in multiplayer, but there's a nifty 3DS-only singleplayer mode if you alienate your friends by stomping them with Luigi.

1. Pokemon Sun/Moon


This is it! The absolute best game on the 3DS. Pokemon Sun and Moon is a landmark entry in an RPG behemoth that has stuck around for two decades. Not only are the new Pokemon some of the best in several generations, Nintendo and Game Freak took it to another level with "Alola Pokemon." These particular Pokes have adapted to life on the game's Hawaii-like islands, and so you'll see familiar faces like Meowth and Raichu with entirely new looks and abilities. On top of extra features like up-close Pokemon petting and a new Battle Tree, this is the game that finally, mercifully kills HMs. Instead of wasting a move slot with garbage like CUT and SURF, Sun and Moon supply you with badass Pokemon mounts that do all of that stuff and more! S/M really makes it hard to go back to earlier games in the series -- and hey, that's okay, because you might not want to.

Need more 3DS recommendations?

Check out The 20 Best DS Games of All-Time -- all backwards compatible with 3DS and 2DS!

21 Jun 11:01

Pizza Spinners?

Pizza Spinners?

Não, obrigado. aSuaHsuAHSuaHs

21 Jun 10:57

Mario Crack

Que errado isso aí aHsuAShuAShuAHs

20 Jun 11:16

Jogada – Svenskeren acerta belíssimo chute de Lee Sin

by Eric Teixeira

O jungler da TSM ‎Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen acertou um belíssimo chute de Lee Sin durante a partida da TSM contra a Team EnVyUs pela LCS NA.

The post Jogada – Svenskeren acerta belíssimo chute de Lee Sin appeared first on Mais e-Sports.

19 Jun 15:38

Super Mario Odyssey Has Tons of Sneaky References and Easter Eggs

Back in March, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild reminded us that Nintendo's attention to detail is second-to-none. Super Mario Odyssey isn't out yet, but if the E3 trailer and previews are anything to go by, it might even surpass Link and Co. in the easter egg department.

If there's one thing Super Mario Odyssey puts front and center, well, it's the wonderfully bizarre ability to possess almost any object or enemy in the game. After that, though, Mario's new, extensive wardrobe seems to be the series' biggest new feature. Acquired through clothing shops littered throughout Odyssey's worlds, the special outfits appear to award new abilities and unlock new paths. And, as it turns out, many of these costumes are direct references to games in Mario's past -- some pretty obscure! Take the safari garb, for instance. 


Seems like your typical explorer gear, but this look has precedence dating back to the mid-90s. 


The Mario's Picross games released in 1995 and 1996 were sleeper puzzlers that didn't gain too much traction outside of maybe Japan (the only place Mario's Picross 2 was released), but they both featured Nintendo's premier plumber in that same safari gear seen in Odyssey. 


Releasing in 1992, Yoshi's Cookie was what you'd call a "late-era" NES game. Though a Super Nintendo version was available, the 8-bit version was the one with Mario in a sharp chef's outfit, which he needed to uh, arrange baked goods in a certain way. 

And then there's the sombrero. 


Believe it or not, this isn't even close to the first time this Italian stereotype has messed around with Mexican stereotypes. Mario has worn a sombrero on at least two occasions in the past -- neither of them are what you would consider "hard canon."


On the left is a still from a little-seen Mario anime movie from 1986. Doesn't really resemble the outfit in Odyssey, but a sombrero is a sombrero, I guess. Mario's getup in the special endings for Qix on Game Boy is a little bit closer to the real deal -- check out the pattern on the hat. 

Fans have already mined Odyssey's most popular level for tons of cheeky easter eggs. The world is, after all, called New Donk City.


Many have suggested that NDC has strong ties to the Donkey Kong family, and the evidence makes that hard to deny. Signage on the street like "Diddy's Mart" and "Dixie Street" are crystal-clear references to Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong. They're far from the only Donkey Kong Country reps namedropped on the streets of New Donk City.



"Cranky" and "Krool" street signs unambiguously refer to Cranky Kong and the little-seen King K. Rool. Here's hoping there's a "Funky Ave" hanging up somewhere.

Sealing the deal is a car that is seen driving over the camera super-quickly in the first Odyssey trailer. 


What year was the original Donkey Kong released? You guessed it, 1981.

Names and signage are cute and all, but where are the actual DK characters? May I present to you: Mayor Pauline.


While Princess Peach was busy getting kidnapped in almost every single video game she has ever appeared in, Pauline was doing work. She's come a long way since being the obligatory video game damsel in distress, first seen in the original Donkey Kong. 


Odyssey seems to have evolved Pauline's look from her appearance in the DK/Mario puzzler franchise. Let's hope she sticks around in the Mario Universe. Think she knows how to kart race?

Before we go, we should hit on the bit you're most likely to have missed -- the Donkey Kong jingle hidden in the jazzy Odyssey theme.

Listen closely and you can hear that trademark warble, albeit gussied-up in a proper musical style. Just imagine, this is only a small part of the game. A complete list of easter eggs in the finished game would probably be hundreds of entries long. I guess we better get started.

Tristan Cooper can be found on Twitter.

19 Jun 15:35

Ubisoft Has a New Logo and It Reminds The Internet of Poop


Normally the news of a videogame company changing their logo wouldn't be very big news (or even worth discussing at all), but then again Ubisoft has a way of screwing up even the most miniscule things in the entire world - the French gaming publisher announced yesterday that their logo had gone through a redesign and introduced the world to "the new Ubisoft swirl":



Their previous logo had been in use since 2003, and this attempt SEEMS to be going for something more minimalist and simplistic - but winds up looking half-assed and unfinished. And since the internet has never really been shy about criticizing Ubisoft when they release something ugly and incomplete-looking, they're taking them to task on this uggo logo.


via minatureone


via kayonesoft


via ikkkou

But probably the most popular take on the sad new logo is the one that realizes the TRUE meaning of it - it's just the poo emoji viewed from above:



...which got so big that someone actually 3D printed it.

Regardless of your feelings about the new logo, I think we can all agree that they should go back to their dope 80s logo. Seriously, this is better than any swirly-thing:


16 Jun 16:54

Reagindo a músicas brasileiras | All That Jess#86

by Tarcisio Junior

A Jess está de volta e hoje vai reagir a algumas das músicas mais tocadas no Brasil lá no Spotify. Será que nossos hits agradariam todo mundo? Qual dessas é a sua favorita?

Não esqueça de deixar suas recomendações nos comentários! ;)

16 Jun 15:22

God of War não terá Quick Time Events

Nos últimos tempos os Quick Time Events (QTE) têm gozado de pouca popularidade por entre os fãs, no entanto há uns anos eram uma forma de conseguir momentos espectaculares nos jogos de acção e aventura como os da série God of War.

Segundo adiantou o director do novo God of War, Cory Barlog, desta vez será a primeira onde não haverá este tipo de acções no jogo protagonizado por Kratos.

Barlog explicou que há momentos em que nos dirigimos a um inimigo e quando estamos sobre ele começam uma série de ataques predeterminados. Estes não serão geridos da forma clássica dos QTE, de acertar com o botão ou com uma determinada direcção do analógico no momento oportuno, mas usam isso sim os mesmos botões de ataque que são usados ao longo do jogo para oferecer ataques da forma que os jogadores quiserem em tempo real.

Read more…

16 Jun 10:36

Quando na faculdade só tem computadores da Apple

by Gislaine Lima

Isso é um ~macbook~ ou um iMac?

Tô em dúvida!


O post Quando na faculdade só tem computadores da Apple apareceu primeiro em Blog Insôônia.

14 Jun 11:03

E3 2017: Mario se transforma em diversos personagens no novo trailer de Super Mario Odyssey

Durante sua conferência para a E3 2017, a Nintendo mostrou um divertido trailer com gameplay para Super Mario Odyssey, exclusivo do Nintendo Switch. No vídeo, podemos ver o encanador assumindo diversas formas e corpos com o seu chapéu, incluindo dinossauros, personagens icônicos da franquia e objetos. Quando isso acontece, o corpo "possuído" ganha um bigode, marca registrada do encanador da Nintendo. Com uma música empolgante, o trailer também mostra o variado gameplay de "Odyssey", que traz combates, voos, coletáveis, carros e os clássicos pulos. Segundo a Nintendo, Mario vai utilizar seus novos poderes neste game em 3D para "salvar a Princesa Peach dos planos de casamento de Bowser". Super Mario Odyssey será lançado em 27 de outubro somente no Nintendo...
09 Jun 20:55

O homem que mudou o jogo

by Joe

(cuidado com o volume)

E foi nesse dia que a humanidade mudou completamente, e o mundo tomou outro rumo, tudo isso graças a esse cara. Mais uma vez o ano zero foi estabelecido.

09 Jun 20:53

keyhollow: meatswitch: mannypacqyaoi: literallysame: @keyho...






There is no need for this senseless violence

09 Jun 20:30

O Orgulho De Adão

O Orgulho De Adão

Fica aí o nosso parabéns ao Adão! ASuahsUASHAsHASuH

09 Jun 20:30

O dia em que Rodolfo resolveu ajudar o próximo

by Léo Boese

Monstro, sem mais, Rodolfo presidente 2018

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09 Jun 20:29

A melhor resposta pra essa pergunta

by Léo Boese


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08 Jun 19:58

Sistema de 10 bans chega ao servidor brasileiro

by Bruno Rodrigues

Quem jogou League of Legends na manhã desta quinta-feira (08) já se deparou com uma surpresa, o sistema de 10 banimentos finalmente chegou ao nosso servidor nas partidas de modo Ranqueada e Alternada.

Diferente do competitivo, os 10 banimentos são feitos de maneira simultânea por todos da equipe, podendo haver banimentos repetidos entre sua equipe e a equipe inimiga. A maioria dos jogadores podem achar que não faz sentido algum duas equipes banirem o mesmo campeão, e que isso seria um “desperdício de ban”, porém o maior proposito disso é fazer com que essa fase de banimentos fique mais rápida. Imagine só que os servidores adotem o sistema de banimentos igual ao competitivo, e lá na ultima escolha de campeão alguém sai da sala, seria muito tempo perdido não é mesmo?

Se você ainda não jogou hoje, corre lá jogue uma partidinha e nos conte o que achou do novo sistema de banimentos. Ah, e não se esqueça de banir Yasuo ok?


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08 Jun 10:48

Khan, top laner da Longzhu, se destaca com jogadas contra a SKT na LCK

by Eric Teixeira

O top laner Kim “Khan” Dong-ha da Longzhu Gaming foi um dos grandes destaques da série contra a SKT pelo segundo split da LCK 2017.

No primeiro jogo, a Longzhu venceu a SKT. Veja abaixo a belíssima jogada de Khan com seu Renekton matando Wolf no 1v3 e saindo vivo logo em seguida:

No segundo jogo, a SKT empatou e as equipes foram para uma terceira e última partida da série. Mesmo com a derrota, a Longzhu lutou até o fim mostrando um ótimo nível de jogo. A Fiora de Khan voltou a aprontar, desta vez, contra Wolf e Faker:

Você encontra no Mais e-Sports a cobertura da LCK com resultados, data e horário dos jogos e também links para replays e melhores momentos.

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07 Jun 16:10

Malditos Terroristas

Gente, vocês ouviram isso? ahsuaHsuahs

07 Jun 11:03

Jesus voltou, e ele é negro

by Raphael Mendes

E foi no parque aquático só de zoa

07 Jun 11:01

PlayerLink fecha parceria com a INTZ

by Eric Teixeira

A PlayerLink, plataforma online do jogador Felipe “brTT” Gonçalves, anunciou nesta segunda-feira (6) a parceria com a INTZ e-Sports.

Lá o jogador encontra um conteúdo especial que irá ajudar a melhorar a sua performance dentro do League of Legends. A PlayerLink já contava com uma série de aulas ministradas pelos jogadores da Red Canids, agora também contará com aulas dos jogadores da INTZ.

Além da biblioteca de aulas, a plataforma conta com aulas ao vivo onde o aluno pode tirar suas dúvidas com os jogadores e também participar de campeonatos exclusivos.

Aulas ao vivo desta semana

Neste primeiro mês de parceria, você encontrará aulas ministradas por Marcelo “Ayel” Melo, Daniel “Daniels” Marcon e Gabriel “Turtle” Peixoto. Destaques para Ayel que é um jogador reconhecido por seu bom desempenho na soloQ brasileira e que aparece frequentemente na primeira posição da fila solo.


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06 Jun 11:12

UFC 212 – Cena pós créditos

by Raphael Mendes

O que a Globo não mostrou você vê aqui:

05 Jun 10:55

Brasileiro Diego 'Kelazhur' estará no Mundial de StarCraft II

Evento acontece em novembro Após tornar-se campeão da Copa América, o jogador que ocupa a oitava posição no ranking mundial do jogo representará o Brasil na Blizzcon.
02 Jun 20:13

omg-humor: That’s actually not even a bad idea


That’s actually not even a bad idea

02 Jun 11:14

Quando o Fallen rusha fundo

by ninja negro


Certeza que ela vai smokar fundo essa noite

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THQ Nordic’s E3 line-up – EGM DoubleTake

by EGM Staff
Ray A couple weeks ago, Mollie and I had a chance to try out the THQ Nordic lineup in advance of E3 2017, going hands-on with three new games: SpellForce III from Grimlore Games, Elex from Piranha Bytes, and Battle Chasers: Nightwar from Airship Syndicate. Before we get into the actual games, though, Mollie, I want to know if it’s as weird for you to see the THQ logo after all these years again as it is for me.
It’s so, so bizarre. I mean, part of me understands why you’d want to switch over to a brand that has more recognition than what you had before. At the same time, though, it’s like if you skinned a corpse, then started wearing that skin around town, pretending to be them. It’s especially weird for me, and probably you as well, given how we’ve both followed THQ’s games over time. Out of the three titles they had on display, none of them really felt like what I’d expect from a game with the name “THQ” down in the corner of the package. Battle Chasers might be the closest one in that regard, which also just so happened to be the first game that we played. Mollie
Ray Yes, Battle Chasers is the first project from Airship Syndicate, which is one of the studios that formed out of the remnants of Vigil Games. They were the folks that were behind the Darksiders series, including the studio’s co-founder, Joe “Mad” Madureira. And, speaking of Joe, Battle Chasers: Nightwar is based off of the Battle Chasers series that Joe created back in 1998 for Image Comics, and ties in to those old books. From the little we played, however, it doesn’t seem that you need to have read the books to have a good time. Nightwar is an old-school, turn-based RPG with a party made up of three characters, each with specific strengths and weaknesses. The gameplay was solid, but what really caught my eye was how beautiful the designs of the world and characters were—it was like Joe’s original comic had indeed come to life on my screen.
Yeah, our demo started off with a cutscene that seemed to come at a point when we’d known who all of the characters are, but even not having that information, they were all designed in a way that gave you a pretty quick hint at what role they’d fill in combat. Beyond the cast, the game was definitely a treat visually, between exploring the overworld, being in combat, or moving into the more Diablo-esque dungeon exploring. That last part took me by surprise, because there really seems to be an interesting mix of gameplay styles and ideas going on here. It’s also funny, because speaking of mixing things up, at first I was totally thrown off by my party being on the left side of the screen in battles—I’m used to the JRPG tradition of them being on the right. That was only the first of a handful of things that felt a little different from the norm, though. Mollie
Ray There was definitely some idea mash-ups going on here. I said it was turn-based, but there is also a bar showing the order of combat to the side, which you could change by speeding up your party or slowing down the enemy—something you don’t always see in traditional turn-based systems. Also, I agree that moving from an overworld map, to combat in the side view, and then dungeon exploring was an interesting amalgamation of RPGs; I thought it worked really well, and they all actually complemented each other. But, you know what else mixed things up a bit? SpellForce III. I admit I’ve never played the first two games in this series, but this third chapter tries to mix real-time strategy elements with those seen in an action-RPG, and it didn’t feel like it always worked to me.
That was the game at the event that I didn’t get a chance to go hands-on with, so you’ll have to play the part of the expert here—no matter your history with the series! My biggest question would probably be, what made it different? I feel like similar-styled games are a dime a dozen on the PC, so what did you find about it that made it stand out to you? Mollie
Ray It was an interesting medieval world for sure, with all the magic and warring factions you’d expect from something dubbed “SpellForce.” However, the combat is what really stood out. At the start of the demo, you only have three characters, but you’re walking around the world with the standard RTS god view. Then, when you came across enemies, you can either let your three characters just fight automatically like in an RTS, or press buttons mapped to spells to help move the conflict along. Then, later in the demo, I was able to gather up an army, and in traditional RTS fashion, just overwhelmed my enemies with sheer numbers, saving me from having to micromanage anymore.
So, on the other hand, you said that some parts didn’t work for you. What about it didn’t you like—and did those elements outweigh what SpellForce III does well? Mollie
Ray As interesting as the combat was, I think bouncing back and forth between RTS and action-RPG tactics took a lot of getting used to. These aren’t genres I normally see mixing all that much, and although I ended up getting the hang of it enough to beat the demo, I imagine that when RTS players are forced to use the action-RPG style, and RPG players suddenly have to manage a large-scale RTS army, that there’s going to be some growing pains. This was not like mixing chocolate and peanut butter, but I’m sure there are a few out there who will have a taste for this. I also think that jumping into any RPG, it’s hard to get what the developer is necessarily going for with the story when you see such a small slice of the game. It’s what made the Battle Chasers demo so impressive—that I immediately clicked with it—and it’s also something that made the last game we saw, Elex, all the more difficult to get excited for.
Oh my goodness, Elex. If for no other reason, I give that game points for being such a fascinating demo to play. Elex feels like a game that was thought up by a little kid who couldn’t decide if he wanted to grow up to be a viking, or a cowboy, or a spaceman. It also feels like a project that’s way, way too ambitious for what it’ll be able to pull off. Basically, we’re set down on a planet called Magalan, which is currently in a state of post-apocalyptic anarchy. Initially, you think it’s going to feel like Fallout or something, but then, you find out that there are these different factions, where each of them takes you on wildly different paths. With the Berserkers, you become this sort of Skyrim-like character, the Clerics are more Mass Effect, and the Outlaws throw in a dash of Red Dead Redemption. It was so weird! But kind of cool in how ridiculously insane it was. But weird! Mollie
Ray Yeah, and because of that, the demo was difficult to navigate. I didn’t know where to go, who to talk to, who to side with. I get that RPGs are hard to demo, but this might’ve been one of the hardest to get through. It’s also weird, because the mysterious substance that every faction is fighting over—the titular Elex—saps you of your personality? So, our protagonist was incredibly one-note in all his dialogue. The idea is fascinating like you said, but the execution—at least in this demo—does not befit a game meant to drop this August.
That was the hardest part for me. As utterly bizarre as I was finding Elex, there was something kind of charming and endearing about that bizarreness. I was getting to the point where I was legitimately interested in the game, and then talking to one of the folks from THQ Nordic, I found out that there’s zero character customization. On some level, I can understand, because I’m sure going the BioWare route with an RPG is already hard enough with one set character, let alone two genders and visual customization. But, man—the hero they have is just as generic and unappealing as they come. I’d almost love for the team at Piranha Bytes to attempt the customization route, because even if it didn’t work out and felt kind of awkward and unfinished in the end, that’d only be even more fitting to how Elex feels overall. Mollie
Ray Yeah, I’m not sure if its a resources thing, or a timing thing, but if you can’t stand the main protagonist of an RPG, it’s really hard to get through a game that seems like it’s aiming for a triple-digit playthough length. Customization would definitely help players relate and overcome the lack of personality. One thing is for sure, though, it’s nice to see someone with the THQ name making games again, although I think we’re way more excited for Battle Chasers: Nightwar than SpellForce III or Elex. All three of these games are aiming for a 2017 release, however, so we’ll find out just how good—or bad—they are soon enough.
31 May 20:39

Que passeio! Samsung não deixa SKT jogar e vence por 2-0 em estreia da LCK

by Eric Teixeira

A SKT enfrentou a Samsung em sua estreia para o segundo split da LCK 2017. Ambas as equipes são fortes candidatas ao título da LCK mas o favoritismo está com a SKT.

Um jogo quase perfeito da Samsung

No primeiro jogo, a Samsung optou por jogar com um jungler de pressão no início de jogo, dando Elise para Ambition. Na top lane da Samsung, CuVee utilizou Kled contra o Shen de Huni impondo bastante pressão na parte de cima do mapa.

Com Elise e Kled, a Samsung garantiu o Arauto e criou uma grande bola de neve após matar a Orianna de Faker no mid.

A Samsung simplesmente não deu chances para a SKT voltar. Os narradores brincaram sobre a possibilidade da Samsung realizar um “jogo perfeito” sem perder torres, objetivos e nem abates, mas não foi possível.

Mesmo assim, a Samsung teve maestria para encerrar o jogo! Após eliminar Wolf e Peanut, eles garantiram o Barão e derrubaram o Nexus com 30 minutos de partida.

Mais um massacre!

Na segunda partida o início foi simplesmente um desastre para a SKT. O invade de Peanut e Huni acabou dando totalmente errado. O jungler morreu para Crown e Huni acabou morrendo nas mãos da Camille de CuVee.

A segunda partida foi novamente um passeio da Samsung, o forte início de jogo foi suficiente para criar uma bola de neve gigantesca que nem mesmo a melhor equipe do mundo conseguiu suportar. 2-0 Samsung!

Você acompanha os horários e datas dos jogos da LCK na Cobertura do Mais e-Sports. Você também encontra lá replays e highlights dos jogos da LCK. 


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Quando o serviço é tão bom que merece carteira assinada

by ninja vermelho

Essa não caga com o trabalho

Essa não caga com o trabalho

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30 May 15:52

Rainbow Six: Black Dragons perde equipe e não participa do 2º split da Pro League

Faltando 12 horas para o fechamento das equipes do torneio internacional, jogadores foram contratados em outra organização Faltando 12 horas para o fechamento das equipes do torneio internacional, jogadores foram contratados em outra organização.