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I can explain brothers!

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Everything will be ok...

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Clean driving

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Nice Park Job

by luke


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Clearly high

by ghettoredhot


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Just came to see..

by ghettoredhot


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Where not to put a cactus

by Jonco

Where not to put a cactusWhere not to put a cactus

Thanks Mike (from Spain)



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That’s not a shadow…

by Jonco

Not a shadow




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Root beer dog



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I like the sound you make…

by Jonco

Shut up sound



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How Europe sees America

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Oi! That's my phone!

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Play with me!

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My local sheriff's way of doing business

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Captain... of which planet?

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My favorite faceswap.

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Union Ads Attack Verizon's FiOS Deployment Failures -

The Communications Workers of America has ramped up its attacks on Verizon ahead of a possible strike this weekend, as the two sides continue to negotiate a new contract with an August 1 deadline looming. The CWA is running ads in numerous markets attacking Verizon specifically for letting its DSL lines deteriorate in many markets as the telco focuses on wireless (something the telco calls a "myth").

The ads are also taking aim at Verizon's failure to upgrade to FiOS across numerous key markets despite record profit:

Verizon isn t doing right by their customers or their workers, said Bob Master, legislative and political director for CWA District One. The company made $9.6 billion in profits in 2014, and reported $4.4 billion in profits just in the 2015 second quarter alone, yet refuses to build its high-speed FiOS network in numerous areas across Verizon s footprint, especially in lower-income cities like Baltimore, Buffalo and Bethlehem, Pa."
Verizon meanwhile has trained 15,000 replacement workers to step up should the CWA's 38,000 union Verizon employees strike over the upcoming weekend.
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Obama, Merkel, and Putin Starring in Movies

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Hungry Hungry Camel

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None of the Angry Birds 2 Angry Birds look like happy birds

by Brett Makedonski

Like a story Alfred Hitchcock once told, our fine, feathered friends aren't in a good mood today. The aviary community is up in wings over the launch of Angry Birds 2 on Android and iOS. They're irritated, upset, pissed off, and every other synonym for angry. You can tell just how mad they are by their scowls; happy birds don't scowl.

Fortunately for us homo sapiens, we know that these birds have no beef with us. Their beef (pork?) is with pig folk and the various construction materials they associate with. It's hard to idly stand by while this kind of hate-fueled violence is taking place, but carnitas comes from pigs so maybe it's okay if we turn a blind eye in the interest of delicious burritos.

None of the Angry Birds 2 Angry Birds look like happy birds screenshot

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Ways to Reach an Audience (From Least to Most Effective) [Comic]

by Geeks are Sexy
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When my younger sibling challenges me

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Natural Born Killers (dir. Oliver Stone) 

Natural Born Killers (dir. Oliver Stone) 

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That moment...

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I apologize.

Fleet Enemas

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Do you want a haunted forest? Because that's how you get a haunted forest.

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Found this at a local ice cream shop.

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Run For It!!!

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