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Coffee Maker


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Irwincardozo does the best comics

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by Tyler Durden
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Snoopy Night

by Jonco




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Elephant Stew

by Jonco

Sounds delicious!

Elephant Stew2



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This happen sometimes

19 Sep 00:10

Stand up, move a few steps away, then look at the picture again.

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Welcome to the US and of A!

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Tiny Boops

14 Sep 21:55

Could Netflix Be The Best Untapped Dating Network Online?

by G. Clay Whittaker
Netfling dating app Netfling concept app video screenshot

'Netfling' is a concept for a dating app based on Netflix ratings

A proposed app hopes to skip the pleasantries and get to the most important online dating question: what shows do you like to stream?

The app, called "Netfling," is so far just a concept proposed by "digitally born and raised" ad agency SuperHeroes Amsterdam, albeit one whose timing couldn't be more perfect: the term “Netflix and chill” has rapidly become the preferred euphemism for proposing a "hook up" by young adults. (Netflix, for its part, counts streaming hours even if you’re not paying attention to the screen).

The honest truth is that streaming services and bingewatching movies and TV unites people intimately, whether they end up paying attention to what’s on or not. Netflix had more than 65 million users as of last count, 42 million in the US alone. For comparison, the much-ballyhooed dating app Tinder has an estimated 50 million users worldwide (the company hasn't released official figures).

Combining the audiences certainly presents advantages for people looking for someone with shared interests — or at least mutual interest in Netflix and dating. And for users, Netflix is a significant factor in determining shared interests, given that the average Netflix subscriber uses the service for about two hours a day.

Netfling and its probable competitor Binger, are hoping to enter the market but await the return of an open Netflix application programming interface (API) — the system used by third-party software developers to build apps based on a company's data — which Netflix discontinued in 2014. Would-be Netflix-based dating apps will need that in order to do with Netflix what Tinder does with Facebook. Without an open API, it’s unlikely we’ll actually see either app enter the market anytime soon.

Here’s hoping it does, even at the cost of star-crossed lovers with differing opinions on The Walking Dead.

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REAL ALERT to emergency crew

14 Sep 23:32

Teach kids to program with the Dash and Dot connected learning system

by Paul Acevedo

One of the coolest benefits of our modern smartphone and tablet-using culture has to be the advent of gear that connects to smart devices. Users can connect to their smartwatches, exercise bands, thermostats, car engines, and much more. Naturally, connected apps also have educational uses as well. Kids love touch screen devices and tech, so why not use that tech to help them learn?

Dash & Dot from Wonder Workshop is a connected learning system that works with a pair of real-world robots named Dash and Dot. Using the two robots and a handful of Android and iOS apps such as Blockly, kids will learn the fundamentals of programming, problem solving skills, and much more. We've put Dash & Dot and the Wonder Workshop apps through their paces to bring you these detailed impressions.

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Problems these days

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Mushroom Crepes With Poached Eggs

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Buffalo Chicken Melt With Beer Cheese Sauce

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Have there been any studies on the effects of consumption by humans?

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Watch Puppies Find the Droids They're Looking For

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Well, I didn't feel like sleeping anyway

07 Sep 16:13

Aggressive table building team

07 Sep 16:54

Mission Impossible Hamster.

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Cheat in peace

by ghettoredhot


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The future is here!

03 Sep 05:11

Android is Finally Getting a Standalone Street View App

by Chris Mills

Street View has always been a separate file on your Android device — it even gets its own Play Store listing — but up until now, you got to it through the Maps app.


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#391588 - Caramel Bacon Crack Recipe


Caramel bacon crack

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31 Aug 19:26

Crossing guard outside Cleveland thought it was cool to show up in his underwear today.