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18 Apr 15:50

Looks like Muslims are being blamed for theft by b&q now.

18 Apr 17:00

Everybody Has a Friend Like This

18 Apr 17:58

Ben Affleck ancestors owned slaves and he doesnt want you to know

by J.P. Travis

let's take everyone and force DNA test them to find the 1.6% of Americans, who's ancestors are surely among the 1% now, and out them publicly.

Ben Affleck’s ancestors owned slaves and he doesn’t want you to know. So that infamous beer-summit pipsqueak, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., host of PBS’s Finding Your Roots, censored the awkward discovery about Ben’s family out of his show. They should rename the show Finding Your Roots And Covering Them Up.

18 Apr 18:00

I'm Getting Outta Here


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18 Apr 18:10

Which one of them will be in your home bookshelf? Give me all of them!

18 Apr 12:39

Game of Thrones vs Frozen crossover! (ex-post r/gameofthrones)

17 Apr 13:56


18 Apr 10:50

And that's the day his trust issues started

18 Apr 05:28

So my fiancé works at subway, today she showed me this picture

18 Apr 11:00

Clearly We've Found a Hater


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18 Apr 11:25

Does anyone take their chicken for a walk

18 Apr 12:00

Please Bless Us With Your Tasty Sugary Treats, Churro Man


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16 Apr 16:06

Netflix Sets Pricing Based on Local Piracy Rates

by Ernesto

netfWith nearly 60 million subscribers globally, Netflix is a giant in the world of online video entertainment.

In terms of providing access to popular TV-shows and movies the company’s biggest competitor is piracy. Just a few weeks ago Netflix described the BitTorrent-powered Popcorn Time as a major threat.

Interestingly, piracy also offers critical business intelligence to the company. For example, it uses local piracy statistics to determine what content it should offer in various regions.

That’s not all though. During this week’s earnings interview Nexflix’s Chief Financial Officer David Wells said that a country’s piracy rate is a main factor in determining the service’s local price.

“Piracy is a governor in terms of our price in high piracy markets outside the US,” Wells explained.

“We wouldn’t want to come out with a high price because there’s a lot of piracy, so we have to compete with that,” Wells added.

Another recurring issue is Netflix policies against VPN usage. While the terms of use have prohibited this for a long time already, the big crackdown on VPN users has yet to begin.

According to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, VPNs are used by paying customers, which isn’t such a big problem as piracy.

“It’s certainly less bad than piracy,” Hastings said, quickly adding that it’s not something the company encourages.

Ted Sarandos, head of content at Netflix, noted that the company continues to work with the studios to address the VPN issue but that it’s “kind of a whack a mole.”

Instead, Sarandos prefers to focus on the positive battle against piracy, which he believes Netflix is winning.

“The real great news is that in the piracy capitals of the world Netflix is winning. We’re pushing down piracy in those markets by getting access.” Sarandos noted.

With the right pricing Netflix has indeed converted many pirates. The next step is to make VPNs obsolete, by offering content globally without any geographical restrictions.

“The best way to make the VPN issue a complete non issue is through global licensing that we’re continuing to pursue with our partners,” Sarandos said.

Source: TorrentFreak, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and anonymous VPN services.

18 Apr 02:45

Poland is of smart.

18 Apr 02:50

The guy on the right is so shocked he becomes a teapot

17 Apr 22:45

The results of an infection caused by the drug "krokodil". [NSFW][GORE]

18 Apr 03:11



girls be like

18 Apr 03:24

hulnix: “But my mom says I’m cool.” Milhouse Van Houten


“But my mom says I’m cool.” Milhouse Van Houten

18 Apr 03:55

There are people allergic to water

17 Apr 23:18

How the second page of Google Search must feel.

17 Apr 17:03

Today im repping my favourite band

17 Apr 19:27

My cat has a secret modeling job

18 Apr 05:05

Wearing Havel's armor like

15 Apr 21:51

The kids at my church made the whole congregation watch this. Come for the constant WTF, stay for the flaming Illuminati Christ on a canoe.

16 Apr 04:00

Scared by a mop.

16 Apr 03:55

Want To Find Your Phone? Just Google It

by Chris Mills

I lose my phone in more stupid places than I can possibly count. I seriously considered installing a landline so that I can call my phone the three times per day it goes missing. But Google just made something even better. Type three magic words into search, and you’ll find your missing handset.


16 Apr 02:35

How this is possible?

16 Apr 03:25

What do you guys think of my Heisenberg drawing?

16 Apr 03:30

Woop! Woop! Woop! Woop!

16 Apr 03:00

Check Out The New Jurassic Park Trailer

by Jill Harness

Last July, Alex shared the gorey image of Steven Speilberg sitting beside one of his newest kills. Animal activists were rightly outraged by the killing of such a rare and beautiful creature. As if that wasn't bad enough, now one Redditor has shared these images of a poor, bound T-rex being towed down the road as though it's just a big hunk of plastic.

Will the madness ever stop?!? End dinosaur cruelty!

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