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Luckily we Muricans' still have our competitive eating to showboat

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Abortion is a difficult topic

05 Jul 02:17

In response to a gif of a 1000 pound firework going off for a firework display in Japan.

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Back flip kick

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A cat and his hammock

05 Jul 03:15

Brutally Honest Wine Labels

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How to Cook Tasty Kitchen Demons [Video]

by Geeks are Sexy

This is wrong, oh so wrong.


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05 Jul 02:57

The Fist Bump [Comic]

by Geeks are Sexy
05 Jul 02:58

Top 5 times Batman killed people

by Remy Carreiro

The one thing many people love about Batman is that no matter how dark his life is, he doesn’t kill criminals. That’s one of his rules. The fine print is, it is a rule Batman breaks on the regular. Hell, play five minutes of the most recent Arkham game and it is clear to see many of these nameless “thugs” will never be walking again.

But in the five examples in the video above, Batman straight up KILLED dudes. I mean, a trash compactor? That is even sicker than some of the Joker’s sickest moments.

(Via ComicsExplained)

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05 Jul 02:59

This Batman Fan Theory is Completely Insane!

by Geeks are Sexy
04 Jul 15:04

/b/ meets Reddit

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I'd like a ticket...

04 Jul 19:29

Gotta get it out somehow

05 Jul 03:35

When there're less than two months until MGS V comes out.

04 Jul 22:02

One of Obama's best friends

04 Jul 22:20

Whole Foods, Half Lies

by Tyler Durden

Submitted by Salil Mehta via Statistical Ideas blog,

Whole Foods has just been caught ripping-off customers, above and beyond their typical rip-off prices.  Whenever I shop at Whole Foods, up and down the Northeast, I observe that more than 2/3 of customers pay with bank cards.  Part of the issue with this payment method is that few customers then do what they should be doing.  Being a math guy for example, I always add up the prices of anything I am about to buy, before I get to the payment cashier.  It's not that hard! 

And every couple of weeks, at all sorts of global merchants (from stores, to restaurants, to service companies), I come across price discrepancies.  I always feel obligated on behalf of all fellow consumers to notify the business staff (whose only incentive at the counter is to pump you for a loyalty discount card in exchange for your valuable personal data), and most of the time the "mistake" is in their favor.  Certainly not in anyone else's.  The "mistake" comes down to corporate heedlessness at best, and an obvious lack of respect for their customer's finances.  Many times I actually get a dirty look (like I am the jerk for catching their own error!), and only some of the time do I notice businesses promptly take the corrective actions so that no one else would be impacted.  If one mindlessly just throws over their bank card and personal data with every purchase, then (as we'll see below) they will often be overcharged.

This particular news is happening with a company that already has a high-profile and checkered track record of doing good.  Just before the global financial crisis, CEO Mackey thought it was better to ignore his customers and mask his online identity with the alias "Rahodeb".  Squandering his time instead by falsely denigrating Wild Oats, and simultaneously falsely promoting Whole Foods.  In a similar playbook as they have today, this insulting set of affairs only came to an abrupt end when Whole Foods was busted.

Also this news is happening with a company that is now suffering intense competition from better-priced competitors.  The organic marketplace is well-overdue for price reform.  As even billionaire investor Warren Buffett quipped recently "I don't see smiles on the faces of people at Whole Foods."  Though on a tangent, we don't see smiles on the faces of his Berkshire stockholders in recent years either (here, here).  Particularly if they then shop at Whole Foods afterwards, only to get served a second beat down.

So what does Whole Foods' leadership finally do about the recent pricing scandal?  Create a feel-good advertisement!  No staff changes nor any attempt at financial regress for the systematic and ongoing misconduct.  They've already double bagged and taken home those ill-gains.  Here we see Walter Robb, and Rahodeb confusingly justify the "rigorous science" surrounding pricing a fruit in the 21th century:

Straight up, uhhh, we made some mistakes.  We want to own that, and tell you what we are going to do about it ... We know they are unintentional because the mistakes are both in the customer's favor and sometimes not in the customer's favor.  It's understandable that sometimes mistakes are made.  They are inadvertent.  They do happen.

They also fictitiously blurt out to anyone mathematically illiterate, that in a "very, very small percentage" of times that errors occurred.  What's missing is that really in a "very, very, very small percentage" did this ever work in their customer's favor.  That's three "very's" using the thumbed-on Whole Foods scale.  Which is why eventually they were busted.

This brings us to statistics on our blog, because it would be informative to show people the number of different ways Whole Foods -or similar merchants- can systematically cheat consumers, and still later hole up behind the lawyered company comments above.  We'll go through examples, each time merely using two hypothetical products for illustration.  We expose in each variation, how even the most fair mis-pricing will generally be "straight up" not fair.

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Here's what you can expect at the end of GOT

04 Jul 17:30

Celebrate the 4th of July with Video Gaming's Finest Fireworks!

by Stephen Totilo

Celebrate the 4th of July with Video Gaming's Finest Fireworks!

The evening sky is overrated. Don’t go there for awesome fireworks. Look at these clips of video gaming’s best fireworks. We’ve got to start with Mario.

Fantavision, the PlayStation 2’s fireworks-gaming classic.


Final Fantasy XIII: Fireworks Edition

Boom Boom Rocket (Like DDR but with fireworks)

Uh.. Disney Fireworks, anyone?

Big Bang Mini, an obscure one on the Nintendo DS.

Left 4 Dead? This seems wrong.

Assassin’s Creed II. Just the last bit of this clip.

Gran Turismo 5. Go figure.

Colonization (I love the name of this video: “Colonization Gameplay (SPOILER) - Video 18: INDEPENDENCE (End sequence)“ ... it’s like, spoiler: The British Empire loses!

Minecraft, of course.

Batman: Arkham Asylum. I forgot this game had any. Thanks, Giant Bomb, for your awesome fireworks-in-games list. I had to peek to remember this one.

Peggle. Well, Peggle hacked.

Animal Crossing.

Forza Horizon 2

Majora’s Mask, of course.

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Bill Gets Into the Darndest Things

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Sometimes innovation is necessary in order to avoid Internet Explorer

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Why Don't You Stop Mentioning It

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Talk about Ghostbusters instead.

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24 Apr 21:00

This IS the Fertilizer You're Looking For!

darth vader,lawn fertilizer,star wars

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Anon gets rekt

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4th of July plans

by Jonco

Plans for the 4th

Thanks Mike (from Spain)

 I’m fortunate that the fireworks don’t seem to bother Gus or Trixie, especially when they’re in the house.  When I had them out last night something went off pretty close to the house and that got Gus’s attention.  He didn’t seem too scared of it but he didn’t dilly-dally around as much as he usually does after that.


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20k Miles: Paxton Supercharged 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra

by Frank

This 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra is listed as number 2,929 of 4,993 built as certified by a Ford letter of authenticity. Teal over gray is our favorite color combo for these hi-po Foxes, and the car remains in what looks like excellent condition with only 20k and change miles from new. Described as all original and well-documented, its Paxton supercharger is icing on the cake. Find it here on Hemmings in Eureka, Montana for $25k negotiable.

1993 Ford Mustang Cobra Side

Described as one of 802 built in this color combination, the seller says it’s always been garaged and driven only when nice weather allows. The “slicer” style wheels fitted to these ’93 Cobras are one of the period’s best OEM designs regardless of manufacturer or country of origin, and overall we’d agree with the ad’s claim that the car remains “exceptionally clean inside, outside and underneath.”

1993 Ford Mustang Cobra Rear

We remember spending a lot of time in dad’s 5.0 notch Fox, and the interior of this car is nearly identical in color, spec and (at the time when it was new) condition. Note the very tidy trunk shown in additional photos within the ad.

1993 Ford Mustang Cobra Interior

All stock apart from Ford Motorsports headers, a 3:50 final drive ratio and a Paxton supercharger kit, the original battery, tires and exhaust manifolds are included separately. The only non-original item sounds to be the hood insulator pad which has been replaced with an OEM part.

1993 Ford Mustang Cobra Engine

A couple of underbody shots are provided as well, and as you’d expect the floors, chassis components and other fittings look just as good as the rest of the car. Sold with the original window sticker as well as “other papers and documents”, we’d happily add another careful 20k miles to this one very quickly.

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Anon steals a sink

05 Jul 00:55

How the Panama Canal works

04 Jul 22:20

The cake that was ordered and the cake that arrived.