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24 May 22:35

The Earth now has a flag!


always has to be sixes

24 May 19:04

Drive shaft.



25 May 05:10

This is why I pirate music

25 May 03:31

50-Foot Long Slip N' Slide

This  gigantic 50-foot long  Slip N' Slide, with inflated arms to create the ultimate lawn water slide!   This Slip N’ Slide isn’t an official Wham-O product, though, and that’s why it’s actually called the Super Sweet Slide instead. You’ll be spending just shy of $1,300 to put one of these in your backyard.(Read...)

25 May 05:35

Invention of the century

25 May 05:50

Ever wondered?

25 May 05:55

Now you know

24 May 17:10

No....I think she's had enough....

25 May 01:05

Which class are you in?


Euro plz

24 May 10:47


24 May 16:59

Wifi wars

24 May 19:25

She was too hungry to wait.

24 May 21:23

Is it a little obvious that I don't ride my bicycle enough?

25 May 02:55

This is g old, jold

24 May 20:16

Anon asks about computers

24 May 22:44

Whitest cracker alive found in /mu/

25 May 03:20

It must be hard to be a politician


sounds very American

25 May 03:30

Googled the biggest bullsh*t ever... needless to say I wasn't disappointed

25 May 03:35

Creative Ear Tattoos That Would Make Mike Tyson Hungry

24 May 22:14


25 May 04:15

Web designers.

25 May 04:17


25 May 02:37

Necrosis on my hand (story & healing process in album)

24 May 23:54

Dinosaurs had some dark humour

24 May 18:00

Bad Dinner Idea

by Kelli

funny auto-correct texts - Bad Dinner IdeaSubmitted by Sarena

The post Bad Dinner Idea appeared first on Damn You Auto Correct!.

25 May 04:25

Watch what happens when you stick your hand in a jar of "Hot Ice"


have a good day

25 May 04:33

Now THIS IS A Look Of Disapproval

by Brinke

MR6ByDNFreddy Frogster wraps up the week for us here at C.O.! Now, many of you have a holiday Monday in the U.S., but we’ll be here for all your Cute Needs! ‘Nite everyone! (Photo from Imgur.)

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25 May 04:40

At least you get a new light bulb

25 May 05:05

1930 Henderson Motorcycle

24 May 10:47