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29 Aug 18:50

Should I go dig under my city too?

29 Aug 19:20

So, that's the future of gaming...

29 Aug 10:39

How to convince your Instagram followers that you are not poor and can actually travel and do awesome shit

29 Aug 11:34

I'd plug it.

29 Aug 15:50

Glasses nowadays

29 Aug 16:05

If I put a dollar in a jar for every time I masturbated I'd own a Ferrari

28 Aug 18:20

A spider with a sense of humor

by Jonco

Spider lol

Thanks sg


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26 Aug 00:01

Donald Trump vs Deez Nuts

by ghettoredhot


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25 Aug 17:17

I don't know why you monsters think 9/11 jokes are OK.

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25 Aug 22:50

Gamer son VS dad.. Who won?

25 Aug 22:57

Internet tool fights censorship by making banned data look 'normal'

by Jon Fingas
It's getting harder to evade censorship in countries like China and Iran, which have increasingly taken to blocking VPNs, the Tor network and any other service that might let you see the unflattering truth. A clever new tool should help you leap ov...
25 Aug 17:55

Grandpa must have been an electrician.

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Crystal Math

Crystal Math

13 Aug 04:00

(via rooting4humanity)

25 Jul 16:00

gifak-net: Video:  Blind Chihuahua Tests Out His New Bumper...

20 Aug 19:35

Some people just have too much time on their hands.

20 Aug 20:00

For stupid people

20 Aug 06:00

Hanging Around

by (Joanne Casey)
19 Aug 19:21



(First column, 11th story, link)

19 Aug 18:25

Oh My Gosh, What The Heck

by Brad
19 Aug 19:00

Fall TV Preview: All The New And Returning Shows To Start Obsessing About

by Rob Bricken on io9, shared by Charlie Jane Anders to Gizmodo

Fall movies? Fall movies are nothing. (Well, except maybe that The Force Awakens one. I have a good feeling about it). Everyone knows we’re currently living in the Golden Age of television, and the 45 or so TV shows in this guide prove it. Mark your calendar and make sure your remote has fresh batteries.


19 Aug 19:30

The future is here

19 Aug 19:59

Cheating Website Reportedly Made Nearly $2M/Year From Users Trying To Delete Accounts

by Chris Morran

ashleymadison-580x370One of the reasons that hackers first attacked, the dating site for people looking to cheat, is because it charges upwards of $20 to users for a “Full Delete” service that scrubs their accounts and photos from the site; something it could just do without charging. Just how many people paid for this? Enough for the website to make nearly $2 million a year.

This is according to BuzzFeed News, which cites a leaked internal document detailing the number of people who paid for the Full Delete.

The document says that in 2014, nearly 90,000 Ashley Madison users paid for the service, resulting in a total of $1.7 million in revenue for the company.

Unlike some dating sites, where closing your account means it’s deleted from the company’s servers, Ashley Madison and other sites merely hide your account from its search results. The Full Delete, which some view as an attempt to wring money out of married users who regret signing up, is supposed to completely erase all traces of your account.

Though, as BuzzFeed notes, it remains unclear whether these users’ credit card information is deleted, meaning they could still be exposed as part of this week’s massive data dump.

19 Aug 20:55

Starz Releases 'Kick Ash' Poster for Ash Vs. Evil Dead Series

by Michael Martin

Starz has released a poster for its upcoming Ash Vs. Evil Dead TV series.

The image, as seen below, features Bruce Campbell, who is reprising his role as Ash, standing atop a car complete with his chainsaw hand.


Ash is flanked by co-stars Ray Santiago (Touch, Meet the Fockers) and Dana DeLorenzo (A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas), who play Ash’s sidekick Pablo Simon Bolivar and wild child Kelly Maxwell, respectively.

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19 Aug 05:05

#Golf 2 Bosnia edition.

19 Aug 04:39

How to win the war on drugs

by Jonco

It’s simple…

How to win the war on drugs

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


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Baby Daddy