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26 Mar 18:06

Mistrusted Faith

by Jonco

Mistrusted Faith


Thanks PJ



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26 Mar 19:14

Terrifying video shows just how distracted teens can be when they drive

by Casey Chan

Oh man, this video is absolutely horrifying. Put together by AAA, it shows how distracted teenagers are when they drive. You see drivers take their eyes off the road to text, people ignoring cars while they're on the phone and a lot of them just not paying attention at all. You get to see the side-by-side of what they're doing vs the dash cam footage of the car.


26 Mar 21:06

Amazon Cloud Drive now stores unlimited files for $60 per year

by Jon Fingas
Amazon thinks it has a way to entice you away from the likes of Dropbox or Google Drive: real, honest-to-goodness unlimited internet storage. It just launched two Cloud Drive plans that let you upload as much as you like, with the primary difference ...
26 Mar 21:10

So satisfying

26 Mar 21:15

Damn, and she didn't even give the donuts back.

26 Mar 16:27

My friend was watering and noticed something strange

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26 Mar 21:55

I salute you sir

26 Mar 22:00

Please Label Each Plug

by (Miss Cellania)
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26 Mar 21:00

A Hoot

by luke


Thanks for the custom “Owl Car” vanity plate. For a minute there I forgot that you had a bright orange and blue car covered entirely by owls.


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26 Mar 22:00

I want to be like this man when I'm old

26 Mar 22:00

That is a Long Cat

by Miss Cellania

Longcat is back! Redditor FallenCoffee took a picture of his cat with a panoramic camera. And this was a day that kitty did not want to sit still for his picture, so now he is a centipede. This may remind you of Cyriak Harris’ Kitty City. Cats can be surreal even when they aren't trying to be.

26 Mar 22:00

Tasteful Clothing


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26 Mar 22:00

The US-Iran "Misunderstanding"

by Tyler Durden

Lost in translation?




26 Mar 22:20

Flags made out of typical foods of their countries

26 Mar 22:35

The Chinese equivalent of the Swiss army knife

26 Mar 12:04


26 Mar 22:46

Dude, Help a Brother Out Here?

by Not That Mike The Other Mike

Yo, dude — show me how you got in there, willya? Kind of hangin’ by a thread, what with the way Speed Racer here likes to corner at full speed, know what I’m sayin’?

Oh, so you’re just gonna sit there? It’s like that, then? Ice cold, bro.


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26 Mar 22:55

Deeply unsatisfying

26 Mar 23:00

My cat looks like Toothless the dragon

26 Mar 23:16

#364594 - Cinnamon Rolls


Cinnamon Rolls

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26 Mar 23:17

#364608 - 18 Layer Chocolate Praline Cake


18 Layer Chocolate Praline Cake {recipe}

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26 Mar 21:24

[NSFW] Trichobezoar or human hairball

26 Mar 23:25

I'm sorry about that

26 Mar 23:45

So people weren't happy about my shroom post, here's a realistic representation

26 Mar 20:25

I found the website that unfortunate man who got a sex doll delivered to his apartment got owned by.

27 Mar 00:00

Peter Dinklage Hula Hooping

by (Joanne Casey)