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21 May 18:02

Thrill of the Day: New Batman Roller Coaster is Guaranteed to Make You Puke

by TDW

someone needs to make an animation of batman doing chaotic flips like that on the way to fight crime

Holy vomit-inducing fun Batman!

A new Dark Knight themed “4D free fly coaster” that was first announced last Fall is set to open up to the general public this week at the Six Flags in San Antonio.

And it looks absolutely nauseating.

The park released some concept footage and images back in August of 2014, which showed off the basic design, but now we have some new POV video of the ride in action as well ahead of the launch.

Here’s a description of what you and your stomach can expect to endure as part of the experience with uses “ultra-modern magnetic technology” to make you feel like you’re swooping around Gotham.

Magnetic fins cause you to flip as you fly over the top of a 12-story hill and two beyond vertical drops. Then you’ll take flight over a steel track which delivers six full inversions. You’ll descend down two beyond-90-degree raven drops, incorporating the stomach-shaking sensation of true freefall right in the middle of the ride!

Some park-goers with season passes and military passes were given an opportunity to preview the ride last weekend, and they seemed to enjoy it.

Head on down to Texas this weekend if you want to give it a try, but avoid eating a big, beefy burrito before you climb aboard… just in case.

@SF_FiestaTexas IT WAS SO COOL!!!

— Sandra Juarez (@Sandra_Juarez) May 18, 2015

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21 May 18:50

Yeah? ok.

21 May 18:34

(PR) Razer Introduces the Firefly Gaming Mousepad with Customizable Lighting FX

by (btarunr)
Razer, a leader in connected devices and software for gamers, today announced the release of the Razer Firefly, the first hard gaming mouse mat with Razer's Chroma lighting feature. The Chroma feature adds 16.8 million color options and numerous customizable lighting effects to the mouse mat, including reactive, wave and spectrum cycling.

Razer Firefly has lighting along its left, right and bottom borders and can sync up with other Chroma enabled Razer devices for virtually limitless color combinations.
Engineered with all the trusted Razer gaming-grade performance features, the Razer Firefly has a micro-textured finish for the balance between control and speed. The optimized reflective surface ensures mouse movements translate to precise cursor movements and rapid in-game responsiveness.
21 May 17:25

Me, after switching from skim milk, to whole.

21 May 19:15

That face swap though

21 May 19:00

Scientific fraud revealed. Progressives hardest hit.

by streiff (Diary)


If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, the same can be said about progressivism. The best example of this found in academia where the humanities and social sciences have been so adulterated by the deceit and stupidity of left wing academics that they have become a drag on civilization.  Usually this bastardization of learning takes place with the full acquiescence of people who know better but on occasion one of these frauds and poseurs is actually nailed.

A study purporting to show that people’s views on gay marriage could change simply by meeting gay people has been retracted following revelations that its data was fabricated.

The study was published last December in Science, and prior to publication drew a great deal of attention from the American media. Vox, for instance, described the findings in the study as “kind of miraculous.” As it turns out, that’s exactly what they were, because they were apparently made up.

According to the study, people from communities hostile to gay marriage could have their opinions shift dramatically after spending just a few minutes speaking with a gay person who canvassed their neighborhood promoting gay marriage. Not only that, but this could have a spillover effect, making not just the people themselves more pro-gay but also other people who lived in the same household.

The study, among other things, lent support to the notion that those opposed to gay marriage simply don’t know or interact with open homosexuals. More broadly, it was seen as an important development in the science of how people can be convinced to change their minds on ideologically-charged issues.

Ummmm… not so much

In what can only be described as a remarkable and swift series of events, one of the authors of a much-ballyhooed Science paper claiming that short conversations could change people’s minds on same-sex marriage is retracting it following revelations that the data were faked by his co-author.

The author is a guy named Michael LaCour, a grad student and budding propagandist at UCLA and slated for bigger things:

According to his website, LaCour will become an assistant professor at Princeton University in July. [Update: As of 8 a.m. Eastern on 5/20/15, that mention had been removed from his site, but it is still available on theGoogle cache version.] We’ve contacted him for comment, and will update with anything we learn.

LaCour, like OJ, is still searching for the real killer:


The real beauty of this bit of academic fraud is that while anyone who knows “people” would instantly laugh at it, the left believes its own bullsh** if you throw in an equation or two and maybe a graph that isn’t too hard to read so it has that “sciency” feel. The results can be hilarious. Let’s go back to October 8, 2014, when Planned Parenthood adopted this tactic:

Smarting from defeats in state legislatures across the nation and seeing the public support for infanticide slipping, Planned Parenthood has come up with a great idea. They will send door-to-door canvassers to convince people that abortion is a good thing. What makes this canvass different from any previous efforts is that the canvassers will be women who have had abortions.

The workshops training these Willie Loman’s of Infanticide was overseen by Michael LaCour. There is a certain rich irony when one contemplates a room full of abortion activists being gaslighted by a fellow leftist into making epic asses of themselves while engaging in research fraud.  In fact, he used the results of this goat-rope as a springboard for another paper. From his CV:


And on the positive side of the ledger, anything that entertains college-age leftists and spends their money does have a positive social impact for the rest of America.

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21 May 19:00

When You're Weirdly h0rny on a Diet


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21 May 14:38

Group Projects

by Jonco

Group projects2


Thanks Mike (from Spain)



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21 May 14:15

On second thought.. Think I'll just chuck a piss in the garden.

21 May 19:42

PayPal President: After the eBay split, we'll be a Fortune 500 company (EBAY)

by Matt Weinberger

dan schulman

The clock is ticking: Later this year, eBay and PayPal, together since 2002, will split into two separate, publicly-traded companies. 

In a presentation in San Francisco today, Dan Schulman — currently President and the designated post-split CEO of  PayPal — laid out his vision for why an independent PayPal is beginning from a position of strength and how it's going to continue to dominate the online payments market.

In 2014, Schulman says, PayPal brought in $8 billion in revenue, which is enough to earn a place as a Fortune 500 company. And if that's not enough, Schulman says, PayPal revenue for the last quarter was up 17% from the quarter before.

To keep that growth train going, PayPal is making its service work better with outside software developers, a traditional weak point for the company, Schulman explains. 

While PayPal was once a massive, immutable pile of code that took months to change, the company has made it a focus to "disaggregate" the platform, breaking it down into many more moving parts — which makes it easier for developers to make changes on the fly. 

If an online shopping site wants to use PayPal as the middleman to accept Apple Pay or Google Wallet online payments, more power to them, Schulman says.  The plan is that when someone clicks the PayPal button on an online shop, those other services will start to appear as payment options. 

Mobile push

The other area of big growth for PayPal is mobile payments. In 2010, mobile accounted for 1% of PayPal payments. In the past three months, it accounted for 30%. 

To push that momentum forward, PayPal's developed PayPal One Touch, a button that online businesses can put on their sites that let users order stuff in one touch. They even announced that mobile developers can build PayPal Touch into their apps, meaning that customers don't even have to leave the app to make the one-touch order.

The thinking is that if PayPal makes it easier for people to order stuff, web stores are going to want to use PayPal, and everybody wins. 

In fact, high-profile shopping startup Bigcommerce, which offers tools for quickly and easily making online stores, also announced today that it'll be making PayPal One Touch available to its 90,000+ client stores.

Everybody, that is, except for PayPal's many, many competitors: Payments startup Stripe is reported to be raising a $5 billion to take PayPal on directly, while Chinese e-retail giant Alibaba is launching its own Alipay mobile payments service. And that's only the tip of the iceberg, as other companies are also looking to expand into mobile payments. 

To increase its already-big lead in online payments, Schulman says the standalone company will have to move fast. 

"We have a lot to do to get there, we have a lot of work ahead of us," Schulman says.

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21 May 19:45

Apply cold water

21 May 19:39

KFC's Dark Secret

KFC has announced that Colonel Sanders is returning to television as part of a new ad campaign.  While we don't know the exact details of how one might resurrect a dead fast food mascot, that didn't stop our illustrators from drawing their version of how these events may have unfolded.



21 May 19:32

You Only Need A Half-Mile To Hit 200 MPH On The Kawasaki H2R

by Damon Lavrinc on lanesplitter, shared by Travis Okulski to Jalopnik

The blokes at MCN have taken the H2R out to a long stretch of asphalt to finally get some performance numbers on Kawasaki’s 300 horsepower supercharged superbike, and yes, the results are properly mind-bending.


21 May 19:32

Artist's Rendering Of Obama's Iraq Strategy

by Tyler Durden

Presented with no comment whatsoever...




21 May 19:38

Harrison Ford freaked out by David Blaine’s magic

by Jonco

Warning: Language NSFW




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21 May 20:05

My experience working in retail

21 May 20:15

#375307 - Kettle Corn Grilled Sweet Potatoes Recipe


Kettle Corn Grilled Sweet Potatoes (Paleo, Vegan, GF)

craving more? check out TasteSpotting

21 May 20:15

#375325 - Cultured Cream and Blueberries Recipe


Simple, nourishing and heavenly - cultured cream and blueberries!

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21 May 16:22

The dangers of modern journalism

21 May 19:50

Pizza Cones

by admin


21 May 20:35

Canada's secret plan

21 May 20:36

Comcast On Trial After Security System Fails -

Last fall we noted how Comcast was being sued by a Washington State couple after the company's home security platform failed to detect intruders, who broke into their home and attempted to remove their son's arms and legs from his body. The report notes Comcast didn't install motion detectors on the basement window, despite promising the couple their home was now "intruder proof."

Like most security firms, Comcast's contract with its Xfinity security and automation users has users waive all Comcast liability for failed systems. Specifically, Comcast's Xfinity security contract informs users in fine print that "your duty to protect/indemnify the company applies even in the case of the company's own negligence.

The couples are now testing that in a court case that started this week, their lawyer keying in specifically on the Comcast technician's suggestions the service couldn't be beaten:

During his opening statement on Monday, the Rawats attorney Ken Friedman of Friedman Rubin told Judge William Downing, who is hearing the case without a jury, that Comcast s installation technician convinced Leena Rawat to purchase a security system that did not include sensors for the basement window.

"The only reason Ms. Rawat accepted the configuration the technician suggested was because he affirmatively told her that sensors on the basement windows were not necessary, due to the fact that he d installed a motion detector that would catch any intruder," Friedman said...
Comcast is being sued for gross negligence, breach of contract and of violating Washington state consumer protection laws. The attackers have each been sentenced to 25 years in prison.
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21 May 16:55

"Coon Chicken Inn" used to be a popular restaurant chain

21 May 18:58

Hiroshi Ouchi was exposed to 2x the amount of radiation to kill someone. His chromosomes were destroyed and skin would fall off. Lived for 3 months

21 May 21:10

Netflix is getting a new design next month — here's what it looks like (NFLX)

by Steven Tweedie

Netflix is getting a new design for its streaming website that makes the browsing experience a lot more enjoyable. It's expected to launch sometime in June.

For starters, Netflix is getting rid of its carousel browsing, dropping the slow-moving side scrolling in favor for a click-based browsing system that speeds up the experience and makes it a lot less frustrating to explore.

If you've forgotten what that carousel-style browsing looks like, here's a reminder.

Netflix GIF

Currently, clicking on a Netflix title causes the episode to immediately start loading while it displays some summary information. And, if you wanted to explore the title further or select a specific episode you needed to hover your mouse over the title without clicking — which was usually hit or miss.

With the new design, clicking on a title won't immediately cause your movie or TV show to start playing — instead you'll be given the option to read about the show.

Netflix new design

If you click the arrow, the title will expand to let you explore other episodes in the series, read a plot overview, check out related titles, and view information on the cast.

Netflix new design

Netflix has begun rolling out the new interface to a small number of subscribers already, but if you're not one of the lucky few you'll only have to wait a few more weeks. Netflix confirmed to Business Insider that it's "targeting mid-June" for the launch of the new design.

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21 May 21:35

When dad caught you masturbating

21 May 21:50

I love futurama

21 May 19:26

Humblebrag much? 

Humblebrag much? 

21 May 22:10

All countries have their Kanye West. What is yours?

21 May 22:30

Sneaky cat is sneaky