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12 Jan 15:52

The best ending movie credits of all time

by Jason Kottke

Cinefix takes a look at what makes ending credit sequences effective, the different techniques used to end movies, and picks a number of films with the best end credits.

The shape of the narratives movies tend to tell lend themselves to an emotional climax that hits right as the screen fades to black for the last time. Be it triumphant, tragic, bittersweet, or thoughtful, the most important feeling is often the last. So, wisely, one of the most common functions of the creative end title sequence is what we’re going to call the coda credits. They grab on to the final emotional note and let it ride out in a long sustain, letting the audience hold onto the final feeling and carry the echoes out with them as the credits roll.

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05 Jan 15:12

WildSnow Top Blog Posts of 2016

by TheEditors OfWildsnow
Popular ski touring blog posts of 2016, news, gear and trip reports defined the backcountry season, especially avalanche safety.
05 Jan 15:12

The top 10 ski videos of 2016


Here at, we typically post multiple ski videos per day—carefully selected by our team of editors. The locations of these videos range from resorts to the backcountry to the streets of the world, featuring various types of skiers throwing down in their own unique ways. But what these videos all have in common is a “wow” factor; when you press play, you become inspired to get out there and ski the best you can ski.

As 2016 comes to a close, we give you this: the top 10 ski videos of the year. Determined strictly off of pageviews from our website, these are the videos that you, the readers, deemed the most worthy of your precious time. And, we think you picked quite well if we don’t say so ourselves. Relive each video’s greatness and get stoked for 2017 because there’s a lot more where this came from.


Our most-viewed video of 2016 doesn’t even involve a single patch of snow. Instead, it’s a sand-skiing video from Peru, featuring Jesper Tjäder and Emma Dahlstrom. Click here for the full post.


Coming in at number two for 2016 is this buck-wild, high-quality video from Frenchman Sam Favret in the Mont-Blanc mountains. Watch him swerve around ice tunnels and send natural wallrides like a champ. Click here for the full post.


Any time Candide Thovex puts out a video, it’s bound to take over the Internet, big time. One of Those Days 3 was no exception, featuring insanely cool stunts from POV perspective. Click here for the full post.


Highlighted by super-deep powder, big tricks and beatiful, vimeo Staff Pick-winning cinematography, The Big Picture Crew’s Move 2 had skiers going nuts when it dropped back in October. Click here for the full post.


Sean Pettit really came out swinging with this full part back in early 2016. In usual Pettit fashion, he launches off everything in sight and it’s all captured with excellence by the Superproof crew. Click here for the full post.


The Sildarus are becoming more and more talked about in the ski sphere and this season edit shows exactly why. They’re still just kids, but their skiing prowess is seemingly limitless—landing them both on the Faction team this past summer. Click here for the full post.


Viral video specialist Léo Taillefer blew everyone away with this night-skiing POV offering. It shows the Frenchman slithering through Val-d’Isère at night—skiing harder than most people do with the aid of daylight. Click here for the full post.


When you set the world record for the highest air on a hip—a whopping 14.2 meters—you’re bound to make it into this top 10. David Wise did just that with his terrifyingly-big stunt in South Tyrol, Italy. Click here for the full post.


Making his second appearance in this top 10, Léo Taillefer went ham yet again with another POV video from Val-d’Isère, France. This one takes place during the day and shows Taillefer going stupid-big off natural features. Click here for the full post.


Rounding out the top 10 is big-mountain shredder Todd Ligare. The man earned his way into this round up, for sure, with a monster line (and a ridiculously scary approach) that’ll likely give you goosebumps. Click here for the full post.

That’s it for 2016, folks—thanks for watching. Now, get off the internet and go light up the new year already.

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05 Feb 16:45

Celebrating 5 Years Of Semi-Rad: 25 Favorite Quotes

by brendan

Five years ago this week, I started this blog, hoping a few people might read it and get something out…

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27 Jul 15:42

Glassdoor's Job Explorer Finds Jobs You Didn't Know You Qualified For

by Alan Henry

Glassdoor took the wraps off their new Job Explorer today, a webapp that lets you search for jobs that your skills qualify you for that you may be overlooking. The tool also features a map that shows where you can find work with your skills, anywhere in the country, based on specific openings available right now.


03 Jul 21:23

A Triple Lightning Strike on Three of Chicago’s Tallest Buildings

by Christopher Jobson

A Triple Lightning Strike on Three of Chicagos Tallest Buildings weather lightning Chicago

A Triple Lightning Strike on Three of Chicagos Tallest Buildings weather lightning Chicago

Even by Chicago standards the weather here in the midwestern U.S. has been bizarre and extreme lately. We’ve seen giant walls of fog caused in part by a bitterly cold winter that chilled Lake Michigan, and numerous lightning storms that last for hours. Local videographer Craig Shimala was filming a timelapse of a derecho from his home this week when he managed to capture a triple lightning strike on three of Chicago’s tallest buildings: Willis Tower, Trump Tower and the John Hancock Building. Even more incredibly, he filmed the same occurence almost four years ago to the day back in 2010.

To see more examples of our wild weather, check out recent photos by Nick Uliveri and Pete Tsai.

15 May 16:01

Zombie Dice expansion pack: the hunk, the hottie, and Santa

by Mark Frauenfelder

zombie-expansionMy family and I have been continuing to enjoy Zombie Dice, a "press your luck" game in which you play a zombie who wants to eat as many human brains as possible without getting shot in the head. We recently picked up the expansion pack, called Zombie Dice 2 Double Feature, which adds good complexity to the game. Read the rest

07 May 20:23

Watch A Freaky Stop-Motion Nature Film Set On A Post-Apocalyptic World

by Lauren Davis

Watch A Freaky Stop-Motion Nature Film Set On A Post-Apocalyptic World

If you want to feel transported to a truly alien world, take some time out your day to watch OMEGA. It follows the sole predator on a devastated world populated entirely by mechanical creatures.


03 May 16:47

Hitchcock’s “The Peeps”

Hitchcock’s “The Peeps

23 Apr 02:34

When I'm on the plane coming home from vacation


21 Feb 01:51

Wall Street Survivor Teaches Everything You Need to Know About Money

by Melanie Pinola

Wall Street Survivor Teaches Everything You Need to Know About Money

You need to invest your money wisely in order to really grow it, but unfortunately not many people know about the basics of investing, much less the stock market. Wall Street Survivor wants to turn that around, with free courses and games to demystify personal finance—especially investing—for everyone.



06 Jan 14:28

Video of the Day: Monster Shredding Through Crap Snow

by steve casimiro

vod shit fuck snow

After watching this video of Johan Jonsson shredding the bejeezus out of crap snow in Engelberg, Switzerland, in December, you will never ever complain about conditions again. Jonsson brings the heat to super sketchy snow, rails through, over, and around reefs, and absolutely hangs it out in terrain where you do not want to fall. It's one of the most impressive displays of skiing you'll ever see, guaranteed.
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16 Dec 17:32

Weekend Cabin: Writer’s Studio and Canoe House, Westport Island, Maine

by steve casimiro


weekend cabin header eb sponsoradventure_journal_weekend_cabin_writers_canoe_house_01Every writer suspects that their prose would be that much better if they only had a studio retreat, where they could close off the world and let their great words of destiny flow unhindered by distraction or the prosaic surroundings of a hollow-core door or Ikea bookshelf. And perhaps canoeists imagine that their paddling and navigation and general canoery would be that much better if they only had the right boathouse. Well, on Westport Island, Maine, architects Cheng + Snyder spun these fantasies into a sturdy, simple, but flawless reality. The Writer's Block 1, located at the mouth of the Sheepscott River, is a clever 190 square feet, with a hidden canoe vault whose top serves as a workspace and bed. The interior ribs double as shelves for books and other writerly detritus. A corner swings out, clamshell-style, to reveal the hidden entrance. And it's mostly just two by eights and plywood. From such simple materials, great writing and canoeing can no doubt spring. adventure_journal_weekend_cabin_writers_canoe_house_02adventure_journal_weekend_cabin_writers_canoe_house_03adventure_journal_weekend_cabin_writers_canoe_house_04adventure_journal_weekend_cabin_writers_canoe_house_05adventure_journal_weekend_cabin_writers_canoe_house_06adventure_journal_weekend_cabin_writers_canoe_house_07
Weekend Cabin isn’t necessarily about the weekend, or cabins. It’s about the longing for a sense of place, for shelter set in a landscape…for something that speaks to refuge and distance from the everyday. Nostalgic and wistful, it’s about how people create structure in ways to consider the earth and sky and their place in them. It’s not concerned with ownership or real estate, but what people build to fulfill their dreams of escape. The very time-shortened notion of “weekend” reminds that it’s a temporary respite. To see more weekend cabins, visit the Weekend Cabin channel page.
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16 Oct 22:27

Happy Landings

by Greg Ross

Travel + Leisure named Lesotho’s Matekane Air Strip one of the world’s scariest runways. The tarmac is only 1,312 feet long, and it ends abruptly at the edge of a couloir at 7,550 feet.

If you run out of runway before getting airborne, explained bush pilot Tom Claytor, “you shoot off the end of the airstrip, then drop down the 2,000-foot cliff face until you start flying. … It’s a little bit hard to do the first time.”

27 Jul 19:37


09 Jul 14:33

Surf Industry Outraged Over Gratuitous Use of Sex in Roxy Video

by steve casimiro

roxy biarritz

So, as it turns out, the surf industry isn't completely insensitive to the gratuitous use of sex and women's bodies. There is in fact a line that can be crossed. It's surprising, really, given that this is a multi-billion dollar industry built on a foundation mostly comprised of wispy triangles of fabric, tan teenage skin, and sun-bleached blonde locks, that continues to patronize its female professionals by calling them girls, but hey, good for surfing. The controversy centers around a promotional video for the Roxy Pro 2013 kicking off this week in Biarritz, France, which features a young woman topless in bed. It follows her through her morning constitutionals — blatant sponsor placement as checking out her HTC One multiple times, putting on a gauzy white shirt, and showering before paddling out for her heat. You never see her face, and the vid is accompanied by the #WhoAmIJustGuess hashtag. Mostly, you just see the woman's bottom (the fact that the industry is debating whether it's five-time world champ Steph Gilmore or Roseanne Hodge suggests just how interchangeable the slender blonde pro archetype has become) in panties or bikini bottoms. You'd think that the industry might be cheering because there's a video starring a bum belonging to a professional female surfer other than Alana Blanchard, but no. Instead, the woman in question has been compared to a callgirl. Surfer lamented that video had nothing to do with surfing. A columnist at The Inertia ranted for nearly a thousand words: "Whatever this crap is, it aint about sport, and it definitely aint about women. It’s lazy, exploitative marketing, and it’s not the best step forward for women’s surfing." Yeah, well, I don't know about that. How this video is any more exploitive than the materials Nike 6.0 has produced with its sponsored female surfing athletes is debatable. It's very much about women — women and beauty. And a languid morning in a luxury hotel. And sexiness and attractiveness and aspiration. Personally, I'd love to have a nice weekend in that room with my wife, ordering room service coffee, having a leisurely morning, and then walking out onto the sand for a session before the wind comes up. What I think makes surfers so uncomfortable is that the contest organizers haven't made the slightest effort to connect this directly to the sport. They haven't thrown a single bone to the core. Yes, the repetitive closeups of her bottom are exploitive and lazy. But what sparked this outcry was not the loving caress of the camera over a nearly nude young woman — you'll find that in almost every video featuring professional female surfers. No, the real outrage was that there was no surfing in it. If the heroine in this Roxy promo had ended her time on screen by dropping into a head-high Biarritz peeler, nobody would have said boo. Surfers like to think that surfing is a higher calling, that as a sport or way of living it's superior to all other sports and ways of living, and as long as there's a modicum of wave riding involved they'll accept all manner of t and a. Strip away the actual surfing, though, and it suggests, god forbid, that it might just be another lifestyle element. It makes you wonder which is the gratuitous inclusion and which isn't. Surfing should be congratulated for at least beginning to address the issue — which, given the fact that its top female participants are young, fit, and wearing little, isn't going away. But it might also learn that red-cheeked tantrums don't change minds. As political and social satirists from SNL to The Daily Show have long known, the most effective way to skewer hypocrisy is often through humor and the pointy barbs of mockery, like this sendup of the Roxy video below. (Caution to those at work and with sensitive eyes, it's a bit crude.)
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