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08 Dec 15:57

The Eighth Day Brotherhood by Alice M Phillips


New Review: The Eighth Day Brotherhood by Alice M Phillips #crime #historical #review

8th Day
In Paris, 1888, the city prepares for the Exposition Universelle and the new Eiffel Tower swiftly rises on the bank of the Seine. One August morning, the sunrise reveals the embellished corpse of a young man suspended between the columns of the Pantheon, resembling a grotesque Icarus and marking the first in a macabre series of murders linked to Paris monuments. In the Latin Quarter, occult…

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08 Dec 15:55

Dream no.8 by Sholim…………………………………………………more from SholimWebsite /...

Dream no.8 by Sholim


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08 Dec 15:53

Catholic League Lashes Out Against Satanists’ Proposed “Snaketivity” Display Outside MI Capitol

by Hemant Mehta

Satanists: consistently amusing

The Catholic League's Bill Donohue can't handle the fact that The Satanic Temple's Detroit chapter wants to put up its own version of a Nativity scene outside the Michigan State Capitol building. So he's attacking them by saying they hate Christianity.
08 Dec 14:31

The “War on Christmas” just got a little more subtle

by Joey deVilla

Praise Chris.


I see what you did there.

holiday-flowchart-smallAlso worth reading: This useful flowchart designed to help you deal with with greetings this holiday season.



For the humor-impaired: Here’s my take on the “War on Christmas”.

08 Dec 14:22

Motivated by Friendship

sleep is dumb

SPECIAL BULLETIN: The dark secret behind cat friendship.

07 Dec 21:13


by Jennie Breeden

Stocking up on Schnapps to bribe Krampus.

Krampus Sale Ends Tuesday December 6th!

01 Dec 22:21

Milky Way over Shipwreck

What happened to this ship? What happened to this ship?

01 Dec 20:26

srsfunny:They Call Me Cuban Pete, When I Play The Maracas I Go...


They Call Me Cuban Pete, When I Play The Maracas I Go Chick-Chicky-Boom, Chick-Chicky Boom

01 Dec 20:25


by Jennie Breeden

I understand completely.

29 Nov 19:38

This man filmed himself annually for 35 years and made a video going backwards to 1977

by Mark Frauenfelder

This looks fascinating. I'd be down for renting it.


This video from 2011 inspired a 2015 documentary called Sam Klemke's Time Machine.

In 1977, Sam Klemke started obsessively documenting his entire life on film. Beginning decades before the modern obsession with selfies and status updates, we see Sam grow from an optimistic teen to a self-important 20 year old, into an obese, self-loathing 30-something and onwards into his philosophical 50s. The same year that Sam began his project, NASA launched the Voyager craft into deep space carrying the Golden Record, a portrait of humanity that would try to explain to extra terrestrials who we are.

From director Matthew Bate (Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure), Sam Klemke’s Time Machine follows two unique self-portraits as they travel in parallel – one hurtling through the infinity of space and the other stuck in the suburbs of Earth – in a freewheeling look at time, memory, mortality and what it means to be human.
29 Nov 18:15

$10 Skull Scarves!

pixel skull scarves

Hey! I’m doing $10 pixel skull scarves this weekend to kick off the season. They’re… 69” long.

(These bad boys are normally $20!)

23 Nov 14:27


by Jennie Breeden
21 Nov 16:36

Hobbit house above Washington lake now available on Airbnb

by Andrea James

Orondo, WA is really far from Seatlle


Kristie Wolfe loved The Hobbit ever since seeing the cartoon as a child, so she decided to build a hobbit house in Washington State. This fun video shows the whole process, and it's even listed on Airbnb. (more…)

21 Nov 16:30


Photojournalist Tim Page in Oregon on one of dad's northwest college speaking tours with his Poetry for People Who Hate Poetry one-man show. Each morning they would begin the day's journey with a 40-ounce coffee laced with good whiskey. 1974.
21 Nov 16:24

2016 Christmas gift idea (#1 in a series): “This meeting is bullshit” socks

by Joey deVilla


You could point your coworkers to any number of articles about how many meetings are a waste of time, or you can simply say it with these socks. You can order them online from Absolute Ties for $12, and they’ll make a great present for that special white-collar someone in your life.

14 Nov 15:18


by Jennie Breeden
14 Nov 15:13

The President-Elect

by jon


Holy shit, folks.

I’ve been doing lots of comics all over the internet. Check ’em out:

Dave Kellett’s DRIVE

The Nib

I hope you enjoy all these comics!


10 Nov 20:41

Most Mysterious, In Which We Peek into the Curator’s Domain

by Richard Kaufman

This looks AWESOME. There was a King in Yellow story; may have missed it, may still be buyable through Kickstarter.


Some folks receive an odd letter in the mail from a law firm in Canada telling them that items are shortly to be bequeathed to them from a long-lost relative. Included is an old newspaper clipping wherein my relative (yes, it really is my relative) is reported to have found an item of great significance at an archaeological dig. (more…)

10 Nov 20:21

Check the balance of your gaming dice by floating them in salt water

by Mark Frauenfelder

He's got one die that favors '20'.


Over at Make, Gareth Branwyn wrote about how to check the balance of your d20 dice:

Gamer Daniel Fisher used an old golf ball balancing trick to test the integrity of his D20 gaming dice. To set up the test, he mixed 6+ tablespoons of salt with 1/3 cup room temperature water in a small glass jar. By floating and spinning a die in the jar, he was able to see if it consistently rolled high, low, or was balanced.

Among other things, Fisher discovered that translucent dice tend to be more balanced, perhaps because you can easily see imperfections inside them (and wouldn’t buy or use them). Finding out that a number of his D20s regularly rolled low or high in the water, he cut into one to see what might be causing the imbalance. Inside, he found obvious manufacturing imperfections, chalky areas where the die may not have cured properly. Later in the video, he puts the cut die under a microscope to get a closer look inside.

10 Nov 15:30

ubu507: PIANTA, FrancescoSpy1657-58WoodScuola Grande di San...


PIANTA, Francesco
Scuola Grande di San Rocco, Venice

10 Nov 15:29

bayazeth: Rosary Terminal Bead with Lovers and Death’s Head,...


Extra points for squicky critters on the death's head


Rosary Terminal Bead with Lovers and Death’s Head, ca. 1500–1525, Made in North France or South Netherlands

10 Nov 15:23

creativityisblissss: Mucha’s Moon and the Stars series. More...


Mucha’s Moon and the Stars series. More Mucha here

08 Nov 16:13


by Jennie Breeden

YAY! Stress is healthy!

26 Oct 20:11

When the Irony of Your Kid's Permission Slip is This Obvious, You've Got to Attach a Note Like This Dad

list,books,permission slip,tweet,irony

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25 Oct 17:56

Most & Least Federally Dependent States

by Barry Ritholtz
24 Oct 18:57

Flood Death Valley

by xkcd

Flood Death Valley

Since Death Valley is below sea level could we dig a hole to the ocean and fill it up with water?

—Nick Traeden

Yes! We can do anything we want. We shouldn't do this, though, because it would be gross.

Death Valley is an endorheic basin[1]"Big hole" in California. The floor of the valley is about 80 meters below sea level. It contains the lowest point on land in North America[2]Excluding artificial points like mines. and is the hottest place on Earth.[3]If you're about to say "Wait, what about Liby—," then don't worry, I'm with you. Just hang on and read a few more words ahead!

Now, if you're the sort of person who's into world records, you might have heard that the hottest place on Earth was Al Azizia, Libya. Al Azizia recorded a temperature of 58.0°C (136.4°F) in 1922, a mark Death Valley has never come close to. So what gives?

It turns out Al Azizia has recently been stripped of its record. In 2010, an exhaustive—and definitely a little obsessive—investigation led by Christopher C. Burt convinced the World Meteorological Organization that the Libyan measurement was probably a mistake. This left Death Valley with the record of 56.7°C (134°F), set in 1913. Case closed!

Except it's not quite settled. Burt has raised questions about the 1913 record as well, and has gone so far as to catalog a number of historical extremes along with a credibility score for each. The "real" record is probably 53.9°C (129°F). This temperature has been recorded four times, in 1960, 1998, 2005, and 2007—every time in Death Valley.

These records were recorded with modern instruments and are considered reliable. They also make sense from a theoretical point of view. Geographers have calculated[4]This Army Corps of Engineers publication cites a couple of sources for this, including a 1963 paper by G. Hoffman. Unfortunately, that paper is in German, which I can't read, so I've just decided to trust that the Army Corps of Engineers writers Dr. Paul F. Krause and Kathleen L. Flood aren't pulling a fast one on me. that the highest possible temperature in ideal spots (in desert basins like Death Valley) during the 20th century is 55°-56°C, so 54°C sounds like a reasonable world record.

Now, back to Nick's question.[5]This is nowhere NEAR the record for "most boring digression into world record trivia." That record was recently challenged by IBM computer capable of producing millions of boring pieces of trivia per second, but the machine narrowly lost to reigning human champion Ken Jennings.

Since Death Valley is below sea level, we could, as Nick suggests, flood it with seawater. It would take a lot of digging, since there's a lot of Earth in the way. The lowest route to Death Valley is probably by traveling up the Colorado River watershed, along the Arizona border past Quartzsite,[6]Trivia: If you want to reach Quartzsite, Arizona from my school, Christopher Newport University, you just step out onto Warwick Blvd (Rt. 60) and turn left. That's it—Route 60 runs across the country, from the CNU campus in Virginia to I-10 just outside Quartzsite. then northwest[7]Possibly following one of the routes shown on page G34 in this report. past Zzyzx, which is a real place.

If you did all that digging, you could create a channel from the Gulf of California to Death Valley, and water would flow in. We can use this handy stream-flow calculator to figure out how wide we'd need to make the channel. A channel 20 meters deep and 100 meters wide should be able to fill it in a few months. A really wide channel—like the kind carved by glacial floods—could fill it in hours.

We know it's possible to create this kind of inland sea because we've done it before—by accident. In 1905, irrigation engineers working on the Colorado River made some mistakes. During a flood, the entire Colorado river broke through into the Alamo Canal and flowed directly into the Salton basin to the north. By the time they repaired the canal, two years later, the Salton basin had become the Salton Sea—one of the larger human-caused changes to the world map.

The Salton Sea is fed mainly by agricultural runoff, so it's become saline[8]"Salty" and hypereutrophic.[9]"Gross" Large numbers of dead fish, combined with algal decay and unusual chemistry, have created a smell that the US Geological Survey describes as "objectionable," "noxious," "unique," and "pervasive." The sea is a birdwatching hot spot, but also the site of a lot of mass bird die-offs, so kind of a mixed bag if you're into birds. In recent years, the water has been evaporating quickly, leaving behind dried toxic residue which is swept up into dust storms. Work to clean up and rehabilitate the region is ongoing.

All in all, the Salton Sea is a mess—and Nick wants to make another one.

Nick's Death Valley project would start off connected to the ocean, but without a source of flowing water at the Death Valley end,[10](It's a desert.) the channel would gradually silt up. The link to the ocean would eventually be broken, the sea would start to evaporate, the water would become saline, algae would bloom, and eventually the US Geological Survey would start complaining about the smell.

There would be one more consequence to all this. Thanks to the flood of cold ocean water burying the whole region, Death Valley would stop setting temperature records, and someone else would eventually claim to have broken their 129°F record. The Death Valley records would have to be compared to the newer candidates, which would probably use slightly different methods ... and that means one thing:

A World Meteorological Organization expert panel!

24 Oct 14:18

vintagegal: A Vaudeville performance based on the old English...


A Vaudeville performance based on the old English ballad “Death and the Lady”. Photographed by Joseph Hall, 1906 (via)

21 Oct 19:33

Pun-Der the Sea

sleep is dumb

Be Our Guest and come Pun-Der the Sea to read tonight’s comic

20 Oct 14:54

haruchonns: Current fascination: Pieni Merenneito//Finnish...


Current fascination: Pieni Merenneito//Finnish National Ballet

Composed by Tuomas Kantelinen, Choreographed by Kenneth Greve

20 Oct 14:53

random-nominandum: Les DiableriesLouis Alfred Habert, Pierre...


Les Diableries
Louis Alfred Habert, Pierre Adolph Hennetier, & Louis Edmond Cougny
Stereoscopic photography