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20 Jul 22:24

Someone built a wall around Donald Trump's Walk of Fame Star

by Cory Doctorow
19 Jul 18:25

Gorgeous teeny-tiny pencil drawings

by David Pescovitz


Mexican artist Mateo Pizarro draws these beautiful and insanely tiny illustrations using just a pencil. (via Juxtapoz)





19 Jul 15:47

Charges dismissed for cop who paralyzed innocent grandfather on a stroll

by Mark Frauenfelder

Walking While Brown

Image: GoFundMe

Charges were dismissed for the Madison, Alabama police officer who body slammed a 58-year-old man from India walking on the sidewalk last year. Sureshbhai Patel, who does not understand English, was seriously injured and needed an operation to fuse two vertebrae.

From NBC News:

Hank Sherrod, Patel's attorney, told NBC News in an email that the state's decision to drop the assault charge is deeply troubling, though not entirely surprising.

"This decision illustrates how difficult it is to hold law enforcement officers accountable under the criminal laws for brutal acts that would send an ordinary citizen to jail," he said.

[Former Madison, Ala. police officer Eric Sloan] Parker, 27, still faces a civil lawsuit in connection with the incident. Parker encountered Patel last Feb. 6 while responding to a call of a suspicious black man looking at garages and walking near houses. Patel, in from India to visit his son and grandson, testified that he did not understand English or the officers who confronted him while he was out for a walk.

Nice people around the world gave $209,000 to Mr. Patel's GoFundMe account.

21 Jul 12:22

Polaris Slingshot Bolt On Quad Conversion Kit

by Paul Crowe
If you’ve seen a Polaris Slingshot on the road, you have to admit, it looks pretty radical. The low profile and angular style is almost guaranteed to attract attention, but what if you swapped the single back wheel for a real push rod/rocker independent rear suspension with a limited slip 3.53:1 differential? You end up […]
20 Jul 20:24

Gwinnett Seeking Input on SPLOST Transportation Projects

by Doug Gross

Proper management of existing taxes would preclude SPLOST...but since that's impossible, might as well influence the way it's used.

A citizens committee will be chosen by attendees at an August 15 meeting in Lawrenceville.
20 Jul 19:18

Norcross Looks To Develop Around Lillian Webb Park

by Doug Gross
The city's development authority has put out bids for a developer to rework the downtown area.
13 Jul 13:16

Gwinnett Police To Host 'Prayer Vigil For Peace'

by Doug Gross

Gwinnett Police don't get the concept of Separation of Church and State.

The event will be at the Fallen Hero Memorial at 75 Langley Dr. in Lawrenceville.
11 Jul 15:22

You Can Now 'Shoot The Hooch' With Booze

by Doug Gross

This is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the way we used to do things....

A new state law makes tubing while under the influence legal in Georgia.
19 Jul 16:07

My historical thriller The Eighth Day Brotherhood, about an...

My historical thriller The Eighth Day Brotherhood, about an occult scholar, an aspiring artist, and an Irish immigrant investigating a series of murders in 1888 Paris, is available for preorder at! Use the promo code PREORDER2016 to receive a 10% discount prior to the publication date of August 11, 2016.

“A flat out sprint through the horrors not just of 19th-century Paris but the dark spaces where art, science and spirituality collide. Phillips balances massive knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, the time period with a lightness of touch that should be the envy of other thriller writers. Historical but never stodgy, fast paced but never without weight this is a major debut from a major talent…Somewhere, Poe is nodding approvingly. And wondering why he didn’t think of this.” —Alasdair Stuart, freelance journalist, broadcaster, and host of the Parsec award-winning podcast Pseudopod

19 Jul 14:20

Why People Hate The PT Cruiser

by Raphael Orlove

It’s just a car, right? It runs and drives fine. It’s spacious, it’s capable, and dammit it works. So why do people loathe and mock these things?


19 Jul 08:32


by Jennie Breeden
18 Jul 02:59

The Story of Bad Angel

by John Farrier

(Photos: Southern Arizona Guide)

This is Bad Angel, an American P-51 Mustang fighter aircraft at the Pima Air and Space Museum in Pima, Arizona. 

Like many World War II aircraft, it has kill markings on the side. Do you notice anything unusual about them?

Yes, that's an American flag. Lt. Louis Curdes was credited with shooting down an American aircraft while flying Bad Angel. Jim Gressinger, who visited the Pima Air and Space Museum, tells the whole story at Southern Arizona Guide.

Curdes was flying over Batan, the Philippines, in 1945 when he spotted an American Douglas C-47 transport aircraft approaching a Japanese-held airfield, apparently planning to land there. The pilot, Curdes, reasoned, must not have known that it was in enemy possession.

So Curdes tried to warn him off, first through radio, then through visual signals. But the C-47 stayed on course. Curdes had no choice but to shoot out one of the aircraft's engines. Nonetheless, the pilot kept going straight toward the Japanese airfield. Finally, Curdes shot out the C-47's other engine, forcing it to ditch into the ocean.

The pilot and all 12 passengers were rescued. Among them was, to Curdes's shock, a nurse whom he had taken on a date the night before. Curdes, who had fought the Germans, Italians, and Japanese, was shocked:

He later told a reporter, "Jeepers, seven 109s and one Macchi [the Italian fighter plane] in North Africa, one Jap, and one Yank in the Pacific. And to top it, I have to go out and shoot down my girlfriend!"

Curdes was also awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for shooting down the C-47. Read more about his adventures at Southern Arizona Guide.

-via Ace of Spades HQ

15 Jul 16:59

Rarely Seen Photos From The Woodstock Music & Art Fair

by Zeon Santos

The Rainbow Gathering still resembles the community-survival parts of this.

It's hard to believe the Woodstock Music & Art Fair happened nearly 50 years ago considering its influence can still be seen at outdoor music festivals like Bonnaroo, Coachella and Lollapalooza.

Woodstock showed the live music loving world that hundreds of thousands of people could gather at an outdoor music festival without food, water or proper bathroom facilities and survive to tell the tale.

But it also taught concert promoters what not to do, and even though Woodstock 1999 was a total disaster it would have been far worse without the lessons taught by Woodstock '69.

These rarely seen photos taken by LIFE photographer John Dominis reveal those three days of madness in glorious color, shedding some light on all the other stuff that was going on while the flower children danced on sunshine.

See 40 Rare And Unseen Color Photos Of The Woodstock Music & Art Fair here

15 Jul 00:00

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Statistics

by Miss Cellania

Don’t be fooled by people using the word “average,” particularly when they talk about income. If you’ve ever come across the “average” salary in your state or nation and wondered why you don’t make that much, it’s because some outliers ruin the math by making obscene amounts of money, while there are no outliers in the other direction, since you can’t have “income” at less than zero. This is only one of several comics illustrating how statistics can be manipulated to say anything you want at Math With Bad Drawings. -via Digg  

16 Jul 15:01

Pokemon Go players: you have 30 days from signup to opt out of binding arbitration

by Cory Doctorow

Opt-out while you still can!

Like most other online services, Pokemon Go's terms of service are a reboot of the Book of Revelations, full of bizarre horrors, each more grotesque than the last. (more…)

15 Jul 17:31

For 90 years, lightbulbs were designed to burn out. Now that's coming to LED bulbs.

by Cory Doctorow


In 1924, representatives of the world's leading lightbulb manufacturers formed Phoebus, a cartel that fixed the average life of an incandescent bulb at 1,000 hours, ensuring that people would have to regularly buy bulbs and keep the manufacturers in business. (more…)

15 Jul 03:53

Social Animism

sleep is dumb

When the world gets me down, there's only one person I look to for advice

13 Jul 16:16

For the first time, a federal judge has thrown out police surveillance evidence from a "Stingray" device

by Cory Doctorow

Hooray, Legal Precedent!

Stingrays -- the trade name for an "IMSI catcher," a fake cellphone tower that tricks cellphones into emitting their unique ID numbers and sometimes harvests SMSes, calls, and other data -- are the most controversial and secretive law-enforcement tools in modern American policing. Harris, the company that manufactures the devices, swears police departments to silence about their use, a situation that's led to cops lying to judges and even a federal raid on a Florida police department to steal stingray records before they could be introduced in open court. (more…)

14 Jul 17:00

Lowcost Cosplay Returns And He's Looking Cheaper Than Ever

by Zeon Santos

The penny-pinching mastermind behind Lowcost Cosplay is back with more amazing costumes made from stuff he found lying around his house, now with a new format and a quality logo!

If this is your first encounter with Lowcost Cosplay let me introduce you- his name is Anucha "Cha" Saengchart, he hails from Thailand, and he constantly improves his costuming skills without spending a dime.

Well, he might spend a little pocket change on a bag of chips here and there...

In the most brilliant marketing move ever "Cha" has added a fuzzy little extra to his photo shoots, allowing him to broaden the range of roles available to him.

Plus, cats were born wearing costumes, so his kitten partner doesn't inflate his budget!

See more from Cheap Cosplay Guy Strikes Again here

12 Jul 16:00

How to Make Fire

by Miss Cellania

Kap Te'O Tafiti of the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii shows us how to make fire. It’s as easy as rubbing two sticks together. Oh, so simple! If you’ve ever tried it, watching Kap do it will convince you he has some kind of magic going on.

(YouTube link)

Like Old Spice? This is way older and spicier!

If this were the average person trying to make fire, it would end at the part where they cut their fingers off with that impressive knife. But even if you never intend to make fire without a lighter, you'll enjoy watching this. -via Tastefully Offensive

12 Jul 13:30

Woman so deep in prayer that she drove right into a house

by David Pescovitz

Jesus, take the wheel


A woman in Okaloosa County, Florida was so deep in prayer that she blew through a stop sign and drove right into a house. You can't really blame her though. According to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, she was so immersed in praying that she had closed her eyes and couldn't have seen the stop sign or the house.

Police cited the 28-year-old for reckless driving and property damage. Thank God nobody was injured.


12 Jul 05:20

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis for July 12, 2016
09 Jul 00:05

BMWs Can Now Be Hacked Through A Web Browser, Convienently

by Jason Torchinsky

Since we do pretty much everything on the web nowadays – order food, tell people what terrible parents they are, masturbate – it only makes sense that we’ll use the familiar web browser to hack people’s cars. Thanks to a pretty significant vulnerability found by a security researcher on BMW’s ConnectedDrive web portal, it appears that web-based car hacking is possible.


10 Jul 06:59

Brilliant Invention Lets You Play the Guitar without Learning How

by John Farrier

So you want to play the guitar. That's a fine hobby and you'll be sure to amuse yourself and others with your performances, provided that your instrument can emit a coherent tune. That can be hard because pressing the right strings down to form the chords is tricky, especially if you have arthritis or some other limitation with your hands.

YouTube user WayOutWest has a solution: the Chordelia. It's a wooden contraptions that attaches to the neck of your guitar. There are 5 levers on it, each marked with a chord. To hit the G cord, press the G lever and Chordelia squeezes the fretboard appropriately.

(Video Link)

-via Gizmodo

11 Jul 14:18

Famous artist says a painting isn't by him, gets sued for ruining its value

by Rob Beschizza


This garage sale-worthy painting would be worth millions if it were by famed artist Peter Doig. But it isn't, says Doig. So its owners are suing him for interfering with their ability to sell it.

The owner, a former corrections officer who said he knew Doig while working in a Canadian detention facility, said the famous painter created the work as a youthful inmate there. His suit contends that Doig is either confused or lying and that his denials blew up a plan to sell the work for millions of dollars.

Doig says he was never anywhere near the detention facility in Thunder Bay, would have been only 16 at the time, and that his lawyers tracked down the real artist, Peter Doige ( with an 'e') who died recently. Doige signed the work—with an 'e'—and his family reports that he served time in Thunder Bay.

He died in 2012, but his sister said he had attended Lakehead University, served time in Thunder Bay and painted. “I believe that Mr. Fletcher is mistaken and that he actually met my brother, Peter, who I believe did this painting,” the sister, Marilyn Doige Bovard, said in a court declaration.

The prison’s former art teacher recognized a photograph of Bovard’s brother as a man who had been in his class and said he had watched him paint the painting, according to the teacher’s affidavit.

The plaintiff got the judge to bring it to trial, though, meaning it'll be very expensive for Doig (without an e) irrespective of who gets paid.

05 Jul 19:53

Car Talk's Ray Magliozzi Shows How Insanely Resourceful Cuban Mechanics Are

by David Tracy on The Garage, shared by Patrick George to Jalopnik

Nobody can MacGyver a fix for a car like Cuban mechanics . All they need is a handful of dirt, some spit and a chewed up shoestring, and—boom—they’ve got a rebuilt transmission. Here’s Ray Magliozzi from Car Talk showing just how resourceful the Cubans are with a wrench.


02 Jul 13:58

Tactical Awareness: 100 100-word stories about the uneasy sense of living in the Uncanny Valley

by Marcelo Rinesi


I wrote it to get rid of a mood by condensing it and writing it down: the fascinated, uneasy sense of having relocated into the Uncanny Valley without quite meaning to, and the landscape does listen, and didn't we use to have winters? As catharsis it proved an utter failure, but I think it works as a (partial!) commonplace book of things we're doing we probably, by and large, should not.


I can't tell my son how every rich city first envied, and then bought, the ubiquitous automated gun networks the military developed to make occupations safe for the occupiers.

I could explain that the guns were taught, he has lived all of his life with machines that learn, but how could I explain that they were taught in a place where kids are seen as potential security threats?

All I can do is hold him tight when he mourns his classmates, and tell him his teachers are right, he should never run when there's a security alarm.

The Black Ships

They are painted white to help cool down the containers, but everybody calls them the Black Ships, just like everybody knows their flags are meaningless. The money for the retrofitted container ships is American and European, and the reason they anchor near the coast of every war and disaster is that they will take passengers for free, but not to either place.

Nobody knows where they take them. But they know what they are running from, and when the containers are nearly full they push their children aboard however they can, and remain on the rafts watching them leave.

The Lotus Clause

They didn't take my car; they made it forget my hand. For years it had opened to my touch, and only mine.

I sat on the curb and cried.

One day, months later, the bus ignored my face and demanded cash,. The people behind me looked away, embarrassed.

Now I'm standing at the front door of a house that's asking who I am.

Only the street cameras know me, but they couldn't care less. I take my gun and try to make them.

But the gun lies inert in the unrecognized palm of my hand.

The Gunslingers

The two of you are covering the door, guns steady. Only somebody desperate robs a store in an CrowdCop zone of Austin, but this situation is what you downloaded the app for: be close to a crime, respond quickly, protect lives, make a buck.

Somebody runs through the door, and you almost shoot before seeing it's a fleeing woman, but the other man has already fired. The woman falls. It takes five seconds for your phone to beep: you know what for, but the other man takes one second too long to realize.

This time you shoot first.


They say the last whale wasn't harpooned: when she knew herself the last, she sang one last song and let herself drown. The last whaler sold a single copy of that song.

Having lost them, we still had recordings, and eventually reconstructed their language. Not one of things but of flowing seas and growing fear. Understanding broke our hearts.

The last song was, appropriately, translated last. I had bought and kept it secret, so I would be the first to know its meaning. After I did I destroyed it and told no-one.

It was a command: Hide.

07 Jul 15:00

Why Slavs wear Adidas

by Miss Cellania

You’ve been dying to know why people from the Slavic countries wear Adidas. Did you even know this was a thing? That’s pronounced “oddy-DAHS.” And he’s not talking about just the shoes, but the whole tracksuit and shoes. 

(YouTube link)

Boris is here to explain to explain this Slav fashion choice. It’s part of his series of videos explaining life in the Slavic nations. You can see more at the YouTube channel Life of Boris. -via reddit

06 Jul 18:00

Pre-Roll Video Ads

by Miss Cellania

Seeing advertising is the price we pay for watching endless videos on the internet. You can’t really fault content creators for trying to recoup at least some of their creative and time investment in a viral video. However, it still bothers me to sit through a 30-second unstoppable ad only to find out the content video is maybe 40 seconds long. And having to sit through an ad in order to watch another ad is a bit much. This comic from CommitStrip addresses the quality of the ad vs. the video you’ve waiting for. It all comes down to money. The ad agency is raking in the dough, while the actual creators are lucky to have a shoestring budget.   

06 Jul 05:41

Wednesday, July 06, 2016


Read a book!

Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis for July 06, 2016