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11 May 04:18

Seymour Hersh: White House lied about how they found and killed bin Laden

by David Pescovitz
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh calls bullshit on the White House Story about how they found and killed Osama bin Laden. Read the rest
10 May 01:19

Robert Johnson portrait by Drew Friedman

by Mark Frauenfelder


"This is my newly completed portrait of Robert Johnson," says artist Drew Friedman, "being released as a limited edition print to coincide with his 104th birthday, May 8th." Read the rest

22 Apr 01:00

Are You Ready for Ben & Jerry's Beer?

by Jill Harness

Ben & Jerry's featured a beer-flavored ice cream in their recipe book, but now they're taking it a step further by partnering with New Belguim to create a beer that's flavored like ice cream. Specifically, their new flavor will mimick their Salted Caramel Blondie flavor and will be called Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale.

Of course, in yet another example of "this is why adults can't have nice things," some groups are already up in arms, claiming that the company is obviously marketing to children and showing them that beer is just one step away from children. I can't wait to hear what they say when B&J releases the marijuana-infused ice cream they're planning to sell in states where the drug has been legalized.

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25 Jun 22:57

Organizational Structures: A Survival Guide


Organizational Structures: A Survival Guide

100% accurate...

— Rafaan Anvari (@rafaan) June 26, 2015
15 May 12:28

Tabby EVO – the $4000 open source electric car you can build yourself in an hour

by Nigel


Do you want to know what’s keeping car industry execs awake at night right now? It’s not oil prices, it’s the convergence of open source and 3D printing technologies. Sure, right now the whole idea of DIY cars is a pipe dream, but look forward a decade or so and you can easily see a situation where car production goes completely local.

The new Tabby EVO is a prime example of how things could develop in [...]

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12 Jun 20:42

Giving A Truck A Camera And A TV Is The Best Idea We Never Thought Of

by Michael Ballaban on Truck Yeah, shared by Nicole Conlan to Jalopnik

Alright, ignore that this is a terrible ad from Samsung, a massive South Korean multinational conglomerate that also dabbles in surveillance and weapons technology, for a second and just BASK IN THE GENIUS. Mostly because it seems like one of those brilliant ideas that everyone should’ve thought of before but didn’t.


24 Jun 04:00


by Jennie Breeden
05 Jun 19:49

ODDysseys opening!

by Andrew Bell


I’m participating in a show at the new Stranger Factory space along with amazing artists Stan ManoukianSeymour, and Maryanna Hoggatt. The show, entitled ‘ODDysseys’ features a variety of colorful flora, fauna and even a fungi or two! I have new drawings, paintings and sculptures available. Opens this Friday, June 5th from 6-9pm with online sales starting Monday. See the full Preview Page for more information!


Stranger Factory
3411 Central Avenue NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106


I’ll be posting additional pictures of the work up here eventually.. and hopefully starting on a much needed site overhaul soon!

30 Apr 17:50

Female Scientists Told to Get a Man to Help Them With Their Paper

by Anna Merlan on Jezebel, shared by Lauren Davis to io9

This just in from the land of great sexism: two female scientists had a manuscript rejected by a peer-reviewed journal because they didn’t ask a man for help. An unnamed peer reviewer for the journal PLoS One suggested that Drs. Fiona Ingleby and Megan Head find male co-authors—any men at all—for a paper they’d written, in order to make sure they weren’t leaping to “ideologically biased assumptions.”


10 Jun 21:05

Baby It’s Cold Outside

by jon


Hey, have you guys seen that teevee show Game of Thrones? Me neither.

Okay! Back to Patreon rewards for me. Hoping to get all caught up by the end of the month, keep your eyes on your inboxen.


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04 Jun 18:16

90 Year-Old Man Realizes Glorious Dream Of Backing Through Garage Door

by Jason Torchinsky

Let me just be absolutely clear and up front here: I love everything about this story. The old man, the wanton, gleeful destruction, that helmet, everything. It’s a simple story, too: Walter Thomas is 90 years old, and he always wanted to back through his garage door. Family and friends helped make his dream happen, and the world is a better place.


09 Jun 04:00


by Jennie Breeden

Also, I can't draw mohawks.

Mike and Miriam are amazing! Their stuff is neat too. Mike has incredible artists paint his kilts and he owns more New Rock boots than I do. Their kids are going to grow up bad ass.

05 Jun 14:03

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Shakespeare's Big Four


Hovertext: I think I could do the entire Norton Anthology in about 200 pages.

New comic!
Today's News:
03 Jun 20:31

Dainese Is Getting Serious About Bringing Airbags To The World

by Damon Lavrinc on lanesplitter, shared by Damon Lavrinc to Jalopnik

I cannot afford this.

For over four years, Dainese has been offering its airbag-equipped racing suit in Europe, but it’s never been available in the States. That changes this September, when the first batch of D-Air suits land in the U.S., and Dainese is taking it a step further, opening its airbag tech to other companies.


02 Jun 17:35

That Fancy New Solar Bike Path In Amsterdam Is Utter Bullshit

by Tavarish

When it comes to ideas that feel good but fail when stupid old reality sets in, having solar panels on a road has to rank at the top if only for the enormous amount of public support. In Amsterdam, a company called SolaRoad (smart name, right?) doubled down and installed a solar bike path and ran it for six months. Here’s how it fared.


15 Apr 20:20

templeofapelles:Jessica RouxSkateboard illustration


Jessica Roux
Skateboard illustration

02 Jun 14:43

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - The Future of Chores


Hovertext: Now I just have to make sure MY robots are more successful than my neighbors'

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16 Apr 06:28

$17 radio amp lets thieves steal Priuses

by Cory Doctorow

If your car has a proximity-based ignition fob that lets you start the engine without inserting a key, thieves on the street in front of your house can use an amp to detect its signal from your house and relay it to the car, getting away clean. Read the rest

13 May 16:00

How The Man Behind The Machines Of Mad Max Put A Hellscape On Wheels

by Damon Lavrinc

“Make it cool or I’ll kill you.” That’s what director George Miller told Colin Gibson, the production designer responsible for all the cars in Mad Max: Fury Road. Gibson did one better: he made every single one of them functional, because the desert doesn’t suffer mechanical fools lightly and CGI is bullshit.


05 May 18:30

Attention SUV Drivers: Stop Avoiding Potholes

by Doug DeMuro

"People in SUVs brake for all sorts of things they don’t need to slow down for: Speed bumps. Curbs. Cyclists. Hyundais. It’s inexplicable."

Ahh, springtime. The wonderful season each year that brings us blooming flowers, and gorgeous sunshine, and warm temperatures, and potholes the size of cargo elevators.


07 May 20:01

“Groovy Jazz Organ”: Your Thursday productivity-booster

by Joey deVilla

booker t

Booker T. Jones on the Hammond B-3 organ. Perhaps you’ve heard his number Green Onions.

Miracle of miracles, for the first time in I-don’t-know-how-long, I’ve got a full day with no meetings, conference calls, brainstorming sessions, chats, nuthin’! This means I can get some actual work done, and I’ve been chugging away at it since 7:30 this morning, something that’s relatively easy to do when you have a five-second commute:

home office

The home office. Click to see it at full size.

A home office means that you can also crank the tunes, and I’ve found the Groovy Jazz Organ compilation to be productivity-boosting. Some kind soul has posted them on YouTube, and I’ve posted them here for your enjoyment, whether you’ve got your nose to the grindstone or in a martini glass.

11 May 04:00


by Jennie Breeden
08 May 03:41

The End of Art

sleep is dumb

Tonight’s comic contains the only known cure for being an artist.

07 May 03:18

I Wouldn't Wish it on Anyone

sleep is dumb

In tonight’s comic, Doc Collin makes a tragic diagnosis.

30 Apr 13:49

Blatant Lies You Have Been Told About Traffic Laws

by SteveLehto on Car Buying, shared by Travis Okulski to Jalopnik

You are driving a truck, pulling a trailer in which your friends are sitting. You’re barefoot, wearing headphones – the big ones from the ‘70s – and steering the vehicle with a “suicide knob” on the steering wheel. You pull a U-turn and a police officer who was following you pulls you over. Can you be ticketed for any of this?


05 May 13:36

Comic: Getting to know your 12-inch Retina MacBook [@imore]


I think Universal Serial Gus is my best name since Indie Rock Pete or Gary. Read on at iMore!

24 Apr 19:20

Why the CIA Is Allowed to Run America's Deadliest Drone War 

by Kate Knibbs on Gizmodo, shared by Travis Okulski to Jalopnik

“As President and Commander-in-Chief, I take full responsibility for all our counterterrorism operations,” President Obama said at a press conference yesterday about killing an American and an Italian hostage in a US drone strike on Pakistan. What Obama failed to explain: Why the Central Intelligence Agency is allowed to carry out these drone strikes in secrecy.


25 Apr 05:46

Doing The Sex

by jon


Sex! Everyone is doing it! Remember to sex responsibly.


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14 Apr 19:04

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee Season 6: Stephen Colbert In A Morgan!

by Patrick George

Stephen Colbert in a Morgan. Those five words are all I need to sell me on the upcoming sixth season of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. Of course, I was going to watch anyway because I really enjoy the show, but this really sweetens the deal.


15 Apr 04:00


by Jennie Breeden

I hate these fucking wristbands. Seriously, you expect me to sleep with that on?