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09 Oct 15:42

The amazingly difficult landings of the U-2 Dragon Lady spy plane

by Casey Chan on Sploid, shared by Tina Amini to Kotaku

The Lockheed U-2 Dragon Lady is a beautiful spy plane that flies at high altitudes (70,000 feet in the air) to provide reconnaissance for the military. It’s also a pain in the ass to land too, requiring an actual chase car on the ground to tell the pilot how far the U-2 is from the ground. Here’s a Sploid video showcasing those delicate and difficult landings of the Dragon Lady.


10 Oct 01:00

Two More Campus Shootings Happened Today

by Karoli
Two More Campus Shootings Happened Today

First, there was a shooting at Northern Arizona University early this morning, leaving one dead and three wounded.

The attack began as a confrontation between two groups of students that "turned physical" before Jones pulled a gun and opened fire, Fowler told reporters and students at news conference.

The shooting occurred in a parking lot near the Mountain View Hall dormitory, where most of the school's fraternity members live, school officials said.

Fowler said he did not know whether the gunman or the victims were members of fraternities. But the national executive director of the Delta Chi fraternity confirmed that members of his organization were among the victims.

A gun always changes the calculus. Perhaps there might have been a confrontation without dead students if there were no guns involved?

Later in the day, there was another shooting near the campus of Texas Southern University.

John Cannon, a spokesperson for the Houston Police Department, said officers responded to calls about a shooting at 11:30 a.m. Friday. One person was fatally shot and another wounded, he said.

The injured person is in serious stable condition, according to the university.

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29 Sep 21:00

Horses, Ships, And Men With Swords: 15 Pieces of Jack Donaghy-Approved Art

by Tess Wilson

"The horse is one of only three appropriate subjects for a painting, along with ships with sails and men holding up swords while staring off into the distance.” Here are 15 pieces of art that even The Jacker would love: horses in therapy, equestriennes, female ship captains, the fierce, fighting ladies of Game of Thrones.... oh wait, he would hate them!


30 Sep 03:28

This Pair Of Bags Is All the Travel Luggage You'll Ever Need

by Chris Mills

I was on board until I saw the price. Booooo

I am a total sucker for bags: between duffels, suitcases, technical backpacks and messenger bags, I could probably pack up my entire life in 20-liter increments. Boreas’s new modular bag set could help me with my problem.


29 Sep 23:38

Captain America Cosplayer Proposes...In Front Of Captain America

by Luke Plunkett on Cosplay, shared by Luke Plunkett to Kotaku

Cosplayer Kelsey Jenkins and her boyfriend were at Salt Lake Comic Con on the weekend—dressed as Black Widow and Captain America respectively—when they got the chance to meet Marvel stars Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter). Which is about as good a time/place as any to pop the question.


30 Sep 13:00

Guy Builds Gaming Room With Fallout Vault-Tec Door

by Gergo Vas

When the end comes, TreyHill will be safe. And his video games as well, since he built an authentic Vault-Tec Door from Fallout as an entrance to his gaming room.


30 Sep 18:17

“We wanted a perfect future and fuck—we got it.”

by Mike Fahey

Ummm so if Chris Meloni is in this game I'm gonna have to play it.

“We wanted a perfect future and fuck—we got it.” The story trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops III is here, and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture. Why’d they have to call in the Special Victims Unit?


30 Sep 22:36

This Goofy Bird Just Defeated The Koch Brothers

by Wes Siler on Indefinitely Wild, shared by Alissa Walker to Gizmodo

This is awesome and interesting.

This little guy is a thorn in the side of Big Energy and the Republican politicians that serve it. Why? It was able to unite hunters, ranchers, land owners, local politicians, the USDA, the Audubon Society, universities, and even ConocoPhillips to prevent it from being listed as Endangered. Which probably ensured its long term survival. Wait, what?


03 Oct 15:00

The Keyboard Is Your Mightiest Weapon In Epistory

by Mike Fahey

Mavis Beacon Teaches Adventure!

The only thing more powerful than the written word is the muse that stirs those words in the mind of the writer. That’s the player’s role in Flying Cactus’ Epistory.


03 Oct 18:45

200 Years of Swedish Wooden Toys on Display in New York City — Design News

by Carrie McBride

Sweden has a rich history of wooden children's toys marked by simple, good design. This topic is explored in an exhibit, Swedish Wooden Toys (running through Jan. 17, 2016), at the Bard Graduate Center on New York's Upper West Side. The exhibit showcases dollhouses, rocking horses, sleds, trains, tabletop games and much more.


03 Oct 18:00

Less Is More: Paint Trim & Moulding for a Color Pop — Greatest Hits: From the Archives

by Carrie McBride

The little kitties detail!

Color really is the best way to liven up a room and make it memorable, but you don't have to use a ton of it to get your desired results. Here are ten examples of rooms where the painted moulding and trim have the starring role, either bringing a splash of color to white walls or an special touch to colored walls.


01 Oct 13:30

20+ Clever Ideas for a Super Organized Garage

by Nancy Mitchell

Your garage is a hardworking space. It's where you keep your sports equipment, your tools, your gardening supplies, your out-of-season decorations. How in the world are you supposed to keep all that stuff organized — and maybe even make room for your car? Here are 23 inspiring ideas.


01 Oct 14:30

Recipe: Jalapeño Popper Pierogies — Recipes from The Kitchn

by Casey Barber

When I was writing my first cookbook, Classic Snacks Made from Scratch, I unwittingly unleashed a monster. My picky-eater husband had heretofore steered way clear of jalapeño poppers, wary of their potential heat-seeking missile effect on his gentle palate. When I showed him how the method of pickling jalapeños softens their fiery edges, compounded by a soothing and creamy filling, everything changed.


01 Oct 15:30

5 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me 5 Years Ago About Meal Planning — Meal Planning 101

by Cambria Bold

If a genie were to puff himself out of a lamp right now and make me master of any one cooking skill (genies are so specialized nowadays!), I know exactly what I'd ask for. No, I don't want to make a chocolate soufflé so amazing you'd weep over your fork. (Well, I do want that. Yes, I do.) And no, I don't want the ability to make the world's butteriest, flakiest croissants. (Well, again, I do. But, priorities!)

You know what I really want? To be really, really good at meal planning. After years of trying to establish the habit, I'm just now getting the hang of it. Here are five things that, had I known them from the beginning, would have made the whole thing a lot easier.


02 Oct 03:55

Every Grown-Up Child Needs These Disney Vans

by Chris Mills

Vans are definitely not the footwear of choice for people seeking a sophisticated, well-heeled look. If you wear Disney-themed Converse, that’s particularly true — but that still won’t stop me buying up every pair of these Disney Vans I can lay my childlike hands on.


02 Oct 12:55

Obvious Plant Leaves Sign on Drugstore Listing Silly Things You Are Not Allowed to Do

by Justin Page


Comedian Jeff Wysaski of Obvious Plant recently left a custom sign on a local drugstore that lists off silly things that you are not allowed to do while shopping. Wood nymphs and horses are not allowed in the store, no up-close street magic, and more.

image via Obvious Plant

02 Oct 14:04

Recipe: Chunky Italian Wedding Soup with Pasta — Freezer Recipes from The Kitchn

by Casey Barber

Woe to a wife who loves a scalding-hot bowl of chowder when her husband's policy on all soups — as well as any other hot liquids — is the same as Kenneth Ellen Parcell's: "That's the devil's temperature." I don't want to provoke the devil in my own kitchen, but I did find a loophole in this anti-hot liquid contract: Dan does like chili and other stew-like meals that are chunky enough to be scooped up without leaving too much brothiness in the bowl.


02 Oct 08:30

flyartproductions: The laughing cavalier is straight off the...


The laughing cavalier is straight off the Roc

Laughing Cavalier (1624), Frans Hals / Dirt Off Your Shoulder, Jay Z

02 Oct 15:15

Mini Versions of Classic Roland Synths Let You Recapture Analog Glory

by Michael Hession on 20khz, shared by Michael Hession to Gizmodo

Roland has a trio of new synthesizers called the Boutique Series. They are affordable miniaturized versions of three classic analog synths from the early 80’s. Say hello to the sweet electronic sounds of the good old days.


02 Oct 16:07

s’more cupcakes

by deb

s'more cupcakes

Is there anything more passé than cupcakes? It’s like 2006 up in here. Even the macaron parlors that were the “next cupcake” and the doughnut-croissant hybrids that were the “next macaron” are old news. And s’mores? My goodness, they’re so trodden, they halfway to becoming a potato chip flavor.

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30 Sep 13:05

A 6-Feet Tall Inflatable Jabba Is the Perfect Lawn Decor For Any Holiday

by Andrew Liszewski on Toyland, shared by Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan to Gizmodo

You might look at this six-feet tall inflatable Jabba the Hutt and see the perfect way to decorate your front yard for Halloween. But look harder and you’ll see it’s actually perfect for any holiday or celebration—be it Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, a wedding, or the arrival of a new baby.


02 Oct 20:20

Why Don't Libraries Have Dungeons & Dragons Gamebooks?

by Edward Schneider

Dungeons & Dragons and libraries should be a natural fit. Both attract people who love books, storytelling, and lore. Early D&D gamebooks even point readers towards their local libraries for research, and many libraries host comic book-themed events or have D&D clubs.


20 Sep 15:30

Recipe: Penne alla Vodka — Pasta Recipes from The Kitchn

by Nealey Dozier

I have been a carb lover since birth. My parents started calling me "starch baby" after discovering my knack for sneaking Wonder Bread from the pantry, and the nickname has continually proven true. I fell for Italian food — namely pasta — upon first bite and spent most of my formative years choosing between lasagna, chicken Parmesan, or broccoli Alfredo.


01 Oct 17:30

Dying Light Creators Respond Amazingly To Fan's Drunken Rant

by Patrick Klepek

Read it!

After Twitter user c0mpl3x1ty had a few drinks, they booted up Techland’s open world zombie game, Dying Light. An electrical engineer by day, they noticed a problem: there should be no way for the city to generate power. It’s all wrong! But when I contacted Techland, they revealed a huge secret about the game.


01 Oct 20:28

All The Most Essential Science Fiction and Fantasy Books in October

by Charlie Jane Anders on io9, shared by Meg Neal to Gizmodo

You’d better clear your schedule—because October is just packed with amazing science fiction and fantasy books. Including George R.R. Martin’s tales of Westeros long before Game of Thrones. Plus Ann Leckie, Gene Wolfe, Doctor Who and Brandon Sanderson. And the most delightfully weird fantasy spinoff ever!


25 Sep 14:30

Recipe: Tandoori Chicken Pizza — Recipes from The Kitchn

by Michelle Peters-Jones

Phew, it is finally Friday. After a whirlwind busy week of school, after-school activities, work, and writing, Friday night is my night to chill and relax with my family, along with some pizza and wine. And what better way to fuse East and West, than this tandoori chicken pizza?


30 Sep 20:00

Margot's Painted Playroom — My Room

by Nora Taylor

Name: Margot (1)
Location: Tampa, Florida

After Margot's first birthday party we realized she had way too many toys, and those toys were scattered all over our house. We decided it was time for us to turn our unused guest room into Margot's Playroom (and our office).


30 Sep 23:00

This Week’s X-Men Comic Might Be the Bleakest Dark Phoenix Story Ever

by Evan Narcisse

Unless some other series winds up pulling off something unexpected, E Is for Extinction is going to wind up my favorite Secret Wars tie-in book. And that’s because the X-Men-in- twilight story has nothing to do with Dr. Doom or any crossover nonsense. It’s all about the right way for old superheroes to die.


30 Sep 20:29

Tesla Motors Has Announced the Long-Awaited Tesla Model X SUV

by Glen Tickle

Tesla Model X Falcon Wings Open

Tesla Motors has announced the long-awaited Tesla Model X SUV, the latest addition to the Tesla fleet. The Model X can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds, features special “Falcon Doors” that open vertically, seats seven, and the largest all-glass panoramic windshield currently in production.

The vehicle was announced during a Tesla event held on September 29, 2015. The company expects the vehicle to begin shipping in the second half of 2016 and are now taking reservations.

Wired got some firsthand experience driving the Model X and took advantage of its “ludicrous mode.”

Tesla Model X Falcon Wings Open Front

Tesla Model X Panoramic Windshield

Tesla Model X Seating for Seven

photos via Tesla Motors

30 Sep 20:50

‘Whopper Wine’, Burger King Crafts a Gorgeously Packaged Local Wine to Be Sold Exclusively in Spain

by Lori Dorn

Whopper Wine

Burger King, in cooperation with the La Despensa Ingredientes Creativos, has branded a gorgeously packaged, locally made “Whopper Wine” to be sold exclusively at locations in Spain. The wine was crafted in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Burger King’s very first European franchise in Madrid during 1975.

Whopper Wine Side

Whopper Wine Box

images via La Despensa Ingredientes Creativos

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