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29 Mar 14:00

Inmate Walks Free After Emailing Release Instructions to Prison Staff

by Maddie Stone


An inmate who was in prison for multiple charges of fraud is apparently up to his old tricks. Posing as a senior court clerk, Neil Moore, 28, used an illicit mobile phone to email fake bail instructions to prison staff, who released him. Well, that's embarrassing.


24 Mar 10:30

Beard Growth Comes to Video Games

by Brian Ashcraft

Finally! As anyone with facial hair will tell you, it grows. Except in video games, where beards seem suspended in time. Not anymore.


24 Mar 13:20

Massive Pirate LEGO Build Is Full Of Secrets

by Gergo Vas

It wouldn't be a proper pirate LEGO without secret passages and long-lost treasure. Kinggregus' giant, pirate-themed build has it all, well-hidden in a massive fort.


24 Mar 13:30

Easter Crafts: 35 Beautiful & Creative DIY Ideas

by Tess Wilson

A celebration of spring holds near-infinite crafting inspiration: from buds and blooms to eggs done every-which-way, the DIY and decorating possibilities are endless...


24 Mar 17:21

The Super Burrito, A Giant, Plush Burrito Body Pillow Stuffed With Fluffy Salsa and Beans

by Rebecca Escamilla

Hugging Super Burrito Pillow
photo by Nicole Grant via Lauren Venell

San Francisco-based artist and designer Lauren Venell created the Super Burrito body pillow, a giant, plush, huggable burrito stuffed to the end with felt salsa and other filling. Venell originally made Super Burrito as a comission for The Bold Italic. More of the artist’s work, including the hilarious Bold Burrito costume, can be seen on her website.

For the die-hard enthusiast, now you can have your burrito and spoon it, too. Standing as tall as a beefy second-grader, this burrito makes an excellent body pillow or imaginary friend, who will never judge you for scarfing the half you were going to save for dinner even though you’re already full.

Super Burrito Pillow
photo via Lauren Venell

Bold Burrito costume
The Bold Burrito costume via Lauren Venell

via BuzzFeed, That’s Nerdalicious

24 Mar 22:55

The Adorable, Tiny Chairs of the 2015 Champagne Chair Contest Hosted by Design Within Reach

by E.D.W. Lynch

Design Within Reach Champagne Chair Contest
Crescent Chair by Bruce Hirschman

Each year Design Within Reach hosts the Champagne Chair Contest, in which they challenge entrants to create a tiny chair from the foil, label, cage, and cork of no more than two champagne bottles. This year’s winning design is the Crescent Chair by fountain pen maker Bruce Hirschman. Runners up include the Bubbly Chair by Zach Martin and the Piper Beach Chair by Jeffrey Burke Whitten.

Design Within Reach Champagne Chair Contest
Bubbly Chair by Zach Martin

Design Within Reach Champagne Chair Contest
Piper Beach Chair by Jeffrey Burke Whitten

Design Within Reach Champagne Chair Contest

photos via Design Within Reach

via Recyclart

25 Mar 14:40

An Intricately Detailed Arm Tattoo Pattern That Appears to be in 3D

by Brian Heater


Tattoo artist Tony Booth of DABS Tattoo in Southport, UK created an intensely intricate arm tattoo that takes on an almost 3D quality as the hexagons break away to reveal even more geometric details underneath.



images via DABS Tattoo

GIF via reddit

via reddit

25 Mar 15:33

A Fully Functional Vintage-Style Record Player Made From 2,405 LEGO Pieces

by Brian Heater


The Planet is a fully functional vintage-style 45 RPM turntable designed by Korean LEGO enthusiast Hayarobi in 2014 that was built from 2,405 pieces. The impressive project, naturally, contains some non-LEGO components, but does have its very own LEGO speakers.




images via LoctiteGirl, Brickinside

via The Brothers Brick, Technabob, HUH, Boing Boing

25 Mar 16:00

Alison, Trevor and a Baby in 600 Square Feet — House Tour

by Elissa Crowe

that is one badass little house

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Name: Alison, Trevor & Theodore
Location: Vancouver, BC Mount Pleasant
Size: 600 square feet
Years lived in: 6 years; Owned

I stumbled upon Alison's Instagram not so long ago and fell in love with her blog 600SQFTANDABABY. For the past 5 years, Alison and Trevor made it work in their small apartment, but when baby Theodore came along, it was time to re-evaluate their living situation. Friends and family warned them of the difficulties of raising a child in a small space, but the growing family decided to stay put. With some clever re-arranging and some simple sacrifices, this family has truly made a beautiful place to call home.


25 Mar 16:10

KeySmart 2.0, A Swiss Army Knife-Style Key Ring That Organizes Keys In One Compact Organizer

by Brian Heater


The KeySmart 2.0 is a key ring that organizes up to 10 keys into a compact, Swiss Army knife-style organizer. The little device aims to do away with bulky key rings by lining the keys up in an orderly, retractable fashion. The second-generation KeySmart, which features a new lightweight body, is currently available for 26% off through the Laughing Squid Store.



images via Laughing Squid Store

25 Mar 19:12

Ready for a Ready Player One movie from Steven Spielberg?

by Patrick Klepek

Ready for a Ready Player One movie from Steven Spielberg? Deadline reports the Jaws and E.T. director will helm the dystopian book about people jacked into a VR world.


25 Mar 14:15

Skip the Taxidermy and Put Glowing Star Wars Heads On Your Walls

by Andrew Liszewski

Continuing the recent decorating trend of glowing stuff smashing through walls we now have three of the most popular Star Wars characters joining the fray. Designed more for kids or gaming rooms these 3D heads are completely self-contained so there's no unsightly power cords to be hidden, and thanks to LEDs inside they always remain cool to the touch.


25 Mar 20:02


by Reza


26 Mar 14:30

Design a Better Bedroom: Sidestep These Easy-to-Make Mistakes

by Adrienne Breaux

The bedroom isn't just a key part of expressing your home's style — it's the room that can set the tone for how you feel the rest of the day. So work a little harder on how you arrange and decorate this area; we've got six key decorating and arranging mistakes to avoid.


26 Mar 14:38

If You Like RPGs, You Must Play Pillars of Eternity

by Jason Schreier

Back in September of 2012, when I first heard that Obsidian was launching a Kickstarter for a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate, I got a little… uh... too excited.


26 Mar 16:03

carrot graham layer cake

by deb

carrot graham layer cake

It has been 1 year, 6 months and 6 days since I last shared a recipe for a stacked, filled, and unconscionably indulgent layer cake on this site, an unforgivable oversight on my part. I certainly haven’t gone that long without sharing any cake recipes — I’m not a monster — but sometimes you need more than an Everyday Cake. Sometimes you need a great big celebratory ta-da in the center of your table. Sometime like now.

some sad carrots to start
flour, grahams, spices

Because the pastel-ed idea, if not the outdoor temperatures, of spring seems to have infected my existence and I’m not even fighting it — my nails are a shade of pink that can only describe as “bunny nose,” I, someone who mostly lives in variations of black and gray, just bought a patterned and brightly colored dress, we’ve had asparagus twice this month, unable to wait any longer for it to emerge from local soil, and my hands are stained orange from all of the carrots I’ve grated into cake week. Around here, these are the harbingers of spring.

one CUP of carrots per layer

... Read the rest of carrot graham layer cake on

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26 Mar 13:00

This Spartan Organizer Defends Your Desk Against Clutter

by Andrew Liszewski

Even though the majority of your work day is probably spent staring at a computer screen, somehow your desk gets cluttered faster than you can clean it. So following up on its Spartan-themed knife block , the talented and fully-digited woodworkers at Missing Digit Woodshop have created a desktop version that can now hold pens, pencils, styli, a letter opener, and even sticky notes.


28 Mar 13:00

This 3D-Printed Predicta Will Transport You to the 1950's

by Maddie Stone

Once upon a time, long before Twitter or Xbox live, you could turn on a TV that looked a lot like this and watch spacemen valiantly defeat their enemies with rayguns and plutonium-powered rockets. We can't travel back to that simpler age, but we can re-create the experience using 3D printing.


26 Mar 19:00

Oh Look, Turns Out A Strong Welfare State Produces More Entrepreneurs

by Susie Madrak
Oh Look, Turns Out A Strong Welfare State Produces More Entrepreneurs

I don't know why the author of this Atlantic piece sounds so surprised. Has he never been in a poor neighborhood? Guys selling T-shirts, handbags, produce and used appliances on the street -- of course putting an economic floor under people encourages them to take a shot at something bigger and better. Walter Frick for The Atlantic:

Reagan was right about the link between startups and growth, but wrong in assuming that small government was the way to encourage them.

His belief in a tradeoff between taking care of citizens and promoting innovative new businesses is at odds with the evidence. In fact, one way to get more people to start companies, according to a growing body of research, is to expand the welfare state.

Pundits and researchers often note the negative correlation between government spending and entrepreneurship, both within the U.S. and internationally, and conclude that growth requires trimming social welfare programs. Jim Manzi of theNational Review, for example, a thoughtful commenter on economic policy, wrote last year that, “we must accept some amount of social dislocation in return for innovation.”

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26 Mar 20:16

Imaginary Artisan Packaging for Popular Junk Foods

by E.D.W. Lynch

Imaginary Artisan Packaging for Popular Junk Foods

Cartoonist Dan Meth of BuzzFeed has created a hilarious series of imaginary “artisan” package designs for popular junk foods. Some examples include a Slim James hunter’s sausage and the exquisite rolled fruit confection found in the pâtisseries of Montmartre: Fruit par la Metre.

Imaginary Artisan Packaging for Popular Junk Foods

Imaginary Artisan Packaging for Popular Junk Foods

Imaginary Artisan Packaging for Popular Junk Foods

Imaginary Artisan Packaging for Popular Junk Foods

images via BuzzFeed

via Dan Meth

26 Mar 20:57

Scientists Discover the Reason That Indian Food Tastes So Good and How It Differs From Western Cuisine

by Glen Tickle

Indian Spices

A new study by Anupam Jaina, Rakhi N Kb, and Ganesh Baglerb published on Cornell University‘s explains why Indian food is so delicious, and how it differs from Western cuisine. The study looked at over 2,000 recipes from the site Tarla Dalal to examine what ingredients were used together. What they found was that Indian recipes rarely utilize ingredients with overlapping flavor compounds while Western cuisine was much more likely to use similarly flavored ingredients together.

photo by Sara Marlow

via The Washington Post

26 Mar 16:00

​If You Touch This Plant It Will Make You Vomit In Pure Agony

by Esther Inglis-Arkell

The Gympie Gympie is an Australian plant with spindly stems and heart-shaped light green leaves. Brushing your hand against it can make you throw up from the pain. Using it as toilet paper has made people shoot themselves. This plant will ruin you.


26 Mar 22:55

‘Haynes Guide to Sonic Screwdriver’, A T-Shirt Featuring an Owners’ Manual For the ‘Doctor Who’ Multi-Tool

by Lori Dorn

Haynes Guide to the Sonic Screwdriver

The “Haynes Guide to Sonic Screwdriver” is a clever t-shirt from ThinkGeek that imagines what an owners’ manual for Doctor Who‘s most reliable and favorite tool would look like.

Ready to build your own Sonic Screwdriver? If there really was a Haynes Manual for it, you would be able to do it in your own backyard or workshop. Maybe. If you knew enough about all the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey, glowy-flowy, screwdriver-screwdriver stuff inside. Unfortunately, though, this is just a shirt; but a pretty nice one, you have to admit!

There’s also a “Haynes Guide to Dalek” t-shirt available.

Haynes Guide to the Dalek

Haynes Guide to the Sonic Screw Driver Tee

Haynes Guide to Dalek

images via ThinkGeek

27 Mar 07:59

Daily Show Correspondent Skewers The Media At Awards Dinner

by News Hound Ellen
Daily Show Correspondent Skewers The Media At Awards Dinner

The Daily Show’s “Senior Muslim Correspondent,” Aasif Mandvi was the speaker at this year’s Radio and Television Correspondents Association dinner. I think it’s fair to say he didn’t hold back from biting the hands that fed him.

It wasn’t nearly as devastating as Stephen Colbert’s epic takedown of President George W. Bush and the Washington press corps lapdogs at the 2006 speech White House Correspondents Association dinner. But Mandvi got in a few good shots at Fox News, among other media outlets. Plus, though he acknowledged that the RTCA is the “junior varsity” to the WHCA, he noted that President Obama called ISIS the junior varsity of Al Qaeda. “And look how well they’re doing now!”

Watch it via the link above, from the March 25 Radio and Television Correspondents Association dinner. Underneath, and as epic as ever, is Colbert’s “tribute” to Bush and the press.

H/T Mediaite

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27 Mar 13:32

‘Save Our Sons’, A Musical Tribute to the Second Season of ‘Game of Thrones’ by Melodysheep

by Justin Page

John D. Boswell (a.k.a. “Melodysheep“) of Symphony of Science has created “Save Our Sons,” a fantastic musical tribute to the second season of HBO’s popular television series Game of Thrones. The lyrics for this song are available to view on Youtube.

27 Mar 14:00

9 Stylish & Smart Ways to Reimagine a Dresser

by Melissa DiRenzo

Repurposing an old dresser is a great way to save some money, recycle and create a totally unique piece. Sometimes all a piece needs is a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware and there's no shortage of dresser makeover inspiration in our archives. However, if you want to take it a step further and think more outside the box (or dresser) and flex your DIY skills, here's some great smart and stylish ways you can transform your piece into something totally different.


27 Mar 15:30

7 More Fresh Ways to Rethink the Side of Your Sofa

by Adrienne Breaux
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We showed you eight sofa sidekicks yesterday, and now we're back with seven more ideas for this small but powerful piece of real estate in your living room.


27 Mar 15:20

Man Forced to Sell His New House Because Comcast Lied to Him

by Jay Hathaway

A software engineer living in Washington state may have no choice but to sell the home he bought last December because, despite repeatedly checking with Comcast before he even considered buying the property, the company just can't (or won't) give him internet service.


27 Mar 17:00

House Plant Cheat Sheet: 10 Great Vessel & Plant Pairings

by Kim Lucian

Pairing a houseplant with the right vessel can bring out its beauty—drawing attention to a sculptural form, the drape of a vine or enhancing its color or texture. It also needs to support the plant and its specific needs. We've rounded up a few of our favorite shoppable combinations and explained why they work.


27 Mar 19:02

Taco Bell Continues Its Propaganda Campaign Against McDonald’s With a Series of Soviet-Style Posters

by Glen Tickle

taco bell propoganda 5

Taco Bell has continued its propaganda campaign against McDonald’s with a series of posters featuring Soviet-style imagery and slogans. Earlier, Taco Bell released a dystopian short film about two breakfast defectors who leave the oppressive rule of armed men in clown makeup.

taco bell propoganda 2

taco bell propoganda 3

taco bell propoganda 4

images via Adweek

via Adweek