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29 May 00:55

One Day, Son, You’ll Rule All of This

by Scott Beale
27 May 14:31

A Welcoming Supercut of Characters Saying ‘Welcome to’ in 74 Different Movies

by Justin Page

Andy Schneider and Jonathan Britnell of Burger Fiction have created a welcoming supercut video of characters saying “welcome to” in 74 different movies. We are welcomed to Wayne’s World, to Fight Club, to real life (Spaceballs), and more.

27 May 18:06

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Vinyl Soundtrack Features Holograms Etched Into the Records

by Justin Page

SW Vinyl

Disney Music Emporium will be releasing the Star Wars: The Force Awakens soundtrack as a two LP vinyl that will feature holograms of the Millennium Falcon and a TIE fighter etched into the records. It is currently available to pre-order from the Disney Music Emporium store and Amazon with a release date of June 17th, 2016.

This one-of-a-kind vinyl set, hand etched by Tristan Duke, offers a 3D hologram experience featuring the Millennium Falcon on Disc 1 and a TIE Fighter on Disc 2. This must-have version includes the full soundtrack to STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS on 180-gram vinyl and features Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) for an optimal listening experience. Use a direct light source or simply hold a mobile device flashlight above the vinyl to view the holographic images.

via Star Wars

27 May 20:00

MUST WATCH: Donald Trump And 'The Good Old Days'

by Frances Langum
MUST WATCH: Donald Trump And 'The Good Old Days'

This short yet powerful video puts Donald Trump's violent rhetoric over images of the actual "Good Old Days" he is talking about. Days when protestors were beaten and arrested.

Who were those abused protestors? What were they protesting again? Oh yeah...

27 May 17:50

Spelling Bee Twitter Account Burns Dude So Hard He Deleted His Account In Shame

by Patrick Redford on Deadspin, shared by Alex Cranz to Gizmodo

If you’re gonna try to roast the Spelling Bee for being soft, the worst sin you can commit is bringing that weak shit (noun: substandard effort or soft response, e.g. “Kevin liked the Warriors, but they lost because they brought that weak shit.”).


27 May 07:00

Roast Beef's Relationship Flowchart

Achewood strip for Friday, May 27, 2016
25 May 19:49

Raccoon Trouble

by Reza


25 May 19:39

Hyper Light Drifter's Retro Collector's Edition Is So Hot

by Mike Fahey

Most digital download only games don’t get a fancy collector’s edition release. Hyper Light Drifter is not most download only games, and its collectors edition, up for presale tomorrow from iam8bit, is very fancy indeed.


24 May 16:55

Watch Star Wars: A New Hope by Simply Scrolling Through a Website

by Andrew Liszewski on Sploid, shared by Adam Clark Estes to Gizmodo

You probably can’t get away with watching movies at your desk all day at work. But since most websites are still totally acceptable, warm up your scrolling finger, and go to town on this incredible fan tribute that sees the entire original Star Wars: A New Hope turned into one long scrollable schematic.


11 May 19:42

Kevin’s Ideas

by Reza


23 May 21:15

A Unique Restaurant Where Orders Arrive Directly to the Table Via a Looping Miniature Rollercoaster

by Lori Dorn

Roller Coaster Restaurant

The Rollercoaster Restaurant at the Alton Towers Theme Park in Staffordshire, England opened on May 13, 2016 and has garnered a great deal of attention for its unique food delivery service. The dining process begins when the customer orders their meal on a tablet. The meal is then prepared, put in sealed metal containers and sent directly to the table via a looping overhead 400m track. Reservations can be made online.

The new Rollercoaster Restaurant is set below a vast rollercoaster track where diners can watch as their order tackles two gravity defying loop-the-loops before dropping 8 metres down the tornado spiral to their table. Each diner will enjoy a full 360 dining experience at one of the 13 tables and will get to select from the brand new menu of family favourites…The Rollercoaster Restaurant in Alton Towers is the first Rollercoaster Restaurant in the UK. It has about 163 seats and located in England’s largest theme park.

Roller Coaster Restaurant

Roller Coaster Restaurant

Roller Coaster Restaurant - Food

Roller Coaster Restaurant - Wine

images via Roller Coaster Restaurant at Alton Towers

via reddit

23 May 21:43

An Experiment to See What Happens When 30 Pounds of Dry Ice Is Dumped Into a Swimming Pool

by Glen Tickle


Taras Kulakov the “Crazy Russian Hacker” performed an experiment to see what would happen if he dumped 30 pounds of dry ice into a swimming pool. The ice sublimates into a large cloud of mist with the larger chunks creating an effect Kulakov compares to a volcano.

22 May 22:15

LICKI Brush, A Tongue-Shaped Silicon Brush That Lets Humans Lick Their Cats

by Lori Dorn

The makers of the interactive SHRU cat toy are currently raising funds through Kickstarter for their newest creation, the LICKI Brush. A novel silicon brush made in the shape of an oversized cat tongue, the LICKI Brush requires the participating human to grab onto the bite plate with their teeth and make licking motions with the brush onto their unsuspecting cat.

LICKI is a high-quality, soft silicone brush, designed to feel pleasurable to your cat’s sensitive skin. Gently grasp LICKI’s bite portion with your teeth, slowly approach your cat when she is sleeping or in an otherwise pleasant mood, and ease into the soothing and mutually beneficial licking behavior of cats. Don’t be surprised if your cat licks you back.


Licki Brush

Licki Brush

Licki Brush Green

22 May 21:30

A Series of Ridiculous and Absurd New Pokémon

by Scott Beale


Cartoonist Damp Martin created a series of ridiculous and absurd new Pokémon for his daily comic Death Bulge.

via Waxy Links

20 May 14:00

Recipe: Riesling Rhubarb Crisp Layer Cake — Stylish Layer Cakes from Tessa Huff

by Tessa Huff

This Riesling rhubarb crisp cake has it all: tender white cake, rhubarb-strawberry compote and matching buttercream, a crispy oat crumble, and a fanciful, ruffled finish. It's the perfect cake to bake when you're feeling like showing off your cake-baking skills or looking for a weekend project to tackle when you want to spend the day in the kitchen.


20 May 15:00

11 Daring Design Gambles that Definitely Paid Off

by Nancy Mitchell

When it comes to design, restraint and moderation are generally considered to be good guiding principles. It's easy to get carried away and wind up with something that, in its exuberance, is completely stress-inducing and out of control. But every once in a while a daring or completely out-there design move is just the right thing — proof that rules are made to be broken.


20 May 15:30

DIY Floors that Look Like a Million Bucks

by Nancy Mitchell

Flooring is one of the things that has the biggest impact on the look of a room — but beautiful floors can also be really expensive. But the good news is that, if you don't mind putting in the extra elbow grease, there are plenty of ways you can make your own.


21 May 12:45

This Brush Lets You Groom Your Cat Like a Cat — Design News

by Tara Bellucci

Cats lick each other for grooming and to strengthen social relationships. But as humans, we're left out of that ritual. Until now: LICKI is a tongue-shaped brush that you hold in your mouth so you can get the full feline bonding experience.


20 May 21:41

Experienced Bartender Offers Advice About the Best Equipment For Making Cocktails at Home

by Lori Dorn

In the first of the “Getting Started” videos from Cocktail Chemistry, a skilled mixologist offers his experience and advice about the right equipment to have on hand when making cocktails at home.

Cocktail set (includes Boston shaker, bar spoon, hawthorne strainer, and muddler)
Fine mesh strainer
Angled measuring jigger
Fancy mixing glass
Julep strainer
Citrus juice squeezer
Citrus peeler
Cocktail straws
Ice molds
Small cubes
Large cubes
Ice spheres

20 May 23:36


15 May 13:00

A Guide to Keeping Bugs at Bay This Spring — Apartment Therapy

by The Kitchn
15 May 15:00

Make This Modern Geometric Puppy Bed for Just $30

by Taryn Williford

The star of Tanika & Brian's chic and modern NYC apartment? That just might be Tansy the dog and the cozy geometric cubby she calls home in their space. It's a handmade piece that you can slap together in a weekend and take home to your own fuzzy family.


15 May 21:00

Make Your Own Crystal Resin Collage Tray — Apartment Therapy Reader Submission Tutorials

by Nora Taylor

This lovely little tray can do double duty of both helping you organize your space while jazzing it up. It's also totally customizable, so follow Cassie's instructions to make it your own!

Skill Level: Easy
Time Required: 2 hours active time, 24 hours to cure
Project Cost: $50


15 May 13:49

satanslifecoach: Captain America Civil War + Onion headlines +...


Captain America Civil War + Onion headlines + others

12 May 19:50

Stunning Handmade Cakes Flawlessly Decorated With Highly Reflective Marble and Glass-Like Icing

by Lori Dorn

Russian baker Olga Noskovaa creates beautiful handmade cakes and other baked goods that are absolutely flawlessly decorated with a highly reflective icing that appears like glass in individual colors and like a shiny marble when colors are combined. In either case, the effect is absolutely awe-inspiring.

via BuzzFeed

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12 May 17:19

What Is the Limit to How Far We Can Travel in Space?

by Casey Chan on Sploid, shared by Mario Aguilar to Gizmodo


What Is the Limit to How Far We Can Travel in Space?

Bad news, guys. There’s a limit to humanity. Even if we had the technology for interstellar space travel, we still wouldn’t be able to see most of the observable universe because we’re actually limited to only being able to go to a hundredth billionth of a percent of it. We’re stuck within our local galaxy group. That’s sort of depressing! But why is there a limit anyway? Kurzgesagt explains how it has to do with dark energy, and the nature of nothing, and how only so many things in the universe are gravitationally bound to us.


12 May 18:30

Genius DIY: A Make-it-Yourself Modular Shelving Display Wall

by Adrienne Breaux

It can be difficult to find bathroom shelving that's functional and attractive. If you want it to also be adaptable as your needs evolve, well, now you're asking for an even taller order. I spotted this lovely and flexible wall of decorative shelving—and you can make it yourself.


12 May 19:45

Get Closer: 10 Questions To Ask Your Partner Over Dinner — The Kitchn

by Apartment Therapy
12 May 03:55

Skipping a Pound of Sodium Across a Lake Is Way More Fun Than Skipping a Rock

by Casey Chan on Sploid, shared by Casey Chan to Gizmodo
Skipping a Pound of Sodium Across a Lake Is Way More Fun Than Skipping a Rock

We know that mixing sodium with water causes awesome explosions . We know that skipping rocks across a lake is very probably one of the funnest things you can do outdoors. Next time, we’re all bringing a pound of sodium to the lake so we can watch it explode over and over again as it skips its way across the lake. It’s the simple things in life, you know.


12 May 12:30

The Easiest Way to Make a Bunch of Dutch Baby Pancakes at Once — Delicious Links

by Lauren Kodiak

Typically made (and served) in a large cast iron skillet, the Dutch baby pancake is an impressive centerpiece on your brunch table. But if you want to make a bunch of these light, souffle-like treats at once, turn to your muffin tin for the cutest mini versions.