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26 Jun 19:50

Corner Cushions, Adorable Animal-Shaped Furniture Corner Guards

by Lori Dorn

Corner Cushion

Corner Cushions are adorably shaped removable gel animals heads that grab onto sharp corners with their “mouths” to provide protection for babies, children, and even clumsy adults.

Coming in three designs, a brown bear, a white cat, and a green frog, you can plan out your living area with the animal that suits your living space the best. The thickness of your table doesn’t seem to matter as the mouths on the animals are 90-degree angles that snugly chomp the 90-degree corners of your table.

Corner Cushion Bear Corners

Corner Cushions

Frog Cat Bear

images via Amazon

via RocketNews24

26 Jun 20:30

The Gramavox Floating Record, A Beautifully Designed Turntable That Holds and Plays Records Vertically

by Glen Tickle

floating record 6

The Gramavox Floating Record is a beautifully designed turntable that holds and plays records vertically. The device can easily switch between playing 33 1/3 or 45 RPM records, and has built-in full-range stereo speakers. More advanced audiophiles can also make use of the RCA-out connection to connect the Floating Record to external pre-amps and speakers.

Gramavox is currently raising funds for the Floating Record through an already successful Kickstarter campaign. They are offering backers the device at a discounted price as well as other incentives.

floating record 1

floating record 5

floating record 3

floating record 4

images via Gramavox

via Design Milk

24 Jun 19:30

How to Survive (& Possibly Enjoy) a Long Car Trip with Kids

by Carrie McBride

No, we're not there yet! I've done my fair share of long car trips with my two kids and we're gearing up for several more this summer. The "freedom of the road" I used to feel before kids has been replaced with backseat bickering, frequent potty breaks and, worst of all, cries (and sometimes tears) of "I'm bored!" If that's not how you want to start or end a vacation, here are some tips for making the car ride less of a buzzkill.


12 Jun 15:30

The Impossible Has Happened: 25 Examples of Wood Paneling Done FABULOUSLY

by Tess Wilson

Can't get away to a cabin in the woods this summer? Indulge in woodsy daydreaming with these rare instances of paneling-done-right from our House Tours, favorite design blogs, and even a few restaurants...


12 Jun 17:05

New Sushi-Themed Suitcase Covers Make Luggage Look Like Food on a Sushi-Go-Round

by Rebecca Escamilla

sushi suitcases on conveyor belt

Japanese retailer Parco has expanded their line of sushi-themed suitcase covers to include new types of sushi: tako (octopus), ikura (salmon roe), and saba (mackerel). Each suitcase cover slips over a suitcase and leaves openings for the handle and wheels. When luggage is sent through the conveyor belt in baggage claim, the sushi suitcase looks adorably like a sushi-go-round found at Japanese fast-food retaurants.

ikura sushi suitcase cover

tako sushi suitcase cover2

tako sushi suitcase cover

ikura sushi suitcase cover2

saba sushi suitcase cover2

saba sushi suitcase cover

images via Parco

via Entabe, RocketNews24

12 Jun 19:40

Stunning Whaletone Digital Pianos That Look Like Sleek Ocean Animals

by Rebecca Escamilla

whaletone piano black front view

Whaletone pianos are stunning instruments with the sleek look of orcas and dolphins. The black Royal Digital piano is the larger version—though not quite as big as an orca. The white Grand Hybrid piano is a smaller version, though both look like they have dorsal fins when the tops are opened.

whaletone piano black

whaletone piano black side view

whaletone white piano front

whaletone white piano side

photos via Whaletone

via Boing Boing

06 Jun 19:00

I Want to Spend All My Money at This Science Nerd Gift Shop

by Maddie Stone


There’s a new one-stop shop for nerdy science gifts, and I’m legitimately concerned it’s going to eviscerate my savings.


06 Jun 23:00

Make Your Own Fury Road-Style Flamethrower Ukulele

by Maddie Stone

The flamethrower guitar was definitely one of the coolest bits of tech in Mad Max: Fury Road. But why should Doof Warriors on the post-apocalyptic warpath have all the fun? With an afternoon to spare and a good life insurance policy, you can be the proud owner of a fire-breathing instrument, too.


29 May 19:27

Everyone should watch this ridiculously awesomely fun movie right now

by Casey Chan on Sploid, shared by Alissa Walker to Gizmodo

YES. If you don’t remember the crazy bananas movie that was Kung Fury, go and watch the trailer again . You’ll see a completely over the top preview that includes Kung Fu, dinosaurs, DeLoreans, time travel, killing Hitler, Vikings and more. It was glorious. Now the entire movie is online for free to watch on YouTube.


30 May 18:00

Modern Meets Pop Culture Boys' Bedroom — My Room

by Carrie McBride

Name: brothers, ages 9 & 6
Location: Lawrenceville, New Jersey

The guiding theme for this room was traditional modern meets pop culture with a dash of global style. It's a mixture of what we all like. My boys are into superheroes and Legos, and I like boys' rooms that are classic and modern with a multicultural influence.


30 May 20:00

The Latest LEGO Ideas Set Is A Gaming Classic

by Mike Fahey

I swear every house I visited while growing up in the late ‘70s, early ‘80s had a wooden Labyrinth Marble Maze game. Thanks to the LEGO Ideas program and creator JK Brickworks, it’ll be making a comeback later this year.


22 May 18:27

Artist Paints the Deck of a Roosevelt Island Pool in a Beautiful Array of Colors Reminiscent of the Setting Sun

by Lori Dorn

Asylum Overhead
image via Manhattan Park Luxury Apartments

Design firms K&Co and Pliskin Architecture recently commissioned yarn artist Hot Tea (previously) to put his talents towards a pop-up pool installation and renovation for Manhattan Park, an apartment development on Roosevelt Island. Calling the project Asylum, the artist used a beautiful array of bright paint around the deck of the pool in colors that are reminiscent of the setting summer sun. Hot Tea spoke with Brooklyn Street Art about his process for this project.

This piece is inspired by my color field installations that take up both private and public spaces. I love introducing color to spaces that seem neglected or forgotten. …I entitled this piece “Asylum” because the act of creating it pushed my mental and physical endurance so far that I wasn’t sure I could complete the task. When people experience my installations I hope that they will remember the experience far after the moment is gone. My goal for people who are viewing my work is to evoke subconscious feelings one may have forgotten.

Walking Through Colors
photo by Jaime Rojo/Brooklyn Street Art

photo by Jaime Rojo/Brooklyn Street Art

Asylum Rooftop
image via Hot Tea

Asylum Rooftop
image via Hot Tea

Getting Faded
image via Hot Tea

image via Hot Tea

via Brooklyn Street Art, Colossal

22 May 17:15

Most Popular Sunscreen: Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry-Touch

by Shane Roberts, Commerce Team on Kinja Co-Op, shared by Shane Roberts, Commerce Team to Gizmodo

Neutrogena’s UltraSheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen dominated the best sunscreen voting , with more than 2000 of you giving it your nod of approval and numerous glowing recommendations in the comments.


22 May 20:09

A Gorgeous Handmade Coin-Operated Arcade Cabinet With a Folding Lid

by Rollin Bishop


Swedish design studio (that also happens to be a single person) Love Hultén has created a gorgeous handmade coin-operated arcade cabinet, dubbed Pixelkabinett 42, with a folding lid. The retro-futuristic cabinet features a planetarium on the front panel and sturdy rocket-shaped feet. Hultén is also selling a total of 50 made-to-order limited versions of the cabinet that are slightly smaller and can be customized.





photos via Love Hultén

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

22 May 20:12

SwimFin, A Shark Fin-Shaped Swimming Aid for Kids

by Rebecca Escamilla

swimfin boy and pool

The SwimFin is a swimming aid that straps onto a child’s back to provide buoyancy and encouragement. Its shark fin shape not only looks cool, but also allows for a full range of arm movement so little swimmers can practice all kinds of strokes unimpeded. SwimFin is available in seven different colors and can be purchased at their website.

It should be worn high on the back, above the centre of gravity. This way it will ‘suspend’ the child in the water – it will not tip a child forward if worn correctly, as can be seen in the photos. A SwimFin should never be used with a baby that cannot control their body yet, and it must NEVER be worn on the front of the body.

swimfin girl in pool

blue swimfinred swimfin
pink swimfingray swimfin

swimfin kids jumping

photos via SwimFin

via Lost at E Minor

23 May 18:00

20 DIY Picnic Blankets, Baskets, & Al Fresco Accessories

by Tess Wilson

diy pickanick basketzzzz

Picnic season is upon us! While a taco truck taco devoured on the curb and Pringles and Prosecco-straight-from-the-bottle in the grass are both perfectly acceptable— and highly recommended— picnics, here are 20 projects to make your picnicking that much more delightful...


23 May 21:09

Ella's "Use What You Have" (Beautifully) Bedroom — My Room

by Carrie McBride

That light! Also GRAAAYYYYY

Name: Ella (6 months)
Location: Greenville, South Carolina

From the beginning, our goal was to create a room that Ella wouldn't grow out of in a year or two. We chose neutral colors and 'grown up' furniture and art that will work for years to come. Pale minty-green walls paired with colorful books and toys gave us the playful modern look we were hoping for.


23 May 12:00

Colorful Updates for Every Room in Your Home

by Nancy Mitchell

A colorful home is a happy home. So we've compiled this compendium of creative ways to add a little more color to every single room.


18 Apr 18:30

Stylishly Store and Display Your Record Collection: Our Best Advice

by Adrienne Breaux
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A killer vinyl collection is a thing of pride — and an awesome way to enjoy and listen to music at home. But unlike its more modern digital brother, record collections can take up A LOT of space in a home, as well as need regular maintenance to keep clean and uncluttered. We've gathered our best vinyl advice for your record collections.


17 Apr 19:40

Handmade Ceramic Steins and Mugs Featuring Sigils From the Great Houses in ‘Game of Thrones’

by Rebecca Escamilla
17 Apr 19:50

The LomoKino 35mm Movie Camera & LomoKinoScope Viewer, Tools for Creating & Viewing Short Analog Films

by Glen Tickle


The LomoKino 35mm movie camera and the LomoKinoScope viewer are simple tools for creating short analog films. The camera works with any 35mm film, and lets users manually crank the film to shoot between three and five frames per second. Once the film is developed it can be loaded into the LomoKinoScope for viewing.

The LomoKino camera and LomoKinoScope viewer are currently available for sale together at 39% off the list price for a limited time in the Laughing Squid Store.

kino 2

kino 3

photos via Lomography

17 Apr 23:35

Why Is Your Millennial Crying? A Guide for Parents & Other Concerned Parties by Gemma Correll

by E.D.W. Lynch


Artist Gemma Correll has created Why Is Your Millennial Crying?, a handy guide for parents and other concerned parties. Some possible reasons your millennial may be crying: her skinny jeans are too tight, one of his tattoos is sore, and unpaid internships.

image by Gemma Correll

17 Apr 21:40

A Comfy Compact Camping Chair That Packs Away Into Its Own Legs

by Andrew Liszewski

Even if you’ve opted to spend a weekend car camping instead of truly roughing it with nothing but a pack on your back, you still don’t want to pack too much stuff. So in lieu of a couple of awkward folding lawn chairs for cozying up next to the fire, Therm-A-Rest has created the Treo chair which folds up into a pod as small as a thermos.


15 Apr 00:18

A Giant, Creepy, Realistic Wool Cat Head You Can Wear as a Mask

by Rebecca Escamilla

Giant felt cat head
photo via Needle Felted Cats

Housetu Sato and his students at the Japan School of Wool Art created a giant, creepy, realistic needle-felted wool cat head that can be worn as a mask. The head will be on exhibit from April 18-23, 2015 at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. There are currently not plans to manufacture the mask for retail sale, but the artists may entertain the idea of rental or sale after the exhibition.

Giant felt cat head Giant felt cat head
photos via Cat Doll

Giant cat head collage
image via Housetu Sato

Giant felt cat head Giant felt cat head
photos via Cat Doll

via Kai-You, RocketNews24

07 Apr 13:30

Maryann's Creative Craftsman Bungalow in Bellevue — House Call

by Janel Laban

dat backsplash doe

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Name: Maryann
Location: Bellevue neighborhood of Richmond Virginia

We purchased a 1926 Craftsman Bungalow - a 1 ½ story home that had not been renovated or updated in any substantial way. We did not do a period restoration; however, there are many period details that were integrated into the renovations.


11 Apr 19:00

Michelle's Frankfurt Kitchen-Inspired NYC Kitchenette — House Call

by Adrienne Breaux

Frankfurt Kitchen!

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Name: Michelle
Location: Upper East Side New York City, New York

The Frankfurt Kitchen of 1926 was the forerunner of modern fitted kitchens and had a unified concept to enable efficient work, consolidating a person's efforts and allowing them more time to spend elsewhere. Using the Frankfurt Kitchen for inspiration, Michelle began asking herself how the typology of the NYC kitchenette for her building, in the ‘S’ line, needed to be upgraded to fit today’s physical and aesthetic needs.


07 Apr 17:38

A Full-Sized Walking Replica of the Robot TARS From the Film ‘Interstellar’

by Rollin Bishop


Iain Heath–also known as Ochre Jelly–created a full-sized walking replica of the robot TARS from the film Interstellar over the course of three months. The replica was first unveiled at Emerald City Comicon in March 2015–where it won the costume contest’s “One To Watch” award.

The replica uses two iPads as computer readouts, and features a camera/monitor system to allow me to see in front of it. It also has an audio system, allowing me to talk to people or play sound effects. Everyone seemed enthralled by the thing, and we got a lot of love from the convention-goers. It was a great experience and I hope to lug TARS to other conventions over the course of 2015.



submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

09 Apr 20:15

It's Hard To Tell These Quadcopter Speeder Bikes From the Movie Props

by Andrew Liszewski

It's not quite as thrilling as the original Endor chase sequence from Return of the Jedi, but Adam Woodworth has now created a Luke version of his speeder bike quadcopter allowing him and another pilot to recreate that scene while safely perched behind a pair of controllers.


10 Apr 19:27

Creative Cook Creates a Recipe for Candy-Colored Homemade Mini Pop-Tart Cereal

by Rebecca Escamilla

Pop-Tart Cereal

Caitlin Lee of Public Lives, Secret Recipes has cooked up a recipe for candy-colored homemade mini Pop-Tart cereal. The 17-step process includes instructions on making the dough and glaze from scratch, with a variety of sugary filling options to imitate the vast library of Pop-Tart flavors.

More colorful food creations can be found at the Public Lives, Secret Recipes Instagram photo stream.

Pop-Tart Cereal with Cheerios

images via Public Lives, Secret Recipes

via Bustle, The Kitchn, Foodiggity

10 Apr 21:10

Marvel Reportedly Developing a Spinoff for the ABC Series ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

by Glen Tickle


Marvel is reportedly developing a spinoff for its ABC series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., though the details of the series have not been specified. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the spinoff won’t receive a pilot episode during this season of S.H.I.E.L.D. the way The Flash was spun off from Arrow on The CW, but that story elements in episodes later this season will set up the series.

It is also unclear when the new series would begin to air, but it could be as early as Fall 2015.

photo via ABC

via Entertainment Weekly