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20 Sep 10:01

A Silly Dog Refuses to Ride the Escalator Unless His Human Picks Him Up and Carries Him

by Lori Dorn

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A wonderfully funny and normally brave dog named Antonio refused to go up the escalator at the Shopping Patio Higienopolis in São Paulo, Brazil unless his human picked him up and carried him like when he was a puppy. Per his accommodating human, it was like “that moment when you think you’re still a baby”.

Antonio going for a different escalator ride in his human’s arms.

Antonio is normally more daring in his adventures such as swimming, shopping, and jumping.

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A post shared by Antônio (@antoniothegolden) on

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20 Sep 10:01

The Tested Team Builds and Reviews the 7,541 Piece Millennium Falcon LEGO Set

by Justin Page

The Tested team joined forces to build and review the fast approaching 7,541 piece Millennium Falcon LEGO set (the largest ever created) that is scheduled to release in stores on October 1st, 2017.

The Tested Team Builds and Reviews the 7,541 Piece Millennium Falcon LEGO Set

20 Sep 09:58

Garbage Man Finds Working PS4 In The Trash

by Alex Walker

TrashM4N is a garbage collector who goes about his business, collecting trash. While streaming on Twitch. Most of the time his channel is fairly ordinary, but on his latest run he opened a bin and found a perfectly fine Slim PS4, along with some cables and a controller.


20 Sep 09:56

Aldi's Wine Advent Calendar Is Everything You Need This Holiday Season — Grocery News

by Susmita Baral

A traditional advent calendar keeps a daily countdown exciting with chocolates or confections, and sometimes even beauty products and trinkets. But for wine-lovers, there is a new option in town this holiday season that promises to shake things up: Grocery chain Aldi has a booze advent calendar that houses six bottles' worth of wine.


17 Sep 17:58

How to Use The Princess Bride as a Relationship Guide

by Kirsten Akens on Lifehacker, shared by Riley MacLeod to Kotaku

Ethan Nichtern was 9 when The Princess Bride hit the big screen 30 years ago. He saw the film back then because of a family connection—Nichtern’s father was best friends with actor Christopher Guest, aka Count Rugen, aka the Six-Fingered Man.


15 Sep 15:35

14 Things You Can Do in macOS High Sierra That You Couldn't Do Before

by David Nield on Field Guide, shared by Alex Cranz to Gizmodo

macOS High Sierra is heading your way on September 25, and while it’s not packed with major new features to transform your Mac computing experience, there are some cool new tricks you should know about—here are 11 of them to get familiar with before the OS arrives on your machine.


15 Sep 11:17

 Nathan Fillion Has His Own Destiny Gun

by Luke Plunkett on Cosplay, shared by Luke Plunkett to Kotaku
15 Sep 11:13

These Are the Three Best Leftover Containers, According To You

by Erica Offutt on Gear, shared by Shep McAllister to Gizmodo

After your bellies (yes, that was the highest rated comment) and up-cycling empty butter tubs (kudos for ingenuity), three nominations stood out as your favorite food storage containers. So check out the finalists below and vote for your absolute favorite at the bottom of the post.


15 Sep 11:12

What to Bring

I always figured you should never bring a gun to a gun fight because then you'll be part of a gun fight.
07 Sep 17:01

10 Badass Kitchens Rocking the Black Trend Right Now

by Kelly Weimert
(Image credit: Blair Harris)

The 2017 kitchen trend scene has taken an all-black-everything approach to design and we are all the way here for it. The inky hue might not be the first thought that comes to mind when considering the bright and clean vibe of a contemporary kitchen, but in practice, it's all kinds of amazing. From black cabinetry and ebony backsplashes to matte coal-colored lighting and accents, this color is killer when it comes to infusing your look with a chic, modern edge. Don't believe us? One look at these crazy-gorgeous kitchens is all you'll need to become a full-time subscriber to this stunning trend.


07 Sep 16:58

Beautiful Black and White Line Art Tattoos Inspired by Animals and Nature

by Justin Page
07 Sep 11:37

Squirrel Stores Food

by Reza

02 Sep 17:57


by Reza

29 Aug 09:50

UPDATED: Houston Megachurch Pastor Prepares To Open Church To Flood Victims After Being Shamed Online

by Karoli Kuns
UPDATED: Houston Megachurch Pastor Prepares To Open Church To Flood Victims After Being Shamed Online

Houston megachurch pastor and "prosperity gospel" purveyor Joel Osteen wants everyone to know he is praying for Hurricane Harvey's victims. But until he was shamed online, he had no plans to actually open the church doors and welcome the needy in. Now, that has changed.

Earlier today, Osteen announced that he would be partnering with hater Franklin Graham to grift some more bucks to help someone somewhere. It was unclear that any donations would help anyone actually drowning in the middle of Houston, right now.

Some tried to excuse the inexcusable by saying that the area around the church was flooded, or that the church itself was flooded. But it clearly is not, as photographs indicated.

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28 Aug 18:47

8 Purr-fect DIY Ways to Hide the Litter Box

by Nancy Mitchell

all of these are pretty cool.

(Image credit: House Tweaking)

Cats are great, and one of the greatest things about them is that they poop indoors. They practically toilet train themselves! But also, one of the worst things about them is that they poop indoors. And you, as their human, are stuck with the dilemma of where to put the cat toilet. So we've rounded up a few DIY solutions.


25 Aug 19:42

Helicopter Equipped With Giant Multi-Blade Aerial Saw Trims Trees Near Power Lines

by Justin Page
25 Aug 11:23

Space Masher, An Out of This World Rocket Ship Potato Masher

by Justin Page
25 Aug 11:22

These 3-Ingredient Skillet Tarts Will Make You a Breakfast Hero — Delicious Links

by Lauren Kodiak
(Image credit: Spoon Fork Bacon)

If you love egg and cheese sandwiches (and who doesn't?), you're going to love these breakfast tartlets. While they may look fancy, they are super simple to prepare. All you need is a sheet of frozen puff pastry, some eggs, and a pile of grated cheddar — oh, and some mini skillets!


25 Aug 10:51

This Clever DIY Storage Idea Will Take Your Kitchen to the Next Level — Apartment Therapy

by The Kitchn

obviously we don't have a giant pantry. but i like the idea of one anyway. and the boxes + bars idea is SMORT

25 Aug 10:50

Colorful Animations That Gracefully Visualize the Calls of Amazon Rainforest Birds

by Lori Dorn

“Visual Sounds of the Amazon” is a beautiful video by the talented Australian mixed media artist Andy Thomas, which features colorfully animated, gracefully moving visualizations of the bird sounds he recorded during a 2016 trip to the Amazon Rainforest in and around Presidente Figueiredo, Brazil. This first installment video will be screened at the Render Festival in Lima, Peru, which take place through November 5, 2017.

Last year I took my artwork to the next level by travelling to the Amazon rain forest to collect the sights and sounds of one of the worlds most amazing jungles, with the hope of spreading awareness about its plight.

The video is part of a much larger project for Thomas, who wants to educate the “the public about the deforestation of forests in Brazil…and the consequent deterioration of global warming” through his videos.

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25 Aug 10:49

KFC’s Bizarre Virtual Reality Training Game Teaches Employees How to Fry Chicken

by Justin Page

Kentucky Fried Chicken has created a bizarre Oculus Rift virtual reality employee training video game that helps to teach new hires how to make chicken in a fraction of the time that it takes them to do in the real world. While being instructed by Colonel Sanders voice, the trainee must finish all his or her chicken frying tasks before they can escape a locked room in the virtual reality environment.

KFC's Bizarre Virtual Reality Employee Training Game is About Frying Chicken

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25 Aug 10:49

An Adorably Plump Cat Lazily Pushes a Ball Back and Forth in a Half-Hearted Attempt at Playing

by Lori Dorn

A adorably plump black and white kitty half-heartedly played with an interactive exercise track with a ball to chase. This cat, however, was clearly not in the mood to do any chasing. Instead, she implemented a better way to keep the ball moving without having to do so herself. According to her human, she’s lazy.

Can we all appreciate my lazy cat. …just notice her plumpness she wants to be famous.

25 Aug 10:22

Watch the Trailer for Anthony Bourdain's New Documentary on Food Waste — Food News

by Susmita Baral

Food waste is a global problem. To spotlight the issue, Anthony Bourdain has a new documentary — Wasted!: The Story of Food Wastefocusing on the matter.

Slated to have a theatrical and video-on-demand release on October 13, the 90-minute film is directed by Anna Chai (The Mind of a Chef and The Layover) and Nari Kye (The Mind of a Chef and No Reservations), and produced by the team behind Bourdain's popular CNN series Parts Unknown.


23 Aug 20:06

Blue Song by Mint Royale, A 2003 Edgar Wright Music Video That Inspired the Film ‘Baby Driver’

by Lori Dorn

In 2003, filmmaker Edgar Wright directed a very clever music video for the Mint Royale song entitled “Blue Song“. In the video, a car pulls up, three men exit to go rob a bank while the driver (Noel Fielding) was left behind to keep watch. In order to keep himself entertained, the driver put on the eponymous song danced his heart out until he needed to go back to work.

“Blue Song” by Mint Royale. Featuring comedians Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt, of The Mighty Boosh fame, as well as Nick Frost of Spaced and Shaun of the Dead fame and Michael ‘Tyres’ Smiley, also of Spaced.

An updated version of this same premise was used in the spectacular opening scene of the 2017 film Baby Driver, also directed by Wright.

23 Aug 10:12

So Much for So Little, A 1949 Chuck Jones Cartoon That Promotes the Benefits of Public Healthcare

by Lori Dorn

Local Health Official

In 1949, legendary animator Chuck Jones created “So Much for So Little“, an Oscar-winning government produced animated short that makes the case for public healthcare. This care consisted of doctors, nurses and sanitation personnel who would work together to ensure that infant mortality rates were lowered, ensure proper vaccinations were received and every child had what he or she needed in order to grow up healthy and start a family of their own, all for only three cents a week. The story is told through a baby named John Emerson Jones, Jr. who may have or may not have grown up to have those things.

Before the cartoon ends, however, it returns to John as a baby, reminding the audience that John needs proper healthcare to survive. The cartoon then states that if every American paid just three cents a week, sufficient healthcare could be provided for John and babies everywhere.

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23 Aug 10:02

The Five Stages of Margarine Grief

by Scott Beale
22 Aug 19:33

10 Easy Ways to Turn Frozen Potstickers into Weeknight Dinners — Tips from The Kitchn

by Jessica Fisher

I can't remember when I first discovered potstickers, but I know that as a busy mom with many young and eternally hungry children, having a stash of frozen dumplings in my freezer was a godsend.

It still is. I used to be the one who started the rice cooker, steamed some vegetables, and cooked up a pan of potstickers, but it's now my teens who can handle the task with style. As long as they don't really let them stick to my pot. Ahem.

Potstickers serve as an easy, quick-fix dinner. And while rice and steamed veggies make it a meal, there are lots of easy ways to make delicious dinners starring potstickers.


22 Aug 19:32

The Wondrous Creatures of Hieronymus Bosch Turned Into Highly Detailed Handmade Piñatas

by Lori Dorn

Roberto Benavidez a multimedia artist who lives in Los Angeles creates gorgeous handmade piñatas. One of his amazing series translated the wondrously eccentric creatures found in the iconic Hieronymus Bosch triptych masterpiece “Garden of Earthly Delights” into highly detailed piñata form. According to Benavidez, this subject was right up his alley.

Half-breed, South Texan, queer, figurative sculptor specializing in the piñata form; playing on themes of race, sexuality, art, sin, humor and beauty.

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22 Aug 17:23

Fun Police Confiscate Thousands of Ecstasy Pills That Look Like Trump

by Adam Clark Estes

German police confiscated some 5,000 orange ecstasy tablets shaped like Donald Trump’s head last weekend. That’s over $45,000 worth of fun drugs that European nightclub-goers will not be enjoying this August. Sad!


22 Aug 17:22

Lego's 2017 Holiday Set Is Just Waiting For A Train

by Mike Fahey

It’s that time of the year again, when adult Lego fans with children old enough not to destroy everything they touch find out what they’ll be adding to their Lego holiday display this season. Last year we got an amazing train. This year we get a place for it to stop.