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28 Nov 13:00

These People in France are Building a Medieval Castle the Medieval Way

by Nancy Mitchell

Most little girls go through a horse phase. I went though a castles phase. I checked David Macaulay's Castle out from the library more times than I could count, and basically memorized it, and then I drew castles all over everything I could get my hands on. So I was very excited to learn that, in Burgundy, France, a team of archaeologists are building a 13th-century castle, using only 13th-century techniques. It's like my favorite book come to wonderful life.


24 Nov 12:03

Jeff Bezos' Rocket Just Made a Beautifully Controlled Vertical Landing

by Jamie Condliffe

SpaceX has been trying—and failing —to neatly land its rockets on a barge for months now. But Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin space company seems to have made a beautifully controlled landing on solid ground with its own New Shepard craft.


24 Nov 13:00

For the Fluffiest Mashed Potatoes, Look to the Food Mill — Faith's Daily Find 11.24.15

by Faith Durand

wish list

OXO Food Mill

• #50

For years I had heard that the way to get the fluffiest, lightest mashed potatoes did not involve a masher, a wooden spoon, or (shudder) a food processor. The magical tool was a food mill. Last year I finally acquired one and I can say that the stories are true; for the lightest, fluffiest potatoes, a food mill is the way to go.


24 Nov 15:15

SPONSORED POST: Recipe: Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie — Dixie Crystals

by Sponsored Post

In my family, the most special moments always happened in the kitchen. Growing up in Virginia, I spent the days before Thanksgiving underfoot in my grandma's kitchen, scooping out cupfuls of flour and adding the finishing touch — a dust of powdered sugar — to her famous bourbon chocolate pecan pie. (As a reward, I got to turn the dough scraps into my own tiny pies, also dusted with sugar.) These little moments turned into beautiful memories that stick with me every year. The smell of this pie — now a classic on my own holiday table — takes me right back to those days. I make the recipe just like she used to, and that includes using Dixie Crystals: No Southern lady, my grandma included, would trust a Thanksgiving dessert to any other brand.


27 Nov 16:16

rollership: boomerstarkiller67 said: Galaxy magazine Christmas...


boomerstarkiller67 said:

Galaxy magazine Christmas issues - Cover art by Ed Emshwiller (1951-1960)

20 Nov 19:00

I’ve never heard of Hollow Knight before today, but the trailer is hot as hell.

by Patrick Klepek

I’ve never heard of Hollow Knight before today, but the trailer is hot as hell. It’s on my radar now, and it’s apparently coming to PC, Mac, and Wii U next year.


24 Nov 20:16

Cute Ceramic Animals That Drink From Straws When the Plants on Their Backs Get Thirsty

by Lori Dorn

Self Watering

The Chuppon Self Watering Animal Planter is an adorable set of ceramic animals that sip through a straw whenever the plants in their respective backpacks get a little thirsty.

There are four of these cultivational critters to choose from; each of them just waiting to brighten up office spaces and window sillsthe world over. Product Features: Cute ceramic creatures that drink when their herbs are thirsty Perches on the edge of any glass, cup or mug 4 thirsty critters to choose from: Kitten – Mint Pig – Clover Bunny – Wild Strawberry Panda – Basil Box contains a ceramic animal planter, plastic straw, seeds, soil and backpack pot

Self Watering Cat Self Watering Panda

Self Watering Pig Self Watering Rabbit

images via Amazon

via Bored Panda

25 Nov 20:10

Star Wars Themed Bedding That Turns Kids Into Darth Vader or Chewbacca

by Justin Page

Darth Vader Bedding

The Amsterdam-based company, Snurk, has created a fantastic Star Wars-themed bedding that turns kids into either Darth Vader or Chewbacca. The Darth Vader and Chewie bedding sets are available to purchase online from the J.Crew website.

Chewbacca Bedding

images via J.Crew

via Geekologie

26 Nov 00:45

Field Guides We Wish We Had

by Annalee Newitz

Over at Bird and Moon, naturalist Rosemary Mosco has created a small booklist of field guides that will never exist. But we wish they did!


26 Nov 02:28

kateordie: vintagegal: Addams Family Values (1993) dir. Barry...



Addams Family Values (1993) dir. Barry Sonnenfeld


Debbie is indisputably one of the greatest characters in the history of cinema.

23 Nov 18:35

‘Super Shadows’, Drawings of Imaginative Children’s Shadows That Reveal Their Inner Comic Book Superhero

by Justin Page


Artist Jason Ratliff has created Super Shadows, a fantastic illustrations of imaginative children’s shadows that reveal their inner comic book superhero. Prints are available to purchase online from Curioos.

Curioos also conducted an interview with Ratliff that focuses on his Super Shadows project:

How did your shadows series get started? What was your first source of inspiration?

This series of “Super Shadows” comes after my original series “Walking Shadows”, which illustrates various peoples’, animals’, and objects’ shadows with an abstract, low-poly feel. The series first started after flipping through an old sketchbook of unfinished ideas. I came across an old drawing of an unassuming elderly woman. The only thing I had yet to draw was the shadow. The drawing was at least 5 or 6 years old. I remember not finishing it because I didn’t know where to take it. But after all that time, once I saw it again everything clicked. I instantly knew how I wanted to finish that one and I instantly knew what I was going to do for the next 3 pieces. It all grew from there. Unlike the first shadows, which explore everything from people to animals to objects, this new series of “Super Shadows” is wholeheartedly focused on the inherent power of a child’s potential and imagination. (read more)





Captain America

images via Jason Ratliff

via My Modern Met

19 Nov 19:07

Artist Creates a Beautiful Illustration of a Blue Octopus With Donated & Discarded Ballpoint Pens

by Lori Dorn

Giant Octopus

Toronto-based artist Ray Cincin has created a giant, beautifully illustrated bright blue Octopus from donated ballpoint pens that would have been otherwise discarded. The illustration, per Cincin, is his own “interpretation of an Ernst Von Haeckel octopus lithograph” and took him quite a bit of time to complete.

Same general outline of the original, my version of details and scale. This drawing was in progress for over a year. A week here, a few days there, up on the wall, then flat on a table. I’d put it away for a few weeks, a month, and then get back to it again. It was a demon I was psyched to finish and at times tormented to work on. It gave me a good beating in the battle of persistence.

Cicin Drawing

Octo Tools

Eye Detail

Tentacle Detail


images via Ray Cincin

via Colossal

19 Nov 18:30

How a Radical 1960s Architect Inspired NASA's Next Great Space Robot 

by Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan


NASA’s bizarre Super Ball Bot is unlike any robot ever built–it uses a net of wires and rods to move, and could someday explore harsh exoplanets. It also has an unlikely heritage: It was inspired by the ideas of a visionary from the 1960s building floating cities based on the same concept.


19 Nov 18:45

Someone Made a Rube Goldberg Machine for Techno Beats and It's Magical 

by Adam Clark Estes

Hacking records is old hat in the music world. But have you ever wondered what happens when you hack everything you can find into a whirling tower of techno-making mechanical marvels? See above.


15 Nov 16:35

Brother Of Paris Victim Worries 'We'll Make The Same Mistake As When The U.S. Was Attacked'

by David
Brother Of Paris Victim Worries 'We'll Make The Same Mistake As When The U.S. Was Attacked'

The brother of a woman killed during the terrorist attacks in Paris said over the weekend that he hoped authorities would not respond to violence with violence as the United States had done after the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

Alexis Breuil, 26, told Time magazine that his family found out from a friend that his 23-year-old sister, Elodie, had been killed while an Eagles of Death Metal concert.

The friend, who wished to remain anonymous, overheard one of the gunman say that the attacks were “for everything that’s happening in Syria.”

“Can you imagine?” Breuil lamented to the magazine. “One day you’re just a happy teenager, playing video games. The next you’re laying in a pool of blood with corpses all around you.”

“I understand the anger. I’m not angry. Maybe I will be, but I’m not right now,” Breuil continued. "I worry that we’ll make the same mistake as before, when the U.S. was attacked, by responding to violence with violence."

Elodie's brother hoped that authorities would "show the other cheek."

"Instead of responding with violent acts we have to understand what is the cause of the problem and work together to try and prevent it," Breuil said, adding a Bible verse from Mathew 5:39: “But I say to you, do not resist an evil person; but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also.”

Breuil noted, however, that he believed religion was part of the problem.

read more

13 Nov 16:41

You Can Finally Buy That Beautiful Handheld Wooden Video Game Emulator

by Andrew Liszewski on Toyland, shared by Bryan Lufkin to Gizmodo

A few months ago designer Love Hultén had us all lusting over his portable wooden gaming console called the Pixel Vision that reminded us of the folding Game Boy Advance SP. And in response to all of the positive and envious feedback he got, he’s decided to put it into production and sell it via Kickstarter.


13 Nov 15:30

Recipe: Pear Gingerbread — 5 Comfort Food Recipes from Alana Chernila

by Alana Chernila

I dreamed of this cake before I ever figured out how to make it. I could taste it and see it in my mind, and I was sure there must be a recipe out there somewhere. It was, after all, just gingerbread and pears.


13 Nov 20:10

Compact Home Brew Kits For Making Beer in Small Spaces Available at the Laughing Squid Store

by Lori Dorn


About a year ago, we wrote about Box Brew Kits, a variety of compact brewing kits that allow home brewers of all experience levels to make small batch beer, wine and cider in small spaces. We’re happy to announce that both the All American Amber Ale and Bootlegger Rye IPA Box Brew Kits are available for purchase through the Laughing Squid Store at a discounted price .

Get your chemistry on. This complete beer kit will have you brewing some delicious All-American Ale (or Bootlegger Rye IPA) like a pro in your own kitchen. Bringing everything you need together in one place, from hydrometers and fermenters to bottles and recipes, you’ll be sipping a crisp, classic amber ale in just three short weeks. Plus the beautiful blue bottles will make your brew job look downright professional. Hop to it.

  • Brews between six & eight bottles of beer
  • Includes grains, hops & yeast for delicious amber ale
  • Packs all the tools you need w/ careful instructions
  • Takes three weeks to brew from start to finish
  • Includes a classic wooden box to hold the bottles & the various parts

The Long One Plant

The Long One

images via Box Brew Kits

14 Nov 22:00

Jennifer's "Rustic Yet Refined" Home — House Call

by Nora Taylor

Name: Jennifer
Location: Newbury Park, California

Our home is a 1959 post and beam ranch home (1,143 square feet) on nearly one acre of horse property. We gutted 3/4 of the home, leaving original character such as open beam ceilings. The three bedroom home is now a two bedroom with a large open concept living space that works for us


15 Nov 14:00

How To Make Felt Food: Our Gigantic List of Free Online Tutorials & Patterns — From the Archives: Greatest Hits

by Carrie McBride

Making felt food for kids is very gratifying. With simple and inexpensive materials you can create realistic looking play food that will last for years and promote open-ended, imaginative play. Three years ago when I was bit by the felt food bug, I compiled this list of free online tutorials to make a huge variety of play food. Now, I've updated it with twice as many links to help and inspire you.


27 Oct 19:30

Appetizer Recipe: Mediterranean Turkey Meatballs with Herbed Yogurt Sauce — Recipes from The Kitchn

by Megan Gordon

This recipe came about as many do: in an effort to clean out the fridge before a little getaway. We had a bit of ground turkey in the refrigerator, some leftover feta and ricotta, and some Italian parsley. I remember reading about lentil meatballs on Sprouted Kitchen months back and have been dying to add lentils to my meatballs ever since. So, here we are:the Mediterranean turkey meatball was born.


03 Nov 18:50

Hey Ted Cruz, You're Holding Your Gun Backwards

by Wes Siler on Indefinitely Wild, shared by Ria Misra to Gizmodo

“He’s either a poser who doesn’t really hunt, or just a blindingly dangerous nincompoop,” concludes Scott. “He’s got moves like Cheney.”

Staunch gun rights advocate Ted Cruz is here seen holding a shotgun while being interviewed by CNN. Can you see what he’s doing wrong? That’s right, he’s violating the first two rules of gun safety.


04 Nov 00:22

Parent Needs Christian News Show's Advice About Undertale

by Nathan Grayson on Steamed, shared by Nathan Grayson to Kotaku

Undertale has finally hit the bigtime. The hilarious, sometimes moving RPG led one gamer’s concerned parent to call popular Christian news program The 700 Club for advice. They said their daughter was obsessed with a hoodie-wearing skeleton. Rev Robertson urged them to get their daughter into less “evil” video games.


03 Nov 13:46

A Tiny Hot Wheels Drift Track on Your Desk Is a Deadline Destroyer

by Andrew Liszewski on Toyland, shared by Ria Misra to Gizmodo

Using a combination of ramps and a low-friction surface, tyotoys’ Phil Foss figured out how to get Hot Wheels cars to drift earlier this year. Ever since that revelation he’s been selling his Diecast Driftpads on his site, including a new ultra-compact version that can fit on the smallest of desks.


03 Nov 20:38

Project Monsoon, Transparent River-Themed Street Murals That Only Appear When It Rains

by Lori Dorn

Pink Whale

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) recently partnered with the Pantone Color Institute to create Project Monsoon, a plan to brighten the gloomy streets of Seoul, South Korea during its dark and rainy monsoon season with brightly colored murals using hydrochromic paint, which remains transparent until it’s exposed to moisture. The group chose a river theme, which holds strong meaning in South Korean culture.

Seoul, South Korea, is a vibrant and colorful city. But, during the annual 3 week monsoon season, Seoul’s energy and color disappear under the dark cloud and people staying indoors. With the help from Pantone we wanted to change that. …We painted the streets of Seoul with hydrochromic paint – a special formula which changes from transparent to opaque when it gets wet. Inspired by South Korea’s culture of emphasizing the importance of the flow of rivers, the paintings utilize Korea’s topographical features that create a flow and puddle of rain water in every street to fill the streets with color and life.


School of Fish

Sea Turtle

Geo Locate

images via SAIC

via DesignTaxi

02 Nov 20:30

Your New Fall-Weather Floral Isn't a Flower at All

by Taryn Williford

The power of a batch of freshly cut stems to totally revive a room–it's undeniable. In the spring and summer, I love a tulip or carnation (they're so pretty in bunches, give them some love, people!). But in the fall and winter, eucalyptus has my heart. Usually relegated to filler status, this leafy green can stand on its own in your cool-weather displays. Just look to these four beautiful eucalyptus arrangements as proof.


02 Nov 22:16

Empathy Cards, A Second Generation of Notes That Quickly Get to the Point With Humor and Empathy

by Lori Dorn

Take Away

Artist and cancer survivor Emily McDowell has created a second generation of her wonderfully honest line of Empathy Cards, forthright notes that very quickly get to the point with just the right amount of empathy and ironic humor that resonates with someone who is ill.

Many of these new styles are appropriate for a wide variety of illnesses, loss, and general crappy situations. It was also important to me to include something that directly addressed mental health; …I also wanted to do more cards that were applicable to chronic/long-term illness, which is how these came about. I remember my oncologist saying the “marathon/sprint” thing to me, and although it’s an apt metaphor, having to run in general freaking sucks.



Five Stages




images via Emily McDowell

via Emily McDowell

01 Nov 16:30

Here's a Brilliant Way to Handle a Weird Recessed Feature

by Taryn Williford

I've seen many homes that have recessed shelves in innocuous places. A friend has an arch-shaped one, right by the front door. It serves as a great space to drop keys when you walk in the door. But otherwise, it's just kind of... there.


01 Nov 17:00

Megan and Sam's Mix of Antiques and Art With a New Orleans Speakeasy Past — House Tour

by Jacqueline Marque

Name: Megan Workman & Sam Peake, Delia the dog, and Eliot the cat
Location: Central City; New Orleans, Louisiana
Size: 1,439 square feet
Years lived in: 2 years; Owned

Real estate broker Megan Workman was searching for a house for a client two years ago, when something unexpected happened. When she entered the side door of a small Central City Victorian and stepped into a bright, beautiful hallway, she thought, “I must make this hallway mine.” She recalls the moment with a smile, musing, “It’s funny…that one little element..."


30 Oct 16:16

Hark, A Vagrant: Young Goodman Brown

buy this print!

While on book tour, I visited Salem and got to see the House of Seven Gables! So I am pumped on Hawthorne. How many people have had to read this and suffer essays over the pink ribbons and etc? I used to think that for literature to be REAL it pretty well had to be chock-full of allegory and symbols. But for real, I do love it when my comics get used in a classroom setting, and I often hear from teachers who do that to warm the class up to a topic. That's great! I should ask for a list of books to cover for this reason. Feel free to email, teachers!

Now for some store news!

We ordered 1200 of these fat little stuffed ponies, and they finally arrived at Topatoco! They will go on sale MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2. I don't know how fast they will sell, but we do anticipate them to sell out, so get there early! And if you miss it, don't worry, there are 1200 more on the way, except they won't be in time for the holiday season. It took a while but we are so happy with how they turned out, they are 100% cuddly and adorable and I have first hand seen kids go crazy for them. The best.

Here is the link to my store, check it out on Nov. 2!

And here is the star of the show!

The Princess and the Pony is selling so well and I'm so pleased! Thank you all! xoxo