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14 Jul 09:57

14 Recent Scifi Films That Didn't Need Big Budgets To Be Amazing

by Cheryl Eddy on io9, shared by Zach Ezer to Gizmodo

Low-budget scifi movies may have had their heyday during Roger Corman’s rise to B-movie greatness in the 1950s, but they’re still going strong today—proving that you don’t necessarily need lavish special effects to tell a really great story. Here are our favorites from the past few decades.


14 Jul 09:40


by Reza

11 Jul 19:23

Operator, A Stop-Motion Animated Sci-Fi Horror Web Series About Workers Enslaved by a Parasites

by Justin Page

Operator (episode 1 and 2) is a stop-motion animated sci-fi horror web series, created by writer and director Sam Barnett, about an evil corporation that unleashes a plague of bio-mechanical parasites to enslave their workers. Sam is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to help him create episode 3.

I was inspired to make this film by a few things, cordyceps mushrooms which infect and control the minds of ants, causing them to climb up as high as possible so that when the mushroom finally bursts from the ants head the spores are spread as far as possible by the wind. Secondly, “parasitic ideas” – such as ideologies designed by cults or oppressive regimes explicitly to weaken and control the holders of such beliefs, and the callous mechanization of corporate bureaucracy. sprawling bureaucracies in super massive organizations can have so many moving parts and conflicting interests that no human maintains real control.

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11 Jul 13:17

Your Organized Gameplan for Successfully Sharing a Closet

by Marlen Komar

i don't know if this article is going to be any good but i'll bet it has something at least.

Keeping your closet organized is hard enough when it's just your clothes in there, but what happens when it's shared by two people? When you have to divvy up precious wardrobe room with someone else, things can get a little stressy, fast. So rather than turn your bedroom into a battleground, try these tips for splitting the storage so everything stays fair and tidy. From assessing who needs more space to jumping into DIY solutions, it can be done, read on to learn how...


30 Jun 19:30

Alex Jones Has a Perfectly Normal Chat About All the Slave Children Who Are Sent to Mars

by Matt Novak

You might know Alex Jones as the guy who peddles conspiracy theories about politics and pizza. Or you might know him as the guy who was successfully sued by yogurt. But it’s easy to forget that he also believes some rather interesting things about NASA, the moon, and alien life.


30 Jun 11:24

Iran Hit 129 Degrees Yesterday, Breaking Asia's Heat Record For June

by Matt Novak

Iran broke the record for Asia’s highest temperature ever recorded during June yesterday. It was a scorching 128.7 degrees in the southwestern city of Ahvaz, which works out to 53.7 degrees Celsius. The previous June record in Iran was 127.4 degrees.


29 Jun 19:13

Welcome to Work

by Reza

28 Jun 19:56

Small-Kitchen Survival Secrets from Tiny NYC Homes — Apartment Therapy

by The Kitchn
27 Jun 19:42

The World’s Largest LEGO Great Ball Contraption, A LEGO Rube Goldberg Machine With 200+ Modules

by Justin Page
01 Jun 01:22

Are 1980s Kitchens Making a Comeback? — Apartment Therapy

by The Kitchn
01 Jun 00:36

This $8 Rosé from Aldi Is One of the Best Bottles of Wine in the World — Grocery News

by Susmita Baral

There's good news in store for rosé-lovers: An affordable line of the pink wine just won a prestigious award for its cost and quality. This means you can enjoy high-quality rosé without having to break the bank.


27 May 11:42

The Many Kinds Of Poop In Ark: Survival Evolved

by Matt Wales

Ark: Survival Evolved is a shitty game. Literally. You might think it’s about dinosaurs and blowing stuff up, but no. The real star of the show is this guy: the humble poop. Let’s explore all the wonderful ways poop brightens up the harsh world of this survival game.


26 May 16:51

Official Music Videos for Three Iconic Elton John Songs Created Over 40 Years After Their Release

by Lori Dorn

Sharing this so you can help me remember to watch them later

46 years after its release of the gorgeous 1971 ballad “Tiny Dancer” by Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin, filmmaker Max Weiland of Somesuch, created the official video for the song, capturing the joy, confusion and heartbreak across Los Angeles.

Building on Elton John and Bernie Taupin’s Californian inspiration, Max Weiland filmed a video for “Tiny Dancer” that reflects on life in Los Angeles from a dozen different people, all unfolding behind the wheel of their cars.

This amazing video is part of a unique collaborative project by The Cut and YouTube, which enlisted filmmakers from all over the world to create the official videos for three of the artist’s iconic songs – “Tiny Dancer”, “Benny and the Jets” by and “Rocket Man” in celebration of the legendary partnership between Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin.

A fabulous, futuristic official video for “Benny and the Jets” (1973) by Jack Whiteley and Laura Brownhill

Jack Whiteley and Laura Brownhill tell the formation story of “Bennie and the Jets” with their futuristic video of Elton’s hit song, which features breathtaking choreography and striking sci-fi fashion

Iranian filmmaker and refugee Majid Adin employed beautiful water color animation to capture the prevailing theme of loneliness within “Rocket Man” (1973)

In his own interpretation of Elton’s iconic hit, Iranian filmmaker and refugee Majid Adin reimagines “Rocket Man” to tell a whole new story of adventure, loneliness and hope.

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26 May 16:41

Clanadonia, A Scottish Drum and Pipes Band That Plays Traditional Music Wearing Traditional Clothing

by Lori Dorn

While visiting Scotland in 2013, YouTuber Chris Ng came across an amazing street band playing traditional Scottish music while wearing traditional Scott clothing. The band, called Clanadonia, comprised completely of drums and bagpipes, is based Glasgow where they spread their “Bagpipe and Drum fueled mayhem amongst the general public throughout the known world…”

Clanadonia are a Drums & Pipes band with a difference – their music, passion, culture, history, people, ancestral bloodlines – are all bonded within the music.

A post shared by Dan Lowrie (@danlowrie85) on

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26 May 16:31

A Stylish $50 DIY Solution for Hiding Home Entertainment Devices

by Adrienne Breaux

this one is ok, but check out the links for her kitchen and closet!

When you live in a small apartment like Mary (366 square feet), finding the right home for everything is a priority. Having already made over her kitchen and closet to suit her needs, Mary was no stranger to crafting custom, diy solutions for her small space. Her next project: creating a stylish setup for her home entertainment devices and hiding those cords!


26 May 16:20

Uniqlo Has Free Shipping On Everything For The Entire Long Weekend

by Jillian Lucas on Deals, shared by Shep McAllister to Gizmodo

Uniqlo’s affordability is sometimes thwarted by the shipping costs, so when there’s free shipping, you know it’s a big deal. From now until Monday, get any order (including their newly-launched, kickass collaboration with Nintendo) shipped to you for free. Now go enjoy your extra day off.


26 May 16:15

This Futuristic Shape-Changing Pasta Was Inspired by Star Wars

by Ryan F. Mandelbaum

Pasta might not make you think “science.” But then again, you’ve probably haven’t shouted “holy shit” while you watched it curl up before your eyes.


26 May 16:15

the red and black

by deb

For many Junes, this was my favorite cocktail. Yes, I realize that I sound particularly like a weird food writer person and not a person who lives among other people because most normal, sane people do not have a favorite cocktail for each month of the year, even if you agree with me — you do, right? –that a Perfect Manhattan is the ideal way to warm up on the first cold September day and a Porch Swing is the most refreshing way to endure a sultry July afternoon, but hear me out: this is squarely June or the weeks leading up to it because it’s a celebration of strawberries, so we might as well wait until they’re overripe the moment you turn your head and muddle them in a glass.

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26 May 15:21

Mice in Space

by Reza

23 May 23:33

All the Answers

by Reza

16 Mar 19:25

Pakistani American Teenage Superhero Battles Supervillains in the Ms. Marvel Fan Film ‘Kamala’

by Justin Page


Kamala” is an amazing Ms. Marvel fan film by Anita Kalathara and Landis Aponte. It follows Marvel‘s relatable Pakistani American teenager Kamala Kahn, brilliantly played by Anita, as she battles pressure from other students at her school for being a child of an immigrant family and uses her shapeshifting abilities to take on a group of supervillains.

via Rizal Farok, Neatorama

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16 Mar 19:22


by Reza

16 Mar 19:21


by Reza

24 Dec 19:57

Here's a Bunch of Trippy Animated Twists on the Yule Log Video

by Casey Chan on Sploid, shared by Casey Chan to Gizmodo

I don’t think I’ll ever understand why the yule log video is such a thing but traditions are all kind of like that: you half-assedly do things that people once did a long time ago because they had nothing else to do, even though we now have so much more we could do. Anyways, these weird animated riffs on the traditional yule log video are so much better. There’s cool flames, trippy takes, inventive designs, and even twerking.


21 Dec 11:29


by Reza

13 Dec 22:20

Disgruntled Diesel VW Owners Are Stripping Their Cars Before Turning Them In

by David Tracy on Jalopnik, shared by Adam Clark Estes to Gizmodo

Part of Volkswagen’s $14.7 billion Dieselgate settlement requires the company to offer buybacks to nearly half a million owners whose cars cheated emissions tests. But that settlement does not stipulate that those bought-back cars have to be in good shape, so some owners are stripping their vehicles down.


03 Dec 16:55

Recipe: Baked Croque-Monsieur Casserole — Recipes from The Kitchn

by Jenny Huang
(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

With Dijon mustard, thinly sliced ham, and creamy Gruyère, it seems the classic croque-monsieur was made for the casserole dish. If it's a brunch stunner you're after, or a dinner option with breakfast undertones, then this all-in-one baked take on the croque-monsieur should shoot to the top of your must-make list.

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30 Nov 21:55

Orpheus, An Adorably Cheerful Looking DIY Robot With a Penchant for Sad Songs

by Lori Dorn


Orpheus by ThinkGeek is an absolutely adorable and cheery looking DIY robot who just snaps together easily upon arrival. Orpheus also doubles as a light up music box. With just the turn of his hand-crank, Orpheus will light up, twirl his little head and play a sweet little sad song that could make even the toughest among us shed a tear.

We need companions in our lives. And it’s always helpful to have one who needs you in return. Orpheus, a robot-shaped DIY music box that plays music and lights up, is a bit sad and melancholic. But he looks cheerful, and he has a big heart. Orpheus will be a steadfast companion to any older child or adult. Though he needs some help being his best self, right out of the box.



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24 Nov 17:03

Sphero’s Wearable Now Lets You Control Your Home Like a Real Jedi

by Andrew Liszewski

Sphero’s Force Band, a gesture-based wearable remote that made you feel like an actual Jedi while you controlled its wildly popular BB-8 toy, is now further increasing your ‘mastery’ of The Force with the addition of IFTTT support letting you control other things in your home, including your smartphone, using simple…


23 Nov 19:01

This Star Wars Board Game Is a Great Distraction From Family Political Talk

by Shep McAllister on Deals, shared by Shep McAllister to Kotaku

Even on sale, Star Wars: Imperial Assault is not a cheap board game. And yet, it’s 100% worth it.