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15 Apr 22:01

Artist Spotlight: Zhu Daoping

by Staff


An intricate series of dots and lines create beautiful landscapes in these paintings by Chinese artist Zhu Daoping. More images below.

30 Mar 22:13

Reader Submission: Artist Peter Harris

by Jeff


Paintings from “Conversations with Hopper” by Toronto Ontario-based artist Peter Harris, found via our March Reader Submissions. More images below.

30 Mar 22:13

Artist Spotlight: Miho Hirano

by Jeff


Paintings by artist Miho Hirano, who is currently showing at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles. More images below.

28 Mar 22:34

Photographer Spotlight: Hansol Choi

by Jeff


Painterly photography by Seoul-based Korean photographer Hansol Choi. More images below.

26 Mar 17:30

Artist Spotlight: Sophia Heymans

by Staff


Colourful landscapes by Minneapolis, Minnesota-based artist Sophia Heymans. More images below!

26 Mar 17:30

Surreal Photos of Japan and East Asia by Architect and Photographer Jan Vranovsky

by Jeff


Architect, designer, and photographer Jan Vranovsky is one of my favourite people to follow on Tumblr. On his blog, Parallel World, he captures Japan and other cities in East Asia in a very precise, perfectly alien, sorta way. Have a look at more images below.

22 Mar 22:39

Artist Spotlight: Eddy Stevens

by Jeff


A selection of paintings by artist Eddy Stevens. More images below.

20 Mar 16:59

Artist Spotlight: Martine Johanna

by Jeff


Recent work by Dutch artist Martine Johanna. More images below.

12 Mar 14:15

Reader Submission: Julia Faber

by Jeff


Paintings by Vienna-based fine artist Julia Faber, found via our Reader Submissions. More images below.

12 Mar 14:15

Thai Artist Creates Ghostly 3D Paintings on Layers of Fine Netting

by Jeff


Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew, a 33-year old Thai artist, creates ghostly portraits in three dimensions, painting on layers of fine netting. In an interview, Nimmalaikaew says he started using the technique after he saw a bit of paint on his mosquito netting when he was attending Silapakorn University in Bangkok.

The process for creating the illusions means that the images shift and become distorted as the viewer changes position, adding a supernatural tone to the work. More images and a video clip below.

04 Mar 19:58

Artist Spotlight: Mark Powell

by Staff


Detailed ballpoint pen illustrations on vintage maps, envelopes, and postcards by London-based artist Mark Powell. Check out more images of Powell’s work below or at his show “Anthropology” at Hang-Up Gallery March 3rd – April 10th.

04 Mar 19:58

Artist Spotlight: Paul Fenniak

by Jeff


A selection of gorgeous paintings by Canadian artist Paul Fenniak. More images below.

02 Mar 20:08

Photographer Spotlight: Jared Fowler

by Jeff


A selection of delicate photos by Brisbane, Australia-based Jared Fowler. More images below.

29 Feb 20:48

100+ Painters Contributing 12 Oil Paintings per Second in World’s First Feature-Length Painted Animation

by Jeff


“Loving Vincent” has a trailer! The world’s first feature-length painted animation will focus on the life of Vincent Van Gogh and feature 12 oil paintings per second, created by more than 100 painters, using the same techniques Van Gogh himself used. The film is being produced by Breakthru Films and Trademark Films. Watch the trailer below!

28 Feb 17:49

Photographer Spotlight: Adrian Samson

by Jeff


A selection of beautifully cinematic photos by London-based photographer Adrian Samson. More images below.

21 Feb 22:25

Reader Submission: Artist Johan Barrios

by Jeff


A selection of drawings by artist Johan Barrios, found via our February Reader Submissions. More images below.

07 Feb 22:39

Artist Spotlight: Thomas Amerlynck

by Jeff


Gorgeous etchings by Brussels, Belgium-based artist Thomas Amerlynck. More images below.

03 Feb 19:07

Artist Spotlight: Nicholas Bohac

by Staff


Selection of recent paintings by San Francisco, California-based artist Nicholas Bohac, who we’ve featured a couple times before (click here for previous posts). More images below.

03 Feb 19:05

The Case of the Traveling Taco

by Reza


31 Jan 20:09

Reader Submission: Katty Huertas

by Jeff


A series of self-portraits by illustrator Katty Huertas, found through our January Reader Submissions. More images below.

31 Jan 20:08

Illustrator Spotlight: Sasha Berg

by Jeff


Some beautiful work by Moscow-based illustrator Sasha Berg. More images below.

25 Jan 20:48

Experimental Self-Portraits by Artist Ian Ingram

by Staff


Artist Ian Ingram explores the art of the self-portrait, working with charcoal, pastel, ink, watercolour, as well as less conventional things like beeswax, string, and butterfly wings. A graduate of the University of Chicago, Ingram now lives and works in Sayulita, Mexico. Check out more of his incredible work below.

21 Jan 23:28

Artist Spotlight: Lee Jin Ju

by Jeff


Paintings by Korean artist Lee Jin Ju. More images below.

21 Jan 23:28

Illustrator Spotlight: Dadu Shin

by Jeff


A selection of recent work by Brooklyn-based illustrator Dadu Shin. More images below.

19 Jan 00:25

Artist Spotlight: Sverre Malling

by Staff


Finely detailed work by Norwegian artist Sverre Malling. More images below.

19 Jan 00:25

Fluorescent Painted Models Create Psychedelic Camouflage

by Staff


Photographer Alex Markow collaborated with artist Magnus Sodamin to create these psychedelic images. Models were covered in fluorescent paint and lit with a black light inside Sodamin’s colourful floor-to-ceiling installation, “Infinity Split”. More images below.

19 Jan 00:25

Artist Spotlight: Elisa Ancori

by Staff


Artist Elisa Ancori’s surreal series of aquatic metamorphoses. More images from “Five Mermaids” below.

19 Jan 00:25

Artist Spotlight: Christopher Saunders

by Staff


Subtly scenic paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Christopher Saunders. More images below.

16 Jan 17:07

Artist Spotlight: Meredith Marsone

by Jeff


Paintings by New Zealand artist Meredith Marsone. More images below.

16 Jan 16:53


by admin