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23 Aug 00:04

KFC’s new sunscreen will keep you smelling, not feeling, extra crispy

by Bren Lee

KFC’s new sunscreen will keep you smelling, not feeling, extra crispy

KFC’s new sunscreen will keep you smelling, not feeling, extra crispy

If the traditionally tropical scents of sunscreen (coconut, pineapple, banana, mango) are just too basic for you, KFC has you covered — literally. After a successful foray into beauty earlier this year with their chicken-flavored nail polish (released only in Asia), the brand decided to launch chicken-scented sunscreen.

Yes, you read that right. They just released a limited edition sunscreen that smells like fried chicken. Specifically, their “extra crispy” recipe.

“We’ve had a lot of fun with our Extra Crispy Colonel campaign this summer and the sunscreen idea seemed like a natural fit,” a KFC spokesperson told Fortune. “Our chicken is hand breaded and freshly prepared in our kitchens all day every day, which makes the smell in our restaurants unparalleled. The Extra Crispy Sunscreen is a fun way to leverage that with our fans.”


As such, the fast-food chain unveiled earlier today, where U.S. residents could sign up for one of 3,000 bottles of Col. Sanders’ Extra Crispy Sunscreen SPF 30. “Protect your skin… with fried chicken!,” touts the website.

It was first come, first serve and the supply has already been depleted. Guess there’s just that many people as curious as we are. The website now features a cheeky message saying “This was a limited time offer and we ran out of KFC Extra Crispy Sunscreen. Please accept our apologies in the form of this amazing website you can still look at.”

Truth be told, the website is pretty amazing to look at, featuring colorful, hi-res photos of notoriously crispy George Hamilton dressed up as a very, very tan version of Col. Sanders.


We definitely can’t wait to see all the tweets and IG posts when people actually receive theirs in the mail. The brand stresses that the sunscreen is not edible, but we have so many questions. What does it actually smell like? If we wear it, will people try to eat us? Is it vegan?

I wrote that last one as a joke but now I’m actually curious what’s in it. I’m also thinking that the smell of crispy fried chicken might actually remind you to not stay out baking in the sun and actually inspire you to apply more sunscreen, as most people don’t wear nearly enough. Maybe it’s because of the normally beachy scent of sunscreen, or as the commercial below says, the “lotion scent of sunscreen lotion”.

The company doesn’t currently have plans to to make the product available for purchase nor do they plan on releasing more bottles on their website. However, we are at the end of summer, and they haven’t said whether or not they might be re-releasing it for Summer 2017. We’ll cross our fingers (maybe?!)

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15 Aug 16:50

Study Shows That Men's Hands Are Weaker Than They Were 30 Years Ago

by Madeleine Davies
Study Shows That Men's Hands Are Weaker Than They Were 30 Years Ago
Image via Warner Bros.

New research published in the Journal of Hand Therapy (your favorite monthly read) reveals that, according to a small sample, men today have weaker hands than their fathers did 30 years ago.

The Washington Post reports:

Researchers measured the grip strength (how strongly you can squeeze something) and pinch strength (how strongly you can pinch something between two fingers) of 237 healthy full-time students aged 20 to 34 at universities in North Carolina. And especially among males, the reduction in strength compared to 30 years ago was striking.

The average 20-to-34-year-old today, for instance, was able to apply 98 pounds of force when gripping something with his right hand. In 1985, the average man could squeeze with 117 pounds of force.

Neither the 1985 nor current study, as WaPo’s Christopher Ingraham points out, are representative of the entire U.S. population because both have primarily focused on college students. (Looking at, say, auto mechanics might tell a very different story.) They do, however, reflect greater changes in the U.S. labor market—with less men doing manual labor and more men working desk jobs.

According to the study, women’s grip and pinch strength has remained relatively the same over the past 30 years and now, in 2016, our hand strength is about on par with our millennial male counterparts.

If you identify as female and have been waiting for the chance to compete and win in a squeeze/grip off with an under 40 man in your life, now is the time to throw down the 98-pound gauntlet.

15 Aug 17:13

America’s oldest mall is being turned into low-cost mini-apartments and it’s so amazing

by Rachel Charlene Lewis

America’s oldest mall is being turned into low-cost mini-apartments and it’s so amazing

America’s oldest mall is being turned into low-cost mini-apartments and it’s so amazing

The oldest mall in America has been turned into apartments, and we’re *so* fascinated. Located in Rhode Island, The Providence Arcade was built nearly 2 centuries ago in 1828 as the first major shopping mall in the country. Now, it houses loads of low-cost mini-apartments, and the transformation is so ridiculously cool.

Northeast Collaborative Architects /•-providence-rhode-island/#

Now, though, it’s been transformed into micro-lofts that house students, young people on fellowships, and the type of super busy person who doesn’t need much space at home since they’re, well, never home. The article by Kirsten Dirksen in Fair Companies explained how everything went down, and it sounds totally amazing.

Evan Granoff was the mind behind the unique transformation.

The apartments, which are around 225 square feet and cost $550 a month, about half of what the average apartment costs in the area.

And we thought our apartments were tiny. We can only imagine!

Northeast Collaborative Architects /•-providence-rhode-island/#

It’s hugely popular.

Almost all of the lofts were rented as soon as they were offered up, and there’s now a waiting list.

They’re actually super cute and very trendy.


The bottom floor holds onto the mall’s roots while the top floor is all micro-apartments.

There are zero chains, but there are fashion and art design shops all along the bottom floor, keeping it partially commercial.

It’s actually *so* cool, and apparently doesn’t at all feel like living in a mall!

Northeast Collaborative Architects /•-providence-rhode-island/#

Learn more about the micro lofts by watching the video below!

Photos via Northeast Collaborative Architects

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20 Aug 19:32

This late night kiwi dance party video is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen

by Dasha Fayvinova

This late night kiwi dance party video is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen

This late night kiwi dance party video is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen

Get ready for your daily dose of cute. That’s not an overstatement by any means by the way. The video you are about to see is loaded with cuteness! A small kiwi bird appears on night-vision camera footage running around, falling over and seemingly dancing a beat none of us can hear. And if you thought puppy videos online are cute, you have never seen a kiwi dance.

Giphy /

This little creature is a kiwi. It’s a flightless, native to New Zealand bird, that looks like a hairy avocado with feet and a beak. It’s given us hours of pleasure watching it be adorable like in the above image. Lucky for us a sanctuary’s head ranger Kelly Gough shared a video of one such creature playing around in front of a camera. Since they are nocturnal by nature, catching sight of one is pretty rare. Especially one that appears to be happy and dancing around. Try not to crack a smile watching the video below:

This was footage captured recently at one of the kiwi's food stations. It was taken at around 7am, right before this little kiwi would have gone to bed for the day!Clearly being up all night hadn't tired this bird out!

Posted by Orokonui Ecosanctuary on Monday, August 15, 2016

If you want to get a closer look in person, check your local listings for a zoo or habitat that might carry them. Since these are pretty rare creatures you might have to settle for the videos online.

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21 Aug 09:55

6 homes perfect for pool parties

by The Week Staff

Cool! I'll probably get the one in Pasadena.

West River, Maryland. This four-bedroom house on 116 acres lies one hour east of Washington, D.C. Built in 1989, the home boasts six fireplaces, a gourmet kitchen, and a sunroom that opens onto the pool area.

The brick patio has a pool house and gardens. Other buildings include a caretaker's cottage, stables, and an equipment barn. $3,995,000. Mark McFadden, Washington Fine Properties/Top Agent Network, (703) 216-1333.

Pasadena, California. Built in 1976, this four-bedroom home underwent a major remodeling in 2013. Details include a chef's kitchen, 15-foot ceilings, and two fireplaces.

The house has floor-to-ceiling glass doors that lead to the infinity pool's patio, which features a bar, an outdoor living room, and a kitchen area. $3,280,000. Georges Rouveyrol, Sotheby's International Realty, (626) 676-5368.

Sarasota, Florida. This five-bedroom house was built on 1.5 acres overlooking Little Sarasota Bay. Interior features include a gourmet kitchen, an elevator, a wine cellar, a 1,600-square-foot gym, and a theater.

The home has 7,500 square feet of patios with three Jacuzzis, a custom pool, a waterslide, and a waterfall cave with a theater inside. A 275-foot pier leads to a boat dock with a lift. $5,500,000. Klaus Lang, Michael Saunders & Co., (941) 320-1223.

Symmes Township, Ohio. The five-bedroom Zinc House was built in 2009. The interior includes floor-to-ceiling windows, concrete floors, automatic blinds, and two fireplaces.

The 1.4-acre property has a three-car garage and a pool area with a pool house and a fire pit. $1,999,000. Mike Hines, Coldwell Banker/West Shell, (513) 260-0424. French doors open onto stone steps leading to the pool and patio area. $5,300,000. Kim Swan, The Swan Agency, (207) 288-5818.

Bar Harbor, Maine. This seven-bedroom home sits on five acres overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The contemporary cottage-style house has wraparound decks, a master suite with a balcony, and floor-to-ceiling glass windows with views of Frenchman Bay.

French doors open onto stone steps leading to the pool and patio area. $5,300,000. Kim Swan, The Swan Agency, (207) 288-5818.

Charlotte, North Carolina. This six-bedroom Tudor home was built in 1915. The house features high ceilings, a kitchen with a breakfast room, a master suite with a sitting area, and a sunroom that leads to the pool patio.

The 0.76-acre property has a two-story pool house with a kitchen, a living room area, and an exercise room. $2,995,000. Patty Hendrix, HM Properties, (704) 577-2066.

Palm Springs, California. This three-bedroom house is set on a cul-de-sac in the community of Sun Villas. The living room has a fireplace and a picture window with mountain views. The en-suite master bedroom provides direct access to the pool area and spa. $360,000. Marc Lange and Carl Blea, HOM/Sotheby's International Realty, (760) 834-5484.

18 Aug 19:45

Chicken and waffles on a stick is a thing and it’s miraculous

by Sarah Terry

Chicken and waffles on a stick is a thing and it’s miraculous

Chicken and waffles on a stick is a thing and it’s miraculous

There’s not a whole lot that can beat a delicious plate of chicken a waffles. The salty, crusty breading of the chicken pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the waffle and some maple syrup. Maybe the only problem is that it’s a little messy to eat.

That is, until now! Because chicken and waffles on a stick is now a thing, and it’s glorious!

Waffle on a stick
Insider /

Looks amazing, right? It comes from Chicken Charlies located in San Diego. They bring a lot of their delectable dishes to county fairs, which is where you can find this incredible gift from the waffle angels.

The Chicken IN the Waffle on a Stick is just what it sounds like, a chicken tender baked into a glorious waffle.

Chicken waffles
Insider /

Yeah, and then it’s sprinkled with powdered sugar and topped with syrup to really take it to the next level.

Check out an entire video about the Chicken IN a Waffle here:

Yeah, watching all this is making us hungry. BRB getting us some Chicken Waffles!

patrick giphy
Nickelodeon /

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19 Aug 14:15

BBC Airs Couple Having Sex In Rio During Olympic Coverage

by Enty

It’s been dubbed the “Copacanoodle.”

BBC presenter Dan Walker’s live broadcast from Rio was upstaged by a frisky couple who appeared to be having sex on the beach behind him.

The live love-in was spotted by eagle-eyed users of social media who tweeted to the BBC to “zoom in” on the pair to find out what was going on.

But Walker was having none of it and tried to explain away the situation by suggesting they were doing a bit of light reading.

“For those asking what’s going on in the background now on social media now, we’re not going to zoom in but rest assured, it’s not that. It’s just a hug, they’re reading a book,” he stammered. “They’re reading a book in a strange pose. We’ll find out what the book is a little bit later on.”

But viewers didn’t buy his G-rated explanation despite Walker sticking to his story.

18 Aug 17:55

23andMe Crowdsources Customers’ Genetic Data to Find Depression Link

by KQED Science

A study from the consumer genetic-testing company 23andMe and pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has found 15 new DNA regions associated with mutations that could predispose individuals to major depression.

The study was huge, looking at the DNA of over 300,000 people. Pfizer and other companies have been lining up Read More …

Source:: Future of You – tagged “kqedscience”

18 Aug 22:33

There Is An Art Show Dedicated To Cunnilingus In Hollywood This Weekend

by Juliet Bennett Rylah
The opening event will feature a comedy show as well as a toy raffle. [ more › ]
18 Aug 23:35

Naked Trump exposed in Los Feliz

by The Eastsider
naked trump with photographers madalyn rofer-choate

Naked Trump draws a crowd | Madalyn Rofer-Choate

LOS FELIZ –– A statue of a naked Donald Trump that was plunked on a street corner this morning attracted plenty of attention – as you would expect. Passersby took selfies and news crews showed up to record segments in front of the naked Donald at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Rodney Drive outside the Soap Plant -Wacko store.

Similar nude statues of the Republican presidential candidate showed up in other cities across the U.S. as part of  The Emperor Has No Balls, a project by an anarchist artist collective, according to the Washington Post.

Madalyn Rofer-Choate from Angeleno Heights was at the corner as employees from Wacko moved the statue from the public street corner to the front steps of the store in case city workers were coming to remove it from view, she said.

posing with naked trump madalyn rofer-choate

Posing with naked trump | Madalyn Rofer-Choate

naked trump being carried away madalyn rofer-choate

Naked Trump gets carried away to a new location | Madalyn Rofer-Choate

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18 Aug 19:35

Transgender Community Disappointed by Bizarre New Michelle Rodriguez Film '(Re)Assignment'

by (Mary Emily O'Hara)
Has anyone ever been 'tricked' into changing genders? Is reassignment supposed to be violent punishment?
16 Aug 16:20

Fox News Is Thoroughly Convinced There's Something Medically Wrong with Hillary Clinton 

by Stassa Edwards on The Slot, shared by Kate Dries to Jezebel

My dad was telling me last night how Clinton has Parkinson's. :-/

In the span of a few weeks, rumors about Hillary Clinton’s supposedly failing health have wormed their way from conspiracy websites into a Donald Trump speech. At a campaign rally in Ohio yesterday, Trump questioned Clinton’s “judgment, stability, and temperament,” adding that she “lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS.”

The rumors—or, renewed rumors—about Clinton’s health emerged from the conservative website the Drudge Report. Earlier this month, Drudge published a Reuters photograph which appears to show Clinton being helped up porch stairs by two aides. The photograph was, apparently, evidence of some kind neurological disorder that Clinton had been nefariously keeping under wraps since 2012. In 2012, Clinton had a well-publicized blood clot, the result of a concussion she had sustained months prior. It’s worth noting that blood clots following head injury are common, particularly among women.

Since then, Clinton has been on blood thinners and, last year, her physician said she is in “excellent physical condition” in a health report that included Clinton’s test results. Clinton’s health should be much of an issue, blood thinners are commonly prescribed—Americans spend roughly a billion dollars on different kinds of anticoagulant—but instead of leaving the rumors to the grind of the conspiracy mill, they’ve become the cause du jour of Fox News.

In a segment this morning, Fox and Friends welcomed radio host Mark Davis to offer perspective on Clinton’s health. The segment begins with host Steve Doocy wondering aloud that the seven days that Clinton has reportedly taken off this month are a sign of her impending physical decay.

The most recent Fox and Friends might be Fox’s most restrained coverage of Clinton’s health. Network personality Sean Hannity has run numerous segments on Clinton’s health. In one Hannity, speaking with Fox News medical expert Dr. Marc Siegel, speculates that Clinton might have aphasia, a brain disorder that affects language. Or maybe, Hannity suggests, she’s just suffered simple traumatic brain injury, or maybe Clinton has a seizure disorder. But whatever the exact nature of the disorder Hannity believes Clinton to have, her gestures, her speech, and even her delivery are all evidence of disorder, symptoms awaiting the diagnosis of medical experts.

Last week, CNN’s Brian Stelter had a helpful montage of the handful of segments Hannity has run on Clinton’s health.

If Hannity’s concern for Clinton’s health seems suspicious, then he’s quick to frame the speculation under the broad banner of “the public’s right to know.” In an early August segment, Siegel again told Hannity, “I think a traumatic brain injury with symptoms down the road is very, very likely here especially since she had a blood clot on her brain.” Fox News is just doing their job, the argument goes, reporting on potential health problems that could result in a disastrous presidency.

But there’s something unsettling about this concentrated focus on Clinton’s health, it’s not simply because it’s “conspiratorial,” as Stetler suggested (though it is that, too). Rather, there’s a strain in here of old stereotypes—of irrational women who are unable, perhaps for reasons beyond their control, to maintain themselves. Clinton’s tone is, by a handful of accounts, already evidence her ability to assert herself correctly. Clinton shrieks, she grates, and she yells, but she rarely just gives a speech

Similarly, too with Hannity’s interest in Clinton’s comportment, his overblown descriptions of her deficient speech delivery or head nodding or tripping, point solely to her inability to exercise control over her own body and thus the free world. It’s telling that the conspiracy theories about Clinton’s health point directly to neurological disorder rather than good old-fashioned heart problems.

There are repercussions for calling Clinton old or crazy; that’s more familiar language that would reek of desperation. Turning the focus instead to Clinton’s health problems is an easier way to depict a woman who is fragile, irrational, and unable to control her tone or the tics and twitchings of neurological damage. Name-calling isn’t serious; health problems are.

The mentally frail woman is the flipside of another time-honored stereotype: the sinister woman who silently plots, purposefully aiding evil for her own gain. Trump and the far right from whom he draws his rhetoric have already, it seems, devoured that stereotype up and spit it out. Clinton’s plotting of Benghazi and that the persistent belief that she’s a criminal hasn’t done much to improve Trump’s poll numbers.

Perhaps this tactic will be more effective. If not, there are always rigged elections to blame.

16 Aug 15:05

Infertile Kenyan Man Accused of Cutting off Wife's Hands After They Couldn't Have Children 

by Anna Merlan
Infertile Kenyan Man Accused of Cutting off Wife's Hands After They Couldn't Have Children 
Jackline Mwende. Screenshot via The Star Kenya

A particularly gruesome domestic abuse case is rocking Kenya, where a man is believed to have hacked off his wife’s hands after they couldn’t have children, although he was evidently the one who was infertile. Jackline Mwende, 27, says she was counseled by her pastor to try to save her marriage, despite escalating abuse.

Mwende lives in Machakos, southeast of Nairobi, and told the Los Angeles Times that her husband Stephen Ngila slashed her face and cut off her hands with a machete in late July.

“I saw him, and he told me: ‘Today is your last day,’” she told the paper. “I never thought something like this would happen to me.”

Mwende told the Daily Nation, a Kenyan paper, that Ngila, 34, began to drink heavily and abuse her after three years of marriage, but that their pastor urged her to stay and “fight” to save the relationship. One of their issues was having failed to have children; Mwende says a hospital in Nairobi told the couple in 2014 that she was fertile, but her husband was unable to bear children.

“He found out that he had a problem,” she told the Los Angeles Times. “So the doctor advised him to attend the clinic, but he never went. Every time I reminded him to attend the clinic, he would dismiss it. He would say, ‘I will see if I will get time to go,’ then he would never go.”

The pastor, Patrick Kioko, told the paper that when the couple couldn’t reconcile, he held a church “hearing” and the two agreed to live separately:

Pastor Kioko added: “But we noticed the man was determined to leave. So it was agreed that they live in peace in their separate homes and ask the courts to dissolve the marriage. Because, as a church, we don’t end marriages.”

Instead, Mwende’s family told CNN, Ngila found her the night of July 23 and attacked her with the machete, an attack which besides taking her hands and deeply scarring her face also rendered her deaf in one ear.

Pastor Kioko pronounced himself shocked by the whole thing, saying he’d hoped to bring the couple together for another shot at reconciliation:

He said the church was planning to bring them together but then the attack happened.

“We were shocked how it turned out even after all the effort we put in. Anger is dangerous in a union and this is something we all should learn from.”

Ngila was arrested the day after the attack, when he showed up at the hospital where Mwende was being treated.

The case has become a national symbol of the continued problem of domestic abuse, even as Ngila’s family insists that Mwende is at fault, for having had “loose morals.” They’ve variously suggested that she had numerous lovers, one of whom maybe attacked her, or that it was a “business deal” gone bad (she ran a small stall in a local market). Ngila’s sister insists he was with her the night of the attack. He was denied bond on August 10.

The case has prompted an unusually strong response from the local government, who have offered her a monthly stipend, free medical care and help obtaining prosthetic arms.

16 Aug 15:25

Beware the Foul, Home-Trashing Alliance of Roomba and Pet Poop 

by Kelly Faircloth
Beware the Foul, Home-Trashing Alliance of Roomba and Pet Poop 
Photo via Shutterstock.

Beware, beware! If you leave your Roomba bustling about your home unattended, and it encounters pet leavings, the results could be nothing short of a shit-smeared catastrophe. Even a spokesperson for the company that makes them admitted of the terrible poop + Roomba combination that,“we see this a lot.”

Inspired by a recent Facebook post that went viral, describing the foul consequences when a Roomba encounters dog poop—“It will be on your floorboards. It will be on your furniture legs. It will be on your carpets. It will be on your rugs. It will be in your kids’ toy boxes. If it’s near the floor, it will have poop on it. Those awesome wheels, which have a checkered surface for better traction, left 25ft poop trails all over the house”—the Guardian rounds up a couple of similar stories.

For instance, a woman with four cats said the Roomba does “an amazing job,” except when it occasionally catches a stray turd, though the damage is generally concentrated to a small area. A man with a pug named Alice reports they’ve had three recent incidents, including one that was particularly severe: “It’s almost like [Alice the pug] deliberately left it right in front of its path at the start of the cycle.” Maybe Alice just doesn’t appreciate the Roomba invading her space.

The Guardian also talked to a spokesperson from Roomba manufacturer iRobot, who admitted that, “Quite honestly, we see this a lot.” Oh?

“We generally tell people to try not to schedule your vacuum if you know you have dogs that may create such a mess. With animals anything can happen.”

Are there any plans to introduce any poop detection technology to the product? “Our engineers are always trying to figure out ways to help people with their problems, and we’ve known this is an issue people deal with.”

The spokesperson apparently speculated that perhaps they could add some specialized sensors or image recognition in future models. “I can’t say we have the solution yet but it’s certainly something our engineers are aware of.”

Remember this the next time somebody tries to sell you on the concept of the imminent Singularity.

15 Aug 21:00

Father Suspected To Be Gunman in Pennsylvania Shooting That Killed Entire Family 

by Anna Merlan
Father Suspected To Be Gunman in Pennsylvania Shooting That Killed Entire Family 
Screenshot via The Cardiac Center at CHOP

Earlier this month, a Pennsylvania married couple and their three small children were found shot to death in their home. The Berks County District Attorney’s Office said Monday they believe Mark Short Sr. was the gunman, killing his wife Megan and their children before shooting himself.

Police were called to the Short family home in Sinking Spring, Penn., on August 6 after Megan failed to show up for a planned lunch date. She was found dead, along with Mark and their children 8-year-old Lianna, 5-year-old Mark Jr. and 2-year-old Willow. The family dog was also shot to death.

The DA said today the medical examiner has determined Mark Sr. died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. A suicide note left on the dining room table also matched his handwriting. Short had lost his job as a loan officer shortly before the shooting, NBC Philadelphia reports.

Berks County DA John Adams also said at a Monday press conference that the couple had previously had “domestic disputes,” and that police were called to the home on July 18. No charges were filed; Megan Short told responding officers she was afraid of her husband, Adams said. They gave her instructions on how to get a protective order but she “declined” to proceed with the paperwork, The Morning Call reports.

Mark Short legally purchased a .38 caliber handgun the following day from a licensed dealer. Megan Short posted on social media sometime before the shooting that she planned to move out, and had already leased an apartment, where she planned to move August 6, investigators said.

Baby Willow had a heart transplant when she was just six days old, and the New York Times wrote about Megan’s difficulties obtaining anti-rejection medicine for her. A video from the hospital where Willow’s transplant was performed shows Megan holding her and beaming, thanking the staff for taking care of them.

Funeral services were held Friday for Megan and the children, reports. Mark Short was mentioned only in passing and wasn’t shown in a photo on a funeral card. A separate, private memorial service is reportedly planned for him.

15 Aug 20:22

Dick Van Dyke Serenades Diners At A Santa Monica Denny's

by Juliet Bennett Rylah
Dick Van Dyke Serenades Diners At A Santa Monica Denny's Dick van Dyke is part of an a cappella group called The Vantastix. [ more › ]
15 Aug 20:35

Ask A Native Angeleno: When Do I Have To Pick Someone Up At LAX?

by Julia Wick
Ask A Native Angeleno: When Do I Have To Pick Someone Up At LAX? The complicated calculus of airport pickups, explained. [ more › ]
15 Aug 20:40

Amber Heard Claims Johnny Depp Sliced Off the Tip of His Finger, Used It to Make Rage Art

by Bobby Finger
Amber Heard Claims Johnny Depp Sliced Off the Tip of His Finger, Used It to Make Rage Art
Image via Getty.

Today’s bizarre and upsetting peek into the tumultuous marriage of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard comes in the form of a TMZ report that Depp created some bloody, drug-fueled artwork earlier this year during one of the couple’s many fights.

Heard claims that Depp was “drunk and high on ecstasy” this March when he accidentally “cut off a portion of his forefinger” while smashing a “plastic phone” against a wall. Convinced Heard had been cheating on him with Billy Bob Thornton (a claim she denies), Depp then dipped his bloody stump of a finger into some “dark blue paint”and wrote a message that appears to say, “STARRING BILLY BOB” and “EASY AMBER.”

They continue:

Amber’s people say Johnny didn’t get medical help for nearly 24 hours, so doctors could not reattach the fingertip ... they used a flap from his hand to sew on a new tip.

You can see Depp’s disgusting finger over at TMZ, as well as his alleged Danny Torrence-esque painting, though I honestly don’t recommend looking at either.

TMZ is also reporting on a “stalemate” in the couple’s divorce proceedings. Heard wants Depp to release a statement admitting “he committed domestic violence,” but he’s reportedly refusing to sign it.

15 Aug 21:40

Remember When France's Synchronized Swimming Team Tried to Do a 'Holocaust-Themed' Routine?

by Ellie Shechet
Remember When France's Synchronized Swimming Team Tried to Do a 'Holocaust-Themed' Routine?
Screenshot via Schindler’s List/USA.

Synchronized swimming has never been what you might call “cool” or “hip to the latest trends.” At this year’s Olympic games, for example, swimmers have performed to a mix of bad ‘80s music, classical tunes, and “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke. But nothing really beats the time France put together a routine set to the Schindler’s List soundtrack.

The year was 1996. The plan, according to the New York Times report at the time: “In black bathing suits, team members would goose-step in German military style to the side of the pool.” Sehr cool!

Then, “they would re-enact the arrival of Jewish women in the death camps, the selection by Nazi doctors and their final march to the gas chambers.” It would be performed to music from Schindler’s List, which had premiered a few years earlier, along with “chants sung in Jewish ghettoes before the Holocaust.” Can you imagine what this might have looked like? “C’mon, ladies, let’s nail this swastika!”

The public reaction was, of course, not great:

“The routine is ridiculous,” Henri Hajdenberg, head of the Representative Council of French Jewish Organizations, told the New York Times. “It’s tactless and in poor taste.”

“Now I’ve heard everything. Aqua-Nazis,” wrote then-Los Angeles Times columnist Mike Downey, as news of the planned routine spread. “Leave it to France to find a way to make a dumb sport dumber.”

In a Baltimore Sun column titled “French Swimmers Have All the Reich Moves,” Mike Littwin wrote: “No, this is not a plot from The Producers... This is Dr. Mengele in spandex as the Gestapo swims its way into your hearts.”

Despite the technical director’s pleas that the team’s program had “great emotional value”—the team’s trainer also argued that the routine was “an appeal to combat racism,” and made the dubious point that France’s ice dancers had performed a similar routine “evoking torture in Chile”—France’s sports minister anticipated outrage and instructed the team to remove any references to the Holocaust.

While what they ended up with was not exactly Holocaust-themed (no more Schindler’s List soundtrack, black swimsuits replaced with, uh, red ones), the routine has distinctly ominous vibes—and, if you skip to 3:02, it looks like there’s one element of the original program they just couldn’t bear to part with:

Oh my god!

Remember When France's Synchronized Swimming Team Tried to Do a 'Holocaust-Themed' Routine?


15 Aug 16:25

One Ticket to This Beautiful Victorian Sewage Treatment Landmark, Please 

by Kelly Faircloth on Pictorial, shared by Kate Dries to Jezebel
One Ticket to This Beautiful Victorian Sewage Treatment Landmark, Please 
The Crossness Pumping Station mid-restoration, 2009. Photo via Getty Images.

What you are seeing is not some fancy theater or place of worship, but rather the Crossness Pumping Station, part of London’s ambitious Victorian-era sewer system, which is now open to visitors. Only the finest, most ornate repositories for the turds of the Victorians!

After years of restoration work, the Telegraph reports that the Crossness Pumping Station—part of London’s solution to the reeking pile of poop that the Thames had become, culminating dramatically in the Great Stink of 1858—is now open as a sort of sewage museum, with a visitor’s center having just opened last month. The Telegraph explains how it all worked:

But in 1865, engineer Joseph Bazalgette unveiled a complex new modern sewage system, which used steam engines to pump the capital’s waste into a 27 million gallon reservoir - enough to fill 49 Olympic swimming pools.

The sewage then remained in the reservoir, concealed from the public, until high tide, when it was released into the Thames and carried out to sea.

The steam-powered above-ground pumping station, built in Bexley, south-east London, successfully solved London’s foul stench, and continued to pump waste away from London for almost a century.

Slate explains of the pumping stations specifically:

Designed in Byzantine style with hints of Moorish influence, these ornate cathedrals of waste held steam pumps surrounded by red-brick arches, octagonal cupolas, shiny brass handrails, wrought-iron detailing, and elegant “MBW” monograms—for the Metropolitan Board of Works. At Crossness, the steam pumps were named Victoria, Prince Consort, Albert Edward, and Alexandra, after members of the British royal family.

Visiting hours look a bit spotty, so check before you embark, but if you time it right you can even catch a “public steaming day” to see one of the original engines in action.

15 Aug 17:08

WWE Says LGBT Wrestling Storylines Are Coming Soon

by (Mary Emily O'Hara)
'Absolutely we will integrate LGBT storylines into our programming.'
02 Aug 16:52

Donald Trump jokes about the 'easier' way to get a Purple Heart

by Becca Stanek


On Tuesday, one of Donald Trump's longtime dreams finally came true: He got a Purple Heart award, and he didn't even have to serve in the military for it. Instead, retired Lt. Col. Louis Dorfman handed Trump a copy of his Purple Heart award before a rally in Ashburn, Virginia. Trump was positively floored by the gesture. "Man, that's like big stuff," Trump said. "I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier."

Video: “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier,” Trump says after man gave him his at rally

— Bradd Jaffy (@BraddJaffy) August 2, 2016

Trump claimed the Purple Heart the veteran had given him was "the real one" he'd received through his service, and that Dorfman had wanted Trump to have it because he had "such confidence" in Trump's candidacy. In fact, Trump said, Dorfman declined his invitation to speak for a moment onstage, saying, "I'd just like you to keep saying what you've been saying."

Dorfman, however, later clarified that the Purple Heart he'd given to Trump was just a copy, not his actual award.

11 Aug 16:30

Bring Me These Swedish Fish Oreos, Okay?

by Anna Merlan


Bring Me These Swedish Fish Oreos, Okay?
Photo by Nabisco via The Impulsive Buy

Gawker Media had a party last night and I’m very tired now. It’s hot as hell and blogging is hard and I just want these terrible-sounding Swedish fish Oreos. I like things that are bad and that’s just who I am, all right?

I’m not in the office right now—it’s unclear if I’ll make it to the office today, to be perfectly honest with you— but bring me these godawful-sounding, trash, chemical-laden cookies and I’ll give you a tour or something. Maybe I’ll rain-check you on the tour, but, you know, it’ll totally happen. Yeah.

“That’s not a Senior Week blog post,” sniffed managing editor Kate Dries, when I asked if I could write this post. “It’s just a regular post for you.”

Whatever. Bring me these Oreos, which are, for very good reasons, only available for a limited time.

This isn’t a sponsored post or a money-making venture of any kind, I just want to eat this assuredly shit-tasting cookies and then insistently offer them to other people, as is my wont: “Try this! You won’t believe how bad it is!”

I would also accept a burrito.

11 Aug 16:42

There’s a hotel room below the surface of the Indian Ocean and we need to go to there

by Kenya Foy


There’s a hotel room below the surface of the Indian Ocean and we need to go to there

There’s a hotel room below the surface of the Indian Ocean and we need to go to there

Who wants to stay in a run-of-the-mill above-ground hotel when you can relax in a room beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean? In the case of the Manta Resort, this is one time in life when sleeping with the fishes is actually a good thing.

The luxury hotel room is situated off the Pemba Islands in Tanzania and is as gorgeous as it sounds. If the thought of ducking your head under the ocean’s surface promptly freaks you out, then this hotel room provides the perfect way to observe the beautiful marine life without the fear of inhaling water.

simpsons 1

On the other hand, those who love to snorkel won’t be able to resist the chance to dive from their room into the ocean. Stunning photos of the isolated quarters look like scenes from your favorite beach movies:


Get your dive on:

Experience our underwater room #themantaresort #underwaterroom #unique #experience #pemba #zanzibar

A photo posted by The Manta Resort (@themantaresort) on

Simply magical:

Tropical fish swimming past your window? NBD:

This guy was lucky enough to spend his honeymoon at The Manta. Our vacay envy is so real rn.

So, clearly we need to go ASAP. One question, though: Which one of our BFFs should we invite?


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So, it appears that animals can *definitely* see Pokémon and these 12 pets prove it

by Rachel Charlene Lewis

So, it appears that animals can *definitely* see Pokémon and these 12 pets prove it

So, it appears that animals can *definitely* see Pokémon and these 12 pets prove it

We love our pets, and we love Pokémon GO, but we’re feeling a little freaked out by a recent phenomenon that seems to be mixing the two in a way that’s a little eerie… because it seems like they have the uncanny ability to see the Pokémon. TBH, it has us just a *wee* bit terrified.

giphy rebel wilson surprised shocked what gif
Universal Pictures /

Don’t believe us? Here’s proof

1. The horrified pet that started it all

We’d be freaked out too, little buddy.

2. This intrigued kitty

Doesn’t seem to hate it.

3. This friendly bird

This bird is down to make Poké pals.

4. This staring cat

Attempting to figure out the scene.

5. This displeased bird

This pet is *not* having it.

6. This disinterested kitten

Some pets just DGAF.

7. This freaked out pet

Others, however, are not fans at all.

8.This resentful cat

This cat does not like to share.

9. This concerned pup

Who may or may not be considering eating its first Pokémon.

10. This glaring fuzzball

TBH, the cats are overwhelmingly not in love with the Pokémon.

11. This friendly pooch

But the dogs seem to be chill about the situation.

12.This curious shiba

This is actually so sweet.

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Beverly Hills 90210 Fundraiser on August 4, 2016


It would be great if you could help spread the word of this event to your Los Angeles-area friends! There is a Facebook event you can invite them to at --or they can find all the info and tickets at !

Tickets are on sale for next week’s Beverly Hills 90210 “Something in the Air” live read, benefiting the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, and Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles. For cast updates, ticket info, and more, visit:

05 Jul 20:20

English Town Seeks 'Hedgehog Officer' to Create 'the Most Hedgehog Friendly Town in the UK'

by Kelly Faircloth
English Town Seeks 'Hedgehog Officer' to Create 'the Most Hedgehog Friendly Town in the UK'

You’ll be relieved to hear that England is getting back to the business of being England: The town of Ipswich is currently seeking a “Hedgehog Officer” to be their “face of hedgehog conservation.”

The Telegraph points to the job listing from the Suffolk Wildlife Trust. They seek “an inspirational individual,” ready to “use your knowledge of nature conservation and hedgehog ecology to lead an ambitious project seeking to make Ipswich the most hedgehog friendly town in the UK.” Hedgehogs are the subject of some concern in the UK, as their numbers have reportedly dropped drastically in recent years.

Make no mistake—this is not some part-time gig you can hold down while also maintaining the busy schedule of a cozy mystery series protagonist.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s Suffolk Hedgehog Survey and a recent Ipswich Wildlife Audit highlighted Ipswich as a hedgehog hotspot, with remarkably rich, well connected wildlife habitat. However, like any modern townscape, it is fragmented by houses, roads, walls, fences and over-tidy gardens. Bringing together your wildlife conservation skills and your experience of leading and developing community wildlife initiatives, you will mobilise participants in Ipswich to create a street by street network of hedgehog accessible habitat and monitor hedgehog activity; following the model of the ‘Hedgehog Street’ initiative developed by British Hedgehog Preservation Society and People’s Trust for Endangered Species.

By inspiring streets of people to act together to create habitat links and remove the barriers to hedgehog movement between gardens, your goal is to establish a network of feeding, nesting and hibernating habitat across the town.

Part of the effort to conserve hedgehog populations around the UK has involved attempts to build “a network of hedgehog superhighways crisscrossing Britain,” according to NPR—with, for instance, homeowners putting holes in their fences expressly for traveling hedgehogs.

Should you secure this job, you would be “leading hands-on community activities, training events and driving a proactive media campaign, to raise awareness of the needs of hedgehogs and the opportunity to turn around their fortunes in Ipswich.” If your entire home is decorated in Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle memorabilia, this is your big moment.

Photo via Shutterstock.

13 Jul 17:34

Taco Bell plans fancy restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip with booze

by Jenn Harris

With Joël Robuchon at the MGM, Alain Ducasse’s Rivea at the Delano and Daniel Boulud’s DB Brasserie at the Venetian, Las Vegas is considered one of the best places to eat in the country. This fall, Taco Bell is hoping you’ll add its name to the city’s long list of top dining destinations. 


05 Jul 12:00

Why do men continue to defend catcalling?

by (Jaya Saxena)
Men are convinced catcalling works, even when women say it doesn't.
08 Jul 18:29

Is this how the entire “Game of Thrones” series will end?

by Crystal Ro

Like 5 years ago I dreamt that Game of Thrones would end with Peter Dinklage waking up from a dream in his Manhattan apartment and going full "And you were there, and you were there..."

Is this how the entire “Game of Thrones” series will end?

Is this how the entire “Game of Thrones” series will end?

Hey! Remember when we all low-key lost our minds after Sam entered the Citadel’s GORGEOUS library in Oldtown? (If not, check out this post here.)

For a quick refresher, we noticed in the Season 6 finale, “The Winds of Winter” that the orbs hanging from the ceiling in the Citadel’s library (orreries, if you want to get technical) looked EXACTLY like the orrery in the Game of Thrones intro.

orb game of thrones

And collectively, we all went…

game of thrones reaction jaime

Then it made us seriously wonder WHAT IT ALL MEANT.

Lots of fan theories have been going off the rails since then about this eye-opening scene, but our very own Samwell Tarly IRL, actor John Bradley, has thoughts of his own, too. And they have pretty HUGE implications.

Bradley recently told The Hollywood Reporter“One theory is that what we’re seeing now and how we’re experiencing Game of Thrones is Sam telling the story of Game of Thrones.” he continued, “If you take the logic of the story now, the story of Westeros and the story of the battle for the Iron Throne, it would be a book in that library.”

That is a VERY good point, young Bradley. It also means that since the very beginning of the show, we’ve been seeing Sam’s POV through one of the Citadel’s orrery lenses during the intro.sam lens intro game of thrones

HelloGiggles / HBO

The idea that the “story” of Game of Thrones is being told by Sam in the future, is really not a stretch. We know the show is getting into the whole time travel thing with Bran’s storyline. We also know the showrunners are SUPER into foreshadowing.

And let’s not forget the fact that George R.R. Martin is a notorious fan of The Lord of the Rings. If you recall, in that film franchise, director Peter Jackson made nice little bookends of the characters writing the tales we’d just seen.frodo lord of the rings gif

New Line Cinema

Could we be in for something similar with the end of Game of Thrones? Will the very end of the show be a white-bearded Samwell Tarly writing the story of the “Battle of the Iron Throne?”

If only we could time travel into the future like Bran and find out…

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