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13 Jun 15:25

Silver Lake Bungalow With 'Personal Pirate Dungeon' Asking $875K

by Pauline O'Connor

Sadly, it seems to be unpermitted—arrrrrrrrr!

The listing for this 1920s Craftsman in Silver Lake starts off pretty straightforward—"on the market for the first time in decades," "shows an incredible amount of pride of ownership," etc.—but things start to get a bit more interesting by the second sentence, which explains that while the 1,450-square-foot bungalow is officially considered a two-bedroom, one-bath, a bonus room has been converted sans permit into a bedroom, "with a bed suspended from the ceiling via chains."

Gathering steam, the listing then goes on to introduce the home's basement, which contains three rooms, one of which is "adorned" with "box logos of high end spirits," being that it's being used "as a personal pirate dungeon and den." Well shiver our timbers! Asking price for the versatile property, which occupies a 7,340-square-foot lot a block north of Sunset, is $875,000.

1635 Maltman Ave [Estately]

11 Jun 22:57

Broguiere's Dairy May Be Forced To Close Due To City Construction Project

by Matt Tinoco


Broguiere's Dairy May Be Forced To Close Due To City Construction Project You know their milk. You know how good it is. [ more › ]
09 Jun 22:00

DIY Display-Case Tube Top

by Rian Phin

this looks like shit

Summer, summer, summertime.

Summer, summer, summertime.

The multiplicity of one’s identity goes hand in hand with the multiplicity of one’s style representation. Because I’m constantly doing the most, and realized I am everything at once, I decided to create this Steph Linn–inspired display-case tube top. This way, you can adorn your top with whatever you see fit that day. Fill your pouch with confetti, flowers, or nothing at all/the void. You can represent your ever-changing self through your ever-changing decorations.

What you’ll need:


  • A tube top
  • Clear vinyl
  • Scissors
  • Fabric strips or cording
  • Needle and thread or hot glue

How to do it:

Step One


Cut an even square of clear vinyl.

Step Two


Position your vinyl at the center of your tube top, lining it up evenly (or make it uneven—free yourself).

Step Three


Now, if your fingers are strong enough to pull a needle and thread safely through vinyl, go for it! If your sewing machine needle is strong and sharp enough to sew through it, go for it! But I used a hot glue gun and Beacon 527 Multi-Use Glue around the perimeter of the vinyl. The important thing: Leave the top open! To finish, I lined the edges of the vinyl with the fabric cording.

Step Four


Press the glue firmly and allow it to dry (or secure with stitching). Then stuff, according to your emotions!


Mix it up and hit the streets! ♦

09 Jun 17:37

With this $200 knit tinfoil hat, you can protect your brainwaves in style

by (Miles Klee)
'They' can hear your thoughts. 'They' also hate great fashion.
09 Jun 13:00

The refined, sophisticated art of dipping your d**k in wine

by (Jay Hathaway)
Putting the 'weenie' in 'oenophile.'
09 Jun 14:17

Ancient Siberian ice princess to go on public display for first time despite 'curse'

by Jeva Lange

if u watched the show 'fortitude' u know this is a bad idea

A mummified 2,500-year-old "Siberian ice maiden" is set to go on public display in a museum near her original burial site despite many who believe her body carries a dangerous curse.

The skeleton was first discovered nearly perfectly preserved in permafrost on the Ukok Plateau in the Altay Mountains in 1993, where the woman had been buried alongside a team of six horses, RT reports. Estimated to have been 25 years old at the time of her death, the so-called "Princess of Ukok" has intricate, modern-looking animal tattoos covering her arms. She was found with a small stash of cannabis, among other artifacts.

DNA testing appears to link her to Scythian nomad ancestry. "Regarding the tattoo, they always say that it is made in the so-called animal style. Fighting animals. The Scythians are warriors. Their life is a constant struggle. They struggle for life, for good," Rimma Erkinova of the Anokhin Museum told RT.

However, council elders in the Altay region fear the excavation has been the cause of natural disasters in the area. "The dead cannot be disturbed, and especially they cannot be held on public display and carried out around the world. After she was dug out, we immediately saw earthquakes, floods, and hail which were not known previously," one Teles group leader told The Siberian Times. "[The ice maiden] stood as a guard at the gates of the underworld, preventing the penetration of evil from the lower worlds. However, after archaeologists removed the mummy, it has lost its strength and can no longer perform its protective function. So evil started to penetrate, natural disasters and human conflicts began."

In 2014, the region's council of elders voted for her body to be returned to her grave. A court overruled their decision earlier this year.

08 Jun 18:15

Summer 2016 Is the Summer of Frosé

by Aimée Lutkin

As a woman slurred in my face last weekend, “It’s the season for rosé!” Close, but not quite: it’s frosé season, pals.

Every type of drunk is different. Red wine is melancholy, champagne giddy, and rosé knocks you on your fucking face. For a long time I worked as a caterer and wine flowed freely, if illicitly. Nothing’s more beautiful than helping someone celebrate their special day—especially when you’re barely able to hold up a family size plate of gnocchi because you’ve had an entire bottle of pink wine.

Now, I no longer need to inhale an overflowing glass while my captain’s back is turned, and can maturely sip on the rooftop bar of my choosing, but that’s boring. Let’s make something disgusting (frozen, plus sugar) instead. This Frosé recipe from Bon Appétit begins as you might imagine, with you freezing a bottle of “full-flavored, full-bodied, dark-colored rosé.” Yum.

What’s next? Sugar. This momma bee likes it sweet:

Meanwhile, bring sugar and ½ cup water to a boil in a medium saucepan; cook, stirring constantly, until sugar dissolves, about 3 minutes. Add strawberries, remove from heat, and let sit 30 minutes to infuse syrup with strawberry flavor. Strain through a fine-mesh sieve into a small bowl (do not press on solids); cover and chill until cold, about 30 minutes.

You then put all that plus ice and frozen rosé into a blender and voila! An alcoholic beverage for an adult who will never grow up. I am officially declaring “Frozé” the Song of Summer.

08 Jun 09:56

The surreal beauty of organized chaos

by Loren Talbot

Flocks of birds. Swarming locusts. Schools of fish. Such self-organizing behavior in nature tends to evoke both fear and fascination, emotions that photographer Thomas Jackson taps into with his beautifully surreal series Emergent Behavior.

Cups no. 2, Saratoga, Wyoming, 2013 | (Thomas Jackson)

Inspired by the creatures and critters that gather and swarm en masse, Jackson creates intricate, hovering installations in breathtaking settings, from California to New York. Working with unnatural and often surprising materials, from plastic cups and tutus to hula hoops and junk food, Jackson arranges the items on location, modeling their mob-like behaviors after those found in nature.

Cheese Balls, Nananoch, New York, 2012 | (Thomas Jackson)

Tutus no. 1, Montara, California, 2015 | (Thomas Jackson)

Jackson's images may appear Photoshopped, but they are as real as the sandy, rocky, and lush landscapes they are built upon. Though the artist won't divulge his process, he said it took him about a year of trial and error to figure out how to technically and seamlessly create the installations without any digital intervention.

"I realized [this] would add a new layer of intrigue to the work and perhaps add something to the ongoing conversation about authenticity in photography, and whether it matters at all, particularly in our digital age," Jackson said in an interview.

"Creating images that appear 'fake' at first glance — but are in fact 'real' — is my mischievous little contribution to the debate."

The series is ongoing, which means Jackson is constantly innovating his technique to fit the material or the location. In striving to capture "an image that feels simultaneously discordant and harmonious,” he imaginatively inserts bursts of color, whimsy, and mystery into the natural world, challenging viewers to look a little closer and figure out his tricks.

Straws no. 3, San Francisco, California, 2015 | (Thomas Jackson)

Hula Hoops no. 1, Lee Vining, California, 2015 | (Thomas Jackson)

Cups no. 3, Novato, California, 2014 | (Thomas Jackson)

**Thomas Jackson's Emergent Behavior will be on view this November at the Miller Yezerski Gallery in Boston. To see more of his work, check out his website and Instagram.**

08 Jun 18:25

This Bob the Builder makeup look actually used a hammer for contouring

by Sammy Nickalls

This Bob the Builder makeup look actually used a hammer for contouring

This Bob the Builder makeup look actually used a hammer for contouring

It’s no secret that model and beauty conoisseur Jony Sios is absolutely amazing at makeup. After all, it’s one of the things that has shot him to Instagram stardom. And when you’re really, really good at something, sometimes you want to challenge yourself. . . which is exactly what Jony did by doing a flawless contour job with a hammer. Yes, seriously.

This week, Jony created a Bob the Builder-themed look (which looks *way* more glamorous than it sounds). The finished product included a bold blue lip and a stunning contour along with a construction hat and the tools he needed for the job — a hammer.

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08 Jun 18:14

Zoo Santo Inácio Announces New Pygmy Hippo

by Andrew Bleiman

1_ZSI.cria.hipopotamo (4)

Zoo Santo Inácio, in northern Portugal, announced their newest family member, a male Pygmy Hippo.

After almost nine months of pregnancy, little Mendes (named by affectionate keepers) was born weighing just over 4 kilos (9 lbs).

For several months after the birth, Mendes and his mother, Romina, were kept off-exhibit, giving them opportunity to bond. The time alone also allowed the new calf to practice swimming and learn other essential skills.

At three months old and 20 kilos heavier, Mendes and his mother can now be seen, on-exhibit, enjoying their mornings outside.

2_ZSI.cria.hipopotamo (8)

3_ZSI.cria.hipopotamo (5)

4_ZSI.cria.hipopotamo (6)Photo Credits: Zoo Santo Inacio


The Pygmy Hippopotamus (Choeropsis liberiensis or Hexaprotodon liberiensis) is a small hippopotamid, native to the forests and swamps of West Africa, primarily in Liberia, with small populations in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Ivory Coast.

They are reclusive and nocturnal and one of only two extant species in the family Hippopotamidae, the other being its much larger cousin the common hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius).

The Pygmy Hippo displays many terrestrial adaptations, but like its larger cousin, it is semi-aquatic and relies on water to keep its skin moist and its body temperature cool. Behaviors such as mating and giving birth may occur in water or on land.

They are herbivorous, feeding on ferns, broad-leaved plants, grasses, and fruits it finds in the forests.

In captivity, Pygmy Hippos have been conceived and born in all months of the year. The gestation period ranges from 190–210 days, and usually a single young is born.

The Common Hippopotamus gives birth and mates only in the water, but Pygmy Hippos mate and give birth on both land and water. Their young can swim almost immediately. At birth, they weigh 4.5–6.2 kg (9.9–13.7 lb) with males weighing about 0.25 kg (0.55 lb) more than females. They are fully weaned between six and eight months of age (before weaning they hide in the water by themselves, when mother leaves to forage for food). Suckling occurs with the mother lying on her side.

The Pygmy Hippo is classified as “Endangered” by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). The main threats to these herbivores are deforestation due to rubber plantations, palm oil and coffee; hunting for its meat and its skull (used in traditional medicine and rituals); and civil strife. The World Conservation Union estimates there are fewer than 3,000 individuals remaining in the wild.

Zoo Santo Inácio joined the cause for protecting the Pygmy Hippo in 2006 with the receipt of a female, Romina, and two years later, with the arrival of a male, the Kibwana. The breeding couple entered an important European Programme for Endangered Species Breeding (EEP), led by the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA).

5_ZSI.cria.hipopotamo (11)

6_ZSI.cria.hipopotamo (10)

04 Jun 15:14

Australian “fairy bread” NEEDS to be a trend

by Emily Baines

Australian “fairy bread” NEEDS to be a trend

Australian “fairy bread” NEEDS to be a trend

Our friends over at Pop Sugar have introduced us to the Australian food staple known as “fairy bread,” and we wants it — we wants it now!

The writers at Vice’s food blog Munchies describe this wonderful phenomenon perfectly: “To the non-initiated i.e. the rest of the world, Fairy Bread is triangles of white bread covered with butter and topped with multi-coloured “hundreds and thousands”—the Australian term for sprinkles.”

Yes — that’s right. Buttered bread with sprinkles. It doesn’t get any better than that. Also —hundreds and thousands? What a great phrase for sprinkles.

• fairy bread • #home #kids #fairybread #heart #sprinkles #100sand1000s #yummy #party

A photo posted by Paper Daisy (@paper__daisy) on

And it seems that people in Australia are still enjoying this tasty snack. Hugh Jackman has admitted that he still serves it to his daughter, and a quick search on YouTube finds a video of Russell Crowe enjoying fairy bread with Jimmy Fallon. Apparently, fairy bread is sort of a national treasure for Australia, one that is often enjoyed at children’s birthday parties.

Well, we may no longer be children, but we want to try this delicious treat! It just looks so darn tasty, regardless of the eater’s age.

Champagne and fairy bread #classy #happybirthday @aliens_at_earth56789 #fairybread

A photo posted by @nancy_on_ig on

Breakfast of champions. #FairyBread 📷 : Activations Assistant @ajparker179

A photo posted by mamamiaaus (@mamamiaaus) on

Lucky for us, there are plenty of recipes for fairy bread on the internet. Though, honestly, white bread + butter + rainbow sprinkles — how can you go wrong? What a perfect staple to add to tea parties, pity parties, days when you just want to watch Sleeping Beauty and feel like a princess, or just a Tuesday morning breakfast. Let’s get on this one and get it trending so sprinkle-toast is the newest thing on the menu at any restaurant!

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08 Jun 14:55

Koko the gorilla has a crush on Benedict Cumberbatch and we can relate

by Sammy Nickalls


Koko the gorilla has a crush on Benedict Cumberbatch and we can relate

Koko the gorilla has a crush on Benedict Cumberbatch and we can relate
03 Jun 21:00

The week's best photojournalism

by Lauren Hansen


Brides and grooms arrive for a mass wedding ceremony in Mumbai, India. | (REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui)

U.S. Army soldiers embrace as they visit graves on Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C. | (REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)

Students learn to perform a dragon dance in Chongqing, China. | (REUTERS/Stringer)

Members of the Bar Palestine team practice in Gaza City, Palestine. | (REUTERS/Mohammed Salem)

A wrestler practices in Allahabad, India. | (REUTERS/Jitendra Prakash)

Graduating students of the City College of New York at the commencement ceremony in Manhattan, New York. | (REUTERS/Mike Segar)

A wild leopard runs up the stairs as it tries to escape from a compound of a house in Kathmandu, Nepal. | (REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar)

Models dressed in Khakas national costumes climb over a wooden fence during a photoshoot in preparation for the Tun-Pairam traditional holiday in the Republic of Khakassia, Russia. | (REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin)

A farmer collects wheat in Zaozhuang, China. | (China Daily/via REUTERS)

A decked-out cat rests at a parade in central Kiev, Ukraine. | (REUTERS/Gleb Garanich)

Smoke billows from a fire at a chemical company in Yichang, China. | (REUTERS/Stringer)

A surfer walks on Recreio dos Bandeirantes beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. | (REUTERS/Sergio Moraes)

**Check out last week's best photojournalism**

05 Jun 19:35

Viceland Employee Calls out Vice’s 'Sexist' Reputation on Live TV While Co-hosts Put a Condom on a Microphone

by Hannah Gold on Gawker, shared by JE Reich to Jezebel
Viceland Employee Calls out Vice’s 'Sexist' Reputation on Live TV While Co-hosts Put a Condom on a Microphone
Photo: Youtube

Viceland’s live broadcast from the Governors Ball music festival this Saturday night was a sloppy, sexist (I mean, “edgy”) mess, and the only person who seemed to notice was one very pissed-off host.

Amidst rain delays and soaked TV equipment, three Viceland employees were brought in front of the cameras to waste time until The Killers performed. The hosts—production assistant Jake Lawson, equipment manager Dan Meyer, and former intern Taji Ameen—were reporting on the giant puddles of water pooling at their feet when shit got real.

Lawson—inhabiting the role of a safety inspector, crossed with a men’s rights activist, topped off with a skinny tie—attempted a flaccid comedy bit with co-host Ameen. The duo gave viewers a “sex-ed class” with Lawson’s mic serving as makeshift banana-and-or-dildo.

This juvenile display upset Meyer, who delivered the following exquisite diatribe amidst shouts of “you gotta pinch the tip” and “we’re gonna bring it on down.”

Whose idea is this? It isn’t funny…there’s enough dicks on TV already…I hate this, I’m just gonna say full-on that this is stupid…I can say what I think, I know how to do this…You know, we’ve been struggling with the fact that we’re considered a sexist company because we only have men on TV and now we’re doing dick jokes? This is embarrassing. I don’t think we should even be doing this at all. And if our viewers are too stupid to…you want sincere, honest advice about safety? Why don’t you talk about the fact that we’re standing in water surrounded by electronics.

Meyer had a lot of great lines that night, in fact. He kicked off the segment saying, “I just want to thank Viceland for having the faith in me not to say something that would completely bankrupt their entire enterprise. Which I very well could do.”

Meyer later apologized to Lawson on TV.

03 Jun 04:00

Dear God, Someone Created a Glow-in-the-Dark 'Pussy Snorkel'

by JE Reich
Dear God, Someone Created a Glow-in-the-Dark 'Pussy Snorkel'

There are some things you will never be able to unsee, and this is one of them: a snorkel designed specifically for the purpose of going down on ladies, which also somehow reminds me of the Honey Nut Cheerios mascot Buzz the Bee.

Did I mention it glows in the dark? Heaven help us all.

But seriously, observe:

Dear God, Someone Created a Glow-in-the-Dark 'Pussy Snorkel'

The snorkel, which is listed on Amazon, is described as a device that “allows a man to continue breathing while performing oral sex on a woman in a spa, bathtub or even a bowl of green Jell-O.” Whether the fact that the product description omits lady-loving-ladies, lady-loving-non-binary people, non-binary-loving-non-binary people, and so forth is distinctly on purpose or a byproduct of heteronormativity is only secondary to the semantics of going down on someone with a vagina in a bowl of green Jell-O, honestly.

And yes, it only gets worse from here:

Insert the breathing apparatus into your nostrils, rub the clitoral stimulator against your favorite coral reef and start with the tongue action. With the Pussy Snorkel, any man can be a dive master.

Where do I begin? “Favorite coral reef”? “Dive master”? At least someone is sticking to an oceanic theme, I guess?

If anything can be a saving grace right now, it’s this starred (and satirical) review by an Amazon user named Ruud Lubbers:

I don’t know who’s idea this was, but I don’t think they thought it through very well.

I ordered one of these for my cat, Mr. Razzles, and it took me forever to get it on his head - I don’t know what the makers were thinking, but it’s waaaay too big for the average housecat.

Finally - after quite a struggle - I got it on and proceeded to throw Mr. Razzles into the pool. Well he absolutely FREAKED OUT! He thrashed around in the water for a minute or so before wriggling out of the pussy snorkel and then swam right for the side of the pool and climbed out before I could even get in the water with him to enjoy a nice swim.

When I tried to put it back on him, he started hissing and biting and bolted out of the backyard back into the house, where he hid under the credenza for THREE DAYS before my husband finally lured him out with some tuna...

He’s been traumatized and distrustful ever since! I don’t recommend this for cat owners or pet lovers - it’s just a bad idea all around!

I guess some semblance of humanity exists after all.

Contact the author at

Images via Amazon and General Mills.

01 Jun 17:30

I’m Not Shocked That Half of Americans Don’t Have Emergency Money

by Stephanie Kaloi

woman standing at desk with paperwork

A few weeks ago The Atlantic published a piece that was designed to shock its readers, it but didn’t surprise me at all: “The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans: Nearly half of Americans would have trouble finding $400 in a crisis.” And no, they were not talking the working poor; they were, as advertised, talking about the actual middle class.

The Federal Reserve Board regularly conducts surveys to ascertain the “financial and economic status of American consumers” (don’t you just love being a consumer instead of a citizen? Yeah, me neither) and they find out all kinds of data. But the stat that seems to have really caught some of us off guard is this: “The Fed asked respondents how they would pay for a $400 emergency. The answer: 47 percent of respondents said that either they would cover the expense by borrowing or selling something, or they would not be able to come up with the $400 at all.”

When I first read the piece, this didn’t blow my mind whatsoever. I saw no reason to put four hundred dollars in italics and be like, “OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? 47 percent of Americans wouldn’t be able to come up with $400 on the spot,” because that seems pretty reasonable to me. I have spent most of my life being an American who would have a hard time coming up with $400 within a few hours. Now, granted, since becoming an adult, I have more or less always had a small smattering of family from whom I could borrow the money, and I recognize that this makes me fortunate. But shock and dismay were not two of the reactions I personally registered upon reading that stat. Because as the author says:

I never spoke about my financial travails, not even with my closest friends—that is, until I came to the realization that what was happening to me was also happening to millions of other Americans, and not just the poorest among us, who, by definition, struggle to make ends meet. It was, according to that Fed survey and other surveys, happening to middle-class professionals and even to those in the upper class. It was happening to the soon-to-retire as well as the soon-to-begin. It was happening to college grads as well as high-school dropouts. It was happening all across the country, including places where you might least expect to see such problems. I knew that I wouldn’t have $400 in an emergency. What I hadn’t known, couldn’t have conceived, was that so many other Americans wouldn’t have the money available to them, either. My friend and local butcher, Brian, who is one of the only men I know who talks openly about his financial struggles, once told me, “If anyone says he’s sailing through, he’s lying.” That might not be entirely true, but then again, it might not be too far off.

Depending on my job situation, I’ve been there throughout the years. For example, a year ago, I was living in Oregon and running a successful wedding photography business that gave me a tremendous amount of joy (and brought in plenty of cash). Then we moved to Tennessee last August, and I missed most of the couples down here who were booking spring and summer weddings. My husband enrolled in a work-related course and didn’t get a job for four months, and suddenly everything was on me. Booking weddings became mandatory in a very real way, and what I was getting paid for ten hours of work a week—as I was just starting at APWwas a quarter of our income. And this isn’t just a right now kind of thing. The nature of my life as a working adult has always been half self-employment, half stringing together part-time gigs. This is partially by choice: I wanted to stay home with our child but needed to have a job, and I like having flexibility with my job (even if it means I don’t make as much as I could) but also the nature of this kind of work. Things are up lately—both my husband and I recently received significant-for-us promotions (yay, APW!) and I’m booking weddings into 2017—but suffice to say, I get paycheck to paycheck.

And it’s not just people cobbling together their work life the way I do. My husband is surrounded by nurses who similarly live check to check, and we both know plenty of teachers and creatives who face the same truth. The reality for a lot of Americans is that every check counts. Sure, you can make sure your bills are paid, pay for childcare and your health insurance, and pay down some of your endless student loan debt, but building a savings account? That’s not always feasible.

One reason reading this piece was a challenge for me is because while I totally relate to the 47 percent of Americans who are in a similar boat, I don’t entirely feel bad for the author himself. Yes, money woes impact more than those who speak up about them, and I do applaud him for putting his voice out there, but having parents who can cover your kids’ educations at Stanford and Harvard isn’t exactly a plight that makes me full of pity. Particularly when your story is that you drove yourself into a financial black hole by deciding to put your kids in expensive private school, an option most of us can’t even fathom.

What does make me feel many things is this:

Looking at annual inflation-adjusted household incomes, which factor in the number of hours worked by wage earners and also include the incomes of salaried employees, doesn’t reveal a much brighter picture. Though household incomes rose dramatically from 1967 to 2014 for the top quintile, and more dramatically still for the top 5 percent, incomes in the bottom three quintiles rose much more gradually: only 23.2 percent for the middle quintile, 13.1 percent for the second-lowest quintile, and 17.8 percent for the bottom quintile. That is over a period of forty-seven years! But even that minor growth is somewhat misleading. The peak years for income in the bottom three quintiles were 1999 and 2000; incomes have declined overall since then—down 6.9 percent for the middle quintile, 10.8 percent for the second-lowest quintile, and 17.1 percent for the lowest quintile. The erosion of wages is something over which none of us has any control. The only thing one can do is work more hours to try to compensate. I long since made that adjustment. I work seven days a week, from morning to night. There is no other way.

This I relate to heavily. This is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night, and not just for myself—for all of us that experience this. If people who already make a lot of money are making more, and bottom third of us aren’t… where will we be in five years? In ten? Running your own show can regularly mean working morning to night (and often times well into the night) seven days a week, but that kind of work breaks a mind and body.

APW: could you come up with $400 in an emergency? Does this article freak you out? do you relate—or do you not? 

Image Credit

Death to the Stock Photo

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01 Jun 14:35

Watch this Texan pay a parking ticket with 212,000 pennies

by Bonnie Kristian

In a YouTube video entitled, "How to pay a speeding ticket. #ResistTheft," Texan Brett Sanders walks viewers (1.5 million of them, as of this writing) through the process.

First, call around to local banks to find one willing to sell you 25-packs of penny rolls. Then, unbox and smash the rolls with an anarchy logo in view. Third, spray-paint some buckets to read, "policing for profit" and "extortion money." And finally, take your buckets to the municipal courthouse to pay your bill using more than 200,000 pieces of loose change.

Sanders told the Washington Post that after he failed to get his speeding ticket dismissed in court, he decided to make a statement when he paid it. "I wanted to not only clog the system, but to send a message, too," he said, noting that police discretion and the sheer quantity of laws give cops wide leeway to engage in "policing for profit," a tactic for municipalities to pad their pockets which was put in the spotlight by federal investigation of Ferguson, Missouri.

After his act of protest, Sanders received a call from the courthouse saying he'd overpaid by $7.81 and should come pick up his change.

31 May 20:51

Hit-And-Run Suspect Got Awful Face Tattoo As Disguise, Say Police

by Tim Loc
Hit-And-Run Suspect Got Awful Face Tattoo As Disguise, Say Police She went and got a Tyson at the tattoo shop. [ more › ]
27 May 17:52

This baby looks almost identical to Chef Gordon Ramsay, and it’s BANANAS

by Jill Layton

This baby looks almost identical to Chef Gordon Ramsay, and it’s BANANAS

This baby looks almost identical to Chef Gordon Ramsay, and it’s BANANAS
31 May 17:07

Vegan cafe in Georgia attacked by sausage-wielding extremists

by Jeva Lange

Right-wing extremists attacked a vegan cafe in Tbilisi, Georgia, on Sunday evening — only the attackers' weapons weren't knives or crowbars, but sausages.

"They pulled out some grilled meat, sausages, and fish and started eating them and throwing them at us, and finally they started to smoke," Kiwi Cafe wrote in a statement. "They were just trying to provoke our friends and disrespect us."

According to Radio Free Europe, the incident erupted after the men were told to leave the no smoking area of the cafe during a screening of the animated sitcom Rick And Morty. "Customers said the group of rowdy Georgian men entered the cafe as the screening was under way, wearing sausages around their necks and carrying slabs of meat on skewers," Radio Free Europe reports.

And while "antivegan provocative action" is a somewhat preposterous-sounding accusation, the attack on the counterculture and LGBT-friendly Kiwi Cafe is symbolic of a larger trend of intolerance in Georgia, where neo-Nazis and "fascist ideas" are on the rise.

However, Kiwi Cafe has said they are still "ready to accept all customers regardless of their nationality, race, appearance, age, gender, sexual orientation, or religious views" — just not, perhaps, diet.

31 May 03:05

South Korea says North Korea missile launch likely failed

by Catherine Garcia

these suits are terrible

South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff has released a statement saying North Korea tried to launch an unidentified missile early Tuesday morning in the Wonsan area, but likely failed.

The Yonhap news agency reports the missile was a mid-range Musudan, which has a potential range of 2,180 miles, making U.S. military bases in Guam targets. If this report is true, it will be North Korea's fourth unsuccessful test launch of the Musudan since April. South Korea believes North Korea is working on technology to make a missile capable of hitting the U.S. mainland

26 May 23:59

We finally know why stamps are placed on an envelope’s top-right corner

by Anna Gragert


We finally know why stamps are placed on an envelope’s top-right corner

We finally know why stamps are placed on an envelope’s top-right corner
30 May 15:39

The Architecture of Gentrification; Or, The Dining Rooms are Coming

by Lisa Wade, PhD

The dining rooms are coming. It’s how I know my neighborhood is becoming aspirationally middle class.

My neighborhood is filled with “shotgun” houses. Probably from West Africa, they are designed for a hot, humid climate. The homes consist of several rooms in a row. There are no hallways (and no privacy). High ceilings collect the heat and the doorways are placed in a row to encourage a breeze to blow all the way through.

Around here, more often than not, they have been built as duplexes: two long skinny houses that share a middle wall. The kitchen is usually in the back leading to an addition that houses a small bathroom. Here’s my sketch:


As the neighborhood has been gentrifying, flippers have set their sights on these double shotguns. Instead of simply refurbishing them, though, they’ve been merging them. Duplexes are becoming larger single family homes with hallways (which substantially changes the dynamic among its residents) and makes space for dining rooms. Check out the new dining room on this flip (yikes):


At NPR, Mackensie Griffin offered a quick history of dining rooms, arguing that they were unusual in the US before the late 1700s. Families didn’t generally have enough room to set one aside strictly for dining. “Rooms and tables had multiple uses,” Griffin wrote, “and families would eat in shifts, if necessary.”

Thomas Jefferson would be one of the first Americans to have a dining room table. Monticello was built in 1772, dining room included. Wealthy families followed suit and eventually the trend trickled down to the middle classes. Correspondingly, the idea that the whole family should eat dinner together became a middle class value, a hallmark of good parenting, and one that was structurally — that is, architecturally — elusive to the poor and working class.

The shotgun house we find throughout the South is an example of just how elusive. Built before closets, all the rooms in a traditional shotgun are technically multi-purpose: they can be used as living rooms, bedrooms, offices, dining rooms, storage, or whatever. In practice, though, medium to large and sometimes extended families live in these homes. Many residents would be lucky to have a dedicated living room; a dining room would be a luxury indeed.

But they’re coming anyway. The rejection of the traditional floor plan in these remodels — for being too small, insufficiently private, and un-dining-roomed — hints at a turn toward a richer sort of resident, one that demands a lifestyle modeled by Jefferson and made sacred by the American middle class.

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Lisa Wade, PhD is a professor at Occidental College. She is the author of American Hookup, a book about college sexual culture, and Gender, a textbook. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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30 May 13:57

Live Knives is a sick, twisted, beautiful Twitter bot for knife commercials

by (Jaya Saxena)
Why is there a 24/7 knife infomercial channel, anyway?
29 May 18:30

Watch: Brazilian MMA prospect's crazy walkout and KO finish

by Zane Simon

We've all heard about a fighter trying to get into their opponent's head before a fight, so why not provide them with some pure nightmare fuel in your walkout?

Okay, sure, there's nothing that scary about a dancing Captain America, or a dancing Spiderman. Mickey Mouse? That's debatable. But whatever that puffy-faced, Raggedy-Ann, dog-boy creature is, that's absolutely terrifying and more than enough to put fear into the hearts of the bravest of men.

4-1 rising fighter Gabriel Macario faced Juliano Militao at Aspera FC 38 this weekend, on May 27th in Barueri, Brazil. The fight was Macario's first since a submission loss to Gerardo Nunez last month in Spain. The formerly unbeaten prospect was looking to jump back on the winning side, and came out with what I can only assume was meant to be a much more intimidating version of the Haka. Check it out below (h/t to MMA Fighting):

Oh, and as for the fight, Macario did pretty well there too,  scoring the KO off a clean counter left hook. No doubt aided by the fact that his opponent had just seen him tear away a dog face to reveal himself:

27 May 18:13

For those who have everything: A personal wood-fired hot tub

by The Week Staff

"There are a number of things in life that can calm down just about anybody; burning wood fires, and hanging out in hot tubs are chief among them," says J.D. Digiovanni at

The Soak outdoor wood-fired hot tub ($4,450), created by a Canadian design and fabrication firm, combines both pleasures. Made from marine-grade aluminum, stainless steel, and red cedar, this tub for two heats up via a wood fire or propane. The tub's Bauhaus-inspired modernist lines aren't what you expect from a wood-fired tub, but the look is "a great fit for almost any backyard."

27 May 23:55

Curlers Sweep into the Bay Area for Holiday Weekend Competition

by Lisa Marie Potter

I bet you didn’t know there’s a major controversy sweeping through the world of curling. Yes, that quirky sport that pops up on TV during the Winter Olympics actually spawned a worldwide scandal—not over drugs, not over bribes, but over brooms.

It’s about new fabrics on the brooms that curlers use to sweep the ice in front of the stone, and it’s bad enough that ice experts and top athletes are calling it “broomgate.” They gathered in Kemptville, Canada this week to investigate the contentious brooms that were changing the way this 500-year-old game was played.

‘It got to the point where the sweeping was making a greater difference in shot-making than the actual shot-making.’Jaime Bourassa, Olympic ice technician

Jamie Bourassa stood among them, an Olympic-level ice technician there to help resolve the controversy. He and the rest of the Sweeping Summit tested the disputed brooms to see which ones had too strong an influence on the stones. The World Curling Federation will use the data to vote in September on new rules for brooms.

After the summit, Bourassa flew straight to the Sharks Ice Facility in Fremont to prep for the Bay Area’s annual curling tournament, held the weekend before Memorial Day.

At the 2016 Golden Gate Bonspiel, curling teams from the Bay Area and beyond will sweep and glide their way to glory. The San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club (SFBACC) is hosting the event, which puts curlers of all skill levels onto the ice. Teams with names such as Game of Stones, and Star Wars: The Frost Awakens will play through Sunday until four champions emerge, to be awarded a bottle of wine and medals.

Bourassa arrived last night to train local curlers in the science and art of maintaining their ice.

“He is a true ice meister,” says Brent Halpenny, former president of the SFBACC who attended the training. “He does amazing things with water. It’s the only way to word it.”

Bay Area curlers flood the ice at the Sharks Ice Facility in Fremont during a course with Jamie Bourassa, one of the world's best curling ice technicians. They need to make the surface as level as possible for the curling tournament.
Bay Area curlers and enthusiasts flood the ice at the Sharks Ice Facility in Fremont during a course with Jamie Bourassa, one of the world’s best curling ice technicians. They need to make the surface as level as possible for the curling tournament. (Loreen Makishima-Wolf)

The Science and Art of Making Ice

Curling is all about reading the ice. One person glides the 42-pound curling stone toward a bulls-eye at the end of the court. The rock veers in one way or the other—that’s the curl. The frantic brushing melts the surface of the ice to coax the stone a little farther or prevent it from curling too far astray.

The strategy of curling begins long before anyone throws the first stone.

“The better we make the playing surface, the better the players can play,” Bourassa says. He prepped the ice for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, and does the same for curling championships all over the world.

The first step is to level the ice. Ice technicians use lasers to map the hills and dips carved out by hockey skates. A Zamboni shaves away the highs and technicians flood low points with water as pure as they can get.

“If you use the tap water in an ice tray, you’ll feel rough patches on the ice cubes,” Bourassa says. “You don’t with pure water.”

Next comes the pebbler. Armed with a water-filled backpack and hose, a technician walks backward, spraying the hose back and forth until the ice sheet is covered in tiny bumps. The brooms melt the tops of the pebbles, creating a rounded, slick pathway to gently nudge the rock in one way or the other.

Armed with water-filled backpacks, pebblers spray water droplets across the entire court in the early hours before the 2016 Golden Gate Bonspiel. The droplets freeze into icy pebbles, over which the curling stones glide.
Armed with water-filled backpacks, pebblers spray water droplets across the entire court in the early hours before the 2016 Golden Gate Bonspiel. The droplets freeze into icy pebbles, over which the curling stones glide. (Loreen Makishima-Wolf)

Chess on the Ice

By the end of a curling round a dozen stones may crowd the bulls-eye and only the rock closest to the center takes the point. The team’s last thrower, called the skip, must set up her shot to knock out the opponent’s stones or pull off a tricky curl.

“They call it chess on the ice,” says Loreen Makishima-Wolf, 51, who will compete on the team The Dancing Minas. Makishima-Wolf prefers to throw early when the ice is clear, but still feels the pressure if her throws go sour.

“It sets the table,” she says. “If I have a lousy game, and don’t put my rocks in play at all, it leaves it open for the other team. If I don’t do my job, I make it harder for everybody else.”

The throws called shots get the stone closest to the middle point and are the heart of the game, showcasing the skill of the thrower. The brushes that launched the broomgate controversy compromised that, Bourassa says.

The World Curling Federation noticed during competitions last fall that some of the brooms seemed to change the rock’s original trajectory, and they banned them.

“It got to the point where the sweeping was making a greater difference in shot-making than the actual shot-making,” Bourassa says.

In the end, curlers are looking for a great shot. The sport has strong rules of etiquette to keep it friendly.

“If someone has a good shot, they say, ‘Hey, good shot!” says Debbie Doherty, chair of the 2016 Golden Gate Bonspiel. “And the winner buys the first round of drinks.”

Curious about curling? You can check out the 2016 Golden Gate Bonspiel at the Sharks Ice Facility in Fremont or watch the live stream here!

28 May 15:56

McDonald’s is opening a fries-only restaurant this weekend in one lucky place

by Trilby Beresford

McDonald’s is opening a fries-only restaurant this weekend in one lucky place

McDonald’s is opening a fries-only restaurant this weekend in one lucky place

If you frequently visit McDonald’s just to eat their fries, then this piece of news might make your day: McDonald’s is opening its first-ever fries-only pop-up restaurant for the weekend of May 27-29. Yep, as in right NOW. Except, here’s the curveball; it’s in Sydney, Australia. (Incidentally, they call McDonald’s “Maccas” in Australia, so that’s how we’ll be referring to it from now on.)

The special Maccas restaurant is appropriately called “Fries With That,” and apparently everything is entirely 100% free. The reason behind that is they want to get people trying new flavors that might potentially be added to their Loaded Fries range, which include Gravy, Guacamole & Salsa, and Bacon & Cheese Sauce. SO, included on the very creative pop-up menu are even more delicious sounding fancy-pants toppings, like Chipotle Cheese Sauce, Pesto Mayo & Parmesan, Caesar Sauce Bacon & Parmesan, Curry, Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream, and Peri Peri Cheese Sauce. And of course, the popular Gravy. Okay, now we’re getting jealous. 7 exciting flavors!

Quick flight to Australia, perhaps? OR can this revolutionary concept please spread to other shores? In time for when we get hungry?

Don’t feel too left out if you can’t get to Australia in the next 48 hours. In the U.S. (specifically in Bay Area of California), there are new yummy garlic fries at some McDonald’s locations, so we can fulfill our cravings.

Let’s hope the restaurant Down Under is amazingly successful, and then we’ll probably be seeing fries-only locations appear in the U.S. and the UK as well. Hopefully sooner rather than later. We also would not turn down a milkshake only restaurant, just sayin’.

In the meantime, Australia: Know that we’re living vicariously through you right now. Please send us detailed descriptions of the wonders of each and every one of these incredible-sounding flavors!

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28 May 18:01

Another Day, Another Person Acting Like a Maniac in a Public Bathroom

by Aimée Lutkin
Another Day, Another Person Acting Like a Maniac in a Public Bathroom

Holy hell, when will we stop fighting over pee-peeing.

KSL reports that a man named Christopher Adams was shopping at a Walmart in Clinton, Utah, when his two kids told him they needed the restroom. He decided to take his 7-year-old son Kyler and 5-year old daughter Emery with him into the men’s room, saying, “There was a family restroom but with two kids that have to go to the bathroom I just decided we’ll all go to the men’s bathroom and get it done.”

A man entered as the family was washing up. The man proceeded to freak the f*ck out about seeing a female child in the men’s room, though she was accompanied by her father. Adams described the scene to The Daily Beast:

“He came in and we finished washing our hands and it escalated really fast,” he said.

“What the fuck is she doing in here?” the man said, according to Adams. “It is inappropriate that she’s in here.”

Adams said he tried to keep cool.

“I was just like, ‘Wait, what? What is going on?’”

Adams tried to tell the guy to back off.

“I told him ‘Whatever A-hole.’”

Then the guy “instantly snapped,” suckerpunching Adams in the mouth.

“He pushed me and I caught myself and then he punched me in the face,” Adams said. “I took it and then moved him out of the bathroom… He was just exploding.”

Kyler drew his sister into a stall and locked it as their dad pushed the man out of the restroom and held him down until Walmart management was alerted. The guy briefly escaped and proceeded to shop as though nothing had happened until he was apprehended by police.

There’s nothing to directly indicate that the suspect’s irrational attack was connected to controversy over access to public restrooms for transgender people, but it crossed Adams’ mind:

“I don’t know what he was freaking out about,” Adams said. “The only thing that makes sense in my head at the the time was whole Obama thing with forcing transgenders to use bathrooms.”

“I never gave much thought about Obama trying to push this and now I do,” he said. “It shouldn’t matter what you identify with but families should be allowed to go to the bathroom without trouble.”

The phrase “whole Obama thing with forcing transgenders to use bathrooms” is another example of the confusion, politicizing, and lack of basic understanding about bathroom access currently running rampant from state to state. We should all be able to use the bathroom without trouble.

Screenshot via KSL.

28 May 17:15

Blind Items Revealed #6

by Enty

August 7, 2012

Most of you have heard the Charlie Sheen shooting Kelly Preston story, but there is one that would have made the world explode with gossip if this one had ever got out to the public. This couple was everywhere. They were all over every tabloid. The actor, all movies all the time is still A+. Back in the day not so long ago he was a drinking and drugging machine and had a thing for antique weapons. Still does. Brings them to the set all the time. Much more careful with them now though. His girlfriend at the time was A list. She was strictly a booze and cigs kind of person with the sometime coke night if she was really having fun. Well, one night, our actor was showing off a new gun he had purchased at auction and was drinking and playing around and swinging it and shot his girlfriend. Bam right in the ribs. The bullet sliced off a chunk of the side of her ribs right below her bra line. She was not wearing a bra at the time. She was naked. There was blood everywhere. They screamed for several minutes before one of them finally got the idea of trying to towel it off. Yeah, that did not last long. They then used the hotel room drapes. Finally our actor made a call and the hotel sent up a doctor. The girlfriend did not need surgery because it went in and out. It did cause her a whole lot of pain and to help with her pain she started using some stronger drugs which took her ten years to break.

Johnny Depp/Winona Ryder