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29 Sep 06:30

The Science of Why We Sleep and What Happens Inside Our Brains When We Do

by Maria Popova

What your brain’s chemical lullaby has to do with how screens are making you perennially tired.

“Something nameless hums us into sleep,” the poet Mark Strand wrote in his beautiful ode to dreams. But what is that nameless something, exactly? By now, scientists know that sleep obeys our complex internal clocks, affects our every waking moment, and even tames our negative emotions. But even as they’re beginning to shed light on what happens while we sleep, they don’t yet know why we evolved to sleep in the first place.

In this fascinating short video, PBS’s Joe Hanson explores the mysteries of sleep, synthesizing science from David Randall’s excellent Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep (public library) and other scientific curiosities, from how tiny ocean-dwelling worms explain our brains’ response to daylight and darkness to Edison’s power-napping strategy for success.

Sleep might be the single most important behavior that humans and other animals experience.

Complement with the chronobiology of why you’re so tired, the science of sleep and the teenage brain, and the relationship between dreaming and depression, then revisit this visualization of famous writers’ sleep habits vs. creative output.

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21 Nov 03:00

Adele Disguised Herself As An Adele Impersonator

16 Nov 18:22

Charlie Sheen Is HIV Positive, Will Make Announcement Tomorrow on 'Today'



#BREAKING Charlie Sheen Will Disclose HIV Status on 'Today'

— TMZ (@TMZ) November 16, 2015

  • Charlie is HIV Postivie

  • Will sit down with Matt Lauer tomorrow on TODAY

  • A tabloid came out today stating he's had the disease for years and has been hiding it from the public.

18 Nov 08:27

ONE MONTH TO GO!! Here’s something I’ve cooked up “for fun”....

ONE MONTH TO GO!! Here’s something I’ve cooked up “for fun”. Fitting that it’s almost been a year since my first Ep. 7 fan art. I’ve gotten much better reference since then :)

10 Nov 19:43

Kpop group EXO collaborates with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”


Mobile phone accessories on the D-ring of a lightsaber hilt is the most Korean thing. Also, what.


03 Nov 17:39

Sir David Attenborough narrates Adele's Hello

Earth treasures, British treasures, human treasures. I am dying because there has never been anything this good.


02 Nov 15:16

Classical Sculpture Action Figures Bring “David” and “Venus de Milo” to Life

by Christopher Jobson

This rules!


This season’s hottest new retro-kitsch action figures pre-date GI Joes and Power Rangers by nearly 500 years. If you’ve ever imagined what Michelangelo’s “David” would look like while locked in heated battle with Rodin’s “The Thinker,” or how “Venus de Milo” would use a brand new set of articulated arms, The Table Museum has your answer. These 6-inch limited edition action figures feature fully moveable arms, legs, and even eyeballs. Unfortunately the ordering window for several of the figures has already closed, but “David” is currently available for pre-order at around ¥4800 (~$40) and ships sometime in May of 2016. They even take PayPal. (via Boing Boing, Hyperallergic)




30 Oct 18:24

WATCH: Halloween Costumes For Pets

02 Nov 06:56

PREACHER trailer


Joe Gilgun as Cassidy is phenomenal casting but I'm not convinced by Dominic Cooper.

Source Not sure how I feel about Dom Cooper and his western accent but I'm ready for Joe Gilgun to win hearts all over America!!!!
26 Oct 16:25

Shake Cats: Ridiculous Portraits of Felines Photographed Mid-Shake by Carli Davidson

by Christopher Jobson

Might want an antihistamine before going through these.

Carli Davidson Pet Photography
Lil Bub / Courtesy Carli Davidson

For her latest series Shake Cats, Portland photographer Carli Davidson trained her high speed camera on a parade of flittering felines, capturing each cat mid-shake in an explosion of fur, skin, and spit. You may recognize Davidson’s work from her previous portraits of shaking dogs and puppies. This new series proves to be equally humorous—if not more so—and is accompanied by an equally fun video, seen below. She even managed to get a cameo of famed internet cat Lil Bub.

The most frequent question Davidson gets about the series is how she coaxed the cats into shaking. The assumption is that she simply dumps water on them, but the answer is much more humane. After acclimating to the studio, some cats shake when simply pet by a human hand dipped in water. In other instances the cats were photographed during a standard ear cleaning using Epi-Otic ear cleaner applied by an animal care professional.

Most of the 61 cats appearing in Shake Cats are rescues, and Carli also had the opportunity to shoot regular high-quality portraits for each animal to encourage online adoption (which in most cases happened almost immediately). A portion of Davidson’s advance from the book will support three Portland shelters who provided its subjects.

Shake Cats is now available on Amazon and elsewhere.

Carli Davidson Pet Photography
Lil Bub / Courtesy Carli Davidson

Jaz / Courtesy Carli Davidson

Jaz / Courtesy Carli Davidson

Lorax / Courtesy Carli Davidson

Lorax / Courtesy Carli Davidson

Katie / Courtesy Carli Davidson

Binx / Courtesy Carli Davidson

Yushi / Courtesy Carli Davidson

Carli Davidson Pet PhotographyRescue 12 / Courtesy Carli Davidson


27 Oct 01:00

The Strangest Star Wars Products!

by (Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller)

SkywalkerMall catalogue

This Halloween, before you slip on a sexy Yoda hat, consider making a meta-costume by dressing up as these products!
27 Oct 20:12

Newly Digitized ‘Phenakistoscope’ Animations That Pre-Date GIFs by Over 150 Years

by Christopher Jobson


Courtesy the Richard Balzer Collection

Since first stumbling onto an early type of image projector called a magic lantern over 40 years ago, Richard Balzer became instantly obsessed with early optical devices, from camera obscuras and praxinoscopes to anamorphic mirrors and zoetropes. Based in New York, Balzer has collected thousands of obscure and unusual devices such as phenakistoscopes, one of the first tools for achieving live animation.

The phenakistoscope relies on a disc with sequential illustrations to create looping animations when viewed through small slits in a mirror, producing an effect not unlike the GIFs of today. These bizarre, psychedelic, and frequently morbid scenes (people eating other people seemed to a popular motif) were produced in great volumes across Europe in the early to mid 19th century. Balzer and his assistant Brian Duffy have been digitizing and animating these discs and sharing the results on Tubmlr since 2012 (previously). Seen here is just a sampling of their efforts over the last year or so, but you can see plenty more here.

An early Phenakistoscope design

Courtesy the Richard Balzer Collection

Courtesy the Richard Balzer Collection

Courtesy the Richard Balzer Collection

Courtesy the Richard Balzer Collection

Courtesy the Richard Balzer Collection

Courtesy the Richard Balzer Collection

26 Oct 19:23

'Walking Dead' Viewer Killed His Friend for Turning Into a Zombie



Grants police spokesman Moses Marquez said Sunday that 23-year-old Christopher Paquin was beaten and that 23-year-old Damon Perry is being held on a murder charge.

Perry told investigators they had been drinking when Paquin began "to change into a zombie" and tried to bite him.

Police say Perry beat Paquin with his hands, feet, an electric guitar and a microwave.

Authorities say Perry attributed his actions to binge-watching "The Walking Dead," which centers on a zombie apocalypse, on Netflix.

24 Oct 02:13

Ukrainians transform statue of Soviet founder Lenin into Star Wars villain Darth Vader

A statue of Vladimir Lenin has since been transformed into a statue of Darth Vader after a law was passed in April that ordered the removal of all symbols and insignia that reflected its communist past. Darth Vader is quite popular in Ukraine as Western culture is being embraced by its citizens, something that has angered Russia. Darth Vader's helmet will also function as a wifi hotspot.

20 Oct 14:25

this is the version of wuthering heights my little brother sings...

this is the version of wuthering heights my little brother sings because he’s some sort of genius. He is 14 tomorrow so I drew it for him 

21 Oct 20:05

FREE Album: John Farnham Greatest Hits @ Google Play

by gooseberry


FREE Album: John Farnham Greatest Hits @ Google Play

Anthology 1: Greatest Hits 1986–1997 is a greatest hits compilation album by Australian singer John Farnham. The album was released in Australia on 29 September 1997, and is the first of a three disc Anthology set, it coincided with Farnham celebrating his 30th Anniversary in music.
This album reached #1 in the ARIA charts in October, and yielded a #3 hit single with the Human Nature and John Farnham collaboration, "Every Time You Cry".
In addition to this, a variant edition of the album was released on 29 September 1997 as a single disc compilation titled, Greatest Hits.
In 1999, a VHS video cassette featuring the music film clips from this album was released with a limited pressing. This video was titled, Anthology 1 - The Videos.

15 Oct 21:27

guess who 

guess who 

15 Oct 17:21

Winners of the 2015 Wildlife Photographer of the Year

by Christopher Jobson

Still life, Edwin Giesbers, The Netherlands. Amphibians and Reptiles, WINNER.

The winners of the 2015 Wildlife Photographer of the Year have just been announced, and the top images depict an extreme gamut of beauty and ferocity found in the natural world. The grand title winner was ‘A Tale of Two Foxes' taken by photographer Don Gutoski in Wapusk National Park in Manitoba, Canada that captures an unusual deadly clash between between red and Arctic foxes. The two species aren’t known to prey on each other as they generally hunt and live in different climates, but as their habitats have gradually merged over the last few years, the two animals are now on an unexpected collision course.

Kathy Moran, senior editor for natural history projects at National Geographic and jury member, referred to the photo as “one of the strongest single storytelling photographs I have ever seen.” She continued, “the immediate impact of this photograph is that it appears as if the red fox is slipping out of its winter coat. What might simply be a straightforward interaction between predator and prey struck the jury as a stark example of climate change, with red foxes encroaching on Arctic fox territory.”

The winning photos seen here were selected from 42,000 entries from 96 countries, and will be exhibited at the Natural History Museum in London from October 16th, 2015, through April 10th, 2016. You can read the story behind each winning image in this gallery. (via PetaPixel)

A whale of a mouthful, Michael AW, Australia. Underwater, WINNER.

A tale of two foxes, Don Gutoski, Canada. Wildlife Photographer of the Year, WINNER.

The company of three, Amir Ben-Dov, Israel. Birds, WINNER.

Flight of the scarlet ibis, Jonathan Jagot, France. Young Wildlife Photographers:
 15–17 years old, WINNER.

Life comes to art, Juan Tapia, Spain. Impressions, WINNER. Story.

Ruffs on display, Ondrej Pelánek, Czech Republic. Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year, 11–14 years old, WINNER.

The art of algae, Peter Soler, Spain. From the Sky, WINNER.

Shadow walker, Richard Peters, UK. Urban, WINNER.

14 Oct 18:56

'Y: The Last Man' is Being Developed as a TV Series for FX

'Y: The Last Man' TV Series in Development at FX

— Peter Sciretta (@slashfilm) October 14, 2015

-After the attempt of making it a film has failed, writer Brian K. Vaughan has now shift gears developing it for TV along side producers Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson
-FX is now searching to find a writer for the project, no director has been chosen yet

It should have been on Netflix imo, who would you cast ontd?
12 Oct 15:22

A French Museum Dedicated to Over 100 Hyperrealistic Miniature Film Sets

by Kate Sierzputowski

Le collectionneur de Brooklyn_Miniature de Dan Ohlmann

Housed in a 16th century building in the historic center of Lyon, France is the Musée Miniature et Cinéma, a 5-story museum containing over 100 miniature film sets. The tiny scenes were produced by world-renowned miniaturists and contain the highest form of Hyperrealism in order to trick the audience’s eye into believing each set was indeed life-size.

The handcrafted models contain all the minuscule features that would be found in the film’s actual scene, from fake mold inhabiting peeling walls to scratches seen behind tiny bedposts. The props in the museum’s scenes are also placed with incredible accuracy, disheveled books in libraries propped against each other at just the right angle, and miniature Charles Eames chairs that would even fool the designer. Accurate within these scenes is also their relationship to outside light, windows accentuating or distilling the light to position the set in the right time of day, geographic location or season.

“The subtle lighting arrangement, the painstaking replication of old textures, the use of the same original materials, all contribute to the creation of a moving poetry that resonates with each new miniature panorama,” explains the museum’s website.

If you don’t happen to be traveling to France anytime soon you can see more images of the meticulously detailed scenes on the Musée Miniature et Cinéma’s gallery page here. (via Beautiful/Decay)

Paquebot Normandie - Miniature de Dan Ohlmann


Le dortoir - Miniature de Dan Ohlmann

D.O. Temple Kurama



Maxim's de Paris - Miniature de Dan Ohlmann


Le théâtre de Cupidon - Miniature de Dan Ohlmann


Archives_Miniature de Dan Ohlmann

Prison Saint Paul - Miniature de Dan Ohlmann


02 Oct 00:54

Tori Spelling says she slept with two castmates from BH90210


No love for Steve.

9021-OMG! Tori Spelling​ reveals which #90210​ cast member took her virginity.

— ExtraTV (@extratv) October 1, 2015

She took a polygraph test on Lifetime's Celebrity Lie Detector where she spills that she lost her virginity to Brian Austin Green. She wouldn't name the other castmate but narrowed it down to either Luke Perry or Jason Priestley.

Source 1/2
07 Oct 18:44

The Game of Thrones Halloween 2015 Guide

by Sue the Fury

I had no idea you could buy gambesons on the HBO store.

Halloween is coming

Game of Thrones has had a natural relationship with Halloween since the show debuted. The Emmy-winning costumes provide a great variety of attractive and delightfully gruesome concepts to choose from. Every year, fans top themselves with creative takes on the season’s biggest scenes- revisit last year’s Halloween parade of Game of Thrones costumes for examples and ideas.

Have you made up your mind yet whether this year you’ll be Jaime or Melisandre or Jon? A book character that never made it to the show? A walking-dead Karsi or still-on-the-stake Shireen? (Don’t groan, I’ve seen that last one before. It was pretty amazing, actually.) Let’s see what our options are this year!

The Starks are still a favorite when it comes to Halloween. The Northern King costume is ideal for those looking to bring Robb or Ned back to life. Post-Red Wedding Robbs are always good, too. Add a bloodied-up wolf mask and you’re set.



The Queendom Come costume from is an excellent choice if you want to go as the khaleesi this year- or you can add more strategically placed cut-outs, and go as the Daenerys-admiring whore from Volantis.



HBO’s official store has some beautiful replicas available if you’re looking for long-lasting cosplaying items. The Cape of the North is the shop’s pricey version of Jon Snow’s luxurious cape, with a faux fur-lined neck and leather straps.

The HBO Shop also offers the black Jon Snow Peascod, worn by men in the Night’s Watch, and the Jon Snow gambeson. The authentic Jon look isn’t cheap, but it is warm and well-made.

The good thing about Melisandre costumes is that they leave a lot of room for creativity and flexibility in the budget. Essentially, drape yourself in any red gown and a red wig, and stare at people for uncomfortable lengths of time, and people know who you are. (The Dutch/Asshai accent is a little harder to master and not necessary.) The right Melisandre jewelry with your Halloween costume can make it stand out- there are pieces for sale on websites like Etsy to accessorize your red priestess.

This next one’s a DIY, courtesy of– the Walk of Shame costume. If you have a flesh-toned body suit, a shameless affection for your brother, and a relentless friend to follow you around, you can pull this off. (King’s Landing flashers not supplied.)


Shame Costume


The Dothraki are making a big comeback in season 6, and constructing a costume for a man or a woman in the Dothraki style is a DIY option this year. The rough-cut woven fabric used in the costuming is simple to replicate and instructions abound on the internet. Example of making Dany’s Dothraki costume found here.  Throw in an arakh if you’re feeling feisty.

Of course, it’s Halloween, so it’s time for jack-o’-lanterns. The Game of Thrones fandom usually turns it out in this area as well. If you’re not artistically inclined, pick up the Game of Thrones Pumpkin Pattern Package, which includes 9 Game of Thrones stencil patterns.



Tweet a photo of you in your Halloween costume at @WatchersOTWall this year, over the next few weeks, and we may include you in our 2015 Halloween parade!

The post The Game of Thrones Halloween 2015 Guide appeared first on Watchers on the Wall.

06 Oct 05:00

Connie Britton’s Hair Secret

05 Oct 01:41

Some Disney comics I made for a mini zine years back but didn’t...


I love this so much.

Some Disney comics I made for a mini zine years back but didn’t post all of them online anywheres! Here you go.

02 Oct 22:35

4hr Batman painting. Struggled with this quite a bit. It was...

4hr Batman painting. Struggled with this quite a bit. It was supposed to be for batman day, but I missed it.

26 Sep 04:44

Get your popcorn gifs ready!!! Morena Baccarin & Ben McKenzie plan to marry.


dafuq? I guess I really need to catch up on Gotham.

EXCLUSIVE: Morena Baccarin & Ben McKenzie plan to marry. Her ex was "blindsided."

— EntertainmentTonight (@etnow) September 26, 2015

- Some new documents reveal Morena wants to re-marry with Ryan Atwood Ben McKenzie.
- Morena's ex just filed for divorce on June 12.
- According to her ex, Morena cheated on him with Ben.


I have a feeling all of this will end with Ben and Chick in a fight with a gunshot and "mmmm watch sayyyy"

23 Sep 14:45

disney meets dragon age: inquisition


God damn it, I can't figure out who Blackwall is!

disney meets dragon age: inquisition

22 Sep 03:03

crazy-flying-lemon: dragonagestuff: dopeybeauty: disney meets...






disney meets dragon age: inquisition



16 Sep 13:00

Pocket Shot slingshot review

by Larry Geisz

Or you could cut a chunk of PVC, a rubber glove, and some duct tape, and make a glove gun for way less than $25.

The Pocket Shot-1

Remembering back to when I was a teenager, one of the scariest things I ever bought was a slingshot. I was not scared because the slingshot was inherently dangerous because it was. No, I was scared because I did not know how my parents would react. Living in a rural part of PA at the time, my parents did not overreact instead they encouraged me to be cautious and responsible, and I was. I hung on to that slingshot (a Pocket Rocket) well into my late 20’s and then like most mementos of our youth it went away. Today, the slingshot craze is still alive with all sorts of designs and materials, but one that stands out to me is The Pocket Shot slingshot, developed by Pocket Shot LLC.

Note: Images can be clicked to view a larger size.

The Pocket Shot-2

As you will see throughout this review, The Pocket Shot is not your father’s “Y” shaped slingshot. The Pocket Shot is a unique design developed and manufactured by the folks at Pocket Shot.

The Pocket Shot-3

Being a relatively simple device, The Pocket Shot comes with The Pocket Shot, one standard pouch, one pro pouch, one inner ring, one outer ring, a cap and an instruction booklet.

The Pocket Shot-4

By now you are asking what’s so special about this slingshot? Two things really stand out to me. First, is the simple design that lets you aim from a more natural stance than using conventional slingshots. This design, in my opinion, should make it easier to become proficient with The Pocket Shot. The second is the versatility. With two pouch choices and the optional available Whisker Biscuit Cap, The Pocket Shot offers you the ability to not only shoot round shot but crossbow bolts.

The Pocket Shot-5

Speaking of design, size seems to be one of the factors that the team at Pocket Shot took into consideration when developing The Pocket Shot. Measuring in at about 5 inches long with the cap on and with the diameter around the size of a smokeless tobacco can (think Skoal can) The Pocket Shot can easily fit into a pocket with the pouch pushed up inside itself.

The Pocket Shot-6

When not in use, The Pocket Shot can store items such as extra pouches and shot. The lid screws on securely and won’t allow those items to escape. This feature is great for storing or traveling with The Pocket Shot.

The Pocket Shot-7

As I mentioned earlier in this review, The Pocket Shot comes with two pouches, a standard model, and a pro model. Changing out the pouches was fairly simple. The back of the cap is used to unscrew the two rings allowing you to remove one pouch and replace it with another. The difference between the two (besides the pro model pouch being blue) is the thickness of the pouches. The pro pouch is thicker.

The Pocket Shot-8

Shooting The Pocket Shot is a simple process. Place your preferred projectile into the pouch of The Pocket Shot. Grip it with your thumb and forefinger, pull back on the pouch with your other hand, aim, and fire. While accuracy may come naturally to some folk, proficiency with The Pocket Shot or any other weapons comes from practice. Through research and shooting The Pocket Shot I found that the best shooting distance for accuracy and power seemed to be between 10 and 15 yards. At those distances, I was able to hit small targets accurately and with enough power to cause damage. From a survival or even hunting situation, the distance should be sufficient for small game.

So, what’s my bottom line here? I think The Pocket Shot is a neat, unique product. From a design and build standpoint, The Pocket Shot is a great design and is well made. I like the fact that when they had problems with the earlier models chipping, they changed what it was made of so it does not chip. Although there are not many parts, The Pocket Shot is modular so you could replace individual parts if needed. The small size packs enough power for fun and survival situations. The Pocket Shot would be a great addition to anyone’s survival kit or bug out bag. I will admit compared to a quality slingshot, The Pocket Shot lacks in power and performance, but for $25 from the Pocket Shot website, I am not sure you can find a better survival slingshot.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Pocket Shot LLC.


Product Information

Price: $25
Manufacturer: Pocket Shot LLC
Retailer: Pocket Shot LLC
  • Light
  • Easy to use
  • Made with durable materials

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01 Sep 21:40

Blue Fire Crater: Rivers of Molten Sulphur Flowing Inside an Indonesian Volcano Photographed by Reuben Wu

by Christopher Jobson


While on a trip to visit the Ijen and Bromo Tengger Semeru volcanoes in East Java last month, Chicago-based photographer Reuben Wu captured the unusual sight of molten sulphur that flows from fumaroles at the base of the Blue Fire Crater at Ijen. The area is usually swarming with tourists, but Wu stayed after sunset until the moon rose to capture these otherworldly images.

The journey into the Ijen Caldera is not for the faint hearted. A two-hour trek up the side of the rocky volcano is followed by another 45-minute hike down to the bank of the crater. The blue fire found at the base is the result of ignited sulphuric gas that burns up to 600 degrees Celsius (1,112 degrees Fahrenheit) and can flare up to 5 meters (16 feet) into the air. It is the largest “blue flame” area on Earth.

Additional photos from Wu’s trek through Indonesia can be seen here. (via Colossal Submissions)