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15 Apr 04:03

X-Force by Cory J Walker

by Patrick Ian Rooks

A+++ pouches & gun scale.

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{X-Force as follows: Cable, Domino, Shatterstar, Cannonball, Feral, Boom Boom and Warpath}

Luckily we all remember how rad it was when this X-Factor team showed up in 1991 and added a newer, hip dimension to the X-Franchise, right? That is unless you’re this lame Millennial who wouldn’t be born for another four years. While I unfortunately missed out on the glory days of the OG 90′s X-Factor, I wasn’t willing to miss out on Cory J Walker’s sensational redesigns of the first class. Look at those guns! They’re huge! I feel like I’m back in the 90′s already. Jokes being made, while bare bones in nature, these redesigns are incredibly well executed. They come across to me just as cartoony as they are complex, and to me that’s a great thing. Alright, one more joke. (In a Jerry Seinfeld voice) What’s the deal with those pouches? -Patrick

11 Apr 02:28

Ian McKellen to play Cogsworth in Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’


I... what?

- McKellen joins an already stellar line up of cast members including Emma Watson (Belle), Dan Stevens (The Beast), Luke Evans (Gaston), Emma Thompson (Mrs. Potts), Josh Gad (Le Fou), Kevin Kline (Maurice), and Audra McDonald (The Wardrobe).

- Beauty and the Beast hits theaters in March 17, 2017 under the direction of Bill Condon.

15 Apr 18:28

Dennis Quaid video was... a Funny or Die Prank

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Watch video explanation HERE


For receipts on who fell for it please see this post.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
15 Apr 20:09

GoT: Alfie Allen promises a terrible Season 5 event with Ramsay Bolton: 'Get ready for it'


Alayne, Alayne, it rhymes with pain..?

Alfie Allen has revealed that something horrible involving Ramsay Bolton will happen in Season 5 that's worse than anything he's done before.

"There's something that happens about halfway through this season that is really going to make huge waves, and people aren't going to be happy about it. It's hard to watch. I bear witness to this thing, and it's crazy, sort of having to portray how messed up everyone's situation is through my own reactions to what happens. Get ready for it."

Alfie also said he and Iwan worked with a major character this season and that it was an "absolute joy" to interact with this actor/actress.

"There's this one character who crosses both of our paths, and [Ramsay] certainly enjoys tormenting this character. It can be tough to watch for some people, without a doubt."


14 Apr 00:31

'Wonder Woman' Movie Loses Director Michelle MacLaren


This is basically guaranteed to suck now, right?

Breaking: 'Wonder Woman' Movie Loses Director Michelle MacLaren (Exclusive)

— THR Movies (@THRmovies) April 13, 2015

02 Apr 20:14

Full House Reunion Series Fuller House Nears 13-Episode Netflix Order


Good thing we officially have Netflix in Australia now so we can watch gems like this.

Exclusive: FULL HOUSE Reunion Series Nears 13-Episode Netflix Order #FullerHouse Cc: @candacecbure @johnstamos

— Michael Ausiello (@MichaelAusiello) 2. April 2015


The multi cam comedy is gonna focus on D.J. and her bff Kimmy, played by Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber.
27 Feb 04:44

pixelartus:Simpsons Pixels (Simpsons Opening Video in Pixel...


Simpsons Pixels (Simpsons Opening Video in Pixel Art)

Pixel Artist: Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon


Simpsons Opening Video: (2 min)


08 Apr 00:48

Fourteen-armed, choreographed ceremonial first pitch

by (John)

Sudo Genki instashare.

By Genki Sudo and his dance troupe World Order. Via.
07 Apr 11:22

What a happy face! Stella on her way from Chingford to Liverpool...

What a happy face! Stella on her way from Chingford to Liverpool Street after a trip to Epping Forest with Mark.

07 Apr 16:42

Seth Brings Jon Snow to a dinner party - Late Night with Seth Meyers #winteriscoming 🐺

06 Apr 17:15

Mouthwatering Food & Cooking Cinemagraphs by ‘Kitchen Ghosts’

by Christopher Jobson


Over at Kitchen Ghosts, photographer Daria Khoroshavina and food stylist Olga Kolesnikov have been creating cinemagraphs that detail the creation of entire meals. Some are more like step-by-step recipes, while others just document the general preparation of different ingredients. They also run a Tumblr of additional food prep GIFs at Buttery Planet. (via This Isn’t Happiness)








03 Apr 21:22

A New 100-Day Miniature Painting Project by Lorraine Loots Tackles Vintage Book Covers, the Cosmos, and Furry Animals

by Christopher Jobson


As a continuation of her impossibly miniature painting project, South African artist Lorraine Loots (previously) has embarked on her latest endeavor for 2015: Potluck 100. The new series involves 100 new artworks painted in four categories: Microcosm Mondays, Tiny Tuesdays (vintage book covers), Fursdays, and Free Fridays (images of anything). All 100 paintings are being auctioned on her Instagram account and a limited edition of 10 prints for each work are being made available on her site. Loots also has an upcoming exhibition in New York at Three Kings Studio in July. (via My Modern Met)






31 Mar 16:40

New Star Wars Trailer will premiere with Avengers


Double the pants-shitting!

'STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS' trailer to be released with 'AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON'! RT

— Superhero Feed (@SuperheroFeed) March 31, 2015

02 Apr 15:59

Finally, A Two Hour Lifetime Movie Starring Will Ferrell And Kristen Wiig

Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig filmed a secret Lifetime movie that will likely air in the early summer.  The movie is called A Deadly Adoption. A source for The Hollywood Reporter describes the dramatic thriller as "campy and fun."

Ferrell, who is also an executive producer, is a big fan of Lifetime movies (who isn't?) and has always wanted to make one. He and Wiig play a couple who house and care for a pregnant woman in hopes of adopting her baby.

A Deadly Adoption is being released as Lifetime celebrates 25 glorious years in the movie making business.

More info @ the

ETA: "This is no April Fools' joke" is the first line at the source.
01 Apr 17:19

Dancing Droplets: Researchers Solve the Strange Puzzle of Attraction Found in Drops of Food Coloring

by Christopher Jobson





A trio of researchers at Stanford recently published an article in Nature that explains the curious attraction found in droplets of everyday food coloring. The paper is the culmination of hundreds of experiments that began in 2009 when Nate Circa was working on an unrelated experiment as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin. Circa noticed that when drops of food coloring were placed on a slide they exhibited bizarre behaviors: identical colors would find matches while different colors would seemingly hunt each other.

Circa soon teamed up with Manu Prakash and Adrien Benusiglio who began working on a series of increasingly refined studies to understand why these single droplets appeared to mimic biological processes, resulting in behaviors that looked like chasing, dancing, or avoidance. One of the keys was the interaction of two different compounds found in food coloring: water and propylene glycol. Tom Abate writing for Stanford explains:

The critical fact was that food coloring is a two-component fluid. In such fluids, two different chemical compounds coexist while retaining separate molecular identities. The droplets in this experiment consisted of two molecular compounds found naturally in food coloring: water and propylene glycol. The researchers discovered how the dynamic interactions of these two molecular components enabled inanimate droplets to mimic some of the behaviors of living cells.

This complex behavior is something called artificial chemotaxis which Manu Prakash explains in layman’s terms in the video above:

The physical properties of these fluids give rise to this immense complexity of behavior. For example, chasing and sensing each other, and very much what we call artificial chemotaxis. Chemotaxis is the idea in biology that one single cell can sense where its enemy is, and it brings up all its machinery, and it chases that enemy to try to eat it.

If you really want to get into the nitty gritty of fluid dynamics and molecular physics you can read the full paper in Nature and a bit of a summary on Stanford News. (via, appropriately, F*ck Yeah Fluid Dynamics)

01 Apr 01:01

A Photographer Lovingly Captures the Unlikely Bond between His Family and an Orphaned Bird

by Christopher Jobson

I bet she tries to hug them aggressively with her beak come swooping season.

penguin the magpie

The stories of a unique bond between a child and their pet are as timeless as they come, but rarely does the pet have wings. Such is the case with photographer Cameron Bloom whose son Noah happened upon a baby magpie in 2013 when the family was out walking near their home in Newport, Australia. After consulting with a veterinarian, the family learned to raise the orphaned bird, who they affectionately named Penguin.

A year later, the curious bird has deeply integrated with the family. Despite being free to come and go outdoors, she always returns to the Bloom household where Cameron, his wife Sam, and their sons Rueben, Noah, and Oli eagerly await her return. On rare occasions, Penguin even shows off her adopted family to other magpies who have followed her inside the house.

For the past year, Bloom has dutifully snapped photos which he publishes on a wildly popular Instagram account. Seriously people, it’s amazing; follow it now, ask questions later. The feels. Penguin pretty much gets the run of the house and is free to snuggle with the family in bed, get tangled in their hair, or help with homework.

Just yesterday, New York Times bestselling author Bradley Trevor Greive announced that he’ll be writing a book about Penguin and the Blooms, accompanied by Cameron’s photography. You can see more on his website. All photos shared here courtesy the photographer. (via Beautiful Decay, ABC)


penguin the magpie




29 Mar 18:42

it’s them, they’re back


Face clutch.

it’s them, they’re back

30 Mar 20:31

Live-action Mulan in development at Disney



Disney Developing Live-Action 'Mulan' (Exclusive)

— THR Movies (@THRmovies) March 30, 2015

Following the success of Cinderella and other retellings, Disney is seeking to develop a live action version of Mulan.

26 Mar 23:09

Human Dorito Chris Evans is now on an actual bag of Doritos


I love everything about this.

Possibly inspired by the meme that Captain America has the shoulder to waist ratio of a Dorito, Avengers-branded packages of Doritos now feature none other than... Captain America. Coincidence? We think not.


What's your favorite snack food, ONTD?
27 Mar 23:04

“A Kingdom of Isolation” Available on Teepublic, Society6 and...

“A Kingdom of Isolation” 

Available on Teepublic, Society6 and Redbubble on shirts, prints, pillows, etc.!

25 Mar 15:02

Toward A Theory Of Normcore Food


"Boring fruits like apples, oranges, bananas, cherries, apples (anything stock enough to appear on slot machines and candy) are normcore. Kale, collard greens, lychee, mango, etc. are not."

Dafuq did I just read

Toward A Theory Of Normcore Food:

The antithetical culinary trend of hipster food, snackwave, seizes on its puritanism and refutes it through slovenliness, shopping mall imagery, and pro-capitalist branding. It is the first prong in the anti-hipster food backlash.

23 Mar 18:09

Trinity by Stephen Byrne

by Patrick Ian Rooks

10507045_356400054555276_6053577601585240198_o 10460361_355641011297847_2591908766646150494_n 21791_355955937933021_9053065889264337682_n 11058505_356247127903902_7607304734432654055_n 11060249_357091977819417_2141478405401406417_n 10645200_358598031002145_505314157928133178_n

With DC’s newly announced redesigns for the iconic Trinity, Stephen Byrne brings us his awesome take! Here the heroes are sleek and casual, almost block buster-ey in a way. He provides some wonderful sequentials to flesh out his redesigns, and they have a great effect. I can imagine a reality where these designs would fit in an “Ultimate” type universe. -Patrick

24 Mar 20:15

Hark, A Vagrant: the Enchantress

buy this print!

When I was signing books in Frankfurt, someone asked me to draw The Enchantress, and I had never heard of her, so he produced a picture, and I asked questions about her while I drew. It turns out I think she is pretty great.

The brand new German edition of my book is available from Zwerchfell Press, with a pretty great title: OBACHT! LUMPENPACK
24 Mar 23:41

One guy created a TIE Fighter short film and it is awesome


Holy shit

Done in 80s-style anime. I cannot believe this was a one-man project.

24 Mar 21:41

Rudy Wade joins “Preacher” as Cassidy.



'PREACHER' Casts Joseph Gilgun As Cassidy The Irish Vampire!

— Superhero Feed (@SuperheroFeed) March 24, 2015

  • Joseph Gilgun is joing the AMC production of “Preacher” as Cassidy, The Irish Vampire.

  • ICYMI, Ruth Negga, who was also in Misfits, is playing Tulip O'Hare.

  • Dominic Cooper, aka Howard Stark, is being eyed to play the lead role of Jesse Custer.

  • They will start filming the pilot this summer.

uno, dos
24 Mar 15:57

RUMOR: Marvel's "Captain Marvel" has already been cast



  • Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel has already been cast, but Marvel is keeping it top secret

  • She will appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron

  • Marvel has the plot and story for her solo film, but have not yet hired a writer

  • Kelly Sue DeConnick (who wrote the first Carol-as-Captain Marvel series) wanted the screenwriting gig but Marvel wants a professional (good tbh)

  • Jim Starlin, who revamped the original (male) Captain Marvel back in the day, is being brought on as a consultant


Who would you cast as Captain Marvel, ONTD?
23 Mar 14:54

An Artist With Amnesia


This was super interesting & bittersweet.

An Artist With Amnesia:

An amnesiac illustrator cannot remember what happened five minutes ago — but  she can still inscribe her feelings on the page.

23 Mar 15:26

Blind Item: Actor vs Director


Good fanfic.

An acclaimed actor. And an acclaimed director. A director with a huge ego, recently made even bigger, and his acclaimed friends are pricks too, so it’s not like there’s anyone around to check his behaviour... until he took it a step too far with someone who has some experience with knocking around douchebags on set.

So it’s been a long shoot. And this is a technically particular director. His exacting demands have made it so that production is taking a long, long time. He berates and belittles the crew, he’s impatient, and he’s often cruel, even unethical in his pursuit to get the “perfect shot”. With the hardware now, he feels even more justified in being as unkind as he wants to be, because in his mind, art is often not compatible with compassion. Compassion was the problem when one of his leads, due to a physical ailment, relied on wardrobe to come up with a solution that would alleviate some of his pain. It was a relief to the actor and, for the most part, it wasn’t a big deal aesthetically, until a long shot was required, at which point the director noticed that an adjustment had been made to help with the actor’s discomfort.

The director went ballistic. He got right up in the actor’s face. They start screaming at each other. They decide to take their argument somewhere private, where they continue to yell at each other. It’s LOUD. It’s ugly. It’s level 15 on intensity. The director won’t forgive, the actor won’t apologise. Everyone can hear. And then…


The actor exits. On his own.

The director?

Is found by the crew moments later. On the ground in his tent. One punch.

19 Mar 22:48

The Best Gift You Can Send To Someone You Hate

by (Damn Cool Pics)
If you want to show someone that you really don't like them, this is the way to do it.

A strange package containing...

an even stranger set of contents: No name, no return address...

and these. Not sure if I have a friend or an enemy.

20 Mar 22:47

Sophie Turner gets surprised by Ian Beattie at the GoT Season 5...


Meryn fucking Trant?!

Sophie Turner gets surprised by Ian Beattie at the GoT Season 5 Premiere in London [x]