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25 Aug 00:26

More Cowbells Loudspeakers!

by T.K. (Ask a Korean!)

"One defector reminisced fondly that he still chokes up when he hears Letter of a Private, a sentimental K-pop by Kim Gwang-seok that is sung from the perspective of a newly enlisted soldier."

South Korean soldiers set up loudspeakers along the DMZ.

Dear Korean,

I was reading about the loudspeaker broadcasts being used by South Korea directed at North Korea and wondered if you had any thoughts regarding their effectiveness. Do these broadcasts really work to either encourage people to defect or allow the spread of news/information/propaganda to the north? I imagine that the soldiers who patrol the border are the most loyal the north have and less likely to spread the information. Are there regular citizens living within hearing range or do people sneak down to listen to the broadcasts and report back?

Or, is this all really an effort to simply antagonize the other side?


Tensions have been running fairly high in Korean Peninsula for the last few weeks. For those who had been missing out, here is the background:

Some people are surprised to find out that both South Korea and North Korea regularly send armed patrols through the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), But that is true--DMZ does not mean there is nobody inside the zone. Both South Korean and North Korean military patrol inside the DMZ to detect any hint of invasion, although they usually keep close to their own sides for obvious reasons.

On August 4, two South Korean soldiers lost their legs after having stepped on land mines, which were buried right around the gate through which South Korean patrols would enter the DMZ.

Site of the land mine explosion. The mines were buried inside the red circles.
Lower portion of the picture is South Korea; across the fence is the DMZ.
On August 10, South Korean military announced that North Korea was behind the landmine attack, and began the loudspeaker broadcast as retaliation. This measure of retaliation caused some snickers. Really? Two South Korean soldiers lost their legs, and they retaliate by . . . shouting through the loudspeakers?

But here is the thing: North Korea really hates those loudspeakers. How much do they hate them? On August 20, North Korea fired several artillery shells toward South Korea. (Three in the southern end of the DMZ, and one past the DMZ.) The shelling was followed by an announcement that unless South Korea silenced the loudspeakers, North Korea would begin military action in 48 hours. (Military heads of South and North Korea met afterward and came to an agreement five days later, and South Korea did stop with the loudspeakers.)

(More after the jump.)

Got a question or a comment for the Korean? Email away at

So what exactly gets played on those loudspeakers? Mostly, regular news. Since the purpose of the loudspeakers is for propaganda, South Korean military also plays denunciation of the North Korean regime, the many crimes of Kim Jong Un, etc. But much of the broadcast is filled with world news, weather, and K-pop songs. South Korea's strategy is to broadcast reliable news so that North Koreans who hear the broadcast would come to trust the news. 

This appears to be the winning strategy. For example, the loudspeakers give weather advisory for the North Korean soldiers across the DMZ, telling them to get their clothes off the clothesline before the rain falls. Without fail, the North Korean soldiers bring the clothes indoors, indicating that they trust the broadcast. And it is not simply the soldiers who hear the broadcast, because the loudspeakers are really freakin' loud--during the day, the sound carries for over six miles, and at night, 15 miles--such that one could hear the broadcast from Gaeseong, one of North Korea's largest cities. 

Even simple news is enough to foster mistrust of the regime among North Koreans. In 2004 for example, there was a massive explosion in the train station in Yongcheon, North Korea, killing around 150 people and injuring some 1,300. True to form, North Korea tried to keep the explosion secret to the rest of the country, especially because there were rumors that the explosion was an assassination attempt of Kim Jong Il. But the news soon spread throughout North Korea: the South Korean loudspeakers reported the news matter-of-factly, and the word of mouth traveled from near the DMZ to the rest of North Korea. 

South Korean pop music is also popular, because North Korea has no pop culture to speak of. Many North Korean defectors who were from near DMZ have said they usually looked forward to hearing music from the loudspeakers. The song selection is also not overtly propagandist, but enough to cause small rustlings of heart. One defector reminisced fondly that he still chokes up when he hears Letter of a Private, a sentimental K-pop by Kim Gwang-seok that is sung from the perspective of a newly enlisted soldier.

What about North Korean propaganda? North Korea also has its own set of loudspeakers directed southward, but lack of electricity and old equipment mean the sound barely gets across the DMZ. (South Korean military speculates that North Korea is not really trying to broadcast propaganda, but to stop its soldiers from hearing the South Korean broadcast.) North Korea also has taken to Youtube for propaganda, but the attempt is more hilarious than convincing. The latest North Korean propaganda video following the artillery fire exchange claimed that South Koreans, fearing the might of North Korean military, are stockpiling supplies. The South Korean person in the video, however, was calmly picking out a number of fresh vegetables--the last thing that one would buy if one feared a war. (In a desperate attempt to make the person look like he is stockpiling, the North Korean video makers fast-forwarded the video of the man so that he looks like he is in a hurry.) The video also claimed that South Koreans are rushing to the airport to buy airline tickets out of Korea, which indicates that North Koreans don't know one wouldn't usually try to purchase an airplane ticket at the airport.

The propaganda race between South and North Korea clearly shows what we already know: that in the duel of ideologies between communist authoritarianism and capitalist democracy, North Korea is completely, utterly, indisputably defeated. To win the hearts and minds across the DMZ, South Korea only has to show the truth. On the other hand, North Korea does not even know enough truth to lie well.

Got a question or a comment for the Korean? Email away at
19 Aug 22:14

Josh Duggar had a paid account on Ashley Madison



19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar had a paid Ashley Madison account

— Gawker (@Gawker) August 19, 2015

-Josh Duggar from TLC's 19 Kids and Counting had a paid Ashley Madison account.

-He paid close to $1,000 for his two Ashley Madison accounts.

-Full details at the source

12 Aug 19:24

Watch Michelle Rodriguez eat a stew made of her own urine and a dead mouse


Exactly what is says on the box. Why.

So how was lunch, ONTD? Any gross food stories?
12 Aug 18:45

WATCH: The Ice Cube Family Christmas Card

07 Aug 23:57

0tgw: prince charming is the best part of cinderella 3 probably...


prince charming is the best part of cinderella 3 probably bc he looks vaguely like memes from 2012

08 Aug 00:29

David Bradley confirms Walder Frey will return to Game of Thrones

by Sue the Fury

LSH pls

walderJust last week, WatchersOnTheWall sources provided us with casting info about a new character that seemed rather Frey-like, leaving us wondering if season 6 would bring the long-awaited return of the dastardly head of House Frey.

In a new interview with Zap2It, actor David Bradley confirms: we will see Walder Frey again on Game of Thrones…at some point. The actor would not confirm if he was returning in season 6 or at another time.

“He will be coming back, but I can’t say when,” Bradley tells Zap2It. “I can’t really say because things are in a delicate situation.”

“I do look forward to it, because I do love playing someone so irredeemable,” Bradley says. “I’m afraid he makes me laugh because he’s so appalling that there’s a kind of dark humor in there somewhere.”

Fans look forward to it, too, though probably for different reasons- they’re anxious for House Frey to make their return, so they can see one of the parties responsible for the notorious Red Wedding pay for their crimes. A bit of vengeance is long overdue.

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01 Aug 19:27

Ian McShane Joins Game of Thrones Season 6


Randyll Tarly or GTFO

It's been reported that Ian McShane will be joining 'Game of Thrones'. He apparently “has a relatively small amount of screen-time during the season, yet his character is of key importance.”

02 Aug 14:54

Casting Speculation Season 6: Ian McShane

by Cian

Swegen as... Lyanna Stark.

Ian-mcshane-1For years, it has been a habit of the fine people behind this site to consult their inner augurs and predict which actors and actresses will appear as characters from the vast pool of Westerosi and Essosi names. In fact, Sue has already written speculation posts this year for Randyll Tarly and Euron Greyjoy.

This post is the inverse of that idea. As of yesterday, we know that Ian McShane has been cast in the upcoming season. What we don’t know is who he will be playing. Below are some predictions, both likely and outlandish, as to who exactly this talented actor may be portraying in Game of Thrones season 6.

Light spoilers for all released books below the cut.

Ian McShane is an incredibly intense actor, and the amount of energy he projects on set can be seen through his performances. Although not a physically imposing man, he can certainly be imposing through other means, using a combination of his paralysing stare/glare and his smoky, honeyed voice. He is capable of using these in a variety of ways, which makes him suitable for a number of roles, while making it more difficult to pin down his actual role. Some may see his age as an issue (he is 72 years old), but given the fact that he looks much younger than that and none of the speculated roles see a lot of physical action anyway, this is pretty much a non-issue.

So, without further ado, let’s get down to business:

RandyllRandyll Tarly – Randyll’s (presumed) casting call defines him as in his 50s to 60s. McShane could definitely pass for ten years younger, and looks enough like John Bradley to pass for Sam’s father. Randyll is also said to be “severe and intimidating”, and he’s centrally involved in a protagonist’s storyline. Last season, strong emphasis was placed the qualities of dragonglass, as well as Valyrian steel possessing the same white walker-slaying abilities. Sam just happens to be a character who is aware of this, who just happens to be travelling to Oldtown, the Citadel of which just happens to have knowledge of both materials. The fact that Randyll has Heartsbane – a Valyrian steel greatsword – could likely explain the inclusion of this easily-cuttable character. We know that McShane won’t appear in a large number of episodes. However, a character can be centrally involved in a storyline without a huge amount of screentime (see Walder Frey and the looming impact he had throughout season 3). Besides, who can say no when presented with the prospect of John Bradley cowering under Ian McShane’s glare?

EuronEuron Greyjoy – Euron (or an incarnation of him) is all but confirmed to appear next season. The casting breakdown mentions no physical requirements for the role. In the books, Euron is consistently described by his eyes, as well as his shrewd, manipulative voice. Anyone who has seen Deadwood will know that McShane can work wonders with his eyes alone, and as referenced above, his voice possesses Euron-like qualities. Personally, McShane wouldn’t be my pick for the role, but I can definitely see why others would pen him for it.

MeribaldSepton Meribald – Physically, this seems to be the role McShane would be most suited for. The casting call defines him as “gruff”, “no-nonsense”, and “salt-of-the-earth”. Sounds like McShane to me. Although the casting call asked for a younger actor, I can see them forgoing the age restraints in relation to this character – he is an old soldier after all. McShane also possesses the chops to sell Meribald’s memorable “broken men” monologue exceptionally well. Assuming that Meribald meets with Brienne as in A Feast for Crows, McShane’s reported small role seems a perfect match for the character.

Elder BrotherElder Brother – Again, this is a small role with a memorable impact, which suits the facts about McShane’s casting. The show might be going for the angle that The Hound met his end at the hands of Brienne of Tarth, while (heavy spoilers)

Sandor Clegane will be reborn at the Quiet Isle and reintroduced to the world with the help of Brienne (creating yet another Thrones roadshow), the Elder Brother being the enabler for this relationship.
It would be great to see McShane at the centre of something like that. But… it’s just speculation.

MarwynMarwyn the Mage – Marwyn is perhaps one of the most intriguing background characters in ASOIAF. This provides another opportunity for John Bradley and Ian McShane to share at least one scene – a tantalising scenario. In the books, Marwyn hints that he has some key knowledge about dragons. It is not a stretch, then, that he would also at least have an inkling about how to stop the white walkers. Another positive for McShane appearing in this role is that all (book) evidence points to Marwyn having a larger role in the future.

AerysAerys II Targaryen – With Bran returning, and with the precedent set last season, a whole host of flashback opportunities open up for season 6. I would not personally be in favour of flashbacks unless they reveal something essential and as-yet-unknown to the plot, such as the rumoured Tower of Joy flashback. However, it is not beyond belief for McShane to appear as the Mad King himself. It would definitely be entertaining.

Northern LordNorthern Lord – Despite the vague details we have on these two new Northern characters, I think it’s a safe bet to rule out the “savage”, “massive bear of a man” one if McShane is to make an appearance in the region. “Lord of Northern Stronghold” seems like a tighter fit, apart from the age description. As before, however, as long as the role isn’t physically demanding, I think it’s plausible that they might rework certain aspects of the character to match McShane’s strengths. Described as “ruthless and calculating”, the character is said to appear in three episodes, with twenty days of filming. This matches McShane’s relatively small amount of screentime, while opening up the potential for the character to be of key importance in a possible Northern rebellion.

Ian McShane on Spongebob Squarepants. Yes, it happened.Howland Reed – If Howland makes an appearance in present-time in the show, it would be plausible to have McShane playing him. The mystery surrounding the crannogmen is often mentioned in the books, so it is not too much of a stretch for Ned to have had a friend who appears older (not to mention the High Howland theories stretching this point further). However, McShane appearing as Howland in a Tower of Joy flashback is a non-option, since in-show-universe the characters are supposed to be roughly twenty years younger. Regardless of whether this happens or not, it would be different to see McShane as a reclusive, mysterious character, rather than the centre of attention he usually is.

What do you think? Are any of these on the mark? Do you have any suggested roles and/or reasonings that I haven’t mentioned here? Post your thoughts in the comments.

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30 Jul 04:55

Photographer Stephen Orlando Captures the Movement of Musicians Through Light Painting

by Kate Sierzputowski

Worst rave ever.

Bach Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude

Bach Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude

Photographer Stephen Orlando (previously) captures the nearly imperceptible movement one makes when quickly sliding a bow along strings, the senses typically drawn to the sounds rather than appearance of the instrument being played. By using carefully placed LED lights and a long exposure Orlando can track these movements through space, following arms and bows with light trails that extend out from the body and instrument. These bright ghostly marks are captured through his photographic technique and not altered with Photoshop, making their distinct patterns all the more spectacular.

The Ontario-based artist was inspired by the lighting painter Gjon Mili, who also experimented with violins in 1952. Orlando explains:

A relative motion between the performer and camera must exist for the light trails to move through the frame. I found it easier to move the camera instead of the performer. The LEDs are programmed to change color to convey a sense of time. The progression of time is from left to right in the viola and violin photos and from top to bottom in the cello photos. Each photo is a single exposure and the light trails have not been manipulated in post processing.

You can see more of Orlando’s lit rainbow pieces on his Instagram and Facebook.

Viola III

Viola III

Violin I

Violin I

Seitz Concerto No. 2, 3rd Movement

Seitz Concerto No. 2, 3rd Movement

Viola - Bach Cello Suite No. 1 - Three Bowings

Viola – Bach Cello Suite No. 1 – Three Bowings

07 Feb 00:04

Spiders of Australia

by (Damn Cool Pics)

Been in this country over 25 years and I've still never seen a funnel web or a redback in the wild.

Never go to Australia if you are an arachnophobe.

28 Jul 20:07

Gerrard, Lampard, Keane withdraw from MLS All-Star Game vs. Tottenham

by Dustin Menno


All-Stars? More like, uh BORE-stars, AMIRITE?

Bad news if you're a fan of actual All-Stars on the MLS All-Star team. News today that Steven Gerrard has withdrawn from the MLS side set to face Tottenham Hotspur tomorrow at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Denver, due to injury.

But that's not all! Also joining Stevie G. on the sidelines is former Tottenham Hotspur star Robbie Keane, and USA midfielder Michael Bradley, who has apparently picked up a case of "the Gold Cups." Add to that the earlier withdrawal of "Fat" Frank Lampard and suddenly the MLS All-Stars stars to look less like an All-Star team and more like a "these are the guys hanging around the stadium that we could round up" team.

It's enough that tickets to the match tomorrow on the secondary market (i.e. "scalped") are going at an average price of $136, the lowest since 2011.

But not to worry, fans. Orlando City designated player Kaka will still be there, as well as a bunch of player who have actually played meaningful matches for MLS sides, like leading scorer Kei Kamara, David Villa, and Clint Dempsey. It's a shame that we won't get to see Spurs tear apart that famed Lampard-Gerrard midfield, but what can you do.

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Downton Abbey s4 first look and bts stuff. Spoilers ahead

There are so many words...

For the post-First World War generation, there is a new mantra: life is for living. For a new age is dawning, a new tune playing.
The spirit of the Roaring 20s, with a musical accompaniment of wild jazz and even wilder dancing, is sweeping the sophisticated cities of America and will soon be heading for London.

But there is a dreadful pall hanging over the Earl of Grantham and his family. It is 1922, six months on from Matthew’s death in a car crash, and Lady Mary has only the solace of their son George to ease her pain.

Matthew died so there could be Jazz at the Abbey. Bless your terrible driving Matthew.

And the emotional impact of Matthew’s death is not confined to Mary. Penelope Wilton, who plays Isobel Crawley, Matthew’s grieving mother, was relieved to be given full rein to explore the depths of bereavement in losing an only child.
'The death knocked her sideways, as it would any mother,' she says. 'In a lot of series, when someone dies, everyone gets over it immediately. But both Mary and I are left having a very difficult time, which is much more realistic.'

Wow, how about no. I haven't had my wine yet.

Yet Downton remains a multi-strand story, with a plot that cannot be predicted. 'A massive part of the show’s success has been writer Julian Fellowes’ extraordinary ability to write romance, hatred, rivalry, love, jealousy, laugh-out loud humour and tragedy,' says Gareth Neame, the show’s executive producer.

The balance is delicately judged. 'In a sense we go for chuckles rather than guffaws,' says Fellowes.
As he sees it, the humour has to fit with the reality of the stories and the characters. 'We have established that

Violet, for instance, is quite a witty woman and so we can give her cracks to make without disturbing her reality, because that is who she is.

'You could say the same for the cook, Mrs Patmore. So we've got two women above and below stairs who provide a lot of the humour.'

Not pictured: Violet's cane wrangler.

Not Pictured: A cowering kitchen maid

What about old stagers such as valet Bates, newly returned from a prison sentence for a murder he didn’t commit?
And head housemaid Anna, now his wife, Downton’s level-headed moral compass on what’s right and wrong? Or Tom Branson, the ex-chauffeur, with another Grantham grandchild, Sybbie, to bring up on his own?
And relative newcomers such as wild cousin Lady Rose from Scotland, with her love of dancing in ritzy London clubs? The viewers will have to wait and see what happens to their characters, and so must the actors.

'I don’t know what’s around the corner,' says Charles Edwards, returning as Edith’s love interest, newspaper editor Michael Gregson.

'Very occasionally you will receive a script for an episode and there’s a new piece of information for the character which is a surprise to you. It’s rather exciting.'

Yet there is always a logic. Says Hugh Bonneville (the Earl of Grantham), 'When Julian takes a character in a different direction, it’s not really new, it’s just another layer of onion skin being peeled off.'
This is the formula that keeps the viewers coming back again and again. 'Ultimately, the show is about relationships,' says actress Joanne Froggatt, who plays Anna.

'A lot of the issues in Downton are ones that we face today – somebody falling in love, or falling in love with the wrong person, or experiencing rivalry at work.

'I think the period it’s set in is near enough to our time that it feels familiar to us, as well as being very different. There’s a real array of characters too, so there’s somebody to love, or to love to hate. It’s a period script, but in a very modern way.'

Year 4 mugshots

Downstairs first because fuck you that's why.

Mary's going through her goth stage, bear with her. Cora always muggin'. Bonus: Lady with a dead raven on her hat.

New dudes, and the slightly scary nanny.

We return to Downton Abbey in the dead of night, six months after the death of Matthew Crawley. The honeyed stone of the great house is sheathed in velvety darkness.

Only a single bedroom light glows, high up near the eaves. A shadow moves across the window.
Whassat noise? A baby crying? A bat? Mrs Patmore strangling a pheasant for lunch? There’s no way of telling. The walls of Downton must keep their secrets just that agonising bit longer.

The season opens to the tune of The Cure's Lovesong

It's raining on my face.

Dowager Countess Violet – played by Dame Maggie Smith – continues to stalk the corridors of Downton with her silver-topped cane, looking for people to argue with.

In this series, she finds herself with a new sparring partner. Her old school chum Lady Shackleton (Dame Harriet Walter) is one of the few who is not intimidated by waspish Violet. Doubled-headed dame disputes? We can expect some delicious clashes.

Elsewhere, Downton is in flux. We are in 1922, but it’s not quite the Roaring 20s, not yet. However, the pall of war has been left behind.

The world is changing – but some characters are keener than others to embrace the exciting new developments. In this, Lady Edith leads the way.

OMG this glorious butterfly rn.

She's def getting the D this year.

She is almost unrecognisable from the dowdy frump of series one, seduced by a different life in London and her relationship with Michael Gregson, her delectable editor at The Sketch.
In one scene in the opening episode, she has dinner with him at the Criterion, a big step for a woman whose mother once told her she was never to eat in public. Now here she is drinking champagne from a saucer glass and flirting with an older man.

Get it Edith, who gaf if he's married to Sylvia Plath


Downton is moving into the Jazz Age in more ways than one. Gary Carr plays Jack Ross, the drama’s first black character, a jazz singer who performs with his band at a party at the house.

Hi there.

You brought a Jazz band to Downton, girrlllll

He then becomes embroiled with the Crawleys in unexpected ways – particularly with the wilful Lady Rose MacClare.

They're on a boat so they're def gonna touch faces.

Oh boy...

Downstairs there’s a new boot room where the servants can gossip and plot without being overheard. Carson and Mrs Hughes are still locked in a dysfunctional relationship, and all the old favourites are there, too.


As Carson the butler, Jim Carter plays one of the characters who can move fluidly between the two worlds at Downton Abbey - the upstairs scenes shot at Highclere, and the downstairs scenes shot at Ealing Studios. But as an actor he has a personal preference in terms of locations.

'Highclere is essentially opening doors, saying, “Dinner is served” and standing watching posh people eat breakfast,' he sums up. 'For me, the scenes in my office, or my pantry as they call it, are more fun.'

Phyllis Logan (Mrs Hughes) agrees. 'I do like it when Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes do a round-up of the day in either her sitting room or his pantry with a glass of sherry.'

Secretly married tbh.

Many of the below-stairs cast rarely visit Highclere, because their characters make only occasional trips through the green baize door that links the two worlds. 'I've been a few times,' says Lesley Nicol, who plays the cook Mrs Patmore (below), 'but it has to be a big event - a wedding or a funeral - where the servants are all together.'

Queen Thomas got a new penguin suit. You go underbutler coco

The family's rooms above stairs are at their busiest when the maids whirl around doing their business at speed. Alastair Bruce, the show's historical advisor, says this is because they were meant to work surreptitiously. 'Women worked hard to keep those houses going, but they were never allowed to be seen.' The downstairs set at Ealing, with its stone floors and low ceiling, retains the intimacy of the working country house and for the cast, this set often signals a big group scene. 'I love how claustrophobic it is, especially when we're all there,' says Ed Speleers, who plays Jimmy.

Painstakingly recreated, the set is realistic but also designed with filming in mind. The tiling behind the stove can be removed to let cameras shoot through the wall and show the flurry of activity over pots and pans, while a crew member stands behind the board of bells that dominates the servants' hall, pulling hidden strings to sound the required bell.

'The servants' hall scenes are really fun to do,' says Joanne Froggatt, who plays Anna. 'We have quite a giggle.'
For busy kitchen scenes, small pieces of foam are fixed to crockery, chairs and even the actors' feet to reduce the clamour. 'It's easy to add in the sound of a plate being put on the table, but it's difficult to get rid of it if it's over somebody's dialogue,' recordist Alistair Crocker explains. The soundtrack remains far from complete until everything, from the house's hum of activity to the rustle of Violet's dress, is added in the studio.

'We can use those sounds to reinforce a character's mood,' says re-recording mixer Nigel Heath. 'So if Mrs Hughes spins on her heels and storms off, we can literally make her turn on her heels with the sound; in doing so the keys she always wears at her waist can get agitated and we can stomp her off with a degree of attitude.'

The audience suspect tender feelings linger in unlikely places below stairs. 'I love the fact people speculate as to whether there's a romantic link between Carson and Mrs Hughes,' says Jim Carter. But will they get together? 'Everybody wants to dredge up a romance!' says Phyllis Logan. 'I like their relationship the way it is, and I know they're very fond of each other. Who knows what may occur?'

But goings-on are guaranteed with Ivy (played by Cara Theobold) and Jimmy, who use the new boot room for more than looking after the footwear. As two corners of the downstairs 'love square', as Cara puts it - 'Daisy loves Alfred, Alfred loves Ivy and Ivy loves Jimmy' - they secretly meet here. There's no question what Ivy wants, laughs Cara. 'Jimmy's so daring and adventurous, really charming. This is the most exciting thing for her.'

Everybody knows that shining shoes makes people horny.

The roles of Tom and Sybil's daughter Sybbie, named after her mother, and Mary's son George are currently filled by three children: Ava Mann plays Sybbie, while identical twins Logan and Cole Weston play her cousin.
'With children you'll shoot something, and maybe one day it won't work, then the next time they'll be amazing - they're really unpredictable!' says second assistant director Danielle Bennett. 'It's nice to have kids around. The actors love it.'

Actual bbs

Ovaries clenching

This article is so long, I can't anymore. Here have more pictures from s4 tho.

The healing process has begun.

Dancing with Viscount Gillingham? You can still be a countess bb

bb George silently begging his mother to get a new nanny.

Fully domesticated Tom Branson sporting his white tie.

Edith and Gregson hanging out in his place. So she's def getting the D

Arriving for a romantic rendezvous with Mr. Gregson. Get.IT.

I guess if you ship this. I love you Anna, I'm sorry your husband is a flop.

ONTD prays that you get the dick, but if you don't please make things tough for Bates.


18 Jul 17:43

confessionsfromtheabbey: “We look at the butt of a dead dog...


“We look at the butt of a dead dog every time the show starts.”

20 Jul 03:29

Mondo is making a baby Hellboy figure

by (John)

15 Jul 19:14

Lay's reveals four new flavors for their "Do Us A Flavor" challenge


Dafuq are truffle fries?

The moment you’ve been waiting for, America...The 4 flavor finalists are here! Look for them late July! #DoUsAFlavor

— LAY'S (@LAYS) July 15, 2015

The flavors are:

West Coast Truffle Fries
Souther Biscuits & Gravy
New York Reuben
Greektown Gyro

All the flavors can be found in stores starting today. The finalist who's creation wins the most votes will receive a $1,000,000 prize. Voting begins July 27th at the Do Us A Flavor website.

13 Jul 14:39

Maisie Williams and Gwendoline Christie Wow Crowds at Comic-Con Panels

by Kara Warner

"...And what you see in that fight is a genuine connection of fist and undercarriage."

Credit: FilmMagic

Credit: FilmMagic

Game of Thrones fan excitement continued post-panel on Saturday, thanks to the memorable contributions by Maisie WIlliams and Gwendoline Christie at two additional discussions.

Williams participated in TV Guide's Fan Favorites panel, where she delighted the audience with tales as to why you shouldn't mess with her on Twitter, how she'll learn to fight blind in Season 6, and the names on her personal kill list.

Moderator Damian Holbrook told the audience that if they're not following Williams on Twitter, they're missing out. Case in point, a recent exchange in which a fan asked Williams for a quote for their high school yearbook. Williams responded with words everyone will remember: "Anyone can be killed." WIlliams recalled with a laugh, "People shouldn't trust me with Twitter."

As for what's in store for Arya, Williams said she'll have to spend a lot more time training since she'll be fighting blind in the coming season.

"I would love to see her be just as strong fighting blind but I do think it will take a bit of time to get there," she said. "Also for me personally, it's going to be difficult fighting with the contacts I was wearing because they're totally opaque. I can't see a thing but I know they're hoping to use them rather than CG. On one hand it's quite good because I am actually blind and I don't know what's going on. But on the other hand, doing stunts you do get injured so not being able to see while doing that is going to be hell. But I hope you guys enjoy it!"

When a fan asked Williams about her kill list, she had an answer that brought the house down:

"At school I really enjoyed maths; it's something I enjoyed in primary school when I was 12. It was my leading subject and then when I went into secondary school, I started to hate maths because of my teachers," she explained. "I feel like that's how it is for a lot of people: When you don't like your teachers, you start to hate the subject... So I'd kill all three of my math teachers."

Meanwhile, Christie wowed the crowd gathered for Entertainment Weekly's Women Who Kick Ass panel, by speaking from her heart and sharing gory details from her epic fight with Rory McCann in Season 4.

Speaking to how and where Christie would like to see Brienne's story end, she's hoping for redemption in some form. "I think where we‘ve seen Brienne up to this point, we’ve loved her because she’s so dedicated to an overriding sense of moral good," said Christie. Referring to "that terribly disappointing incident" regarding Sansa and the candle, Christie mused, "Although Brienne of Tarth is a character in a show, it made us see her humanity and how we all fail. Even the strongest, badass women fail. As long as you try to redeem yourself again, keep going and achieve your goals in pursuit of the greater good, that’s all you can do."

When the women on the panel (Christie, Hayley Atwell, Gal Godot and Kathy Bates) were asked by moderator Sara Vilkomerson to address challenges they've faced that their male counterparts have not, Christie was the sole responder to speak from her heart about the state of women in Hollywood:

"I have to say I found it incredibly difficult. I found that initially when I left drama school, the world 10 years ago was a less embracing place than it is now because the Internet wasn’t so available to everybody," Christie explained. "The Internet seems to have made people’s frame of reference so much more diverse and as a consequence, what we’re seeing are characters like the ones all these women play being embraced because women want to see themselves more represented in a more realistic way. And not just women -- men, everybody wants to see something. We’re all so unique that that’s what we want to see. We want to see people we can relate to, or people that are so vastly different from us so that somehow, through the journey of storytelling, we find out we’re not so different after all. I do feel that’s starting to happen and I’m very grateful for that."

Bates, in the midst of raucous audience applause, added: "Bravo."

Although Christie could've remained silent for the rest of the panel after those moving words, her second "mic drop" moment came when, after being asked about her most memorable stunt work, she re-told the story of how she and co-star Rory McCann trained and filmed the epic fight between Brienne and the Hound in Season 4.

"We spent two months of training for it, two or three days a week for six to eight hours a day, just to build up the strength necessary to fight Rory McCann, who’s a 6’7” man and certainly a lot stronger than I am," recalled Christie. "But the characters are of the same level of strength so I had to do quite a lot of pretending to try and carry that one off. But more than that, exactly as [Hayley Atwell said], you learn the fight as a dance and it’s actually the story you’re telling that infuses it with something else.”

Christie described learning the fight on a level floor in Belfast, only to discover that the set up was completely different in Iceland, where she had to fight going backwards up a hill. "It was also freak weather conditions in Iceland, it was boiling hot. I had the real armor on, the face was casserole-ing in the sun," she said. "And if you’re familiar with the fight, there was one moment where Brienne punches the Hound somewhere extremely intimate. We’d rehearsed it so we knew where that punch went so it was faked and no one got hurt. Then just before the take, Rory McCann said [mimicing his Scottish accent]: 'Do it for real.' I said, 'I’m sorry?' He said, 'Do it for real.' And what you see in that fight is a genuine connection of fist and undercarriage."

11 Jul 18:49

Sleep Amongst the Condors 400 Feet Above a Sacred Valley in Peru

by Kate Sierzputowski


Suspended 400 feet above Peru’s Sacred Valley of Cusco are three capsules that appear like Space Age airstream trailers. These transparent sleeping pods are intended for unfazed adventures, crafted from aerospace aluminum and weather resistant polycarbonate giving each visitor a 300 degree view of the valley below.

Skylodge Adventure Suites was created by the company Natura Vive, a group of young entrepreneurs who aim to show people of any age or experience level a mountain adventure. As a part of the thrill, visitors must either climb or hike a challenging trail with the help of ziplines to reach their sleeping quarters in the sky.

Each 24 ft. by 8 ft. capsule suite holds four beds, a dining area, and bath, ensuring a comfortable internal temperature and atmosphere with the inclusion of six windows and four ventilation ducts. The pods also have a clear dome at the top of each, which Natura Vive explains also has curtains for privacy “from the curious gaze of the passing condors (your sky neighbors).” (via designboom)








13 Jul 20:21

“Game of Thrones’” Liam Cunningham Exacts His...

09 Jul 23:33

Ben Affleck to Co-Write, Star, and Direct Standalone #Batman Film That No One Asked For.

Ben Affleck may direct, write, and star in his own Batman movie

— The Verge (@verge) July 9, 2015

Ben Affleck, of Dare Devil fame, is reportedly in talks to co-write a standalone Batman flick with Geoffs Johns, as well as star and direct the film.

Paraphrased from @Verge.


07 Jul 14:37

(Not) Blind Item: His biggest problem


This blind item seems to be suggesting that Batffleck is on smack..?

There were a lot of women. Oklahoma was a few years ago. But Oklahoma was certainly not the one who was the most recent, although the most recent, professional turned personal, that I know of at least, is also not that recognisable, for now. She’s waiting for her moment.

Still, these affairs were not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is one he developed on the set of his most recent project. It started with pills and an injury a few years ago. Somehow he was able to function through that. Recently though he was shooting on location. He was a mess. He would go missing overnight. Not the prescription pills now but a hard drug. A very dangerous one. Not the party kind but the kind that brings you down, often alone, to escape. One that not too long ago took the life of a major, major talent. So it’s not the lovers that made him unsuitable for home. This is why she didn’t trust him at home. This is why she had to shake him up. But it’s not like he can get help openly. Not now, when so much is riding on him, with so much coming up. And that’s always been how Hollywood works. Your health is not the priority when there’s a multi-million dollar marketing strategy in place and so many stories to tell. So, sure, he has a support system, a lot of people out there looking out for him. But… is that the right objective?
08 Jul 04:04

"When asked what he got his wife for her birthday: 'Nothing, she already has Zlatan.'"

by (John)
A list of athletes "most worthy of being drafted from 'real' sports into pro wrestling"
06 Jul 13:53

Bartkira Volume 3





Bartkira Volume 3 Is live and up on! We’ve all worked incredibly hard on it and we’re thrilled to finally be able to share it with you. The last fifty pages which show the destruction of Neo-Springfield (spoilers!) are some of the best stuff done for the project so far. 

Alex Jaffe, who has been killing it as my editorial assistant for the past 6 months, made this interactive map that shows the locations of nearly every artist who contributed to the Bartkira project. It’s still a work-in-progress, but it’ll give you a pretty good idea of the massive reach this project has had. It’s a fascinating thing. 

And lastly, today we dropped the animated Bartkira trailer, a crowdsourced project by Kate Sullivan (of last year’s excellent Moon Animate Make-up). It’s at the top of right now!

 I’m incredibly grateful to all the contributors whose hard work made this possible, from all the talented artists involved in the project to everyone in Team Bartkira who helped me organise this mad thing. Thanks, all of you!  You’ll find full credits on the website and at the end of each volume. We’ve been running interviews with some of the artists involved on this here blog, and we’ve got a couple more ready to go up in the next couple of days. Don’t forget you can still get involved by emailing with a link to your work- -or just draw your own thing, since this project really belongs to everyone.  

Enjoy the show,

James (and the Bartkira Committee)

01 Jul 18:05

Free Ride: A Crow Catches a Lift on the Back of a Bald Eagle

by Christopher Jobson

SPOILERZ this is how ASOIAF will end.


Photographer Phoo Chan has seen more than his fair share of spectacular moments while photographing birds and other wildlife around his home in California, but perhaps nothing will ever top what he witnessed last spring while shooting near Kitsap, Washington: a crow riding atop a bald eagle. It only lasted for a few seconds, but Chan managed to capture the entire encounter on film. He shares about the image:

Crows are known for aggressively harassing other raptors that are much bigger in size when spotted in their territories and usually these ‘intruders’ simply retreat without much fuss. However, in this frame the crow did not seem to harass the bald eagle at such close proximity and neither did the bald eagle seem to mind the crow’s presence invading its personal space. What made it even more bizarre was that the crow even made a brief stop on the back of the eagle as if it was taking a free scenic ride and the eagle simply obliged.

You can see more of Chan’s bird photography on 500px and Flickr. (via Bored Panda, @pourmecoffee, Stellar)





08 Jun 21:17


29 Jun 18:26

Miniature Hand Thrown Pottery by Jon Almeda

by Christopher Jobson



Master of the miniature Jon Almeda creates tiny hand thrown ceramics at 1″ scale that are every bit as detailed and perfect as their much larger counterparts. The Washington-based artist makes vases, bowls, and even tea kettles tiny enough to sit atop a coin or toothbrush. Despite their fragile beginnings, the pieces are sturdy enough to endure standard glazing and firing to emerge as fully finished ceramics. Almeda uses a custom designed motorized curio wheel that affords the precise control needed to execute minute handbuilding techniques need for each object.

To see more, you can follow him on Instagram or maybe even take a class through the International Guild of Miniature Artisans of which he is a member. (via Artfido)






30 Jun 23:02

Marshawn Lynch Dives Into An End Zone Of Skittles

24 Jun 22:00

Lord of the Ring

By vomaria
Epic Battle live from Mordor!

22 Jun 16:33

Call Me AgentAvailable on Teefury in their Comicon...

Call Me Agent

Available on Teefury in their Comicon Collection:

Also available on Redbubble (20% off with the code “Campout”), Teepublic, Neatoshop and Society6!

23 Jun 17:21

TOm Holland cast as Spider-man

ICYMI: 19-year-old Tom Holland is @Marvel's new #SpiderMan!

— Entertainment Weekly (@EW) June 23, 2015

22 Jun 13:56

Furious 7


omo omo

Furious 7