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04 Mar 04:13

Taco Bell Has Made Cap’n Crunch Donut Holes



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EXCLUSIVE: Taco Bell Has Cap'n Crunch Donut Holes Stuffed with Milk Icing — (@foodbeast) February 27, 2015

Source: Foodbeast
04 Mar 01:49

Former Baseball Star Curt Schilling Kicking Ass and Taking Names for his Daughter


In which Curt Schilling doxxes dickheads on Twitter while bleeding into his shoe.

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Starting this by saying I don't follow baseball but I saw this article and thought it would spark some interesting discussion. You don't really see a lot of this sort of response/action in the sports world afaik.

Background info: Schilling used to play for the Phillies, Diamondbacks, and Red Sox. His daughter just signed on to pitch at Salve Regina University, he sent out a congratulatory tweet, and assholes on Twitter responded as you would expect them to: with violent and/or sexual threats towards his daughter. The difference? Schilling is kind of kicking ass about it. He's got receipts and has started tracking down and calling out the people going after his daughter. He's gotten one guy who worked for the Yankees fired and another kid suspended from community college. Two student athletes have been suspended from their upcoming seasons, two more have been expelled from their programs entirely. He's planning on using the screenshots of these tweets to start pursuing legal action against these scumbags for harassment.

Some quotes from him:

-“My first reaction was exactly what any father’s would be,” Schilling said. “My blog was on revision 5,000 by the time I published it. My first reaction was ‘I’m going to get in the car and go kill somebody.’ Remember something: This had everything to do with me and nothing to do with me. None of these people know my daughter. These are people who hate me. I get that. You wish it didn’t happen, but whatever. I certainly expected people to tweet, ‘Can’t wait to go to school with your daughter and can’t wait to date your daughter,’ but then this happened. It went from 0-1000 right away.”
-“I tried to give every one of them a chance to walk away and let them look at the tweets and come back and apologize, and instead it got worse. The second thing was, every coach I talked to, I said, ‘Listen, if we’re at the sentencing phase of this, I’d ask for leniency here. I’d rather kill these kids than speak to them, but I’d like to think there is something to fix here.’ But every coach said, ‘No, this is nothing we stand for here.’
-“It’s idiotic on their part. I know how hard they had to work to get there. They’re going to use 140 characters and let it cost a $140,000 scholarship.”
-“This is not Twitter’s fault or the Internet. That’s like blaming Ford for someone being run over. This is people. None of these people want to be connected to anything they said. There’s a reason for that. Now the goal is, if you’re a young lady and being harassed, first of all it’s against the law. As a young lady and a human, no one, anywhere, ever, is allowed to talk to you that way. Under any circumstances. If you’re a man and you do this, you’re not (a man). Being a man is about having integrity. This isn’t a mistake. This is a malicious attempt to be evil, and if you talk like this you’re a piece of garbage.”

03 Mar 06:37

Who's Ready for Nipples on a Breastplate?

Weapons of Dorne video shows better first look at the Sand Snakes (bastard daughters of Oberyn)

Keisha Castle-Hughes as Obara Sand

Jessica Henwick as Nymeria Sand

Rosabelle Laurenti as Tyene Sand

source/screencaps by me
24 Feb 22:59

How Crazy Am I To Think I Actually Know Where That Malaysia Airlines Plane Is?

How Crazy Am I To Think I Actually Know Where That Malaysia Airlines Plane Is?:

In the year since the vanishing of MH370, I appeared on CNN more than 50 times, watched my spouse’s eyes glaze over at dinner, and fell in with a group of borderline-obsessive amateur aviation sleuths. A million theories bloomed, including my own.

27 Feb 13:23

Giant Freezing Waves Infused with Ice Slowly Roll in off the Coast of Nantucket

by Christopher Jobson

Slurpee waves.

Photo © Jonathan Nimerfroh

Photo © Jonathan Nimerfroh

Photo © Jonathan Nimerfroh

Photo © Jonathan Nimerfroh

Photo © Jonathan Nimerfroh

Photo © Jonathan Nimerfroh

Earlier this week photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh was walking along the coast of Nantucket when he noticed something odd about the waves crashing on shore. The high temperature was 19°F (-7.2°C) and while the waves weren’t completely frozen, they were thick with pieces of ice, much like the consistency of a Slurpee, or an slushy, or an ICEE, or whatever. It’s amazing to see how the ice changes the form and color of the waves, making them seem almost solid. You can see a few more shots over on Stay Wild Magazine. You can follow more of Nimerfroh’s photography on Instagram. (thnx, Amber!)

03 Mar 15:52

A Flock of Synchronized Dancing Origami Cranes on an Electromagnetic Stage

by Christopher Jobson



Not content with boring old inanimate origami, Japanese designer and maker Ugoita T. assembled this clever electromagnetic stage to bring his paper cranes to life. While the idea of moving paper creations around with magnets is fun, it’s the synchronization that really makes this hilarious. (via Digg)

03 Mar 06:14

Choose a Direwolf


I don't buy that Ghost is higher level than Nymeria.

Choose a Direwolf Self-taught girl. Padawan illustrator. Beat'em up lover. From Lleida, the land of the snails I invite you to follow me on facebook: - and visit my others designs: - - - - -
02 Mar 14:00

IKEA announces new products with Qi chargers built in

by Janet Cloninger


IKEA just announced they will be introducing a new line of bedside tables, lamps, and desks with Qi chargers built-in.  The wireless charging furnishings will be available in Europe and North America beginning this April, with global availability soon after.  You can read the entire press release at PRNewswire.  Check the IKEA website for availability information for the Qi-enabled furnishings.

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02 Mar 17:12

First look at Vincent D'Onofrio as the Kingpin

The first images of Vincent D'Onofrio as the Kingpin for Netflix's Daredevil have been released.

Says Netflix, "Central to this conflict is that Fisk truly believes he’s doing good for Hell’s Kitchen and at times may seem more of a hero to its people than Daredevil. Intelligent, complex and physically imposing, Wilson Fisk is the perfect foil for Matt Murdock, and the two will collide dramatically in Marvel’s Daredevil."

"I just brought in this kind of character who in one sentence could easily go from being a child to a monster, depending on where his emotions take him," says D'Onofrio.

27 Feb 04:44

pixelartus:Simpsons Pixels (Simpsons Opening Video in Pixel...


Simpsons Pixels (Simpsons Opening Video in Pixel Art)

Pixel Artist: Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon


Simpsons Opening Video: (2 min)


28 Feb 01:19

"I should have used the sword. I should have used the magic sword."

by (John)
New Game of Thrones teases indicate (1) the show may radically deviate from the mostly lousy and tedious Daenerys storyline in A Dance With Dragons (and largely delete Tyrion's weird adventures?):

and (2) this season might include my favorite moment from the books:

12 Feb 03:27

Conan and The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun take it ALL off...

23 Feb 15:34

Brooding Seascapes and Marine Vessels Painted by Justyna Kopania

by Christopher Jobson










Polish painter Justyna Kopania depicts melancholy seascapes and towering ships obscured by mist with liberal applications of oil paint. Crashing waves are depicted with splashes of paint, and sails are formed with the stroke of a palette knife. You can see more over on Saatchi Art and Facebook. (via MEERESSTILLE)

23 Feb 04:49

sixpenceee:omgthekreeks: sixpenceee: Recently there’s been a...




Recently there’s been a case of bears walking upright like humans.

There are many theories as how and why a bear would walk bipedally one of them including the bear injured it’s front paws. 

This is the video for the above gifs

You can read about a more recent case here

Wake up America

24 Feb 01:00

This Ain't Your Grandpa's Garfield Generator!

by (Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller)
Murder, suicide, lots of weird sex stuff... anything goes in this grim, Goon-made Garfield universe!
23 Feb 23:00

He Followed...

By MeganLara
"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed."

10 Feb 02:07


18 Feb 04:41

'Buffy' Star Nicholas Brendon Arrested Again After Comic Book Convention


Jesus christ, Xander. That is definitely the face of a man who has done crimes.


- He was arrested and charged with grand theft on Monday after he drunkenly trashed a Hilton hotel room and then refused to pay his food and beverage bill.

- just four days after his rep announced he was ending his five-month marriage to wife Moonda Tee

18 Feb 14:55


 photo HANDY_zpsegntsaif.png
16 Feb 05:16

'Dolphin Lover' is an award winning documentary about a guy who fucked a dolphin



Malcolm Brenner, the aforementioned "dolphin lover" in the documentary, also recently appeared on an Australian radio show to talk about the doc and his "sexual relationship" with Dolly the Dolphin. (You might remember him popping up on ONTD before since he also wrote a book and has a website about dolphin fucking and has been mentioned here a few times).

“I knew I had a sexual attraction towards other species and I didn’t want to indulge it on the dolphin,” he explained on the Kiis FM breakfast show. “I was resisting her for the first several months but she was persistent.”

The talk show hosts then asked him if he had attraction to any other animals at which point Brenner said that as an adolescent he had experiences with the family dog. He even went on to say that he "tried to have intercourse with it, but wasn't successful" before the censors put a stop to the interview.

You can see another clip from Dolphin Lover here -

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13 Feb 14:00

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and a young padawan’s heart turns to lightsaber engagement rings

by Janet Cloninger


Star Wars fan or not, this is truly a beautiful ring!  I’m not sure how comfortable it would be to wear because of the shape of the “lightsaber hilt” portion of the band, but the emeralds and diamonds are gorgeous.  The colors are based on Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, and the Lightsaber Engagement Ring is made of “non-conflict materials, including the emeralds, diamond, and gold/platinum. The gold/platinum are recycled, and the diamonds are all GIA certified and are all non-conflict.”  The ring is offered with a round brilliant .50ct SI1 clarity, minimum I color (near colorless) diamond, but you can arrange for a bigger diamond or a different ring size than is normally offered (extra cost).  You can order the Lightsaber Engagement Ring in 14K white and yellow gold band for $3400.00, an 18K white and yellow gold band for $3600.00, or a platinum and yellow gold band for $4200.00 from the dtekdesigns shop at Etsy.

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12 Feb 14:46

THR reports: WME signs cult-like hipster church Hillsong to its roster


I work 10 mins walk from these for-profit shitbags.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that hipster church Hillsong has signed to WME, which is the first time a church has ever signed with a talent agency. If you remember, an earlier ONTD Original post described the Hillsong church as a church that presents itself as "hip and trendy" in order to attract young people.

The church's young celebrity fans include Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, and Vanessa Hudgens. The church is not without controversy: it has been likened to a cult, there have been allegations of child sex abuse, and the church refuses to take an explicit stance on gay marriage and abortion.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter
11 Feb 17:58

Spider-Man News Round-Up: Casting Edition


"story will be teenager by day/hero by night"

• Shortlist for casting includes Logan Lerman and Dylan O'Brien
• We learned there will be a high school focus yesterday; story will be teenager by day/hero by night
• Sony wants to shift from the love story-focus of the other five Spider-Man movies
• They haven’t totally written off using Miles Morales in some capacity

More at SOURCE
10 Feb 22:47

Andrew Garfield Officially out as Spider-Man and More Updated Information on the Marvel/Sony Deal


"looking for someone "much younger" than him"

-Sony has officially kicked Andrew Garfield out as Spider-Man and is looking for someone "much younger" than him.
-Ben Fritz of WSJ and their ~inside sources~ says the new Spider-Man movie wont be an origin story
-According to WSJ ~inside sources~ he will first appear in Captain America: Civil War (they are one-two months away from production so probably the best they will do is shove him in a post credit scene or a cameo)
-Sinister Six is still happening but will be delayed
-Spider-Man will be Peter Parker, again. Sorry Miles Morales fans.

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11 Feb 17:25

HBO officially announces Catch the Throne Vol. 2 featuring Method Man and Snoop Dogg

by Sue the Fury


mixtapeAs WatchersOnTheWall first uncovered in December, HBO confirmed today there will be a second edition of the Game of Thrones mixtape Catch the Throne featuring an exciting gathering of metal and hip-hop artists.

HBO confirms the lineup includes Killswitch Engage, Anthrax and Yandel, and adds Method Man and Snoop Dogg  to the lineup.

Each track will sample music from the season 4 soundtrack. Vol 2. also features an “overarching theme of fire and ice,” according to HBO.

In an official statement released by the network, Snoop Dogg said, “Off the top, I love Game of Thrones – I even gave my expert analysis of this season on my GGN show. It’s like the rap game, it’s gangster, about family, loyalty and trying to get to the top. I had to get involved. Give the fans a little bit of how I see it.”

Scott Ian of Anthrax says, “As fans of Game of Thrones, we are extremely excited to collaborate on this project. Recording a song about the Lannister family allows us to connect more with our fans and Game of Thrones fans in a way we would have never imagined.”

Catch the Throne: The Mixtape Vol. 2 will be released in March and will once again be free of charge.

The mixtape is produced by Launch Point Records, and will include 15 songs, with a diverse array of artists. In January, Launch Point producer Miles Felix Instagrammed pics of several artists recording the album, including this pic of Wu-tang legend Method Man:

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04 Feb 17:08

onlyleigh:girl don’t I know it


girl don’t I know it

04 Feb 04:49

nobodysuspectsthebutterfly:dlnsctt:For a second, I literally...



For a second, I literally thought that the shark on the left was being executed, and the shark on the right was being comforted.

24 Jan 21:12


03 Feb 06:11

Chris Evans, Chris Pratt and Jimmy Fallon photobomb a bunch of people at the Superbowl.


ONTD, have you ever been photobombed by Chris Evans, Chris Pratt or Jimmy Fallon?
10 Jan 17:36

bluedogeyes: Bruce Lee // The Way of the Dragon (1972)  (gifs...


Bruce Lee // The Way of the Dragon (1972)  (gifs via xy)

Yuen Qiu // Kung Fu Hustle (2004)