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05 Aug 21:17

jeffsimpsonkh: I’m a bit late to the mad max party, but I...


I’m a bit late to the mad max party, but I finally drew some Furiosa

05 Aug 21:17

kakaphoe: protector-of-the-small: love-to-love-puppies: drunk-winter: charlesoberonn: oolongearl...










okay hear me out

a magical girl anime

but with moms instead


I have a mighty need.

Plot Twist: the main villain is ALSO a mom


“A woman must be strong to protect that which she holds most dear…” 

What if their kids are best friends who go to the same school?

Imagine the PTA meetings

#What if they’re next door neighbors #and neither of them know so they’re good friends because their kids are good friends #but on the flip side they try are arch enemies trying to kill each other #and they’re always bitching about “work” to each other not realizing that they are actually bitching about each other

please i want this


05 Aug 20:14

tomorrow’s gonna be hotter








like yesterday

yesterday? yesterday you said you’d call sears!

ill call today

you call NOW.

ill call now

05 Aug 18:52

NASA uploads the Voyager mission's golden record to Soundcloud

by Anthony Wood

Both Voyager spacecraft carry an identical golden record

NASA has uploaded audio from the Voyager program's golden records to SoundCloud, allowing listeners to hear what may potentially be our first contact with an alien race. The agency has made available two playlists, known as Greetings to the Universe and Sounds of Earth.

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05 Aug 18:49

MagKey uses magnets to stop keys jangling

by Adam Williams

It's a kickstarter campaign... selling tiny magnets and a key ring. Here, I'll save you the trouble:

MagKey is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign

Occasionally an invention comes along that promises to change mankind fundamentally, enable us to grow as a species, and expand our capabilities beyond what was previously thought possible. MagKey isn't one of those kinds of inventions at all. It simply uses magnets to stop keys from jangling, but we're still impressed.

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05 Aug 18:20

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Supernatural Selection


Hovertext: Your move, people who aren't reductionists.

New comic!
Today's News:
05 Aug 16:04

A Computational Approach for Obstruction-Free Photography...

A Computational Approach for Obstruction-Free Photography

Research from MIT CSAIL and Google have developed a way to remove foreground material such as reflections and barriers from photographs:

We present a unified computational approach for taking photos through reflecting or occluding elements such as windows and fences. Rather than capturing a single image, we instruct the user to take a short image sequence while slightly moving the camera. Differences that often exist in the relative position of the background and the obstructing elements from the camera allow us to separate them based on their motions, and to recover the desired background scene as if the visual obstructions were not there. We show results on controlled experiments and many real and practical scenarios, including shooting through reflections, fences, and raindrop-covered windows.

More Here

05 Aug 15:34

iguanamouth: lumpyblood: Hmmmmmmmmm *sip*



Hmmmmmmmmm *sip*

05 Aug 15:33

thymos: way too accurate


way too accurate

05 Aug 15:24

“In decentralisation” In decentralisation is a...

“In decentralisation”

In decentralisation is a sonnet based on tweets by the generative text twitterbot @futuristbot (made by Shardcore) which was then written by a recurrent neural network from CS University of Toronto.

Teaser for the next automated creative bot sequence (aka “If I had time and coding skills, then…”):

  • Input search string
  • THEN search in social media for the most controversial picture (in descending order)
  • THEN deep dream it
  • THEN review it through a fork of Novice Art Blogger
  • THEN compress the reviews and tweet them
  • REPEAT 1000 times
  • THEN create sonnet / meditations / speeches (aka samim stuff) with a recurrent neural network based on the previous material
  • THEN printwrite it with a RNN
  • REPEAT 100 times
  • THEN send the material to the email accounts of 1000 publishing houses

Or something like that.

04 Aug 03:18

The Crash Sack sleeping (and waking) bag

by Stu Robarts
01 Aug 14:28

Fallen God Tutorial by Eytan Zana

Fallen God Tutorial

By Eytan Zana

Here's an image for my latest Gumroad tutorial covering some advanced techniques. This video will cover creating a finished painting starting with a 3D render as my base. Here's the link if you are interested! this on ArtStation
Eytan Zana on ArtStation
Eytan zana fallengod web
01 Aug 07:08

Expired Liquid Hide Glue, good after 13 years!

by Stephen Shepherd

A friend of mine showed me a bottle of Franklin/Titebond Liquid Hide Glue with an old expiration date and he thought it was still good.  I looked at the date and it was 7-01 and I thought  there was no way it was any good.  So I did the finger/thumb test and sure enough it exhibited ‘legging’ or ‘cottoning’ indicating it was still good.


So the following day I conducted the only sanction test for testing the usefullness of liquid hide glue, a bead of glue on paper, cooked in a 150 degree [F] oven for 15 to 20 minutes and allowed to cool.  To my surprise it cracked indicating it was still good.

glue test

It had not been stored in  special conditions although the shop never got real hot.  Good idea to test before you throw it away.


01 Aug 03:57

bao-haus: i couldn’t decide whether i wanted to draw pearl as a...


i couldn’t decide whether i wanted to draw pearl as a knight or a ballerina so i went for an impractical combination of both

a knighterina

or just, a ballerina playing a knight

01 Aug 03:30

a girl and a robot by Sabbas Apterus

01 Aug 03:25

sekigan: 7cents采集到A杂(2500图)_花瓣插画/漫画

01 Aug 03:25

sekigan: @Vista锋绘 《锋绘网》一周年贺!@空町采集到小画儿(1206图)_花瓣插画/漫画

01 Aug 03:25

rhubarbes: Be Still by TheMichaelMacRae More concept art here.

01 Aug 03:20

Low-cost prosthetic knee could let the impoverished walk normally

by Ben Coxworth

A diagram showing the prosthetic knee's range of motion

Some higher-end prosthetic legs are equipped with things like gyroscopes and accelerometers, in order to guide their knee joint through a more natural bending motion. In developing nations, however, such expensive prostheses usually aren't an option. That's why a scientist from MIT is developing a knee that could allow inexpensive legs to perform like the fancy ones.

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01 Aug 03:15

Copyright Controversy Erupts Over Site’s Use of 3D Model

by General Fabb

Called it!

Recently we wrote of a newly encountered 3D model repository,, which holds plenty of interesting 3D content, but now it seems the site has used some models without permission. 

The site in question,, is a Chinese service offering hundreds of 3D models for download in a manner very similar to Thingiverse. It’s in Chinese, so few non-Chinese users might have encountered it, but we found it and through the magical use of Google Translate, were able to succesfully navigate through to downloading 3D models. 

We did not review the entire collection, as the site contains perhaps thousands of 3D models. But one Fabbaloo reader, Jim Rodda (aka Zheng3), went through the site and found that at least one of his 3D models was on the site and available for free download. 

We asked Rodda (a speaker of Chinese) to describe what happened after finding the site via Fabbaloo’s post: 

I found day in (translates to “printer,” BTW) through Fabbaloo’s tweet. I decided to multiplex practicing Chinese and searching for my models by entering 恐龙 (dinosaur) into the search field. I expected to find Robber Rex, because he’s more popular, but lo!
There was Milton. It’s a shame it had to be Milton, because as dinosaurs go he’s pretty anxious and I’m concerned for how this will affect his self-esteem. (Milton’s anxiety issues are well-documented here.

On Zheng3’s site, the model in question, “Milton”, shown at top, is marked with this license:

Unless otherwise specified, all models from the Forge are distributed under the Creative Commons Share-Alike license, so you’re free to share and remix them as long as you credit You can also send a donation to to help keep The Forge stocked with anthracite and ale. Thanks.

It’s otherwise fully downloadable at no cost. This license makes it easy for personal use of a 3D model, but requires appropriate attribution if you’re redistributing it in some way. The same way seems to be doing. 

But did provide such attribution? 

Apparently not. A Google translation of the item, “Simple small dinosaur” reads as follows: 

Model Description
Simple model of small dinosaur

The entry not only does not recognize the attribution, but the item’s name has been changed from “Milton” to “Simple small dinosaur”. 

This transgression may not be directly caused by, as it may have been one of their users who have uploaded the model; the service may not be aware of the model’s heritage. However, the site does offer a way to make a correction: a button brings up this box (translation again courtesy of Google):

From there it would be possible to provide the appropriate change information to the 3D model, that presumably would implement. 

What are Rodda’s plans? He explained what he will do next:

I’m a little peeved about the situation, but I understand it. You can’t expect every kid in China with an internet connection to know what a Creative-Commons Share Alike license is. Heck, you can’t get people for whom English is a first language to follow that license sometimes. 
My thinking is that since I can’t beat ‘em, imma join ‘em. I’m going to create an account on day in and start uploading all the models from The Forge. It’ll be a good way to learn some new vocabulary and engage with a new set of 3D printer owners who aren’t comfortable on Western model sites. I have no idea how I’m going to translate all those model descriptions though.

Is there other content that may require similar adjustments or perhaps even removal if the content is proprietary? It appears so. By digging deeper, we found several 3D models that, at first glance, could be licensed items, including a small number of Iron Man, RoboCop, Simpsons pieces and a collection of League of Legends items. It’s possible there are items appearing in the same way as Zheng3’s, so we advise designers to take a look through the site and report any corrections. 

Via and Zheng3

31 Jul 20:31

ofthisblogiwillsoongrowtired: usairforce: “Strive not to be a...



“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” -Albert Einstein

Click here to learn more about how you can be of value by joining the U.S. Air Force.

“He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would fully suffice. This disgrace to civilization should be done away with at once. Heroism at command, senseless brutality, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism, how violently I hate all this, how despicable and ignoble war is; I would rather be torn to shreds than be part of so base an action! It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.”

– Albert Einstein

31 Jul 17:44

Cyberpunk Hacker’s Hideout by ianllanas

31 Jul 17:44

m4zlum: Chichek (16) Her war: Women vs. ISIS

31 Jul 17:44

70sscifiart: John Berkey


John Berkey

31 Jul 17:43

archiemcphee: Hooray! It’s time once again to visit the Duck...


Hooray! It’s time once again to visit the Duck Fashion Show, where haute couture meets sassy waterfowl models. For the past 30 years Australian farmer Brian Harrington has been dressing up and showing off his Famous Ducks at the Fashionable Ducks Show, held during Sydney’s annual Royal Easter Show. Harrington works with a professional dressmaker who individually styles each duck in an impressively elaborate costume. The outfits range from day and evening wear, in both modern and period styles, to fancy bridal wear. Each year the beautifully dressed-up ducks waddle parade along a duck-sized runway before an enthusiastic crowd that numbers in the hundreds.

Visit Brian Harrington’s website to learn more about his fabulous Famous Ducks.

[via Design Taxi]

31 Jul 17:42

Waiting for BárðarbungaInstallation by François Quévillon...

Waiting for Bárðarbunga

Installation by François Quévillon explores the subject of monitoring in nature with technology, with a computer that monitors and displays looping videos of remote volcanic areas of Iceland:

Waiting for Bárðarbunga is made of hundreds of video sequences which are presented according to the evolution of a statistical model that integrates data about the state and activity of the computer that presents them : temperature of components, fan speed and energy consumption. The video database consists of stationary camera shots that last a few seconds each. Most of them can be seamlessly looped and sometimes evoke remote webcams watching isolated areas. The audiovisual sequences are interconnected one to the other inside a rhizomatic structure. They are grouped and linked according to formal, conceptual, location-based and event-based characteristics. Amongst others, they show rivers under surveillance, glaciers breaking into drifting icebergs, foggy landscapes, hissing steam vents, boiling mud and geothermal power plants. The non-linear audiovisual piece evolves based on a probabilistic system influenced by real-time information coming from the computer’s sensors. According to the amplitude of their variation and the correlations between the types of data, what the viewer experiences ranges from comtemplative spaces where time seems to be suspended to energy-charged audiovisual blasts.

More Here

31 Jul 13:15

Taco Belle Costume Is a Glorious Visual Pun

by Amy Ratcliffe

taco belle 1

Three years ago, Olivia Mears, also known as Avant-Geek, wore her Beauty and the Beast Belle costume into Taco Bell without thinking about it. She was Belle in Taco Bell — get it, Taco Belle? She decided to run with the idea and recently created a glorious and awesome dress that combined the two concepts. It’s the familiar yellow ball gown combined with tacos. A real Taco Belle. Mears said:

The tacos are hand-painted card stock, tissue paper, and felt. The flowers and ruffles are made from [unused] Taco Bell wrappers.


taco belle 2

Photos via Avant-Geek on Facebook and Imgur

31 Jul 04:02

"Fast food workers in NY just won a $15/hr wage. I’m a paramedic. My job requires a broad set of..."

Fast food workers in NY just won a $15/hr wage.

I’m a paramedic. My job requires a broad set of skills: interpersonal, medical, and technical skills, as well as the crucial skill of performing under pressure. I often make decisions on my own, in seconds, under chaotic circumstances, that impact people’s health and lives. I make $15/hr.

And these burger flippers think they deserve as much as me?

Good for them.

Look, if any job is going to take up someone’s life, it deserves a living wage. If a job exists and you have to hire someone to do it, they deserve a living wage. End of story. There’s a lot of talk going around my workplace along the lines of, “These guys with no education and no skills think they deserve as much as us? Fuck those guys.” And elsewhere on FB: “I’m a licensed electrician, I make $13/hr, fuck these burger flippers.”

And that’s exactly what the bosses want! They want us fighting over who has the bigger pile of crumbs so we don’t realize they made off with almost the whole damn cake. Why are you angry about fast food workers making two bucks more an hour when your CEO makes four hundred TIMES what you do? It’s in the bosses’ interests to keep your anger directed downward, at the poor people who are just trying to get by, like you, rather than at the rich assholes who consume almost everything we produce and give next to nothing for it.

My company, as they’re so fond of telling us in boosterist emails, cleared 1.3 billion dollars last year. They expect guys supporting families on 26-27k/year to applaud that. And that’s to say nothing of the techs and janitors and cashiers and bed pushers who make even less than us, but are as absolutely crucial to making a hospital work as the fucking CEO or the neurosurgeons. Can they pay us more? Absolutely. But why would they? No one’s making them.

The workers in NY *made* them. They fought for and won a living wage. So how incredibly petty and counterproductive is it to fuss that their pile of crumbs is bigger than ours? Put that energy elsewhere. Organize. Fight. Win.


Jens Rushing  (via albinwonderland)

This times infinity.

31 Jul 02:29

CERN develops miniature linear accelerator for medical use

by David Szondy

Awesome! Always a fan of new accelerator tech :D

Serge Mathot with the first of the four modules that will make up the miniature accelerator

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN is where the miraculous meets the impractical. In addition to probing the secrets of the Universe at the subatomic level, it also has potential for a variety of medical applications. Unfortunately, with a circumference of 27 km (16.7 mi) the LHC is so unwieldy that it would be about as practical as using Big Ben for a wristwatch. In the hopes of creating something a bit more useful for the medical fraternity, CERN engineers have come up with a miniature linear accelerator (mini-Linac) that, at 2 m (6.5 ft) long, is small enough to be set up in hospitals for medical imaging and radiotherapy applications.

.. Continue Reading CERN develops miniature linear accelerator for medical use

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30 Jul 18:17

A 17th-Century Stanchi Painting Reveals the Rapid Change in Watermelons through Selective Breeding [Updated]

by Christopher Jobson

Giovanni Stanchi (Rome c. 1645-1672). Oil on canvas. 38 5/8 x 52½ in. (98 x 133.5 cm.) / Courtesy Christie’s


Old master work paintings are frequently cited for their depiction of historical events, documentation of culture, or portraiture of significant people, but there’s one lesser known use of some paintings for those with a keen eye: biology. One such instance is this Renaissance still life of various fruits on a table by Giovanni Stanchi painted sometime in the 1600s that shows a nearly unrecognizable watermelon before it was selectively bred for meatier red flesh.

Horticulture professor James Nienhuis at the University of Wisconsin tells Vox that he’s fascinated by old still life paintings that often contain the only documentation of various fruits and vegetables before we transformed them forever into something more desirable for human use. You can read a bit more about the science behind the changes in watermelons over the last 350 years here. (via Kottke)

Update: Greg Cato writes: “The painting depicts a rare outcome of sub-par growing conditions, known as ‘starring.’ It’s perfectly normal, still happens, and is not the result of selective breeding (although it would be cool if it were).” You can see an example here.