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30 Jul 17:21

Aldo Rebelo diz que não considera hipótese de ser vice de Alckmin

18 Aug 18:23

Uruguai cria 'vácuo' no Mercosul ao deixar presidência


Acho que o que está ficando claro é que o Narcosul *é* um vácuo. =)

Declaração é da chanceler argentina, Susana Malcorra: "Acho que o melhor teria sido, antes de mandar a carta (deixando a presidência), tentar um acordo sobre o formato de saída", opinou
16 Aug 22:31

Produção de maconha no Uruguai não cobrirá demanda


Se a legalização não tivesse sido feita por Comunistas Safados (TM), o mercado já teria se auto-regulado e estaria até produzindo excedente de exportação. Mas o pensamento comunista gosta de proibir e restringir tudo mesmo quando libera alguma coisa, e aí vemos que existe racionamento de quantidade por usuário e de pés de maconha que podem ser cultivados por propriedade...

Governo já se prepara para registro de consumidores de cannabis que poderão ter acesso a 40 gramas/mês através da compra em farmácias; lei autoriza ainda produção para autoconsumo de seis plantas por residência
17 Dec 15:41

An Ocean of Plastic

by Kip Hansen

Artigo muito bom para desmascarar o mito da "ilha gigante de plástico no Pacífico", que vejo papagaiado ad nauseam pela imprensa cientificamente acéfala pelo mundo afora.

Guest Essay by Kip Hansen Images such as this appear on the Internet and in the Main Stream Media, alongside of almost every article or report about the pollution of the Earth’s oceans with plastics of all kinds. The image is usually associated with the words “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” in the text of the…
18 Nov 20:33

Spot the trend: $100,000 USD prize to show climate & temperature data is not random

by Anthony Watts

Isso é interessante em termos de ciência e ceticismo. O cara dando o prêmio é um matemático que acha que a tendência de aquecimento da Terra observada ao longo do Século 20 é indistinguível do que seria esperado de uma "tendência" que aparecesse numa série numérica estatisticamente aleatória. O desafio fornece mil séries geradas aleatoriamente - algumas com uma tendência negativa e outras com positivas adicionadas na marra - e dá o prêmio para quem conseguir classificar 90% das séries corretamente, em positivas, negativas e neutras.

Ross McKittrick writes via email: A UK-based math buff and former investment analyst named Douglas Keenan has posted an intriguing comment on the internet. He takes the view that global temperature series are dominated by randomness and contain no trend, and that existing analyses supposedly showing a significant trend are wrong. He states: There have been…
09 Oct 19:00

Civil War, Zombies and Aliens



So there's a weirdly vivid and detailed dream I'd like to talk about because of how bizarre its and the fact I can remember almost every little detail. It happened roughly a year ago.

The first one is one that was guided by exposition from various people in the dream and a radio I had with me but here's the jist of it: In the not-too-distant future Prince Charles ascends to the throne and turns the UK into a fascist dictatorship. Whilst at first his rule is pretty solid, as iron fist rules tend to be, aliens invade earth and their UK targets are London and Edinburgh. This causes disruptions as soldiers are drafted to either end of the country. To add to this chaos a zombie outbreak (that is somehow related to the aliens) occurs. Through the disorder; various resistance groups are able to establish footholds, in the North East a rebel government called the Northumbrian Republic forms. They manage to take a large chunk of Northumberland (setting up Hexham as the de facto capital) and Durham and at the time of the dream currently wrestling for control of Tyne and Wear: controlling Gateshead with Sunderland under UK control and the rest being contested with the "Battle for Newcastle" going somewhat in favour of the NR. I am the Lt for a NR militia currently tasked with getting people from the zombie infected areas of Gateshead to the safer areas.

Whilst Held up in a flat with my company and the civilians, zombies attack. Since they attacked us by surprise we all scramble out the windows (this is an upstairs flat so it's quite the jump). In the scramble I take out my Sawed Off (bear in mind they hold TWO shots), shoot a zombie in the head, shoot a window open for my escape and whilst jumping out of said window shoot the opposite window all without reloading. Because of the zombie induced havoc the group is split in half with captain off with the other half still being perused by the undead. I, now in command, lead my half to a NR militia safe house. Whilst at the house we are attacked by 3 UK soldiers. However the owner of the house, who has contacts in Edinburgh, hands me a rifle that was looted from one of the aliens attacking the Scottish capital. High tech in hand, I charge the three soldiers who after seeing the riffle and hearing my awesome one liner (which I've totally forgotten, it was so amazing - grrr) they drop their weapons.

Shortly their after we get a call from the Cpt saying that they're held up in the MetroCentre (Gateshead's Mall) and their pinned. We promptly head there, guns blazing. We almost get to them when I make the classic zombie genre trope of standing to close to an opening shutter door and promptly get bit in the throat. At which point I wake up.

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08 Oct 18:18

A Comparative Look at Solar Systems

by Paul Gilster

TL;DR: nosso Sistema Solar tem duas estranhezas que não parecem atribuíveis a um bias dos métodos de detecção de planetas extra-solares existentes. Primeiro, não temos uma Super-Terra. Segundo, não temos planetas em órbitas minúsculas, "submercurianas"...

With almost 2000 exoplanets now confirmed, not to mention candidates in the thousands, it’s amazing to recall that it was just twenty years ago that the first planet orbiting a main sequence star beyond the Solar System was found. Continued work on the world revealed that 51 Pegasi b is about half as massive as Jupiter, though 50 percent larger. Orbiting its star in roughly four days, the planet is some fifty light years from Earth. Thus we began to learn not just that exoplanets were out there, but that their environments could be truly extreme — remember that it was just in 1992 that planets were found around the pulsar PSR 1257+12.

Without any evidence other than my imagination, I grew up believing that most stars should have planets, and just assumed that their stellar systems were more or less like our own. There should be a few planets too close to their star for life to exist, and several gas giants out at the outskirts of the system, and somewhere in between there should be a world not so different from Earth. It was a naive view, but not completely implausible, and anyway, we lacked data.

Discovering ‘hot Jupiters’ is one way we began to realize that other configurations could exist, and the number of ‘super-Earths’ has made the same case. Just how ‘normal’ is our Solar System in the first place? A new paper from Rebecca Martin (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) and Mario Livio (Space Telescope Science Institute) tackles the question, comparing what we see in our Solar System to our growing database of exoplanetary information.

Obviously, this is a work in progress, for we’re not only still examining abundant Kepler and K2 data but continuing a robust planet hunt that looks forward to space-based missions like TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) and PLATO (PLAnetary Transits and Oscillations of stars), surveys of considerable scope that should build our catalog of ‘nearby’ planets. Nonetheless, we can draw some conclusions based on what we see in the image below.


Image (click to enlarge): Model of all the multi-planet systems found by Kepler as of November 2013; our terrestrial planets are shown in grey at the top left for comparison. A new study examines how our solar system compares to the exoplanetary systems we’ve found. Credit: NASA/Kepler/Dan Fabricky.

Our Solar System is composed of a good deal more than planets, of course, which leads to an important caveat, one that Martin and Livio mention early on in the paper. We have two belts orbiting the Sun, the main asteroid belt and the Kuiper Belt. The problem is that although we can see a number of debris and dust belts around other stars, belts with as little mass as ours would not be observable to us around other stars. So a study like this one has to base its findings solely on planets. It can be mentioned, though, that hundreds of debris disk candidates are now in play, and about two-thirds of these are best modeled as two component disks.

That’s a plus for the idea that our Solar System isn’t all that atypical. What about the planets? The authors use a mathematical transformation that allows them to set up a statistical comparison. The low mean eccentricity of planets around our Sun is one area where we differ from other multi-planet systems — our planets move in largely circular orbits — but as the paper notes, our observation methods are biased toward finding high eccentricity planets. Circular orbits work to our benefit, for planets with low eccentricity are more likely to be dynamically stable. Indeed, the terrestrial planets in our system are thought to be stable until that distant time when the Sun becomes a red giant and disrupts the entire inner system.

What about age? The Sun is about half the age of the Milky Way disk, hardly setting up our system as special, and at least one study has found that about 80 percent of existing Earth-like planets were already formed when the Earth came into existence. We also know that terrestrial planets in the habitable zone of their host star appear to be common. The paper notes, for example, the work of Courtney Dressing and David Charbonneau, which uses Kepler data for M-dwarfs and finds an occurrence rate for Earth-sized planets in the habitable zone of 18% to 27%, a conservative estimate that Martin and Livio say could be as high as 50 percent (see How Common Are Potential Habitable Worlds in Our Galaxy?)

If we’re not unusual in terms of age or habitability, we do differ considerably from other systems in two respects. First, we have no planets inside the orbit of Mercury, in contrast to systems with rocky worlds on far closer orbits. Moreover, the Solar System lacks a super-Earth, a category of planet now turning out to be common.

The paper summarizes its findings this way:

We find that the properties of the planets in our solar system are not so significantly special compared to those in exosolar systems to make the solar system extremely rare. The masses and densities are typical, although the lack of a super-Earth-sized planet appears to be somewhat unusual. The orbital locations of our planets seem to be somewhat special but this is most likely due to selection effects and the difficulty in finding planets with a small mass or large orbital period. The mean semi-major axis of observed exoplanets is smaller than the distance of Mercury to the Sun. The relative depletion in mass of the solar system’s terrestrial region may be important. The eccentricities are relatively low compared to observed exoplanets, although the observations are biased toward finding high eccentricity planets. The low eccentricity, however, may be expected for multi-planet systems. Thus, the two characteristics of the solar system that we find to be most special are the lack of super-Earths with orbital periods of days to months and the general lack of planets inside of the orbital radius of Mercury.

So while we’ve had quite a few surprises in the past twenty-five years, going from no exoplanets known to planets around pulsars and then main sequence stars, and moving from those early detections to thousands of candidates, we’re not seeing anything that would peg us as being unique. In terms of habitability, the authors see nothing in the Solar System that would make it especially conducive to life’s formation as opposed to other planetary systems:

If exosolar life happens to be rare it would probably not be because of simple basic physical parameters, but because of more subtle processes that are related to the emergence and evolution of life. Since at the moment we do not know what those might be, we can allow ourselves to be optimistic about the prospects of detecting exosolar life.

That lack of a super-Earth troubles me, though. Systems that have a super-Earth generally have more than one. The authors ask a good question: Does the presence of a super-Earth affect terrestrial planet formation? Several studies have looked at a migrating super-Earth moving slowly through the habitable zone, finding that a terrestrial planet that forms there later will tend to be rich in volatiles. Many observed super-Earths are found in orbits where they were unlikely to have formed, so scenarios of super-Earth migration surely deserve further study.

The paper is Martin and Livio, “The Solar System as an Exoplanetary System,” The Astrophysical Journal Vol. 810, No. 2 (3 September 2015). Full text.


24 Aug 21:52

Jogos Vorazes - A Esperança: O Final | Banner mostra vitória sobre a Capital

by Natália Bridi

Ah, vai ser um filme com *dois* subtítulos? O_o

Jogos Vorazes - A Esperança: O Final ganhou um novo banner, que mostra Katniss e os rebeldes sobre a estátua derrubada de Presidente Snow: No suposto último filme da franquia, que é dirigido por Francis Lawrence, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) e os rebeldes do Distrito 13 concluem a rebelião contra a Capital. O elenco conta com Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Natalie Dormer, Julianne Moore, Elizabeth Banks, Donald Sutherland, Woody Harrelson, Stanley Tucci e Philip Seymour Hoffman. Jogos Vorazes - A Esperança - Parte 1 estreou ano passado -  leia a nossa...

13 Aug 18:45

Scientists don't have a good definition for "species" despite the fact that many biological disciplines use "species"


Artigo muito interessante sobre a definição (inexistente) de espécie. Quem me abriu os olhos para isso foi o Chico Lobo, uns dez anos atrás.

12 Aug 21:23

Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries e mais séries aparecem no trailer da The CW

by Aline Diniz

Yay! iZombie volta em outubro!

O canal estadunidense The CW divulgou o primeiro trailer das novas temporadas de suas séries, que começam a estrear a partir de 6 de outubro. Confira abaixo ao vídeo, que conta com The Flash e iZombie (6 de outubro), Arrow e Supernatural (7 de outubro), The Vampire Diaries e The Originals (8 de outubro), Reign (9 de outubro), Jane the Virgin e Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (12 de outubro):

11 Aug 11:34

Homem-Aranha terá mais de um uniforme em Capitão América: Guerra Civil

by Natália Bridi

Ainda bem. Aquele uniforme dos filmes do Tobey Mcguire era um troço inexplicável. Ele achou de brinde numa caixa de sucrilhos?

Além do uniforme caseiro (veja aqui), o Homem-Aranha de Capitão América: Guerra Civil terá um outro uniforme, criado por Tony Stark, em vermelho, azul e preto. É o que afirmam as fontes do Heroic Hollywood. A trama casa com a das HQs, em que Stark dá ao amigão da vizinhança uma versão mais tecnológica da sua roupa de combate. No time de Capitão América estariam Falcão, Soldado Invernal, Gavião Arqueiro, Homem-Formiga e Feiticeira Escarlate. No grupo liderado por Homem de Ferro estariam Visão, Viúva Negra, Homem-Aranha e Máquina de Combate. Por enquanto...

14 Jul 22:55

'Krampus' Official Teaser Poster


Um filme de Krampus? Yay! Parece o tipo certo de filme natalino para mim. =)

14 Jul 19:39

Tarsem Singh Set to Direct All 10 Episodes of NBC’s EMERALD CITY


O Mágico de Oz já é uma viagem de ácido. Imagine o Tarsem Singh dirigindo...

14 May 22:21

Homem-Aranha | Asa Butterfield é o novo Peter Parker, diz site

by Marcelo Hessel

Normalmente sou completamente apático com reboots de Homem Aranha, mas o Ender Wiggin daria um bom Spiderman como o dos quadrinhos clássicos, que também era um frangote.

Favorito ao papel do novo Homem-Aranha do cinema, o ator Asa Butterfield (O Jogo do Exterminador, Hugo Cabret) teria sido o escolhido pelo Marvel Studios e a Sony Pictures. A informação é do Latino Review, que diz que a contratação foi decidida na semana passada e confirmou a notícia com suas fontes hoje. Homem-Aranha | Saiba quem são os possíveis diretores do filme A trama do novo longa do herói deve envolver a ameaça do Sexteto Sinistro (provavelmente sem relação com os vilões mostrados nos filmes anteriores). Antes do filme solo, o amigão da vizinha...

06 Mar 11:15

"I am no Longer Certain that the Singularity is Near"


Singularitários caindo na real. O cara até leu "The Collapse of Complex Societies", que é um dos livros de Fim do Mundo 101 do /r/collapse. =)

21 Jan 19:43

THE COMET KINGS (Edmond Hamilton, 1942)


Mais um resultado de pesquisa arqueológica desse Redditor, o dr_hermes, na ficção científica escalafobética do começo do Século 20. O Cometa Halley na verdade é um planeta com atmosfera respirável, mas eletrificada, povoado por humanóides que vivem diretamente dessa fonte de energia e são imortais.

Será que o cara que escreveu "Força Sinistra" se inspirou nessa historinha? =)

THE COMET KINGS (Captain Future) Reviewed

You may have been informed that comets are just minor planetary bodies of rock and ice, and that solar radiation blows away dust and vapor to give them that distinctive tail. That's what they WANT you to think. The truth is, that "coma' around the object is actually a potent electrical charge that would destroy any matter touching it. Not only that, but (on Halley's Comet at least) the rocky body within the coma has breathable atmosphere and is inhabited by once-normal humans who have been modified into glowing beings which draw their lifeforce directly from the comet's electric charge. And even more, behind this strange transformation are shadowy fourth-dimensional creatures from beyond our cosmos who are up to No Good.

But it's not use writing to the International Astronomer's Union to inform them about this amazing news. They are too busy wrestling about on the floor and haggling over the definitions of "planet" and what to make of poor Pluto. No, for the real facts, you must go to the Summer 1942 issue of the pulp CAPTAIN FUTURE and study the revelatory novel THE COMET KINGS by Edmond Hamilton.

Sometimes I wistfully look back at that gorgeous carnival of a Solar System that the pulps gave us. Every planet was inhabited by variations of Earthfolk; Venus was a steamy jungle, Neptune a waterworld and Mars dotted with ruined cities of ancient civilizations. Of course, it's fascinating to see the photos taken by various probes and modern telescopes and I enjoy learning what we've discovered these days through much hard work and reasoning. But in a small corner of my heart, the colorful planets where John Carter and Northwest Smith and Space Ranger had their adventures, romances and tragedies will always remain untouched.

Anyway, THE COMET KINGS is classic Space Opera, rushing right along from one bad crisis to a worse one. The characters are vivid but sketchy; it would only be years later in the final seven short stories that Hamilton would try to explore them a bit more deeply. That's fine for a fast-moving romp like this, where a chapter spent in moody introspectionwould just slow the rollercoaster car.

We start as spaceships are mysteriously disappearing. More than twenty of them have vanished just beyond Jupiter, leaving no wreckage. Bulky meteor-sweeping ships sent out to clear the space-lanes never come back, either, and the Planet Patrol investigators sail out to get someanswers, never to be heard from again. Among the agents missing are crusty old Ezra Gurney and Joan Randall. ("It may look queer, sending a girl," the Patrol commander admits, but she's darn good at her job.) Although he was naturally going to look into this anyway, the disappearance of his little heartthrob sends Curt Newton and his traveling menagerie rushing from their lonely headquarters on the Moon.

By the way, in a reality where even distant Pluto has been colonized,doesn't it seem odd that the Moon has no one living on it but Cap and his crew? I mean, it's right there next door to the Earth and you'd think it would be well developed by the time people are strolling around Jupiter or Neptune. Maybe there's an untold story there. For all I know, Captain Future has booby-trapped the Moon so no one else can land there.

Cap gathers his team of hulking metal robot, rubbery android and brain-in-a-tank into his spaceship and they roar off to see what's going on. Halley's Comet is by Jupiter at this point and the Futuremen find their craft yanked down to its surface by a powerful magnetic attraction. Landing rough by safely, our heroes are taken prisoner by the Cometae. These characters used to be normal flesh and blood people minding their own business until they were modified by some outsiders called the Allus. Now the Cometae live on electricity drawn directly from the shining atmosphere around them. They're quite attractive, looking rather angelic with their glowing auras; they're also immortal in that they don't need food or air and won't age. But most of them miss the prospects of having children, growing old together and eventually resting in peace rather than just dragging on forever. You can get tired of anything.

Whoops, Joan has joined the Cometae! There's a surprise. She has never looked lovelier, either ("Her soft dark hair and lovely face, her lithe, utterly feminine figure so completely revealed by the scanty silvercloth garment were brilliantly enhanced by the glow of inherent electric force, scintillating from every inch of her body and investing her with its shining halo.") Not half bad, but Cap can't even touch her without suffering a dangerous jolt. Even disarmed and taken prisoner, our heroes immediately start planning escape and counter-attack. These are guys who have travelled back to the break-up of the Tenth Planet, fought invaders from Dimension X and even witnessed the Big Bang. They're hard to discourage. It develops that there may be a resistance movement among the Cometae to overthrow the reign of the Allus and perhaps the Futuremen can get in on it...

Edmond Hamilton seemed to me to be coasting a wee bit for the first half of the story. Lightning-rod people living on Halley's Comet, okay it's a wild concept but not up to the usual apocalyptic level of Captain Future stories. But as Cap investigates and starts to learn more about the situation, the stakes go up dramatically. I particularly enjoyed a scene where Curt Newton starts to buy the comforting explanations his captors are feeding him, thinking that maybe things aren't as bad as they seem. Then the splash of ice water in the face as he learns the truth. ("Your cosmos of curved three-dimensional space is merely a bubble floating in the abyss of extra-dimensional infinity. In your cosmos, you are like insects crawling around the inside of a spherical shell." Never trust anyone who compares people to insects or who addresses you as "mortal" or "puny"; that's my policy)

Fans of Lovecraft-style creepiness may want to note that here we meet a race of shadowy creatures who don't seem to have any physical presence, But their long serpentine bodies sport "a blunt, hideously ophidian head from whose face grew a mass of writhing tentacles." I'm sure I've seen that image before somewhere.

And I'm glad to see Curt showing some feelings. He was raised frominfancy on the Moon by a brain floating in a tank full of fluid, a dimwit robot and a bad-tempered android. So I wouldn't be surprised if he turned out a complete psycho or an emotionless geek. But no, he's alright (maybe a bit naive and idealistic). He has finally started to return Joan's outright romantic offers. They both have some regrets that duty prevents them from just staying on the comet and being happy together, but at least Cap has the compassion to gently kiss her and say, "Joan, don't feel like that. Someday when our work is done, we'll find our own paradise."

This sort of Golden Age pulp is not for everyone, and I imagine many dismiss it as hopelessly corny and outdated. Heck, a lot of readers don't care for serious ambitious science-fiction from the 1930s and 1940s, let alone mere pulp adventure meant just to provide a few hours of harmless pleasure. That's okay. Life gives us a big menu and you can order what you like from it.

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19 Jan 22:31

Russian forces enter Ukraine


Como assim, entraram oficialmente desta vez? É por isso que o Reddit caiu?

15 Jan 21:36

First trailer for SyFy's "The Expanse" series.


Estou lendo o primeiro livro, com alguma esperança termino antes da série começar...

15 Jan 11:41

TIL that in 526 AD there was a worldwide dust cloud that blocked out the sun for a FULL YEAR, resulting in widespread famine and disease. More than 80% of Scandinavia and parts of China starved to death, 30% of Europe died in epidemics.


Oh well. O_o

14 Jan 18:59

Os Vingadores 3 terá o Homem-Aranha, garante site [ATUALIZADO]


Ótimo agora só precisam do acordo com a Fox para acabar com a bobajada de chamar os mutantes de "milagres" no MCU.

[Atualização] Segundo o CBR, a Sony negou que o Homem-Aranha estará no filme da Marvel. Ao site, o estúdio classificou a informação como um "rumor velho" e "sem nenhuma validade". [Fim da atualização] Segundo o Latino Review, o Homem-Aranha estará em Os Vingadores 3 (Avengers: Infinity War - Part 1) em 2018. O site não detalha a fonte da informação, e diz apenas que o acordo entre Marvel Studios e Sony Pictures para permitir o crossover foi finalizado. Originalmente, o herói poderia aparecer em Capitão América 3 - Guerra Civil em 2016, mas, dado o cronograma do filme, não aparecerá ...
06 Jan 17:22

As Fábulas Negras | Volta de Zé do Caixão ao cinema ganha trailer [ATUALIZADO]


O clipe da historinha dirigida pelo cara do Mangue Negro é mega-escatológico, já estou doido pra ver o filme. =)

As Fábulas Negras, antologia de terror que marca a volta à direção de José Mojica Marins, o Zé do Caixão, sete anos depois de Encarnação do Demônio, ganhou o seu primeiro trailer. Figuras do folclore nacional, como a Loira do Banheiro e o Saci, assombram o filme: No YouTube, Rodrigo Aragão, o diretor de Mangue Negro que idealizou a antologia, tem publicado vídeos com cenas e making-ofs. Veja um clipe de "Crônicas do Esgoto", o episódio de As Fábulas Negras dirigido por Aragão: As Fábulas Negras se divide em quatro episódios: "Crônicas do Esgoto" (de Aragão), "Pampa Feroz" (direção de ...
02 Jan 19:57

In which I was a salmon.


Hmmmmm... salmões...

For the first time in memory I actually dreamt I was an animal, it wasn't one of those out of body dreams, I actually was a salmon and I could see my school swimming around me, everything was from my point of veiw.

I was pregnant and for some reason this meant I had to wear my swim bladder as a hat to make space in my body for my eggs to grow.

As the dream went on I was getting progressively more frustrated because I had to swim very slowly and close to the surface.

Soon it was time for me to give birth, thousands of baby fishes were leaving my body from every orrifice at great speed, there were so many and they were so small that they formed a cloud around me.

that's when I woke up.

I would love to hear anybodies take on this? and I'd love to hear from anyone who has ever dreamt of being (as opposed to simply seeing) an animal before.

(Ps. I am pregnant in the real world so perhaps it's not so far fetched)

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30 Dec 23:52

Working toward a warp drive: In his garage lab, Omahan aims to bend fabric of space


Doido que acredita que dobras espaciais *já* ocorrem naturalmente na terra, em grandes tempestades e fenômenos geomagnéticos ("Triângulo das Bermudas"...) e está tentando recriar as condições na garagem. Estranhamente, *alguma coisa* está afetando os lasers que ele usa para medir o suposto warp.

Estou cético, mas gostaria de ser surpreendido por um Dr. Brown ou Zephram Cochrane do mundo real.

30 Dec 14:08

World's Largest Virus


É um vírus com "olhinhos" na ponta de "antenas".

I dreamt that a new species of virus had been discovered. A completely harmless virus, and actually kind of cute. About 1 cm tall.

I drew an illustration:

You could order a vial of 4 of them and keep them as pets. You could find them in gardens underneath certain types of leaves. If you lifted the leaf, they would scurry out all in a row and it was cute :)

(I think I was subconsciously inspired by this gif of a motor protein I had seen on reddit:

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29 Dec 17:33

Eating cat feces


Eu ri. =)

Had the most disgusting dream today. I was cleaning my cats litter box and out of nowhere I stuffed some poop in my mouth. First I didn't think about it but then I panicked and tried to spit it out but it was so sticky and stuck to my teeth. I tried to hide it from the people around me, but it kept showing.

IRL I'm in the middle of making a big decision that will either affect my relationship with my boyfriend or with my family. I live abroad but I really want to go home, my bf wants to stay.

What I got from this dream is probably that I'm very stressed and scared, but afraid to show other people, but that it's very obvious. Other ideas on this dream is welcome

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26 Dec 19:51

Arms - A Horror Movie



Ok so, I just had this dream. I immediately woke up and typed it into notepad so I'm gonna copy and past from there while hopefully cleaning up the errors a bit. Hope this is allowed here, just searched for "reddit dreams" and this came up.

Arms - Horror movie

This was all in a dream I had that I woke up from 10 (40 minutes at time of post.), I am trying to write down as much as I remember before I forget.

Premise - People around the world have gotten some sort of sickness/mutation/genetic-fuck-up that makes it so they lose control of their arms. Now its not a normal "lose control" this is more intense. For one, it makes the arms extend at extreme lengths and they are super sharp. So when they lose control they swing horizontally like swords and extend and retract seeming to focus on loved ones.

Beginning - One scene I remember from the dream is a woman screaming and crying as her arms flail and kill her family and any cops or paramedics that try to help. I'm thinking this is patient 0. Later there's a scene that is a low flying cameras that is panning over a neighbourhood. Its gloomy outside, maybe around 10 AM, cloudy, and there is a bird sitting on top one of the houses. As the camera pans over, there is a "schlink!" noise as a razer sharp hand pops up through the house, stabs the bird, then retracts it back inside. This happens to multiple houses during this shot

shit alight the memories are fading and my typing is getting worse as I try to hastily get all this written.

Middle - I'm thinking the back story or something is maybe like a purposeful alien infection, where they were like "hey watch what we can do to these little people" I don't know about a back story, someone fill that in. Also, it kills any living thing, you have no control over your arms. It starts gradually, like the first time you lose control once, kill your kid, freak the fuck out, call cops, you know. Then it just gets worse and worse.

So I honestly have forgotten the rest of the story besides the ending.

Ending - So, I would be lying if it wasn't crazy as fuck. I just want to say before hand, that I have no idea why these people are in this building, but apparently it is what will reverse the process. So I'm fairly sure there were 3 or 4 people, the good guys, that either wernt infected (which wouldnt fit what is about to happen) or they actually gained control of the arms and could use them as weapons. So basically, they are in this tall ass building, in china (I know because of later reasons, don't worry getting there). They are fighting these monster things? I don't know, maybe the aliens and shit, but they need to get to the top of the building, a skyscraper really. Who knows what's at the top, probably the kill switch to the king alien or something. Alight, so they are fighting, one of the people dies, its all emotional. MUST KEEP GOING!! (About to get weirder, yeah, its possible) The building breaks up and beginning flying upwards, (alien traction beam maybe?) and its flying up and up and... then the dream fades out. BUT I do remember some more. After they do whatever they do and it starts falling back down. (well actually during this whole process) Somewhere in the movie, it is discovered that fighter pilots are immune to the disease. (told you it would get weirder) and these 4 Chinese pilots take F35s (total dog shits of planes but look cool on screen) and as the building is starting to fall, they each grapple to a corner of the building and its a long and hard fought scene where they throw it into VTOL mode and slow the building down and save the heros. Somehow one of the pilots dies, the heros find him, hears his last words "bla bla bla I saved it" "No, we saved it" I'm really struggling to remember at this point. Aaaaand BLAM, end of dream.

Now here what I'm thinkin, I need help filing this story in. I'm also thinking this would make an absolutely PERFECT Kevin Smith movie, right guys? So, anyone want to get him here? How cool would that be.

Edit: some spelling and shit

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26 Dec 16:13

The Dark Matter Teleporter - a fucked up and scary dream i had


A Matéria Escura é uma coisa visível, parecendo asfalto líquido pela descrição. =)

this dream is extremely bizarre and pretty gory.

(the day before, i was playing dead space 3, so i know how this dream came to be)

it started off in a large ship in space. the first thing i saw was a group of people sitting in a sealed, transparent isolated room, outside the room, i see a scientist with a clipboard writing stuff down. the dream jumps to someone pounding on the glass trying to break it. the area is dark except for the red alarm going off from the people trying to escape. they break the glass and begin attacking the scientists.

(for some reason throughout the dream i seem to be observing the situation rather than actually being there. like watching a movie!!)

Theres a room, with what was called the "dark Matter Teleporter"

This is were it gets very detailed.

one of the people in that containment room go into the Dark Matter Teleporter Room (DMTR) and locks the door, with 3 scientists inside who were working on it. they are pretty scared and i'm assuming the escapee knew what it was and was trying to leave VIA the DMT. They explain to the Escapee that it's not ready and is very dangerous in it's current state.

The DMT is made of 2 oval-shaped tanks filled with a black, chunky liquid which is, you guessed it, Dark Matter. the tanks are connected to a large square Tub on the floor where the teleporting object/person would lay down in. next to the pumps is a large oxygen tank which is connected to a gas mask that provides a person oxygen while in the process of teleportation. (the tub fills with Dark matter sludge with the person hooked up to the oxygen tank, laying on the floor of the tub)

this is all explained by the scientists to the escapee and tell him to just surrender. the escapee shoves one of them into the DMT in a fit of rage and hits the switch. What was not told to the escapee, is that the drain in the tub has a "side effect" where the drain can morph into different shapes and sizes. with the poor scientist sinking to the bottom, his luck ran out when the drain morphed into a small regular sink drain (the drain was initially made to fit a normal human in case teleportation didn't work and they could escape and try again)

as the sludge begins to seep into the drain, the guy is trying to get out. it's too late and he's slowly beginning to melt while screaming horrifically and begins to disintegrate into a goop of blood, guts, and bone. his head is the last to melt, which temporarily clogs the drain, but the pressure causes his head to pop like a pimple and gets sucked down the drain as well.

thats all i remember. it really fucked me up for a few minutes. i woke up feeling very dizzy and disoriented from how fucked up the dream was.

i also think why the dream was so detailed was because of how long i was asleep. i've got a real problem sleeping at night and stayed up, fell asleep at 9 and woke up at 5pm where i'm at.

pretty nuts.

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25 Dec 17:23

TIL that regular marijuana users are less likely to be obese, even after adjusting for other factors that could influence body fat and health. (Pot is an appetite stimulant, but an ingredient in marijuana has been shown to aid in dieting; at high doses it nearly tripled weight loss versus placebo.)


Mistério do Salsicha explicado.

24 Dec 16:25

TIL the inventors of Bubble Wrap were originally trying to make 3D plastic wallpaper.


Provavelmente eles viram que não funcionava quando as pessoas com esse "papel de parede" em casa entraram em ataques de TOC incontroláveis estourando todas as bolinhas.

24 Dec 15:55

Fast & Furious’ Justin Lin Signs On to Direct Star Trek 3


Começam as piadas de Enterprise fazendo pega e naves da Federação "xunadas".