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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Clown Power



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True story.
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cosplayeverywhere: Cowboy Bebop (カウボーイビバップ) ~ Edward Wong Hau...

09 Sep 04:26

The Great Vagina

by tiki god

The Great Vagina 700x1546 The Great Vagina

The Great Vagina originally appeared on MyConfinedSpace on September 9, 2014.

12 May 20:04

Angry ape

by theredshoes

angryape Angry ape pissed off ape Matt Reeves Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

HOLY SHIT. Love the way Caesar incorporates his signing with his spoken language. And is that an ape in a wig made out of twigs?!
Thanks to rdeckard for alerting me to this new trailer.

On a more serious note, the shot of Caesar watching the home video footage reminds me of real life, ape language ex superstar Nim, in his final home, a cage on a ranch, wistfully looking through a tattered old copy of Time magazine at images of his childhood and human family.

Angry ape originally appeared on My[confined]Space on May 12, 2014.

01 Feb 21:29

HTC One for Sprint gets its KitKat update a little early

by Jon Fingas
HTC must feel that it's best to underpromise and overdeliver. While the company told American One owners that they wouldn't get KitKat on time, the 535MB Android upgrade is already available on Sprint; eager subscribers just have to check for an ...
05 Jan 15:00

Retro Chaser Sign Lights Up Your Life

by Adam Fabio


[Gnsart] builds props often used in the film industry. He’s created an amazing retro Vegas style light chaser sign. The sign was started as a job a few years ago. While [Gnsart] could handle the physical assembly, the cost of a mechanical light chaser pushed the project over budget. The sign project was cancelled back then, but he never forgot it.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. [Gnsart] happened upon the Arduino community. He realized that with an Arduino Uno and a commonly available relay board, he could finally build the sign. He started with some leftover cedar fence pickets. The pickets were glued up and then cut into an arrow shape. The holes for the lights were then laid out and drilled with a paddle bit. [Gnsart] wanted the wood to look a bit aged, so he created an ebonizing stain. 0000 steel wool, submerged and allowed to rust in vinegar for a few days, created a liquid which was perfect for the task. The solution is brushed on and removed just like stain, resulting in an aged wood. We’ve seen this technique used before with tea, stain, and other materials to achieve the desired effect.

[Gnsart] then built his edging. 22 gauge steel sheet metal was bent to fit the outline in a bending brake. The steel sheet was stapled to the wood, then spot welded to create one continuous piece. Finally, the light sockets were installed and wired up to the Arduino. [Gnsart] first experimented with mechanical relays, and while we love the sound, we’re not sure how long they’d last. He wisely decided to go with solid state relays for the final implementation. The result speaks for itself. LEDs are great – but there is just something about the warm glow of low-wattage incandescent lights.

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12 Sep 13:30

You'll Never Make Your Girlfriend Mad Again After Seeing This Picture

You'll Never Make Your Girlfriend Mad Again After Seeing This Picture

Submitted by: Unknown