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03 Oct 09:10

Insecticide, Mat Collishaw

Insecticide, Mat Collishaw

03 Oct 08:26

Never quit

03 Oct 08:26

Soon, Amandine Urruty

image cropped

Soon, Amandine Urruty

03 Oct 08:25

Improv Everywhere

03 Oct 07:15

Kate O’Hara on INPRNT.Absolutely fantastic prints by Kate O’Hara...

Kate O’Hara on INPRNT.

Absolutely fantastic prints by Kate O’Hara are available for sale in her INPRNT Store.

03 Oct 06:32

midnight-sun-rising: rosa-sparkz: verysmallblogger: be-blackst...

by hellabeautiful






This is so sad. Women are already discouraged from pursuing science. Treating us like criminals for experimenting isn’t helping.





01 Oct 15:42

Paintings by legendarily vapid billboard ‘starlet’ Angelyne

Last week in Hollywood there was a party at the Museum of Digital Art (MODA) kicking off an exhibition featuring paintings by the curious person known as

01 Oct 15:39

Hot Topic Has A Dress For Every Season Of 'American Horror Story'

by Juliet Bennett Rylah
Hot Topic Has A Dress For Every Season Of 'American Horror Story' We don't write about fashion often, but when we do, it's Hot Topic's 'American Horror Story' collection. [ more › ]

01 Oct 13:47

The Message: Yes, I Have A Thing For Skulls

by Ali Gulec

I’m Ali Gulec, illustrator and co-owner of Ikiiki Design Studio based in Istanbul. I design T-shirt prints for a living, which is a fun job to do but sometimes fast fashion industry can put too many pressures on you. When I feel exhausted, I give a break and do what pleases me most and create pieces for my project “The Message”. I use digital and traditional collage, painting, photography and sometimes all of them in one piece.

Although I illustrate many subjects with a little touch of humor, skulls are my most known and appreciated ones. I believe people like my skulls because the contradictions such as life and death are much more obvious and visible in these pieces. Also, I have observed through the years that, people are excited to see something resembling death doesn’t need to be scary and can be appealing for any person, even for my grandma :). I have seen my Skulls artwork tattooed on so many people from teenagers to seniors, from doctors to musicians and it’s really amazing how they interpret my works adding their personalities.

More info: | Facebook | Instagram

I made this collage from a selection of doodles I drew while I was talking on the phone over the past 5 years.

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01 Oct 13:15

Snoop Dogg Launches Merry Jane, a Weed-Themed Lifestyle Site

by Marie Lodi

Another celebrity has jumped on the lifestyle website train, but instead of peddling ribbon-wrapped twigs, napkins embroidered with southern sayings and artisan barbecue sauce, it will be all about weed. And who might this new cannabis-themed platform be courtesy of? Snoop Dogg, of course.


01 Oct 07:48

A New Ghost Hunting Tour Uses Scents To Explore 13 L.A. Haunts

by Juliet Bennett Rylah

ooooh this could be neat

A New Ghost Hunting Tour Uses Scents To Explore 13 L.A. Haunts This tour comes with several scents—some nice, some not so nice—that accentuate a tour of 13 of Los Angeles' most haunted spots. [ more › ]

01 Oct 07:48

Clifton's Cafeteria Will Officially Open To The Public This Thursday

by Danny Jensen
Clifton's Cafeteria Will Officially Open To The Public This Thursday After lots of anticipation and several delays, celebrated Clifton's Cafeteria will finally reopen its doors to the public on October 1st. [ more › ]

01 Oct 07:30

theillustratedmantattoostudio: By Ben Graham IG...


i am not that hardcore of a fan but that's amazing.


By Ben Graham

IG @bengrahamtattoo 

01 Oct 07:23

mstrkrftz: Hallstatt by Wolfgang Grilz

01 Oct 07:23


01 Oct 07:13

Steve Albini e-mail about hating dance music is now a billboard advertising dance music

Legendary producer, engineer and musician Steve Albini—notorious mensch and grouch—does not like electronic dance music, but he also doesn’t care if you use his songs to create your own! Big Black, Shellac, and Rapeman might not seem the prime candidates for a dance beat, but electronic artist Oscar Powell,...

01 Oct 07:00

Dudes Love the Rose Gold iPhone So Much They’re Calling It...


i'm a bro who wants a pink monstrosity

Dudes Love the Rose Gold iPhone So Much They’re Calling It “Bros’ Gold”

Daniel Ives of FBR & Co. said that the rose-gold model was a major selling point and that about 35% of people he spoke with at Apple stores chose a rose gold phone. If you’re curious about what the rose gold iPhone looks like, it looks like pink. You can tell from photos of it in which it is clearly pink.

via Racked

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01 Oct 06:41

Tom Brady Is Still Dumb

by Ellie Shechet

Tom Brady, who said earlier this month that a Trump presidency “would be great” because Donald Trump gave him a free hat once and is “a hell of a lot of fun to play golf with,” has since chastised the media for taking his opinions seriously.


01 Oct 06:04

Dockweiler Beach Closed Due to "Tampon Applicators and Hypodermic Needles" (VIDEO)


man it's like long island (also sorry to everyone who is no longer using oldreader so this doesn't matter but i'm trying to plow through my backlog before jumping ship like the lemming i probably am)

There's a surf spot along Dockweiler State Beach called shit pipe. It lived up to its name as county authorities closed down the beach tonight from Ballona Creek to Grand Avenue in El Segundo as a result of "medical waste" that includes, according to a statement, "tampon applicators and hypodermic...
01 Oct 06:01

Best Steampunk Jewelry, Hats and Duds 

One of L.A.'s great eccentric clothiers, Clockwork Couture is where serious steampunks source their parasols, gloves, frilly hats, goggles, gowns, long coats, leather "harness," corsets, boots, walking canes, medals of uncertain origin and, of course, timepieces. Reveling in the reimagined world of Victorian romance, steam travel, dirigibles and buccaneers, the shop can...
01 Oct 06:01

New Marijuana Rules Could Close Every Dispensary in L.A.


is this an annual thing?

Gov. Jerry Brown was expected this week to sign a package of bills that would finally create statewide rules for medical marijuana dispensaries. The legislation requires that pot-selling collectives to obtain state and city permits. The city of Los Angeles doesn't offer such a permit. In fact, dispensaries are technically...
01 Oct 05:55

I don’t know why this made me laugh as hard as it did.


ethan this seems like it was made for you.

I don’t know why this made me laugh as hard as it did.

01 Oct 04:11

Powerful Before-And-After Portraits Of Premature Babies

by Dovas

preemies, we're hardcore and ugly as fuck. i don't think there are any incubator photos of me sadly

Depending on when they are born, premature babies can face difficult uphill battles. As Quebec-based photographer Red Methot shows in his Les Premas photo series, premature babies often do overcome their many challenges and persevere!

The photo series has people of widely varying ages pose with photos of themselves as premature babies. In most, the trappings of the hospital ICU are still present. Premature babies can be born with under-developed organs, and are usually held in the ICU until their organs have developed fully.

More info: Facebook | Smugmug (h/t: ufunk)

Felix, born at 24 weeks


Margot, born at 29 weeks


Noah and Nathan, born at 32 weeks


Thomas, born at 23 weeks


Noah, born at 32 weeks. His twin sister Victoria, left in the framed picture, died after living 1 month


Julie, born at 7 months of pregnancy, and her son Kevin, born at 34 weeks


Zachary, born at 27 weeks


Eva, born at 29 weeks


Charles, born at 26 weeks


Tamica, born at 32 weeks (and 26 weeks pregnant at the time of the photo)


Alice, born at 27 weeks


Theo, born at 25 weeks


Emile, born at 26 weeks


Felix, born at 23 weeks, and his brother Alexis, born at almost 33 weeks


Lexiani, born at 25 weeks


01 Oct 04:09

Minimalist Tattoo Art By The Famous JonBoy Who Inked Kendall Jenner

by Dainius

i like how everyone is the "_____ dr woo" now

JonBoy wants to be the East Coast Dr. Woo. This tattoo artist moved from Chicago to New York City five years ago, but his story is anything but normal. JonBoy was exposed to tattoos through his grandfather, who was in the Navy, but he went to school for something totally different: “I went to Seminary, and I was going to be a youth pastor.”

His clients so far include Kendall Jenner and Ireland Baldwin. “For me, it’s more of an honor to get to tattoo you” JonBoy told Refinery29. “Like, if you come to me and say, ‘I want to get a tattoo from you,’ I’m like, ‘Really? You want me to mark your body for life?’ I don’t take that lightly. I take it seriously, whether it’s the biggest tattoo ever or the smallest little dot that you could ever want.”

More info: | | Instagram | Twitter (h/t: refinery29)























01 Oct 04:07

16-Year-Old Invents Stroller-Wheelchair So Disabled Mom Can Wheel Her Baby Outside

by Dainius

meanwhile putting a clock in a pencil case is some next level shit.

Sharina Jones was shot when she was five years old and lost the use of her legs. Thirty years later, when she was expecting her first child, she began to wonder how she would manage a stroller while in a wheelchair. By chance, Alden Kain, a Detroit high-school student enrolled in a special design class, was paired up with Jones and tasked to invent a wheelchair stroller. After six months of hard work, his prototype was a success.

“It was great to meet her and talk to her about what she wants and doesn’t want,” Kain explained to The Michigan Catholic. “Talking to her was a big help, figuring out the workability of the device, where to put a diaper bag, whether or not she could unhook the stroller and how she can move around in the chair.” In a separate interview with Today, he added, “It was extremely exciting and rewarding to see Sharina using it.”

More info: | | Amazon (h/t: huffingtonpost)

Sharina Jones was worried how she’d manage a stroller while in a wheelchair, so this 16-year-old came up with a solution


Jones lost the use of her legs when she was shot as a child


Kain’s design let Jones take her baby outside on her wheelchair


The device attaches to a wheelchair and uses a regular baby car seat


“It was extremely exciting and rewarding to see Sharina using it”


See how the stroller attachment works in the video below:

28 Sep 17:37

15+ Hilarious Examples Of Cat Logic

by Viktorija G.

Don’t Sit On The Keyboard?

Don't Sit On The Keyboard?


Seriously? Cat Logic

Seriously? Cat Logic


Finally Found A Perfect Place To Sit

Finally Found A Perfect Place To Sit

Cat Logic

Cat Logic


Got My Cat A Bed For Christmas

Got My Cat A Bed For Christmas


Cat Logic

Cat Logic


You’re Doing It Wrong

You're Doing It Wrong


This Is My Friends Cat Eating Dinner

This Is My Friends Cat Eating Dinner


Double Bed

Double Bed

Cat Logic

Cat Logic


Cat Logic

Cat Logic


Still Trying To Figure Out The Logic Behind This One

Still Trying To Figure Out The Logic Behind This One


Cat Logic

Cat Logic


Cat Logic Always Works

Cat Logic Always Works


This Is How My Cat Eats

This Is How My Cat Eats


27 Sep 19:52

Photos: We Found 100 Cool Murals In The Alleys Of Historic Filipinotown

by Juliet Bennett Rylah
Dozens of colorful murals line the alleys of the streets surrounding Gabba Gallery. [ more › ]

27 Sep 07:31

Ninja Tune Anniversary At Hollywood Forever

by TheScenestar

man ethan if you are here for this, GO

Record label Ninja Tune will host an anniversary concert at one of our favorite venues to celebrate its 25th anniversary! If you would like to celebrate 25 years of Ninja Tune, the Ninja Tune 25th Anniversary show will be held...