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lord-kitschener: halcyon-ia: break the rules no gods no kings...



break the rules

no gods no kings no masters

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catsbeaversandducks: Cats Who Want to Taste Your Food Just to...

Photo by ©Val D'Aquila -

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Cats Who Want to Taste Your Food Just to Make Sure It’s Not Poisoned

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Cathematics [via]

Cathematics [via]

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entelijan: Sign this petition

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Can you spot the difference?

by Rob Beschizza



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mihlayn: New Zealand’s finest.


New Zealand’s finest.

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Why we shouldn’t travel to other planets.

Why we shouldn’t travel to other planets.

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"Our fire station is next door to the Police department. Pranks...

"Our fire station is next door to the Police department. Pranks ensue."


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Aggressive-indent just got better!

aggressive-indent is quite something. I've only just released it and it seems to have been very well received. As such, it's only fair that I invest a bit more time into it.

The original version was really just a hack that was born as an answer on Emacs.SE. It worked phenomenally well on emacs-lisp-mode (to my delight), but it lagged a bit on c-like modes.

The new version, which is already on Melpa, is much smarter and more optimised. It should work quite well on any mode where automatic indentation makes sense (python users, voice your suggestions).

As a bonus, here's a stupendous screencast, courtesy of Tu Do!



Instructions are still the same! So long as you have Melpa configured, you can install it with.

M-x package-install RET aggressive-indent

Then simply turn it on and you’ll never have unindented code again.


You can also turn it on locally with.

(add-hook 'emacs-lisp-mode-hook #'aggressive-indent-mode)

Comment on this.

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October 22, 2014

Symmetry Magazine did a nice article about me and BAHFest.
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Meat Nativity Scene

by Paul

Meat Nativity Scene

Meat Nativity Scene


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Who wore it better? [via]

Who wore it better? [via]

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Solver problems with server reboots

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The Nexus Player is coming!

by elan

The battle for the best media streaming device is definitely heating up, and today Google is upping the ante by announcing their own TV device, the Nexus Player, running the gorgeous new Android TV interface. We’ve been working closely with Google since before the platform was announced back in April, and we’ve continued to hone our app to ensure that it feels at home on Android TV, and that you get to enjoy the world class Plex experience that you know and love on your favorite new device.

We’re really enjoying the fresh take that Android TV brings to the table: bold, clean UI designed from the ground up for “lean back” viewing from your couch, and custom home screen recommendations based on your viewing habits are right up our alley, and they mean that Plex and Android TV are a perfect fit.

Feast your eyes on these gorgeous pixels, mortals, and welcome your new media overlord!

Atv home Movie section 2 Tv section 2 Tv episode Movie 1 Tv show 2 Plexdemo Music

Edit: Barkley—along with many of you—expressed outrage that he was missing from a release post. He called his agent, his agent called his lawyer, we had a big conference call, and thankfully everything was resolved (in his favor, naturally). Feast on those big brown eyes!


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"I guess I have to give him credit…" -texaspuffin

"I guess I have to give him credit…" -texaspuffin

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Move Fast and Break Things

I was almost fired from a job driving the hearse in funeral processions, but then the funeral home realized how much business I was creating for them.