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November 17, 2014

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Tattoos and Growing Old [Comic]

by Geeks are Sexy
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Calvin and Hobbes for November 12, 2014

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I Will Take the Ring to Mordor! [Comic]

by Geeks are Sexy



[Source: Extra Fabulous Comics]

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I need an extension for my research project because I spent all month trying to figure out whether learning Dvorak would help me type it faster.
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A Game Collection That Looks Like A Museum

by Chris Person

A Game Collection That Looks Like A Museum

High-level game collectors are an interesting bunch of people. Their drives, motivations and preferences when it comes to curation say so much about what they value in gaming. Austrian collector Andranik Ghalustians is no different.


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How I Wish I came Home From Work vs. How I Actually Come Home from Work [Comic]

by Geeks are Sexy
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This Goku Cosplay’s Power Level Goes Way Beyond 9000! [Pic]

by Geeks are Sexy


Can you imagine the amount of hairspray required to keep this guy’s hair up? WAY ABOVE 9000!

[Source: Reddit | Via FG]

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ADORABLE: Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka Family Halloween Photos [Pics]

by Lauren Berkley


The Neil Patrick Harris-David Burtka family sure gives this family a run for their money in Family Halloween Costuming!

Edit: And here’s their pictures from the two last year:

NPH Halloween costumes


[Neil Patrick Harris on Twitter]

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These Amazing Carved Pumpkins Will Blow Your Mind with Delight [Picture Gallery]

by Geeks are Sexy


Ray Villafane (and his team!) from Phoenix, Arizona-based Villafane Studios makes some of the most incredible and beautiful carved pumpkin I’ve ever seen. If you look around online, there’s nothing quite like what he does, he’s an absolute genius. Villafane Studios gave us their permission to post some of our favorite picks from what they’ve done in the past. If you’re reading this from the front page, be sure to hit the “read more” link below to view the rest of the pictures!


From Villafane Studios:

In 2004 Ray declared that his business would be called Villafane Studios, the name implying that the company would represent a studio of artists and not just himself as a solo artist. This simple vision was the foundation behind this company and evidence that you have to really believe that what you want is obtainable and move toward it. Flash forward to current day and you can find Ray and his hand-chosen team of elite artists demonstrating their talents worldwide. The vision of Villafane Studios is to inspire creativity and imagination in people young and old through the medium of temporary art.

villa1 villa2 villa3 villa4 villa5 villa9 villa10 villa11 villa12 villa13 villa14 villa16

[Villafane Studios | Like Villafane Studios on Facebook | Follow Villafane Studios on Twitter]

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KICKSTART THIS: Age Your Own Whiskey In Just 24 Hours!

by Lauren Berkley

The home brew movement is booming, but the home distillery movement, well…not so much.

But now, through Kickstarter, Whiskey Elements is created a way to age your whiskey 3 years…in only 24 hours.

whiskey kickstarter 2

There’s less than 2 weeks left to fund the Portland, Oregon-based product, and the $18,000 goal has already been far, FAR exceeded.

Click on the video below to see how it works, and then head on over to the Kickstarter page for more!

[via Shortlist]

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Doing a release

by sharhalakis

by @devhops

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Senior in action

by sharhalakis


by wrona

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Sudden hardware failure

by sharhalakis

by Kyle

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Smell Proves Key To Paralyzed Man Walking

by JLister


A paralysed man is able to walk again thanks to his nasal cavity. Surgeons used cells from Darek Fidyaka to bridge the gap in his spinal cord and promote regrowth.

Fidyka was left unable to walk after being repeatedly stabbed in the back in a 2010 attack that paralyzed him below the chest.

The surgery, carried out by Polish surgeons with the assistance of British scientists, took advantage of the unique nature of the nose. When nerves cells (marked “6” above) in the nose come into contact with molecules carrying odors, they pass the messages on to the olfactory bulb (marked “1”), which is a part of the brain immediately next to the top of the nasal cavities.

Unlike any other part of the nervous system, olfactory nerve cells can be continually replaced by the body after damage. That may have developed because the cells are exposed to the risk of damage, such as from injuries to the nose or toxic fumes. The regenerative ability is why permanent loss of smell is rare, even after major damage to the nose.

Two years ago surgeons removed one of Fidyka’s two olfactory bulbs and used it to grow ensheathing cells, which are what allow the olfactory nerve cells to regrow. They then made around 100 injections of the ensheathing cells above and below the 8mm gap in his spinal cord which had led to the paralysis. Finally they put four strips of nerve tissue across the gap.

It appears that, as hoped, the ensheathing cells encouraged the spinal cord cells to regenerate. They then effectively used the nerve tissue strips as a bridge until the spinal cord cells from both sides of the gap connected with one another and restored the connection across the full length of the spinal cord.

After extensive exercise and rehabilitation, Fidyka can now walk, albeit using a frame. He’s also recovered some sensation in the bladder and bowel.

[Image credit: Patrick J. Lynch via Creative Commons license]

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Honest Trailer – X-Men: Days of Future Past [Video] [Spoiler Alert!]

by Geeks are Sexy
Renato Cerqueira

Spoiler alert! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!
Mas é demais ahahahah

The prequel-sequel that starts the timeline all over again? That sounds kind of familiar…

From Screen Junkies:

You’ve seen us tackle the X-Men Trilogy — now it’s time for us to take on the prequel-sequel that made the worst X-Men movie irrelevant and the worst Wolverine movie into a bad dream: X-Men: Days of Future Past.

[Screen Junkies]

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Higgs Boson

'Can't you just use the LHC you already built to find it again?' 'We MAY have disassembled it to build a death ray.' 'Just one, though.' 'Nothing you should worry about.' 'The death isn't even very serious.'
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When you are the guru of failovers

by sharhalakis

by astlock and sstave

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Into the Sun

by xkcd

Into the Sun

When I was about 8 years old, shoveling snow on a freezing day in Colorado, I wished that I could be instantly transported to the surface of the Sun, just for a nanosecond, then instantly transported back. I figured this would be long enough to warm me up but not long enough to harm me. What would actually happen?

AJ, Kansas City

Believe it or not, this wouldn't even warm you.

The temperature of the surface of the Sun is about 5,800 K,[1]Or °C. When temperatures start having many digits in them, it doesn't really matter. give or take. If you stayed there for a while, you'd be cooked to a cinder, but a nanosecond is not very long—it's enough time for light to travel almost exactly a foot.[2]A light-nanosecond is 11.8 inches (0.29981 meters), which is annoyingly close to a foot. I think it would be nice to redefine the foot as exactly 1 light nanosecond. Because we don't have enough unit confusion in the world already.

This raises some obvious questions, like "Do we redefine the mile to keep it at 5,280 feet?" and "Do we redefine the inch?" and "Wait, why are we doing this?" But I figure other people can sort that out. I'm just the idea guy here.

I'm going to assume you're facing toward the Sun. In general, you should avoid looking directly at the Sun, but it's hard to avoid when it takes up a full 180 degrees of your view.

In that nanosecond, about a microjoule of energy would enter your eye.

A microjoule of light is not a lot. If you stare at a computer monitor with your eyes closed, then open them and shut them quickly, your eye will take in about as much light from the screen during your reverse blink[3]Is there a word for that? There should be a word for that. as it would during a nanosecond on the Sun's surface.

During the nanosecond on the Sun, photons from the Sun would flood into your eye and strike your retinal cells. Then, at the end of the nanosecond, you'd jump back home. At this point, the retinal cells wouldn't even have begun responding. Over the next few million nanoseconds (milliseconds) the retinal cells—having absorbed a bunch of light energy—would get into gear and start signaling your brain that something had happened.

You would spend one nanosecond on the Sun, but it would take 30,000,000 nanoseconds for your brain to notice. From your point of view, all you would see was a flash. The flash would seem to last much longer than your time on the Sun, only fading as your retinal cells quieted down.

The energy absorbed by your skin would be minor—about 10-5 joules per cm2 of exposed skin. For comparison, according to the IEEE P1584 standard (as quoted on, holding your finger in the blue flame of a butane lighter for one second delivers about 5 joules per cm2 to the skin, which is roughly the threshold for receiving a second-degree burn. The heat during your Sun visit would be five orders of magnitude weaker. Other than the dim flash in your eyes, you wouldn't even notice.

But what if you got the coordinates wrong?

The Sun's surface is relatively cool. It's hotter than, like, Phoenix,[citation needed] but compared to the interior, it's downright chilly. The surface is a few thousand degrees, but the interior is a few million degrees.[4]The corona, the thin gas high above the surface, is also several million degrees, and no one knows why. What if you spent a nanosecond there?

The Stefan-Boltzmann law lets us calculate how much heat you'd be exposed to while inside the Sun.[5]There's also direct pressure from the heavy particles, protons and stuff, bouncing around, but the radiation turns out to be the dominant component.

I'm going to hijack this note to ask another question: How does this transporter work, anyway?

When you teleport somewhere, presumably it does gets rid of the matter that was in the way, so you don't end up combining yourself with whatever was there. A simple solution is to have the teleporters swap matter between the two locations. Kirk gets teleported down to the planet, a Kirk-sized chunk of air gets teleported up to the Enterprise.

So what would happen if an AJ-shaped chunk of Sun-interior gets teleported to snowy Colorado, then we just left it there?

The protons inside the Sun bounce around at speeds of about 350 km/s (about half of the Sun's escape velocity at that depth, for weird and deep reasons.) Freed from their crushingly hot neighborhood, the whole collection of protons would burst outward, pouring light and heat energy into their surroundings. The energy released would be somewhere between a large bomb and a small nuclear weapon. It's not good. You would exceed the IEEE P1584B standard for second-degree burns after one femtosecond in the Sun.[6]Although it wouldn't be a second-degree burn until many picoseconds later, since the definition of a second-degree burn is one which damages some of the underlying layers of tissue—and in the first few femtoseconds, light wouldn't have time to reach the underlying tissue. A nanosecond—the time you're spending there—is 1,000,000 femtoseconds. This does not end well for you.

There's some good news: Deep in the Sun, the photons carrying energy around have very short wavelengths—they're mostly a mix of what we'd consider hard and soft X-rays.[7]<what_if_book_reference>I wonder if there are more soft or hard x-ray photons in the universe.</what_if_book_reference> This means they penetrate your body to various depths, heating your internal organs and also ionizing your DNA, causing irreversible damage before they even start burning you. Looking back, I notice that I started this paragraph with "there's some good news." I don't know why I did that.

In Greek legend, Icarus flew too close to the Sun, and the heat melted his wings and he fell to his death. But "melting" is a phase change which is a function of temperature, a measure of internal energy, which is the integral of incident power flux over time. His wings didn't melt because he flew too close to the Sun, they melted because he spent too much time there.

Visit briefly, in little hops, and you can go anywhere.

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10 Interesting and Little-Known Facts about Super Mario Bros 3 (NES) [Infographic]

by Geeks are Sexy


Here are 10 interesting and little-known facts about Super Mario Bros 3 for the Nes as compiled by Redditor TestZero. If you’re reading this from the front page, I’ve included the 9 other facts after the “read more” link below.


[Source: TestZero]

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Friday 3.55 pm

by sharhalakis

by vorDa

16 Oct 04:00

October 16, 2014

Renato Cerqueira

ahahahahaha o outro lado da história :D

Hey geeks! We're having a hell of a time getting an ASL translator for for BAHFest East. If you know a professional in the area, please put us in touch! You can mail us here. This would be a paying gig on Sunday. Thanks!
21 Sep 16:01

The Amazing Sipdre-Nma [Pic]

by Geeks are Sexy



29 Sep 04:00

September 29, 2014

There are now exactly 22 general admission tickets for BAHFest East If you want to come, please buy soon!
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iOS Keyboard

More actual results: 'Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You [are the best. The best thing ever]', 'Revenge is a dish best served [by a group of people in my room]', and 'They may take our lives, but they'll never take our [money].'
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In the 60s, Marvin Minsky assigned a couple of undergrads to spend the summer programming a computer to use a camera to identify objects in a scene. He figured they'd have the problem solved by the end of the summer. Half a century later, we're still working on it.
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Putting on the headphones and diving into a bugfix

by sharhalakis

by uaiHebert

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Fixing bugs in our spaghetti code

by sharhalakis

by brovar

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Completing the project within budget and deadline

by sharhalakis

by ReesReb

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Bomb Threat Targeted Anita Sarkeesian, Gaming Awards Last March

by Stephen Totilo
Renato Cerqueira


Bomb Threat Targeted Anita Sarkeesian, Gaming Awards Last March

An anonymous e-mailer threatened to blow up a bomb at the Game Developers Choice Awards this past March unless the hosts rescinded an award recognizing feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian, the organizers of the event have confirmed to Kotaku.