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26 Nov 01:25

How to Serve a Flaming Bird, c. 1465

by Elizabeth Archibald
Musée du Petit-Palais L.Dut.456, f. 86v (15th c.)
How to Dress a Peacock With All Its Feathers, So That When Cooked, It Appears To Be Alive and Spews Fire From Its Beak
     How to dress a peacock so that it appears to be alive: first, the peacock should be killed by stabbing it in the head with a sharp knife or by slitting its throat, as you would with a baby goat. Then slice the body from the neck all the way to the tail, cutting only the skin and delicately skinning it so that you do not ruin the feathers or the skin. When you have finished skinning the body, turn the skin inside out, from the neck down. Make sure not to detach the head from the skin of the neck; and similarly, make sure that the legs remain attached to the skin of the thighs. Then dress it well for roasting, and stuff it with good things and good spices, and take some whole cloves and use them to stud the breast, and cook the bird slowly on a spit; and place a wet cloth around the neck so that the heat does not overly dry it; and wet the cloth repeatedly. When it is done cooking, remove form the spit and dress it up in its skin.
     Prepare an iron device attached to a cutting board that passes through the feet and legs of the peacock so that the iron cannot be seen and so that the peacock stands up on its feet with its head erect and seems to be alive; and arrange the tail nicely so that it forms its wheel.
     If you want it to spew fire from its beak, take a quarter ounce of camphor with a little cotton wool around it, and put it in the beak of the peacock, and also put a little aqua vitae or good, strong wine.    
     When you serve it, light the cotton wool and it will spew fire for a good bit. And to make it even more magnificent, when the peacock is done, you can decorate it with leaves of hammered gold and place the peacock's skin over the gold after you have smeared the inside of the skin with good spices.
     The same can be done with pheasants, cranes, geese, and other birds, as well as capons and pullets.
Martino da Como, Liber de arte coquinaria 
Haven't you always fantasized about the holiday turkey spewing fire in the direction of your least favorite relative? Time to turn those dreams into fiery, delicious, gold-plated reality.
27 Feb 05:40

Five Men Build a Beautiful ‘Icehenge’ Ice Sculpture of Stonehenge on a Frozen Lake in Wisconsin

by E.D.W. Lynch

Icehenge Stonehenge Ice Sculpture in Wisconsin

A group of five Wisconsin men recently built a beautiful ice sculpture of Stonehenge on a frozen lake near the small town of Lake Mills. The sculpture, entitled Icehenge, was built of ice blocks that each weighed about 300 pounds. The group cut the blocks out of the lake with ice saws. It’s not their first attempt at Icehenge–they partially built the sculpture last year but were stymied by subzero temperatures. Unfortunately it is too late to see Icehenge, as it was taken down due to warm temperatures and safety issues. However Lake Mills-based photographer Eli Wedel took some wonderful photos of the sculpture during its brief existence. The Icehenge group consisted of Lake Mills-area residents Drew McHenry, Kevin Lehner, Quinn Williams, Alec Seamars and Patrick Shields.

Icehenge Stonehenge Ice Sculpture in Wisconsin

Icehenge Stonehenge Ice Sculpture in Wisconsin

photos by Eli Wedel

via WKOW 27, Lake Mills Leader, Bored Panda

22 Feb 02:44

How to Maintain a Relationship, 15th century

by Ask the Past
Walters Art Museum MS W.166, f. 118r
"If a woman places feathers from a capon that has hatched young chickens in her husband's ear as well as hair from the right leg of his dog and from the tip of his cat's tail, he would never forget his love for her." 
The Distaff Gospels
The secret to a lasting relationship: just empty the vacuum cleaner in your partner's ear and you'll live happily ever after.
07 Feb 02:42

Canada Post replaces community mailboxes with single, massive country mailbox

by (Alexander Huntley)
Canada Post replaces community mailboxes with single, massive country mailbox
THOMPSON - All Canadians will now be required to pick up their mail at a giant community mailbox located just outside of Thompson, Manitoba, Canada Post reports.

Canada’s new and only mailbox is ten storeys high and takes up twelve acres of land, which will help Canada Post streamline its delivery process and save the crown corporation millions.

“Instead of having tens of thousands of community mailboxes across Canada, it was much more economical to just stack them all together,” said Canada Post President and CEO Deepak Chopera. “Canadians can rest assured that mail delivery will always be at the same place at the country mailbox. This is also a great way for Canadians to get some physical activity by walking throughout the nation for their mail.”

All Canadian households and businesses will receive a new mail key and box number between 1 to 35,000,000 and many citizens have already started their trek to the country mailbox.

“Just going out for a few weeks to pick up the mail, dear” said Arnold Heath to his spouse, who will complete the 7,000 km round trip pilgrimage from Fredericton to see if his water bill had arrived in his box numbered 16,734,394.

“Don’t forget my Aunt’s birthday card,” Health’s partner reminded him as he stepped outside.

At press time, Canada Post was raising the price of stamps to an affordable $50 each.

14 Aug 22:23

Kim Kardashian is too fat and Tom Cruise is too lonely: Tabloids

by Malene Arpe - Entertainment, Pop Culture, Celebrity
H. M. Riley

Shopper's and Loblaws

They really need to go to the desert and dance under the super moon with Demi Moore.