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19 Dec 17:52

How To Assemble Your Cat

by Not That Mike The Other Mike

Congratulations, cat owner! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Carefully remove cat parts from shipping container.

2. Insert rank armatures through wallison grommets and attach to torso even moreso.

3. Attach talio inglesias to ‘tocks and rotate counter-upwise.

4. Gently twist cranial command module onto shoulder blades until you hear a harp glissando.

You’re done! If your cat looks like the photo below, you did it wrong.

More of Japan’s most retweeted cat pics.

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22 Apr 15:07

Reset BootExecute registry value to fix Windows Shutdown & Startup problems

I use a laptop just to test software and engage in some bug fixing. Recently I ran into an issue where I was unable to shut down my Windows 8 laptop. Whenever I pressed on shutdown, nothing happened....

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