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03 May 17:50

Questions for Trump About Covid

by Debbie Lerman

Trumps participation in the totalitarian despotism of the covid response gives me great pause in voting for him. Though, at least he didn't mandate the vaccine.

Questions for Trump About Covid
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Donald Trump will likely become the Republican Presidential nominee in 2024, without ever having to answer any questions about his administration’s disastrous pandemic response.

If there were any accountability, and any real journalists insisting on it, these would be some of the questions Trump would have to answer:

Should you have stuck with a public health response?

  • Before Covid, your Presidency was going pretty well. You had a good shot at winning another term. Would you agree that the pandemic pretty much reversed that?
  • Actually, it wasn’t just the pandemic. It was your administration’s response to the pandemic. The Democrats won by claiming you had botched the whole thing. They said hundreds of thousands of people died because you did not lock down soon enough and refused to wear a mask. They said the US should have behaved more like China than like Sweden. Do you agree?
  • A lot of Republicans now think you should have run the pandemic more like DeSantis did in Florida (even though they might not have said it at the time). It seems that before March 10th, 2020, you were planning to run it that way. And you were listening to your public health advisors from the CDC and NIH. Is that correct?

Why did you agree to spend trillions of dollars to keep everything shut down?

  • It was shocking when you seemed to pivot 180 degrees in just a few days, from saying that it would not be worse than a bad flu season, to announcing that we would throw everything we had at it, locking down the whole country — a devastating step that had never been taken before, for any reason, including war. It was especially surprising that you agreed to the economic shutdown. What made you change your mind?

Should you have allowed the security state to take over?

  • A lot of information has come out suggesting that you changed your mind because your National Security Council, and related military and intelligence leaders, told you the virus was a potential bioweapon that leaked from a Chinese lab. Is that what you were told? Did they tell you millions of people would die and you would be responsible, if you didn’t follow their plan?
  • In a Time Magazine article you were quoted saying “I can’t tell you that” when you were asked about why you thought the virus came from a lab in Wuhan. You said, “I’m not allowed to tell you that.” Who was not allowing you to speak openly about the possibility that it was a lab leak? Can you speak openly about it now?
  • Who made the decision in the middle of March 2020 to invoke the Stafford Act in all 50 states at the same time (which had never been done before), and to put FEMA in charge as the Lead Federal Agency for pandemic response, when FEMA had no warning and no experience in this area at all? Who decided to remove HHS from the role of Lead Federal Agency, which it was supposed to have according to every public health pandemic planning document before Covid? Did you make those decisions or did the NSC or other military or intelligence advisors tell you to take those steps?

Who was actually in charge?

  • When you brought Scott Atlas in, he advised you to open the country back up immediately. It seems like you really wanted someone in the White House with an opinion that was different from the one you were hearing in favor of lockdowns. But, for some reason, there was enormous resistance to bringing any experts in. There was even supposed to be a meeting at the end of March (long before Atlas arrived) with top epidemiologists that mysteriously got canceled. Why did you have so little control over who advised you about the pandemic? Why didn’t you follow the advice of Scott Atlas if, as he reported in his book, you pretty much agreed with him that the lockdowns were disastrous? 
  • Most people think Fauci was in charge of the pandemic response. But in his book, Dr. Atlas reports that you said the main problem wasn’t Fauci, it was Deborah Birx. Is that because Birx was in charge of coordinating the NSC/DHS response, and Fauci was just a front to make it seem like a public health response?
  • A few months into the lockdowns, you sounded as if you had lost control of the situation, like in the tweet from May 18th, 2020 when you wrote in all caps: REOPEN OUR COUNTRY! You’d think if anyone could have ended the lockdowns, it would have been the President. But you seemed to feel helpless to reverse what was happening. Is that because there had been a sort of silent coup of the NSC and Department and Homeland Security

Was it a biodefense or a public health response?

Did the Deep State effectively stage a coup against your administration?

  • You recently said: “Either the Deep State Destroys America, or we destroy the Deep State.” Are you mad at all career bureaucrats, or frustrated because the National Security Council, DHS, and DoD seized control of the Covid response and you feel they did not behave in the best interests of all Americans?
  • Here’s my guess as to what the Deep State told you about Covid:“We, your biowarfare and bioterrorism experts, are hereby informing you that the novel coronavirus is a potential bioweapon that unfortunately leaked from a bioweapons lab into the civilian population in China. It sounds bad, but luckily we’ve spent many years planning for just such an eventuality. If you don’t do what we say, millions will die and you will be blamed. If you follow our plan, you might very well become the President who takes credit for a scientific miracle that will rid the world of pandemics forever.” Is this a fair representation of what you were told?

Did you participate in censorship and propaganda?

  • Were you aware of the massive censorship and propaganda that were happening to make people accept the lockdowns and vaccines? Do you feel like you were part of that campaign to convince people? Or do you feel like you were somehow forced to participate in it?
  • On March 7, 2020, Tucker Carlson came to warn you that “someone who works in the US government, a nonpolitical person with access to a lot of intelligence” told him the virus would kill millions of people if you didn’t lock down immediately and wait for vaccines. Do you know who warned Tucker and, most likely, urged him to warn you? 

Did you engage in international coordination of the response?

  • Were you in touch with leaders of other allied countries to coordinate the response to the pandemic? It’s pretty astonishing how all our closest allies ended up doing exactly the same thing at the same time. If you were not the one who was coordinating with foreign leaders, were you aware of that type of coordination going on – especially with the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Germany, and other NATO allies?

What’s your position on the mRNA injections?

  • Were you told by your biodefense team that mRNA technology was a miraculous platform that would end the threat of pandemics, among other amazing accomplishments?
  • You have repeatedly expressed great pride in the “success” of Operation Warp Speed, which produced mRNA shots that were supposed to prevent Covid infection (as stated explicitly in the contracts signed by the DoD and the pharma companies under your administration). The injections were actually administered only once Biden became President, so one could argue that he was responsible for whatever happened after that. Would you agree that the Covid mRNA vaccines failed to accomplish what they were supposed to?
  • When it became obvious that they prevented neither infection nor transmission, and when evidence emerged of extensive harm from side effectsincluding death— did you change your mind?

And, of course, the most important question of all: If faced with a similar crisis, would you do the same thing again? 

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03 May 17:18

Florida foolishly bans lab-grown meat

by Hans Bader

It should have been allowed to fail on its own.

Florida has just passed a law banning the sale of lab-grown meat, even though such meat is perfectly safe and is an additional option for people who would like to eat meat without causing the death of animals. NBC News reports: Lab-grown meat, also known as cultivated meat, has attracted considerable attention in recent years […]

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03 May 17:15


by Glenn Reynolds


03 May 13:52

My dudes, check out this new report of Big Tech listing the times they censored info because Biden's White House pressured them 👀

by Not the Bee

YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, and the US government.

03 May 13:46

Orangutan exhibits behavior never seen before.

by Kane
03 May 13:07


by Glenn Reynolds


And hey, remember how the Tea Party protesters left places cleaner than they found them, and the press called them barbarians?

03 May 13:04

TRUTH-IN-LABELLING: HE’S NOT PRO-HAMAS, HE’S ANTI-ISRAEL:  Anti-Israel protester arrested at Columb

by Sarah Hoyt

TRUTH-IN-LABELLING: HE’S NOT PRO-HAMAS, HE’S ANTI-ISRAEL:  Anti-Israel protester arrested at Columbia, CUNY raids declared Oct. 7 Hamas attack one of the ‘greatest days of my life’.

He’s also humanity, decency and civilization.

02 May 20:40

WOEING: Second Boeing whistleblower dies suddenly after claiming safety flaws ignored. A whistleblo

by Ed Driscoll

WOEING: Second Boeing whistleblower dies suddenly after claiming safety flaws ignored.

A whistleblower who accused Boeing of ignoring safety flaws in the 737 MAX airplanes has died.

Joshua Dean, a former Spirit AeroSystems quality auditor, claimed he was fired for flagging concerns about lax standards at the company’s manufacturing plant in Wichita, Kansas.

His sudden death at the age of 45 on Tuesday came after suffering from a fast-spreading infection, according to his family and lawyer.

Dean’s lawyer Brian Knowles said it is a ‘loss to the aviation community and the flying public’.

Knowles told Al Jazeera: ‘He possessed tremendous courage to stand up for what he felt was true and right and raised quality and safety issues.

‘Aviation companies should encourage and incentivise those that do raise these concerns.

‘Otherwise, safety and quality are truly not these companies’ top priorities.’

They certainly don’t seem to be these days, Joan Sammon writes at the Pipeline: Boeing: From Aviation Excellence to ESG Disaster.

The disastrous list of failures offers a prescient example of how influences from outside a company and even from outside an industry can distract a board and C-suite from its core business and cause irreparable damage. The accounts reveal how the decisions of three decades ago have intersected with the decisions of three years ago, leaving in their wake the death of innocent people, the stench of mediocrity, and a litany of leadership lessons from which other corporate leaders can learn.

In the days following the January door plug blow out, a post appeared on an aviation blog written by an anonymous, purported current employee. The author flatly asserted that four bolts that were supposed to hold the door plug in place were “…not installed when Boeing delivered the plane [to Alaska Airlines], our own records reflect this.” The whistleblower further described the Renton, Washington-based 737 production system as a “…rambling, shambling, disaster waiting to happen” — even asserting specific details about the exact plane that lost the door plug mid-air.

This check job [of the door plug] was completed on 31 August 2023, and did turn up discrepancies, but on the RH [right hand] side door, not the LH [left hand] that actually failed. …it was inevitable something would slip through- and on the incident aircraft something did.

While the account is stunning on its face, it aligns with similar details revealed in a whistleblower lawsuit brought by former Boeing employee John Barnett about the 787 program in South Carolina. Details of that complaint describe a similar fundamental shift away from the two factors that had made the Boeing brand an industry leader — precision engineering and quality manufacturing. The suit describes a contentious work environment that fostered speed over quality. It describes how managers worked to force out senior employees who remembered the higher standards and Boeing’s brand promise of decades ago.

Barnett ended up dying from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound, after day two of what was supposed to be three days of testimony about what he allegedly knew about the Boeing failures, and what he had done to try to correct or effect the defective manufacturing processes. Barnett’s curiously timed death is considered by family, friends and his attorneys to be suspicious.

America’s Newspaper of Record adds: Boeing Sadly Announces Whistleblower Shot Self In Back While Falling Off Skyscraper Directly Into Wood Chipper While Wearing Cement Shoes.

02 May 17:40

NASA's Psyche spacecraft uses laser to send engineering data 140 million miles across space

by Not the Bee

Some exciting space tech news for the nerds among us who are interested in planetary colonization:

02 May 14:50

Boeing whistleblower dies of ‘mysterious infection’ at age 45.

by Kane


02 May 13:23

"The Gospel itself would meet the definition": House passes confusing bill to penalize antisemitism and it might destroy the First Amendment 🚨

by Not the Bee

This "Antisemitism Awareness Act" (which is nothing more than a hate speech bill) passed in the House last night while you weren't paying attention.

02 May 13:22


by Glenn Reynolds


01 May 21:11

Government Caught Playing Hardball Over Vaccine Injury Payouts as Victims’ Legal Bills Mount

by Will Jones

The Government has been caught shamefully playing hardball with the victims of Covid vaccine injuries, refusing to settle payouts despite devastating harms, as legal bills mount.

The post Government Caught Playing Hardball Over Vaccine Injury Payouts as Victims’ Legal Bills Mount appeared first on The Daily Sceptic.

01 May 19:46


by Ed Driscoll


The head of a university in Iran is reportedly offering scholarships to students in the U.S. who have been expelled for taking part in pro-Palestinian demonstrations on campuses.

Mohammad Moazzeni, head of Shiraz University in the southern region of Fars, extended his proposal to those protesting Israel’s actions in its war against Hamas, following clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement across America.

He said: “Students and even professors who have been expelled or threatened with expulsion can continue their studies at Shiraz University and I think that other universities in Shiraz as well as Fars Province are also prepared [to provide the conditions],” he said, according to Irainian state-owned outlet Press TV.

U.S. students have been facing arrest or expulsion following their actions in support of a ceasefire in Gaza and the divestment of their universities from companies which support Israel.

A couple of words of warning; the keg parties are going to be pretty lousy, and unlike Columbia, the university is really strict about the dress code: Iranian woman, 22, dies ‘after being beaten by morality police’ over hijab law.

With those caveats in mind, note that discounted transportation options are available to interested students:

01 May 17:53

THEODORE DALRYMPLE: Orwell’s Arresting Ambiguities. Occasionally [Orwell biographer D.J Taylor], wh

by Ed Driscoll

THEODORE DALRYMPLE: Orwell’s Arresting Ambiguities.

Occasionally [Orwell biographer D.J Taylor], whose own judgment is pretty good, misses something important. For example, he describes the effect that Orwell’s time in Spain had on him:

Spain, it is safe to say, politicised Orwell in a way that his exposure to homegrown socialism in the previous five years had not. To begin with, it offered him a vision of how an alternative world, founded on the principles of freedom and equality, might work.

Orwell told the general litterateur, Cyril Connolly, who had been with him at Eton, that he had seen “wonderful things” in Barcelona, then a revolutionary city in the control of the Trotskyist POUM. Taylor continues:

It was, he declared, “the first time that I had ever been in a town where the working class was in the saddle.” Churches were being systematically demolished by gangs of workmen. Shops and cafes bore inscriptions saying that they had been collectivised. Tipping was forbidden by law, all private motor cars had been commandeered, and all the trams and taxis had been painted in the anarchist colours of red and black. “In outward appearance it was a town in which the wealthy classes had practically ceased to exist.”

Everyone dressed the same too, in drab overalls, Maoist avant la lettre.

Barcelona, then, was a Catalonian Pyongyang: and it is important to recall that Orwell approved of it. At this stage of his development, he was an enthusiastic totalitarian, and the shallowness of his belief that such uniformity was a triumph for freedom and equality is rather startling in a man who, a very few years later, was to be the greatest literary scourge of totalitarianism in the world.

In his 2000 essay, “In the Land of the Rococo Marxist,” Tom Wolfe wrote that the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, and the subsequent publication of the Venona transcripts “made it damned hard to express your skepticism, your cynicism, your contempt, in Marxist terms… Not to mention the Spanish Civil War—archives! Turns out the Loyalists secretly called in the Soviets at the very outset of hostilities—and if they’d won, Spain would have been the first Soviet puppet state!”

In “Orwell’s Bad Republicans,” a 2007 book review at the American Spectator, Hal G.P. Colebatch noted:

When the heroics of the Spanish Civil War come up — Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia, Hemingway’s fictions or the effusions of various poets — there is a very large and usually unremarked elephant in the room: Orwell, who actually fought, and Hemingway who wrote about fighting, were on the wrong side.

The strategic point is simple: had the Stalinists won war, then during the period of the Hitler-Stalin pact from 1939 to mid-1941, they would have allowed Hitler to cross Spain and seize Gibraltar. Had this happened, the British forces in the Mediterranean, including the British Empire’s last remaining field army in action, would have been cut off. The British army and fleet could probably have been supplied through the Suez Canal, at least for a while, but their positions would have been immeasurably weakened, and the enemy’s position immeasurably strengthened.

Fortunately, as Dalrymple wrote, “It was all to the credit of Orwell that he changed his opinion of totalitarianism so diametrically, but had he died just after the publication of Homage to Catalonia, not living long enough to write his anti-totalitarian masterpieces, he would have been remembered, if he was remembered at all, as a literary forerunner and praise-singer of some of the worst features of communist regimes.”

01 May 17:12


by Glenn Reynolds


01 May 17:11

REMINDER THAT TODAY IS VICTIMS OF COMMUNISM DAY. It’s disgraceful that this dishonest, murdering id

by Glenn Reynolds

REMINDER THAT TODAY IS VICTIMS OF COMMUNISM DAY. It’s disgraceful that this dishonest, murdering ideology is still celebrated in academia and in our media. When you see someone celebrating that, remind them that they’re apologists for mass murder and theft.


01 May 14:14

WE KNEW:  AstraZeneca Admits That its Covid Vaccine Can Cause Blood Clotting Side Effect.

by Sarah Hoyt
01 May 01:34


by Glenn Reynolds

She won the name lottery.


30 Apr 20:43

Free Speech Writers Association Cancels Festival and Awards Ceremony Amidst Far Left Boycott

by Will Jones

Leading free speech writers association PEN America has cancelled a major literary festival and awards ceremony amidst a boycott by the pro-Palestine far Left in a further sign of the death of irony.

The post Free Speech Writers Association Cancels Festival and Awards Ceremony Amidst Far Left Boycott appeared first on The Daily Sceptic.

30 Apr 20:42

Wind energy industry produced less power in 2023, despite having increased total generation capacity

by Kevin Killough
The wind industry produce 2.1% less electricity in 2023 compared to the previous year. Total wind capacity in the U.S. has tripled from 47 gigawatts in 2010 to 147.5 gigawatts by the end of 2023.
30 Apr 19:33


by Stephen Green


“We’ve got to keep up the pressure,” Ritschard said. “That’s all we can do right now, putting pressure towards CPW, but I don’t know. I really don’t know where we go now.”

Ritschard said the ranch where the most recent kill occurred is going to continue trying nonlethal methods to prevent attacks.

“How many more are we going to have until something’s done?” he asked. “Are we gonna have a yearling, or two yearlings, killed every 10 days?”

A map released Wednesday by CPW shows that gray wolves have crossed into watersheds east of the Continental Divide and onto the Front Range.

“They’ve still been in the area, and we’ve still been seeing them at night,” Ritschard said.

The new CPW map shows collared wolf activity between March 26 and April 23. The map shows that over the past month, at least one wolf with a GPS collar traveled in watersheds in Larimer County.

CPW also said on Wednesday that it has launched a website for wolf depredation reports to keep the public informed about confirmed livestock deaths by wolves.
CPW confirmed the latest cattle death Sunday evening on its website. The agency did not respond to 9NEWS’ questions.

Wolves have now killed six cattle in Grand County this month.

“At the rate this is going, there isn’t going to be any livestock left in this country,” Ritschard said.

Denver-Boulder Democrats don’t care what happens to the livestock, so long as the ranchers are eventually driven out.

30 Apr 13:06

FROM THE BIRTHPLACE OF ENGLISH LIBERTY: Iranian Arrested in UK for Calling Hamas ‘Terrorist’ Pra

by Stephen Green
29 Apr 21:22


by Jack Wylder

Larry shared this on Facebook about something he thought of while on TwitterX, so I thought I’d put it here on the blog. -Jack

Because I’ve been arguing with morons today on twitter who don’t know anything at all about history, it brought to mind this memory.

As a kid I was a massive history nerd. I devoured books, a few a week, and the best thing in the world was library loan. I went to a shit tier rural public school K-8 (my 8th grade class of 20 kids, half of us could speak English, and only half of those could read), but that didn’t matter because I read so much on my own anyway that made up pretty much the entirety of my early education.

When I went to high school (I lived so far out in the sticks that was an hour and a half bus ride every morning, which was actually awesome for me, because that was time I didn’t have to work with cows, and could read more books) I was actually super pumped for history class… and they all turned out to be super lame, because we’d spend 45 minutes tops talking about a topic that I’d already read an entire book about.

And the other kids were friggin STUPID. Like holy moly, dumb. Yes, this was the California Public Penal Academy For Gifted Drive By Shooters, but still. Nobody gave a crap. They paid no attention. They were bored. They just didn’t care. Fuck school. Let’s get high. (my high school also had the second highest teenage pregnancy rate in America my senior year, so we had that going for us too)

Thirty something years later and I get to watch these exact same mouth breathers bitch on Twitter about how they didn’t learn about (topic X) so clearly that’s a conspiracy by the man to keep them down.

Most of the history teachers I had knew less than I did about most of the topics and it was pretty obvious they were just phoning it in because their real job was coaching. Total waste of time.

I had one amazing history teacher though. Mr. Guerra. Great guy, actually loved history, was obviously totally burned out by teaching listless dorks the same thing over and over for twenty years with them being too dumb to listen, but he tried. I loved his class because he actually knew stuff and liked to research the stuff he didn’t know.

Every Friday Mr. Guerra would have a trivia game about the topic of the week. He’d break the class into two halves and we’d compete Jeopardy style. Winning side got bonus points for the test.

How much of a nerd was I? After the first few sessions he had to make a new rule. Larry can’t answer every single question. He can only answer every other question. When that was insufficient it was Larry can only answer one out of every four questions. Eventually he just gave me permission to just skip class and screw around on Fridays.
One of the best educational experiences I actually had in high school was the few days we had on the war in the Pacific, but not because I learned anything about the topic. Instead, Mr. Guerra recognized that was my favorite nerd fixation at the time so he asked me if I’d like to actually teach the class for a few days. I jumped at the chance… and realized that wow, high school kids are fucking stupid and apathetic, and it shattered any illusion I ever had that I might want to be a teacher… which was has been great for me long term. 😀

29 Apr 20:45

IT’S GOOD TO BE IN THE NOMENKLATURA: Arrogant DA refuses to stop for cops after being caught speedin

by Ed Driscoll

IT’S GOOD TO BE IN THE NOMENKLATURA: Arrogant DA refuses to stop for cops after being caught speeding because she ‘didn’t feel like it’ and ‘doesn’t really care.’

An arrogant New York District Attorney refused to stop for a cop after she was caught speeding because she ‘didn’t feel like it’ and was stressed from dealing with murders all day.

Monroe County DA Sandra Doorley had a tense interaction with a Webster police officer on Monday after the cop tried to pull her over for driving 55 miles per hour in a 35 miles per hour zone.

Bodycam footage shows the heated exchange – in which Doorley said ‘I didn’t feel like stopping on Phillips Road at 5:30.’ The officer responded ‘That’s not your choice… you know that.’ Doorley quipped back ‘I made it my choice.’

According to Doorley, instead of pulling over at the time she decided to call Webster Police Chief Dennis Kohlmeier to say she was not a threat and would talk to the officer back at her house.

As the officer informs her that she made the situation a bigger deal than it needed to be by refusing to pull over, Doorley can be heard responding with ‘just write me the traffic ticket.’

The officer reminded her that it was no longer just a traffic ticket – and that not complying with an officer’s order to stop and pull over is an ‘arrestable offense.’

Doorley explained that she didn’t see the point in pulling over when she was so close to her driveway. ‘I thought it would be easier. I was wrong,’ she said.

As she refuses to step outside her garage, she hands the cop the phone to speak with the police chief telling him ‘leave me alone, this is ridiculous’.

The officer can be heard telling her: ‘What do you want us to do? Not do our job because it is you? You broke another law because of that. You should know better.’

Footage of Doorley reminding voters that there are two classes of people in America. Don’t try this if you see red lights in your rearview mirror:

I’m pretty sure that Mike Judge didn’t intend for Office Space to be a how-to guide for good government:

29 Apr 18:39


by David Bernstein


29 Apr 18:37


by Glenn Reynolds
29 Apr 18:35

PROTESTERS CALL FOR ISLAMIC STATE IN GERMANY: More than 1,000 people marched through Hamburg on Sat

by Ed Driscoll


More than 1,000 people marched through Hamburg on Saturday calling for a caliphate in Germany.

Protesters gathered in the northern city for a mostly peaceful demonstration against Islamophobia, but among the masses were calls for an Islamic state.

Joe Adade Boateng, leader of Muslim Interaktiv which organised the march, said in a speech at the march that Germany needed a “righteous caliphate” to remedy the misrepresentation Muslim groups have faced in the media.

He was greeted with cheers of “Allahu akbar”, or God is great, by a mostly male crowd, some of whom were holding up signs reading “Caliphate is the solution” and “Stop the media hate”.

Forcing a totalitarian statist religion upon the German volk – what could possibly go wrong?

29 Apr 18:33

COMING SOON TO AMERICAN AUTOMOBILES AS WELL? Cars will slow down if drivers are speeding under EU sa

by Ed Driscoll

COMING SOON TO AMERICAN AUTOMOBILES AS WELL? Cars will slow down if drivers are speeding under EU safety tech in new cars.

Cars will beep, vibrate or slow down if drivers are speeding under new mandatory safety technology which comes into effect this summer.

From July 6, new vehicles sold in the European Union and Northern Ireland will be fitted with intelligent speed assistance (ISA) to prevent accidents.

Although the UK has opted out, meaning it will not be a requirement on British roads, the technology will still be installed in most cars, and drivers can choose to switch it off on a daily basis.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, an independent research organisation, told the Sunday Times: “I think many motorists will tire of switching off ISA and they will just learn to live with it.”

Mr Gooding said it would take autonomy away from drivers, with cars increasingly deciding what drivers can and can’t do, and said it was the beginning of the end of people choosing cars based on top speed.

ISA has a forward-facing camera that can recognise speed limit signs and is integrated with GPS mapping data so the car always knows what limit applies to its location.

When fitted, the technology will send a warning beep or the steering wheel will vibrate when drivers pass the speed limit. If the driver does not take action, the accelerator will ease up, reducing the speed to keep in line with the limit.

Manufacturers including Ford have been offering ISA as an option on new cars since 2015, and it has been mandatory on all new cars sold in Europe since 2022, but could be switched off.

Flashback to Charles Cooke in 2017: The War on Driving to Come. Or as Iowahawk warned right around the same time, America “needs a Second Amendment protecting the right to keep and bear cars.”

29 Apr 17:09

OCEANIA HAS NEVER BEEN AT WAR WITH ISRAEL: Pro-Hamas Protesters Seek Amnesty, Pardons to Protect Car

by Ed Driscoll

OCEANIA HAS NEVER BEEN AT WAR WITH ISRAEL: Pro-Hamas Protesters Seek Amnesty, Pardons to Protect Careers.

Maryam Alwan figured the worst was over after New York City police in riot gear arrested her and other protesters on the Columbia University campus, loaded them onto buses and held them in custody for hours.

But the next evening, the college junior received an email from the university. Alwan and other students were being suspended after their arrests at the “ Gaza Solidarity Encampment,” a tactic colleges across the country have deployed to calm growing campus protests against the Israel-Hamas war.

The students’ plight has become a central part of protests, with students and a growing number of faculty demanding their amnesty. At issue is whether universities and law enforcement will clear the charges and withhold other consequences, or whether the suspensions and legal records will follow students into their adult lives.

As noted above, the students are fearful that their arrest records and suspensions will “follow them into their adult lives.” Based on their recent actions, I realize that we’re not dealing with the fastest set of tractors on the farm here, but I have a news flash for these rioters. Nearly every one of you is at least 18 years old and some of the juniors and seniors are in their twenties. You are already in your “adult life,” despite the fact that you’re not acting in a very mature fashion.

In 1993, at a Cato Institute dinner, P.J. O’Rourke famously said, “There’s only one basic human right, the right to do as you damn well please. And with it comes the only basic human duty, the duty to take the consequences.”

Why aren’t today’s college protestors willing to live the consequences of their actions? It’s almost as if they’re still in the Marlon Brando, “What are you rebelling against? Whaddya got?” Jurassic school of reactionary protests, and don’t actually believe in the cause du jour.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): This is what they’re worried about: Dox ’em! Let’s make the Ivy kids have to choose between their support for baby beheaders and those cushy jobs after graduation. Big business is ready to withdraw the job offers; all they need are the names…

The 1968 Columbia protesters asked for, and got, amnesty, as I recall. It set a bad precedent.

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