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23 Jan 22:03

War Of Doors

by admin

23 Jan 20:31

Journalists should stop interviewing Kellyanne Conway

by Mark Frauenfelder

Jay said the same thing yesterday. If CNN can't run a life press conference in order to fact-check before airing, she is equally as useless.

I love this idea - the media should stop interviewing Trump spokesperson Kellyanne Conway. Almost nothing she says is true or useful. It's entertaining on some level, but it's easier to find better entertainment elsewhere.

“The logic is, this is a representative of the president,” [journalism professor Jay] Rosen said. “This is somebody who can speak for the Trump administration. But if we find that what Kellyanne Conway says is routinely or easily contradicted by Donald Trump, then that rationale disappears.”

“Another reason to interview Kellyanne Conway is, our viewers want to understand how the Trump world thinks,” he added. “But if the end result of an interview is more confusion about what the Trump world thinks, then that rationale evaporates.”

23 Jan 20:30

How many metro rides were taken during Women's March Vs Trump inauguration

by Mark Frauenfelder

570k is larger than 1mm, PERIOD.

1,001,616 paid rides were taken on the DC Metro on the day of the Women's March on Washington. Compare that to 570,557 rides taken on the day Trump was sworn into office, which is even less than the number of rides taken on the average weekday.


23 Jan 06:42

Iowa State University Police Department's Twitter Account is a Treasure Trove of Hilarious Tweets


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23 Jan 06:33

Calgary's Mayor Continues to Win at Twitter


I will also share any posts containing awesome public officials/servants. Just so we know they still exist.


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20 Jan 13:05

Posters for Saturday's women's marches

by Cory Doctorow

Andrea Aidekman writes, "I'm a cartoonist and graphic designer from New York. I was asked by a few friends to make some posters for the women's marches on Saturday. I made this little vagina/eye logo and I really got on a roll and designed 10 posters. I want everyone to have a chance to have a well designed and provocative poster so if you need one you can download and print your favorite, or all of them!" (more…)

20 Jan 13:05

Shepard Fairey's inauguration posters: We the People

by Cory Doctorow

I'm printing these out for the house.

Shepard Fairey's updated his iconic Obama HOPE poster with a set of inaugural posters featuring women of color and slogans of solidarity. (more…)

20 Jan 13:03

Trump running Facebook ads asking people to attend inauguration

by Rob Beschizza

Hahahaha! Ass. However he will say it was the largest ever. He had a paltry turnout for the Lincoln concer and tweeted it was yuuuuuugest ever.

We knew President-elect Donald Trump was having trouble finding acts willing to perform at his inauguration, but now we know he's worried about public turnout too. How? Because he's running Facebook ads begging New Yorkers to attend. (more…)

20 Jan 05:45

How Louis CK tells a joke

by David Pescovitz

This is actually fascinating.

The Nerdwriter presents a fascinating analysis of why Louis CK's jokes are funny.

19 Jan 20:53

Local Sheriff's Office Facebook Page Is a Comedic Goldmine


This kind of stuff is ALL i'll be reading for the next few weeks. I'll be here, still trying to deny Trump exists.

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It's gotta be the coffee, donuts, rinse down and repeat routine. That's my running theory right now. Okay, not actually though. Clearly their social media game is on lock. Just cause these law-enforcing, pistol-slingin bros rep the badge don't in any way imply they can't rock the shit out of some innocent, chuckleworthy humor. Seriously though. Some of these posts from the Oconee County Georgia Sheriff's Office are greatness.

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17 Jan 23:08

Biden His Time

by admin

Buahahahaha!!! Mad genius.

11 Jan 11:50

Hidden Truth

by admin

K. I elohel'd right there.

08 Jan 00:28

Girl Scout Knockout

by admin

It's a battle we can get behind. ;)

30 Dec 07:38

RIP Vesna Vulović, survived 44 years after 33,000-foot fall

by Andrea James

Aw. She was my fave Guinness record holder story!

Vesna Vulović was a JAT Yugoslav Airlines flight attendant when her plane exploded mid-air in 1972, sending her hurtling toward earth in the tail of the aircraft. Her miraculous survival remains the record height for surviving a freefall without a parachute. (more…)
29 Dec 23:51

High As A Bird

by admin

16 Dec 13:08

A Bus Creeper Started Eavesdropping on This Woman's Text Conversations, so She Got Back in the Best Way


I think this is old, but worth the click through for the lolz.


Tumblr user Hostage Situation had a bit of a problem: How do you get an overly-friendly screen-reader to back off on a public bus? Luckily she had an amazing friend, and then texting magic happened. Check it all out here!

Hat tip to Uproxx.

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15 Dec 19:14

Donald Trump Didn't Invite Twitter to Tech Summit (PHOTO)

by TMZ Staff

Man, if I ran Twitter I'd totes mess with his account. I mean, it IS the reason he can bypass the pesky press.

Donald Trump dissed Twitter -- the company that, arguably, played the biggest role in getting him into the White House. Trump invited the heads of huge tech companies to Trump Tower for a summit Wednesday -- Tesla's Elon Musk, Amazon's…

11 Dec 15:11

Lesson of the Day: Epic Tweet Storm Proves Why You Should Listen to Your Girlfriend


Heheh. Jerk.


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11 Dec 15:04

Dad Turns Daughter's Sleep Suit Into Awesome NASA Space Suit and Films Wife's Adorable Reaction


Nice accidental plug for Prime too.


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06 Dec 12:56

Watch This Mom Perfectly Use Snapchat Filters To Hilariously Nail a Horrible Annoying Customer Experience


If you need a nice elohel, click through.

05 Dec 19:34

Woman Absolutely Shames Donald Trump in a Twitter Rant After Trump Tweets About Saturday Night Live Sketch

29 Nov 19:35

Castro’s Promise

by admin

29 Nov 12:21

2016 Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

by admin


26 Nov 15:47

The Amazon Reviews for Donald Trump's Christmas Ornament Are Ridiculous Enough to Make the Internet Great Again


Just read em.

17 Nov 12:35

Let’s Get Physical

by admin

I've actually had these thoughts, sexual orientation notwithstanding. In the ER, pelvic exam ordered and me thinking "oh shit! I need a wax."

17 Nov 12:31

Teacher Hangs Positive, Inclusive Note on Classroom Door Following Trump's Victory and the Internet Reacts


Click through for the lame ass Trump supporter clapbacks.

17 Nov 11:55

Just a Matter of Time

by admin

This is fucking with me. (so i share with you)

16 Nov 14:59

Shockingly Those Hot Women Online Ready to Chat with You Can't be Trusted, and One Town in Maine's Police Department is Having to Burst a Lot of Men's Bubbles That it's a Scam


That's some Black Mirror shit right there. Damn.

04 Nov 11:54

These Funny Cat Snaps Will Make You Want to Put Your Pet on Snapchat


Yes, that is how you get a cat.


And if you do, send them to us!

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01 Nov 18:13

This Dad is Really Rpoud of His Daughter and Best Friends' Costumes, and It Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity