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23 Aug 13:00

The Glow of Hitting a home Run is Out After You Realize It Smashed Your Windshield


I'd try to frame that.

funny fail video baseball player hits home run that smashes his own windshield

The before and after from last night lol still can't believe this really happened

— Brandon Thomas (@brandonthomas6) August 22, 2016

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12 Aug 09:00

Free The Nip (From Your BLT Sandwich)



funny fail image woman's bacon still has pig's nipple attached

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23 Aug 19:00

J.K. Rowling Goes Off on Homophobic Haters and Shares Theories on Stopping Internet Trolls


Blam! JK is no jk.

twitter,homophopia,jk rowling,trolls

Christian Voice, "a UK-based prayer and lobby group praying for national repentance and working for godly government" went after Olympic diver Tom Daley after he was knocked out of 10m platform dive in the semifinals and J.K. Rowling was there to have his back.

Along with J.K. Rowling, there were numerous other accounts who chimed in to give their two cents. This sparked an online argument on how to properly deal with a troll.

Here's what J.K. had to say:

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21 Aug 09:00

Have You Seen One of These Lately?




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17 Aug 19:00

Mom Leaves Brutal Warning Letter for Husband Before Leaving Him Alone With the Six Kids for the Weekend


Meghan Maza Oeser was ready to take her first vacation in years, but before that, she decided to leave a hilarious and very informative letter to her husband Kevin.

The survival letter included an incredibly detailed list of helpful tips and tricks for her husband Kevin to use while Mom was away. These ProTips did just about everything to prepare Pops.

If you thought babysitting one or two kids was tough, imagine SIX!

"I'm writing this to you out of love, not fear."

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17 Aug 11:00

Trump TV


If fucking only.

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14 Aug 13:00

Why Tho?


I kinda wanna do this now


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14 Aug 09:00

Moose Love Wins

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11 Aug 21:00

Pikachu Is My Antidepressant


I'm sharing all this because it's way better than depressing ass Trump.


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12 Aug 11:00

Those Mom Feels on the First Day of School

08 Aug 21:00

USA Superfan Leslie Jones Live-Tweets Herself a Trip to the Olympics


Just follow her and read/watch her tweets. That's where the real gold is.

leslie jones,twitter,list,2016 olympics,olympics

Saturday Night star Leslie Jones has resurfaced on Twitter just in time to live-tweet all the action of the 2016 Olympics.

Leslie Jones is taking on every Olympic sport and rooting on team USA with a terrifying passion. Her love of the Olympics has gained the attention of the Internet and has earned her a personal invite from NBC Rio Olympics producer Jim Bell.

We really hope this is not a joke. The Rio Olympics NEED a little Leslie Jones commentary

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04 Aug 15:00

Learn Why Donald Trump's Stance on Nukes Is So Dangerous From a Former Nuclear Missile Operator



Recently, America learned that Donald Trump wants to use our nuclear power. Obviously, that's awful, but if you aren't sure why it's awful then let this former nuclear missile operator tell you.

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03 Aug 19:00

It's Normal For Baby Bears to Purr, Right?


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02 Aug 11:50

New logo for the Rio Olympics

by Rob Beschizza


On Reddit, Nephelus notes the shambolic and rather menacing state of the forthcoming Olympics in Rio. In honor of Zika, the disease that will spread like crazy once the tourists show up, they created this striking new logo. (more…)
29 Jul 13:00

The Presidential Difference bBeetween Obama's and Trump's AMA Answers



28 Jul 19:00

Twitter Thinks Vice President Nominee, Tim Kaine, Might Be Everyone's Adorkable Dad


He IS adorkable!!!

democrats,twitter,list,dad jokes,parenting,Tim Kaine,politics

After his Democratic National Convention speech, Twitter blew up with Tim Kaine 'reminds me of your friend's Dad that is adorably dorky' suggestions.

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27 Jul 15:19

Roundup of newspapers that illustrated Hillary Clinton's nomination with pictures of her husband

by Rob Beschizza

I didn't read this headline fully, clicked through, and thought "Why are all the pics of Bill?" Whoops and DAMMIT!!!


The excuses for this come prepackaged: it's what was on the photo wires, his was the great speech of the night, it illustrates a moment of transition in politics, etc. (more…)

25 Jul 19:00

Lady Responds to Strict Office Dress Code By Wearing Incredible Costumes


Wow. And she looks fly AF in the first pic. No doubt a lawsuit is needed.

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If you thought your boss was bad, think again.

This lady has filed a harassment complaint against her superior for imposing a dress code that's stricter than a Amish private school.

"No straps, hats, sandals, cleavage, back out, lace, and even (and I quote) "cultural head wraps."

Now she has come to work each day in an outfit that fits the guidelines of Big Boss Lady's dress code, but in the MOST ORIGINAL way possible.

Might be time for yet another dress code...

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24 Jul 15:55

‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ is getting relaunched on Netflix

by Rick Porter


They’re back: “Mystery Science Theater 3000” has scored a revival at Netflix.

The streaming giant announced the news on Twitter Saturday night.

The revival is set to star Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt, along with original cast members Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy and Mary Jo Pehl, who will reprise their roles. “Community” creator Dan Harmon and series star Joel McHale are set to join the writing staff, which is being led by Elliott Kalan, former head writer of “The Daily Show.”

Series creator Joel Hodgson had launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the revival, and ended up raising over $5.7 million, breaking the record previously held by “Veronica Mars.” Hodgson will also be an EP of the revival.

“Mystery Science Theater 3000” first aired on KTMA-TV inMinneapolis for its freshman season, then headed over to Comedy Central for seven seasons, and wrapped up with its final three seasons airing on the Sci-Fi Channel (now Syfy). Over its 11-year run, 198 episodes and one feature film, the series won a Peabody Award in 1993 and was nominated for two writing Emmys.

25 Jul 15:00

Animals Smoking Durrys


this is so redonk i cant help but laugh


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20 Jul 13:00

See! Totally Worth It




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22 Jul 15:00

A Kid Can Dream


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19 Jul 19:00

The Internet Can't Stop Sharing These Famous Melania Trump "Quotes"


I kinda feel bad for her. You can tell she just loooves this shit. She did marry that orange twat though...

quotes,plagarism,list,speech,donald trump,Memes,rnc

By now you may be aware of the little plagiarism issue that surfaced within Melania Trump's speech at the RNC. It has been pointed out that she copied an entire paragraph from Michelle Obama's first lady speech at the DNC in 2008. And that's what started the hashtag #FamousMeliaTrumpQuotes. The things she says are so wise, so... oddly familiar. Are we sure we haven't heard some of these quotes before?

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19 Jul 20:30

Can’t Blame ‘Em

by admin

15 Jul 14:15

UK PM Theresa May nukes climate change department, appoints a climate denier as Climate Secretary

by Cory Doctorow

Let me put it this way, she is no Maggie Thatcher.


One of Theresa May's first act as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was to shutter the Department for Energy and Climate Change, moving the climate change to a new entity called the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, with Andrea Leadsom -- who, as Energy Minister, celebrated her first day on the job in 2015 by asking the civil service "Is climate change real?" and giving the UK coal industry a role in answering the question -- as Environment Secretary. (more…)

16 Jul 11:00

Dad Goes Viral For Picture of Him Sleeping Underneath the Hospital Crib of His Baby Boy


Awww. Yass.


Amy Palmer uploaded a photo of her husband Andre fast asleep under their 20-month-old baby's crib at York Hospital Pediatrics in Pennsylvania and the internet fell in love.

The small hospital room included a crib and a sleeper chair. Amy was asleep in the chair when her husband entered the room, so he curled up on the floor. No blanket, no problem.

Their son has recovered and his back at home with his loving family.

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12 Jul 19:00

D.C. is Crushing on the Orange Crush

by Tim Ebner

Kelly! A new drink for you!

Like any summertime crush this one is new, exciting, and yet fleeting.

There's a new drink trend washing ashore in Washington. It's a cocktail with so much popularity that it's now safe to say it— D.C. officially has a crush on the Orange Crush.

It's a surprising drink trend for a city that's typically perceived as buttoned up and anything but laid back. D.C. is also better known for its whiskey bars. After all, the Orange Crush is a basic vodka drink that's decidedly unhip... and that's kind of the point.

Part of the reason why the Orange Crush has such a devoted following is the drink's simplicity. The recipe calls for two ounces of vodka (the basic stuff, not the premium brand), an ounce or two of triple sec, and the juice from one whole orange. It's all crushed over ice with a splash of Sprite or Sierra Mist to top it off.

Anyone who has ever summered in Ocean City, Md. knows that it's the beach town's unofficial cocktail of choice. Most Marylanders drink Crushes on the beach while wearing shorts and flip-flops. Harborside Bar & Grill in West Ocean City takes credit for creating the original Orange Crush, but pretty much any crab house or dockside bar in Maryland can fix the drink.

The cocktail is pretty easy to spot, too. Just keep an eye out for the manual juicer, found at the end of the bar, or look for the bartender who's putting all their forearm strength into pressing a sliced orange on ice.

Of course there are Maryland Orange Crush institutions. Macky's (in Ocean City) serves the cocktail by the bucket, Mike's Crab House (two locations: Pasadena and Riva) has a grapefruit variety, and Ryleigh's (in Baltimore) may very well be the standard bearer of Orange Crush excellence.

The drink is easy enough to make at home, but also adaptable to suit anyone's needs. In fact, many D.C. bartenders are putting their own spins on the drink. At Duke's Grocery in Dupont Circle, Crushes are made with blood oranges that give the drink a pinkish hue. At Pop's Seabar, the beach-themed bar in Adams Morgan, the drink is similar to what you might find in Ocean City, except for the garnish. Pop's uses a lime instead of an orange peel.

The Orange Crush is open to loose interpretation in other places. At DC Reynolds in Petworth, the drink calls for orange vodka, Aperol, orange juice, and it's topped with a splash of Port City Optimal Wit. If you want to stick to the strict definition of the Crush with a waterfront view, then Orange Anchor in Georgetown is the spot.

The Orange Crush has also been popping up in a few unexpected places more recently. This season, the Washington Nationals started serving Crushes from their centerfield bar. The drink was also recently featured on a June industry night menu hosted at The Royal. Bartenders Jamie MacBain and Jo-Jo Valenzuela served Crushes alongside other tropical-themed drinks.

Orange crushes may be trendy this summer, but just remember that any good fad (or summertime crush) can be short and fleeting, so be sure to sip on one before the summer ends.

Where to find it now:

Duke's Grocery, Dupont Circle
Pop's SeaBar, Adams Morgan
DC Reynolds, Petworth
Orange Anchor, Georgetown

Union Pub, Capitol Hill
Cantina Marina, Waterfront

16 Jul 14:46

Trump makes it easy to forget what a dumpster fire all the other GOP nomination hopefuls were

by Cory Doctorow

First of all: Wow. Just, wow. And then this: "He [Cruz] is a graduate of Princeton – his freshman roommate has apologised for not smothering him with a pillow "


Rick Santorum said pregnancy from rape is a "gift from God" and compared gay relationships to "man-on-dog" sex -- and he signed a pledge saying that African-Americans had it better during slavery. (more…)

13 Jul 17:00

To Catch A PokePredator

by admin

Accidental perils of PokemonGo, which btw I refuse to download because I don't want to be a PokeZombie.

14 Jul 17:00

Ice Hockey in a Nutshell


Id play that game!


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