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28 May 14:00

No Thanks, I'll Just Ride My Scooter Out of Here


He needs aloe stat!

27 May 18:17

Glitch of the Day: Sending a Certain Text Message Will Force Anyone’s iPhone to Shut Down

A flaw in Apple’s iOS is allowing pranksters to remotely shut down other people’s phones.

Some iPhone users on Reddit recently discovered that sending a certain string of text to someone will force the recipient’s device to crash and reboot.

The issue apparently lies in the way the iPhone handles notifications and unicode.

Here’s an explanation from The Guardian:

When the text message is displayed by a banner alert or notification on the lockscreen, the system attempts to abbreviate the text with an ellipsis. If the ellipsis is placed in the middle of a set of non-Latin script characters, including Arabic, Marathi and Chinese, it causes the system to crash and the phone to reboot.

You can watch the error in action in the demo video above.

It reportedly only works if the other person does not already have their text thread open at the time, and you can prevent it from happening to you by turning off banner notifications and text previews (Here’s a visual of the settings on Imgur).

And if you can’t access your messages after the glitch, you can also apparently send a new message to the thread using Siri or Notes, and when it opens just delete the malicious text.

Of course the best way to prevent this from happening is by not being a troll and sending the text to anyone in the first place.

Apple apparently knows this is a problem and is hopefully working on a fix ASAP.

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26 May 16:00

We Will Not Settle for Tagalongs in This House


It's Jay's battle too ;)


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22 May 14:00

Whatever You Say, Brainiac


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20 May 20:23

Whiplash rental for $1 on Amazon

by Mark Frauenfelder

Eff that bad review. It's a hell of a film and definitely worth a watch, especially for a buck.

Richard Brody of the New Yorker sure did hate the movie Whiplash ("a work of petty didacticism that shows off petty mastery") but I loved it. Amazon is offering Whiplash as a streaming rental for just $1, so you can experience the film's "grotesque and ludicrous caricature" of jazz without your insulting your wallet along with your sensibility.

17 May 15:00

Poor Felton. Some Roles Follow You for a Lifetime.

15 May 20:00

Behold the Beast, Slayer of the Post


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08 May 15:30

Technology is amazing

by admin

Ha! Jay and I have been known to skype each other while in the house.

07 May 13:00

No Upbringing Can Stop a Jerk


Putting the nugget in my back pocket.


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21 Apr 12:00

Facebook Knows You're Becoming a Spinster


It is only a meter of time FB suggests this to me. However, what creepy FB did do was suggest if I know the Arlington woman who was murdered recently. I was like WHAAAA?

20 Apr 17:00

Knock Knock

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17 Apr 12:00

Gwyneth Paltrow Thinks That People on Food Stamps Are Buying Seven Limes and Kale


She has clearly never been poor. I don't see one ramen or box or store brand mac & cheese or even pasta in there. Pasta was my lifeblood and I literally took a pn additional job for food when my doc said not to eat it, or crappily, anymore (high cholesterol at 19).

17 Apr 17:04

Univision's 'Sabado Gigante' to End in September 2015 After 53 Year Run

by Sara Bibel

Noooooooo! I watched this in college all the time and just watched with my mom!

Univision Communications Inc., the leading media company serving Hispanic America, today announced that after an incredible run of more than 53 years, Univision Network’s top-rated variety show, “Sábado Gigante” (Giant Saturday), hosted and created by Don Francisco, will end its current cycle on Sept. 19, 2015
17 Apr 17:00

Marco Rubio Has Been Lying to Us This Whole Time!

13 Apr 23:00

Getting All Touchy-Feely With the Spiders


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10 Apr 12:00

Ever Get That Feeling You're Being Watched by a Pervy Squirrel?


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07 Apr 11:00

Parenting Above and Beyond the Call of Duty


Reminds me of Chris Pratt and his insane French braiding skills. So very sexy.


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02 Apr 17:00

This is Some Class A Parenting Right Here


Wow. I kept waiting for this to turn direction, but no, this mom is just rad.


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31 Mar 15:30

ABC needs to learn their ABC’s

by admin

My dad says he used to have big problems with his producers putting up misspelled slides all the time. Wow. Just wow.

30 Mar 18:00

Shut Down Twitter, This is the Best Interaction Ever


I am ready!

24 Mar 16:32

'The X-Files' Revival Gets 6-Episode Order at FOX, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to Reprise Iconic Roles

by Amanda Kondolojy

WHAAAAT WHAT WHAT WHAT TOO EXCITED! Bet it will suck though.

Emmy Award-winning Pop Culture Phenomenon From Chris Carter Is Back as Six-Episode Event Series
24 Mar 20:15

A Woman Was Sent to a Psych Ward With $13,000 Medical Bills for Saying the President Follows Her on Twitter... and He Does


Are you shitting me? If ever a lawsuit was warranted...


Somehow the story is even worse than that sounds.

Kam Brock, @Akilahbrock, was pulled over by New York police and her car impounded when officers suspected she was driving under the influence of marijuana (none was found in the vehicle). After getting upset with officers and undergoing a medical evaluation, doctors thought she was suffering from a mental disorder - thinking her claims of being followed by Barack Obama on Twitter were bunk.

The only problem is that Barack Obama DOES follow @AkilahBrock, and around 640,000 other people. And now Brock is faced with thousands in medical bills after being sent to a facility. She's now pursuing legal action as a result of these stupid, insane events.

Check out a full video of the coverage here.

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12 Mar 19:00

The Real Reason the New Gold Apple Watch Costs $10,000


This is exactly my explanation to my mom re: gold version. 10k on a Rolex is something you have for life, 10k on Apple Watch is something you have for two years max. Eh? Regardless, I like my timex A LOT.

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11 Mar 20:00

He Gets It

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04 Mar 21:00

Ikea Knows What You're Thinking (You Dirty, Dirty Person)




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04 Mar 17:00

How Not to Comfort Someone at the Dentist's Office


Because teeth. I obsess about teeth.

02 Mar 15:30

Won’t You Be My Zombie

by admin


24 Feb 13:00

Oscars Be Upon You, Child


With all this discussion of Patty's speech, thought this was amusing :)

18 Feb 15:00

Choo Choo! The Karma Train Has Arrived


What would you do here? For reals. Do you still have to interview him or would you want to and remind him at the end or...?


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18 Feb 15:30


by admin

I call this a missed opportunity. I'd have played the game too