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06 Oct 17:30

Oddly Satisfying

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My porn.

21 Sep 21:00

Doritos FTW! part 2

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Cheetos too. Jesus would def turn random shit into Cheetos.

24 Oct 13:00

A Simple hack to Charge Your Phone With a 9-Volt Battery

18 Sep 13:00

Making America Crap Again

Making America Crap Again

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16 Sep 17:00

Time to Reevaluate Your Influences

funny memes senior quote and hero bill cosby jared from subway

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16 Sep 19:05

After 53 Years, Series Finale of Univision's 'Sábado Gigante' Airing Live Simultaneously in U.S., Mexico & Chile

by Dani Dixon

You should catch this show before it goes away, it's terrifically bizarre. I watched it a lot in college.

After 53 years, the final episode of Univision Network’s “Sábado Gigante” will get a star-studded send-off in a “giant” celebration truly worthy of its name. The live, three-hour show entitled “Sábado Gigante – ¡Hasta Siempre!” (Giant Saturday – Forever!) will offer viewers an emotion-filled evening celebrating the work of host Mario Kreutzberger, known the world over as Don Francisco, and his entire cast and production team who have made “Sábado Gigante” a Saturday night tradition in millions of Hispanic homes around the world. “
14 Sep 23:00

Dear Kim Davis…

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14 Sep 18:00

Commuting Assistance App Wins Startup Competition

by Heather Mongilio

Startup Monday header

Editor’s Note: Sponsored by Monday Properties and written by, Startup Monday is a weekly column that profiles Arlington-based startups and their founders, plus other local technology happenings. The Ground Floor, Monday’s office space for young companies in Rosslyn, is now open. The Metro-accessible space features a 5,000-square-foot common area that includes a kitchen, lounge area, collaborative meeting spaces, and a stage for formal presentations.

RouteHero (Courtesy of Thomas Woo)An app designed to make commuting easier recently won a tech startup competition hosted at 1776 in Crystal City.

RouteHero, built by Arlington native Thomas Woo, provides traffic and Metro updates based on an user’s route and time of travel.

“It’s a really good opportunity to limit some of the hassle of the commute,” Woo said. “You don’t have to check traffic in the morning. You don’t have to worry if the Metro will be single tracking when you get there. We’ll do the worrying for you.”

People can customize the app to include multiple commuting routes. Each alert comes through a text message, Woo said.

“What my app does is you put in your regular commute, whether it is driving or Metro, and the time you commute and we’ll send you an alert if there is traffic or an accident,” Woo said.

RouteHero app dashboard

Woo developed the app based on his own personal experience with commuting from his home in Falls Church to his previous job, he said. He signed up for Google Now and Metro alerts, but he said the alerts weren’t specific enough. He wanted something that would make his commute easier.

“My app sends you one alert just what you want and just when you need it,” he said.

In addition to the alerts, the app also shows the Metro schedule for the lines the user travels. It could work as a compliment to navigational apps Google Maps or Waze because RouteHero tells users when they should find different routes, and then users can use the other apps to find a new travel path, he said.

RouteHero won the D.C. Startup of the Year Competition held at 1776 Crystal City last Wednesday, Sept. 9, which gave Woo validation that his app was useful for commuters, he said.

“It was a good confirmation that yes, people want a traffic and transit app for their commute,” Woo said.

A Metro alert on RouteHeroRouteHero is currently available for Android phones only, but Woo said he is working on an iOS version of the app, which he tentatively expects to have in the next three to five months.

Woo also plans to expand the app to include other modes of transit, such as Metrobus and Capital Bikeshare, and to be able to run alerts for transit systems outside of the D.C. area, such as the “T” in Boston or the subway in New York City.

The app is currently free and is supported with advertisements, but he may add in-app purchases, Woo said.

“The idea is that if you have more than one route, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee of $1,” he said.

Public transportation alerts would remain free, regardless of how many alerts an user requests, Woo said.

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31 Aug 21:00


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I just...Ugh. President Burrito Supreme right here. (From movie Idiocracy)

28 Aug 19:00

In Love

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Sometimes, those related stories algorithm works.

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Palma de la cara

Palma de la cara

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13 Aug 21:00

Heavier Women

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07 Aug 15:00

The Weed Boys

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Oh my! At what age does "telling the hard truth" become okay?

03 Aug 06:06

Wow! Google Translate App

by swissmiss

Google literally stole/reverse engineered Word Lens. It's probably better too. Le sigh.

I could have made some serious use of Google’s Translate App when I traveled to Asia a little over a year ago. Impressive!

31 Jul 15:00

Can We Find Him and Ban His IP Address In Real Life Though?

23 Jul 14:00

Run... Away From These People




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You gotta laugh…

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15 May 20:00

Behold the Beast, Slayer of the Post


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03 Jun 15:05

Oakridge Elementary Gets Desks With Pedals to Help Fidgety Kids Learn

by Heather Mongilio

Nice but... How about recess or gym? Cutting those gym classes is not so great huh? And I see a big problem with not letting the kids learn how to be still in appropriate situations, like a classroom. Can you imagine what will happen to them in high school?

Student on a pedal desk Stock photos Student on a swing desk

Oakridge Elementary is getting desks with bicycle pedals and swinging bars in an effort to incorporate movement and exercise into classroom learnings.

The new desks, as well as yoga ball chairs, are part of a pilot program to improve kids’ ability to learn while in school.

The idea behind the new equipment is based in science, said Heather Suave, a member of Oakridge’s 2Fit2Quit Committee and Wellness Council. Research has shown that when kids’ brains are active, which happens during exercise, they are able to retain more information.

“Kids in elementary school have the wiggles, and it’s a good energy release,” Suave said.

Oakridge Elementary was able to raise $9,000 through sponsorships and donations — from Pentagon Mixed Martial Arts, the Oakridge PTA and individual donations — to buy three of the two person pedal desks, four stand-up/swinging desks and eight yoga ball chairs.

The pilot program has only been in place for a month, Suave said, but it is already showing promise.

Jenn Crain, a third and fourth grade teacher, said the new equipment has helped with keeping her students focused and have not been a distraction in the classroom. She has had the pedal desk and standing desks in her class.

“Some of them prefer the pedal desk, some of them prefer the standing desk, some of them prefer none,” she said.

The kids have also had positive feedback toward the equipment, she said during a presentation.

Maxwell Thomas, an 8-year-old student, likes the pedal desk because they help him concentrate while he does his math schoolwork.

“I can get my body moving while I work,” Maxwell said.

Annabella Brooks, a fifth-grade student, likes the standing/swing-desk “because people have a way to fidget without making noise.”

The desk helps her concentrate and she finds it relaxing, Annabella said.

“It’s easier to think while moving,” she said.

This is the first pilot program in Virginia. The equipment is also used in 30 schools in Texas and in 32 other states, said Lowell Lease, a representative with KidsFit, the company that provides the equipment.

The company has received good feedback on the equipment from other schools as well, Lease said.

“The kids love it,” he said. “The teachers love it because the kids pay attention better.”

10 Jun 11:00

Maybe It's Time to Get in a Better Head Space, Bro


I'm gonna remember this.


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23 Jun 17:15

Showtime & Hulu Partner to Launch Streaming Service in Early July

by Sara Bibel
Hulu subscribers will soon have the ability to add the SHOWTIME service to their Hulu subscription and stream on a wide range of the most popular internet-connected streaming devices.
25 Jun 20:23

Rent a camping tent in someone’s backyard near Google X for $46/night

by David Pescovitz

Someone did this in the house next to my apartment in Mountain View in the mid 90's. Three tents in his back yard.

Need a place to stay near Google X in Mountain View? John Potter is renting out a 9′ x 7′ Coleman tent in his backyard on Airbnb for $46/night.

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17 Jul 22:30

Superhero Bits: Fantastic Four, X-Men: Apocalypse, Wonder Woman, Arrow, Gotham, Ant-Man

by Angie Han

Sharing for the "When a Marvel vs. DC trailer leaks"

Lego Batman tshirt header

Does Deadpool want a Cable movie? What are the new origins of the Fantastic Four? Is William Stryker back for X-Men: Apocalypse? What does Grant Morrison think of Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman? Who’s coming to Arrow next season? Will Gotham Season 2 give Bruce a new love interest? What would a Peyton Reed-directed Fantastic Four have been like? Can Paul Rudd take Conan seriously for Ant-Man‘s sake? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Thank you to all the loyal and loving supporters of the #RogueCut It really means a lot to me.

— Anna Paquin (@AnnaPaquin) July 17, 2015

Anna Paquin is so pleased the X-Men: Days of Future Past Rogue Cut is going over well.

Warner Bros. is tearing down its DC Comics animation mural in Burbank.

thor loki dinner

Thor and Loki sit through an excruciatingly awkward family dinner (via Reddit).

A 5-year-old Batman rescued a toddler in England.

Marvel DC

Warner Bros. / DC’s rumored “no jokes” policy apparently also applies to trailer leak reactions (via Imgur)

Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds wants an X-Force movie led by Cable.

CinemaSins has some nits to pick with the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Comic-Con trailer.

ScreenCrush teaches you “How to Become a Marvel Supervillain in 5 Easy Steps.”

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HA! My mom shared this with me. It's such a good burn.

11 Jul 20:22

Little baby girl with weak eyesight sees through prescription glasses for the first time

by Xeni Jardin

That smile!

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06 Jul 20:00

Handy 4th

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He thought that'd work?

13 Jun 22:00

Planking Defined

oh snap,parkour,Photo,Planking

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