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22 Mar 18:45

Troll Cosplay

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Well that was awesome. Great reply to a troll!

09 Mar 14:58

Panda Tacos

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And Frieda braids!

23 Feb 17:14

Sorry Dog

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03 Feb 22:28

Rethink Energy: What the 30% Solar Tariff Means for Arlingtonians

by Sponsor

Solar tariff? SOLAR TARIFF? I cannot even right now. Spitting mad. 2020 cannot get here fast enough.

Solar has been booming in Arlington.

Through Arlington Solar Co-ops, Arlingtonians have more than doubled the amount of solar on homes in just 2 years. The co-op helps residents buy solar panels in bulk to drive down the cost by as much as 20%.

This month the federal government announced a 30% tariff on solar equipment manufactured outside of the U.S. But what does this really mean for Arlingtonians who want to go solar?

The short answer is that the 30% tariff will add approximately 10-15 cents per watt, or about 6% to a system’s total cost. This is because solar panels are only a portion of the cost of going solar.

The tariff does not apply to the “soft costs” associated with going solar. The increased cost of panels would add about $1,050 to the total cost of an average solar installation. If you apply for the 30% federal solar tax credit available to residents, the additional tariff amounts to approximately $735 per home system.

We will launch another solar co-op this spring to support residents who want to lead on going solar, take their energy future into their own hands and help create a more sustainable Arlington.

If you would like to receive information about the co-op when it opens, please email

15 Jan 01:13

Live Forever

by admin

This did not go the way I thought it was going. Quite cool.

04 Jan 14:13

Ignoramus watch: Designers really want you to decorate your room by shelving your books backwards

by Cory Doctorow

You really don't need to read this cause obviously it's stupid, but the one good line was "HULK SMASH, THEN RESHELVE. "

What's more revolting than buying color-matched books by the yard to class up your room like you were some kind of Trumpish dumbass who wants people to think you read but never actually read anything? (more…)

03 Jan 07:17

40 common tourist scams to look out for

by Mark Frauenfelder

Some of these are creative! I always hide valuables in luggage and then lock it (not the safe where most employees can get in). It's pretty obvious if someone has outright taken a large suitcase or cut your lock. I also stack crap on it in a particular way to have a quick visual of a curious guest.

Also, when on a train with large cases have someone ALWAYS watching them. Jay and I took turns sleeping when our luggage was not next to us. Sigh. People can SUCK!

Here's an infographic with 40 scams you should be aware of when you travel. Grifting creeps have tried pulling scams like this on me on various trips but luckily they weren't good enough at their trade to stop me from figuring out what was happening before I lost any money.

The Broken Camera

Someone will ask you to take a photo of them and their group of friends. The camera won’t work, and when you go to hand it back, they will drop it can cause it to smash. The entire group will then demand money for repairs, or pickpocket you during the commotion.

The Fake Takeaway Menu

Scam artists will slide fake takeaway menus under your hotel door, in the hope that you order from them on an evening where you don’t feel like going out. You won’t receive any food though, just a frightening bank statement after they have used your card details to make their own copy.

The Getaway Taxi Driver

When you arrive at your hotel from the airport, the taxi driver will kindly take your bags out of the trunk for you. He’ll seem in a rush though, and quickly hop back into his car and drive off as soon as possible. This is because he’s actually left one of your smaller and less memorable bags in his taxi.

02 Jan 06:23

The DHS has illegally stuffed America's airports full of $1B worth shitty, malfing facial-recognition tech

by Cory Doctorow

I heart math

More than a dozen major US airports are now covered in facial-recognition cameras, installed by the DHS to scan people departing on international flights without the legally mandated federal review process. (more…)

23 Dec 15:33

Excellent Relationship Tip

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30 Nov 17:33

Parental Warning

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No explanations! Ha!

30 Nov 04:15

Professional Buyer

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I have heard employees stories about going in the back, staring at a wall for awhile and saying they don't have any more. I guess in store pick up is going to kill that move. FWIW, in retail, I never did that. I honestly looked.

09 Nov 11:47

Doing Time

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I am not the only one! I used to get throttled watching Netflix and would lose my mind.

06 Nov 19:52

Winona Ryde Or Die

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Man it's good to see her back. I luh her.

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04 Oct 15:39

Revisit Reality

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28 Sep 13:17

Flat Earth Logic

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They still won't get it though.

25 Sep 15:44

Restaurateur Mike Isabella’s Second Kapnos Taverna Arrives September 25, Plus More Intel

by Warren Rojas

Do breakfast and Natty Boh during the Ravens-Jags game

Empire builder Mike Isabella is going to college. Well, Kapnos Taverna is, anyway. The modified Greek eatery he first installed in Arlington a few years back is scheduled to begin serving dinner in College Park, Maryland, on Monday, September 25. The latest outpost, tucked into the new Hotel at the University of Maryland (7777 Baltimore Avenue), features seating for 143, the roasted meats and mezze customers have come to expect from chef George Pagonis, plus the new saison Isabella created with 3 Stars Brewing Company. Next up: Putting the finishing touches on mega food hall Isabella Eatery.

Game On

Those eagerly awaiting the kick-off of the Baltimore Ravens-Jacksonville Jaguars contest across the pond can find cold beer and camaraderie in Adams Morgan. Ventnor Sports Cafe is planning to open at 9 a.m., Sunday, September 24, to show the game taking place in London. Expect a full breakfast menu and Natty Boh specials.


Dupont Circle standby Firefly is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a trio of meal deals. Throughout October customers can score a two-course lunch for $15; a boozy brunch (one entree and choice of bloody mary or mimosa included) for $20.02; or a discounted Sunday dinner (all entrees priced at $20.02).


Burgeoning local chain Silver Diner has signed a lease to open a new location in Ballston circa 2020. The local sourcing-obsessed eatery already operates another all-day breakfast spot less than two miles away in Clarendon.

15 Sep 12:16

Classic: Stack Overflow Blues

13 Sep 03:51

Disneyland Forever

by admin

01 Sep 13:24

League of Women Voters to Screen Zach Galifianakis Film


Anyone heard if this is any good?

The Arlington League of Women Voters is hosting a free screening of a new Zach Galifianakis film.

Better known for comedies like The Hangover and The Campaign, Galifianakis tackled the serious topic of gerrymandering and money in politics in his new film, “Democracy for Sale.”

The League is sponsoring the film’s screening at the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse (2903 Columbia Pike) on Wednesday, Sept. 27.

More from an email from LWV:

A border and barbeque aren’t the only things Virginia and North Carolina have in common. The two states also have some of the most gerrymandered districts in the country. Cozy relationships between regulators and industry are another commonality. A new film called Democracy for Sale featuring NC native and comedian Zach Galifianakis puts a spotlight on the ways big money political interests have influenced the drawing of district lines and led to a lack of environmental protection and tax cuts for the upper class and corporations, education cuts, gerrymandering, and laws designed to decrease voter turnout.

After a successful tour of Democracy for Sale in North Carolina, we’re excited to bring the film to Virginia on a statewide tour beginning on September 19th. The showings are presented by the Virginia Civic Engagement Table in partnership with local organizations throughout the state. Each screening event will be followed by a Q&A and discussion with local leaders.

While the film focuses on NC as a case study, the parallels to Virginia are innumerable. We hope these screenings will shed light on the similarities and show audiences how to get involved in demanding reform.

Come and bring your friends!

Photo via League of Women Voters

31 Aug 13:13

The Most Anticipated Restaurants in D.C., Fall 2017

by Tierney Plumb

Kelly, Kapnos Taverna is quite good here in Ballston. You should give it a try in your hood this fall.

The hottest restaurants coming to the DMV

There’s a flurry of high-profile restaurants scheduled to join the local dining scene in the coming months. Here’s more than four dozen of the most anticipated hospitality ventures coming down the pike.

Crimson View/Whiskey Bar

What: The crowd at the new rooftop bar coming to Chinatown’s Pod Hotel should expect to snack on oysters and charcuterie at this forthcoming offering from D.C. nightlife vets Eric and Ian Hilton. A sibling whiskey bar is slated to open a few weeks later beneath the already functioning diner found on the ground floor.

Where: 627 H Street NW

When: Friday, September 1 for Crimson View; Mid-September for Crimson Whiskey Bar

 Photo by Rey Lopez for Eater DC
A peek inside Crimson Whiskey Bar.

*Previous Crimson coverage

Fish Scale

What: Blacksalt alum Brandon Williams sold his first self-styled fish burger in 2012 at the White House farmers market. He’s now poised to open a brick-and-mortar space in Shaw where he’ll grind and grill fresh-caught fish (think: sheepshead, rockfish, and sea bass) into burgers over smoldering hardwood charcoal, oak, and wood. The modest eatery is also expected to feature seasonal crab cakes, sides, and condiments such as kimchi.

Where: 637 Florida Avenue NW

When: Friday, September 1


What: Following up on the Succotash already operating in neighboring National Harbor, Knead Hospitality and Design, in partnership with Top Chef alum and restaurateur Edward Lee, is scheduled to unveil a 9,000-square-foot restaurant in Penn Quarter featuring more Asian-infused Southern cooking. Expect lots of whiskey and a sizable wine program.

Where: 915 F Street NW

When: Monday, September 4

Succotash [Photo: Eater National] Photo: Eater National
Succotash founder Edward Lee.

*Previous Succotash coverage


What: Fine-dining and casual cuisine will intersect at Ripple alum Ryan Ratino’s forthcoming solo project on 14th Street NW. The award-winning chef plans to feature dishes he had while growing up — fishing was a major pastime back in Ohio — as well as gourmet fare such as sea urchin linguine with summer truffles.

Where: 1906 14th Street NW

When: Mid-September

*Previous Bresca coverage


What: This “urban backyard” bar and restaurant, adorned with string lights, lanterns, a vintage greenhouse, and lush plants, will offer Tiger Fork co-founder Nate Beauchamp the chance to serve items such as barbecue oysters, fried chicken sandwiches, and grilled wedge skewers. The bar program will be led by Tiger Fork beverage director Ian Fletcher and J.D. Quioco of The Fainting Goat. The interior space, formerly a boxing gym and art studio, will retain an industrial look, while the 3,000-square-foot patio is slated to house long, farmhouse-style tables.

Where: 50 Blagden Alley NW

When: Mid-September


What: New York chef Philipos Mengistu from Queen of Sheba, a Midtown Manhattan mainstay, is teaming with local investor Daniel Solomon to open a traditional Ethiopian restaurant in Northern Virginia. The 95-seat space replaces El Paraiso Mexican restaurant and is expected to feature a full bar.

Where: 516 S. Van Dorn Street, Alexandria, Va.

When: Mid-September

 Photo: Makeda
A vegetarian combo platter at Makeda.

The Dabney Wine Bar

What: Chef Jeremiah Langhorne’s Michelin-starred restaurant is transforming a currently brick-walled space into a wine bar and cocktail den. Shellfish and charcuterie are expected to complement the featured pours.

Where: 122 Blagden Alley NW

When: Mid-September

Dio Wine Bar

What: Entrepreneur Stacey Khoury-Diaz’s natural wine bar plans to serve organic, biodynamic, and minimal-intervention wines. This intimate H Street bar will also offer a concise food menu as well as select cocktails, beers, and ciders.

Where: 904 H Street NE

When: September

 Photo by Stacey Khoury-Diaz
The interior taking shape at Dio.

Kapnos Taverna College Park

Where: 777 Baltimore Avenue, College Park, Md.

What: The University of Maryland's new 290-room hotel will house the area’s next Kapnos spin-off, featuring coastal-inspired Greek dishes from executive chef/partner George Pagonis. Expect a Greek-heavy wine list and Mediterranean-inspired cocktails by Mike Isabella Concepts beverage director Taha Ismail.

When: September


What: Captain Gregory’s vets Brandon McDermott and Kyle Knox are switching things up a bit at the subterranean cocktail den still taking shape in Shaw. The intimate spot (there’s less than 20 seats) is expected to feature roughly three dozen cocktails presented in tasting menu format — think: three, five or seven themed drinks — along with some complementary small plates, and, of course, signature sweets from the Sugar Shack Donuts up above. But the team tells Eater this is meant to be more of a pre/post-dinner spot, rather than a dining destination.

Where: 1932 Ninth Street NW

When: September

Taco Bamba Springfield

What: The third location of chef Victor Albisu's spin on Mexican street food will offer an expanded bar program and new menu items, including flautas and taquitos. Expect breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week.

Where: 6691-A Backlick Road, Springfield, Va.

When: September


What: The new speakeasy sibling to Dupont Circle’s The Sheppard will be bigger, with two levels and more cocktail choices, but the same vintage soundtrack and bordello look. Partners include Top Chef alum Spike Mendelsohn, David Strauss, and Vinoda Basnayake.

Where: 1020 Seventh Street NW (inside the Walter E. Washington Convention Center)

When: Late September

*Previous Morris coverage

Arepa Zone

What: Expect daily specials currently offered at this Venezuelan-themed eatery’s Union Market stall — including a rice- and bean-y pabellon bowl, and fried plantain dishes — as well as breakfast arepas and caffeine. Contractors are expected to begin construction on the 2,300-square-foot space before August is up, says co-owner Gabriela Febres.

Where: 1121 14th Street NW

When: October

*Previous Arepa Zone coverage


What: At 3,300 square feet, the second location of this Indian street food spot will be much larger than its 50-seat Cleveland Park sibling. Executive chef Vikram Sunderam’s opening menu will include pathar hosht (lamb kebabs served over a bed of saffron rice with saffron and cashews) and uttapam (fermented rice pancakes with lentils and shrimp pepper).

Where: 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

When: October

 Photo by Greg Powers
A salad at Bindaas.

Lucky Buns

What: World traveler/restless chef Alex McCoy plans to open an unconventional sandwich shop (think: burgers with beetroot, riffs on Nashville hot chicken) inside the recently shuttered L’Enfant Cafe and Bar. There he’ll apply lessons learned from the globally inspired burgers that cycled through his never-ending stream of pop-up eateries at food lab Alfie’s.

Where: 2000 18th Street NW

When: October


What: The team behind award-winning Compass Rose, with co-executive chefs Gerald Addison and Chris Morgan, plan to transport communal cooking traditions from Tangier, Tehran, Beirut, and Batumi to D.C. in a 3,000-square-foot setting. Maydan, which translates to a “town square” or “gathering place,” will feature a bar and dining area centered around a wood-fired oven with an upper mezzanine for family-style dining.

Where: 1346 Florida Avenue NW (at the Manhattan Laundry complex)

When: October

*Previous Maydan coverage


What: Rahul Vinod and Sahil Rahman, the sons of D.C. restaurateurs K.N. Vinod and Surfy Rahman (Indique and Bombay Bistro), plan to open a new 2,200-square-foot Indian food spot in Navy Yard. The bright and airy space, designed by architecture firm HapstakDemetriou+, will offer signature dishes and create-your-own dining options.

Where: 1247 First Street SE

When: October

 Photo by Rey Lopez for Eater DC
Rasa co-founders Sahil Rahman and Rahul Vinod. The name stems from an ancient Indian word that means essence and flavor and is a combination of their names (RA-hul and SA-hil).

The Wharf

What: Expect a slew of hot restaurants to arrive this fall at the Wharf complex, a three-year, $2.5-billion overhaul of D.C.’s southwest waterfront. Some of the most anticipated properties include the second area Requin, new pub/nightclub The Brighton, Shaw Bijou alum Kwame Onwuachi’s mystery restaurant in the InterContinental Washington D.C. - The Wharf, restaurateur Fabio Trabocchi’s Spanish-themed Del Mar, restaurateur Cathal Armstrong’s Asian-themed Kaliwa, Belgian chef Jan Van Haute’s all-day restaurant, Florentijn, and the first waterfront Hank's Oyster Bar. (Check out the full list of new restaurants, clubs, and bars here.)

When: October


What: Chef Matt Baker’s first solo project in rapidly evolving Ivy City will feature two tasting menus: a chef’s tasting option, and a vegetarian tasting program.

Where: 1401 Okie Street NE

When: Mid-October

*Previous Gravitas coverage

Isabella Eatery

What: The massive 41,000-square-foot food emporium from empire builder Mike Isabella is made up of eight distinct eateries and a cocktail bar on the third floor of Tysons Galleria; expect to find flagship pizza restaurant Graffiato, reconfigured sushi spot Yona, and taco haven Pepita Cantina complemented by a gourmet coffee shop and dedicated ice cream parlor. Shoppers can even carry boozy coffees, seasonal sangrias, and beers within the interconnected facility.

Where: Tysons Galleria, International Drive, McLean, Va.

When: November

*Previous Isabella Eatery coverage


What: Fresh from a research trip to the Holy Land, Equinox founder Todd Gray is excited about delving into Middle Eastern cuisine at Manna, the restaurant he’ll command within the new Museum of the Bible. The tentative menu includes a rotating “grains and salad station” (think: couscous, dried fruits, and pickled vegetables), protein-topped flat breads, and regionally inspired desserts.

Where: 409 Third Street SW

When: November


What: The global sushi chain is going big in D.C., sprinkling multiple patios, private dining rooms, and a dedicated sushi bar across 11,000 square feet in the West End. Since debuting in NYC in 1994, chef Nobu Matsuhisha's restaurant empire has spread from Hong Kong to the Bahamas. No word on whether celeb partner Robert De Niro will make an appearance at the glitzy D.C. opening.

Where: 2501 M Street NW

When: Early fall

*Previous Nobu coverage

 Image from Nobu
A rendering of the bar planned for Nobu in D.C.


What: Chef Haidar Karoum's first solo project will show off his Lebanese roots and extensive travels through Western Europe and Southeast Asia — linking everything via seasonal ingredients from the Mid-Atlantic. Expect counter seating for 14 at an open kitchen with room for another 27 in the bar. An adjacent patio space will feature seating for 32 others during warmer months.

Where: 1331 Fourth Street SE

When: Fall

 Rendering by DesignCASE
A rendering of Chloe’s 103-seat interior.

*Previous Chloe coverage

City Tap House Dupont

What: The second location of City Tap House — replacing the failed STK — will be much bigger, with about 9,300 square feet of room. From Table 95 Hospitality, which also owns Pennsylvania 6 and City Tap House opposite CityCenterDC.

Where: 1250 Connecticut Avenue NW

When: Fall

The Line DC

What: This long delayed Adams Morgan property will showcase multiple projects, including three from James Beard Award-winner Spike Gjerde (including Mid-Atlantic focused A Rake’s Progress, plus a bar and coffee shop) and two from D.C. restaurateur Erik Bruner-Yang (Spoken English, and Brothers and Sisters, both Asian).

Where: 1770 Euclid Street NW

When: Fall

*Previous The Line coverage

Lupo Verde Palisades

What: The second location of the Italian brand developed by restaurateurs Med Lahlou and Antonio Matarazzo is expected to focus on small plates, charcuterie, breads, cheeses, antipasti, and of course, signature pizzas and pastas. The 100-seat spot will feature a lower-level market selling fresh and dried pastas.

Where: 4814 MacArthur Boulevard NW

When: Fall

*Previous Lupo Verde coverage


What: The District’s debut Georgian restaurant hired Malkhaz Maisashvili, the former chef of the Embassy of Georgia in Washington, to lead the kitchen. Expect vegetable-packed small plates, fresh meats, breads, and cheeses influenced by Mediterranean, Greek, and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Where: 1205 11th Street NW

When: Fall

*Previous Supra coverage

George's Chophouse

What: Restaurateur Ashish Alfred plans to focus on tomahawk steaks, seasonal pastas, and a raw bar loaded with mussels, clams, and oysters at his latest venture. The design will feature exposed brick, elevated seating, warm lighting, and an open kitchen.

Where: 4935 Cordell Avenue, Bethesda, Md.

When: Late fall


What: Restaurateur Alessandro Borgognone and chef Daisuke Nakazawa are installing an omakase-style sushi restaurant inside the politically charged Trump International Hotel. The controversial move has created some challenges for the expansion-minded New Yorkers, but Borgognone remains hopeful that District diners will come around.

Where: 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

When: Late fall

Pennyroyal Station

What: Members of the Bar Pilar/Cafe Saint-Ex group (Erin Edwards) and executive chef Jesse Miller are teaming with Passion Food Hospitality group alum Garrick Lumsden on this new neighborhood eatery. Details about the menu are scarce for now.

Where: 3310 Rhode Island Avenue, Mount Rainier, Md.

When: Late fall

 Image from Menkiti Group
A rendering of Pennyroyal Station.

ALSO COMING THIS FALL: Greene Turtle Sports Bar and Grille (3501 John Simmons Street, Frederick, Md.) in mid-September; Jinya Ramen Bar in Logan Circle.

23 Aug 23:38

Save Uncle Ben

by admin

17 Aug 14:44

Shkreli Jury Selection

by admin

And he disrespected the Wu Tang Clan...

15 Aug 12:52

Helping Hand

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12 Aug 17:27

Too Much Wining

by admin

My dad and I did this to Jay once. Heh.

10 Aug 13:12

Trump's Childhood Home Is Great, Tremendous, Available for Rent on Airbnb

by Drew Schwartz

Jay says we should rent this and have a Facebook Live pee-pee party.

Back in March, a mysterious buyer identified only as "Trump Birth House LLC" purchased President Trump's childhood home in Queens, New York, for $2.14 million in cash. And now we have a better idea of what its new owner has done with the place thanks to a new listing on Airbnb.

According to the Washington Post, you can now pay to live like a Trump for an evening for just $725 a night—if that's something you're into.

The residence is advertised as "PRESIDENT TRUMP'S CHILDHOOD HOME - SLEEPS 20" on the hospitality platform, and while you might be able to cram that many people inside, the place wasn't built for it. The Tudor-style residence—apparently constructed by Papa Trump himself back in 1940—is fitted with five bedrooms and three and a half baths. Its 2,000 square feet no longer hold Trump's precious family heirlooms, but the new owner outfitted it with a bunch of photos of the president and some weird-ass signs describing what went down in each of its five rooms.

Perhaps the strangest—a framed placard hanging by the master bedroom, with lettering delicately scrawled in gold—reads:

In this bedroom,
President Donald J. Trump
was likely conceived,
by his parents,
Fred and Mary Trump.

The world has never been the same.

Other strange Trump memorabilia adorn the walls and hallways, including a Warhol-style piece of pop art depicting the president's face in six different hues and a life-sized cardboard cutout of the man himself, staring at you from the corner of a room—"a great companion for watching Fox News late into the night," according to the listing.

"Not much has been changed since the Trumps lived here," the listing reads. "The kitchen is original and the opulent furnishings represent the style and affluence in which the Trumps would have lived."

It also notes that whoever's running the Airbnb lives in one of the bedrooms, "which will not be accessible to you during your stay." The individual behind Trump Birth House LLC hasn't revealed his or her identity, and it's unclear if the homeowner and the Airbnb host are the same person. Misha Haghani of Paramount LLC, which sold the home back in March, wouldn't discuss the information—though he did confirm that the home is, in fact, Trump's old pad.

"This property is so much more than just real estate," Haghani told Politico in March. "As they say, beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder."

Follow Drew Schwartz on Twitter.

08 Aug 14:00

Drive By Dater

by admin

O...M...G...This...this can happen????

30 Jul 12:13

Tender Tinder

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23 Jul 16:55

Attention Queens of the Arctic


For Kelly...

polar bear profile picture self shot - 6411779328

Submitted by: Unknown

20 Jul 15:59

Nailed It

by admin

This is one of my favorites. It's up there with this tweet "Some dude just called me a pussy for putting on sunscreen. Imagine thinking you're tougher than the sun? The fucking sun?"