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30 Mar 18:00

Shut Down Twitter, This is the Best Interaction Ever


I am ready!

24 Mar 16:32

'The X-Files' Revival Gets 6-Episode Order at FOX, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to Reprise Iconic Roles

by Amanda Kondolojy

WHAAAAT WHAT WHAT WHAT TOO EXCITED! Bet it will suck though.

Emmy Award-winning Pop Culture Phenomenon From Chris Carter Is Back as Six-Episode Event Series
24 Mar 20:15

A Woman Was Sent to a Psych Ward With $13,000 Medical Bills for Saying the President Follows Her on Twitter... and He Does


Are you shitting me? If ever a lawsuit was warranted...


Somehow the story is even worse than that sounds.

Kam Brock, @Akilahbrock, was pulled over by New York police and her car impounded when officers suspected she was driving under the influence of marijuana (none was found in the vehicle). After getting upset with officers and undergoing a medical evaluation, doctors thought she was suffering from a mental disorder - thinking her claims of being followed by Barack Obama on Twitter were bunk.

The only problem is that Barack Obama DOES follow @AkilahBrock, and around 640,000 other people. And now Brock is faced with thousands in medical bills after being sent to a facility. She's now pursuing legal action as a result of these stupid, insane events.

Check out a full video of the coverage here.

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12 Mar 19:00

The Real Reason the New Gold Apple Watch Costs $10,000


This is exactly my explanation to my mom re: gold version. 10k on a Rolex is something you have for life, 10k on Apple Watch is something you have for two years max. Eh? Regardless, I like my timex A LOT.

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11 Mar 20:00

He Gets It

by admin


04 Mar 21:00

Ikea Knows What You're Thinking (You Dirty, Dirty Person)




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04 Mar 17:00

How Not to Comfort Someone at the Dentist's Office


Because teeth. I obsess about teeth.

02 Mar 15:30

Won’t You Be My Zombie

by admin


24 Feb 13:00

Oscars Be Upon You, Child


With all this discussion of Patty's speech, thought this was amusing :)

18 Feb 15:00

Choo Choo! The Karma Train Has Arrived


What would you do here? For reals. Do you still have to interview him or would you want to and remind him at the end or...?


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18 Feb 15:30


by admin

I call this a missed opportunity. I'd have played the game too

13 Feb 21:00

The Creators Claim This is the World's "Dumbest App," but it's Still Pretty Useful!

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16 Feb 22:00


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11 Feb 16:00

So Long, and Thanks for All the Jobs

10 Feb 15:30

Push It!

by admin

09 Feb 18:06

AMC and Cinnabon Partner for Season Premiere of New Drama Series 'Better Call Saul'

by Amanda Kondolojy
Cinnabon Offers Free Treats to Celebrate Series Premiere
04 Feb 22:00

Not a fan…

by admin

I remember during the big snow I threw open the back door and told the cats "have at it!" They said "nope."

30 Jan 20:47

Broadcast TV Viewers: You're Not The Customer, You're The Product Being Sold

by Bill Gorman

You have no idea. You are merely stats and potential revenue for them and the lengths they'll go (or want to go) is somewhat crazy (invasive).

Who's selling what to whom?
20 Jan 22:30

An Activist Writer Completely Disarms a Foul Troll Over Twitter in a Kind Display on MLK Day


Click through and read the whole exchange. This woman is FUCKING EPIC.

random act of kindness,racism,trolling,MLK,restoring faith in humanity week,mlk day,failbook

A writer named Ijeoma Oluo has shared an interesting Twitter conversation she had with a 14-year-old, racist troll on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and the result is truly inspiring.

"You guys I'm a mom," she wrote on Facebook. "You think I'm going to let some 14 year old outlast me? I got love for days."

Warning: there are a lot of racial slurs and other awful stuff in here, but make sure to read all the way through to the end.

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09 Jan 21:30

Dogs Rescued from Korean Meat Farm Come to Arlington

by Ethan Rothstein

The hell? Dog meat market? Ew ew ew ew!

Corgi mix Abi, rescued from a Korean meat farm, and up for adoption in Arlington A worker from the Washington Animal Rescue League with a dog rescued from a Korean meat farm AWLA Executive Director Neil Trent and Billy, a rescued Shih Tzu Billy and Abi, ready to be taken to Arlington Snowball, another dog rescued from Korea, looks on as Abi is taken out of her cage AWLA Communications Director Kerry McKeel holds Billy as he gets a treat Corgi mix Abi, rescued from a Korean meat farm, and up for adoption in Arlington AWLA Director of Behavior and Adoptions Kevin Simpson holding Corgi mix Abi AWLA Director of Behavior and Adoptions Kevin Simpson gives a treat to Corgi mix Abi A puppy rescued from a Korean meat farm at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria An animal worker walks a dog in front of news cameras A dog at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria rescued from a Korean meat farm

At least three dogs rescued from a South Korean meat farm will soon be available for adoption at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

The AWLA is partnering with five other local rescue organizations in the D.C. area to find new lives for 23 dogs rescued earlier this month by Humane Society International. It’s the first time the organization has negotiated the rescue of dogs raised for slaughter. The farmer who owned the dogs was compensated with $2,500 and will use that money to start growing blueberries.

Three dogs were taken from the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria — where all 23 have been housed since arriving at Dulles International Airport earlier this week — to AWLA’s headquarters at 2650 S. Arlington Mill Drive: A shih tzu named Billy, a corgi mix named Abi and a mother dog whose puppies were taken to other shelters. AWLA Executive Director Neil Trent says he expects Billy and Abi to be available for adoption in about two weeks.

“Some of the animals are going to have behavioral issues for a while, they’re not used to a kind hand,” he told as his staff helped load Billy and Abi into their van. “They’re nervous, they’re stressed in a new environment, so it’s going to take some time.”

The mother might “have some health issues,” Trent said, and he’s still not sure when or how many puppies AWLA will receive. The dogs will be available for adoption on a first-come, first-served basis.

The AWLA has worked with the Humane Society of the United States before, but this was their first interaction with HSI, Trent said. Trent, who is British, is a former executive director of HSI and said it’s been a recent initiative of the organization to curb the Asian dog meat trade. Trent was notified last month that dogs may be coming to the D.C. area from South Korea.

“We’ve taken dogs from HSUS before, so we said ‘absolutely, we’ll be on alert,’” he said.

HSI’s hope is the 23 dogs rescued will be a symbol in fighting the dog meat market. HSI director Kelly O’Meara told the Washington Post that between 1.2 million and 2 million dogs are eaten in South Korea every year.

20 Jan 12:00

Not the Brightest Birds of Prey


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15 Jan 20:00

Troll Level: Master

by admin

08 Jan 22:00

Rage Against the Mom Machine!

by admin

31 Dec 14:00

When Not to Text


I heart everything about this.

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28 Dec 14:00

Looking Delicious


Oh he got me. Still, this is adorbs.


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24 Dec 19:00

Go Home Wise Men, Smell Ya Later!

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22 Dec 14:30

Clarendon Named One of the ‘Yuppiest Neighborhoods in America’



Buildings in Clarendon and the Clarendon Metro station Trolley Pub in Clarendon (photo by N ARLINGTON ST)

Clarendon has been ranked among the nine “yuppiest neighborhoods in America” by the website

The Orange line neighborhood made the list thanks to young, affluent residents and their standard-issue upscale haunts, like Whole Foods, Pottery Barn and Lululemon. From the website:

This Virginia neighborhood across the river from DC blends the quietude of suburbia with the bustle of city life, which makes it perfect for the professionals who work on K Street. Single and young families alike call this place home, and chain staples like Pottery Barn, Whole Foods, and Lululemon are interspersed with just enough local bars and restaurants to keep the newly minted post-grad yuppie-types from fully realizing the commercial existence they’ve bought into.

The other eight yuppie neighborhoods to make the list are LoDo (Denver), West 6th Street (Austin), Pearl District (Portland), South Lake Union (Seattle), Lincoln Park (Chicago), Back Bay (Boston), Brickell (Miami) and The Marina District (San Francisco).

21 Dec 18:00

Sanity and Decent Ideas About Sony and "The Interview" from... Mitt Romney?


I have never agreed with Newt Gingrich until this week. It's mildly horrifying.

18 Dec 17:00

Anderson Cooper Continues to be the Best at Putting Down Trolls

15 Dec 18:00

Bully Beat Down

by admin

Bam! That burn def needs a salve.