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09 Jul 18:16

If Humans Behaved Like Dogs

by John Farrier

When I grow up, I want to be a dog. Don't you?

Making the bed would become so much easier.


28 Jun 14:35

Office Reminders

by swissmiss

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I am currently doing a desk swap with Fast Company’s Digital Executive Editor Noah Robischon and these two posters are on ‘my’ desk. A good reminder, no? Made me chuckle.

14 May 20:18


by Miss Cellania

Well, this is silly, but you might want to give it a try for laughs. Petswitch allows you to easily put your features on your pet's face. Or if you don't have a pet, there's a gallery of pet pictures you can select from. It helps to make sure the two pictures combined are facing the same direction, and pay attention to the tilt. Shown here are my eyes and mouth on my cat Marshmallow. Link -via b3ta  

14 May 17:36

How to Make a Typographical Cake

by John Farrier



You could just say out loud "Happy birthday!" or "You're fired!", but creative people find different ways of communicating. Victoria Hudgins shows you how, step by step, to bake your special message to a special someone inside a cake.

Link -via Foodiggity

10 May 17:16

Patrick Stewart with a Cotton Candy Mustache

by John Farrier

Patrick Stewart

No, the Star Trek actor is not clowning around with cotton candy. He's enhancing it by letting it be photographed with him.


Bonus photo: Patrick Stewart sculpting his own likeness into a mound of cotton candy.

10 May 16:44

Here is Today

by swissmiss

Here is today

Here is Today, an interactive HTML5 site illustrating the scale of time on Earth.

(via Michal)