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26 Aug 19:43

The American Folklore Map

by Miss Cellania

Artist William Gropper created a U.S. map and placed characters from folklore into the appropriate areas. The U.S. Department of State gave these maps out abroad beginning in 1946.

The “folklore” on display in this richly illustrated map is a soup of history, music, myth, and literature. Frankie and Johnny are cheek-by-jowl with a wild-eyed John Brown; General Custer coexists with “Git Along Little Dogies.” Utah is simply host to a group of “Mormons,” in which a bearded man holds up stigmata-marked hands to a small group of wives and children, while a figure labeled “New England Witches” flies over New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

The map actually got Gropper in hot water with Joe McCarthy and he was called to testify about his political associations in 1953, but pled the Fifth. Read more about him, and see an enlargeable version of the map at Slate. Link -via mental_floss

18 Jun 18:06

The Face That I Make

by Miss Cellania

(YouTube link)

A video about faces and some other pictures which may be familiar to you, by Nice Peter of Epic Rap Battles. (via Arbroath)

04 Jun 14:37

Moroccan Magic: Lamps, Tray & Cabinets — The Monday Scavenger

by Dabney Frake

Each of these can make a room feel at once interesting and elegant.