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19 Apr 04:43

prokopetz: prokopetz: prokopetz: I have not played the new Animal Crossing yet, but based on the...




I have not played the new Animal Crossing yet, but based on the posts that have crossed my dash, the principal activities of play seem to involve:

  • Planting trees
  • Picking flowers
  • Trying on pretty dresses
  • Hanging out with colourful animal friends
  • Travelling by night to a secret island to fight giant scorpions for money

Like, I recognise that the whole “is Tom Nook a capitalist or a comrade?” debate legitimately hinges on whether his relationship with the player character is that of a landlord or that of an independent contractor, but the fact that he pays people to fight giant scorpions is also cause for concern.

Also, apparently the island has been cursed by a wizard and everyone is an egg now?

You can also invest in short-term junk bonds, agricultural futures, and real assets, in the form of turnips you can buy low and sell high. 

They call it, I shit you not, the Stalk Market. 

28 Feb 22:53

"It’s taboo to admit that you’re lonely. You can make jokes about it, of course. You can tell people..."

It’s taboo to admit that you’re lonely. You can make jokes about it, of course. You can tell people that you spend most of your time with Netflix or that you haven’t left the house today and you might not even go outside tomorrow. Ha ha, funny. But rarely do you ever tell people about the true depths of your loneliness, about how you feel more and more alienated from your friends each passing day and you’re not sure how to fix it. It seems like everyone is just better at living than you are.

A part of you knew this was going to happen. Growing up, you just had this feeling that you wouldn’t transition well to adult life, that you’d fall right through the cracks. And look at you now. La di da, it’s happening.

Your mother, your father, your grandparents: they all look at you like you’re some prized jewel and they tell you over and over again just how lucky you are to be young and have your whole life ahead of you. “Getting old ain’t for sissies,” your father tells you wearily.

You wish they’d stop saying these things to you because all it does is fill you with guilt and panic. All it does is remind you of how much you’re not taking advantage of your youth.

You want to kiss all kinds of different people, you want to wake up in a stranger’s bed maybe once or twice just to see if it feels good to feel nothing, you want to have a group of friends that feels like a tribe, a bonafide family. You want to go from one place to the next constantly and have your weekends feel like one long epic day. You want to dance to stupid music in your stupid room and have a nice job that doesn’t get in the way of living your life too much. You want to be less scared, less anxious, and more willing. Because if you’re closed off now, you can only imagine what you’ll be like later.

Every day you vow to change some aspect of your life and every day you fail. At this point, you’re starting to question your own power as a human being. As of right now, your fears have you beat. They’re the ones that are holding your twenties hostage.

Stop thinking that everyone is having more sex than you, that everyone has more friends than you, that everyone out is having more fun than you. Not because it’s not true (it might be!) but because that kind of thinking leaves you frozen. You’ve already spent enough time feeling like you’re stuck, like you’re watching your life fall through you like a fast dissolve and you’re unable to hold on to anything.

I don’t know if you ever get better. I don’t know if a person can just wake up one day and decide to be an active participant in their life. I’d like to think so. I’d like to think that people get better each and every day but that’s not really true. People get worse and it’s their stories that end up getting forgotten because we can’t stand an unhappy ending. The sick have to get better. Our normalcy depends upon it.

You have to value yourself. You have to want great things for your life. This sort of shit doesn’t happen overnight but it can and will happen if you want it.

Do you want it bad enough? Does the fear of being filled with regret in your thirties trump your fear of living today?

We shall see.


You’re Not Making The Most Of Your 20s by Ryan O’Connell (via fishwhistles)

No, you know what? Fuck this. Honest to god: fuck this. Fuck this guy, who says hearing how much you’re not taking advantage of your youth fills you with panic and fear, in a piece called “You’re Not Making The Most Of Your Twenties.” Fuck responding to this kind of thick, thought-slowing fear, the sort of fear that leaves folks frozen, with the idea that you just have to want to get over it bad enough. Fuck holding the thirties they might live in regret over the heads of people who are trapped inside the idea that they aren’t they aren’t doing their twenties right, like that’s anything new, like that will help. Fuck writing ~edgy internet essays that basically sum up as, “Hey you, you reading this, yeah, you! You’re hideously afraid of living your life wrong and it’s keeping you from really living at all! And that happens to everyone! And saying ‘get over it and be better or you’ll live a lifetime of regret’ doesn’t help and actually makes it worse! But GET OVER IT AND BE BETTER OR YOU’LL LIVE A LIFETIME OF REGRET, GOD, AREN’T YOU LISTENING AT ALL?” 

Here’s some advice on making the most of your twenties: do what’s good for the person you are right now! Do what’s healthy for the person you are right now! Decide how you want to live tomorrow instead of the next decade of your life! Expect to want different things in by the end of the next decade of your life!  Figure that in your thirties, shit will still be like it is now: things’ll be great sometimes, and fucked up sometimes, and the great things will be worth savoring, and the fucked up things will be worth fighting through. Quit smoking. Floss. Probably stop listening to assholes who presume to know you on the internet. Try to nap sometimes. 

07 Feb 04:51

dboybaker: thedreadpiratejames: theothercogirl: tatmanblue: A...







Wow. That took guts.

At first I was like okay why are we throwing away a ladder and then my heart melted.

True story.

24 Jan 05:26

A plant doesn't need a brain to remember things


According to a new study, Mimosa pudica, also known as the sensitive plant, can learn from experience.

The sensitive plant is famous for its ability to rapidly close its leaves in response to touch (as well as light and heat) by reducing the turgor pressure in its cells.

During the study, researchers dripped water on the leaves of the plant at a steady rate. The plant quickly learned to ‘ignore’ the harmless stimulus and keep its leaves open in a type of learning referred to in animals as habituation. In fact, the plant behaved similarly to animals in another way: in a more stressful (light-deficient) environment, it habituated faster.

What’s even more amazing is that researchers do not yet know the mechanism with which the plant is recording these memories- after all, plants do not have brains.

Similar work by the same research team has also shown that chili plants can differentiate between kin and nonkin seedlings when communicating with them.

Also, if you hadn’t heard about it, it’s well-documented that tomato plants send out signals to attract parasitic wasps when they are being eaten by tomato hornworms. The wasps then lay their eggs in the hornworms like plant-contracted hitmen.

Basically, plants make me really nervous.

One more reason not to eat vegetables. 

04 Jan 09:03

rustybuckett: baschfire: well fuck me sideways My eyes just...



well fuck me sideways

My eyes just fucking widened that my eyelids broke.

04 Jan 09:01

whittingtonb: Tiny bird bros. ADORBS


Tiny bird bros.


04 Jan 08:59

kevinwada: Spider-Woman Redesign 2013



Redesign 2013

04 Jan 08:52

I’ve never seen all of superhero comics so neatly...

I’ve never seen all of superhero comics so neatly encapsulated in a single frame.

[From Rocketeer The Spirit - Pulp Friction! #4, 2013.]

04 Jan 08:49


04 Jan 08:49

yaranyarai: nosy neighbors > lakelandhaze


nosy neighbors > lakelandhaze

04 Jan 08:49


04 Jan 08:49

archatlas: Scotland John & Tina Reid

03 Sep 03:11

Upon Star Trek Into Darkness

Mads: Why the heck do they just have a spare dead tribble onboard?
Arch: They actually have like a trillion dead tribbles on board.
Sam: McCoy breeds them for show. 
Mads: It would be more of a feat to NOT breed them, really.
Sam: Think about it though, they mature fast and breed easily — keeping the bloodline pure and breeding new and fancy types of tribble would be both challenging and efficient.
Fira: Though I wonder, how did the tribble die?
Sam: Once you win best in show you have to kill it. Only way to keep things interesting. 
Arch: Eventually, once the Klingons join the Federation, they take to this whole process INTENSELY.
Sam: Klingon tribbles are especially fluffy and beautiful.
Mads: They use their bioengineering expertise to give them head ridges.
Sam: The scandal at that year’s all-galaxy Tribble Show is unequaled in the history of the club.

I’m not even in this fandom but as far as I’m concerned it’s canon that McCoy has bred tribbles since he was a child, and is well known on the tribble show circuit for his dedication to breed purity and also his delicious tribble stew.