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22 Feb 11:17

Mind is Blown

by Dave

Take whatever you take to relax, put this video in full screen mode, and enjoy.

Dan Deacon U.S.A., video by Dave Hughes for Adult Swim.

12 Jan 11:54


28 Dec 23:28

Michel Homm a Simon Landrein production, I don’t usually...

Michel Homm

a Simon Landrein production, I don’t usually post other people work on my interwebsite but Simon is my directing partner and also I believe this piece won best animation, best script and best acting of all time so it would have been fucking irresponsable of me not to share it with you lovelies.



28 Nov 11:21

Jamie Warley and Andy Moss

by admin

Jamie Warley & Andy Moss – The Fallen project on Normandy beach


21 Nov 00:18

A poster for a talk we will do in Montreal, at UQAM.(2013)

A poster for a talk we will do in Montreal, at UQAM.

16 Nov 15:37

Installation View: ICY Signs – Perfection is Standard, Mistakes Cost Extra

by Dave

It’s the last week to see the magic created by Justin Green, Matt Wright, Stephen Powers, Lew Blum, Dan Murphy, Alexis Ross, Sean Barton, and Mike Lee at Joshua Liner Gallery in Chelsea. Open through November 16th.

16 Nov 15:37

Classic Tales Season Two

by Dave

Jay Howell and Jim Dirschberger’s animated interview series for Vans Off The Wall TV is back!


Anthony Van Engelen and Jason Dill Go to Jail


Chris Nieratko Entertains Some Hustler “Talent”


Robert Trujillo Meets His Hero


Dennis McCoy Watches a Lady’s Boobs Explode

16 Nov 11:56

Making Money Using Money

by Dave

Mark Wagner – Money is Material

01 Nov 19:26

but what people will really want to do with these things is make worlds as strange as we can stand

by but does it float
Works by Christian Zander Title: Terence Mckenna Folkert
27 Oct 21:48

KREK x JOE GAVIN - Landscape Skateboards

by K R E K ©
Check out the full video of the KREK x JOE GAVIN collaboration HERE
 photo boardy_zpsfce82eaf.jpg
 photo boardy2_zpsf5889170.jpg
 photo boardy1_zps6c7ad370.jpg
 photo boardy5_zps777639a8.jpg
 photo boardy6_zps9fec8c17.jpg
 photo boardy3_zps457adad7.jpg
Thanks to Transworld Skateboarding and RUA for spreading the word.
Available to buy HERE
27 Oct 20:57

70s Skateboarder magazine coversmore here:...

70s Skateboarder magazine covers

more here:

24 Oct 16:07

Women Need to Be Seen As Equal


UN Women

UN Women UN Women UN Women UN Women

Striking advertising campaign for UN Women by Ogilvy & Mather.

23 Oct 19:55

Old social media - Blastto - Portfolio 2013 ©

23 Oct 19:54

whenthennow: facebook waves

23 Oct 19:54


23 Oct 19:54


22 Oct 18:26

Anno 1666…

by Dave


A Stella Artois dream can

via, ip

22 Oct 18:04

Subway Hell

by Dave


“The silent revenge of Comic Sans”






22 Oct 16:56

Sculpture And Installation By Erwin Wurm


Brilliant sculpture & illustration from Erwin Wurm, who’s work we discovered through his collaborative pieces with fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck (see here).



19 Oct 01:53

Luigi Serafini – Codex Seraphinianus


The weird, the wonderful & the completely obscure, all covered in great detail in Codex Seaphinianus, an illustrated encyclopedia penned by Italian artist, architect and industrial designer Luigi Serafini. Completed over a 30 month period, the book is divided into 11 parts, teeming with hand drawn illustrations that are accompanied pages of mostly illegible alphabets & languages. Have a look at some extracts from the legendary publication below & pick yourself up a copy by clicking here.



cs-p12cs-p30codex09codex_seraphinianus8Codex_Seraphinianus_018cs-p87cs-p90Codex Seraphinianus11(1)Codex Seraphinianus7(1)528550694cs-p52cs-p726
16 Oct 20:54

DIY block printed sweater

by Elisabeth

Dull sweater needed new life. Here, some brief DIY instructions in case you would like to try something similar yourself.

There are lots of different ways to block print. Basically you can coat anything in paint and press it on a surface. Potatoes for example, are excellent printing tools. In this context I’ve used a printing foam which I bought from Panduro a couple of years ago (can’t find it there anymore though). But it seems like you can find similar here and there on the web. The foam is easy to use, you just cut out desired shape and glue it to a handle/base (I used simple wooden blocks).


- A piece of textile
- Textile color
- Printing foam (potatoes or something similar)
- Wooden blocks (If you use printing foam)
- Scissors
- Sponge

1. Cut the shapes you want from the printing foam. Glue (adhesive tape works well) the foam to a wooden block.


2 Slide a piece of cardboard in between the textile layers to protect it from bleeding spots.



3. Pour a dab of paint on the sponge. Smudge the color on the foam and press it on the textile.

6. After the textile has dried, iron it to fix the color.


Ready. Wearing it here.



While searching for printing foam I stumbled on this page which seems to have a lot of equipment for print blocks and stamps, like:

Scratch foam
Inovart Smooth Cut Print Plates
WonderFoam Foam Rollers and Paint Tray

A good book Printing by Hand: A Modern Guide to Printing with Handmade Stamps, Stencils, and Silk Screens by Lena Corwin and Thayer Allyson Gowdy.

More inspiration:

Block printing in meterage
Hand printing on fabric
Hand printed tea towels
Paint by numbers pillow
Odds and ends
Geometric stamp tutorial
Potato print font
Stippling with a Pencil Eraser

13 Oct 20:30

Video: KAWS @ Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia

by (Juxtapoz)
Video: KAWS @ Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia
A few months ago, KAWS unveiled a beautiful public Companion (Passing Through) sculpture at Philadelphia's 30th Street Station, all leading up to the Brooklyn artist's exhibition at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts that opens tomorrow, October 11. A few images of the PAFA's space have been released, showing a great juxtaposition (hey-o!) of the clean, bright lines of KAWS' canvases with the antique, classic works and structure of the PAFA building. Living Proof has a great preview video ... 
03 Oct 01:48

System of a Downton Abbey is now available as a T-shirt....

System of a Downton Abbey is now available as a T-shirt.

03 Oct 01:47


22 Sep 23:28

Best of 2013: Japanese Sci-Fi Art From the 70s and 80s

by (Juxtapoz)
Best of 2013: Japanese Sci-Fi Art From the 70s and 80s
Originally published September 16th, 2013: One of our favorite sites, 50watts' has a running feature where they showcase Japanese science-fiction scans from their ever-growing collections of books and catalogs on Japanese illustration and design. We love looking through old book illustrations, and the sci-fi genre always is chalk-full of he most surreal, colorful, and bizarre. 
22 Sep 23:25

Renaissance GIFs by Scorpion Dagger

by (Juxtapoz)
Renaissance GIFs by Scorpion Dagger
British artist James Kerr (aka Scorpion Dagger) has been making some pretty entertaining GIFs using mostly northern and early renaissance paintings. They remind us early Terry Gilliam animations and are helping start our day off light-hearted.
22 Sep 23:11

Opening: Barry McGee @ Cheim & Read Gallery, NYC

by (Juxtapoz)
Opening: Barry McGee @ Cheim & Read Gallery, NYC
We had the pleasure of attending the opening reception of the San Francisco born and raised artist Barry McGee. This is the artist’s first solo show with Cheim & Read Gallery and also his first show in NYC in 8 years. The multi-layered compositions that McGee builds on-site are visually stimulating, brightly-colored, and its multiplicity meld together to create an unrepeatable identity.
22 Sep 23:00

Gemini: The Outtakes from Space

by (Juxtapoz)
Gemini: The Outtakes from Space
We have many debates in the Juxtapoz office about the 1969 moon landing, with one person in particular pretty convinced a good desert in Arizona would be a nice set for a hoax. One reason: The photography was just so good. All those iconic shots on the moon, remember, were shot by two men who happened to be, you know, making history unlike any the world had ever seen...
12 Sep 00:29

Bob Mazzer On The Tube – The London Underground In The 70′s & 80′s


Bob Mazzer started taking pictures on The London Underground during the 70′s, and although he’s still very much actively taking pictures on the tube today (see here),
it’s the ones from 30 years ago that are particularly interesting, see a selection below.

Tube-71Ctube-teddys_2628206ktube-youths_2628239kLads London at heartTube-19tube-clock_2628201ktube-doors_2628192ktube-dress_2628188ktube-paperbag_2628158ktube-jumping_2628245ktube-peace_2628244ktube-photo_2628155ktube-pint_2628151ktube-reading_2628241ktube-snooze_2628211ktube-map_2628163k217977_2675215897744_2123117983_ntube-greenpark_2628178ktube-kiss_2628174ktube-punk_2628150k
09 Sep 21:57

Ariel Photography & Fashion Mashups

by (Juxtapoz)
Ariel Photography & Fashion Mashups
Brighton-based photographer Joseph Ford had a collection of aerial images he had shot while on the road (air?) for advertising jobs. He shoed them to the art director and stylists at Paris street wear magazine, WAD and the three of them managed to come up with the perfect combinations of lighting, fabric, and color to match respective photographs.