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10 Mar 14:09

The Dark Side of Another Moon

by Jamie Condliffe

Saturn's moon Iapetus has both a light side and a dark sideā€”but it's nothing to do with sunlight. In fact, this moon takes on two distinct colors.


01 Oct 14:43

stabilized. protester catches and throws back tear gas

19 Aug 15:21

Steve-O is onto something here, regarding the current ALS ice challenges.

28 May 10:00

Edward Snowden Claims He Was a Spy in Interview (Update: Video)

by Adam Clark Estes

Edward Snowden Claims He Was a Spy in Interview (Update: Video)

NBC News just published some telling quotes from its much anticipated interview with Edward Snowden. Among other self-aggrandizing things, Snowden said he "was trained as a spy"and is "a technical expert." Snowden added, "I don't work with people." Update: video below.


10 May 00:59

Remember that Sound of Music graffiti? Well...

30 Oct 10:33

More than 3/4 of the cars in the ditch that I respond to as a medic have drivers who neglect this winter driving tip.

29 Sep 12:46

So I made a decal, but no one shows it any love... How about the Imgur community?

27 Sep 12:39

Why Do We Live in Three Dimensions?

by Jamie Condliffe

How come we live in 3 dimensions? Not 2, not 4, not 7.3, but 3? Is there something special about that number of dimensions? This video tries to explain.