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27 Jun 23:18

weekend open house: Cantilevered 1960s Modern in Silver Lake by Raul Garduno Asking $899K

by Pauline O'Connor


Open House: Sunday, June 28 between 2 PM - 5 PM

1954 Lucile Ave, Silver Lake

Price: $899,000
Beds, Baths: 2 beds, 2 baths
Floor Area: 1,395 sq. ft.
Per the Listing: "Designed by architect Raul F. Garduno in 1960-1962, this Silver Lake open-air, steel, glass, post and beam home is irreplaceable! Stunning views of the hillsides and vistas of the Hollywood Sign and Griffith Park Observatory. Published in the LA Times "Home" section & in Art and Architecture 1961 edt, this mid-century is perched hillside with 500 square feet of deck surrounding the home. Acacia and pine trees and lush landscaping give shade to the back. Walls of glass surround the LR, FR & open floorplan w/ kit in the center. Original freestanding fireplace to enrich the winter evenings. Designed with the views and NW breezes in mind. There's even an atrium perfect for an outdoor Zen/yoga retreat. Bring back the master bath to its architectural significance w/ sunken tub and new fixtures. Asian style sliding closet doors throughout. Original walnut cabinetry, cooktop, dbl-oven, and built-in bbq. Bring your Eames chair and Barcelona table and move right in, or restore it back to its original glory."

Trained at USC, Raul Garduno began his architectural career in the firm of the fascinating Ragnar Qvale, and was known for specializing in challenging hillside-lot properties. Of the two dozen or so residential projects Garduno designed in Southern California, the Franks House in Crestwood Hills is the most recognized.

1954 Lucile Ave [Official site]
1954 Lucile Ave [Redfin]

23 Jun 19:00

The Wartime Biscuits You'll Actually Want to Eat

by What To Cook

is this recipe even accurate?

It's always more fun to DIY. Every week, we'll spare you a trip to the grocery store and show you how to make small batches of great foods at home.

Today: Sophie Thompson of What to Cook introduces us to a wartime biscuit with timeless appeal. 

ANZAC is short for the "Australian and New Zealand Army Corps" who fought in World War I, particularly those who landed at Gallipoli, where a battle against the then-Ottoman Empire took place on April 25, 1915. Anzac Day was inaugurated one year later to commemorate the first anniversary of the landing of the Anzac troops at Gallipoli. Today, the soldiers are memorialized through the ubiquitous Anzac biscuit.

Anzac Biscuits originated from the wives, mothers, and girlfriends who were concerned about the nutritional value of the food supplied to their men in Gallipoli. Because the ships took so long to get from Australia and New Zealand all the way over to Turkey, most of the food they shipped would go rancid on-board. So women at home came up with a solution using the spoil-proof ingredients that were readily available to them: oats, sugar, flour, coconut, butter, golden syrup or treacle, baking soda, and water.

One-hundred years later, Anzac biscuits are still sold at supermarkets and bakeries all throughout the year in Australia and New Zealand. Store-bought versions, however, having nothing on homemade biscuits, which are so easy to make. Traditionally, Anzac biscuits are very crunchy, but I prefer the chewy version so I shortened the baking time to just 9 to 11 minutes. If you want to make the crunchy version, just bake them for approximately 15 minutes. Enjoy!

Chewy Anzac Biscuits

Makes 20 biscuits

1 cup rolled oats
1 cup all-purpose flour, sifted
2/3 cup brown sugar
2/3 cup finely desiccated coconut
125 grams butter
2 tablespoons golden syrup
2 tablespoons cold water
1/2 teaspoon baking soda


Preheat the oven to 320° F (285° F for convection ovens). Line a baking tray with parchment.

In a large bowl, combine the rolled oats, flour, sugar, and coconut. Set aside. 


Place the butter, syrup, and cold water in a saucepan over medium heat. Stir it for 2 to 3 minutes, or until the butter has melted, and then add the baking soda and mix into well combined.


Add the butter and syrup mixture to the oat mixture and combine well. Fill a tablespoon with cookie dough, level it off, and then form the scoops into balls. Place them onto the prepared baking sheet approximately 2 inches apart, using the back of a spoon to flatten each slightly.


Place the pan on a low rack of your oven and bake for 9 to 11 minutes, or until lightly golden. (If you prefer the traditional crunchier biscuit, bake them for 14 to 15 minutes.) Remove them from the oven and transfer the biscuits to a wire rack. Let them stand for 5 minutes to cool completely, then serve.

See the full recipe (and save and print it) here.

Are you a chewy or crispy fan? Tell us in the comments below! 

Photos by Sophie Thompson

22 Jun 16:44

Take Olympic: Whoa, LA Could Be Back in the Running For the 2024 Olympics

by Bianca Barragan

Texas has ruined everything for us!


In January, the US Olympic Committee knocked Los Angeles out of the running for the 2024 Olympics and instead chose Boston as the US contender for the games (Boston??). That was weird, but kind of understandable—Boston apparently had a whole plan for close-knit, walkable clusters of Olympic action that the USOC loved. But now that plan is getting redrawn and Olympic officials are starting to get impatient with the new plans (the New York Times says it's in part because many proposed venues in the bid "had not been vetted with some of the landlords or the public." Oops.) And that's making Los Angeles look pretty good again—maybe even good enough for the USOC to drop Boston, says Olympics-focused website 3WireSports.

Back when the USOC took their vote, Boston was not chosen in a landslide; there was, in fact, "a spirited discussion and more than one round of voting." And flash forward to a recent meeting of the International Olympic Committee in Switzerland, where officials were openly contemptuous of the Boston Bid—one official reportedly remarked "They had their opportunity. They fucked it around."—but showed some not-terrible feelings for Los Angeles.

At this point, Olympics officials seem to feel the same way many of the people of Massachusetts feel. A statewide poll showed that only 39 percent of residents were in favor of Boston hosting the Games, says the NY Times. More people (49 percent) were outright against the city hosting.

Okay, so Boston's not looking so hot, but why should Los Angeles get excited? For starters, though San Francisco and Washington, DC were also competing in the last round for the bid, neither of them was seen as a "plausible" candidate for the Olympics, 3WireSports says. And one senior IOC member straight-up proclaimed, "Los Angeles is better than Boston." (Duh.) This is what LA's bid looked like.

But just because LA is selected as the USOC's American city of choice for the 2024 Games, doesn't at all mean it'll get the Olympics. For one thing, the IOC doesn't love the idea of sending a bunch of international tourists into a country known for its mass shootings and love of guns. 3WireSports says:

One [IOC] member, reflecting on the imminent signing of a Texas law allowing the open carrying of handguns in public and of concealed handguns on state university campuses — the governor would sign it last weekend — said that measure alone ought to spell the end of the Boston bid. Or, for that matter, Los Angeles, if it came to that.

· Big decision but not difficult — kill Boston 2024 [3WireSports]
· Boston Revises Bid in Effort to Host 2024 Olympics [NYT]
· Los Angeles is Out of the Running For the 2024 Olympics [Curbed LA]
· Here Are LA's Huge Plans for the 2024 Olympics [Curbed LA]
· Here's Los Angeles's Plan For Winning the 2024 Olympics [Curbed LA]

23 Jun 15:30

Alice, Seat Saving: Okay or No Way? — Ask Alice: Advice for Life at Home

by Ask Alice

We went to Jurassic World this weekend and the theater has assigned seating. A group of maybe 6 people showed up to the theater and someone was sitting in their assigned seats. The people who took their seats refused to move even when the manager showed up. I don't even know what goes through your head when you refuse to move in that situation. At the end of the movie there were security guards and managers waiting for the rude people at the exit.

Dear Alice,

I am of the opinion that it is incredibly rude to save seats or to ask others already seated to move for a group. It's one thing to hold a seat for a friend who's running to the bathroom or grabbing a drink, but to show up early for an event with limited seating and save ten seats or more? To save a row of seats on an airplane or several deck chairs at the pool by placing items on them? I was recently at a high school graduation event and a woman was saving an entire table of about a dozen seats. As the event was starting, three people had shown up to join her and she still didn't want to share the table, even though a lot of other people had nowhere to sit! Is there some way to put a stop to this craziness? Or am I the rude one? I have never asked someone to move or tried to save seats when meeting a group! I get us all there early, or split up and sit separately.

Thanks for the advice,

Sage Sitter


19 Jun 00:42

On the Market: Here is a Bright White Circular 1970s Mansion in Rancho Mirage That's Cool as Heck

by Bianca Barragan

let's move there.

Rancho Mirage's Thunderbird Heights neighborhood is so hoity-toity that rumors that the president is moving in actually seem plausible (but ultimately are untrue). It's in that ultrawealthy corner of RM that this effortlessly hip spaceship house is located. The circular house includes a circular patio surrounded by a circular pool. (Wait, is there a theme here?) The interior feels kind of like it could be the outside, thanks to large expanses of curved, floor-to-ceiling windows that afford views of the 1.17-acre property. Minimal white decor and terrazzo floors run throughout the house, which has a 90-foot diameter and four bedrooms; the sleek kitchen has what appear to be marble countertops and an island with bar-style seating. Last sold in 2004 for $1.7 million, it's now listed for $4.5 million.

· 41915 Tonopah Road [Official site]
· No Way the Obamas Are Buying This House in Rancho Mirage [Curbed LA]

15 Jun 23:55

12 Passengers From Fiji Get Sick On Flight To LAX

by Juliet Bennett Rylah

when you get food poisoning so bad it makes the local news

12 Passengers From Fiji Get Sick On Flight To LAX The dozen passengers who fell ill had all stayed at the same hotel. [ more › ]

16 Jun 13:30

Alice, My Neighbors Are Constantly Fighting — Ask Alice: Advice for Life at Home

by Ask Alice

I swear I didn't write this.

Dear Alice,

I live in an apartment building with pretty thin walls and thus I can hear the couple next door fighting...a lot. It's not physically violent (as far as I can tell) but it's certainly unnerving to hear these two yelling at each other all the time. At this point, it's gotten to be that they have a fight at least twice-a-week (and at least once every weekend). It's super awkward to see them in the hall because it's none of my business that their relationship is falling apart, yet I still know every detail of their problems with each other and I can't take the stress. Should I tell them to shut it down? Should I suggest a good therapist? Help!


Neighbor Brawl


12 May 02:55

firecannotkillafitblr:Oh my gosh, it’s from our first date…I...


true love


Oh my gosh, it’s from our first date…I found it in my copy of House of Leaves. #husband #aww

your husband took you to see Paul Blart Mall Cop as a first date and you still married him?

01 Jun 14:15

Blind Items Revealed #1

by Enty


also a possible hannibal blind in there, although I wouldn't consider it a "very hit show."


April 7, 2015

Production scouts have been tasked with one very important chore. It is going to be the summer and they want to be on the water. The house has to be big enough for the kids and ideally needs to have a boat dock and have a huge back yard. The wish list also includes a trampoline, a pool and hot tub and a minimum of three bedrooms for the employees of the occupants. This will be the first time this couple has publicly lived together. The couple, consisting of an actor and actress have had some ups and downs and as of late there have been more downs than ups. As is his custom he has been having sex with any woman that smiles in his direction. She had a hot and torrid fling with one of the co-stars on her very hit show. One of the reasons they signed on to do this project was to spend this time together. They wanted to see if they were put into an environment where they are forced to live and work together with their kids by their side whether their relationship will flourish or end. They have been talking about doing this for a long time. They have tried living together before but one or both of them was always working or out of the country or had other commitments. Oh, the budget for their rental house is $25K a week so I’m pretty sure they will be able to find something.

David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson

05 Jun 19:53

O.C. Kids Sick After Drinking Fancy, Unpasteurized Raw Goat Milk

by Jean Trinh


O.C. Kids Sick After Drinking Fancy, Unpasteurized Raw Goat Milk Three Orange County kids got really sick after drinking some high-end, unpasteurized goat milk that came from a farm near the Central Coast. [ more › ]

04 Jun 23:11

Rent vs. Buy: The Rent/Buy Breakeven Point For Every Los Angeles Neighborhood

by Adrian Glick Kudler

nice to know that we won't be throwing money out the window on rent for another few years. also, the way this post is written just confirms my belief that everyone at curbed must be seriously underpaid and live in a hell hole.

Image via Jeremy Jozwik

To buy a house you'd need a lot of money all at once (you'd need a down payment and to be making enough money to qualify for a loan or enough to just pay for the place outright). But let's say you had that money and just didn't feeeeel like moving out of your rental. How long would it be before that turned into a very bad financial decision? It'd actually be a while in a lot of Los Angeles—the metro has the highest "breakeven horizon" of any US city, as Zillow calculates it, considering all costs, including rental prices, mortgage payments, closing costs, insurances, taxes, utilities, etc. etc. etc.

In LA as a whole, it takes 5.1 years of renting before it makes more financial sense to buy. But of course that varies a lot by neighborhood. So down below is a spreadsheet with nearly 200 LA metro neighborhoods, their breakeven length in years, and their April 2015 media rent (gauged by the Zillow Rent Index, which takes into account all rentals in the market). It's nice information to have, in case you ever land that giant chunk of cash.

· Renters Week 2015 [Curbed LA]

04 Jun 19:20

Tsunamis Could Hit The California Coast: Should We Call The Rock?

by Danny Jensen


Tsunamis Could Hit The California Coast: Should We Call The Rock? We had a good laugh when The Rock insisted that everything in the movie San Andreas could actually happen, but maybe we shouldn't laugh so loudly at the guy. [ more › ]

24 May 23:00


by mugumogu

Today's main dish is dry foods of the chicken taste (as usual).

Thank you for many comments and messages for Maru's birthday.

Hey Maru, this is special salad for birthdays.
For this day, I grew this affectionately.

Maru:[Is a feast for birthdays only this? I can't believe it.]

Maru:[I eat this as hors d'oeuvres. What is main dish?]

Today's main dish is dry foods of the chicken taste (as usual).
Have a good time!

03 Jun 17:18

Shenanigans: The Most Illegal Megamansion in Bel Air Really Has to Tear Down Illegal Parts Now

by Bianca Barragan

This is the best. He has to tear out an IMAX theater!

mohamed hadid strada vecchia.jpg

For nearly a year, prolific spec house developer Mohamed Hadid has known that he should not be building a 30,000-square-foot megamansion in Bel Air. His permits were revoked by the LA Department of Building and Safety last July; he kept building. He was told "no, really: stop" by the city last fall; he continued to work, hiding the progress "behind tarps, potted plants, paneled walls and taped-over doors," according to the LA Times. This past April, the city told him he had two weeks to tear down all the illegal stuff (a 70-seat IMAX theater, guest suites). He asked for more time. Yesterday, the city said no way. Meanwhile, it's June.

Attorneys for the owners of 901 Strada Vecchia asked for 60 days to bring the project into compliance by taking out all the stuff Hadid wasn't supposed to build but did anyway. The attorneys' rationale, says the Beverly Hills Courier, was that new contractors had been hired for the project and they hadn't had time to figure out what was what: "A representative from the site's new contractor, Gordon Gibson Construction, said Tuesday the new contractors wanted to do their 'due diligence rather than just start tearing it down.'"

But everyone's pretty tired of what a senior LADBS inspector called "a problem property from the very beginning." The city pointed out in a presentation at the hearing yesterday that "10 orders to comply had been issued to the site dating back to March 2011, just after celebrity developer Mohamed Hadid took ownership of the property"; that first order way back then was for unpermitted hilltop grading. (The property has changed hands five times since 2011, with Hadid continuing to work as the developer.)

Now that the city's denied Hadid's request for more time to comply with the demand to rip out all the illegal parts of his massive, partially-constructed mansion, he will theoretically have to do it. Will he this time? The city is handing the case over to the city attorney's office "for possible prosecution," says the Times.
· Developer denied extra time to bring Bel-Air mansion into compliance [LAT]
· LADBS Denies 901 Strada Vecchia's Appeal, Case Will Be Sent To L.A. City Attorney [BHC]
· Mohamed Hadid Will Not Stop Building the Most Illegal Megamansion in Bel Air [Curbed LA]
· City Puts a Stop to Enormous, Unfinished Bel Air Megamansion [Curbed LA]
· Permits Revoked For Notorious, Half-Built Bel Air Megamansion [Curbed LA]

28 May 02:39

Guardians of the Galaxy ~ Baby Groot Bento

by Anna Adden

oh good.

Baby Groot inspired sandwich from Guardians of the Galaxy.  This bento was made as a mock up design for MomoCon 2015 bento workshop - making a hero.  I will be on the bento panel for both of the workshops this weekend.  We will be guiding the attendees through the process of making this fun themed bento box.  If you live in the Atlanta area, you should definitely stop by and say hi!  Can't wait to meet all the bento enthusiasts there this weekend.

In this bento:  Steamed broccoli, strawberries, Annie's fruit snacks (in the bottom of the pot), alfalfa sprouts, red grapes, and a ham & cheese sandwich on wheat bread.  Baby Groot's parts are made up of:  twisted crust trunk, crust arm branches, crust mouth, olive eyes, and some alfalfa sprout foliage on his head.  The crust arms are held up by a toothpick pushed into a strawberry.

Items used today:
01 Jun 23:24

Caitlyn Jenner's 'Vanity Fair' Bustier Is From LA's Trashy Lingerie

by Natalie Alcala


In case you somehow missed it, Vanity Fair's highly-anticipated cover of Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce) has officially been revealed. Shot by legendary fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz, the cover features Jenner sporting a retro-inspired satin corset. TMZ reports that the racy piece was purchased three weeks at none other than iconic underpinnings haven Trashy Lingerie.

Jenner's stylist apparently bought three corsets for the groundbreaking shoot, but "the satin nude Edy Corset won top honor, along with matching high-waisted panties ... in a size large. The cup size? A healthy 36B."

01 Jun 23:01

Fictional Rental Reports: What Would the Three's Company Apartment in Santa Monica Cost Today?

by Bianca Barragan

I do not believe this. highway robbery.

Just look how many people fit in this living room comfortably. They're not even using half of the space! Photo via Getty Images.

The late-1970s sitcom Three's Company is a testament to the eternal wackiness of renting in Santa Monica. In case you somehow don't know, the show is about two young women (Janet and Chrissy) who need one more roommate to make their rent affordable, and the most readily available, decent roommate is a guy (Jack) who has to pretend he is gay in order to get the ok from the conservative landlords (the Ropers). The trio rents a large, groundfloor apartment near the beach. What would such a space cost now? We asked an expert on Santa Monica and Venice real estate.

The Three's Company pad was an incredible apartment. The opening credits, with all the footage of the roommates casually hanging out on the beach bike path and a brief shot looking down a street toward the beach, seem to suggest that it's relatively close to the ocean. (And the building that they used for the exterior shots is just a couple blocks away from the beach.)

The kitchen is a separate room?!

Janet and Chrissy double up in one of the apartment's bedrooms, leaving Jack with his own. They all share the bathroom, but still—three people across two bedrooms isn't bad at all. The unit also has a spacious eat-in kitchen in a separate room, accessed through a swinging door.


Downsides to the apartment are that it has no on-site laundry and is pet-unfriendly (as we learn in an episode where the three get and then frantically try to hide a puppy). The upside is that the total rent is just $300 (as we discover when they misplace the rent envelope in the season one finale "It's Only Money"). That $300 was probably a lot of money for a florist shop employee (Janet), an entry-level office worker (Chrissy), and a culinary student (Jack).


It would be a shock to no one that the 2015 rent for a similar apartment would definitely be much, much more than $300. Curbed asked Pardee Properties Leasing Specialist Penny Muck to estimate the cost of the Three's Company apartment in 2015, and she says it would probably be at least $5,000 a month. Here's Muck's rationale for that painfully modern rent, assuming a two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment with a step-down living room that's about as close to the beach as the Three's Company apartment was:

"There are a few apartments that fit this bill in Santa Monica on Ocean Avenue in Northern Santa Monica in a 20 - 40 year old building. The going rate for this kind of unit in 2015 would be approximately $5,000 to $6,000 a month. In 2014, two units in a particular building that is similar to the specs of the Three's Company apartment leased for $4,400 and $4,500 per month. Both were approximately 1,400 square feet each. This estimate is based on the fact that residential rents in Santa Monica have risen by 15.1% from 2014 to 2015."
· Renters Week 2015 [Curbed LA]
26 May 17:40

Blockbusters: The New Biggest Mansion in Los Angeles Will Ask $500 Million

by Bianca Barragan


McLean Design

The biggest house in Los Angeles has swollen even larger in size and is getting a pretty big ego now too. Bloomberg reports that the finished project will measure more than 100,000 square feet, making it bigger than the infamously unfinished Versailles estate in Florida. The spread is being developed on spec, naturally, and will feature a 74,000-square-foot main residence with a 5,000-square-foot master bedroom, a 30-car garage, a "Monaco-style casino," and three smaller houses spread across four acres. "The house will have almost every amenity available in the world," prolific spec house developer Nile Niami says about his latest project. How much will every amenity available in the world cost? $500 million.

If all that doesn't seem ridiculous enough, don't worry: there will also be tons of wasted water. One pool is so chintzy; everyone who's anyone with $500 million has to have four pools these days, and so this place will of course, including one in the basement and another on the second level of the mansion, according to construction permits. As it stands, the landscaping will require "about 20,000 square feet of grass" in the middle of a devastating statewide drought that has provoked mandatory water cutbacks. The mansion's designer, Paul McClean, says "There a lot of things in the house that will help to preserve water. But those are things that correspond with luxury houses, and I can't tell you that it's a green and energy-efficient house." Originally, plans called for five pools, so maybe that's what passes for high-end conservation—one less pool than you actually want.

Does the $500-million asking price seem unreal? It is. The LA Business Journal estimated last year that this project would ask "in the $150 million-plus range." Jonathan Miller, president of appraiser Miller Samuel Inc. (and Curbed contributor), tells Bloomberg "I'm skeptical. My first reaction is laughter. But we're in this perpetual state of surprise as new thresholds are broken." If it sells for even half of that, though, it will still be the most expensive sale in the US: the current record holder, an East Hampton estate owned by a hedge fund guy, sold last year for $147 million. (Not too far away from Bel Air, in Beverly Hills, the tacky Palazzo di Amore is waiting patiently for someone to pay $195 million.)

Niami, also a movie producer, is a seasoned spec builder. Last year he sold a humble 30,000-square-foot estate with a dental office in the basement and a 17,000-square-foot mansion in Holmby Hills with an underwater tunnel (Diddy bought that one). Niami is currently "pouring concrete" on his Bel Air record-setter, and expects to be working for about 20 more months on the enormous compound.

· California Dreaming: Record $500 Million Tag on L.A. Home [Bloomberg] · The Biggest House in Los Angeles is Now Underway in Bel Air [Curbed LA]
25 May 22:44

This is Eve’s version of incognito. Sunglasses, pleather...


hey everyone, I have started a tumblr of questionable fashion choices on days of our lives. I will update it more often than any of my other blogs/tumblrs because it is far less work to do so.

This is Eve’s version of incognito. Sunglasses, pleather detailed dress, broad daylight.

#days #eve
21 May 01:38

Flipping Out: $200k Spanish Revival Mess in Franklin Hills Remade Into $929k Showstopper

by Bianca Barragan
Kristen click through for the awful before pictures.

Few things say California like a bright white Spanish-style house tucked into the winding hills of Los Feliz. This ground-up restoration piece (see the dire "before" photos below), via Take Sunset, contains "a considerable amount" of custom wood- and tile-work, like those vaguely Southwestern tiles in the kitchen and the Saltillo tile on the patio, the listing says. The living room has cathedral ceilings and dark wood floors that extend through the rest of the house; each of the bedrooms has an attached bathroom and connects via double doors to the residence's back patio. The house also has a detached two-car garage between the main building and the street. Last sold in 2014 for just $200,000, it's now asking $929,000.

· 1852 Deloz Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027 [Tracy Do]
· 1852 Deloz Avenue in Los Feliz [Take Sunset]

21 May 22:00

Here's the Official Schedule For Next Month's Cat Lady Heaven, CatCon LA

by Natalie Alcala

sadly, Choupette won't be there in person :(

Lest you forget, an epic cat lover's convention call CatCon LA will invade The Reef in DTLA next month. In addition to announcing an appearance by actress Mayim Bialik of The Big Bang Theory and Blossom fame, the organizors have just released the official schedule of speakers!

See below for the rundown and get your tickets here. Adults are $25 for a day pass and $40 for the weekend, while kids (ages 5-12) can score a day pass for $15 and a weekend pass for $25. Ironically, cats are not allowed at the event.

Saturday, June 6th:
10:15 Cats, Cartoons and Life (Simon Tofield, Creator of "Simon's Cat)

11:45 PetSmart Charities Presents: Goodbye Dowdy, Hello Gorgeous: Debunking the Cat Lady Myth (Diane Lovejoy, author of "Cat Lady Chic" and Ashley Tschudin, creator of Choupette's Diary)

1:15 Cat Guys of Animal Planet
(Shaun Sears and Tom Otto, stars of Animal Planet's "Treetop Rescue")

2:30 Photographing Cats--It Looks Easy, But It's Not.
(Joann Biondi, creator of Lorenzo the Cat)

3:30 You Can Be a Cat Guy and Still Be Cool.
(Keith Bowers, Senior Editor, Catster)

4:40 My Cat's a Celebrity...and How I've Dealt With That.
(Scott Stulen, Cat Vid Fest creator, Mike Bridavsky and Lil BUB,
Kady Lone and Pudge, & Will Braden, creator of Henri Le Chat Noir)

Sunday, June 7th:
10:00 How Cats Have Changed the Internet & My Favorite Memes.
(Ben Huh, CEO of Cheezburger, creator of the cat meme)

11:15 Cat Vid Fest Favorites (Will Braden, creator of Henri, Le Chat Noir;

Scott Stulen creator of the Internet Cat Video Festival)

12:45 Humor...with Cats.
(Francesco Marciuliano, author of "I Could Pee on This and Other Poems by Cats;
Angie Bailey, author of "Texts from Mittens")

2:00 How Cats Have Shaped My Life As An Artist: A Short History.
(Rob Reger, creator of Emily the Strange and the
Bad Kitten Club)

4:00 Lil BUB's Big Show Live at CatConLA
(Lil BUB, Mike Bridavsky and Jack McBrayer)

13 May 19:12

Silicon Beach is a Thing: This One-Bedroom Stucco Hut in Venice is Asking $2.2 Million

by Bianca Barragan



The unstoppable juggernaut that is Venice real estate horrified us all when a crappy-looking, rundown beach cottage with a rear apartment unit sold for $1.44 million last year. Where's the ceiling on this madness? Here to search a little farther for the answer to that question is this 1,056-square-foot, one-bedroom house, which sits on .13 acres west of Lincoln (that's good!), and is asking a ballsy $2.2 million.

It must be so exhausting to try and sell a nice-looking house in not-Venice—hiring a real photographer and staging the place with modern art and handsome throw pillows sounds like so much work. In Venice, selling even the most modest stucco hut is simple: take four photos of the for-sale shack, leave your finger in three of them, misspell the famous nearby shopping street as "Abbot Kenny," write a three-sentence listing that mentions the magic words ("Great potential For rebuild"), and wait patiently for the money train to pull into You Town. It probably won't take long.

· 546 Sunset Ave.,Venice, CA 90291 [Redfin]
· Silicon Beach Gets Stupid: Hideous Shack Asking $1.495 Million [Curbed LA]
· Everything's Fine! Silicon Beach Shack Sells For Just $1.44MM [Curbed LA]

02 May 00:02

New to Market: Sid Caesar's Long-Time Trousdale Home Lists for $4.25M

by Bianca Barragan


Comedian and Television-Academy-Hall-of-Fame inductee Sid Caesar was the host of "one of the most influential programs in TV's golden era." His 1962 home in Trousdale Estates seems like it's from a similarly golden era of residential design. Time-capsule lovers will fall for the four-bedroom house's floating fireplace hearth, very sturdy-looking bar, and kitchen, where many (if not all) original features seem to remain. The pool and minimally landscaped backyard offer city views. Property records show it's currently owned by a trust with Caesar's name. (He passed away in February 2014.) It's asking $4.25 million.

· 1910 Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills, CA [Estately]

04 May 19:54

Traffic, Botox, Yoga: Sorry, New Yorkers, You Cannot Rent a Los Angeles Dream Home For $1,250

by Adrian Glick Kudler

the best.

[A one-bedroom guesthouse in Echo Park renting for $2,300]

New York Times coverage of Los Angeles has always been willfully clueless, because it makes New Yorkers feel better about themselves to sniff at LA, but lately it's become very troubling in a different way: rather than patting New Yorkers on the back for their smart decision to live in terrible New York, recent stories have suggested that Los Angeles might actually be palatable for young, rich, white New Yorkers. This past weekend, an article in the notoriously trolling Sunday Styles section went ahead and said it, in the worst way possible:

Bearded young New Yorkers can snap up brioche tarts at Proof Bakery in Atwater Village, visit gallery shows at Shepard Fairey's Subliminal Projects in Echo Park, or settle in over barrel-aged rye cocktails at Bar Stella in Silver Lake, and scarcely realize they are more than a stroll away from McCarren Park, except for the 70-degree sunshine tickling their cheeks in February.

Unlike some of the other Los Angeles publications quoted in the Times story, Curbed LA welcomes transplants. Los Angeles is a young city that was built and made great by non-natives ranging from Charles Lummis, the early booster who walked here from Ohio, to Michael Govan, the DC native who's right now leading a renaissance on the Miracle Mile as head of LACMA. Los Angeles is very full already, but new people bring new energy, new skills, outside perspectives; new Angelenos will help clean up some of the messes the old Angelenos made. However, the New York Times is not suggesting that people who live in New York should move and make new lives in Los Angeles:

The New Yorker is always going to be a nonnative species in Los Angeles, which has its own status codes, its own rhythms, its own body language.

It's suggesting that New Yorkers—the particular "creative class" breed who have helped make New York completely unaffordable and insufferable, incidentally—invade Los Angeles.

If barrel-aged rye cocktails in a temperate location aren't enticing enough, the Times offers this real estate fairytale:

For $600 less than the $1,850 a month [fashion stylist Christina] Turner was paying for her grim junior one-bedroom in Greenpoint, she found a charming two-bedroom 1920s bungalow in Echo Park with a gated yard, cactuses, a barbecue, a separate work studio and a garage.

For $1,250 a month, the New York Times says, you can rent a two-bedroom bungalow with a yard, studio, and garage in one of Los Angeles's most popular neighborhoods. To anyone who has ever lived in Los Angeles or outside of their own cocoon of delusional superiority, this is absurd on its face.

$1250 two bedrooms in echo park? Is the NY Times reprinting an article from 1997?

— Luke Mines (@lukemines) May 2, 2015

uhhhh i call 100% bullshit on the lady who has a two BR+studio bungalow in echo park for $1250

— Josh Fruhlinger (@jfruh) May 3, 2015

A two-bedroom 1920s bungalow in Echo Park for $1,250? This woman found a unicorn apartment.

— Laura J. Nelson (@laura_nelson) May 2, 2015

@mattdpearce I call shenanigans on that 2bd Echo Park bungalow with a separate work studio for $1250.

— Robin Benway (@robinbenway) May 2, 2015

@mattdpearce How on earth did the one person find a 2BR in Echo Park for $1250? Is this just boosterism?

— Dan Pecchenino (@danwritesthings) May 2, 2015

A 2BR bungalow in Echo Park is $1250? I'm sorry, the grass may be greener in LA, but not that green.

— Jesse Ashlock (@jesseashlock) May 4, 2015

@CurbedLA we need a curbed special report on that silver lake 2 bedroom cottage for $1250

— Hillel Aron (@hillelaron) May 2, 2015

And confirmed: in an Instagram comment yesterday, a friend of Turner's roommate (DUH) posted "My friend lives above that girl--$1250 is her half of the rent. Apparently NYT never asked her for any clarification." The Times clarified the roommate situation in an update this morning.

Hahaha the girl who pays $1250 for a bungalow in echo park in the NYT story? That's for HER HALF of the rent.

— Doree Shafrir (@doreeshafrir) May 3, 2015

So New Yorkers, we know it still sounds pretty good, but paradise in Los Angeles is not completely dirt cheap. It's $2,500 a month. And Bar Stella is pretty packed with beards already.
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27 Apr 14:30

Blind Item #4 – Daytime Emmy Awards

by Enty

I can think of a few possible answers to this.



This actress has run through the networks on soaps but is currently on CBS. Despite being a very good actress who is an Emmy winner/nominee she is not well liked because she is always talking about rich she is thanks to a very rich husband. She is like the GOOP of daytime. She would probably hate it known that one of her co-stars shares the bed of her husband on a fairly regular basis.

29 Apr 20:40

Police Seek This Top Hat-Wearing Creep Accused Of Raping LMU Student

by Juliet Bennett Rylah

there's probably a tom petty joke in here somewhere.

Police Seek This Top Hat-Wearing Creep Accused Of Raping LMU Student The victim's parents refuse to believe that there isn't someone who was at that party who knows something. [ more › ]

29 Apr 23:04

Is SmithHouse in Century City on the Chopping Block?

by Matthew Kang


A fairly obvious broker's ad indicates that the massive pub could be for sale.

Just a few years in, SmithHouse just might be on the chopping block. A non-specific, but fairly obvious broker email shows that a 10,000 square foot restaurant and bar with full liquor is up for sale in Century City.

Smithhouse Broker Email

Most people can count the large-scale restaurants in Century City two hands (Gulfstream, Rock Sugar, Pink Taco, Craft), so it wouldn't be a surprise at all to see the Angelo Sosa-consulted bar & grill on the sales rack at the moment. Inquiries to Hinoki & the Bird and Craft confirmed that neither is up for grabs. If not SmithHouse, what other place could be on the offering in bustling Century City? The area is already slated to land Eataly in 2017.

29 Apr 01:10

AT&T Charged An 86-Year-Old Man $24,000 For Two Months Of Dial-Up

by Juliet Bennett Rylah

AT&T tried to pull something similar with my grandma. they charged her for two telephone lines she didn't have.

AT&T Charged An 86-Year-Old Man $24,000 For Two Months Of Dial-Up AT&T sent an 86-year-old man who still uses a dial-up modem a bill for over $24,000. [ more › ]

24 Apr 19:35

Douche Parking Job In Eagle Rock Cannot Escape Google Earth's All-Seeing Eye

by Emma G. Gallegos

phew it wasn't me

Douche Parking Job In Eagle Rock Cannot Escape Google Earth's All-Seeing Eye Only douches park this way. [ more › ]

23 Apr 18:04



oh, don.