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17 Nov 23:09

Killer Noodle Shut Down for Operating Without a Public Health Permit

by Matthew Kang

the noodle place that is upfront about giving you diarrhea never got a health permit!

One of the hottest new openings closes without notice

After just a few weeks after opening, Killer Noodle has been temporarily shut down by the LA County Health Department for section 114381, a violation of operating without a valid Public Health permit. It’s certainly an odd way to shut down, though one that’s not uncommon.

Many times restaurants elect to open before their permits come through because they’re in a situation where they need income to pay for various pre-opening expenses. Killer Noodle has been very busy since opening, regularly drawing lunch and dinner lines.

Yesterday at around 1:45 p.m., the Health Department came in for an inspection, resulting in an early lunch service termination. This writer was actually on site having lunch during the inspection. The Health Department enforced the violation afterwards, some time in the late afternoon or evening after lunch service ended. Yelpers have already caught onto the shutter, with an indefinitely shutter notice on Killer Noodle’s Yelp page. Eater reached out to Killer Noodle’s public relations person, but hasn’t heard back.

Killer Noodle is the budding Tsujita empire’s take on tantanmen, or spicy Chinese-inflected ramen noodles. While there have been some early service issues, most critics have pretty excited for the place.

16 Nov 14:40

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer Coming to Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort in 2018

by Michael Ramirez

attn: Bill these crazy shakes don't look nearly as good as the ones from the Watergate Hotel

Known for its award-winning burgers and signature CrazyShake™ milkshakes, Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer will open its first California location in the heart of Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort next year.

Black Tap is creating a customized concept for its Downtown Disney District location, which will feature indoor and outdoor seating. The burger and beer joint will be set in a casual atmosphere reminiscent of a classic American luncheonette, but with a distinctly New York vibe.

The Bam Bam Shake at Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer

Black Tap’s menu will include burgers ranging from the classic All-American to The Vegan Burger. In addition, their specialty “CrazyShakes” will boast whimsical and over-the-top decorations and flavors, such as The Cotton Candy Shake and The Bam Bam Shake.

Construction is scheduled to begin soon, across from Catal Restaurant and Uva Bar.

03 Nov 09:56

How to Roast Brussels Sprouts

by J. Kenji López-Alt

that's broccoli, my dude.

Brussels sprouts benefit from extremely high heat and browning, to the point of a near-char, in order to intensify their sweetness and bring out their unique nutty flavor without turning them overwhelmingly sulfurous. Read More
30 Oct 15:03

Blind Items Revealed #3

by ent lawyer

I can't believe Bobby Flay gets this much tail.

October 20, 2017

Earlier this week, this celebrity chef was hooking up with an A list actress. Last night he hooked up with this former tweener turned adult singer/part-time bad actress. I guess he must have the best party supplies since a love of them is what the two women have in common.

Bobby Flay/Scarlett Johansson/Selena Gomez
30 Oct 01:42

Film academy releases new renderings of its museum on the Miracle Mile

by Jenna Chandler

Okay, I am just excited they used the photos I approved for press use. This stupid event had been taking over my life.

Set to open in 2019

The film academy on Wednesday drummed up excitement for its forthcoming museum on the Miracle Mile, releasing a batch of new renderings, giving the press a tour of the construction site next to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and announcing a $50 million donation from philanthropists Cheryl and Haim Saban.

That donation brings the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences close to three-quarters of its new fundraising goal of $388 million. In honor of the Sabans, the museum’s main building—the old May Company at Fairfax and Wilshire—will be renamed in their honor.

Pritzker-Prize winner Renzo Piano and architecture firm Gensler are restoring and reworking the Streamline Moderne-style department store built in 1939 to house a 288-seat cinematheque and spaces for exhibitions, an entire floor devoted to an “Oscars experience,” restaurants, and special events.

The Saban Building will connect via three glass bridges to an eye-catching, 130-foot tall sphere, the bottom of which will hop be encased in panels of precast concrete and house a swanky theater. The top will be sheathed in glass and serve as an observation deck looking out over the Hollywood Hills.

When it opens in 2019, the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will finally give Los Angeles a permanent museum to celebrate and explore the history and art of films and filmmaking. The collection includes millions of photographs and hundreds of thousands of films, screenplays, posters, and production and costume design drawings.

Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucas Film, said Wednesday that it was unbelievable that Los Angeles doesn’t already have a motion picture museum.

"We should have the world's most preeminent motion picture museum, and now we have the opportunity to have that,” she said.

For the new renderings, scroll down.

The lobby of the former May Company, now called the Saban Building.
The sphere and Saban building, seen from the north. From some angles, the sphere appears to float, but it will be anchored to the ground via four concrete columns. (The columns will be attached to base isolators “as big as cars” that will allow the structure to move two feet in each direction during earthquakes). The antenna is a weathervane that’s more sculptural than functional.
 Joshua White
Joseph Stefano used this typewriter will writing the screenplay for Psycho.
 Joshua White
The ruby slippers used for close-up shots in The Wizard of Oz. Exhibition Curator Doris Berger says they’re the best preserved pair of slippers worn by Judy Garland in the movie.
The 1,000-seat theater at the lower level of the sphere will be used for premieres and special events.
The museum, seen from Fairfax, showing the profile of the sphere and adjoining May Company building.
Gold leafed tile from the original Italian manufacturer will be used to restore the old May Company’s iconic cylinder.
The Dolby Terrace at the top of the sphere—covered in 700,000 pounds of glass and steel—will offer sweeping views of the Hollywood Hills and Hollywood Sign.
 Joshua White
A construction photo taken from the upper floor of the Saban Building, looking out at the future site of the sphere and over the hills.
The Academy Museum campus will flow into LACMA and the La Brea Tar Pits, with the Petersen Automotive Museum across the street.
30 Oct 01:39

Everything to Know About Killer Noodle, LA’s Most Exciting New Ramen Spot

by Matthew Kang

not many restaurants tell you up front to expect diarrhea so that's nice.

The lines will be very, very long once it kicks into gear

Killer Noodle opens today, October 16, despite scorching heat on the Westside and already the place is drawing in lunch crowds. The real test will be throughout this first month, where it seems like every Instagram influencer and food journalist visited over the weekend to preview Tsujita’s Japanese-style tan tan ramen spot. That means the lines will be very, very long, and what used to be front patio is already being built out for the queue.

The expansive space might have the most ambitious interior look for Tsujita (with the Sushi spot also in the running), with a Las Vegas-style red-laden decor, plastic chandelier, and massive spice rack behind the bar. According to the Times, chef Takeshi Tsujita worked to craft this original tantanmen recipe for Sawtelle.

Here’s everything to know about Killer Noodle, poised to become LA’s most popular new ramen spot thanks to location and unique spicy ramen offerings:

  1. The main ramen selection here is called the Tokyo bowl, but it’s a spicy take on Japanese-style tantanmen that resembles Chinese-style dan dan noodles. The soup boasts heavy sesame paste and a pork-based broth, with numbing Sichuan peppercorn chili oil and more providing a spice backbone.
  2. The secondary selection is called the “Downtown” style, and it’s more clearly a Sichuan-style noodle base, with a tangier, sweeter sauce with more of the numbing “ma la” taste one might expect at a place like Mian or Chengdu Taste.
  3. The alternative to each category is the soupless variety, which still has the same seasonings. While the soups have a thinner fresh noodle, the soupless bowls have a thicker, tsukemen-like alkaline noodle that fans of Tsujita ANNEX would love. They do a great job of sopping up the spicy sauce.
  4. They also have an original-style tantanmen that doesn’t quite have the imposing red look of the other two bowls. Much of the “spice” flavor in this one comes from a dusting of ground black pepper instead of chilis. In addition, the bowls come with a hefty dose of tofu. Finally, they’ll provide slices of lemon on the side upon request.
  5. Soup-based bowls cost $11.45 each while soupless cost $10.95 for the Tokyo and Downtown varieties. The Original costs $10.95 for the soup variety. Remember, it’s cash only, though there’s a handy ATM toward the front of the restaurant.
  6. Spice levels go from zero to six. The triangular graphic on the menu illustrates this perfectly. The standard level is three, which most people will be able to handle unless they’re very sensitive to spice. Anything beyond four depends completely upon spice tolerance, but it’s safe to say the six will become a favorite of spice hounds (like the kind of people who wait in line at Howlin’ Ray’s).
  7. They serve chashu pork, soft boiled egg, and cilantro as extra toppings (for a fee).
  8. There’s an explanatory section that tells first time visitors not to try a five or six level spice, and that they won’t take back any bowls because customers find them too spicy. Also they recommend a yogurt drink for those who seem to be suffering too much from the heat.
  9. They have full size plastic bibs, so don’t worry about spilling.
  10. The menu warns one to “take care of your bottoms” in the instructions. One can only construe this to mean that the spicier bowls will have potentially painful ramifications after the meal’s over.
  11. They’re open 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and then from 5 to 11 p.m., with the last call at 10:30 a.m. This is decidedly earlier than Tsujita’s other ramen spots, which close at midnight (ANNEX) and 2 a.m. (Artisan Noodle).

Killer Noodle
2030 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Menu at Killer Noodle
Spice levels at Killer Noodle
 Matthew Kang
Tokyo-style tantanmen
Interior at Killer Noodle
30 Oct 01:39

Blind Items Revealed #1

by ent lawyer

I didn't hear anything about this but I know she has financed an animal sanctuary in Africa for close to a decade.

October 11, 2017

You have to give her credit. Even in a week like we have had, this A+ list mostly movie actress has a PR team that gets her ridiculous legend building do gooder story another notch in its belt. I love how the tabloids all assume it is true or pretend it is.

Angelina Jolie/rescuing cheetahs
30 Oct 01:37

1930s Kesling modern with whimsical interior asking $1.25M in Silver Lake

by Pauline O'Connor

I would kill myself on those stairs

Colorful walls, a spiral staircase, and an indoor swimming pool

It’s safe to say that not many people passing by this eye-catching residence on Silver Lake’s Fanning Street would recognize it as the work of architect William Kesling. However, while it may not be as easily identifiable as its next-door neighbor, the Wilson House, both homes were erected by the Streamline Moderne master in 1936.

On the market for the first time in six decades, the tri-level home still retains some original features, including bands of windows, hardwood floors, Art Deco tile, walls of glass, and curving staircases and railings.

The three-bedroom, two-bath also sports a number of fanciful modifications and additions done by its longtime owners, Silver Lake philanthropists Nadia and Norman Kaplan, including its technicolor kitchen and halls, an indoor swimming pool, and bar with kitchenette.

Per the listing, the property is sited on “an R2 zoned 6,036 square foot lot, which allows for 2 units built on the property and future development, subject to Los Angeles County permitting rules and regulations.” Asking price is $1.25 million.

30 Oct 01:36

This map shows how far and wide Dodgers fandom spreads

by Bianca Barragan

we're the best

Southern California is largely Dodgertown

With the Dodgers playing in the World Series for the first time in almost three decades, it seems like everyone’s got Dodger Fever. But when the fever subsides, where do true blue Dodger fans reside?

Using aggregated data gathered from Facebook in 2014—all those "likes" for a certain team—the New York Times created this interactive map, which lets us see down to the zip code where Southern California’s baseball allegiances lie. Just how far does Dodgers fervor spread and how much have the Angels encroached on their territory?

The maps show fandom with colors, and the darker the color, the larger the majority of residents for that team. SoCal is largely Dodger blue despite expected hot spots for the Padres around San Diego and the Angels in Orange County.

The Angels/Dodgers border (the Reagan-Nixon line, as the Times calls it), runs roughly along the Orange County line for much of the way, with exceptions for La Habra and Los Alamitos.

In general, the Westside is cooler on blue than Central and Southeast LA and areas east of the LA River. Some areas in the Valley, Carson, Gardena, and Baldwin Park have also been exceptionally hard-hit by Dodger fever. We wonder how the map would change if the data were gathered right now, as the Dodgers prepare to head into their first World Series game.

25 Oct 00:48

Kombucha mocktails as your signature cocktail? It's a thing and we've got recipes!

by Catherine Clark

I love kombucha but this is just cruel

Kombucha mocktails as your signature cocktail? It's a thing and we've got recipes!
Minty green kombucha smash mocktails by Camille Styles

If kombucha is your thing, and it is for some of us, then get ready for a new kind of signature cocktail for your wedding: kombucha mocktails! These non-alcoholic drinks are full of cocktail-style ingredients that make them yummy for everyone. They're also sparkly and arguably probiotic-rich, so it's a win for everyone. Plus, they're awesome if your guest list contains a few names who are in the recovery community or you're having a dry wedding. Here are a few of our favorite kombucha mocktails recipes…

Note: as always, do your research when it comes to home brewing kombucha to make sure you're doing it the right way. Otherwise, hit up your local market for pre-made.

Kombucha mocktails as your signature cocktail? It's a thing and we've got recipes!
Sparkling cranberry kombucha by The Real Food Dieticians

Perfect for your holiday season wedding!

Kombucha mocktails as your signature cocktail? It's a thing and we've got recipes!
Strawberry orange mango kombucha mocktails by The Roasted Root

For that summery vibe…

Kombucha mocktails as your signature cocktail? It's a thing and we've got recipes!
Kombucha raspberry mojito mocktails by Wholesome Patisserie
Kombucha mocktails as your signature cocktail? It's a thing and we've got recipes!
Sparkling chia kombucha mocktail from The Glowing Fridge
Kombucha signature mocktails as your signature cocktail? It's a thing and we've got recipes!
Ginger peach kombucha mocktail recipe from Honestly Nourished
23 Oct 18:50

The Snowman Director Can’t Stop Talking About How Terrible His Movie Is

by Hunter Harris

lol this movie is going to be amazing

Most directors are effusive when discussing their movies on a press our, but the director of The Snowman has been a little … icy. Tomas Alfredson, who previously directed Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Let the Right One In, seems pretty certain that his new crime thriller, which stars Michael ... More »
21 Oct 11:36

Thomas Keller’s Bouchon to Close in Beverly Hills on December 31

by Farley Elliott

oh no where will I go for a $30 salad now :(

It’s the end of an era for one of LA’s most prominent restaurant names

Thomas Keller will close his iconic Beverly Hills restaurant Bouchon by the end of the year, leaving a gaping finer dining hole in the middle of Los Angeles.

Eater heard days ago that Keller would be letting go of the giant multi-floor lease at the Beverly Hills property, owing to a number of factors between Bouchon and the city itself (which owns the building). In a statement, Keller acknowledges those troubles, saying:

It is with great sadness that we must end our partnership with the city of Beverly Hills and will therefore not continue to operate Bouchon Bistro, Bar Bouchon and our bakery in Beverly Hills. We have not been able to find a solution to the adverse conditions impacting our success with our landlord, The City of Beverly Hills, that would provide the proper conditions for the restaurant. The circumstances no longer exist to operate a profitable restaurant. We have had nine wonderful years and I am proud of what we have achieved, making a mark in the challenging BH business landscape, hosting wonderful events with the community of Los Angeles and creating a loyal customer base. I especially want to commend everyone who has worked with us over the years to make such an important impact with our guests and the community. We will conclude our operations at the end of the year, but remain committed to providing our guests and neighbors with the cuisine , the service and the excellence they have come to expect from us until the very last minute of our last day.

This wasn’t the first time Keller and his team had been angling for help from the city of Beverly Hills since opening back in 2009. A number of amendments to the restaurant’s original lease have over the years requested reductions in things like parking fees as a way to keep Bouchon from hemorrhaging money, but ultimately the decision was made between both parties to move on.

The move to shutter Bouchon by the end of the year means that Los Angeles will be without Thomas Keller for the foreseeable future. It also marks one of the more high-profile shutters for the world famous chef, and offers a peek into just how slim the margins for restaurants can be even at the highest level. No word on exactly what the final night of service for Bouchon will end up looking like, but expect a party.

17 Oct 11:33

Victoria Beckham Gives Us Our New Season Uniform

by Cortne

snobby painter?

Le Fashion Blog Victoria Beckham Oversized Sunglasses Black Turtleneck Black Belt Cuffed Boyfriend Distressed Jeans Black Booties Via Vogue
Photo via: Vogue

If any celebrity has a chic wardrobe uniform, it's Victoria Beckham. Always cool, always sophisticated, Mrs. Beckham continuously stays at a targeted state of chic She arrived in New York, clad in our next go-to fall outfit: oversized black sunglasses, a sleek black turtleneck tucked and belted along with slouchy cuffed jeans. Add in a pair of classic black booties, and you're all set.

14 Oct 16:23

Curbed Comparisons: What $1,950 rents you in LA right now

by Bianca Barragan

we should probably rent that 2 bedroom in mid-city, but there's no parking and no upper cabinets in the kitchen, which would drive me nuts.

A one-bedroom in Atwater Village and a house in Mid-City are two options

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, where we explore what you can rent or buy for a certain dollar amount in various LA 'hoods. We've found five rentals within $100 of today’s price, $1,950.

↑ Not far from Lafayette Square, this Mid-City two-bedroom has a dining room, a patio, a lovely tile-fronted fireplace, and an ample kitchen, but there’s no off-street parking and only one bathroom. It rents for $1,950.

↑ Just south of Santa Monica Boulevard in Sawtelle, this one-bedroom apartment has a cute ranch-house vibe with diamond paned glass windows and beamed ceilings. The top-floor unit has hardwood floors and a pink bathroom. Parking is pictured but not explicitly mentioned. It rents for $1,895.

↑ Here we’ve got an updated Koreatown studio with two big bonuses: in-unit laundry and parking. The apartment on Fourth near Normandie measures about 500 square feet and rents for $2,000.

↑ Rent a front-unit in an Atwater Village duplex—it’s got one bedroom, wood floors, a great living room, a kitchen with vintage-looking tile, and off-street parking. But the apartment has no laundry. It rents for $1,850.

↑ Over the hill in Studio City, this one-bedroom apartment offers hardwood floors, high ceilings, a fireplace, and a new kitchen. There’s also parking. It rents for $1,950.

12 Oct 22:37

Wildlife Wednesday: It’s A Girl! It’s A Boy!

by Scott Terrell

tiger autoshare

Last month, Sohni, a Sumatran tiger in our care at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, gave birth to a pair of cubs, and today, I am thrilled to give you an update on their progress.

Our dedicated team of animal care experts has announced that we have a male and female cub – both weighing about 12 pounds and growing fast. Their eyes have opened since you’ve last seen them, and they are also beginning to learn how to walk on their own. The new family is continuing to bond well, as Sohni has been a great mom, feeding and grooming the cubs throughout the day.

Wildlife Wednesday: It’s A Girl! It’s A Boy!

The tigers were bred through the Species Survival Plan, which is overseen by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and ensures responsible breeding and diverse populations of threatened and endangered species. Sumatran tigers are critically endangered, with fewer than 500 existing in the wild due to significant threats like habitat loss, poaching and the illegal wildlife trade.

You can help support Disney’s efforts to reverse the decline of tigers and other animals by taking part in Connect to Protect, a mobile adventure in which guests participate in conservation “missions” with a digital scientist while exploring Pandora – The World of Avatar and helping protect the habitats of at-risk animals here on Earth. Guests have used their adventures and their votes to unlock the first of ten $100,000 contributions from Disney Parks. This first donation is helping protect habitats for elephants in Kenya, but guests can still choose to support gorillas, migratory birds, butterflies and other species.

The tiger cubs will remain backstage for the next few months before guests will be able to see them on Maharajah Jungle Trek, and we look forward to sharing more updates soon.

02 Oct 18:35

An "Apple Pie" That Swaps Apple For a...Vegetable?

by Posie Harwood

I think the fuck not

I take pie seriously. Fall weather ushers in apple pie season, and I welcome baking as much as I can. The classic apple pie is hard to beat, with its sugary filling of soft, cinnamon-scented fruit nestled inside a buttery, flaky crust. But given the recent spate of ridiculously warm weather in New York, I'm caught in that funny phase in between seasons. It's not quite chilly enough to embrace autumn, and the markets are still spilling over with corn and zucchini and peaches.

There's a perfect solution! Instead of unpacking your flannel shirts and baking an apple pie, make a dessert that bridges the seasonal gap perfectly: zucchini pie.

I know, I know. This sounds weird, but bear with me. Zucchini is well-loved as a staple for baking. To wit, we're inundated with zucchini bread and zucchini cakes and zucchini muffins as the summer wanes. So why not pie?

A buttery crust like that should tell you this has nothing to do with wellness.
A buttery crust like that should tell you this has nothing to do with wellness. Photo by Posie Harwood

Years ago, I read about a very polarizing recipe for "mock apple pie" from the back of the Ritz cracker box. The recipe is exactly like a classic apple pie recipe, but it swaps out apples for crumbled Ritz crackers. True Ritz believers swear that it tastes exactly like an apple pie. It sort of makes sense; what we really experience when we eat apple pie is texture (soft) and flavor (cinnamon and sugar). I refuse to believe that the Ritz pie doesn't dissolve into a terrible mess upon baking, and on principle, who wants a cracker-filled pie?

But the core concept resonated with me. When baked, zucchini has a similar texture to an apple; it gets soft in the oven but retains some texture. Add the same warm, fragrant spices as an apple pie recipe (cinnamon, nutmeg, and so on), plenty of lemon juice, extra sugar to compensate for sugar in apples, and you have yourself a very similar dessert to a classic apple pie.

Photo by Posie Harwood

The point here isn't to make a "mock" apple pie. It's to make a similarly delicious pie that uses up this in-between seasonal produce. If you have a garden that's overrun with zucchini, and they're too big to taste good on their own, this is the recipe to use. Apple pie is beloved for good reason! The flavors are excellent and comforting, and I love that there's a way to get the same effect before apple season kicks in.

That being said, I gave my fiancé a slice of this pie for dessert the other night. I told him it was an apple pie, and asked him how it rated on a scale of 1 to the best apple pie he's ever had. He rated it a solid 8. I told him it was zucchini, not apple, and he swore up and down that he could not tell the difference! Try it on someone who loves pie, and see if they can.

7481e9e6 751c 4587 8c5a 52f54004b894  zucchini pie 7

No-Apple Zucchini Pie

By Posie Harwood

For the crust

  • 2 1/2 cups (300 grams) all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons buttermilk powder (optional)
  • 1 cup (226 grams) unsalted butter, cold
  • 1/2 cup ice water (you may need less)

For the filling

  • 4 large (oversized!) zucchini (or more, depending on size)
  • 2 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon allspice
  • 1/2 teaspoon cardamom
  • 1/4 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

View Full Recipe

Have you cooked zucchini in pie form before? How'd it go? Let us know in the comments!

29 Sep 20:49

NY Post Restaurant Critic Complains That LA Doesn’t Have a Single Food Truck

by Farley Elliott

This is amazing

Steve Cuozzo isn’t finding what he’s looking for

New York Post restaurant critic Steve Cuozzo has been in Los Angeles for a few days now, and like most New Yorkers traipsing the West Coast he’s getting some pretty crucial food facts very, very wrong. Mainly he just can’t seem to find any food trucks around Los Angeles.

Not as in “a food truck he likes” or “a big collection of food trucks somewhere;” Cuozzo took to Twitter to say he has not even seen a single truck in five days of looking.

The eye-opening exchange went down on social media earlier this week, with Cuozzo sending out the below (apparently sincere) tweet:

While he’s not wrong that much has been written regarding Los Angeles’s food trucks, street food vendors, and overall underground dining scene, it seems Cuozzo has either been going to bed before 8 p.m. every night, not leaving his hotel room, or only sticking to the priciest residential neighborhoods — or perhaps all three. That’s about the only way one person could spend five days in Los Angeles without seeing a single taco truck on the streets.

Asked for clarification by former LA Weekly critic Besha Rodell, Cuozzo doubled down by saying that it was his “view that (the) entire LA food truck narrative is baloney. How can truck sell to nobody on foot?” Eater did reach out to ask whether or not these tweets were sarcastic, but didn’t receive a response back.

This being the internet, others chimed in to discuss Cuozzo’s misinformed opinion, asking where in the city/county he was spending time — Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, if the geotags on his tweets are to be believed — and at what time of day, seeing as how vibrant the late-night Mexican and Central American food scene is around town.

To be clear, Los Angeles is home to roughly 50,000 street food vendors, from trucks to tamaleros to gourmet outfits that do indeed earn plenty of praise in the pages of glossy magazines. They are less commonly found in neighborhoods like the Pacific Palisades, say, but remain a vibrant and crucial part of the dining equation in other prominent areas like East L.A., Boyle Heights, and South LA. Cuozzo may no longer be in town, and perhaps did find a way to not eat at a single food truck while here, but ultimately that’s just fine for the majority of Angelenos — more tacos for everyone else.

28 Sep 00:53

Is CBS planning to sell its ‘Television City’ compound in Fairfax?

by Bianca Barragan


The home of “The Price Is Right” could fetch as much as $900 million, experts say

CBS might be shaking up the future of Television City, an institution that dates to the 1950s and that’s still home to prominent productions, including The Price Is Right and The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Sources tell The Real Deal that CBS Corporation is preparing to put the property on Beverly and Fairfax on the market. It has reportedly already interviewed brokerages for the job of marketing the 25-acre plot.

Though CBS hasn’t yet decided whether to sell, brokers estimate the property is valued at $500 million to $750 million, with one “insider” telling the Los Angeles Times it could bring in as much as $900 million.

It’s not yet clear what’s to come for the campus, designed by Gin Wong at the firm Pereira and Luckman. As The Real Deal notes, there are a lot of unknowns:

The network hasn’t indicated if it intends to vacate the property entirely, sources said. The nature of what will be marketed — a full sale, a sale-leaseback or a ground lease — remains unclear.

The Real Deal reports that here are at least two “major developers” interested in the site, located near The Grove and the Farmers Market.

CBS’s old headquarters in Hollywood were reborn in 2016 as Columbia Square, a mixed-use development by Kilroy Realty that holds office space, the Hollywood Proper extended-stay residences, and a NeueHouse coworking space.

22 Sep 10:02

The story of the magical chandelier tree of Silver Lake

by Adrian Glick Kudler

We drove by here the other night on a mad dash to get late night ice cream.

It's truly charming

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in July 2013 and has been updated with the most recent information.

The chandelier tree of Silver Lake might just be worth all the stupid twee drama that comes out of that neighborhood. It's truly charming, the neighbors enjoy it, and it isn't forced—could anyone but an arty contractor and his aerialist roommate have come up with the idea and put it together?

Now Silver Lake filmmaker Colin Kennedy tells the six-year tale of the tree in a new short video (via Eastsider LA). The story goes that creator Adam Tenenbaum (the contractor) came home from a set-building job with three spare chandeliers one day, then realized they'd look perfect hung in his tree at West Silver Lake and Shadowlawn, then realized they had to be lit. Since then, he's acquired and strung dozens more chandeliers with the help of his acrobat roommate (neighbors donate to the electric bill via a repurposed parking meter).

Tenenbaum says he wants the tree to feel "full and unique, but not overbearing and gaudy."

Chandelier Tree from Colin Kennedy on Vimeo.

21 Sep 14:35

Peek Inside Seth Meyers' $4.5 Million West Village Pad

by Tara Bellucci

the kitchen is so tiny!

Late Night host and Saturday Night Live (and Weekend Update) alum Seth Meyers is moving on up. He and wife Alexi have listed their two bedroom condo in the West Village for $4.5 million.


21 Sep 00:44

Academy Museum’s glassy sphere is taking shape on the Miracle Mile

by Bianca Barragan

when will it be finished? it's literally anyone's guess.

It can’t be finished fast enough

Those who’ve recently cruised by the future site of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures have probably caught a glimpse of the 130-foot tall, glass and concrete sphere taking shape just north of Wilshire and Fairfax.

The sphere is the visual centerpiece of the forthcoming museum, which will take up space in the renovated 1939 May Company structure on Miracle Mile, as well as in the glassy orb currently under construction behind the former May Company.

The historic Streamline Moderne building in front of the sphere will house museum exhibits like screenplays, an original model of the shark from Jaws, and over 60,000 pieces of “production art” like the ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz.

The eye-catching glass and concrete sphere will hold the museum’s theater and observation deck. The sphere is the most technically challenging part of the museum project, which is designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Renzo Piano.

 Courtesy of Sterling Davis/Curbed LA flickr pool
A September 16 photo of the under-construction museum.

Delayed multiple times, the project has blown through its initial $250 million budget and is now expected to cost nearly $400 million. The project’s expected completion date has been pushed back more than once. The most recent projection estimates the museum will be finished in April 2019.

If you haven't passed by the site in a while, here's a peek at what you're missing:

Under construction @rpbw_architects

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Exciting WIP...

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#academymuseum is starting to take shape

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Academy Museum #academymuseum #wilshire #fairfax #losangeles

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19 Sep 23:23

Meet the chill dogs tasked with keeping travelers relaxed at LAX

by Bianca Barragan

I am all for this.

Pit bulls, poodles, chihuahuas, and French bulldogs

Los Angeles International Airport is making a lot of changes to terminals and planning a major overhaul to make getting in and out of the airport less stressful. One thing they definitely shouldn’t change is a four-year-old program that allows volunteer dogs to hang out with travelers for the purpose of helping them chill out in the less-than-relaxing environment.

The Washington Post checked in on the program, called PUP (short for Pets Unstressing Passengers), which deploys a cute team of up to eight dogs in red “Pet Me!” vests and name tags throughout the week.

A tour of the hashtag #LAXpups on Instagram suggests that the dogs are pretty popular. The owner of a PUP dog named Penelope told the Post that her dog “had pink lipstick on her forehead a mere 15 minutes after a recent visit to the terminal.”

To participate, dogs’ owners must pass a background check and get fingerprinted. For the dogs, it’s even more selective. They have to be at least two years old and have experience in a “recognized” dog therapy organization. They also must pass a trio of tests designed to see how they interact with people and other dogs in a variety of environments.

By the end of this summer, there will be 72 dogs in the program. LAX has adorable playing cards for the dogs participating in PUP, but we’ve rounded up cute pics of some participants (and their Instagram handles, when possible) to help travelers identify a PUP dog when they see one.


Chance doing his job bringing love and smiles to #LAX

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Ryu and Echo

Ryu getting some love from the kids at LAX. #laxpup #laxpups #petsunstressingpassengers #therapydogryu #therapydog

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-WooF- #nofilter #googlepixel #therapydogecho

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Lynwood brightening up people's day at LAX .... #lax #laxpup #mypitbullisfamily #volunteers #therapydog #larpbo #laxpups

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Bela Belaire


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15 Sep 23:33

Amazon Prime Will Now Deliver Wine to Your Door in One Hour — Food News

by Ariel Knutson


If you had any doubts about Amazon taking over the food and beverage industry, here's even more evidence: You can now order wine on Amazon Prime and they will deliver it to your door in an hour.

Yes, wine in one hour is now possible.


15 Sep 22:54

This Frozen Mimosa Is What Brunch Dreams Are Made Of — Delicious Links

by Lauren Kodiak

oh hello

(Image credit: Foodness Gracious)

By now you've probably heard of frosé, or frozen rosé — but have you heard of frozecco? Essentially a frozen mimosa, with orange juice, Prosecco, and ice, a glass of frozecco is the perfect thing to serve at brunch this weekend.


07 Sep 06:39

Wacky Western Avenue KFC goes up in flames

by Elijah Chiland


The architecturally distinctive restaurant was damaged in a fire

A postmodern-style KFC near the border of East Hollywood and Koreatown—one of the most architecturally distinctive fast food establishments in Los Angeles—was badly damaged by fire Sunday.

Fortunately, Eater LA reports that the restaurant, located on Western Avenue and Oakwood, is “expected to survive and reopen at a later date.”

The fried chicken outpost was completed in 1990 and is an abstract example of programmatic architecture—when a building’s design mimics the shape of a recognizable object, often an item customers can purchase inside.

Designed by Frank Gehry pupils Elyse Grinstein and Jeffrey Daniels, the building roughly approximates the shape of a chicken—and also, weirdly, a bucket of chicken. As the Los Angeles Times reported shortly after the building’s construction, it was “the first architecturally avant-garde Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet in the United States.”

It’s been a bad month for LA area KFC enthusiasts. Last week, the Los Angeles Planning Department published new plans for a mixed use project that would replace a KFC in Reseda.

Given its curious design, we’re glad to know the Western Avenue restaurant is likely to reopen—even if readers once nominated it as one of the ugliest buildings in Los Angeles.

Clarification: A previous version of this article named only Jeffrey Daniels as the designer of the KFC. In fact, the restaurant was designed by the architectural firm of Elyse Grinstein and Jeffrey Daniels.

13 Aug 22:08

LA will start ticketing drivers who park on sidewalks again

by Elijah Chiland

I still can't believe this was legal for a time.

Enforcement will start August 14

After years of quietly allowing drivers to leave their vehicles partially or even fully parked on the far edge of the sidewalk, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation is cracking down on parkway parking.

A parkway is the stretch of sidewalk between the walkway and the curb, often covered in grass or dirt. LADOT announced Tuesday that on August 14, it will begin ticketing drivers who stop or park in these areas.

To some, it may seem obvious that parking on the sidewalk would be illegal, but since 2011, the city’s traffic officers have turned a blind eye to the practice, which has become relatively common in dense neighborhoods like Koreatown and Westlake.

The City Council requested an end to parkway enforcement after a series of complaints from residents about the city’s policy of ticketing drivers parked in aprons (the section of a driveway that dips down below the sidewalk).

But widespread parkway parking has drawn complaints from neighbors and concerns from city officials that the presence of cars on the sidewalk could inhibit access to the sidewalk for residents with disabilities and leave the city vulnerable to a lawsuit, as the Los Angeles Times noted earlier this year.

In June, the council voted unanimously to update the city’s municipal code, making parking on the parkway a violation once again. Starting Monday, it will be a ticket-able offense.

11 Aug 00:51

The 4 Components of a Successful Beer Brunch

by Paula Disbrowe

relevant to some interests, I think.

We partnered with Goose Island Beer Co. to share Sofie beer-mosa-approriate summer recipes from grilling maestro Paula Disbrowe. We're celebrating Goose Island beer all year long, so stay tuned for more recipes, tips, and stories to come.

Blame it on the dream of a languid, laugh-filled Sunday, but more often than not, my brunch menus follow the lead of the adult beverage that I want to serve. I don’t think I’m alone here—the key ingredient to any fun and festive midday meal is friends, and an enticing elixir, right? Hence the general thinking that Bloody Marys mean flaky biscuits or Benedict, bubbly says a simple spread with smoked salmon, and Palomas or margaritas are followed by spicy huevos (and perhaps a nap).

Photo by Julia Gartland

So, what happens when you want to begin with beer? A crisp lager or aromatic ale might not be the first thing you think of when planning a stylish brunch, but here’s where you should shed those preconceived notions about everyone’s favorite summer quencher, and think outside the box. A “beer brunch” doesn’t have to mean koozies and hot dogs, after all. As any enthusiastic quaffer knows, the proliferation of craft brews has dramatically elevated options in the beer aisle, with cool cans and lovely bottles of ales and IPAs as nuanced as wine. So naturally, your “beer menu” should follow suit. With a bit of imagination, an inspired ale will act as muse to a stellar brunch. Here, are a few ideas to get your wheels turning:

Photo by Julia Gartland; designed by Tim McSweeney

Start with a bubbly toast.

The catalyst to any party is an effervescent beverage, so seek out a crisp, Belgian-style saison or farmhouse ale with citrusy notes and a creamy, Champagne-like effervescence. Add a splash of freshly-squeezed OJ to make beermosas.

Use beer in the ultimate bratwurst.

Everybody loves brats on the grill, and after they’re poached, they only need a few minutes on the grill to achieve deep, flavorful char marks. Seek out the best fresh sausages you can find (ideally from a market that sources meat from specific farms and ranches), then add another layer of interest by poaching them in an ale flavored with fresh bay leaves, onion, and orange zest. After the brats are charred on the grill, serve them in lightly-toasted pretzel buns with a squiggle of your favorite beer mustard, and a scattering of Sweet and Sour Pickled Radishes for color and crunch. If you want to finish with something fresh and green, top it off with small celery leaves.

Shaved Asparagus and Mint Salad
Shaved Asparagus and Mint Salad by Meatballs&Milkshakes
Patricia Wells' Green Lentil Salad
Patricia Wells' Green Lentil Salad by Genius Recipes

Add a couple fresh, no-fuss salads.

I like to pair these hearty sandwiches with a simple shaved vegetable salad made with, say, asparagus and mint, or a mix of zucchini, crookneck squash, and Parmesan, or a mix of firm summer vegetables (using a mandolin to thinly slice assorted varieties of radishes, celery, and carrots) tossed in a bright Dijon vinaigrette and finished with chopped Italian parsley. A simple lentil salad is also classic and delicious alongside savory sausage (and they round out the meal for friends who don’t want buns). For a richer preparation, top the lentils with slices of chevre drizzled with additional olive oil and lightly sprinkled with cumin. Bonus: these salads can be made in advance and improve upon standing.

Round things out with potatoes.

Potatoes: They’re easy allies for sausages. Roasted fingerlings tend to steal the show (toss them with minced garlic and fresh mint after cooking, while they’re still warm). I also love to make salads from Yukon golds that are boiled, peeled, and sliced into thick rounds, and then tossed with your best olive oil, thinly sliced shallots, a favorite herb (like tarragon or parsley), and plenty of salt and better. Or show off your grill chops and finish the sliced potatoes over the grill to give them a crispy edge on each side. (I do this in a hinged grill basket so I can flip the basket and not fret about using the crispy crust.) Just coat the potatoes in olive oil, salt, and pepper and toss them somewhat vigorously to “rough up” the edges (this will help them crisp on the grill) before you place them over the fire.

And now the afternoon has melted into the evening and your happy guests haven’t left. Surprised? Of course not.

41f9a906 3b0c 4bcc 908d 5d89d3685853  2017 0706 ad goose island beer brunch recipe julia gartland 395

The Ultimate Bratwurst

By Paula Disbrowe

For Sweet and Sour Pickled Radishes:

  • 1/2 pound radishes
  • 1 cup distilled white vinegar
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt
  • 1 teaspoon mustard seeds
  • 1/2 teaspoon pink peppercorns

For Bratwurst and Assembly:

  • 2 12-ounce bottles of Belgian-style saison or lager
  • 1/2 medium onion
  • 1 large swath orange peel
  • 3 fresh bay leaves
  • 8 bratwursts (or another fresh sausage)
  • 8 pretzel buns
  • Beer mustard, for serving
  • 1/2 cup Sweet and Sour Pickled Radishes, for serving

View Full Recipe

We partnered with Goose Island Beer Co. to share summer-appropriate crowd pleasers to eat alongside bottles of their Sofie Belgian-style Saison. We're celebrating Goose Island beer all year long, so stay tuned for more recipes, tips, and stories to come.

09 Aug 22:48

Mountain lion P-55 crosses the 101 freeway—it’s a rare achievement

by Bianca Barragan

Good job, buddy.

He’s only the fourth cougar to make the crossing in 15 years

A young, male mountain lion known as P-55 has successfully made a “rare” crossing of the 101 freeway, National Parks Service researchers announced today. P-55 was previously roving the western part of the Santa Monica Mountains. Now he’s “roaming the Santa Susana Mountains” along the northern edge of the Valley.

P-55 is wearing a GPS tracking collar, so researchers also know he has crossed highways 118 and 23. The parks service says the mountain lion crossed the 101 near Thousand Oaks. He did so shortly after he was captured on video nearly falling into a Newbury Park hot tub.

Crossing the freeway is a considerable accomplishment for P-55 because most lions come up to the edge of the freeway, then turn around, says Seth Riley, a wildlife ecologist at Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

MOUNTAIN LION SIGHTING: A Newbury Park family's wildlife camera caught this footage of a cougar nearly falling into their jacuzzi just after midnight on Saturday. The family lives near Kimber and Knollwood. Our story:

Posted by ThousandOaks Acorn on Monday, July 31, 2017

P-55's move deeper into the Valley is only the fourth successful crossing of the 101 freeway since 2002, when the parks service began keeping track.

The impassability of the freeways around the mountain lions’ Santa Monica Mountains territory is a significant obstacle, especially for male cougars. Freeways confine lions to an area where there are already dominant males, which can lead to fatal conflicts. Most young male lions in the area don’t live past two years old.

Being hemmed in has also led to inbreeding. Unless the genetic diversity of the big cats improves, extinction is a possibility, perhaps in as little as 50 years.

A wildlife overpass, which would allow for animals to safely cross the 101 freeway at Calabasas’s Liberty Canyon, has been in the works for years. Project backers want to see the project open by 2021.

04 Aug 00:11

Glenn Danzig’s Los Feliz Craftsman fixer-upper seeks $1.2M

by Bianca Barragan

I just drove by here and it looks worse than ever.

The 1907 house still has some original features intact

A Los Feliz Craftsman owned by former Misfit Glenn Danzig has hit the market asking $1.2 million.

The house is famously in need of TLC. Built in 1907, it’s advertised as “awaiting your imagination and creative talents.” On the plus side, the listings says the house still has some original features, and behind the street-facing Craftsman, there’s a two-bedroom detached rear unit.

Though Danzig hasn’t lived in the house for years, it has been a pilgrimage site for fans of the musician for decades. Visitors who stopped by the house likely saw some interesting sights: Danzig apparently kept a large pile of bricks on the front lawn for several years, and he was once caught on Google Street View wearing all black and washing his black Jaguar in the driveway.

Danzig purchased the home in 1989, in the heyday of his eponymous band Danzig, and paid about $275,000. He was living here during the Northridge Earthquake in January 1994, and told MTV News that the home suffered some damage because of the event.

In a video walk-through of the house, the singer-songwriter tells the music news show that the house rocked three inches off its foundation and that shaking knocked down some of the stained glass windows. (The pile of bricks in his front yard was said to be the remains of a chimney felled by the earthquake.)

An October 1994 profile of the musician in the Los Angeles Times described the house as “a cross between the Addams Family mansion and the House of Usher.”

In the early 2000s, Danzig moved to Cheviot Hills where he bought a house once owned by Lucille Ball.

His old Los Feliz house is listed for $1.199 million.

28 Jul 01:54

Who’s making all-cash offers on houses in LA?

by Bianca Barragan

If I went to my dad and asked for $1 million to buy a house he would think I had a stroke.

Last month, cash purchases made up 20 percent of all real estate transactions

As sales prices for Los Angeles homes continue their solid recovery from the recession, the profile of all-cash homebuyers has changed.

In the wake of the recession, foreign and domestic investors made up a good chunk of cash-only buyers in LA. All-cash sales are still happening fairly frequently—last month, 20 percent of all real estate transactions in Southern California were all-cash, Geoff McIntosh, president of the California Association of Realtors, tells KPCC—but the days of investors snapping up homes passed four or five years ago, says McIntosh.

Who are these buyers making all-cash home purchases? KPCC reports that one dominant group is the children of wealthy parents. "They're going to mom and dad and saying, 'We really want to buy something and would love it if you give us the money,'" McIntosh tells the radio news station.

Another is tech industry employees, Richard Green, director of the USC Lusk Center for Real Estate, tells KPCC. He says these workers are often paid well and are offered stock options that they can sell when the company goes public, leaving them with money to put toward a house.

For the full story, head over to KPCC.