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19 Jul 12:00

Serious DIYs for People Who Really Really Love Their Cats

by Nancy Mitchell

oh wow. i mean vivien is way to old and fat to climb a tree these days but I still like it.

(Image credit: Meilla Kotona)

There are a few different kinds of cat owners. There are the people who love their cats, the people who really love their cats, and the people who really really love their cats. If you have bought your cat one of those cat drinking fountains, you fall into the second group. If you have ever made one of these DIYs, you fall into the third.


19 Jul 16:00

Blind Items Revealed #2

by Enty

well well well


June 10, 2016

Wanting to keep her secrets intact, this A+ list singer is trying to make a deal with people suing her foreign born main ghostwriter who does a bit of A- list singing himself. She doesn’t want him to have to talk about his work under oath. No one knows she uses ghostwriters.

Taylor Swift/Ed Sheeran

13 Jul 22:56

The Best Vegan And Dairy-Free Frozen Treats In Los Angeles

by Guest Writer

just going to save this one for later

The Best Vegan And Dairy-Free Frozen Treats In Los Angeles The vegan and dairy-free crowd shouldn't be left out when it comes to sweet refreshment. We ALL scream for ice cream, after all. [ more › ]
14 Jul 15:00

Help! There's No Corkscrew at My Vacation Rental — Vacation Rental Kitchen Dilemmas

by Geraldine Campbell

Help! I'm a helpless human being!

(Image credit: Shutter stock)

One of the joys of vacation, for me anyway, is that the rules of normal drinking don't apply. Lunch tastes better with a glass of wine, maybe two — why not? There's nothing on the afternoon agenda except napping by the pool or reading in the hammock. But what do you do when your vacation cabin is missing the (wine) key to day-drinking success?


09 Jul 17:45

Blind Items Revealed #8

by Enty

The most timely of gossip


June 12, 2016

Even though this A list director is listed in the credits of this Christmas classic, he was fired by the lead actor not long into filming.

Chris Columbus/Christmas Vacation/Chevy Chase

11 Jul 18:55

LA’s First Big Roundabout Coming This Year

by Bianca Barragan

so many people are going to jump the curb when this opens. it takes me forever to get used to roundabouts.

Roundabouts are not really an LA thing, but they are safer

The area where the Riverside Bridge, Figueroa, and San Fernando meet will soon have a unique feature that sets it apart from the rest of the city: a traffic roundabout. Scheduled to be completed by the end of the year, it's set to be the city’s first, says Eastsider LA.

The roundabout will measure 100 feet wide and will direct traffic in four directions without using traditional traffic signals. (There will be "flashing lights" at four designated pedestrian crossings around the circle.) The center will be landscaped and feature a granite statue. Medians will line the streets that intersect at the traffic circle.

It will link to the under-construction Riverside Bridge (expected to be completed in late 2017) and eventually share the intersection with park space marking the approximate confluence of the Arroyo Seco and the LA River.

Roundabouts are not really an LA thing—there was a short-lived one at Wilshire and Western in the 1920s—but they are established fixtures on European roads and are gaining in popularity the U.S. An intersections program manager for the Federal Highway Administration told the New York Times in 2015 that roundabouts reduce crashes that result in serious injuries or death by 82 percent when compared to a two-way stop. When compared to an intersection with traffic signals, the reduction was 78 percent.

 Department of Public Works
05 Jul 03:28

A few words from Angus.............

by (Merlesworld)

I like this blog entry from Angus's POV,

Hi I'm Angus as you most likely know,  I'm visiting with Merle and the Beer Fairy for a few days, I will show you around, this morning it rained so I had fun in the garden, I found some chips minus the garlic sauce Drummy ate that fancy only eating the sauce and leaving the chips also got some bacon rind from Merles breakfast usually Drummys but I'm cuter so I got it this morning.
 She has done some work since I was here last, more paths not so boggy when it rains, I liked boggy.
 Lovely sun now, will stand here and catch a few rays.
 So so warm.

 But I miss the mud always good to dig in.

 A bit here wonder what's in here maybe something to eat.

 Sleepy Boo Peep
 Augus bed is occupied
 A dapper young man about town .
 His mum.
 My daughter
grumpy beer fairy

his father
Well that's all from us this week, it's lunchtime and I'm going to see if Merle wants any help with dinner.
01 Jul 22:56


by mugumogu

tried to steal a shoe


Rare visitors came over to the garden.

BGM:フリー音楽素材 H/MIX GALLERY様よりお借りしました。

08 Jul 05:08

Charming Little Cottage in the 90210 Asks $825K

by Elijah Chiland

Nice and cozy

This two-bedroom cottage in Beverly Hills Post Office was constructed in 1923 and packs plenty of homey charm into its 1,000 square feet. The home is tucked behind a gravel driveway and small garage, along with a white picket fence (naturally) and a red brick pathway leading to the front door. Features of the airy interior include hardwood floors, a wide panel of windows, and a living room fireplace. Per the listing, the home was recently remodeled, and the tile flooring in the kitchen and bathroom looks to be freshly added. A pleasant brickwork patio is nestled into the terraced slope behind the house. Asking price is $825,000.

07 Jul 02:00

See Mountain Lion Kittens Just Discovered in the Santa Susana Mountains

by Elijah Chiland

v. cute

Meet P-48-through-52

It’s a tough life for the mountain lions of Southern California—filled with murder, inbreeding, and perilous freeway crossings. But try not to think about that as you enjoy this video of kittens recently discovered by National Park Service researchers in the Santa Susana Mountains

The first litter of kittens are the offspring of P-35, recently seen chowing down on some deer meat and leaving her leftovers behind for a pair of bears. Park Service biologists have named her two female kittens P-48 and P-49 (the "P" stands for Puma). The second litter was born to P-39 and consists of two males (P-50 and P-52) and one female (P-51). Researchers believe the father of all five kittens is the territorial P-38, who chased another lion (P-32) across Highway 126 last summer. P-32 was later struck by a vehicle and killed while attempting to cross I-5.

Researchers expect that before long, these adorable kittens will have to face similar struggles. "The real challenge comes as these kittens grow older and disperse, especially the males," says Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area biologist Jeff Sikich in a press release. The male mountain lions will have to contend with a number of potential rivals, including their own father. Sikich says that "road mortality and the possibility of poisoning from anticoagulant rodenticide" are other dangers the kittens will run into as they grow older. For now, though, they seem quite content hissing at cameras and snoozing in their den.

Five Kittens Born in Santa Susana Mountains

07 Jul 18:15

McDonald’s Worker Gets Revenge On Prankster

by Enty

I would have the same reaction as this poor girl and then probably would have went straight to my manager to confess and see what they chose to do.

05 Jul 18:34

Fireworks Briefly Set the LA River on Fire Last Night

by Bianca Barragan

it was a little crazy last night, even for me.

The scene in Frogtown was pretty apocalyptic

 Franklin Hardy

Around this time of year, palm trees catching fire thanks to errant fireworks are a sad but regular occurrence. Last night, though, that unfortunate tradition took it one step further. A segment of LA River foliage in Elysian Valley (aka Frogtown) apparently exploded into flames around 11 p.m. last night, Eastsider LA reports. The flames erupted near the intersection of Meadowvale Avenue and the LA River bike path.

The vegetation was "ignited by skyrockets," one witness told ELA, though a Los Angeles Fire Department representative did not have official information about the cause of the fire. The good news is, no one was injured by the fire, which took about a half hour to extinguish. Before it did, a few onlookers snapped some scary shots of the inferno up close.

A photo posted by Christopher (@cpm213) on

A video posted by Tylerlane (@tyler.g.lane) on

03 Jul 23:00


by mugumogu

holy shit



Hello, I am japanese macaque!

Hana was afraid a little and threatened it.

Maru kept calm.

Japanese macaque:[I love this♪]


04 Jul 18:00

Blind Items Revealed #9

by Enty

jesus christ


February 29, 2016

Academy Awards

It all started last month. A kind of war brewing during the Golden Globes. Oh, there have been a few potshots at other awards throughout the season, but last month it really picked up steam. This foreign born A list director who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee started trash talking this former A list mostly movie actor. The actor starred in one of the director’s recent movies but starred in a competitor this award season. Apparently the director started trash talking the actor and the rest of the cast and called the director of the current movie a hack or something to that effect. The director went on to trash this foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and starred in a movie for the director. Her significant other was a part of the competition too and our director said he would never hire the significant other. This just went on and on. Our a-hole of a director did not limit himself to just trashing his biggest competition, he took shots at every crew member or actor who was competing against his film for awards.
Things got so bad that our a-hole director almost came to blows during the Academy Awards with a nominated crew member at the Golden Globes. At an event earlier this month, the pair had to be separated again. Last night, the tensions were super high. Some idiot sat the cast and crew of the three movies close to each other and during every commercial break they would start in on each other. If there had been more booze last night, there would have been fights. Our a-hole director was throwing the bird and shade at everyone who won not involved in his project. Backstage, the director got shoved by a crew member from the biggest winner of the night.

A list director: Alejandro González Iñárritu
A list movie actor: Michael Keaton
Recent movie: “The Revenant”
Competitor movie: “Spotlight”
Director: Tom McCarthy
A-/B+ list movie actress: Naomi Watts
Movie made with director: “Birdman”
Significant other: Liev Schreiber

05 Jul 01:15

Blind Items Revealed #38 – Kindness

by Enty

Bill - This is the guy who played Cutter Wentworth, your favorite name of all time.


April 27, 2016

American, but not born in America. If you are a fan of daytime, you are probably a fan of him. B- list actor. He really only gets that high because of the hit cable show he is on. Supporting on it for sure, but it is a hit on a channel mostly known for bad movies rather than shows. Anyway, besides giving 1,000 hours a year of his time to this wounded veterans charity, he also gives half his paycheck. This is not a guy who makes a ton, so this is a big deal.

Josh Kelly/One Life To Live/UnREAL

04 Jul 12:40

From Every Mountainside, Let Freedom Ring

by Paul Lukas

Holy jesus. Sometimes I think my dinner ideas are lackluster but they are better than Sack O'Sauce.

Click to enlarge

Each year on this date I try to find and present a photo or illustration that captures America in a nutshell (here are the ones from 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, and 2008). This year’s entry — part of a series of vintage hot dog ads recently sent my way by our Collector’s Corner columnist, Brinke Guthrie — is an instant classic. How did this product fail to catch on?

Anyway: Everyone have a great holiday. The Tugboat Captain and I will be fishing on a party boat (we’ll do our best to catch a red snapper, a whitefish, and a bluegill, or instead maybe a starfish and a striped bass), but the comments are open, so feel free to chat amongst yourselves.

Three quick if/then thoughts:

• If you have a few minutes, I heartily recommend that you read the Declaration of Independence (here’s typeset version, in case you can’t decipher Jefferson’s handwriting), whose ratification is what we’re celebrating today.

• If you happen to see Jason Pierre-Paul, please keep him away from the matches.

• And if you’re spending the day in the company of a Britisher, kindly pass along my annual Independence Day rallying cry: In your face, Redcoats!

23 Jun 18:15

Wes Anderson’s Independence Day

by Enty

I seriously never get tired of these but it could have been done better

01 Jul 13:01

VIDEO – Mickey Dome Cake at Amorette’s Patisserie

by Rachel Bshero

I have no desire to eat this cake but the video is interesting.

The patisserie and cakes at the new Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs are as delicious as they are beautiful, each one a work of art. Today, we get a closer look at the culinary technique that goes into each decadent layer of the Mickey Dome Cake.

Amorette’s Patisserie is now accepting pre-orders for petite cakes, dome cakes and Amorette’s Signature Cake. Orders can be made by calling 407-934-3500 or stop by the patisserie at least 3 days in advance.

30 Jun 18:15

This Guy Witnessed The Lincoln Assassination – Seriously

by Enty

This is nuts

30 Jun 14:24

Linked: Thanks Obama (Not)

by Armin

oh for fuck's sake

Thanks Obama (Not)
When a logo story makes it to Snopes you know it's good (or sad): This month, some online publications started making the claim that Barack Obama changed the White House logo to depict a white flag instead of the stars and stripes, signaling surrender. I bet Obama's Adobe Illustrator game is on point but, yeah, he had nothing to do with it. The change was done during the George W. Bush administration. Many thanks to our ADVx3 Partners
26 Jun 15:30

Blind Items Revealed #3

by Enty

yeah well also the establishing shots of the kardashian's "houses" are not their own houses, but ones rented only for that reason.


January 22, 2016

One thing you will never see on this reality show that is like a cockroach, just like all of the family members, is their lawn. They spend a huge amount each month on water on par with a golf course and don’t want people to see how much water they are wasting.

The Kardashians

24 Jun 23:32


by mugumogu

this is a good video


Maru loves the box too much!





29 Jun 16:20

Great Job, Internet!: Obama tries, fails to name everyone who has died on Game Of Thrones

by Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya

spoilers I guess.

This is about characters who have died on Game Of Thrones, so if you aren’t caught up on the series, we suggest you stop reading and go do that.

President Barack Obama and Buzzfeed teamed up to encourage people to register to vote, appealing to one of America’s favorite pastimes: Game Of Thrones. In a video, Obama attempts five different activities that are harder than registering to vote—including stacking Cheerios on a stuffed version of Bo, untangling headphones, playing Operation, and making a friendship bracelet for Vice President Joe Biden. But most importantly, Buzzfeed also had the president—a self-proclaimed superfan of Game Of Thrones—attempt to name every character that has ever been killed off the show. Oh, so you like Game Of Thrones, Mr. President? Name three dead people.

He actually manages to do much better than three, and if you want to avoid knowing ...

26 Jun 17:45

Blind Items Revealed #8

by Enty

it's stories like this that make me happy my mom cannot legally buy firearms.


January 30, 2016

One best friend is pretty much out the door which opened a door for a new butt kisser/baby sitter for a Teen Mom. Enter someone who will probably be selling stories to the tabloids in a few months, but for now, knows her job is to baby sit all day and night and to post photos to social media under the Teen Mom’s account to make it look like the Teen Mom was there when she wasn’t. The old best friend/baby sitter? She wouldn’t share her drugs with the Teen Mom because the Teen Mom always mooched and never bought her own. Apparently if you want to party with the Teen Mom you need to bow down to her and share.

Tori Rhyne/Jenelle Evans

20 Jun 23:00


by mugumogu

maru's face while he's in the bag!




When Maru was in the tote bag, he fell down.

Hana:[Hey, are you ok?]

まる:「殺気! バシッ!」
Maru:[You’re more dangerous!]

はな:「大丈夫? って聞いただけなのにバシッってやられたー。」
Hana:[Though I worried about him, I was hit by him…]

20 Jun 17:30

LA's Most Anticipated Soft Serve Ice Cream Shop Hands Out Free Cones Thursday

by Farley Elliott

they have non-dairy flavors. we should check it out.

Magpies Softserve in Silver Lake opens with a bang

Are you currently sweltering in an office somewhere inside the Pyrex baking dish that is Los Angeles? Help is on the way, thanks to Magpies Softserve, which opens in Silver Lake this Thursday with heaps of free ice cream.

The concept comes by way of chefs Warren and Rose Schwartz, and lands in a strip mall at the corner of Hyperion and Griffith Park Boulevard. The plan, Schwartz has said previously, is to provide a true ice cream experience devoid of mixes and powders, with just about everything being made in-house.

That’s a stark contrast to the usual way things are done in the soft serve world, and should help to bring some legitimacy to the ice cream specialty around Los Angeles. Outside of options like the CVT Soft Serve truck, soft serve ice cream is far less common than regular scoop and gelato shops around town.

The menu is still being finalized for Magpies, and the interior likely won’t be finished off until early this week, but so far all plans are go for a Thursday daytime arrival. That’s great news for Warren Schwartz, who of late has been working culinary duty as the lead chef at food delivery startup Munchery, and even better news for Angelenos as a brutal heat wave continues to crush the city.

And as for that free soft serve deal? All you've got to do is show up on Thursday, presumably before they run out.

Magpies Softserve
2660 Griffith Park Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Make the Perfect Ice Cream at Home

19 Jun 23:20

Watch a Small Dog Live it Up in an $18.5 Million LA Mansion

by Elijah Chiland

corgi share

A corgi lives it up

Real estate agent Ben Bacal is known for giving his listings the Hollywood treatment. Not content with ordinary listing videos or virtual tours, Bacal has spent up to $20,000 in the past making elaborate short films showcasing the homes he is selling. The latest offering advertises a listing Bacal shares with realtor Ness Krief. It centers around a small dog (named "Sherlock Bones" in the video, but played by Instagram-famous corgi Aqua) who has evidently inherited an $18.5 million mansion overlooking the Sunset Strip from his recently deceased owner.

Bones clearly enjoys his lavish lifestyle, taking advantage of the home’s screening room, enormous shower, and—in one of the video’s more unsettling moments—the master bedroom. He also invites all of his friends over (both human and canine) for a pretty fun-looking pool party. In the end—spoiler alert—it turns out this was all a confusing dream. In the reality Sherlock awakes to, he still lives in the house, but is apparently not the owner.

07 Jun 22:40


by mugumogu

This tastes of adult!


This is the toy of the beer which I got as Maru’s birthday present.
(Matatabi is in this toy.)

Maru:[I love a beer!]
Hana:[Hey, are you ok?]

Maru:[I got drunk.]

Hana’s a beer debut, too.

Hana:[This tastes of adult!]


03 Jun 20:03

Disneyland Snack Hack: The Saucy Cheddar Cheese Stick

by AJ


We are back with another “ya gotta try it” Disneyland Snack Hack today!

Our Dining in Disneyland guru Heather is full of fantastic ideas when it comes to inventing brand new snacks. And starting with a favorite is always a guarantee for success.

Disneyland Cheese stick

Disneyland Cheese stick

For our latest Snack Hack, we’re heading straight into Disney California Adventure.

In order to accomplish this level of Disney snacking expertise, you’ll need to visit two spots. But just as it was with our Churro Sundae Hack, timing is everything. So order your visits wisely by starting at Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta. Did you know that you can get a side of Marinara Sauce there for free? Pick one up!

Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta

Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta

Then, head the short distance to one of the best places in the Disney universe — Corn Dog Castle. But this time, we’re gonna skip the dogs and head for the Cheddar Cheese Stick. Making this your second step in the process means that your cheese should be perfect — all warm and melty.

Cheddar Cheese Stick from Corn Dog Castle

Cheddar Cheese Stick from Corn Dog Castle

Then, you just dip that into this — and voila!

Saucy Cheese Stick Hack!

Saucy Cheese Stick Hack!

The crunchy, slightly sweet corn bread batter and the sharp cheddar go together beautifully with the sauce. It’s like the best grilled cheese ever.

So simple, but so yum!

Will you be taking your Cheddar Cheese Stick to the next level by adding a side of Marinara the next time you indulge? Leave a comment and let us know!

Disney Food Blog Fans, be sure to check out our DFB Disney World Dining Guide e-Books! Find great deals at! Also, come on over and:

27 May 22:48


by mugumogu

our cats would be pretty excited if we fed them that much chicken.

White meat party on the special day!