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14 Mar 16:00

Sunshine in a Box: 12 Bottles of California Wine to Chase Away The Winter Blues

by Mary Gorman-McAdams


2013-3-14-wine.jpgWith winter still dragging its heels a bit, I thought that it would be nice to open a big box of sunshine. With that in mind I have put together a mixed case of sunny California wine. This mixed case should serve to highlight both the diversity of wine regions within California as well as the multitude different grapes grown. More

23 Nov 14:00

Let's All Be Thankful for Oreo Churros — Food News

by Kristin Appenbrink

Yeah we have to get these.

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Thanksgiving programming for some very important Oreo news.

You can now buy Oreo Churros in your grocery store freezer section. The cream filled treats are showing up in grocery store freezer cases around the country.


20 Nov 17:01

10 Stylish Pairs of Sweatpants You Can Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner — Treat Yourself Right

by Ariel Knutson

I like to look presentable on Thanksgiving and Christmas but every other day of the year...

Thanksgiving by Heart

Wearing pantyhose and a nice dress for Thanksgiving dinner never made sense to me; that extra slice of pie or helping of turkey just doesn't fit in with that kind of wardrobe decision. Even that oversized sweater can't hide the fact that I've unbuttoned my pants midway through the meal. The whole situation is just uncomfortable, and I'm not going to put up with it any longer.

This year I'm going to wear something a little more practical. Let's find something extra comfy that allows your stomach to expand during dinner, but also has the option of being dressed up if you so choose. It's time to go sweatpants shopping.


11 Nov 17:00

METIS: A Solid Wood Desk with Plenty of Storage

by Caroline Williamson

interesting desk

METIS: A Solid Wood Desk with Plenty of Storage

METIS is the latest piece to come from WEWOOD, who use expert Portuguese craftsmen when producing their designs. Designed by Gonçalo Campos, the desk is made of solid wood with compartments and workspace on both sides so two people can work simultaneously.


The desk is outfitted with three drawers, two lidded sections, and two leather accessories for things like paper clips and pens.



Inside the lidded section, there’s a place to keep all of your cables and chargers hidden and contained.


23 Nov 18:00

21 Recipes That Will Put Your Thanksgiving Leftovers to Good Use

by Laura Beam

I want to eat that deep dish pot pie.

There’s only one thing better than a Thanksgiving feast: the leftovers. We all look forward to foraging through the fridge (sometimes in the middle of the night) for an extra serving of turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing after the holiday. Eating pumpkin pie for breakfast is encouraged. Basically, anything goes. 

But while Thanksgiving leftovers are brilliant all on their own, it’s even more fun to repurpose leftovers into something entirely new that will last you the whole week long. Make use of everything—the caramelized brown bits at the bottom of your stuffing dish, those gorgeous roasted vegetables, and the remains of the turkey. No matter what you have lying around, we have recipes to make Thanksgiving last as long as you want.

If you have leftover vegetables:

Cauliflower Patties by cucina di mammina


Orecchiette with Roasted Butternut Squash, Kale, and Caramelized Red Onion by Plum Pie


Spiced Parsnip Cake by hardlikearmour


ABC Kitchen’s Butternut Squash on Toast by Kenzi Wilbur


Any Puréed Vegetable Soup, in 5 Steps by Kenzi Wilbur


Roasted Carrot Soup by Reeve


If you have leftover pumpkin:

Pumpkin Breakfast Parfait by fiveandspice


Paul Virant's Pumpkin Butter by Genius Recipes



Vegan Pumpkin Pancakes by Gena Hamshaw



If you have leftover meat:

Deep-Dish Chicken Pot Pie by erinmcdowell

Pot pie


Thanksgiving Leftovers Breakfast "Burritos" by fiveandspice



Best Ever Turkey Chili by kmartinelli


Mini Chicken Pot Pies by molly yeh


Lamb Stew with Butternut Squash by Merrill Stubbs



Canal House Turkey and Potato Soup by Alexandra Stafford



If you have leftover potatoes:

Twice-Baked Potatoes with Kale by Brussels Sprouts for Breakfast


Sweet Potato Waffles, Sweet or Savory by fiveandspice


Bert Greene's Potato Scallion Cakes (Fritterra) by Genius Recipes


If you have leftover chocolate and nuts:

Torrone Siciliano (Sicilian Almond Brittle) by Emiko



Ancho Chili-Cinnamon Chocolate Bark by wanderash


Hazelnut Brittle with Chocolate by Phyllis Grant


Leftover pie? Just eat it for breakfast. What do you like to do with the rest of your Thanksgiving leftovers? Tell us in the comments! 

20 Nov 18:00

New ‘Paint The Night’ Parade Dining Packages Coming to Disneyland Park

by Erin Glover

should we do this?

New dining packages with reserved viewing for the new “Paint The Night” parade will be available beginning January 11, 2016, at Disneyland park.

‘Paint the Night’ Parade at Disneyland Park

At Blue Bayou Restaurant, the dining package includes a three-course meal. Viewing for the Blue Bayou Restaurant “Paint The Night” parade dining package will be located on Main Street, U.S.A.

With a choice of three entrees, Aladdin’s Oasis dining package will give guests the option of taking their meal to-go or enjoying it in the Aladdin’s Oasis seating area. Parade viewing for Aladdin’s Oasis “Paint The Night” parade dining package will be located near “it’s a small world.”

Reservations for both “Paint The Night” parade dining packages will be available soon. Keep an eye on the Disney Parks Blog for more details!

New ‘Paint The Night’ Parade Dining Packages Coming to Disneyland Park by Erin Glover: Originally posted on the Disney Parks Blog

20 Nov 20:52

Watch the World's First Taco Bell Travel Through the Streets to Taco Bell HQ

by Adrian Glick Kudler

Soon we will be able to visit the restored first taco bell. perhaps the location of a future DoLoThroDo?


Los Angeles's signature event of the early Twenty-First Century is the Massive Move: impromptu traveling block parties that follow some enormous and interesting object or another (a space shuttle, a boulder, tons of people in the case of CicLAvia) through the streets in a glorious inversion of Los Angeles's signature event of the Twentieth Century: the traffic jam. An old Taco Bell is not quite a space shuttle, but early fast food restaurants are part of LA culture too—last night, the company moved the first-ever Taco Bell building from its location in Downey to its headquarters in Irvine.

Glen Bell (a white dude) opened his tiny little taco shop on Firestone Boulevard in 1962. By 1986, the chain had spread far and wide and the original location was sold to more small-time taco concerns (there is now a new Taco Bell across the street). It was shuttered for good last December and, with the property owners hoping to clear the lot, preservationists/fast food geeks rallied to save the historic Taco Bell. The historic Taco Bell.

The corporation itself had the resources and the will, so last night the 400-square-foot building traveled 45 miles down to Orange County, sometimes topping 20 mph and clearing the whole journey in just a little over three hours. The Orange County Register reports it headed out just after 10 pm, accompanied by cries of "Viva Mexico!", which shows a fundamental misunderstanding of Taco Bell, and arrived right around 1:30 am with a very small crowd of supporters.

Taco Bell will store the old building for now and let "fans" decide if it'll become a museum or return as a restaurant.

Meanwhile, enjoy the journey via video and the move's webcam:

There she goes. Headed to Irvine. ETA five hours.

— Sarah Parvini (@sarahparvini) November 20, 2015

· The First Taco Bell Will Be Saved and Moved to Taco Bell's HQ [Curbed LA]
· The Oddball Original Locations of Los Angeles's Most Famous Fast Food Chains [Curbed LA]

15 Nov 22:58


by mugumogu

Robotron got this and nothing would get it off. I tried cleaning it but it just wore away eventually.

From summer, Maru's nose often turns black.
I didn't know why.

However, it was proved to be the result of the dirt of the screen door.

Maru:[You did neglect cleaning, didn't you?]


17 Nov 20:44

The First Taco Bell Will Be Saved and Moved to Taco Bell's HQ

by Bianca Barragan

The livecam is already up and running. no bid deal, I just have like 6 webcams up at the moment.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 12.26.10 PM.png
Image via "Numero Uno" move webcam

Taco Bell, now a massive international corporation, hasn't forgotten where it came from: a humble taco shack in Downey. So when that taco hut was in danger of being razed and lost forever earlier this year, Taco Bell stepped in to make sure that the "Numero Uno" location, as they're calling it, doesn't bite the dust, reports Los Angeles magazine. The property owners want the taco shack gone and the lot empty by December 1, so this Thursday night at 10:30 pm, the first Taco Bell will be moved 45 miles from Downey to Taco Bell's HQ in Irvine.

Watch the World's First Taco Bell Travel Through the Streets to Taco Bell HQ

The original Taco Bell was built on Firestone Boulevard in 1962, by Taco Bell founder Glen Bell, who's credited with popularizing a particular brand of inauthentic but nonetheless delicious Mexican fast food that today is found all over. Taco Bell operated at the site until 1986, when it was shuttered by the company; the 20-by-20-foot building housed an independent taco restaurant after thaty, according to Eater LA. Earlier this year, the Downey Conservancy sounded the alarm that the structure might be in danger—a fence had been put up around the perimeter and the Conservancy named the building "endangered."

"When we heard about the chance of it being demolished, we had to step in," Taco Bell's CEO told Los Angeles magazine. "We owe that to our fans. We owe that to Glen Bell." Taco Bell has yet to figure out what to do with its pioneering store and will keep it in storage until a decision's made, says the the OC Register.

But taco enthusiasts can definitely get a good look at the place as it makes its trip: Taco Bell's lined up "designated restaurants along the route" as spots where people can come to watch the historic eatery make the trip. (Can't make it out? There's a webcam set up to livestream the whole thing, too.) The building's already on supports and ready to hit the road on Thursday.
· The First Taco Bell Will Be Saved from Demolition! [LA Mag]
· Taco Bell Saves Its First-Ever Location From Demolition [Eater LA]
· The World's First Taco Bell is in Trouble [Curbed LA]
· The Oddball Original Locations of Los Angeles's Most Famous Fast Food Chains [Curbed LA]

10 Nov 01:00

Five Dollar Pressed Juice at the Americana; Beeswax Candle Making in Echo Park

by Ashley Tibbits

!!!! I can get more fancy juice

We round up the week's coolest events so you don't have to.

GLENDALE—Happy Birthday, Pressed Juicery! The local cold-pressed juice chain is celebrating five years in business Tuesday and all locations in California and Nevada, including the new location at The Americana at Brand (889 Americana Way), are offering an extra special gift to customers to mark the occasion: $5 juice! Patrons will be able to stop by and snag bottles for the discounted price through Saturday, so bring on the Greens 1 (and the Vanilla Almond Milk...and the seasonal Pomegranate Persimmon Apple...and...well, you get the idea)!

ECHO PARK—We can always count on creative retail/community space Otherwild to host mystical workshops that are geared to make us feel powerfully female, spiritual, and often wonderfully witchy. Tuesday's offering is no exception. Learn the meditative practice of beeswax candle making from Hannah Vainstein of Santa Barbara's similarly-minded studio/shop The Lower Lodge. The multi-disciplinary artist not only shows the slow, rhythmic technique, but also informs attendees about the energy releasing and detoxifying properties of burning beeswax during the 7-9pm hands-on tutorial. The class costs $85 and you can purchase tickets here. Guests will get to leave with as many pairs of candles that they manage to create in the time frame, which means you'll be all set for a moody soiree or romantic night in.

04 Nov 08:00

Sharkey: February 18, 2005 - October 17, 2015

by Martha Stewart

RIP Martha's dog.

“THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD” died tragically on Saturday, Oct 17. I was not at home, but I was told she choked on something she ate. [&hellip...
01 Nov 02:40

1950s Time Capsule Fixer in Mt Washington Angling For a Bidding War

by Pauline O'Connor

let's live here

Open House: Sunday Nov 1 between 1 - 4 PM

1161 Olancha Dr, Mt. Washington

Price: $590,000
Beds, Baths: 2 BR, 2 BA
Floor Area: 1,626 sq. ft.
Per the Listing: "The mid-century Mt Washington fixer you've been waiting for. Transform this 2BR/2BA time capsule into something truly marvelous. With spectacular views north to the San Gabriels, excellent bones, amazing floor plan and quintessential Fifties architectural flair this home is ready to rise to the next level. Interior has wood floors throughout, an open plan paneled living/dining room with vaulted ceiling, a stone fireplace with built-ins on each side and perimeter cove lighting. The kitchen retains its original cabinets and must have been quite futuristic for its day with its diagonal cook-top peninsula. There is a wide hallway leading to the bedroom wing with a long wall of built-ins. The paneled den with wet bar (of course) leads out to a large private patio and those fab mountain views. The possibilities abound."

Sharpen your elbows, folks -- while this home appears to be in pretty rough shape, it's sited on a 8,656-square-foot lot and listed at a bidding-war-inciting figure. We'll keep an eye on it and report back just how much over its final sale price turns out to be.

1161 Olancha Dr [Redfin]

04 Nov 16:03

6 Weird Things My Cat Does in the Kitchen, as Explained by My Cat — Pets in the Kitchen

by Anjali Prasertong


I've shared a home with my cat Milhouse for over seven years, and I still find myself asking, "Why are you doing that?" at least once a week. Many times, this question pops up in the kitchen, where he has some odd habits he has picked up over the years. He hasn't answered me yet, but a cat lady can dream. And in those dreams, this is how he explains himself.


18 Oct 10:00

Bunday Morning Comix

by Brinke


the-reality-of-owning-a-cat-7__700As seen on Bored Panda, and created by Cat Versus Human.

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23 Oct 02:00

Guess We Can’t Call ‘Em “Doggles,” Now Can We?

by Brinke

they used a laser!

IMG_2974[1]“This is my kitty Nori. She has an infection on her chin. They made us all put on goggles before they used the laser on her chin. I think she’s the cutest little kitty burrito I’ve ever seen!
I hope you will post her picture!” -Abby K.

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21 Oct 01:47

Cat Owners Will Have To Microchip And Spay Or Neuter Their Felines Soon

by Danny Jensen

Welp, Vivien had a good run of not being microchipped.

Cat Owners Will Have To Microchip And Spay Or Neuter Their Felines Soon A new mandate now requires L.A. County cat owners to 'fix' their felines and microchip them. [ more › ]

20 Oct 16:00

Meyou: Classy Furniture for Classy Cats

by Nanette Wong

Too bad our cats aren't classy.

Meyou: Classy Furniture for Classy Cats

Meyou is exactly what it sounds like — furniture made for cats, but designed for humans and cats both. Aiming to combine comfort for cats with our own passion for design, Meyou built a collection of “classy furniture for discerning cats” in three different shapes. Each little home is made of high-quality organic materials, including wood, woven cotton, or felt.


The Ball balances light wood with dark metal, and is softened by cotton. Its curvy shape creates an irresistible cocoon that’s perfect for resting or even sharpening claws.


The Cube takes a more modern, geometric shape that cuddles a cat with its woven cotton interior. Like The Ball, it’s ideal for claws and also for a peaceful rest.


Lastly, there’s The Bed, which is a little perch point for your kitty. It’s composed of 100% wool felt and is an elevated rest spot that provides a great vantage point for your cat.

Pre-order for your classy cat on Kickstarter here.

14 Oct 00:49

"Most Expensive 813 Square Foot Home in Town" Asking $1.9 Million in Mt. Washington

by Bianca Barragan

insanity. for those who don't know, mt. washington is considered a very affordable part of town.


Looking up at the hills of Mt. Washington from the east, say, from Highland Park, there are some dwellings that appear to be hanging right off the hillsides. One of those structures is this little, less-than-900-square-foot house, with a perch that affords great views and outdoor spaces (decks, patios) that offer lots of opportunities to enjoy them. The 11,000-square-foot lot dwarfs the wee two-bedroom, two-bathroom residence, which the listing calls out as "the most expensive 813 square foot home in town, and worth every dime."

The place's compact kitchen has a fancy Viking stove and custom cabinets; the bathrooms hold high-end fixtures, limestone, and "Wai-kai handmade tile." The living room has sliding doors that "disappear into the wall" and open up the place, literally, while the three patios are stone paved and include a fire pit and an outdoor kitchen area. Originally built in 1924, the little house on a big lot is asking $1.888 million.

· Transformed 1924 Modern [deasy/penner]

19 Oct 21:51

Riverside's Favorite Halloween House Has Gone Legit and Added Pyrotechnics

by Bianca Barragan

he had to get a permit!

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 1.58.45 PM.png

Last year, the long-running Riverside Light Show House (most famous for appearing to sing "Party Rock" back in 2011) ran afoul of its neighbors again, who called in noise complaints and got the place shut down temporarily. Now, instead of going through all that trouble again, the house has gone legit for this year's season of the elaborate, Halloween-themed light extravaganza that plays out on the exterior of a suburban tract home, says CBS LA.

This year, show creator Kevin Judd's gotten the necessary permits to put on the spectacle, which will only be taking place on the weekend. In response to previous problems resulting from all the traffic generated by thousands of onlookers descending on the area, a section of the street near Judd's house will be blocked off to cars and specific parking areas have also been established, says a post on the Facebook page for the attraction.

"I think we did it right this time. We went and got permits first and talked to our councilman, Paul Davis, and made sure we crossed our T's and dotted our I's with everything," Judd says. This year, "pyrotechnics have been added to thousands of LED lights and singing pumpkin faces," says CBS LA. The show features a few new tunes added to the existing repertoire, including a timely cover of the Ghostbusters theme song, seen below.

· Popular Haunted House Makes Musical Return To Riverside With New Creatures, Creations [CBSLA]
· Riverside Halloween Light Show House Embroiled in Drama [Curbed LA]
· HOA Bans Riverside's Famous Dancing Lights Halloween House [Curbed LA]

07 Oct 23:00


by mugumogu

beautiful outfit

Hana:[He does a strange thing again.]

まる:「抜けぬなら 腹巻にしてしまえ ビール箱。」
Maru:[This box becomes the bellyband, too.]

08 Oct 22:51


by mugumogu

love these fury feat

Hana's foot is small and is thin.
And Maru's foot is big and is strong.

29 Sep 00:03

Tinder Wants Los Angeles Billboards That Link Them to STDs Taken Down

by Curbed Staff

called it!

A billboard campaign alluding to the, um, potential health dangers of some dating apps has Tinder in a public shouting match with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. The ad went up last week in LA locations showing two silhouetted couples with the phrases, "Tinder, Chlamydia, Grindr, Gonorrhea" imprinted on their soon-to-be passionate embrace and it's got place-based dating apps Tinder and Grindr crying foul. Seems reminding casual daters about STDs is bad for business. The LA Times reports that Tinder has sent out a cease-and-desist notice to the foundation calling for the removal of the billboards.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is not backing down on its targeting of location based dating apps. Whitney Engeran-Cordova, a director at the AIDS Healthcare Foundation called the apps "a digital bathhouse for millennials." The organization's website features not only the billboard graphic in question, but, in an accompanying article, a link to a study showing the increased risks in contracting STDs among people who use social media and apps to find dates, as well as to a Vanity Fair article that was about the proliferation of dating apps and, because of them, casual sex.

Tinder's pulled no punches in its response, claiming that the foundation was slandering for their own gains. Grindr, a men-only dating app, also has beef with the foundation, but a far more polite beef. Grindr recently removed the foundation's ads for free STD testing from their app saying, "we were surprised at the approach [the foundation] took, and paused the campaign in order to speak with them and assess our relationship. At the end of the day, we are all on the same side in this issue, and strive to work with our partners and advocacy groups to achieve similar goals." —Jeff Wattenhofer

The new STD billboard is up! I love our monthly treat!

— NICK WALSH (@NICKWALSH) September 17, 2015

· Tinder demands removal of L.A. billboard that tells dating app users to get STD test [LA Times]

01 Oct 23:02

Bonkers Unbuilt Megamansion Asking $115 Million in Bel Air

by Curbed Staff

How does one even live without two pools and an art vault?

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 3.43.56 PM.png
Image via Domvs London

Are you disappointed in the lack of good megamansions available in Bel Air? Do you find yourself vomiting all over the backseat of your chauffeured Rolls-Royce when you see the garbage that passes as an estate these days? If you're sick of the Skid Row that has become of hillside mansions, you'll welcome The Park Bel Air, a new enclave of megamansions planned for construction next year. Junius Real Estate Partners (the real estate investment arm of JPMorgan Chase) is teaming up with developer Domvs London to split an 11-acre site in Bel Air up for three enormous hilltop megamansion for the mega-rich, reports Bloomberg.

The first lot went up for sale this week. For just $115 million down, Domvs London will proceed with the 57,000-square-foot, 15-bedroom house they have planned for the site. Just to put that into context, the White House is only 55,000 square feet, but this is still far from the biggest or most expensive megamansion underway in Bel Air (the winner at the moment is 74,000-square-feet and asking $500 million). Sure, there's an option to buy just the land for $45 million and design your own place, but it's hard to argue with the amenities of the Domvs house.

This house is gonna have everything. We're talking guesthouse, bowling alley, elevators, two pools, full-service spa and esthetician room. Bringing Jay Leno over for dinner? Drive him into your own underground auto gallery through it's very Batman-esque underground connector tunnel. Haven't seen Everest yet? Bootleg a copy and watch it in your IMAX theater. Don't have time to make it to the golf course or racetrack? No problem! You've also got a golf and race car simulator in home!

There will even be an art vault! Who couldn't use a new art vault?

The first house can be ready for construction in February 2016. Domvs has designs prepped for the remaining two properties that range from 56,000 to 61,000 square feet. —Jeff Wattenhofer

· JPMorgan Financing Los Angeles Mansions Starting at $115 Million [Bloomberg]
· 788 Tortuoso Way, Bel Air, CA [WEA]
· The New Biggest Mansion in Los Angeles Will Ask $500 Million [Curbed LA]

23 Sep 17:00

Recipe: Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai — Quick Weeknight Dinner Recipes from The Kitchn

by Emma Christensen


I've always viewed spaghetti squash — with its clever, noodle-like interior — as a fun party trick, always surprising both for its ability to reasonably mimic pasta and how satisfying the results can be. It's good, sure, but it's also never really had a "wow" moment for me.

Now, let me introduce you to this pad Thai. This dish has "wow" written all over it. It's tangy and savory in all the right places; it's crunchy and chewy and tender, all together. It has all the hallmarks of your favorite take-out pad Thai — except those spaghetti squash noodles are the star of the show.


24 Sep 23:00


by mugumogu

the hunter has become the hunted.


Hana attacks black vinyl garbage.

This is counterattack of black vinyl garbage. It stuck to her face by static electricity.

23 Sep 07:27

An Update on My Beautiful Cats

by Martha Stewart

These cats have it pretty good. cat buffet!

So many of you have commented on how much you enjoy seeing photos of my pets. Most recently, I was asked to share an update on my beautiful [&hellip...
19 Sep 12:45

Couple DIYs 11-Foot Bed to Make Room For All Their Pets — Design News

by Tara Bellucci

Our future. It looks Robotron is moonlighting with another family at night :(

When you have two humans, two dogs, and five cats, a regular bed won't do. Reddit user Robdogbird and his wife created an 11-foot-long superbed to sleep the entire family.


21 Sep 21:45

Celebrity Real Estate: John Barrymore's Famed 1920s Estate in Bev Crest Has Opium Den, Wants $42.5M

by Bianca Barragan

For that price the opium den should come fully stocked.

Photos courtesy WEA

Not too far away from a different property associated with John Barrymore, the Bella Vista is a place that Barrymore famously called home. Built in the late 1920s for early Hollywood filmmaker King Vidor and designed by architect John Byers, the mansion was sold in 1927 to Drew Barrymore's grandfather, Variety reported earlier this summer. Barrymore lived in the house until he died in 1942, but it still has plenty of Old Hollywood glamour.

It's not clear from the listing how much from Barrymore's time remains, but we're guessing that the "opium den" over the master bedroom and the floor made of the trunks of redwood trees in the in-home pub are holdovers from the time when his eccentric habits and collections (shrunken heads, a 30-foot-tall totem pole he stole from an Alaskan village) ruled the place.

Under Barrymore's ownership, an on-site aviary was converted to living quarters; later, it was rented out by stars like Katharine Hepburn, Marlon Brando and Candice Bergen—presumably, before they were stars. It's not clear from the listing if that aviary is part of this sale or even still exists (though it was there was the current owners bought), but it's all part of the legend of the estate.

The main house is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom residence with the aforementioned pub (maybe the Barrymore-era basement tavern?), two libraries, and an octagonal living room. In addition to two older "guest cottages," there's also a brand new two-story guesthouse with three bedrooms, two kitchens, and two living rooms. The sprawling property is on six lots and takes up 3.44 acres; it also includes a pool and "meandering paths."

Bella Vista was purchased in the 1990s by the late film producer/director Tony Scott (Top Gun, Enemy of the State). Scott committed suicide in 2012, and property records show that a trust in the name of his wife, Donna Scott, is the current owner.

The property had appeared for sale earlier this month with no listed price. (Even before that, in May, it was rumored to be whisper-listed for around $25 million.) Now, it's on the market for a very hearty $42.5 million.

· 1500 Seabright Place [WEA]
· Your Mama Hears: John Barrymore's Bella Vista Whisper Listed at $25 Million [Variety]
· A 1920s classic in Beverly Hills [LAT]
· John Barrymore's Once-Glam Beverly Crest Estate Hasn't Been Totally Ruined [Curbed LA]

04 Sep 18:35

Real Estate Death Match: Which of These California Homes is the Most Out There?

by Sally Kuchar

I like looking at tacky houses. I guess I would rather have the saucer house.

Imagine you have around a bag of money to spend on a place and you've narrowed it down to two pretty out there California homes. How do you make up your mind? Why not throw them in the ring, hand each one a metaphorical weapon, and see which one pleases you more when forced to fight to the death—that's right, readers: it's time for Real Estate Death Match, wonky California home edition!


Houses: Mojave Desert Saucer House/Bay Area Flintstone House
Prices: $650,000/$4,200,000
Beds, Baths: 2, 2/2, 3

More this way >>

15 Sep 00:32

Video Interlude: Los Angeles's New 2024 Olympics Bid Video is So Thirsty

by Curbed Staff

I feel that maybe they should have used less smog/smoke shots? "Look, we have one day to film this so we don't have time to come back after that wild fire is put out."

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 4.10.42 PM.png

When watching the new promotional video for Los Angeles's 2024 Olympic bid, you might be asking yourself, is everyone in Los Angeles under the age of 30? Set to the sounds of a mightily epic Arcade Fire tune (taken from the Where the Wild Things Are trailer, not incidentally), the video depicts the city life of young athletes, young entrepreneurs, and young young people. Superimposed over shots of our picturesque city are phrases touting a modern city, diversity, and digital startups. It's a beautiful video to be sure, but who exactly is it for?

Turns out it's a very direct appeal to very specific concerns on the International Olympic Committee that were outlined in their Agenda 2020 plan on the future of Olympic bids. IOC President Thomas Bach, in his speech introducing the plan, stated "We need to change because sport today is too important in society to ignore the rest of society. We are not living on an island, we are living in the middle of a modern, diverse, digital society."

Hmm, a modern, diverse, digital society? Sounds like something from a video we just saw ...—Jeff Wattenhofer
· Olympic Agenda 2020 []
· Los Angeles Will Be the US's Bid City For the 2024 Olympics [Curbed LA]