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21 Feb 02:08

The Valley’s Best Ice Cream Expands Into Prime New Atwater Village Digs

by Farley Elliott

I'm going to go here even though a sticky rice ice cream sounds weird

Wanderlust Creamery is already a popular name in dessert circles

Here comes some more specialty ice cream for greater Los Angeles, with news that Valley option Wanderlust Creamery will head into Atwater Village this month.

The massively popular Tarzana shop is expanding into a space right on Glendale Boulevard, and has plans to be up and running by the end of the month. Owner Adrienne Borlongan, who holds a food science degree from Cal State Northridge and was formerly a head bartender under the SBE Hospitality group, is behind the project. The shop will not only feature signature flavors like a vegan sticky rice and mango option, but will also offer coffee and tea.

The new location should put further pressure on the Eastside to support so much quality ice cream, with other recent entrants including Magpies Softserve and McConnell’s in Los Feliz. Luckily Wanderlust has a large homegrown following, so the expansion into new digs should be a seamless one.

Wanderlust Creamery
3134 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

20 Feb 23:36

LA traffic is the worst in the world

by Bianca Barragan

take that, moscow!

It definitely feels that way

We’re No. 1! Unfortunately, we are No. 1 for time wasted in traffic. New numbers from the traffic data firm Inrix show that Angelenos spent an average of 104 hours in traffic during peak travel times in 2016. Thirteen percent of overall behind-the-wheel time was spent sitting in congestion, Inrix found.

Inrix surveyed more than 1,000 cities worldwide from Moscow to Bogota, so it’s fair to say that Los Angeles has the worst traffic of any big city on the planet.

Bob Pishue, senior economist at INRIX, notes that, “traffic truly is a double-edged sword.” While traffic is generally seen as a sign that the economy is doing well (i.e. more people are driving to work), traffic also lowers quality of life and endangers future economic growth.

Inrix estimates that traffic cost LA drivers $2,408 each in direct costs, such as the “value of fuel and time wasted,” as well as indirect c “business fees from company vehicles idling in traffic,” which are passed on to customers in the form of higher prices for products, says Inrix.

The top 10 most congested cities included New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Miami. New York came in third on the list, with drivers there spending an average of 89 hours in traffic.

A photo of the list, showing the top ten cities. Inrix
17 Feb 23:39

badgirlguitar: curious-wiccan: Norwegian forest cat chasing a...



Norwegian forest cat chasing a fox

Look at these majestic idiots

17 Feb 20:04

Donald Trump’s Press Conference Was So Unhinged That Even Sportsbooks Didn’t Know What To Do

by Robby Kalland

I can't take 4 years of this, He has to go.

Getty Image

Donald Trump had an extra combative press conference on Thursday, and while the President was claiming drugs were cheaper than candy bars and having what was just generally a bad day at the podium (even for his standards), oddsmakers at offshore sportsbook Bovada were pulling all prop bets involving Trump off the board.

The props frozen were visible, but not able to be wagered on, on the Bovada page included whether Trump will complete his full four-year term (which was at -130 yes, EVEN odds on no).


It’s incredible that a sportsbook could be so shaken by a President’s press conference that they would pull impeachment odds off the board, but that appears to be the case. My first reaction, along with many, was that they had some information or there was a significant wager placed that made them curious if there was a reason and thus they would pull it down. That still could be the case, but publicly at least, the reason is just a reaction to the Thursday press conference.

The odds were quickly changed, and at 1:30 p.m. ET they went back up with Trump going from a -130 favorite to complete his term prior to the press conference to a -130 favorite to NOT complete his four-year term afterwards.


That’s a significant odds shift to come after one press conference, but Trump looked bad enough to cause a massive line move, either through fear from the oddsmakers or a large wager coming in and pushing them to change the odds.

16 Feb 19:37

Taco Bell's Newest Menu Item Costs $600 — Food News

by Susmita Baral

only $600 for a taco bell wedding. we've made a huge mistake

(Image credit: Taco Bell via Instagram)

Engaged couples who share a common love for crunchwraps and cheesy fiesta potatoes have a new venue to consider: Taco Bell!


16 Feb 19:34

LA Restaurants Join Ongoing “Day Without Immigrants” Strike Nationwide

by Farley Elliott

Possibly related: the burger king on my way to work was closed. Wasn't able to get a diet coke on my way to work.

An updating list of who is closed, who is donating, and more

Los Angeles is a municipality built on immigration, so it makes sense that this sanctuary city would be participating in the national Day Without Immigrants strike today. The idea is that businesses across the country will close, donate proceeds, or find some other way to protest the ongoing federal issues affecting unauthorized immigrants — an issue massively felt within the city’s restaurant scene.

Eater LA has compiled a list of restaurants scheduled to participate in the nationwide walk-out, which runs all day long, and we’ll be updating the list as other restaurants come forward about their plans. So far the list includes:


Closing all my restaurants tomorrow in #solidarity @boweryst thank you @chefjoseandres

A post shared by George A.D. (@georgeeatsworld) on

Alternate Programming

  • Pok Pok LA, Chinatown: Donating part of weekend proceeds to ACLU
  • The Wallace, Culver City: 20% of today’s sales donated to ACLU
  • Rush Street, Culver City: Closed for lunch, limited dinner menu with reduced staff
  • AKASHA/AR Cucina, Culver City: Limited menu with reduced staff

Many other restaurants and chefs have reached out directly to Eater to offer their support of the cause, and will be privately allowing anyone within their organizations to take the day to protest publicly. That means that some, if not many, of your favorite restaurants around the city could be short-staffed today, so be sure to be extra kind.

One intriguing omission from this list of supporting restaurants is The Bazaar, a José Andrés restaurant, given the chef’s outspoken resistance to the current political climate surrounding immigration issues. Andrés is helping to lead the Day Without Immigrants charge in Washington D.C. and will be closing many of his restaurants there, though a call to the location on La Cienega confirms they will be open for business today.

Know a restaurant, bar, food truck, or other culinary option sitting out today in support of the Day Without Immigrants protest? Leave their names in the comments below, and if we can verify we’ll add them. You can also, as always, use our tipline too.


The following restaurants write in to say they will also be closed and/or limited today.

As an immigrant to this country, I fully support "A Day Without Immigrants," and would love to close today, but our restaurants face substantial penalties from landlords if we don't open, which ultimately would hurt those whom we wish to support. We also respect all who decide not to come in to work today and will not consider them a no-show.

So here is what we are planning. My very dearest friends, Yareli Arizmendi and Sergio Arau are the writers, producers and stars of "A Day without a Mexican" which we will be screening at Loteria Grill Hollywood at 6 and 8pm tonight.

Yareli and Sergio will be in the house tonight between the showings and, during the time of the screenings, a percentage of our sales will be set aside to be used as donations to support those organizations who fight for DACA.

  • Kitchen 24 (Hollywood and West Hollywood) — CLOSED
  • The Albright, Santa Monica — Portion of proceeds donated to ACLU
  • Kay N Daves Cantina (Brentwood, Culver City) — CLOSED
  • Ayara Thai / Ayara Luk — Donating 10% of proceeds to ACLU
  • Superba Food + Bread (Venice, El Segundo) — limited menu
  • A note from Border Grill:

Chef/Owners Mary Sue and Susan are committed to our immigrant and female communities as well as the Border Grill staff. They are keeping the restaurants open but will remain supportive of both efforts by donating 100% of the each day’s profits companywide to the ACLU (Feb 16th for Day Without Immigrants) and Planned Parenthood (March 8th for Women’s Strike).

16 Feb 01:31

quietellen: popculturebrain: micdotcom: micdotcom: micdotcom: ...


ok I was unaware of the B.o.B. Neil deGrasse Tyson beef OVER THE SHAPE OF THE PLANET







Wait, does rapper B.o.B. really think the Earth is flat — or is he trolling us?

After claiming to have watched Felix Baumgartner’s famous Red Bull Stratos jump from the edge of space, recording artist B.o.B is furiously tweeting everything science says about the Earth being round is a total lie. Why is he doing this? We have an idea.

Follow @the-future-now

Update: Neil deGrasse Tyson has joined the fray to lay the scientific smackdown on B.o.B.

Tyson sent the rapper multiple tweets disproving him and then things got personal.

Update: This feud is getting weirder and weirder. B.o.B released a new track “Flatline” on Monday, that takes a few shots at Neil deGrasse Tyson. “Aye, Neil Tyson need to loosen up his vest,” the rapper spits. “They’ll probably write that man one hell of a check.”

And then Tyson fired back with a diss track of his own. Really.

The astrophysicist enlisted the help of his nephew Stephen J. Tyson, who is apparently a rapper. Tyson delivers the facts at B.o.B. over a Drake beat.

Update: It got better. Neil deGrasse Tyson apparently wasn’t done educating B.o.B. Here’s what happened on The Nightly Show:

You need to hear the crowd’s reaction to this.

This is the greatest thing happening right now.

What a time to be alive

15 Feb 00:58

How To Make Rosé Gummies — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

by Meghan Splawn

this is right up my alley

Take everything you love about your favorite bottle of rosé — that lush, pale pink color; the crisp, refreshing finish; a fruity, just sweet-enough edge — and now imagine it packed into a gummy bear! That collision between the candy we munched on as kids (and probably still do now) and the "it" wine of the moment makes this surprisingly easy-to-make candy even more delightful. There's just something about biting into a gummy bear that tastes like your favorite bottle of wine.

With just a few steps and some chill time (which you could very easily pass with a glass of rosé) you can make these charming, lightly fruity, just a bit tangy rosé-flavored gummy bears.


14 Feb 23:25

Indian Wells time capsule by William Cody asks $559K

by Elijah Chiland

My commute can't get any worse so let's just buy a house in the desert.

It’s looking for its first buyer in more than 45 years

On the market for the first time since 1971, this Indian Wells home looks as though it’s been all but frozen in time since right around then—a little wear and tear aside.

Constructed in 1962, the three-bedroom, three-bath residence was designed by prominent Palm Desert modernist William Cody. As the listing notes, the home is more or less Cody’s take on the modern ranch-style homes of his mentor Cliff May. In 1968, it made an appearance in Architectural Digest as the personal residence of designer Walter Dunivant.

Living area with pitched ceiling and tile floor
Living area with wall of windows
Living area with huge fireplace

Poshly furnished in those photos, the home is looking rather empty lately. But with elegant red tile flooring in the living room, a huge wood-burning fireplace, beamed and pitched ceilings, and walls of glass throughout, there’s plenty to like here. (There are also carpeted bathrooms. We’ll let you decide how you feel about.)

Bedroom with large wooden doors
Vintage-style kitchen

Behind the house is a large pool and deck, along with a good-sized patch of lawn. The 2,400-square-foot home is situated on a one-third-acre lot and offers outdoor access from nearly every room in the house. This includes the vintage seafoam kitchen, complete with electric stove and double ovens.

Asking price is $559,000.

Outdoor area with pool
Pool deck
Bathroom with window outside
14 Feb 23:13

Fire In Disneyland Parking Structure Injures Seven And Destroys Four Cars

by Juliet Bennett Rylah

yeah so there was literally a tire fire at disneyland

Fire In Disneyland Parking Structure Injures Seven And Destroys Four Cars Estimated damages total $180,000. [ more › ]
14 Feb 23:13

Trump Advisor Stephen Miller Lost That High School Election To Party Photographer 'The Cobrasnake'

by Julia Wick

worth a click through

Trump Advisor Stephen Miller Lost That High School Election To Party Photographer 'The Cobrasnake' Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter won VP in the same student election that Stephen Miller, who was running for speaker of the house, lost. [ more › ]
14 Feb 21:22

Newswire: Drake offered to talk down a suicidal man on a bridge, police said “no thanks”

by Sam Barsanti

if drake showed up it would push me over the edge for sure.

Drake is already an accomplished rapper and actor, but he recently tried to expand his résumé even further by giving real-life heroism a try. According to the Manchester Evening News (via Pitchfork), Drake’s tour bus was caught in traffic over the weekend in England because of a man who was apparently threatening to jump off of a bridge. At some point, a police officer nearby was approached by someone from Drake’s entourage who explained that Drake would be willing to try and talk to the man if the police thought it might help. They “declined with thanks,” and they eventually brought the man safely down from the bridge on their own, taking him to a hospital for treatment.

The report doesn’t say why Drake thought he’d be able to talk this man down or why he would voluntarily put himself in a position where a man ...

14 Feb 07:50

Eat Dumpling Nachos by the Fistful at this Hidden Armenian Restaurant

by Joshua Lurie


A glorious array of boat-shaped dumplings in the Tujunga foothills

In many ways, the stretch of Route 210 between the 5 and 2 freeways feels like L.A.’s final frontier. Semi-trailer trucks barrel down (or crawl up) asphalt that cuts between the Verdugo Mountains and San Gabriel Mountains. The only things you’ll see are the occasional church, trailhead, or house perched up on a ridge. Wind north to Foothill Boulevard, the area’s main drag, and you’ll find a surprising hotbed for international cuisine. The roster includes Mediterranean bakeries, Sri Lankan comfort food, and Mante House, specializing in boat-shaped Armenian dumplings.

Stainless steel tables with black cushioned chairs line a rail-framed patio with a red awning. Inside, you’ll find a few more tables, LED photo menus, blackboard specials, and a cold case for a tangy yogurt drink called doogh. Order at a stone-fronted counter and retreat to the patio to enjoy a view of the mountains in all their glory.

Outside Mante House, Tujunga

Mante ($10.99 for 12” tray and 2 sauces - $17.99 for 16” tray and 4 sauces) involve a choice of beef, chicken, or veggie. The boat-shaped dumplings are baked (though they’re also available fried), with juicy fillings only slightly bigger than pencil erasers and crispy dough pinches on each side.

Beef is by far the most popular filling, an 80/20 blend seasoned with paprika and secret spices. Owner Vic Frnzyan says, “Our moms only made beef. Not everybody likes beef, so I had to expand.” Chicken consists of ground leg and thigh meat and even more secrets. The veggie variety incorporates mushroom, onion, cilantro, and spinach and qualifies as vegan. Each tray comes with a steel Pillsbury pie server.

Fried veggie and chicken mante

A mante square ($6.49) is well suited for solo diners, containing 25 pieces served on checked paper with a choice of side. Consider creamy hummus, cabbage salad, or gooey mac and cheese.

Toppings cost 50 cents each and include cilantro, olives, onions, jalapeno, or pepperoncini. You can also pile on an array of sauces: garlic yogurt, spicy Louisiana, traditional red, Parmesan garlic, sweet & sour, chipotle and/or nacho cheese. I’d recommend red, a zesty blend of tomato paste, garlic, cumin, allspice, and sumac. Tangy garlic yogurt qualifies as traditional, and comes with good bite.

Frnzyan grew up on traditional Armenian cooking, but likes to play with his food. Mante nachos ($14.99 - $21.99) are a blackboard special topped with garlic yogurt, nacho cheese, dabs of guac, sliced black olives, mildly spicy pickled jalapenos and, at least during my visit, wan winter tomatoes. Hot Cheetos mante include garlic yogurt, nacho cheese and crumbled Hot Cheetos, if you want a junk food mash-up.

Mante House demonstrates the namesake dish’s versatility in many dishes. Mante soup ($4.99) morphs the staple into a tangy, diluted red sauce bobbing with fried dumplings. You’ll have to eat it quickly before the crispy mante get too soggy.

Mante soup

Grilled cheese mante forms the dumplings suspended like ants in amber between a molten yellow cheese while Mante meatballs and a mante burger boast the same beef blend that’s used in dumplings, but in different forms.

Mante House replaced a catering company in March 2015. Once the former owner decided to close, he reached out to Vic Frnzyan about filling the space. Frnzyan was scouting locations for a mante restaurant after working in an assortment of jobs from photo editing and jewelry to mechanics and construction. He even owned a junkyard in Pacoima.

Born in Armenia, Frnzyan moved with his family to L.A. when he was three years old, and often joined his mother Hermine in the kitchen. Mante was always his favorite dish, though Mom made them infrequently, since they’re so labor intensive. He says, “If you were to do it at home, it would take three hours to make it, and it would be gone in five minutes.”

Mante House also sells sandwiches and salads, but it’s better to stick with Middle Eastern classics.

Khinkali ($1 each or $5 for an order of six) are more rustic dumplings available fried or boiled. The fried version is best, featuring flaky knots filled with juicy ground beef patties. Kufta ($1.50 each or $7.50 for an order of 6) come as deep-fried, football shaped appetizers encasing ground beef between coating of bulgur and leaner ground beef.

For dessert, squares of walnut baklava are made in-house, but they were sold out when I visited.

Frnzyan estimates that 90% of his customers are Armenian, given mante’s close association with the culture and foothill demographics, but it’s time that the wider community latch onto those boat-shaped dumplings.

Mante House, 6852 Foothill Blvd., Tujunga, 818.875.4973

14 Feb 07:26

Geyser Point Bar & Grill Opens at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World Resort

by Pam Brandon

that blue drink looks like toilet cleaner

Opening today at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is the new Geyser Point Bar & Grill, where guests can grab a bite as they enjoy the resort’s rustic beauty.

Geyser Point Bar & Grill Opens at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World Resort Geyser Point Bar & Grill Opens at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World Resort

Located along the water’s edge, Geyser Point is designed with cedar beams and natural stone to fit into the design that’s reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest (especially cool after dark with campfires and the iconic Electrical Water Pageant on Bay Lake).

At the bar, artisanal sips add an authentic touch to beverage menus, including drinks which feature Pacific Northwest brewers and distilleries, and wines focusing on heritage varietals grown in Oregon and Washington.

Moscato Colada from Geyser Point Bar & Grill Opens at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Whipper Snapper Sour from Geyser Point Bar & Grill Opens at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Small plates pair beautifully with beverages, including crispy fried oysters with miso tartar sauce; edamame with chili salt; cheesy barbecue brisket with house-made chips; “Shrimp on a Wire” with miso-lime vinaigrette, togarashi (Japanese spice mixture), shishito peppers and chili-aioli; salmon rillettes with sourdough crisps, and handcrafted charcuterie.

Grilled Portobello Salad from Geyser Point Bar & Grill

Salmon Rillette from Geyser Point Bar & Grill Opens at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Bison Burger from Geyser Point Bar & Grill Opens at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a quick-service walk-up window next to the bar makes it easy to order and dine alfresco.

Breakfast includes everything from scrambled eggs with sausage and bacon to crab cakes Benedict and maple-cinnamon pancakes. For a lighter bite, seasonal fruit is served with lavender honey-yogurt, and steel-cut oatmeal is topped with dried fruit and nuts. For kids, scrambled eggs, buttermilk pancakes and granola with apples, strawberries and honey-yogurt dip is on the menu.

The quick-service lunch and dinner menu, available at the walk-up window includes:

  • Bison burger with Tillamook Cheddar, sweet onion straws and marionberry barbecue sauce
  • Classic bacon burger with Tillamook Cheddar
  • House-smoked turkey sandwich with cranberry mayonnaise
  • Lump crab cake sandwich with house-made Canadian bacon and spicy cabbage-carrot slaw
  • Grilled salmon BLT with lemon-caper mayonnaise
  • Salad with grilled Portobello, zucchini, roasted red peppers, tomato and multi-grain salad with goat cheese dressing
  • Grilled chicken or salmon with arugula and romaine, apples, seasonal berries, hazelnuts and red wine vinaigrette
  • Seasonal fruit plate with lavender honey yogurt
  • For dessert there’s seasonal pie and a chocolate brownie mousse with caramel popcorn and toasted meringue

Kids’ all-day menu:

  • Grilled chicken strips with dipping sauces, apple or veggie sticks
  • Finger Food Sampler with sliced smoked turkey, Tillamook Cheddar, spiced apple jam, grape tomatoes and sourdough crisps.
14 Feb 00:31

Newswire: An Andre the Giant documentary is coming, thanks to HBO and Bill Simmons

by Kevin Pang


Andre the Giant—fearsome professional wrestler, beloved cinematic rhyming giant—will soon be the subject of a documentary.

Deadline is reporting that the film will be produced by Bill Simmons, the sports media mogul behind The Ringer and formerly of ESPN’s lamented/late Grantland. The documentary will be in collaboration with HBO (which canceled Simmons’ talk show in November) and the WWE. No hard feelings, apparently.

If any pop cultural icon deserves the “larger-than-life” designation, it was Andre the Giant. Born Andre Roussimoff in France, he was diagnosed with gigantism as a child, and grew to a height of 7’4”. As a professional wrestler, he was most famously associated with his match against ...

14 Feb 00:07

Batman V Superman Bento

by Ming Bentomonsters

Superman's hair!

Sorry for the lack of updates again. It's the exam season and revisions with my boys is giving me a headache, lol. At the end of every day, I rather surf the net and do some online shopping, rather than to think of what to update the blog with. I do still have tutorials waiting to be updated, but that will be for another day when I'm feeling more hardworking, I shall just blog a short post today.

The two bentos I'm sharing today is inspired by the movie, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is not the first time I'm making Batman and Superman, have made them a few times before throughout my bento journey. I do however, like these two current versions the best so far.

Superman was made from rice, coloured with some ketchup. For the rest of the details, I used red bell peppers, fishcake(coloured blue using butterfly/blue pea flower), cheese, nori and ham.

Batman is easier to make and uses less ingredients. To make Batman, I used rice(coloured using ketchup), cheese, nori and ham.

It would have been nice to place both bentos together for a photograph, but unfortunately, I made them on different days, so it was not possible to do so.
14 Feb 00:05

Not Everyone Loves the Idea of Legalizing Street Food Vendors

by Farley Elliott

I guess this is why eggslut hasn't opened yet. they haven't even hired the staff.

Plus an underground immigrant dinner and an update on Eggslut Glendale

One neighborhood fights back against street vending

Over at the Daily Bruin, there’s a pertinent discussion happening around street food vending in greater Los Angeles, though the focus of this particular piece is on Westwood’s desire (or lack thereof) to join in on decriminalization. Basically, Westwood civic leaders are wary that with such a tight-knit business community in their neighborhood — and without the sprawl of other big stretches of Los Angeles — allowing in vendors could directly harm brick and mortar restaurants who are tasked with overhead costs (and thus higher menu prices) than their street-cooking counterparts.

It’s an argument that certainly has some merit, and one that Los Angeles will need to sufficiently deal with when pressing for a proper legislative framework for the tens of thousands of street food vendors across the city and county. Others, like Norm Langer of Langer’s near MacArthur Park, have been similarly arguing these issues in op-ed pages for years. There are certainly no easy answers to be found, but one thing as at least fairly certain: Street food isn’t going anywhere.

A dinner for New Arrivals

There’s an awesome new supper club making the rounds in Los Angeles, and it’s called New Arrivals. The ticketed evening events focus on immigrants and the cuisines of their countries, including a sold-out upcoming Syrian dinner on the Eastside. Want in on the next one? Sign up, says LA Mag.

Eggslut Glendale has gotta be close

If you’ve been waiting for Eggslut to open in Glendale, take a number. Just about everyone has been eyeing the space expectantly, but now comes word that things might truly be heating up there — at least on the employment front.

The first word on Bluegold/LXSO in Orange County

Tin Vuong and Blackhouse Hospitality’s massive new Bluegold/LXSO property in Huntington Beach just got some love from the OC Register’s own Brad A. Johnson, who calls many of the dishes “reputable,” “fantastic,” and “flawless.” Heck, even the servers at LXSO are “charmingly attentive.”

The next massive food festival

LA Times has just unveiled the next big thing in local food festivals: Food Bowl, an ongoing Downtown party/lecture series centered around Grand Park. The idea is to do demonstrations, talk about food in its many forms and future iterations, and bring in chefs from all over the world, while still nurturing local talent and working an ongoing food fair and night market for the entire month of May.

What to love about Odys + Penelope

La Brea mainstay Odys + Penelope continues to fire on all cylinders, including with their newish brunch offerings. NJinLA headed in to get some great shots of the food, and dish on what to expect.

More love for All Flavor No Grease

Things are look up for Keith Garrett of All Flavor No Grease, despite his operation on 108th Street in Watts getting shut down recently. He’s been making the pop-up rounds instead, and just went on Steve Harvey’s show and came away with a cool $10,000 to help kit out his future food truck.

11 Feb 01:28

Check Out Menus for Epcot International Flower & Garden Opening March 1 at Walt Disney World Resort

by Pam Brandon

we're going to this, right?

With two new Outdoor Kitchens and delectable eats all around World Showcase Promenade, the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival highlights amazing gardens and topiaries, but tasty food and drink are a big part of the fun.

The 90-day festival from March 1-May 29 connects food to its roots with gardens at each Outdoor Kitchen that grow examples of the produce that’s being served. New kitchens this year are Northern Bloom and The Berry Basket, joining 13 returning Outdoor Kitchens.

Check out the food menus – it’s impossible to try everything in one visit, may need to visit the festival more than once! Each Outdoor Kitchen also include beverages to pair with the dishes. And there are vegetarian and gluten-friendly options along the way (we’ve noted below).

The festival, including all gardening programs, exhibits, concerts, special appearances and more, is included in regular Epcot admission. For more information visit Be sure to share your favorite dishes using the hashtag, #FreshEpcot.

Warm Wild Berry Buckle with Pepper Berry Sorbet


  • Lamb Chop with Quinoa Salad and Blackberry Gastrique
  • Field Greens with Fresh Strawberries, Blue Cheese, Strawberry Vinaigrette and Spiced Pecans (vegetarian)
  • Warm Wild Berry Buckle with Pepper Berry Sorbet (vegetarian)

Seared Scallops with French Green Beans, Butter Potatoes, Brown Butter Vinaigrette and Apple-wood Smoked Bacon


  • Seared Scallops with French Green Beans, Butter Potatoes, Brown Butter Vinaigrette and Apple-wood Smoked Bacon (gluten-friendly)
  • Beef Tenderloin Tips, Mushroom Bordelaise Sauce, Whipped Potatoes with Garden Vegetables
  • Nanaimo Bar Trifle


  • Spicy Hot Dog with Pineapple Chutney and Plantain Chips
  • Pineapple Soft-Serve (vegetarian)


  • Tarte à l’Onion Alsacienne: Alsatian Onion Tart with Sautéed Onions, Fresh Thyme and Rosemary on a Flaky
  • Puff Pastry Crust (vegetarian)
  • Poulet aux Écrevisses, Riz Pilaf: Baked Chicken with Crawfish served with Rice Pilaf
  • Macaron Chocolat Framboise: Large Raspberry Macaron with Chocolate Fudge and Raspberry Jam (gluten-friendly)

Potato Pancakes with House Made Apple Sauce


  • Potato Pancakes with House Made Apple Sauce (vegetarian)
  • Potato Pancake with Caramelized Ham, Onions and Herb Sour Cream
  • Currywurst with Paprika Chips (gluten free)
  • Roasted Bratwurst with Curry Ketchup and Paprika-spiced Chips
  • Warm Cheese Strudel with Mixed Berries


  • Merguez “Hot Dog” Sausage: Spicy Beef and Lamb with Sautéed Onions and Green Peppers
  • Home-Made Falafel with Pickled Beet and Turnip, Tomato Salad and Tahini Sauce
  • Baklava (vegan)


  • Frushi: Fresh Pineapple, Strawberry and Melon rolled with Raspberry Coconut Rice,
    sprinkled with Toasted Coconut and Whipped Cream on the side (vegan)
  • Ahi Tuna Poke Sesame Ginger
  • Beef Teriyaki Udon: Thin-sliced Beef, Onions and Noodles tossed on the grill with Soy and Ginger

Pulled Pig Slider with Coleslaw

THE SMOKEHOUSE: Barbecue and Brews:

  • Pulled Pig Slider with Coleslaw
  • Smoked Pork Ribs with Black Bean and Corn Salad (gluten free)
  • Beef Brisket Burnt Ends Hash with White Cheddar Fondue and Pickled Jalapeños
  • Warm Chocolate Cake with Bourbon-Salted Caramel Sauce and Spiced Pecans (vegetarian)


  • Antipasto Misto: Cerignola Olives, Sweet Soppressata and Salami, Ovolini, Mozzarella, Sweet Roasted Peppers, Ciabatta Bread
  • Meatball Parmigiana: Hand-made Beef and Veal Meatballs, Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Parmigiana, Fresh Basil
  • Strawberry Tiramisu: Ladyfingers, Mascarpone Cream and Marinated Strawberries topped with Strawberry Sauce


  • Carne Asada with Black Bean Cake and Cilantro Lime Sour Cream
  • Shrimp and Stone-ground Grits with Andouille Sausage, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes and Cilantro (gluten free)
  • Florida Larder Board: Orlando-made Ricotta Cheese, Cahaba Farms Micro Onions, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic, Country Pâté and House-made Pickles
  • Key Lime Tart with Toasted Meringue


  • Spicy Chicken Lettuce Wrap
  • Beijing-Style Candied Strawberries (vegetarian)
  • Vegetable Spring Rolls (vegetarian)


  • Chile Relleno de Picadillo: Battered Poblano Pepper filled with Ground Beef covered with Tomato Sauce and garnished with Queso Fresco and Toasted Almonds
  • Brocheta de Pollo con Salsa Morita: Grilled Chicken with Red and Green Bell Pepper served with Salsa Chile Morita and garnished with Micro-cilantro and Edible Flowers)
  • Tres Leches: Vanilla Sponge Cake, Cajeta, Condensed Milk and Evaporated Milk and garnished with Orange Zest


  • Watermelon Salad with Pickled Onions, B&W Gourmet Farms Baby Arugula, Feta and Balsamic Reduction (gluten-friendly and vegetarian)
  • Seared Pork Tenderloin with Mushroom Ragoût, Spring Vegetables and Fingerling Potatoes
  • Crabless Cake with Crispy Vegetable Slaw, Lemon Vinaigrette and Old Bay Remoulade (vegetarian)


  • Pear Cider-brined Shredded Corned Beef with Braised Cabbage and Pears and Branston Dressing
  • House-made Potato and Cheddar Cheese Biscuit with Smoked Salmon Tartare
  • Freshly Baked Lemon Scone with Crème Fraîche and Mixed Berries (vegetarian and gluten-friendly)


  • Jamaican-braised Beef with Pigeon Pea Rice and Micro Cilantro
  • Sugar Cane Shrimp Skewer with Steamed Rice and Coconut Lime Sauce
  • Caribbean Conch Salad with Avocado, Mango and Onions
  • FlanCocho: Vanilla Caramel Custard with Chocolate Coffee Cake (vegetarian)
11 Feb 00:16

18 weekends of street closures near Wilshire/Fairfax start today

by Jeff Wattenhofer

just kill me already

Crews are working on the subway extension to the Westside

Work on the Purple Line expansion continues at a rapid clip down Wilshire Boulevard. Starting today, the beginning of “decking” work for the future Wilshire/Fairfax station on the subway’s Purple starts, wherein the streets and sidewalks are entirely excavated and capped off with temporary concrete deck panels.

According to The Source, commuters can expect street closures and detours near Wilshire and Fairfax for the next 18 weekends. Closures will be in effect each weekend starting 10 a.m. Fridays and lasting until 6 a.m. Mondays. Metro crews will work 24 hour shifts to expedite the decking process, but traffic snarls should be expected.

The decking will be completed in three phases, resulting in a variety of different closures and detours. Metro has not provided a timeline for when each phase is expected to begin or end, so drivers should be on the lookout for signs.

Bus service for the 20 and 720 lines that normally operate on Wilshire Boulevard will be rerouted to Third Street between La Brea and Fairfax.

Here’s what each phase entails.

Phase 1

 All maps via Metro
Phase 1
  • During phase one, a detour will run along Sixth Street.
  • From 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Fridays, traffic will be limited to a single lane in the work zone.
  • From 8 p.m. Fridays until 6 a.m. Mondays, no traffic will be allowed in the work zone.
  • Local access on Wilshire will be maintained as far as Spaulding Avenue on the westbound side, and Fairfax Avenue on the eastbound side.

Phase 2 (Eastbound and westbound detours)

Phase 2
  • During Phase 2, a westbound detour will run along Olympic to northbound San Vincente.
  • The eastbound detour runs south on La Cienega to Olympic.
  • Lane reductions in the work zone on Wilshire and Fairfax are in effect on Fridays from 10 am to 8 pm.
  • A full closure of Wilshire and Fairfax from 8 p.m. Fridays to 6 a.m. Mondays
  • Local access on Wilshire will be maintained as far as Spaulding Avenue on the westbound side, and Crescent Heights Boulevard on the eastbound side.

Phase 2 (Northbound and southbound detours)

Phase 2B
  • Detours for northbound and southbound traffic on Fairfax Avenue run along Olympic, La Brea, and Sixth Street.
  • Local access on Fairfax will be maintained up to Eighth Street on the northbound side, and to Sixth Street on the southbound side.

Phase 3

Phase 3
  • A westbound detour will run along Wilshire, south on Fairfax, and north on San Vicente.
  • An eastbound detour will run south on La Cienega to Olympic, and north on La Brea.
  • Traffic in the work zone will be limited to one lane from Fairfax to Crescent Heights on Fridays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • A full closure from Fairfax to Crescent Heights begins at 8 p.m. on Fridays and lasts until 6 a.m. on Mondays.
  • Local access on Wilshire will be maintained up to Fairfax from the westbound side, and to Crescent Heights from the eastbound side.

09 Feb 23:08

Craft Beer Hits New Heights at This SpaceX-Adjacent Brewery

by Farley Elliott

this is Bill's friend's brewery!

Hawthorne gets its very first brewery

Craft beer has officially come to Hawthorne. The South Los Angeles city flanked by beer bigwigs like Torrance is now getting into the game itself with the official arrival of Los Angeles Ale Works, a patio-friendly newcomer right around the corner from SpaceX.

Though the place itself is brand new, in many ways LA Ale Works has been years in the making. Craft beer community mainstay Kip Barnes has been trying to bring his own brewery to market for a long time, and even has a well-funded Kickstarter under his belt from a few years back. Now he’s finally achieved his dream, though he’s far from alone in the endeavor. Andrew Fowler and Jeff Szafarski are on board as managing partners, while Lloyd Johnson IV is co-brewer and Brian Holter oversees the barrel program.

The newly minted 10,000 square foot warehouse space is still getting settled in, but has been soft opening to the public since last weekend. The team is already pushing hard from their 10 barrel brewhouse with a menu of drinks that includes everything from a session IPA called Space XPA to a heartier Buttress of Windsor, with tasting pours, pints, and growler fills all available. There’s no food available on site, so guests can bring their own or wait for the near future when more than a few food trucks will start parking on site.

As for the building itself, there’s plenty of room inside at the long L-shaped wooden bar or a variety of two- and four-tops. Outside is where the real action lands though, with picnic tables, string lights, and room to breathe. Eventually the plan is to also offer a boardroom space for private parties and buyouts.

In the meantime, soft open hours for Los Angeles Ale Works run Wednesday and Thursday from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. with a Friday extension to 11 p.m. Saturday they open noon to 11 p.m., and Sunday noon to 8 p.m. There’s a big grand opening party coming sometime this month as well, so get ready to party in Hawthorne, LA’s most surprising new craft beer destination.

Los Angeles Ale Works
12918 Cerise Ave.
Hawthorne, CA

09 Feb 00:17

The Last Trader Vic's in LA Has Closed After a Legendary 62 Year Run

by Farley Elliott

super sad :(

They should have never closed the original location

The tiki bar was on its last iteration inside the Beverly Hilton

It’s the end of an era in Beverly Hills, as LA Magazine is reporting that tiki-loving Trader Vic’s has officially ceased operations inside the Beverly Hilton hotel after more than six decades.

The quiet shutter came just a few days ago, though it’s hard to argue with anyone who notes the place’s downturn over the past decade. An ill-fated “remodel” back in 2007 left the Trader Vic’s without a true place to call home, really, with the hotel shuttering the larger mid-century location on property in favor of a more truncated lounge option near the pool.

Still, guests were able to grab those famous Mai Tais and Polynesian-inspired appetizers lunch through late night daily, but that’s all now gone away. After some 62 years, operating on land owned for decades by Merv Griffin and playing host to everyone from Hugh Hefner to the Rat Pack, Trader Vic’s in Beverly Hills had become a beloved staple for that side of town — but now it’s all been scrubbed away, with ownership telling LA Magazine the plan is to revamp the place entirely and move on.

Of course, that’s not the end of the line for Trader Vic’s as a company. There are still locations worldwide (in fact most are overseas) with the closest domestic option up in Northern California. Trader Vic’s was also far from the only place to get tiki drinks in greater Los Angeles, with Tonga Hut, Tiki-Ti, and Downtown’s newer Pacific Seas all still carrying the banner.

Until this, bask in some vintage photos of the original Trader Vic’s in Beverly Hills:

Trader Vic’s in 2007
 Tiki Central
 LA Public Library Archives
 LA Public Library Archives
Old menu at Trader Vic’s
 LA Public Library Archives
07 Feb 18:29

From Screen to Park: Peter Pan’s Flight at Disneyland Park

by Erin Glover

The new London seems kind of weird.

Fantasyland at Disneyland park is home to an array of iconic dark rides. The popular attraction Peter Pan’s Flight uses sets designed with black-light paint and illuminated by ultraviolet light, much like its neighbor Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride in the English-inspired section of the Fantasyland Courtyard.

In 1953, Disney released the animated classic,“Peter Pan,” an adaptation of the famed play and novel by J.M. Barrie about a boy who never grows up. The story of Peter Pan was one of Walt Disney’s favorite tales during his youth — he even played the role of Peter Pan in a school play.

In this opening-day attraction, guests fly above London on a whimsical journey to Never Land in their very own pirate ship. Different than many other dark rides, an overhead rail suspends the ride vehicles, creating the unique sensation of flying. Tinker Bell sprinkles her pixie dust throughout the flight’s five scenes, which include encounters with the nefarious Captain Hook, a blundering Mr. Smee, our hero Peter Pan and mystical mermaids from the mermaid lagoon.

New magic enhanced this unforgettable attraction with beautiful water ripples, updated animation and the illuminated city streets of central London in 2015.

Versions of Peter Pan’s Flight can be found at Disney Parks around the world including Magic Kingdom Park, Tokyo Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland and Disneyland Paris. Ready for a trip to Never Land? In the words of Peter Pan himself, “Come on everybody! Here we go!”

04 Feb 02:00

Colorful East Hollywood Craftsman asks $625K

by Bianca Barragan

this house is cool but there's no parking in that neighborhood.

Spacious house on a roomy corner lot

Just a few blocks west of Los Angeles Community College and the Vermont/Santa Monica Red Line station, this teal-colored 1919 Craftsman has yet to be hit by a flipper who believes in the liberal application of blinding white paint.

The two-bedroom house holds a formal dining room with a built-in buffet, two bathrooms, a lovely tile-fronted fireplace, and 1,849 square feet of space in total.

As it is now, the residence appears well-maintained, but maybe in need of a few updates. The spacious kitchen, for instance, could probably benefit from a refresh. There is also no air conditioning in the house (but plenty of ceiling fans!).

The interior is only part of the deal here. The house sits on a corner lot that measures nearly 8,200 square feet.

The residence is listed for $624,900.

02 Feb 01:59

News: Disneyland Introduces New Fine Dining Experience, 21 Royal

by Traci Curth

so basically everyone chip in a little over $1000 and we are in!

Disneyland Resort has recently introduced a new and exclusive fine dining experience, 21 Royal. If you thought dining at Club 33 was the pinnacle of fine dining at Disneyland, this new experience takes it to another level.

The 21 Royal experience includes dinner for 12 guests inside 21 Royal Street, a space that was meant to be Walt and Lillian’s private apartment overlooking New Orleans Square in Disneyland Park.

Inside 21 Royal at Disneyland ©CorderoStudios

Inside 21 Royal at Disneyland ©CorderoStudios

The evening begins at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa, where valets will give you and your guests a VIP escort to 21 Royal Street. Diners will enjoy signature cocktails served by professional butlers in the salon, followed by a reception on the patio. Guests will also have a chance to explore the rooms in the apartment, in addition to learning the history of the space from guides including sommelier Matt Ellingson.

Cocktails on the patio are part of the experience ©CorderoStudios

Cocktails on the patio are part of the experience ©CorderoStudios

Dinner is a seven-course meal prepared by executive chef Andrew Sutton and chef de cuisine Justin Monson. Sutton is the culinary director for Disneyland’s signature restaurants. The dinner is meant to reflect the type of dinner party Walt and Lillian might have hosted, and Ellingson and Sutton introduce each course and wine pairing with stories about the inspiration behind the dish.

After dinner guests enjoy coffee and desserts in the dining room or on the private balcony.

21 Royal features a seven-course dinner ©CorderoStudios

21 Royal features a seven-course dinner ©CorderoStudios

21 Royal is available for a single party of 12 once per evening. The cost is $15,000 and includes tax, gratuity, valet, and park admission. Reservations can be made by calling the 21 Royal Concierge at (714) 300-7749.

Are you adding dining at 21 Royal to your Disney dining bucket list? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Disneyland and Robb Report

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01 Feb 01:58

Dune’s Phenomenal Falafel Drops Into Downtown Next

by Farley Elliott

Sharing for bill so he can get some falafel there.

The Atwater Village shop expands into some prime real estate

Look out Downtown, because Dune is coming into your world. The popular Atwater Village Mediterranean restaurant already offers what is among the best falafel anywhere in Los Angeles, but now they’ll be expanding their menu of favorites to the corner of Olympic and Broadway, putting them right around the corner from the Ace Hotel.

Signage only just went up over the weekend at the former Soup Bazaar location along Olympic, but the iconic font is unmistakably Dune. The restaurant even let the cat out of the bag themselves on Saturday, Instagramming a shot of the building in process. They didn’t list an official arrival date (or the actual address), but sometime in February is likely for the Olympic Blvd opening.

The move into the larger South Park area of Downtown comes at a perfect time for Dune, considering how much traction that stretch has been receiving of late. Right by the upcoming Dune is DTLAmen Ramen Bar, the quirkily-named noodle newcomer taking over the Alma space on Broadway.

A short walk away is Mikkeller Bar, which is now open for coffee and pastry, with a full bar opening in a matter of weeks. Other places like Mega Bodega and Barcito have been doing good work around there for quite a while too, meaning the addition of one of LA’s most notorious Middle Eastern restaurants should be good news for all involved — especially anyone who loves falafel.

Dune Downtown
199 W. Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

31 Jan 06:04

News and Review: 24 oz. Seven Seas Lagoon Cocktail Debuts Disney’s Contemporary Resort

by AJ and the DFB Team

I want to try this but mostly for the candy

There’s a new drink in the World, and you have got to check it out!

But to find it, there’s only one place you can go, and that’s Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Just head to the Lounge at The Wave… of American Flavors (or Top of the World in Bay Lake Tower), and that’s where you can order up the The Seven Seas Lagoon.

Before we dive in, we’ve got to note how fun it is to see another Resort-specific cocktail on a Disney lounge menu. With the rare exception of specialty spots like AbracadaBar and Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto, you can go from one Resort Bar to the next and not see much difference in the offerings. But here and there, you’ll find beverages themed to their Resort. The New Orleans-inspired cocktails at Port Orleans’ River Roost, the classic cocktails at the BoardWalk’s Belle Vue Lounge, and the specialty drinks at Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Victoria Falls come to mind. And we always think it’s a thing to celebrate when they come along.

There’s much more to say, though, about The Seven Seas Lagoon. Clearly, its name is inspired by the Contemporary’s location as one of the Resorts surrounding the Seven Seas Lagoon.

Seven Seas Lagoon

The Seven Seas Lagoon

Or maaaaybe it gets its name from the fact that this drink is the size of an ACTUAL LAGOON.

Seven Seas Lagoon

Seven Seas Lagoon

Okay, so… not quite ;) . But still, coming in at 24 ounces, this super fun sipper is made for sharing with your pals!

It even comes complete with two Mickey straws to indicate that this is not a drink just for one. Also garnishing the fish-bowl-sized beverage are gummy rings, a la life preservers!

Mickey Straw and Gummy Rings

Mickey Straw and Gummy Rings

And there are a few more surprises yet inside… gummy fish candies and boba pearls, finished off with a glow cube. Here’s a look at the beverage, “deconstructed”-style.

Deconstructed Seven Seas Lagoon

Deconstructed Seven Seas Lagoon

Gummy Rings and Fish

Gummy Rings and Fish

Just a note: those Mickey straws are a nice little souvenir and look way cute, but they are too thin to pick up the bursting boba pearls, so you don’t get quite that same experience as with drinks served specifically for boba. They’re a fun and tasty touch, though!

Boba Pearls

Boba Pearls

Still, if you’re looking to invest the $22.00 (not bad, for a shareable beverage), you’ll want to know how the thing tastes. Ingredients include Skyy Vodka, Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, lime and pineapple juices, soda water, and agave.

The Seven Seas Lagoon

The Seven Seas Lagoon

So, obviously the flavors are tropical, but here’s where the difference lies with many other Disney beach-inspired beverages: The Seven Seas Lagoon is sweetened with agave as opposed to the typical Blue Curacao/sweet-and-sour mix you’ll often encounter in the “blue drinks.” So even though it’s PLENTY sweet, it’s not a syrupy sweetness with that tart aftertaste. (In fact, once you pull the glow cube from the drink, you’ll find it’s more of a green hue than the blue that comes from the cube).

Seven Seas Lagoon

Seven Seas Lagoon

The soda water, too, helps to tame the sweetness, so the Lagoon is a fruity drink that still has the potential to suit more palates than your typical candy-sweet beverage. Which is good, because it’s not only shareable due to its size — it’s also surprisingly strong, even though it primarily tastes smooth going down the ol’ hatch.

Mickey Straws and Gummy Rings

Mickey Straws and Gummy Rings

So, all in all, this one comes highly recommended! It’s not only tasty — this thing is custom-made for vacation memory-making with friends, complete with selfies… IF you can fit the whole drink in the picture, that is ;). Ahoy!!

Pin it for later!

Read our review of the 24 oz. Seven Seas Lagoon Cocktail at Disney’s Contemporary Resort!

Would you like to try The Seven Seas Lagoon? Please let us know with a comment!

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24 Jan 22:10

Huge crowds swarm Metro trains and buses for Women’s March

by Elijah Chiland

This is what we did saturday

Trains were jam-packed for most of the day

Much of Metro’s transit network was pushed to its absolute limit Saturday as marchers descended upon Downtown LA yesterday to take part in a Women’s March corresponding with Donald Trump’s first full day in office. The transit agency has not released ridership numbers yet, but trains and buses heading in and out of Downtown were packed full for much of the day.

It’s also not clear exactly how many people turned up to the event itself. March organizers estimate the number to be around 750,000. LAPD stopped counting.

Lines for TAP Cards were dozens of people deep at many subway stations, while trains were full enough that some riders began boarding on the opposite side of the track—simply to ensure a spot when the train turned around at its last stop.

Crowds were large enough that it may be hard for the agency to get an accurate count. Complicating things: a rumor began circulating on social media in the morning that Metro was offering free rides. The Agency quickly dispelled that notion, but this Curbed writer noticed bus and train operators waiving fares as vehicles became more crowded and lines of people waiting to board grew longer.

Coming and going. #womensmarchla #womensmarch

A photo posted by Karyn Ben Singer (@kbenwrites) on

After boosting normal weekend service in advance of the event, Metro began adding cars along the Red, Blue, and Gold Lines as the day went on. Blue Line riders heading out of Downtown after the march were then asked to board on the opposite side of the platform—presumably to space out the enormous crowds at the 7th Street/Metro Center station.

It seems likely that Metro, local law enforcement, and even the organizers of the march were caught off guard by the attendance numbers. The march was, in fact, so large, that the planned route could not contain all of the participants. Throngs of people began pouring onto streets around Pershing Square and City Hall, turning the march into something of an impromptu open streets event.

View of crowds across Downtown LA Eric Garcetti

We’ll have to wait for Metro’s official ridership numbers, but the event certainly drew some of the largest crowds any of the system’s Downtown-serving trains and buses have likely seen. In Washington DC, where a crowd of at least 500,000 gathered on the National Mall, the city’s train system had its second-busiest day ever, serving more than 1 million riders.

Just the Culver City metro ... #womensmarchla #letsgetinformation #womensmarch #womensrightsarehumanrights

A photo posted by K.Averill (@keaverill) on

Going home from the #women's march in LA yesterday. Hour and a half wait. Worth it. #womensmarchla thank you #lametro

A photo posted by Marci Liroff (@marciliroff) on

23 Jan 08:43


by mugumogu

This video rules


Maru wants to get on the box!

23 Jan 08:42

419-square-foot Pasadena cottage asks $389K

by Elijah Chiland

I found a house we can definitely afford!

It’s a studio with a loft space and its own yard

This oh-so-compact cabin in Pasadena was built in 1922 and is one of five micro-homes lined up alongside one another off of Holliston Avenue, close to Pasadena City College. The 419-square-foot residence is listed as a one-bedroom, but has the layout of a studio apartment with a newly-added loft space.

The living area features bamboo floors, a freshly installed skylight, and multiple glass-paneled doors leading to the small garden area outside. Meanwhile, the kitchen and bathroom have been recently remodeled with new countertops and appliances. So as not to take up valuable territory inside the home, the washer and dryer are both housed in an outdoor closet.

View of living area with loft above
Loft area
Kitchen and dining area

Per the listing, the home is listed as a condo on the title, but is fenced off from the neighboring homes and does not appear to come with any HOA dues. The lot it sits on is complete with a few patches of grassy lawn and gravel areas fit for outdoor seating. Asking price is $389,000.

Side yard
House with surrounding yard space
21 Jan 01:13


by mugumogu

holy shit


Hana:[Two big heads!]

When Shishimai dances, Hana disappears.

Shishimai:[This is a dance of the New Year!]

Shishimai:[Let’s dance together next!]
Maru:[I decline.]