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22 May 23:59

Apparent Howlin’ Ray’s Ripoff Hot Chicken Restaurant Springs Up in Australia

by Farley Elliott


It’s called Howlin’ Jay’s (seriously)

There seems to be a Howlin’ Ray’s ripoff restaurant preparing to make its debut soon, all the way out in Australia. Not only is the red-lettered eatery with the modern chicken logo preparing Nashville-style hot chicken, they’ve taken the name Howlin’ Jay’s.

Yep, Howlin’ Jay’s.

As if the rhyming name weren’t enough of a tell, you can see the similarities across the spectrum between the two brands. While the uber-popular Chinatown shop Howlin’ Ray’s has modified their logo and font over time, check the text in the back of this photo:

With the slightly thicker name logo over on Howlin’ Jay’s Instagram page.

Update: Howlin’ Jay’s deleted the previously-referenced photo, but does have this up now.

HOWLIN' JAY'S Coming in HOT. #howlincairns

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Of course, there’s nothing illegal about a different restaurant in Queensland, Australia serving their own version of Nashville hot chicken. Heck, the Dave’s Hot Chicken team in Thai Town offers a unique late night version themselves right here in Los Angeles, and were long fans of owners Johnny Ray and Amanda Zone before starting their street operation.

Howlin’ Jay’s seems to be the work of one man named James Burman, who also seems to own a spot called Jimmy’s Burger & Co. in the city of Cairns. Eater reached out to him on multiple fronts to ask about the similarities, but so far hasn’t heard back. The Zones don’t want to say much about it either, as they seem content to keep serving hours-long lines in Chinatown instead.

20 May 13:00

Vegans Angry at Umami for Serving the New Impossible Burger With Lots of Dairy

by Farley Elliott

We made a vegan burger that isn't vegan.

Plus a Frogtown closure and a Valley opening that involves tacos

Is Umami’s new Impossible burger actually vegan?

Apparently some vegans are running into issues when ordering the new Impossible Burger being rolled out across Umami Burgers in Los Angeles. The problem: They may think they’re getting a vegan burger, but that’s not actually the case.

Despite the patty itself being vegan, some meatless bloggers have reportedly run into issues because the bun, sauce, and parts of the finishing process are decidedly not so. Eater reached out to Umami to confirm, though regardless it is worth noting that the Impossible Burger team isn’t focused on making a fully vegan burger (bun and all), but instead catering to regular meat-eaters with a more sustainable and similar alternative. There was some apparent confusion when vegan bloggers got served Impossible Burgers with cheese on them at a recent event in Los Angeles, but Umami says only a handful of those in attendance even wanted their burgers made that way.

Here’s what Umami has to say:

The Impossible Burger patty was created entirely from plants making it vegan, yes, but it’s intent is for people who love meat, not vegans. It's a delicious option with sustainability benefits – using 95% less land, 74% less water and creates 87% less greenhouse gas emissions, while being 100% free of hormones, antibiotics, and artificial ingredients. While their standard preparation isn't vegetarian or vegan, it's easy to order it that way. We’d like to note, Umami Burger has never claimed that the Impossible Burger would be vegan, just the patty as created by Impossible Foods, is vegan.

Immigrant dinners

Momed in Atwater Village is making its own mark as a place for immigrants to come share their stories and feed people. As LA Times notes, the tucked-away eatery is doing a series of thoughtful dinners aimed at highlighting America’s immigrant issues.

Cascabel Taco Shop is live

Looks like an official opening this week for Cascabel Taco Shop in the Valley. The casual offshoot is now doing lunch right off Riverside Drive.

Tacolandia’s full reveal

The final, full lineup for this year’s Tacolandia party is live. The annual event lands this year on June 17, and includes some of the best and biggest names making tacos here and elsewhere, from All Flavor No Grease to the famed Zamora Bros.

Paella on the patio

Saturdays are about to get more interesting thanks to La Carmencita on Highland. The seafood-focused West Hollywood-adjacent space is starting their brunch this weekend, including an ongoing paella project that gets cooked off right on the patio.

Talking about tipping

Caroline Styne of the Lucques Group talks all things tipping, service charges, and back of house staffing in this new interview with the LA Times. It’s an interesting insider’s look at just how hard it still is to run a restaurant, even one as successful as the 19-year-old Lucques.

Elysian has closed

The quiet Elysian restaurant in Frogtown has closed for dinner, some six years after starting as a pop-up and occasional restaurant space. They leave behind the below note on social media, on their website.

19 May 22:45

Gratitude’s Luxury Vegan Cuisine Finds Beverly Hills on May 24

by Farley Elliott

We should go here for lunch

Turmeric cocktails, cashew cheese, and great vibes

Beverly Hills’ recent restaurant explosion continues with the imminent opening of Gratitude, a plant-based vegan temple from the Café Gratitude family. If they don’t hit any snags, the first day of service at the sunny indoor-outdoor space in the Golden Triangle will be May 24.

Much like the Newport Beach original version of this spinoff concept, expect organic produce and dairy-free fare from executive chef Dreux Ellis. The menu will actually overlap quite a bit with the even more casual Café Gratitude, with options for everything from kelp noodles to a full line of cocktails under beverage director Jason Eisner. That means after a hard day of shopping nearby, guests will be able to tuck into a patio seat for a turmeric mule made with alkaline vodka, ginger beer, and (you guessed it) turmeric that they process in-house.

One of the more gorgeous new restaurants slated to open this spring, Gratitude should add further weight to the Beverly Hills dining scene. Long a somewhat staid area for hotel restaurants, tourist traps, and the upscale gems like Spago, Maude, and Cut, the city-within-a-city has in recent years begun a campaign to draw in new life. Sushi Park is reportedly building out the basement of the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Jean-Georges is only a month or so away from opening inside the ritzy Waldorf Astoria, and even Rafael Nadal and Gabriel Iglesias are getting in on the action — all while places like Citizen and Ladurée churn through crowds nightly on their own.

419 N Canon Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA

18 May 00:56

Lavish ‘Dynasty’ mansion in Pasadena seeks $28M

by Bianca Barragan


The estate was the location of a mega-fight on the epic TV drama

WA stunning villa whose lily pond was once used for an infamous catfight scene in the 1980s drama Dynasty has hit the market looking well-preserved and glamorous—just like those ladies on the TV show. The Hollywood Reporter says the residence is listed for $28 million.

The estate, known as the Arden Villa, dates back much further than the 1980s. Built in 1913 for railroad and mining mogul William Kennon Jewett and his second wife, the house was designed by Marston and Van Pelt, a Pasadena-based firm that designed a number of lovely mansions in the area.

The main residence is spread across 13,000 square feet, and it still looks very much like a residence built for a Gilded Age railroad baron. There are herringbone wood floors in many rooms, a wealth of elaborate molding, seven fireplaces, and a dramatic staircase at the entrance.

The master suite includes a private sitting room and “dual spa style lavatories,” which reminds us of the old Saturday Night Live sketch called “The Lover’s Toilet.”

In all, the property measures about 3 acres, with gardens, a tennis court, a pool, a second residence with its own pool, and a driveway leading to the house that’s lined with 100 trees.

And for all the Dynasty fans out there who are wondering, yes, the lily pond where that famed fight scene between Krystle (Linda Evans) and Alexis Carrington (Joan Collins) “is still intact,” says the Reporter.

13 May 20:01

Goats return to Angels Flight in preparation for the iconic railway's reopening

by Bianca Barragan

Eat, goats, eat!

The trains are set to start running again this summer

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on May 11, 2017 and has been updated with the most recent information.

Like the swallows return to the Mission San Juan Capistrano, the goats returned to Angels Flight this week.

As the tradition goes, the goats are brought to chomp away at old brush, weeds, and anything that might be flammable in the area underneath the Angels Flight Railway, the iconic funicular that runs up and down Bunker Hill, between Hill and Olive.

In past years, the goats have also visited the hilly Angel’s Knoll park, right alongside Angels Flight. But that was not the case this year, says George Gonzales of Ranchito Tivo Boer Goats, the Chino-based company supplying the animals.

This year, the adorable goats are on Bunker Hill specifically to clean up Angels Flight in preparation for its scheduled reopening this summer.

The funicular has been out of service since 2013—but is set to get back up and running by Labor Day.

Gonzales says his company donated the service to Angels Flight Railway Foundation, the nonprofit that owns the landmark. The cars will be repainted and an emergency walkway will be added to the funicular before its reopening.

The tradition of using goats to do Angel’s Knoll brush clearance dates to 2008. Back then, the Los Angeles Times explained, “It only takes about a week for the goats to clear the knoll, and at no extra charge they fertilize the land naturally.”

The job is tailor-made for goats, who will famously eat anything, and can easily handle the sometimes steep terrain in the area around and beneath the railway.

Gonzales says that he had 26 goats working on the Angel’s Flight site since Monday. Today is their last day in Downtown.

See some of our favorite photos of the cute goats at work:

Fattest goats I have ever seen.

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Operation goat cleanup in process

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Oh, you know, just a herd of goats doing hillside clearance in #DTLA

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12 May 14:48

You’ve Never Seen Her But She’s Famous: the Voice of House Hunters

by Tara Bellucci

How can she resist saying "These people are terrible" every episode.

If you've ever sat down to watch an episode (or 47) of HGTV's House Hunters, then you've heard the voice of Andromeda Dunker. BuzzFeed chatted with the actor in her first extensive interview.


05 May 23:49

Remodeled 1940s house in Van Nuys’s historic district asks $535K

by Bianca Barragan

this house has a hot tub so that's cool.

Wood floors, corner windows, and a fancy water filtration system

Tucked into Van Nuys’s historic district, this two-bedroom house built in 1940 has 21st century updates that include drought-tolerant landscaping and reverse osmosis water system.

Inside, the living room and dining area’s corner windows light up the space. Wood floors run throughout the two communal rooms and the kitchen, which is open to dining area.

A large, rock-covered fireplace makes a statement in the master bedroom, where a sliding glass door opens to a patio. There are only 1.5 bathrooms, but the full bath is decked out with “ an oversized shower” with two shower heads.

Measuring 1,550 square feet, the house sits on a nearly 6,000-square-foot lot with a spa and a covered patio with water misters (perfect for those hot Valley summers). A one-car garage has also been converted into a “special workshop” space.

Public records show the house last sold in 2013 for $465,000. Now, it’s listed for $585,000.

05 May 22:16

Colorful 1950s Eagle Rock time capsule seeks $799K

by Bianca Barragan

the pink laundry room has to stay

Bold vintage floors and a pink laundry room

It’s the first time on the market in over three decades for this Eagle Rock midcentury home—and all of its cool vintage details are very well-preserved.

Large picture windows help the living room look downright expansive, while the kitchen is a blast from the past. Its cabinets look original, and there’s fun, patterned flooring that is likely linoleum. The kitchen has plenty of counter and cabinet space, and appears to get a good amount of sunlight.

Exciting flooring appears again in the family room, which holds a bar and fireplace.

Built in 1950, the house holds three bedrooms and almost two full bathrooms, which feature timelessly cool tile in minty green and pastel pink.

There’s also a large dedicated laundry room, painted bubblegum pink. (Were 1950s washers and dryers the size of old computers? This laundry room suggests yes.)

A terraced backyard overlooks the hills and treetops that line the surrounding streets.

Located about a half mile away from the Eagle Rock Trader Joe’s, the house is listed for $799,000.

03 May 19:09

New Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience to Debut in Disneyland Park

by Rachel Bshero

How long before they start selling booze?

There’s a new way to take in the Tomorrowland skyline at Disneyland park, from a unique point of view! To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Space Mountain at Disneyland Resort, a new lounge experience will debut in Tomorrowland on May 26.

New Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience to Debut in Disneyland Park

The new Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience features retro décor and desserts—both sweet and savory, as well as both hot and cold non-alcoholic beverages. The lounge area will be open to guests from 8-10 p.m. If a fireworks spectacular is scheduled, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse right from your seat.

New Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience to Debut in Disneyland Park

Your interstellar snack box will include:

  • Mickey Cloud Cake: Cream-filled sponge cake
  • Chocolate Eclipse: Cream-filled chocolate cake drenched in chocolate
  • Coconut Comet: Coconut-strawberry iced sponge cake filled with cream
  • Planetary Pie: Mini cherry-filled pie
  • Moon Rocks: Boursin herbed cheese, cream cheese, shredded cheddar and jack cheese, chives, pimentos, bacon

Cost is $45 for ages 3 and older, tax included. Reservations are now open, and can be booked by visiting or by calling 714-781-DINE.

02 May 22:04

Postcard-pretty Glendale cottage featured in ‘Westworld’ lists for $1.94M

by Pauline O'Connor

Should we move into the Westworld house?

The 1920s-era home is also on Glendale’s historic registry

This quaint cottage in Glendale’s Glenoaks Canyon will no doubt look familiar to fans of HBO’s Westworld. Built in the late 1920s, the French Country-style residence played a significant role in the multilayered sci-fi series as home to an android version of the Westworld theme park creator’s childhood family.

Known in real life as the Crowell-Saylor House, and listed on Glendale’s historic register, the cottage has just hit the market for only the third time since 1929. Although the five-bedroom, four-bath home appears frozen-in-time on the outside, its interior has been significantly updated.

Happily, there are many original details still in evidence, including extensive woodwork, steel casement windows, built-ins, crown moldings, several fireplaces, and period tile and fixtures in at least one bathroom.

The .41-acre property also contains a bar/sunroom, separate guest house, and mature ash, oak, and liquid amber trees. Asking price for the Mills Act-qualified residence is $1.94 million.

24 Apr 02:11

West Hollywood 2-bedroom in midcentury building asks $625K

by Bianca Barragan

If we lived here it would be a 10 minute (at most) commute!

A fenced-in patio and hardwood floors

Just north of Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, this fantastic condo in a midcentury building is spacious and bright. The 1,200-square-foot unit has a large living room and dining area that are connected via sizable sliding glass doors to a fenced-in patio.

The galley-style kitchen features checkerboard floors and a pass-through window that’s been purposed as bar seating for two.

The two bedrooms are carpeted (dig your toes into that pile!) while the two bathrooms—one of them attached to the master bedroom—have a cool, pastel palette.

Bonus: The complex has a pool.

Last sold in 2002 for $289,000, according to public records, the condo is now listed for $625,000, with $363 in monthly HOA dues.

20 Apr 22:42

Metro finds prehistoric camel bones under future Wilshire/La Brea station

by Elijah Chiland

They will find so many fossils as it moves past fairfax. I'm surprised they don't have tar geysers daily on that portion.

The station is proving to be a rich source of fossils

Crews at work on the first phase of the Purple Line extension have uncovered more prehistoric fossils dating back to the ice age.

As The Source reports, paleontologists supervising excavation of the future Wilshire/La Brea subway station have identified bones that once belonged to an ancient camel and either a mastodon or mammoth.

Past work on both the Red and Purple Line subway routes has already yielded a trove of artifacts from Los Angeles’s prehistoric past. Most recently, workers stumbled upon a collection of ancient elephant bones, also discovered at the Wilshire/La Brea site.

Even the under-construction Crenshaw/LAX Line, which will run underground through Leimert Park, has proven to be a solid source of geologic relics. Last year, workers found an ancient bison bone beneath the future Martin Luther King Jr. station.

Paleontologists with Cogstone Resource Management have taken the latest fossil’s to the company’s Riverside lab for further analysis, but they’ll eventually be donated to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

18 Apr 22:11

Los Angeles home comparison: What $525K buys you right now

by Elijah Chiland

All of these are way too far from my work but some are cute.

That’s the median sale price in LA County

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, where we explore what you can rent or buy for a certain dollar amount in various LA 'hoods. We've found five homes and condos within $10,000 of today’s price: $525,000. That just so happens to be the median sale price in LA County, so these homes ought to be fairly representative of the options available to average homebuyers.

View of house from front lawn
Living room with fireplace
Remodeled kitchen

↑ Here’s a recent flip in 2016 Curbed Cup winner Leimert Park. The 1920s bungalow has two bedrooms and one bath, with 984 square feet of floor space. The sellers purchased the house in September, and since then they’ve given the place a fresh paint job, updated the kitchen and bathroom, and refinished the hardwood floors. Asking price is $529,000.

View of home from driveway
Living area and front entrance

↑ This 780-square-foot home in Eagle Rock has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a roomy living area and tiled entry way. Built on a 2,500-square-foot lot, there isn’t room for all that much else, though a detached single car garage offers potential for use as an office or workshop. Asking price is $519,000.

Front of house with attached garage
Open living space and kitchen

↑ A newly constructed home within LA city limits for under $530,000? Yep, it’s a thing—just a little far from the city center in harbor-adjacent Wilmington. The four-bedroom residence isn’t terribly exciting from a design perspective, but it’s got 1,957 square feet of living space, an attached two-car garage, and a backyard. Asking price is $529,000.

Dining room looking into living area

↑ Not interested in the demands of single family homeownership? How about this one-bedroom condo in Little Tokyo? It’s got 836 square feet of living space, a modern kitchen, and a small balcony overlooking the building’s tranquil central garden. HOA dues of $345 per month help to cover amenities including a gym, sauna, and two parking spaces. Asking price is $525,000.

View of home with bright red door
Bedroom with glass sliding door
Living room with kitchen to the left

↑ This four-bedroom home in Panorama City was built in 1949 and some recent-looking renovations have really brought out its midcentury vibe. The 1,404-square-foot house has two bathrooms and some grassy outdoor space accessible from several different rooms, including the updated kitchen. Asking price is $529,000.

17 Apr 10:10

Beachwood Canyon midcentury modern with bohemian feel asking $1.399M

by Bianca Barragan

sadly we don't have $1 million extra fro this house :(

Midcentury mixed with some earthy touches

This three-bedroom house at the eastern edge of Beachwood Canyon was built around 1961, and as can be seen from the outside, it has some of the hallmarks associated with the era, especially its walls of glass.

Inside, there is a groovy, earthy bohemian feel. How is there not a single macrame wall hanging in here?

The living room features a brick, wood-burning fireplace and expansive floor-to-ceiling windows that, like many of the windows in the house, have a soothing view of the nearby hillsides.

In the kitchen, there are butcher block counter tops, an enormous sink, and plenty of windows. The color of the wood is perfectly complemented by the red clay color of the floor tiles in the room.

The master bedroom features double doors that offer direct access to the yard.

Gated and set back off the street, the house is private and ringed by landscaping. There’s a concrete patio set up for dining, and a few other outdoor nooks set up for lounging and enjoying the view.

Last sold in 2012 for $927,500, public records show, it’s now listed for $1.399 million.

16 Apr 18:09

Wildly extravagant manor in the Hollywood Hills asks $5.25M

by Elijah Chiland

this house is pretty weird.

Columns, chandeliers, and a 16th century staircase

Looking to make a real statement with your next real estate purchase? May we humbly submit this brightly-colored chateau in the Hollywood Hills for your consideration. Constructed in 1995, the 3,006-square-foot residence features neon blue shutters lining the exterior walls, and even less subdued design features on the interior.

Per the listing, the French Renaissance-inspired residence includes showy features like a 16th century marble staircase (apparently borrowed from an abbey in Spain), a 17th century fireplace, 19th century floors, and an 18th century Baccarat chandelier. There are also expansive murals, painted ceilings, and a different color scheme in nearly every room.

Master bedroom with green walls and painted ceiling
Bedroom with pink patterned wallpaper
Living room with stone columns

Other curiosities include stone columns, a wine cellar, a library (which appears to be outfitted with dummy books that disguise a pair of double doors), and a kitchen dumbwaiter.

Kitchen with large center island
Bathroom with oil painting

The home is located just off Mulholland Drive northwest of the entrance to Runyon Canyon Park. Fortress-like enough to have been nicknamed “La Bastide” (French for either a country house or a walled town), the four-bedroom home makes the most of a relatively small 5,034-square-foot lot. The grounds also include a two-car garage, swimming pool, and pergola-shaded pool deck.

View of home from a distance

On and off the market for the past couple years, the house is now asking $5.25 million.

15 Apr 00:51

Places: L’Hôtel Marrakech, Morocco

by Felicity

I want to go to there

14 Apr 00:32

The 23 Hottest Happy Hours in Los Angeles, Spring 2017

by Farley Elliott

The best happy hour deals around

Spring has officially sprung, which means there's no better time to sneak out a little early for a stop at one great happy hour or another in Los Angeles. All over the city, bars and restaurants are offering steeply discounted options for full-on dining, grazing with friends, or just grabbing a beer solo on the way home.

Luckily there's no shortage of great alternatives for happy hour dining and drinking right in your very own neighborhood, from glamorous Koreatown newcomers to laid back Santa Monica wine bars. Here now are the best places to slip in for an early evening (or all night long) happy hour bite.

13 Apr 20:45

Petersen Automotive Museum gets roasted by comedian Alex Mesrobian

by Jenna Chandler

check out these mike huckabee jokes.

“If Steve Buscemi were a museum, he’d be the Petersen.” 

The Petersen Automotive Museum won an architecture award this week, and instead of letting it have this moment, we’re going to have some fun.

If you’ve never been to the museum, you’ve undoubtedly noticed its fearless facade on Wilshire Boulevard, glowing red and wrapped in steel ribbons. It’s been likened to the Guy Fieri and Michael Bay of buildings.

In October, Los Angeles-based writer and stand-up comedian Alex Mesrobian roasted the Petersen at a live comedy show dissing some of the worst buildings in Los Angeles—and won. His pithy one-liners were scathing. Below are 10 of our favorites.

The exterior design is horrendous. It’s so ugly. If Steve Buscemi were a museum, he’d be the Petersen.

The structure is basically a silver and red plop. This is what it would look like if the Terminator had a period.

It has this weird red/orange glow. It looks like a giant, radioactive Donald Trump toupee.

This building is so harmful to your health, a cigarette looked at it the other day and lost 11 minutes of its life.

The remodeled Petersen is just a year old. And just like a one-year-old: it’s sloppy, unbalanced, and should’ve been aborted months ago.

It’s located in the Mid-Wilshire district in an area known as the Miracle Mile. The only miracle is that anybody comes within a mile of this place.

This building is so annoying. If the Petersen Museum were a genre of music it’d be reggaeton.

It’s almost as if they received an MRI of Charlie Sheen’s head, and they were like, “Let’s make that.”

This building is so ugly King Kong wouldn’t climb it.

The structure houses cars, which is ironic considering you should drive as far away from it as possible.

12 Apr 01:38

Light up your visit to the Epcot China Pavilion with a new photo prop from Disney PhotoPass Service

by bmiratsky

I don't even remember what I drank in the China pavilion.

The China Pavilion is one of my favorite places to unwind and relax at Epcot. The serene landscapes, tranquil ponds, intricate architecture, and soothing music create an environment that’s so calming and immersive you feel as though you’ve been completely transported from Central Florida.

Light up your visit to the Epcot China Pavilion with a new photo prop from Disney PhotoPass Service Light up your visit to the Epcot China Pavilion with a new photo prop from Disney PhotoPass Service

These elaborate details obviously make this a beautiful place to take photos, so I’m excited to share that Disney PhotoPass Service is now offering a new way for you to take home a remarkable keepsake of your visit into our “Forbidden City.”

Every evening beginning at 7:30 p.m. (weather permitting), a Disney PhotoPass photographer stationed at the China Pavilion will offer this special prop that you can include in your photos!

Light up your visit to the Epcot China Pavilion with a new photo prop from Disney PhotoPass Service Light up your visit to the Epcot China Pavilion with a new photo prop from Disney PhotoPass Service
Light up your visit to the Epcot China Pavilion with a new photo prop from Disney PhotoPass Service Light up your visit to the Epcot China Pavilion with a new photo prop from Disney PhotoPass Service

You can purchase photos taken with this prop individually or receive unlimited digital downloads of all your vacation photos from Disney PhotoPass Service by purchasing Memory Maker before, during or after your visit to Walt Disney World Resort.

Memory Maker includes photos taken during the Memory Maker window and linked to the Memory Maker guest’s Disney account. A MagicBand is required to receive certain attraction photos and other digital content. Photos and other digital content will expire pursuant to the expiration policy. Valid theme park admission required for certain photo locations. Memory Maker is subject to Memory Maker terms and, if applicable, Family & Friends terms. Not responsible for missing, lost or damaged photos.

12 Apr 00:29

Bathing My Dogs and Cats

by Martha Stewart

My favorite Martha blogs are her bathing the cats because they look so angry.

It's bath time for the dogs and cats. My pets are brushed and checked for ticks every day, but they are all very active and need regular bathing [&hellip...
31 Mar 10:19

Eggslut Scrambles Up the Glendale Breakfast Game This Week

by Farley Elliott

I'll believe it when they actually open.

Alvin Cailan’s breakfast concept just pulled back the curtain

Breakfast brand Eggslut’s third local expansion — this one into Glendale, across the street from the Americana — has been a long time coming. Among the first concepts to announce itself along redone Brand Boulevard, the restaurant has been far and away the last to come to life. In fact, just until the past couple of days, you couldn’t even see inside because of a tall construction barrier.

Now the facade has been peeled back, and word from folks inside is that Eggslut will start serving softly as of this coming Thursday. Staff is being trained up and some rounds of mock service are going down in the space right next to Shake Shack, so you know they’re close.

 Farley Elliott
Eggslut Glendale

The Glendale expansion should help to continue to ease lines at the massively popular original stall at Grand Central Market. A previously opened outlet in Venice has done much the same, and the company’s far-flung expansion into the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas is a beast unto itself. If all goes well, expect to start chowing down on those delicious egg sandwiches by Thursday.

Eggslut Glendale
252 S. Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA

Eater Video: Eggslut's Amazing Breakfast Sandwich

28 Mar 01:04

Rustic biker bar near Santa Clarita asking $449K

by Jeff Wattenhofer

Finally, my dreams of owning a cheap biker bar can be a reality.

The Big Oaks Lodge hosted bikers, boxers, and ‘Beverly Hills 90210’

The Big Oaks Lodge is tucked nearly five miles into the Angeles National Forest, a bar-restaurant-retreat that’s served as an oasis for bikers, boxers, and the Hollywood elite for almost a century. Now Big Oaks looks to write a new chapter in its already varied history.

The Big Oaks Lodge has just hit the market, asking $449,000. The property’s 3,000 square feet of space includes a bar with a complete kitchen, a patio kitchen with grill and pizza oven, and three rental units on site. The buyer would also acquire the lodge’s Type 47 liquor license and catering license.

Built in the 1920s as a rest stop for traveling stagecoaches, Big Oaks Lodge was a favorite of famed gangster “Pretty Boy” Floyd, actor W.C Fields, and Hollywood’s original power couple, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks.

By the 1980s, things were a little rough and tumble at the Big Oaks Lodge. Afternoons were all about boxers and bikers, with motorcyclists guzzling brews at the bar, watching aspiring fighters train outside. No bouncers were needed, according to the bartender at the time, as he had a loaded shotgun and a German shepherd named Dukers to ward off trouble. Motorcycles would gradually disappear from the parking lot as the day waned, replaced with the cars of diners in search of classic American cooking.

For the next few decades, Big Oaks Lodge would continue to serve its biker and diner clientele, with the occasional film and TV shoot (Beverly Hills 90210, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) adding a bit of Hollywood.

The Beverly Hills 90210 gang reacts to seemingly shocking news outside the Big Oaks Lodge.

In late October 2016, a six-month road closure squeezed the lodge’s business. Just one week in, owner Diana White told the Santa Clarita Valley Signal, “The situation is dire.” It appears the dramatic decrease in traffic may have finally done it in.

22 Mar 23:35

The end is near for Eagle Rock’s unsightly ‘Pillarhenge’

by Jeff Wattenhofer

The pictures don't do it justice because it is much uglier in real life.

New housing is set to replace the neighborhood eyesore

Pillarhenge—the remains of an unfinished recession-era housing development that went belly up—has been a thorn in the side of Eagle Rock residents for nine years now.

But today brings good news for the Pillarhenge haters.

Eastsider LA reports that new housing is headed to the lot. Plans have been filed with the city to construct a 26-unit mixed use development on the site, with 24 market rate units and two units of very low income housing.

After a mixed use project planned for the site was abandoned in 2008, the remains of that development drew the ire of residents and inspired a Facebook group dedicated to removing the blight.

Hopes were lifted in early 2016 when the site found a buyer for $1.9 million, but no word emerged on the fate of Pillarhenge for the rest of the year.

 Google Maps
The sun sets over the ancient ruins of “Pillarhenge”

Project renderings and a timeline for construction for newly proposed housing complex have not been made available yet, but for now it appears Pillarhenge is headed for the history books.

20 Mar 21:19

Touched up East Hollywood bungalow asks $697K

by Jenna Chandler

I really hate house flippers who install two shelves in the kitchen instead of upper cabinets.

Two bedrooms, a new kitchen, and a backyard

This Spanish-style bungalow in East Hollywood is returning to the market looking spiffier than it did one year ago, when it was last for sale.

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom was scooped up for $440,004 last spring. The owner has reinvigorated the property by installing a new fence and landscaping, applying fresh coats of paint, and redoing the kitchen with new cabinets, marble counters, appliances, and turquoise vinyl floors.

 Google Maps
The house in May 2016.

But in the living room, dining room, and bedrooms, the original oak hardwood floors and built-ins are still intact, and they bring the charm.

Outside, there’s a verdant lawn and a new wood deck, plus a detached single car garage.

Built in 1920, the home, which measures 1,132 square feet, is now listed for $697,653.

17 Mar 00:17

Kendall Jenner's Hollywood Hills Home Reportedly Robbed Of $200K In Valuables

by Layla Halabian

I want this to be the blind ring 2.0 so badly.

Kendall Jenner's Hollywood Hills Home Reportedly Robbed Of $200K In Valuables The fashion-runway favorite had purchased the home from Emily Blunt and John Krasinski in July. [ more › ]
17 Mar 00:16

L.A. Has A Serial Dine-And-Dasher (Yes, He's On Bumble)

by Annie Lloyd

this story is great. guy meets women at fucking BJs and leaves them with the check.

L.A. Has A Serial Dine-And-Dasher (Yes, He's On Bumble) Local dine-and-dasher leaves another Bumble date footing the bill. [ more › ]
16 Mar 23:46

This Woman in China Might Have the Least Sad Desk Lunch in the World

by Mayukh Sen

I'll make noodles from scratch at my desk. good idea

Must an office desk lunch be sad? No; of course not. We’ve spent years debunking this fiction, traveling across the country showing companies far and near just how happy a desk lunch can be if done with love.

Someone's encroaching on our turf, though. She goes by “Little Ye,” and, as of January, she’s a sensation on YouTube, with her videos circulating across Chinese social network Weibo. She's amassed a truckload of followers: 45,000 and counting.

Her videos hew to a similar narrative pattern: They usually begin with shots of office drones droning away at computers, silent and heads-down, before Little Ye gets to work. She scrounges around the office for any supplies she can find and turn into makeshift cooking tools, from clothes irons to Pepsi cans; computer casings become pancake friers. She preps noodles atop bunsen burners, prepping literal feasts, and her coworkers go on with their days as if nothing’s going on.

Impressive, no? Really thought we had this Not Sad Desk Lunch thing down. Ugh. We’ve got to start upping our game!

15 Mar 22:12

Blind Items Revealed #5

by Enty


March 1, 2017

This A/A- list very smart model lost her cool when a pap kept taunting her about her Oscar dress and how the Goopster had worn it five years earlier.

Karlie Kloss

06 Mar 09:48

Stylish one-bedroom in Los Feliz asks only $539K

by Jenna Chandler

the size of that tub is depressing me

For only 480 square feet

A price of $539,000 for 480 square feet is not a bargain by any reasonable measure. But finding a single family home at that price in Los Feliz is increasingly rare, even if the pad is tiny. And that’s what we have here at 1747 North New Hampshire Avenue.

At least the darling bungalow, built in 1921, requires no fixing up. It’s lathered in white paint and decked out in subway tiles, glossy countertops, and on-trend light fixtures. It holds one bedroom and one bathroom in an open floor plan that also fits a kitchen, small living room, and dining area with pitched ceilings.

There’s no back yard, but there is fenced-in font yard with gravel and concrete pavers and enough room for a sitting area.

What it lacks in space, it makes up for in location. It’s walking distance to shops, restaurants, and bars on Hillhurst and Vermont avenues, as well as to Griffith Park and Barnsdall Park.

03 Mar 22:05

18 photos of dogs enjoying LA parks

by Bianca Barragan

dogs in parks

Let’s all live vicariously through these perfect pups

With the warm and sunny weather, it feels like spring is already here. Thanks to a bunch of rain this winter, wildflowers are popping up everywhere from Griffith Park in Los Feliz to Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area in Baldwin Hills, and hillsides are ridiculously verdant where once they were sad and brown.

If the sunshine, 70-degree temperatures, and colorful flora aren’t enough of a reason to get outside and into the city’s gorgeous parks, perhaps the final push can come from seeing happy dogs meeting friends, sniffing things, and panting heavily with the satisfaction that only a brisk hike can bring.

Whether off leash or on, in a designated area or not, adorable dogs always play a role in the backdrop of any city park. We’ve rounded up 18 of the best pictures of dogs across the area taking advantage of these public resources and of LA’s famously wonderful climate. Enjoy!

  1. A puggle in Griffith Park, just east of the tennis courts by the Greek Theatre.

The hills are alive with the sound of panting. #spring #puggle #wildflowers #griffithpark #dogstagram

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2. This terrier named Chelsea is getting her paws muddy in Ernest E. Debs Park.

3. This Doodle is focused on the road ahead in Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area.

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4. Over in Runyon Canyon, Elvis the Chihuahua and his buddy Clarence are working off all the treats they ate at last weekend.

5. This little dog looks like he’s going to get blown away in Ascot Hills Park.

6. This Pitbull pup named Lillie is hoofin’ it through Elysian Park.

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7. This little mutt did not expect scary turtles in the pond at Ernest E. Debs park.

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8. Who among us has not felt this way at the end of a Runyon Canyon hike?

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9. This older pooch is catching some rays at Lake Balboa Park.

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10. This Doodle named Charcoal is quenching his thirst at Grand Park.

11. This pack at Wildwood Canyon Park looks pretty ruff.

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12. This Boston Terrier, obviously a seasoned hiker, looks a little pooped at Will Rogers State Historic Park.

Trail dog

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13. This Shiba Inu in Franklin Canyon Park is going to win this staring contest.

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14. This Shihtzu is really thinking about taking the whole bench for himself.

15. These puppy pals at Angels Gate Park have all the fluff of an 80s hair band.

Always making friends.

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16. This Chocolate Lab is camouflaged with the rocks at Portuguese Bend Reserve.

"Beach Dog"

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17. Obi Wan Kenobi the Pug is the star of an independent film shooting on location at the Echo Park Lake.

18. This spotted little pup named Pepper is taking a break from skateboarding to chill on the lawn at Barnsdall Park.

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