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22 Mar 15:50

eggs in purgatory, puttanesca-style

by deb

the whole point of eggs in purgatory is to not make the sauce yourself!

eggs in purgatory, puttanesca-style

If the theme of late here is simple, cozy meals we can assemble even when we’re not, perhaps, having the most well-rested, worry-free weeks ever, we are unquestionably overdue for a conversation about eggs in purgatory, aka Italian-style huevos rancheros/shakshuka. Plus, what could be more appropriately uplifting during Holy Week than a dish that celebrates hell, or the imminent threat of it? What, you say, one that also celebrates the oldest profession? Oh honey, we’re in.

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27 Apr 03:25

Echo Park House With Zero Redeeming Qualities is Asking $770k

by Elijah Chiland

our friends ben and claudia live next door to this hell hole.

Features include rotted floors, toxic waste, and possible fines from the city

In the booming Echo Park housing market, it's hard to imagine a four-bedroom house lingering for sale for long. But if any house in the hip and historic neighborhood is up to that formidable task, it's this one. Perhaps the listing copy is written in the interest of transparency, but it reads like a laundry list of (very compelling) reasons to stay away from this rather extraordinary apparent money pit. Right off the bat, the listing description lets buyers know the asking price of $770,000 is a "top price" that the owner is looking for to avoid a short sale. So, you know, enjoy the opportunity to overpay before the price drops.

Toilet in Echo Park home Toilet in Echo Park home

Judging from the appalling photos (we're sincerely hoping that's just a rust stain in the inexplicable toilet picture), it definitely seems like the house is far from move-in ready. Still, it could have potential as a fixer-upper. Not so fast, says the listing. The house is probably "a tear down due to the old age and illegal has many violations and fines. Roof and structure is rotted and sagging, interior floors are weak and rotted, illegal electrical and plumbing." Ok, ok. That's pretty bad. But what about the land itself? "Possible toxic material stored in the yard," replies the listing. "Maybe toxic material under part of the units also."

So, assuming a buyer can afford to purchase the house, knock it down, clear up any problems with the city, and remove any and all toxic waste, isn't there some potential for the 6,750-square-foot lot just off of Park Drive? Nope. "Lot is not level and not all usable. Small lot," concludes the listing description. It may be that this is some bizarre social experiment in the use of reverse psychology to sell real estate (or a litmus test for just how hot the Echo Park market has become), but for now, we'd say this one is a stay-away.

Floor in Echo Park home Floor in Echo Park home

Exterior of Echo Park home Exterior of Echo Park home

Sink in Echo Park home Sink in Echo Park home

Backyard of Echo Park home Backyard of Echo Park home
22 Apr 17:55

Purple Rain Falling For Prince in LACMA's 'Rain Room' Today

by Adrian Glick Kudler

of course the purple rain happens less than a week after we go to the rain room

The artists requested that their installation rain purple today in honor of Prince

nothing more to say. #ripprince #rainroom @lacma #mylaexperience #purplerain #hollywood

A photo posted by valentinaschwanden (@valentin_aschwanden) on

Last night on Twitter, art collective Random International asked for purple rain in its "Rain Room" today, in honor and memory of Prince. The piece, a room full of rain from above that lets up only where there are people below, is installed at LACMA, which was happy to oblige. The results are ethereal and sexy, just like Prince would've wanted. "Rain Room" is set to end its first run this weekend and will reopen after some conservation work on May 19.

#purple #rain #rainroom

A photo posted by Ghislaine Salabert-Mougin (@apiamphotos) on

Home Sweet Home: The art of architectural design

19 Apr 18:20

Kogi Taqueria Opens Right This Very Second in Palms

by Farley Elliott

I still like kogi

Soft opening this week, official opening on Saturday

It’s been a long time coming for Kogi Taqueria, the first standalone space from Roy Choi’s Kogi team, which helped to launch a food truck revolution more than half a decade ago. It’s also a coming home of sorts for the Palms neighborhood and Choi himself, whose empire has grown extensively over those same years. There was, for quite a while, a Chego nearby where the new Kogi Taqueria sits, and when it left for Chinatown, Choi promised he’d be back some day. Now he’s made good.

As of 11 a.m. today, the shop is open for business, doing soft hours from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. most days of the week, with truncated hours to 9 p.m. on Sundays (and they’re closed on Mondays to boot). That means that after years away from the neighborhood, Palms denizens can now enjoy Choi’s brand of LA-specific cooking right on Overland Avenue again.

In his Instagram opening report, Choi says that the soft opening only applies to this week, as the team looks to "work out the kinks." Come Saturday though the place will be ‘official’, as it were, which means that hopefully they’ll have things running smoothly and guests will be able to fill their bodies with as many perfectly-realized short rib tacos and blackjack quesadillas as they please.

As for the menu, expect much of what the truck has been offering for years, including those iconic tacos. They’ll have a few more filling options to go around this time, alongside newer alternatives like a tofu and citrus salad and wings. Head over now if you’re hungry, the team will be serving all day, and (at least for the moment) Choi himself is on site.

Kogi Taqueria
3500 Overland Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

Update: here's the menu for your perusal

Kogi Menu

21 Apr 09:02


by mugumogu

I can't believe they put a rain coat on this cat and he is just cool with it.

Maru and rain jacket.
08 Mar 18:20

The 'Ramen Pass' Has Returned To Grace Us With Delicious Half-Off Noodles

by Juliet Bennett Rylah


The 'Ramen Pass' Has Returned To Grace Us With Delicious Half-Off Noodles It's that time again where you can score half-off bowls of ramen all over Southern California. [ more › ]

10 Mar 18:52

Griffith Park Mountain Lion is 'Prime Suspect' in LA Zoo Koala Murder

by Bianca Barragan

The exploits of this one mountain lion are very fascinating to me

The mountain lion has been sneaking into the zoo and was seen there on the night the koala was killed

A Los Angeles Zoo koala in the wrong place at the wrong time. A mountain lion with a known history of entering the zoo at night. These are the characters in an LA noir tale that's playing out at the zoo in Griffith Park after a koala was found "mauled to death" on March 3, reports City News Service. The "prime suspect" is Griffith Park's most famous predator, the P-22 mountain lion, says the zoo's director.

Last month, video footage revealed that P-22 was sneaking into the zoo at night—something that no one had known he was doing. Even more damning: "he was also seen the night the koala disappeared," the zoo's director says. Of course, as the LA Times notes, "in the legal world, [this would all] be called circumstantial evidence."

"We don’t know how he’s getting in or how he’s getting out," says the director, but since the koala's murder, zoo workers have taken extra safety precautions for the animals, locking them up in special enclosures at night. The koalas are off public display entirely.

This behavior isn't out of character for a mountain lion. A National Park Service official told NBC4 (via LAT) that "This wouldn’t be an example of him behaving aggressively or abnormally. Whether it’s exotic pets or exotic animals," like a koala, which isn't even supposed to be here in LA, "or our own domestic pets, we need to make sure they’re in safe enclosures or brought in at night."

Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell spoke out after the killing, stating that he believes this is evidence that P-22 should be relocated to "a safer, more remote wild area." But the zoo's director feels otherwise. "There’s a lot of native wildlife in this area. This is their home. So we’ll learn to adapt to P-22 just like he’s learned to adapt to us."

Just a few years ago, P-22 was in a bad place, suffering what was thought to be the effects of rat poison and a serious case of mange. He's since recovered, though city life is rough for a mountain lion. P-22's Twitter feed tweeted a confession and a fairly positive review of the koala.

10 Mar 08:00

Night Owls Will Flock To Sleepless: The Music Center After Hours

by Sponsor

hmm...interesting. I may want to check this out.

Night Owls Will Flock To Sleepless: The Music Center After Hours [ more › ]

02 Mar 15:47

Disneyland Food and Wine Festival Event Booking Now Available!

by AJ

Bill, for only $150 you get to have a meet and greet with Guy Fieri.

You KNOW how excited I am about the return of the Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival, right? Well, if you’re with me on that — and can’t wait ’til it starts NEXT MONTH (!!!!!) — I’m happy to let you know that booking is now available for the Festival events!


Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival Events

There are currently two types of bookable events at the Festival this year: the Beverage Seminars and the Celebrity Kitchen events. Both can currently be booked at and require pre-payment.

Beverage Seminars

DCAFWF Beverage Seminars are built to showcase the art and science behind some of the world’s most popular adult beverages. Up to 75 guests will enjoy a 45-minute lesson led by an expert winemaker, sommelier, brewmaster or industry expert. The outdoor seminars take place on the Sonoma Terrace at Golden Vine Winery and include up to 3 sample tastings!

When:   Fridays: 2:00, 4:00 & 6:00 PM
Saturdays: 12:00, 2:00, 4:00 & 6:00 PM
Sundays: 12:00, 2:00, 4:00 & 6:00 PM
Where:  Sonoma Terrace, located at Golden Vine
Winery, Disney California Adventure Park
Price:    $15 per person, plus tax

See a full list of Beverage Seminar dates, times, and presenters here!

Disneyland Food and Wine Festival Beverage Seminar

Disneyland Food and Wine Festival Beverage Seminar

Celebrity Kitchen

On Stage 17, celebrity chefs like Robert Irvine and Guy Fieri will entertain the audience with a 90-minute demonstration from a demonstration kitchen on the main stage.

Chef's Showcase Stage in DCA

Chef’s Showcase Stage in DCA

The chefs currently scheduled for Celebrity Kitchen include:

  • April 2 – Robert Irvine – Restaurant: Impossible
  • April 9 – Andrew Sutton – Executive Chef, Disneyland Resort Signature Dining (1:00 PM only)
  • April 9 – Guy Fieri – Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (5:00 PM only)
  • April 16 – Keegan Gerhard – Food Network Challenge
  • April 23 – TBD
  • April 30 – Graham Elliot – MasterChef, MasterChef Junior

When: Saturdays, 1:00 & 5:00 PM
Where: Stage 17, Disney California Adventure Park
Price: $99 per person, plus tax and gratuity

Theme park admission plus additional fee required. Subject to restrictions and change or cancellation without notice. Booking is now available at

Celebrity Kitchen VIP Experience for Disneyland Annual Passholders

If you’re a Disneyland Passholder and are interested in hobnobbing with your favorite celebrity chef up close and personal, you can take advantage of the Celebrity Kitchen VIP Experience.

Touch Base with Keegan Gerhard

Touch Base with Keegan Gerhard

This $149/person (plus tax) experience includes:

  • A VIP autograph session with the Celebrity Chef
  • Front-of-house priority seating at the Celebrity Kitchen event, and
  • A special festival gift

Interested passholders must book this one by phone by calling (714) 781-DINE or (714) 781-3463. Guests under 18 must have parent or guardian permission to call.

Theme park admission plus additional fee required. Subject to restrictions and change or cancellation without notice. A valid Annual Passport is required at check-in to take part in the VIP experience.  Annual Passholder blockout dates still apply.

We’ve got our events all booked — how about you??

Check out our Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival page for more details and events!

Disney Food Blog Fans, be sure to check out our DFB Disney World Dining Guide e-Books! Find great deals at! Also, come on over and:

23 Feb 17:20

Blind Items Revealed #3

by Enty

This is pretty juicy, IMO


May 17, 2015


A studio executive nearly got into a fistfight with this A+ list mostly movie director. Apparently the fight centered around the premise that the director should have focused more on his movie and less on trying to sleep with the A+ list mostly movie actor who was starring in it.

Gus Van Sant/Matthew McConaughey

24 Feb 23:00


by mugumogu

These action shots are amazing


Hana can open the curtain.


Hana can stand with her tail.

Hana:[Just kidding!]

25 Feb 18:00

Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters to Open March 7 at Disney California Adventure Park

by Erin Glover
Kristen can't throw anything at people on this ride it looks like.

As we told you last year, Luigi has invited his cousins from Carsoli, Italy, to Radiator Springs for a special celebration! Today, I’m very eccitata to tell you that the celebration will begin when Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters, presented by Alamo, opens March 7 at Disney California Adventure park.

Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters at Disney California Adventure Park Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters at Disney California Adventure Park

In this all-new attraction, Luigi will turn the tire storage yard behind his Casa Della Tires into a dance floor! Cars Land guests will be able to ride along with Luigi’s cousins as they move and spin to upbeat Italian music, performing the traditional dances of their hometown village.

Each dancing car will have its own high-spirited personality and signature dance moves – making every ride unpredictable, as you won’t know which way they will turn and spin next! Take a look at how Walt Disney Imagineering created this carefully choreographed dance in this behind-the-scenes video:

Join the dance yourself when Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters opens March 7.

23 Feb 02:27

First Construction Photos of Pedestrian Bridge From Red Line to Universal City

by Bianca Barragan

We can't move our office to the lot until this is finished :(. I was there last week and they appear to be almost finished.

The controversial crossing is really coming together

The controversial (for a pedestrian bridge) crossing now under construction to connect the Red Line with Universal Studios is shaping up nicely. These January 9 photos from Metro show progress on the bridge as it gears up for its April opening. The new bridge, which will span part of the intersection of Lankershim and Universal Hollywood Drive/Campo de Cahuenga, will ideally get some foot traffic from Metro riders hoping to get in to see the new Harry Potter-themed attraction at Universal Studios, and the timing of the two new additions opening around the same time is no mistake.

The bridge, designed by Rios Clementi Hale Studios, will connect three of the four corners of the intersection, and in doing so, link the Universal/Studio City subway stop with a stop for the Universal Studios shuttle bus. It will not, however, connect to a bus hub on the fourth corner of the intersection, which was a point of contention for bridge opponents. (They also didn't like the heftier-than-originally-expected pricetag for the project, or the fact that by removing pedestrians from the streets, it basically yields the public space to cars instead of encouraging them to share, plus does nothing to activate the street.)

A view of the pedestrian bridge from across the street. A view of the pedestrian bridge from across the street.
A photo of the not-quite-complete part of the pedestrian bridge where walkers enter the bridge. A photo of the not-quite-complete part of the pedestrian bridge where walkers enter the bridge.
20 Feb 00:00

Show Your Political Stance with These Hilarious, Hairy Socks

by Ashley Tibbits

the trump socks are great

Sure, bumper stickers are cool but the raddest way to rep your presidential hopeful is on your feet—literally. Gumball Poodle's Bernie and Trump "hairy" socks (complete with each of their signature 'dos) have gained massive popularity since they premiered at Las Vegas's Magic tradeshow just a few days ago.

Though the $30 socks will not officially be available for purchase until March 2nd (via the site here), their Facebook debut has already earned over 200,000 views. Whether you're Feelin' the Bern or more of a Trump-er (btw, where are the Hil socks?), you'll wanna snag your pair before they're gone, so stay tuned to the site and place your order as soon as they launch—since we imagine their high-demand could cause a quick sell-out.

19 Feb 18:31

18 Amazing Breakfast Sandwiches in LA, Breakfast Week Edition

by Keyla Vasconcellos

I want to eat at all these places.

Do you like bacon? A sunny side or scrambled egg? House-made bread? Keep reading.

If you're out at brunch and the first thing you do is peruse the menu for a buttery and cheesy breakfast sandwich, then this guide should facilitate your options. Whether it be something more traditional with a homemade biscuit and bacon, or something different and new school, there's something here for the breakfast sandwich fiend in all of us. This list is presented in alphabetical order.

Added: Rose Cafe, Sqirl, District 3, Connie & Ted's, Top Round Roast Beef, Love & Salt


15 Feb 17:57

Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival Coming Weekends in April

by Rachel Bshero

after a gazillion years they have brought this back

Attention foodies! I’m excited to tell you that Disney California Adventure park will soon be filled with even more fabulous food and an awakening of the senses when the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival begins April 1.

This month-long festival, taking place during weekends in April, will celebrate some of the best of delicious California cuisine. A distinguishing feature will be new Festival Marketplaces, where guests can sip and savor delicious flavors from throughout the state of California. The Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival will also include culinary demonstrations, appearances by celebrity chefs and informative seminars.

We’ll have more information to share soon, including how you can reserve your seat at the premium experiences taking place during the festival. Mark your calendar now for the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival, weekends beginning April 1 at Disney California Adventure park.

Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival Coming Weekends in April by Rachel Bshero: Originally posted on the Disney Parks Blog

10 Feb 21:36

A Burger and Ramen Spot Takes Over Katsuya Glendale's Second Floor

by Crystal Coser


The concept mashes up everything that is currently trending.

K Ramen. Burger. Beer., an extension of the Katsuya brand, is popping up on the second floor of Katsuya in The Americana at Brand. Opened February 9, K Ramen offers a menu of budget-friendly bites, with nothing priced over $15.

On that menu is a mash up of just about everything that is trending right now in LA. That means you can expect plenty of ramen, burgers, pokes, and a list of Japanese brews to round it out. Menu highlights include lobster ramen with marinated egg, spicy creamy tuna K Poke, and small bites like calamari with wasabi cocktail sauce.

With an expansive patio that boasts views of The Americana's pretty fountains, it should be a solid family-friendly option in this part of town. K Ramen. Burger. Beer is open Friday through Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

03 Feb 01:50

Extra, Extra: You Can Buy Disneyland-Scented Candles Now

by Juliet Bennett Rylah

you have to click through twice to get the info on this, but worth it if you want a Dole Whip candle

Extra, Extra: You Can Buy Disneyland-Scented Candles Now An artist who paints selfie backdrops, the unofficial O.J. Simpson tour and more end of day links. [ more › ]

01 Feb 23:23

Taco Bell Wants to Surprise You With A Mystery Menu Item This Weekend

by Danny Jensen


Taco Bell Wants to Surprise You With A Mystery Menu Item This Weekend To help you celebrate Super Bowl Sunday, Taco Bell wants you to buy a new, secret menu item without knowing what it is. [ more › ]

01 Feb 23:28

Would You Buy the 'Worst Home in the Best Neighborhood' in Northridge For $475k?

by Bianca Barragan


Images via MLS

There's no way to dress it up: this place in Northridge is a wreck, and anybody with eyes knows it. The listing agent knows it too, which is why the first sentence of the copy says simply, "Ugly house!", just in case the first photo of a stout house fully obscured by dead leaves, overgrown landscaping, and a driveway that appears to be dirt doesn't make the point. Dubbed a "Contractor's Special" (and the more wishful "Flipper's Delight"), interior shots of the house reveal it to be a great candidate for at least some intense rehabilitation (if not total demolition). The frankness of the listing has no doubt gotten more eyes on the place than it otherwise would have. The New York Post reports that in the 11 days since it hit the market, the 1,276-square-foot house has been viewed 123,900 times.

It's not all bad news with this place, though. There's also mention of the three-bedroom, two-bathroom house's solid location at the end of a cul de sac in what the listing refers to as "a well maintained neighborhood." In case you didn't get the picture, the listing spells it out: "This is truly the worst home in the best neighborhood." It's that location that probably propels the house to ask a whole $475,000—and that's cash only, folks. According to Redfin, the median list price for houses in this part of Northridge over the last 90 days is $676,444.

· 16652 Itasca St., Northridge, CA 91343 [Redfin]
· Realtor uses reverse psychology to sell 'worst home in best neighborhood' [NYP]

08 Jan 15:02

Flashback Friday

by Brinke

such a serious actor dog.

(Say in classic Cary Grant voice: “OK my little friend, I would be more than happy to feed you, but first, I must learn my lines.”

Dogs Are Always Best Friends of Men (4)
(Vintage Everyday.)

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26 Jan 04:29

Dining in Disneyland Review: The New Cove Bar Expansion in Disney California Adventure

by Heather

They added more seating to the Cove Bar and the wait is worse :(

Disney California Adventure has removed the Donald Duck meet and greet gazebo on Paradise Pier for a very good reason; Cove Bar expansion! The new seating is adjacent to the existing bar. (If you are a Donald fan, don’t fret… Donald has been moved over to Buena Vista Street and he now has Daisy there as his companion.)

Welcome Back to Cove Bar!

Welcome Back to Cove Bar!

I’m sure your first thought is, “Awesome, more seats, less wait!” But alas, this is far from the truth. I recently when to check out the expansion and some new menu items.  It was a Friday just before noon and we still waited 45 minutes for a party of 2.  Personally I think the Cove Bar is worth the wait, but I also think that if they filled the whole pier with Cove Bar seating, there would still be a long wait.  It’s THAT good.  You can see that others agree with me.  This is the line we waited in.

Cove Bar Line

Cove Bar Line

While in line, I noticed a cast member walking around with an iPad asking about party numbers and seating preferences (bar, table, new area, etc.).  I immediately thought, “Oh, maybe they are taking advance dining reservations now!”  But that wasn’t the case, she was just organizing the guests to get them into tables as they came up.  I did request to sit in the new area; we could have been seated a little sooner (maybe by 10 or so minutes) if we would have opted for the bar.


The new area is covered and features both high and low table tops.  The high tops are in the center and the low ones line the perimeter of the new area.  Some of the low tops are waterfront,  if you sit there, you’ll have a good view of Screamin’ as it takes off!

Cove Bar Expansion

Cove Bar Expansion

We were seated at a low top along the edge of the restaurant.  Here’s a high top next to us.

Cove Bar High Top Table for 4

Cove Bar High Top Table for 4


The current menu features 6 items with a few changes from the old menu.

Cove Bar Place Setting

Cove Bar Place Setting

Differences include: no more wings, replaced with Chorizo Fundido; the Quesadilla Rolls are now “Fajita” Quesadilla Rolls; and the pizza isn’t a “daily” special…

Cove Bar Menu

Cove Bar Menu

I really love the food at the Cove Bar.  I’ve tried basically everything on the menu at some point and I have no complaints.  This visit was basically a cheese fest!  We ordered the new Chorizo Fundido, Fajita Quesadilla Rolls and Chicken Nachos (YES! Chicken!).

Let’s talk about the new Chorizo Fundido. It’s delicious!

Chorizo Fundido

Chorizo Fundido

Aged Cheddar & Oaxaca Cheese Sauce mixed with Spicy Beer Glazed Chorizo served with Potato Chips.  The dish comes out perfectly melted and piping hot.  I thought it might be spicy, but it’s not.  A tiny bit of a kick, but really pleasant.  The salty homemade potato chips were an excellent vehicle with which to devour the Chorizo Fundido.

Queso Fundido Close Up

Chorizo Fundido Close Up

Next up? The famous Nachos served at the Cove Bar!  I know people go nuts for the Lobster Nachos, but I actually prefer to go off menu and get the Chicken Nachos!

Chicken Nachos

Chicken Nachos

Honestly if you go to the Cove Bar and don’t get some form of nachos, you’ll really be missing out.  Topped with Aged Cheddar, Black Beans, Pico de Gallo, Chipotle Crema and Fresh Jalapenos, they’re a great item to share and incredibly tasty as well.

The cheese is perfectly melted with some slightly “burnt” cheese mixed in there too! Slightly burnt cheese is my favorite.  You can see a perfectly burnt cheese/chip in the photo above (bottom left), yum!  Anyone else like their nacho cheese a little crispy in spots???  The amount of chicken on the nachos is very generous and all of the produce was fresh.  The Chipotle Crema drizzled on top, I could take or leave.  I don’t think it adds a huge difference to the dish.

Chicken Nachos Close Up

Chicken Nachos Close Up

We also ordered the Fajita Quesadilla Rolls.  Formerly known as “Quesadilla Rolls,” this great menu item is basically the same.  Grilled Flour Tortilla rolled with Chicken, Onions, Peppers, Jack & Cheddar Cheese with Guajillo (a type of chili) Sauce, Chipotle Crema & Avocado Relish.  Looks to me that the only difference to this item is that there are now two types of cheese being used.  You can never go wrong with more cheese!

Fajita Quesadilla Rolls

Fajita Quesadilla Rolls

The Fajita Quesadilla Rolls remind me of mini chimichangas minus the beans.  Crispy outside, delicious chicken fajita filling and again there’s that Chipoltle Crema.  The Guajillo sauce on the bottom has a great flavor, I prefer it much more than the Chipotle Crema (which you may have already noticed).

Fajita Quesadilla Cross Section

Fajita Quesadilla Roll Cross Section

The Avocado Relish served with the Fajita Quesadilla Rolls is really great.  It’s sort of a salsa/guacamole hybrid and makes a perfect accompaniment to the rolls.

Avocado Relish

Avocado Relish

The drink menu at the Cove Bar is VERY extensive. You can see our fun adventure with several Cove Bar drinks here.  This adventure was much more tame!  Here’s a page from the drink menu that appeared new to me…  I’m very curious about “Hard Root Beer.”  I didn’t even know that was a thing! Maybe next time.

A Sampling of Specialty Drinks

A Sampling of Specialty Drinks

Of course we had to try the Cotton Candy Lemonade.  A gorgeous blue color, the lemonade comes with a fun pink straw topped with a large clump of cotton candy!   It’s such a photogenic beverage.  I did enjoy it, but no way would I be able to drink an entire glass.  Very sweet, but also a hint of sour.  Definitely worth a few sips.  I say get one to share!  The cotton candy on top is a very fun touch.

Cotton Candy Lemonade

Cotton Candy Lemonade

Overall, if you have the time to wait, the Cove Bar is a must visit while on a Disneyland Resort trip.  Both the atmosphere and food are incredible.  You’ve got great views of Paradise Pier, great drinks, great food.  I also love that you can modify the menu items with no problem.  It’s easy to change up the meat, make a dish vegetarian, add alcohol to a non-alcoholic drink…. You know the important stuff!  You really can’t go wrong here.

Do you have a Cove Bar favorite?  Have you visited since the expansion?  Was it worth the wait? Let us know in the comments below!

Heather Sievers is the Disney Food Blog’s Dining in Disneyland columnist. See more of her columns here!

Disney Food Blog Fans, be sure to check out our DFB Disney World Dining Guide e-Books! Find great deals at! Also, come on over and:

27 Jan 17:40

Blind Items Revealed #4

by Enty

The Marco Rubio hits keep coming.


December 14, 2015

You have to love a presidential candidate, who is not doing that badly, be able to hashtag family photos with #Narcos #NarcosLife Should make for an interesting war on drugs if he gets elected.

Marco Rubio

27 Jan 22:00

Saj Bakery Is an Epic Destination for Lebanese Shawarma and Flatbreads

by Joshua Lurie


Totally worth the journey to Granada Hills.

The western half of the San Fernando Valley is a hotbed for flatbreads. Saj Bakery is certainly a key stop in the Middle Eastern bakery diaspora, but the Lebanese café from chef Charlie Succar and brother Mel offers much more, including what might be some of the best shawarma in Los Angeles.

The Succars hail from the northern Lebanon village of Bsharri, the same town as famed writer Gibran Khalil Gibran (who wrote The Prophet). Charlie attended Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts-Scottsdale and worked his way up to sous chef at Radisson Hotel Chatsworth before developing products for Sara Lee. After Bimbo Bakeries USA purchased the national baking brand in 2011, he briefly worked with Nature's Harvest before leaving to open a bakery in his neighborhood, with brother Mel handling the business side.

Saj's Bakery Interior

Charlie often shopped for produce at a market in a Granada Hills plaza, and he was eventually able to secure the space for Saj Bakery, which debuted in 2013. The interior features seven wood tables, a mural of people baking saj bread on a griddle, framed photos of Beyrouth (aka Beirut), and an open kitchen. Two shawarma spits rotate slowly, and flames lick the sides of a stainless steel oven, with a mouth that constantly requires feeding.

The name Saj refers to the famed razor-thin Middle Eastern flatbread, which is traditionally cooked on a convex grill. At Saj Bakery, Charlie Succar griddles slightly thicker saj on a flat-top to support sandwiches that boast fillings like shawarma and falafel.

Saj Bakery

[Falafel at Saj Bakery]

Their saj is blistered and pliable, a beautiful match for either chicken or beef shawarma ($7.99), both of which make strong cases for the city's best. Charlie Succar wouldn't give away many secrets to how he marinates each cone of shawarma, but he did say the chicken thigh is never frozen so it doesn't get watery from thawing. The beef shawarma layers beef fat into choice-grade chuck to keep the meat juicy.

It costs an extra buck to get your sandwich on saj, and the surcharge is well worth it, with flame-singed meat, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, and garlic sauce joining the sandwich fray. With each order, you'll get a plate of pickled cucumbers, purple pickled turnip spears, and punchy pepperoncini.

Downtown or in Silver Lake, falafel like this would draw lines.

Falafel patties are masterfully crafted with garbanzo beans, cilantro, onions, salt, pepper, dried parsley and more spices before frying in a shallow pool of canola oil. Nutty tahini and pickled turnips provide welcome foils to the soft falafel with thin, crispy sheathes. Downtown or in Silver Lake, falafel like this would draw lines.

No visit to Saj Bakery would be complete without a swing by the baked good display case. Yes, you'll find fairly common flatbread configurations like zaatar crusted mana'ish, spinach and cheese pies, plus some more unique items.

For instance, cheese saroukh ($4.99) blends white and Ackawi cheeses, onion, spices and parsley. The filled bread is studded with sesame seeds and sliced.

Saj Flatbread

[Katfa hummus pie]

Kafta hummus pie ($7.99) is baked to order and stars kafta, ground beef blended with onion and parsley that resembles green chorizo. Minced pickled cucumber, tomato, and of course hummus also come into play. The bread's folded around these elements like a calzone — crimped, sesame-lined, and baked.

For dessert, containers of rice pudding and custard appear in a cold display case alongside bottles of mango nectar and juice. Your best bet might just be to order tahini bread, a disc that's rich with sesame paste and sugar, featuring a shatteringly thin crust and a rich core. Or you could just trade off with each visit, since stopping at Saj Bakery probably won't be a one-time thing.

The Saj Bakery
11146 Balboa Blvd.
Granada Hills, CA

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Blind Items Revealed #3

by Enty

A Muppets blind item!


December 19, 2015

Considering the name of the show, you would think most of the people working on this network show struggling to survive would be happy to be working there. Not the case. Everyone is miserable and doesn’t care about the history of the show, at this point, they are just in it for the paycheck.

The Muppets

22 Jan 23:35

Look Inside Glendale's 1920s Masonic Temple, Now Cool Creative Offices

by Bianca Barragan


TMT Interior (2)_Credit ©RMA Photography Inc..jpg
Photo by RMA Photography Inc.

Americana at Brand owner Rick Caruso and his company, Caruso Affiliated, announced last spring that they were buying a lovely 1920s-era Masonic temple right across the street from the Americana with the intent of turning the historic structure into creative offices with a row of shops next door (an adjacent Shake Shack is in the works). And now, the first 110 workers (from commercial real estate firm CBRE, hence the signage) moved into the gloriously renovated space this month, and today, the repurposed Art Deco building officially opened, according to release for the project.

The building was designed by Arthur Lindley, whose firm Lindley & Selkirk designed the Alex Theatre a few blocks north of the temple. Now, fully updated, it includes a "vaulted cathedral-trussed penthouse" containing meeting space outfitted with stadium seating. Like a good modern workplace should, this one includes exposed concrete and "structural steel elements," plus 18 new 20-foot-tall windows. (Previous reports had noted the "haphazard window pattern" of the building as it existed pre-renovation, going so far to call part of the structure "typically windowless." Not a super-ideal workspace.) The elaborate concierge services that will provide tenants' employees with everything from personal grocery shopping to a person who will pick up dry cleaning are accessed through the Caruso-developed "Masonic Temple app."

Here's a look around the revamped space:

· Fancy New Glendale Offices Will Be First With Five-Star Concierge Service So Workers Never Have to Stop [Curbed LA]
· Rick Caruso Turning Handsome Old Glendale Masonic Temple into Offices and Retail [Curbed LA]
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by mugumogu

The last picture!

Maru and Hana are doing tag.

Maru:[I will catch you and bite!]
Hana:[It's ok. If you can!]

Hana:[You cannot catch me forever!]

Maru:[I miss it...]

Hana went to Maru's back quickly.



Hey Maru&Hana, it takes two to make a quarrel.

Maru:[You are to blame.]
Hana:[No! You clawed me first.]


Ameba FRESH! の「I am Maru.」チャンネルにて、

18 Jan 14:55

Editorial Cartoon: Editorial Cartoon: ‘Thin White Puke’


worth a click through

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Blind Item #1

by Enty

popular guess is Marco Rubio. I would probably watch this.


This Presidential candidate, who, still has a good chance of winning made a gay porn back in the day. Several people know he did it, but so far the recording has remained elusive. It won’t forever.

14 Jan 09:02

Farewell to Bartok the Cat

by Martha Stewart

RIP Bartok. This made me realize I need to take higher quality photos of the cats. Martha seems to be taking this death harder than when her dog chocked on something while she was out of town.

Farewell to my beautiful Bartok. Bartok passed away at 19-years of age. He was a most handsome and elegant seal point Himalayan who was admired by everyone who [&hellip...