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19 Jan 11:24

Watch This Wonderfully Retro Video of Cake Decorating

by Valerio Farris

This video is so satisfying to watch.

Before the Brits were wowing us with their televised competition style bakes, one baker across the pond was tackling a technical challenge all his own. Meet Jack Bryant, the subject of this deliciously vintage video from 1959.

British Pathé is a veritable goldmine for content from the past. The company produced newsreels and documentaries for a better part of the 20th century and are responsible for gifting us with gems such as this video from inside a globe making factory. In 2009, their entire archive was made publicly available on YouTube.

It was here that I stumbled upon this video of Mr. Bryant, cake decorating extraordinaire. Working out of a bakery in Reading, Bryant, clad in a lab coat, hunches over delicately creamed cakes, pastry bag in hand. A narrator, whose voice feels like a caricature of what a narrator’s voice in the 50s should sound like, details the valiant act of “icing cakes in the grand manner,” as Bryant emblazons a small cake with a surprisingly realistic rendering of a kangaroo. In a moment of inspired dedication, he even climbs on top of scaffolding to work on a giant cake from above, like a reversed Michelangelo with sugar in place of paint. While his cake skills may pale in comparison to the creations of today’s master cake makers, his precision and devotion to small swipes and pipes of icing are enchanting.

I'm particularly wowed by his perfect penmanship—all while hovering, suspended, above a cake the size a small bed: He pipes out the words 60th Anniversary on the dessert's surface and leans back to admire his handiwork. I can't imagine he isn't pleased with what he sees.

Are you a fan of baking videos? Link us to some of your favorites in the comments section.

19 Jan 01:36

Blind Items Revealed #5

by ent lawyer

I can't remember who said it first on twitter but Jenny Slate truly is our nation's Greatest Heterosexual.

December 27, 2017

This A list superhero has been hiding his secret sex life and possible pregnant one night stand. Apparently this B+ list actress found out all about it. She is a bit of a talker so the next thing you know, the superhero starts dating her again.

Chris Evans/Jenny Slate
17 Jan 01:30

Blind Items Revealed #3

by ent lawyer

lol colin jost thinks he's dating scarlet johansson.

September 18, 2017

Emmy Awards

This late night actor looks kind of foolish when he is talking about love and how much he cares for the actress he thinks is his girlfriend at the same time she is having room service in a hotel with another guy she is seeing.

Colin Jost/Scarlet Johansson
16 Jan 23:42

Blind Item #3

by ent lawyer

oh aaron, what are you thinking boo disappointed

This closeted NFL player and his "girlfriends" never confirm he is dating anyone whether male or female but his new thirsty contracted "girlfriend" wants everyone to know they are dating. She smells new sponsorship money.
12 Jan 21:39

Blind Items Revealed #32

by ent lawyer

Bill - was this the one you were talking about?

December 27, 2017

This A list mostly movie actor from an acting family should have been a Golden Globe nominee for best actor. He should be a shoo in for an Oscar nomination. The thing is though, he has an A+ list mostly movie actor/producer doing everything in his power to talk smack about the actor behind the scenes. This A+ list actor lost out to roles to the A lister back in the day and thinks the A list actor had something to do with it. Nope. The A+ list actor is just a crap actor and was not the first choice. Part of the issue apparently also deals with an A+ list mostly movie actress who the A+ list actor once pursued for years. She rebuffed him but not the A list actor. Fast forward to the present and the A+ lister is in a position of power. He was also upset that his movie about a subject close in proximity to the movie at question with the A lister got the short shrift because the A lister's acting and movie was better. So, what to do? Try to convince as many people as possible not to nominate the A list actor for anything.

Jake Gyllenhaal (Stronger)/Mark Wahlberg(Patriot's Day)/Reese Witherspoon/
09 Jan 18:46

Blind Items Revealed #2

by ent lawyer

o rly?

September 3, 2017

Wait until you see the BDSM photos of this superhero who fights Nazis. He has always had an interesting sex life, but this really takes it up a notch.

Chris Evans
09 Jan 01:37

Himmmm Blind Item #1 - Golden Globes

by ent lawyer

I really hope this is true.

After a ceremony so full of itself it could float, and after flying through 3 countries in 24 hours to arrive at the Golden Globes, I was very happy to get to the after party circuit.  One party in particular led to a twilight zone moment of epic proportions, even involving Enty, and may have just created the funniest moment I've ever had at any awards night party in the past 10 years at least.  This winning/nominated A list mostly movie actor was busy getting glad hands and smiles and laughs from all the ass-kissers.  He's just yammering on about how "honored" he was just to be included and so "proud" of the work everyone did.  Standing there talking to three young ingenue actresses - whom I didn't know and who probably would've been happy to "bow" to him - our big winner/nominee is lost in his cloud of pride.

In the moments preceding this, I had been talking to an old friend of mine from another country.  He's a hilarious guy and a good friend, and he always enjoys creating mischief.  Usually it is by using his broken English trick to accidentally humiliate hypocrites and jerks - all while pretending he just said the wrong words. It's a testament to his acting skills.  So earlier we got together to plan a little moment of cold water for this winning abuser.  Oops, I mean actor.
I'm standing about 2 feet away from the winning actor, and his flunky/management stooge/PR sycophant.  I'm trying not to vomit on my tux-matched tennis shoes as the winner/nominee is hitting on the three young women, and I'm scrolling through my phone. In walks the foreign actor who is A- list and has a big television gig straight ahead who had stepped outside for a minute.  The foreign actor walks straight over to our winner and tells him totally straight-faced: "Hey bro - you better not go out the front door when you leave man.  I heard reporters out there talking about some shit on Twitter about you and some high school girls and acting schools. Serious man, they were staring at their phones and I think they gonna ask you about it bro. Could be bad man" 

The winning/nominated actor's face goes totally pale.  You could've knocked him over with a feather.  I swear he didn't breathe for a solid minute. He just stares at the foreign actor, who nods his head up and down silently.  I said: "Oh shit". The winner then turns and looks at me.  I hold up my phone - showing him the tweets from my favorite blogger/twitter ninja (his name rhymes with minty). Also in there is a re-tweet from a legendary 80s actress. The winner says: "Oh...f**k...nah man.  Of all nights...".  Then, the winner hands me my phone, turns to his flunky saying: "Hey man let's bail", and they walk swiftly across the room, out of the back doors.  The foreign actor turns back to me, smiles and winks, and says in his rapid-fire Spanish to me: "That's a shame huh? Not a single reporter out there except those two TMZ guys.".  I start to stifle the smiles.

We both try to contain our laughter like kids in class.  One of those three ingenues the winner had been hitting on grabs my coat and says: "Excuse me, sorry, but what did you show him?". I told her to get her phone.  I gave her the CDAN web address and Enty's Twitter feed.  As the foreign actor and I walked off trying not to explode in laughter, all three crowded around their screen, mouths open.  All I heard was an audible gasp. It was a good night after all. (Good job buddy!).
04 Jan 23:09

Take a video tour through Pasadena’s iconic Gamble House

by Bianca Barragan

I recommend this if you're into architecture.

A quick introduction to an important and beautiful Craftsman home

Pasadena’s sprawling Craftsman masterpiece, the Gamble House, has been called one of the 10 homes that changed America.

Now, a video from Curbed gives a peek inside the Los Angeles architectural icon. It highlights a few of the elements that make the house exceptional and offers a brief tour and primer for those who haven’t been lucky enough to visit in person.

Designed by brothers Charles and Henry Greene in 1908, the stately house was created as a winter home for David Gamble, a Proctor & Gamble heir, and his wife, Mary. The house was designed in the Arts and Crafts style, which, as the name implies, emphasizes incredible craftsmanship.

The video shows myriad examples, including intricate stained glass windows and woodwork that allows for secret doors to seamlessly blend into the walls of the house.

Since 1978, the Gamble House has been owned by the city of Pasadena and run by the University of Southern California. It operates as a museum with regular public tours.

The Gamble House in Pasadena, California Photo by Carol M. Highsmith/Buyenlarge/Getty Images
04 Jan 22:35

NFL stadium takes shape in Inglewood

by Elijah Chiland

wait, why is it going to be covered in glass? so we all bake to death in there?

Construction is ramping up on the huge arena

Last year’s unusually wet winter held back construction on the future home of the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers in Inglewood, forcing the stadium’s developers to push back its opening day to 2020.

But scarcely a drop of rain has fallen this winter, and construction is now moving right along.

Builders of the 70,000-seat arena announced Wednesday that thus far roughly 6 million cubic yards of dirt have been excavated, 45,000 cubic yards of concrete poured, and eight cranes brought to the construction site.

A massive structural retaining wall, which will support the stadium, is now 65 percent complete, and the outline of the ovular structure is taking shape.

Work on the project is about to ramp up. About 850 workers are now employed on the stadium on a given day, but that number will more than quadruple by next year.

At that point, work will have begun on the glassy roof canopy, which builders promise will be constructed using the help of “one of the largest cranes in the world.”

Aerial view of Inglewood NFL Stadium

That’s par for the course for this particular project, which seems to be gunning for nearly every available superlative.

With a projected cost of $2.6 billion, the stadium and surrounding entertainment district and urban village will be the costliest NFL complex ever built (it could also be the most expensive for fans). At 3 million square feet, it will be the largest stadium in professional football. Its 120-yard video screen (dubbed Oculus) will be the biggest around.

As the renderings below illustrate, the screen will encircle the top of the field like a glittery halo. Above the screen will be a clear roofline allowing light to shine down on fans assembled in seats or luxury suites (there will be 275 of them).

Here’s a closer look at what the stadium will look like when complete:

Inglewood NFL stadium field
Inglewood NFL stadium view of field
Inglewood NFL stadium plaza
Inglewood NFL stadium promenade
Inglewood NFL stadium aerial night

22 Dec 20:24

LA’s snow days

by Hadley Meares

My mom had husky puppies who enjoyed the snow back in 1962.

Freak snowstorms in 1932, ’49, ’62, and ’89 were shocking—and delightful

In January of 1962, a seven-year-old named Debbie Altieri was looking out the window of her family’s new home at Laurel Canyon and Riverside Drive. The family had recently moved from Pennsylvania, and little Debbie was shocked to see snowflakes falling from the land of sunshine’s sky.

“I yelled to my mom that it was snowing,” Altieri remembers. “She yelled back that we were in California now, and it doesn’t snow [here]. I kept insisting. She finally looked out a window, then started crying.”

Debbie and her mother were witnessing a freak storm of rain, sleet, and snow that would wreak havoc on Los Angeles County for three days, causing school and road closures. On January 22nd, the Los Angeles Times reported:

The first sizeable snowfall in the Los Angeles area in 13 years left as much as 3 inches of heavy wet snow in such unlikely places as Burbank, Studio City, North Hollywood, Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, Woodland Hills, Northridge and Chatsworth. The snowfall closed Topanga Canyon Blvd. and Sepulveda Blvd. north of Mulholland

Drive for a time early today, and canyon roads in the Bel Air district were extremely dangerous to predawn motorists. The early morning snow topped a weekend of freakish weather that included just about everything from driving rain in most of the Los Angeles basin to a small twister in Lennox, sleet and hail in the San Gabriel Valley and Orange County, to snow at Malibu.

At a parade in Sunland, gubernatorial candidate Richard Nixon, dressed in a light summer suit, was caught in a heavy snowfall while waving from an open convertible. Nixon had it better than the majorettes performing in the parade, who shivered in their shorts as they attempted to carry out their planned routines.

 Raymond J. Gannon
Snowfall in Pacoima in 1962.

The 1962 storm would be the last time even a trace of snow would be reported as falling in Downtown Los Angeles.

Snowfall in Los Angeles often elicited extreme emotions in those fortunate enough to witness it. On January 16, 1932, some 500 students at Pasadena City College stormed out of their classrooms and lined each side of East Colorado Street to do battle, not with swords or sticks—but with an unfamiliar fine white powder that was falling from the California sky.

“Unable to contain themselves at the first and perhaps last chance to throw snowballs,” the overly excited youths engaged in an epic snowball fight, and in the process, “broke a streetcar window, smashed automobile windshields and ornamental light globes and tied up traffic on East Colorado Street.”

Injured, and just plain annoyed, motorists called the cops, and soon some of the Los Angeles Police Department’s finest were dodging snowballs packed with stones as they loaded up shotguns with gas canisters. The rioters were finally subdued when the college dean implored the students to remember that they were “Pasadena gentlemen,” but not before seven of the most disruptive students had been arrested.

The storm which caused all this ruckus hit on January 15th, during the depths of the Depression. It took sun-hardened Angelenos by surprise. It was a welcome diversion from the tough times the city (along with the rest of the country) was facing. The LA Times reported:

Los Angeles early yesterday morning was blanketed with snow when a storm swirled down the coast from the north and coated the environs with white. It was the first official snowfall recorded in the United States Weather Bureau’s fifty-four years of existence in the city. The storm was a genuine, old-fashioned Midwest snow flurry. It came shortly before 5 a.m., lasted two hours, clung to palm trees and lawns, coated the roofs with white and covered the walks …

Snow covers the grounds of UCLA on January 15, 1932.

That morning, Downtown Los Angeles received two inches of snow. While light flurries swirled around isolated areas of the city in the 1920s, snow around that time was most commonly brought to Los Angeles by pranksters.

The 1932 snow, however, was real and shocking. “It was reported that a conductor on a transcontinental train pulling into Los Angeles so far forgot himself that he opened the door and called out “Kansas City!”, the LA Times joked.

Once people got over their surprise, all over the Southland giddy Angelenos engaged in a day of whimsical winter pastimes, many for the first time:

Snowmen arose like magic on a thousand lawns. Sleds, brought out from the East and almost museum pieces in many garages, were given their first West Coast workout by enthusiastic children. There was a great rush for camera film and many stores soon were out of photo supplies…. Children slid down terraces or dodged slush flung from the wheels of automobiles…. Orange trees, golden with fruit, bent low in many yards with the extra burden of snow. Banana plants, their heavy leaves covered with white, were near breaking… Santa Monica children made snowmen and waged snow battles on their own front yard.

But not everyone was so delighted by this impromptu snow day. Albert Einstein’s wife, Elsa, who was staying with him in Pasadena during his stint as a visiting professor at Cal Tech, complained that they had left Germany for the sunshine. If they wanted snow, they would have stayed home.

The storm also sparked memories of snow days that had not made it into the official record. An old man named John McKay recalled that in 1882 his family had recently moved from Ireland to Los Angeles, where they lived on Aliso Street in Downtown. McKay had run away to go sledding, and he received a firm spanking when he was found. Historian Nathan Masters writes:

Atop a Spring Street jewelry store, someone gathered a 15-pound snowball (reports did not say how that ball was used), and a group of sport hunters suited up to track rabbits in the snow—covered countryside—only to watch the snow melt beneath their feet before reaching the rabbit grounds.

 Los Angeles Public Library photo collection
A home in North Hollywood, blanketed in snow amid a January 1949 storm that left more than half an inch of snow covering the Civic Center in Downtown Los Angeles. In the San Fernando Valley, almost a foot of snow accumulated over three days.
 Los Angeles Public Library photo collection
The original photograph caption, dated January 11, 1949, reads: “Les Koontz, left, and Doug Simpson push snowdrift off a car parked outside overnight. Hundreds of motorists had the same experience early today.”

But none of these storms could hold a candle to the three-day snowstorm that pelted Los Angeles County starting on January 10, 1949. When columnist Lee Shippey went outside the first morning of the snow, he found the neighborhood filled with enchanted (and mischievous) children.

“When they awoke Thursday, and saw all their world turned white it seemed like a miracle,” he wrote in the LA Times. “They dashed out into it with shouts just as I went by. But some atavistic instinct made them grab up handfuls of snow, press it into hard balls and sock me with them.”

 Los Angeles Public Library photo collection
“A veritable wonderland greeted residents of Glendale early January 11, 1949, when they looked out windows and wondered what happened.”

The snowfall, which dumped an inch on Downtown, and almost a foot in the Valley, was unlike anything any living Angelenos had ever seen. According to historian Cecilia Rasmussen:

The Rose Bowl was transformed into “a dishpan full of milk,” by one account. An Alhambra hardware store put up a sign that said, "Snow Plows for Rent—Hurry!" A snowman appeared in Eagle Rock, wearing a sombrero, and the city of Reno, Nev., sent L.A. a snow shovel ... Altadena residents turned their evergreen-lined Christmas Tree Lane on snow-swaddled Santa Rosa Avenue into a miniature ski run, and golfers swapped nine irons for snow skis…Other fun-seekers toted sleds, inner tubes—almost every imaginable means of transport on a coat of snow that fell soft as confectioner’s sugar as far away as Catalina.

Unlike previous snow storms, this weather event caused significant headaches. The movie industry was affected—one production scheduled to shoot a tropical scene at Bronson Caves was forced to shut down for the day as temperatures dipped into the 20s. Motorists with frozen engines were trapped in Laurel Canyon, and portions of PCH were closed.

“Snow heaped havoc on Southern California’s citrus growers, who fought day and night to keep their groves from freezing,” Rasmussen writes. “When the mercury fell below 28, juicy oranges turned dry and tasteless. When temperatures dipped to 22 for three days in a row, growers fired up smudge pots.” On Catalina Island, “the storm drove the resort land’s wildlife, including boar, goats, and buffalo, to shelter under scrub pines and in old Indian caves.”

“It was the most beautiful sight, our new street in white, the snow covering the grass and pavement.”

Soon, the snow melted, and Angelenos went back to forgetting all about LA being a winter wonderland. However, rare snow flurries continued to occur in the San Fernando Valley and eastern portions of the county.

Bradley Fischer recalls that during a snowfall in North Hollywood in 1957 (which blanketed the San Fernando Valley), his family made a snowman. A young child at the time, he was thoroughly confused. As a SoCal kid, he had no idea what snow was.

 Stephanie Riggio
Stephanie Riggio, center, “skiing” in Claremont in 1984.

LA native Stephanie Riggio remembers a snow flurry hitting her boarding school in Claremont in 1984. “When it snowed, we all rushed outside to see it,” she recalls. “One of the teachers busted out his skis to ‘ski’ across one of the sprawling lawns on campus.” Needless to say, the snow was little more than a bit of white on the ground.

On February 8, 1989, it snowed again in the Valley, dumping as much as five inches in places, including Westlake Village, Tarzana, and Calabasas—and even lightly dusting Palm Springs. Traffic was disrupted on the freeways, and schools were closed in some parts of the county.

Keith Hershey of Studio City says his mother let him come home from preschool early so that he could experience an honest-to-goodness “snow day.”

“I basically just played outside on my swing set,” he recalls. “There wasn’t actually enough snow to do anything so ‘sledding’ was basically going down a slide while there was a little bit of white on the ground.”

Mary Wang-Boucher, then a child of nine living in Van Nuys, recalls a similar scene. “There was a thin layer [of snow] in our front yard, not even a half inch. It was the most beautiful sight, our new street in white, it covering the grass and pavement,” she says. “I tried to make a snow angel because I saw it in a movie once. I laid down on the grass in our front yard, and the snow was already disintegrating.”

Los Angeles County Fire Capt. David Naranjo and his son, Bob, trudge through snow in Tujunga in January 1962.

These memories may be all we modern-day Anglenos ever get of a snowbound Los Angeles. Random snow still occasionally falls (the San Fernando Valley and Malibu were lightly sprinkled in 2007), but LA is now on average 5 degrees warmer than it was a century ago, making snowfall increasingly unlikely.

But that’s not what we live here for, is it? Angelenos enjoy a sunny Christmas, New Year’s in flip-flops, and Valentine’s Day on the beach.

Still, one can’t help but be a little jealous of those who experienced the sight of snow dissolving into the ocean in Santa Monica or gracefully dusting City Hall’s dome in Downtown LA. “The spectacle of the city of our lady, queen of angels, clad in a mantle of white,” an observer wrote during the snow of ’49, “is assuredly a sight to remember.”

Editor: Jenna Chandler

22 Dec 13:58

Diners Report Nausea and Vomiting From Chipotle in Mid-City Los Angeles

by Mona Holmes

This is why I microwave my chipotle when I get home.

The Health Department is investigating reports of foodborne illness

In what seems like an endless string of bad luck and poor safety practices, the Chipotle near Venice and San Vicente in Mid-City is being investigated by the Los Angeles Health Department for complaints of foodborne illness. This isn’t the burrito chain’s first time dealing with these sort of problems, as it’s been hit with various foodborne illness issues for years.

Business Insider received an email from the Health Department’s Communicable Disease Control and Prevention Unit, indicating an investigation at the 4550 West Pico Boulevard location. The unit examines reports of contagious illnesses. Chipotle had not heard directly from those affected customers, and were informed by the Health Department.

A Chipotle spokesperson stated that management was unable to confirm the claims directly, and this location is enhancing cleanliness protocols, which is policy after any reports of illness. One customer, Michelle La, eats at this Chipotle location twice a week and said, “It's very clean. They follow all the protocols.”

Eater located four food illness complaints for Chipotle’s Pico location on the anonymous reporting website

Chipotle’s troubles with food borne illness began in 2015, when more than 50 people in 14 states became sick with norovirus. Eater reported earlier this year about Chipotle’s latest lawsuits, just a few weeks after another norovirus outbreak in Virginia sickened 100 people.

22 Dec 13:56

Blind Items Revealed #5

by ent lawyer

lol jake gyllenhaal thinks superman of all the DC superheroes right now is the easiest to replace? yeah okay.

December 15, 2017

This foreign born superhero is sweating bullets that two of his exes are going to spill what they know about his sex life. He needs the superhero gig. He should also be worried about this A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family who wants to be a superhero and is talking smack about him behind the scenes because the A- lister thinks the superhero is the easiest to replace.

Henry Cavill/Jake Gyllenhaal
22 Dec 01:35

Saddle Ranch Chop House Universal CityWalk Calls It Quits On January 2

by Mona Holmes

good riddance. this place is always terrible.

There’s no word on what will replace the western-themed restaurant

The bucking will soon cease at the Saddle Ranch Chop House’s Universal CityWalk location, as the restaurant prepares to close on January 2. After this closure, only five Saddle Ranch Chop Houses will remain, including the mothership location on Sunset Boulevard.

The Saddle Ranch Chop House is best known for the centrally-placed mechanical bull, and western-themed food. Inside Universal first reported on the approaching closure. The company is in the midst of challenges, with recent closings in Scottsdale and Kansas City. In 2016, the Saddle Ranch Chop House also filed suit against The Outlets at Orange, complaining that the shopping mall construction limited parking and restaurant access, along with noise and foul odors.

The Universal Saddle Ranch experienced a long run after initially opening in 1995. The space always seemed to attract cowboy-themed restaurants. Long before Universal CityWalk was a concept, the rib-loving Tony Roma’s created Womphopper's Wagon Works Restaurant in 1981, which eventually became Womphoppers. Tony Roma’s took over the space in 1988, then moved when construction began on Universal CityWalk in 1991. In 1995, the Country Star restaurant moved in, then transformed into the Saddle Ranch Chop House in 2003. There is no word on what will replace the massive restaurant space.

21 Dec 23:39

Finally: Someone did a climatological study of the world of Game Of Thrones

by Dan Neilan

I'm for sure reading this whole paper. I have so many questions.

For fans of HBO’s Game Of Thrones, the current, pre-final season wasteland we’re inhabiting, which both lacks new episodes and is peppered with dangerous potential spoilers, is rough. Harrowing thought it has been, it’s nothing compared to the wait fans of the books have endured since 2011’s A Dance With Dragons came…


21 Dec 20:51

Your Turn

by ent lawyer

Mine would obviously be a long running soap opera because I wouldn't get bored. Probably best it's one I haven't seen a lot of though. What would you guys watch?

Your desert island one tv show from any point in time you can take with you to watch.
18 Dec 02:56

Blind Items Revealed #5

by ent lawyer

what the fuck?

September 27, 2017

This foreign born married A-/B+ list mostly television actress was a recent Emmy winner/nominee for her almost television show which is based on a real person. Anyway, last year she purchased a chastity belt and decided to wear it to see what it would be like. Apparently the key wouldn't work so she went to a hardware store while on a lunch break and had to buy some cutters for the lock. The thing is though, she wasn't sure which would be strong enough so was going in and out of the restroom at the hardware store until she found the right one.

Claire Foy
18 Dec 02:54

Blind Items Revealed #5

by ent lawyer

lol jon snow flew too close to the sun

December 6, 2017

This foreign born A- list mostly television actor who stars on hit pay cable show tried to convince his soon to be wife/co-star that he was always faithful to her. Apparently though, she must have finally listened to her actress co-star who says she thought she was getting engaged to the actor and now it looks like both have kicked the actor to the curb.

Kit Harrington/Rose Leslie/Emilia Clarke
15 Dec 01:37

Wildlife Wednesday: Critically Endangered Sumatran Tiger Cubs Arrive at Maharajah Jungle Trek

by Scott Terrell

these guys are very cute

Starting this week, guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom may get a glimpse of Anala and Jeda, the first Sumatran tiger cubs to be born at the park. The nearly four-month-old cubs are slowly being introduced into their habitat on Maharajah Jungle Trek. The sister and brother pair will be visible periodically as they acclimate to their new area.

We are thrilled to be able to share a first look of these adorable tigers in their new habitat.

Disney is proud to play an important role in the worldwide conservation and understanding of Sumatran tigers, a critically endangered species whose worldwide population has grown by two with the birth of Anala and Jeda. As part of these efforts, Disney participates in the Species Survival Plan, a breeding program through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums which helps ensure a diverse, healthy population of threatened and endangered species for years to come.

Sumatran Tiger Cubs

Our dedicated and highly trained team of animal care experts and veterinarians spent three years preparing for the birth of these Sumatran tigers and have worked tirelessly to provide them with the best possible care so they can grow and thrive. Part of this work included creating a special new backstage play area where the tiger cubs could learn to swim and climb before venturing into their habitat at Maharajah Jungle Trek.

Sumatran Tiger Cubs

As you may remember from our previous updates, Sumatran tigers are a critically endangered species with fewer than 500 left in the wild. The Disney Conservation Fund (DCF) is working with groups like the Wildlife Conservation Society on its Reverse the Decline initiative to develop strategies for saving these majestic animals.

Sumatran Tiger Cubs

15 Dec 00:02

Today's Blind Items - Daytime Deviants

by ent lawyer

I honestly have no clue

With all the cleaning house going on in the industry, maybe it is time someone took a blowtorch to the set of this daytime show. It is without a doubt the worst show out there with the way it treats people. I don't think it is any coincidence that the owners of the show have had some of the worst offenders out there. They live for this kind of culture. There is a long history of the producers having the ugliest casting couch scenes out there. Men or women, legal or not. If you are an actress or an actor and want to work and are willing to have sex, then you can get a part.

Talk to that actor from the show who had a few issues since he left. He will flat out tell you he hit the casting couch when he wasn't legal and the producers passed him around like candy for the few months he was on the show. He has been a mess since and tried to go up the ladder, but the ladder was filled with the same type of people. I remember one time the show tried to bring in new producers and writers to try and stop some of the awful behavior. All of them were fired and the old guard brought back.

Within the past couple years this other actor who was on the show said once he stopped having sex with the producers and writers, they changed his storyline to get rid of him.

One actress on the show got a boyfriend so stopped having sex with the producers and writers and they fired her 12 hours after she said she had a new boyfriend.

One actor who refused all casting couch advances was fired but later went on to win an Emmy which made the producers look bad since their reason for firing him was he was a terrible actor.

Guess who the biggest casting couch person is on the set? Would it shock you to know his best friend is that former A+ list mostly television actor who loves porn stars and drugs and always seems to find his way into this. Does it shock you he worked for the same owners back when he was at his most vile?

Oh, if you are an actress or an actor who tries to say something publicly, the producers will get their loyal casting couch actors and actresses to deny everything and then sic the daytime fandom on the talking out of turn ungratefuls. They are all called ungrateful. They are reminded on a daily basis that if they are not willing to have sex, there are a hundred out there to take their place. Just change the name of the actor or actress playing the role. Done and done.

A lot of the actors and actresses on the show who are tired of the harassment were hoping against hope that the death of one of their own who had been repeatedly raped during his short time on the show might shed some light on what is happening. The problem was that no one knew that his short time on the show a decade earlier was the reason he killed himself. 
11 Dec 18:05

Blind Item #8

by ent lawyer

hmm...Greta Gerwig Globes snub?

Hooking up a bunch of voters with "actresses" is super easy for this banished director. He made sure those guys were not going to vote for a certain female director. He has a personal grudge at this point. This would not work for most awards, but these guys are easy to bribe and pay off.
08 Dec 19:10

Blind Items Revealed #5

by ent lawyer

well, well, well.

November 21, 2017

All it would take is for someone to release any of the recordings capturing this A-/B+ list writer/actress who had her own show talking about interracial sex. She might pretend she is this liberal voice, but the recordings do not lie.

Lena Dunham
08 Dec 17:58

Blind Items Revealed #2

by ent lawyer

Woody Allen's movies haven't been good enough lately for people to tolerate him, and Bryan Singer's movies have never been good enough to tolerate child rape.

December 2, 2017

Sexual harassment wouldn't get this A list director to stand down and honestly, it probably wouldn't get him fired. He would just be suspended. The underage sex he is trying to write checks for right now though would end his career. Although, cc: Woody Allen.

Bryan Singer (Guess the check wasn't big enough considering the lawsuit filed yesterday)
07 Dec 13:09

Report: Housing the homeless is actually saving LA County money

by Elijah Chiland


The county is providing homeless residents with health services and a permanent address

As Los Angeles grapples with an escalating homelessness crisis, a new study from RAND Corporation provides support for one of the most obvious solutions: providing more residents with housing.

The study, which was commissioned by LA County in 2014, finds that the county’s Housing for Health program, which launched in 2012 and provides supportive housing and medical services to homeless residents, has reduced the reliance of participants on county medical and mental health services. Once stably housed, people involved in the program made less trips to the emergency room, spent less time in the hospital, and were arrested less frequently.

The financial impact of the program could be dramatic, according to the report, which analyzed the experiences of 890 participants. The cost of services provided to those in the program fell by 60 percent in the year after they found permanent housing (from an average of $38,146 in the year before to $15,358 the next year).

That drop is partially offset by the cost of operating the program (participants receive $825 per month housing vouchers and case management services worth about $450 per month). But, even with those costs factored in, the study found a 20 percent decrease in county expenses related to those residents.

The authors suggest that further research is necessary to properly measure the program’s cost benefit to county taxpayers, but lead author Sarah Hunter said in an announcement Tuesday that the findings “suggest that a permanent supportive housing program that targets people who are both homeless and are frequent users of county health services is feasible and may save local government money overall.”

With close to 43,000 residents sleeping on the street, in parked cars, or elsewhere on a given night, Los Angeles has the highest rate of unsheltered homeless residents in the nation.

Last year, Los Angeles voters approved a $1.2 billion bond to build 10,000 new units of permanent-supportive housing over the next 10 years. Then, in March, county voters signed off on a quarter-cent sales tax bump to pay for an array of supportive services, including some of those offered through the Housing for Health program.

07 Dec 10:11

Blind Items Revealed #3

by ent lawyer

I can't believe Bobby Flay gets this much tail.

October 20, 2017

Earlier this week, this celebrity chef was hooking up with an A list actress. Last night he hooked up with this former tweener turned adult singer/part-time bad actress. I guess he must have the best party supplies since a love of them is what the two women have in common.

Bobby Flay/Scarlett Johansson/Selena Gomez
07 Dec 01:31

This map shows areas burned by Creek Fire and mandatory evacuation zones

by Jenna Chandler

Unless the fire gets all the way down to the 134 freeway I think we will be okay.

From Sylmar to Crescenta Highlands

Editor’s note: This story was originally published on December 5. It has been updated throughout with the latest information.

The Creek Fire ripped through a big swath of the San Fernando Valley, mostly north of the 210 freeway, forcing as many as 150,000 people out of their homes this week. But as winds weaken and firefighters gain the upper hand, city officials are allowing many residents to return home.

The majority of evacuation orders were lifted Thursday night, three days after the fire started. Fanned by wicked winds, the blaze has blackened more than 15,000 acres acres since early Tuesday morning. It has obliterated or damaged some 30 homes. It is 40 percent contained.

The fire chewed through neighborhoods and wilderness areas in, around, and above Sylmar. It started shortly before 4 a.m. Tuesday near Little Tujunga Canyon Road, and that afternoon, flames jumped the 210 freeway and raced through the Tujunga Wash into Shadow Hills.

Below, a map from the Los Angeles Fire Department shows the fire’s boundaries and just how many neighborhoods were—and still are—affected.

The red boundary is the fire perimeter. The area shaded red is closed to the public. The old evacuation zone is shaded green. The areas shaded dark red and light blue are still under mandatory evacuations.

Those communities include Limekiln Canyon and the portion of Shadow Hills that burned, along with Riverwood, where homes have not burned but remain at risk, according to to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

The map also pinpoints evacuation centers and shelters for people and animals. We’ve listed those below.

Emergency shelters (Set up to accommodate sleeping overnight)

For small animals

For large animals

30 Nov 20:55

CHECK IT OUT! Gingerbread Funnel Cake Fries in Disney California Adventure!

by AJ and the DFB Team


The holidays at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure are in full swing, with merchandise, food, and drinks tailor made to create holiday cheer for guests of all ages. And with the Festival of Holidays at Disney California Adventure, there are more eats than ever!

But one item that’s not part of the Festival of Holidays booths has us particularly giddy with excitement: Gingerbread Funnel Cake Fries. They’re available at Award Wieners, and they are awesome!

Gingerbread Funnel Cake Fries!

Gingerbread Funnel Cake Fries!

We first saw Funnel Cake Fries during the Summer of Heroes. We thought they were good then. The gingerbread version? Well, our Disneyland correspondent Heather Sievers says to run, not walk, to get these!

Gingerbread Funnel Cake Fries

Gingerbread Funnel Cake Fries

They start with a layer of crisp, sugar/cinnamon funnel cake fries. Crumbled gingerbread is scattered about, with drizzles of glaze and caramel. A massive swirl of whipped cream covers the whole thing (as it should!).

Whipped Cream Heaven

Whipped Cream Heaven

The effect is a delightfully ginger-spiced, sweet, crunchy snack that’s perfect for the holiday season.



Go. Get some immediately. Heather says so. (We don’t argue with Heather when it comes to Disneyland snacks. She’s a master.)

How excited are you for seasonal Disney treats? Tell us about your favorites in the comments below! 

Disney Food Blog Fans, be sure to check out our DFB Disney World Dining Guide e-Books! Find great deals at! Also, come on over and:

30 Nov 09:47

Riding in a police car and exploring the garden.

by (Merlesworld)


Camera malfunction here.

The cops are on their way.

The twins spent some time in the back yard this week

Wilbur is walking very well but Clemmy not so well she is still holding on to things to get around.
and not to keen on shoes but needed to be worn outside.

Clemmy like the little blue birds

Wilbur likes sitting down and playing in the dirt.
but we will go for a wonder and check things out.
Lucky these are fake chillies.
The lizard water bowl was popular too.
back sitting down for a rest lots of lizards in my garden now (the population has grown so much since Drummy died)  Wilbur liked to watch them running across the path.

cute as a button this one is.
run out of chairs to hold on to will have to go back.

They helped put up the christmas tree well not not much.
I have gates so that keeps them in a certain area and the cats have places to go when they are outside.

this is their area nothing too nasty here

But the little wall will soon be no barrier as it will be easily climbed.
28 Nov 17:21

Blind Items Revealed #6 - Anniversary Month

by ent lawyer

welp, we named our cat after a crazy person.

March 28, 2017

This actress was almost at the A+ level at one point in her career.  She was a young actress in an ensemble cast of one of the most popular television shows of all time.  The character she played was beloved by audiences and her acting was great.  She is a multiple award winner/nominee.  As I already wrote, the television show our actress starred in was one of the top rated shows at that time and was also critically acclaimed.  The ensemble cast was a group of talented young actors and actresses, several of whom went on to become even more famous as their careers progressed.

The sad thing is that our actress, who I'll call Ms. D, has pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth.   At the height of her fame, she inexplicably decided to walk out on the show.   Not only did she walk out on the show, but she also forfeited what would have been an incredible amount of money in the process.  Of course, there were diversionary tactics used to explain her departure from the show--the usual stuff about how she was difficult and demanding, and also that she was just downright crazy. None of this was true.  What actually took place is that something very bad had happened to this actress at the hands of another cast member on the show.  We'll call him Mr . A.   Mr. A was almost as popular as Ms D. was at that time , but beneath his wholesome exterior he was hiding a very dark side. To be blunt, this dude was a sociopath.  Anyway, the real reason Ms. D walked out was not only because of what she experienced, but also because others involved with the show chose to look the other way.  In fact, the higher-ups around the show made it clear to cast members that the situation was to be hushed up so that there would be no bad publicity.  Mr. A also gaslighted Ms. D., big time, in order to keep her quiet.  He had everyone on the show conned.  It was so bad that our actress began to suffer from serious health problems from the stress and those close to her were afraid she would end up hospitalized.  So... she bolted from the show for her own health and sanity and pretty much faded into obscurity.

After her departure, the show continued on, as did the careers of Mr. A and the other cast members who had turned a blind eye to what happened.   A few years passed and Mr. A became even more famous and wealthy thanks to his role on the show.  His increased fame placed him in more elite social circles where he crossed paths with another actress.  This actress, who I'll call Ms. T, is what I'd consider permanent A list.  At the time she encountered Mr. A., she was not really acting very much, but still maintained her A-list status for other reasons.  Anyway, Mr. A. crossed paths with Ms. T because of mutual friends and also because of a business matter they had in common.  Unlike Ms. D,  Ms. T had been around the block a few times and recognized the red flags with Mr. A's personality pretty quickly. She is no shrinking violet and was not about to put up with any crap from this guy.  Ms. T saw the warning signs after our actor attempted to make a business situation as miserable as possible for her.  She told him in no uncertain terms that he better back off-- and as is the case with these personality types, when Mr. A realized was onto him, he made sure to stay out of her way.

Although Ms. T's heydey as an actress was pretty much over at that point, our actress was (and is) very well liked in the industry.  She has lots of loyal and powerful friends.  And  Ms. T made sure that ALL of them heard about her miserable experience with Mr A.  Since our actress has never been known to say an unkind word about anyone, that made her story that much more credible.  Her powerful friends that heard the story were even more disturbed by it because at the time she crossed paths with Mr. A,  she was going through a very vulnerable time in her life.   Mr. A honed in on that and attempted to exploit her.  Luckily our actress saw through that and was able to avoid harm.  Ms. T's friends were so disgusted by this story that they spread it around like the plague and before long, almost everyone in the business had heard it (and believed it).

Mr. A continued to work on this very famous show, but once the show ended, he suddenly found himself struggling to get more work.  No one would give him the time of day.  This is surprising given that a number of the actors from this show went on to further successes after the show was over- but he didn't.  It was clear that people in the business were aware of our actor's issues and were avoiding hiring him.  What is even better is that that none of those old castmates were willing to help Mr. A find new work either.  They all felt guilty about the situation with Ms. D- and no longer wanted to be tainted by any association with him, especially since Ms. T's story was widely known at that point.

What makes this all so interesting is that Ms. D and Ms. T recently met one another for the first time.  They were introduced by a mutual friend who was aware of both of their stories.  Since Ms D was really not in contact with many people in the business anymore, she was had not heard Ms. T's story when it was circulating around.  The two women have since become very close friends and consider themselves part of each other's families.    This is a very unlikely friendship but they have totally bonded over their mutual loathing of Mr. A.  What is even more intriguing is that Ms T is urging Ms D to write a book about what happened to her. Ms. T has even offered to pony up the cash for Ms. A to hire lawyers in case there are legal problems with the book.  It will be interesting to see if the tell-all gets written.  If so, I would imagine there will be quite a few in the Industry who will be very nervous about the prospect of being called out for not intervening in Ms. D's situation with Mr. A.

ER/Sherry Stringfield/Noah Wyle/Bo Derek
22 Nov 00:22

Blind Items Revealed #1

by ent lawyer

oh chris, get it together sweetie.

November 3, 2017

Apparently the superhero with the very very messy sex life/love life has added to his issues. He has drama going on at home with some people living with him. He has been in touch with his actress ex who texted him photos of herself in bed. Oh, the bed was in the trailer of her co-star. This made our superhero jealous and he flew out to see the ex.

Chris Evans/Jenny Slate
17 Nov 23:09

Killer Noodle Shut Down for Operating Without a Public Health Permit

by Matthew Kang

the noodle place that is upfront about giving you diarrhea never got a health permit!

One of the hottest new openings closes without notice

After just a few weeks after opening, Killer Noodle has been temporarily shut down by the LA County Health Department for section 114381, a violation of operating without a valid Public Health permit. It’s certainly an odd way to shut down, though one that’s not uncommon.

Many times restaurants elect to open before their permits come through because they’re in a situation where they need income to pay for various pre-opening expenses. Killer Noodle has been very busy since opening, regularly drawing lunch and dinner lines.

Yesterday at around 1:45 p.m., the Health Department came in for an inspection, resulting in an early lunch service termination. This writer was actually on site having lunch during the inspection. The Health Department enforced the violation afterwards, some time in the late afternoon or evening after lunch service ended. Yelpers have already caught onto the shutter, with an indefinitely shutter notice on Killer Noodle’s Yelp page. Eater reached out to Killer Noodle’s public relations person, but hasn’t heard back.

Killer Noodle is the budding Tsujita empire’s take on tantanmen, or spicy Chinese-inflected ramen noodles. While there have been some early service issues, most critics have pretty excited for the place.