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27 Dec 14:36

Build Your Own Thermal Camera

by Richard Baguley

We have featured thermal camera projects by [Max Ritter] before, but [Max] has just taken the next step: he is offering the latest version as a build-it-yourself kit. The DIY Thermocam improves on his previous designs by capturing 60 by 80 pixel thermal images, which can be combined with visible light images from an accompanying  640 by 480 pixel camera to produce the final image. It is built around the FLIR Lepton module that has been used in many of the recent commercial thermal cameras that we have seen. Max has also added a battery and display, making the whole thing a standalone camera.

The firmware that runs all this is open-source and written in C++ for easy modification, so users can build their own thermal camera.”The approach is to offer people the self-assembly kit so that they can use it as a development platform to do whatever they want to achieve with thermal imaging”[Max] told us. The kit runs €429 (about $468), with free shipping worldwide.

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24 Mar 03:49

Has A Limited Streetview

by BD
Sales | AZ, USA

(I work as a salesman selling billboards all over the state, and have both national and local clients. I get a phone call on my cell phone.)

Me: “Hello, you’ve reached [My Name]!    ”

Client: “Hello, [My Name]; it’s [Client] from [His Business]. I bought a board from you?”

Me: “Oh, yes! I believe it was installed last Monday and looks just great. I passed by it the other day. What’s going on?”

Client: “Well, I’m looking at the board right now and it doesn’t have my design on it!”

Me: *surprised, because I had just passed it the day before and it was there* “What do you mean? Is there another advertisement on there?”

Client: *getting more mad* “Yes! I thought I was paying to be up there for three months!”

Me: “Hold on, [Client]. I’ll go out there right now and take a look!”

(I proceed to drive an hour from the office to go to the billboard. It’s located on a strip of highway between two cities, so there is nothing but desert around it. When I get there, I see that the client’s ad is up. I give him a call.)

Me: “Hi, [Client], I’m standing here in front of the board and your advertisement is up!”

Client: “That’s b******t! I’m looking at it right now too, and it’s for [Other Advertiser]!”

Me: “…Where are you? Are you at the right board? I don’t see you here.”

Client: “Well, of course I’m not there! I’m at my store, looking at it on [Website commonly used to view streets]!”

Me: *trying hard not to be rude* “[Client], [Website] runs that service, not [My Company], and they don’t always update the images. What you’re seeing is an old advertiser. I promise you, I’m standing right here. I’ll take a picture with my phone and email it to you.”

Client: “You better not be lying, because I’ll sue you for wrongful advertisement!”

(I sent him a photo with his advertisement up, as well as a photo of me with the board in the background. He then renewed his contract with us for another year!)

23 Mar 07:48

Client: I don’t understand. What’s this invoice for?Me: It’s for my work: the design of the...

Client: I don’t understand. What’s this invoice for?

Me: It’s for my work: the design of the brochure and the ads.

Client: But I paid the printer and the newspaper!

09 Mar 11:09

True Gamers Never Die

by BD


21 Oct 07:03

Worth Its Weight In Golden

Retail | Exeter, England, UK

(A rather frazzled looking customer rushes in and comes straight over to the counter.)

Me: “Hi! How can I help?”

Customer: “Hi, I’d like 12.5g of golden virginity please…”


Me: “I’m sorry, love, there are some things we just can’t give back.”

Customer: “Oh my goodness, Virginia! I meant golden Virginia!”

31 Dec 20:50

Outdated And Outsmarted

Retail | Kent, England, UK

(I’m doing a bit of Christmas shopping. I stop at a calendar stand in the middle of the shopping center, and start looking through the stock. I think nothing of two customers appearing next to me until they start talking.)

Customer #1: “Are these calendars for next year?”

Customer #2: “I don’t know. Check the date.”

Customer #1: “I can’t see it.”

Me: “Are you serious?”

Customer #1: “Excuse me?”

Me: “It’s the middle of December. The last month of the year. Why would anybody need to buy a calendar for this year?”

Customer #2: “You can’t talk to my daughter like that! She’s not stupid!”

Me: “With all due respect, I’m not the one questioning if calendars being sold in December are for next year.”

12 Oct 14:49

'Breaking Bad's' Walter White to Be Remembered at Funeral, Reception

by Hilary Lewis

UPDATED: An Albuquerque charity is hosting the event where fans can pay their respects to Heisenberg.

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08 Sep 09:14

New firmware gives Canon's Cinema EOS camera line a prodigious 80,000 ISO

by Steve Dent

Firmware update gives Canon's Cinema cameras 80,000 ISO

Those who shelled out big bucks for one of Canon's Cinema EOS cameras will be glad to know they've just been blessed with a significant firmware upgrade. Owners of the EOS C500, C300, C100 and 1D C 4K models will all see a huge increase in light gathering, with the maximum ISO jumping from 20,000 to 80,000. That's one of the highest ISO settings on a pro camcorder, and you'll now be able to roll through the entire ISO range in 1/3 stop increments instead of a full stop at a time, too. Meanwhile, the top of the line C500 model will get new DCI-P3+ and Cinema Gamut color options, along with a new high-speed, 120fps shooting mode at 4,096 x 1,080. The C300 will also get a new Wide DR color gamut and all the models will get various tweaks and bug fixes. For the finer details, check the source.

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Source: Canon Europe