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17 Jan 13:09

Sugar Land Home Listing Photo of the Day: The Ceiling Show

by Dan Singer

27 Beacon Hill [HAR] … Read More
17 Jan 13:08

Comment of the Day Runner-Up: There’s Still a Missing Link in the Bayou Bike Connector

by Dan Singer

“It’s not complete if you are trying to take the MKT Trail from the Heights into downtown and beyond while staying off streets. The Bayou Greenways interactive map still shows a dotted line for the missing connection between the MKT Trail and the stretch of the trail at Stude Park. When completed, that tiny section will make a big difference.” [Gretchen Lindquist, commenting on Houston’s Bayou Biking Connector Is Now Complete] Image: Bayou Greenways 2020 … Read More
17 Jan 13:05

Houston Home Listing Photo of the Day: The Walk-Up

by Dan Singer

4718 Blanton Blvd. [HAR] … Read More
17 Jan 13:05

A Twist in the Mystery of Who Owns Those Heights Holdout House Bones

by Dan Singer

Maybe you were expecting DNA testing to identify those human remains — found inside the wall of a Heights bungalow on Allston St.  — as those of Mary Cerruti, the missing 61-year-old woman who refused to let Trammell Crow annex her home as part of the Alexan Heights apartment complex the developer built on the block. After sending one of the recovered teeth to the University of North Texas last year to compare it to DNA samples from 3 of Cerruti’s relatives, the results are in — and there’s no exact match, reports Emily Foxhall. The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences is still working to see if there’s any connection between Cerruti and skeleton left behind at 610 Allston, but according to a spokesperson, further study will take “a lengthy period of time.” [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot] Photo: HAR … Read More
17 Jan 13:01

Houston Home Listing Photo of the Day: The Accent Wall

by Dan Singer

1005 Fountain View Dr. [HAR] … Read More
17 Jan 12:59

Houston Home Listing Photo of the Day: The Twins

by Dan Singer

4913 Rusk St. [HAR] … Read More
17 Jan 12:59

The New Audi-Sized Hole Drilled into PJ’s Sports Bar on W. Gray Last Night

by Dan Singer

A car gunning for PJ’s Sports Bar on the corner of W. Gray and Stanford St. ended up inside the bar’s front patio last night. Nobody was seriously injured after a traffic mix-up between a Ford and the Audi pictured above sent the sports car sailing into the sports bar at around 11 PM last night. PJ’s was closed at the time. The Ford came to a stop upside down, in between 614 W. Gray and its neighbor — Cecil’s Pub: A closer view of the damage beyond the yellow tape in front of the scene: Photos: Swamplot inbox … Read More
17 Jan 12:58

The Undressed, Huddled Figures Found Warming Up This Morning Outside a Rice Village Clothing Store

by Swamplot

Spotted in the pre-retail hours at 2512 University Blvd. by morning Rice Village dog-walker Gerrit Leeftink: This convocation of under-dressed athletic figures — in warm-up mode outside the local outlet of women’s clothing chain Athleta. More views of the gathering, as participants awaited their new attire indoors: Photos: Gerrit Leeftink … Read More
17 Jan 12:57

New Owner of Baba Yega Buys Neighboring Montrose Mining Company Building

by Dan Singer

Is the site of shuttered gay bar Montrose Mining Company destined to become a parking lot for nearby restaurant Baba Yega Cafe? The new owner of Baba Yega, developer Fred Sharifi, bought the 39-year-old bar on the corner of Pacific and Grant streets from longtime proprietor Charles Armstrong last month. When the bar closed in 2016, Armstrong said he was working on plans to bring a new restaurant to the building within 18 months. A sign posted on the door of 805 Pacific St. now directs would-be patrons to one of Armstrong’s other hangouts across Pacific — JR’s Bar & Grill. Above that flyer, a notice from the city dated December 14 — 2 days after the 2,809-sq.-ft. building was sold — tells its owners to stop all unpermitted plumbing and structural work on the site. Sharifi has now purchased at least 5 Montrose properties within the last 2 years, including Baba Yega, Montrose Mining Company, and 3 sites slated to be part of a project he’s developing on Fairview Ave. — one of which was home to Armstrong’s nightclub Meteor. In addition to his projects in Montrose, Sharifi also owns Hungry’s Cafe in Rice Village. Armstrong still appears to own a vacant, 6,648-sq.-ft. property that wraps around the east side of Montrose Mining Company: On the south side of the bar, that property runs between Montrose Mining Company and Baba Yega and is currently used for restaurant parking. Photos: Swamplot inbox … Read More
17 Jan 12:46

Sit Around

by Reza

17 Jan 12:39


by (WrongMan)
17 Jan 12:36


by (WrongMan)
Courtesy of The Island of Misfit Tapes​!
17 Jan 12:32


by (WrongMan)
17 Jan 12:28

Multiplicative Idiocy

by Matthew Inman
Multiplicative Idiocy

An immutable law of design.

17 Jan 12:25

01/08/18 PHD comic: 'Number of Side Projects'

Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham
Click on the title below to read the comic
title: "Number of Side Projects" - originally published 1/8/2018

For the latest news in PHD Comics, CLICK HERE!

17 Jan 12:23

Buffet of Souls

sleep is dumb

It is highly possible I will have a fun birthday sale either later today or Monday, depending on if I get distracted by UFOs or other shiny objects.

17 Jan 12:19

SCARY GO ROUND for January 12th 2018

17 Jan 12:18

SCARY GO ROUND for January 11th 2018

17 Jan 12:17

SCARY GO ROUND for January 10th 2018

17 Jan 12:16

SCARY GO ROUND for January 9th 2018

16 Jan 13:33

The Food Size Cycle

There's data suggesting that this model may apply to deep-dish/thin-crust pizza. I've designed a thorough multi-year study to investigate this personally, but funding organizations keep denying my grant requests.
16 Jan 13:32

Dying Gift

And to you, I leave my life-sized ice sculpture replica of the Pietà which was blessed by the Pope. You must never let it melt! Now, remember, all gifts must be removed from my estate within 24 hours.
09 Jan 19:39

Diogenes and Plato

By the way, if you are being bullied in school, the advice you will often get from your parents and teachers is to ignore them and they will stop. This is bad advice. Trust me, if you bite them, that will be the end of it.
09 Jan 19:33

2016 Election Map

I like the idea of cartograms (distorted population maps), but I feel like in practice they often end up being the worst of both worlds—not great for showing geography OR counting people. And on top of that, they have all the problems of a chloro... chorophl... chloropet... map with areas colored in.
08 Jan 15:43

Saturday Rundown: Falcons Winless, SaberCats Win

by Curtis

A couple of notes from Saturday to pass along this evening.

Falcons Winless On Day One

The U.S. took a very young Falcons team to the Sudamerica 7s series and it showed early on the first day of the Punta del Este 7s with three losses. The first loss came to hosts Uruguay with a 27-12 result. Then it was back to back 29-5 losses to France and Brazil. The point of the tournament is to gain experience and some of the best experiences can be gleaned through losses. Let's hope that is the case here.

The losses mean that the U.S. will miss out on the top eight and will face Canada in the semi-finals of the consolation round. Colombia and Paraguay are also in the consolation round.

Head coach JD Stephenson told the U.S.A. Rugby Facebook page: “Positive play from a young side today. Full credit to the quality of the opposition, the opportunity to play at this level will fuel the development of our players.”

Take the jump to read more.
SaberCats Defeat Seattle Saracens

The Houston SaberCats made their professional debut today in a 50-7 win over the Seattle Saracens. Houston held a 36-0 halftime lead before extending that in the second half. Sam Windsor had the honor of scoring the first try for the SaberCats just over ten minutes into the half. Josua Vici, Malacchi Esdale, Connor Murphy, Windsor again, and Zach Pangelinan all had first half tries. Pago Haini (twice) and Esdale again had tries in the second half. The Saracens scored on a penalty try.

The SaberCats will be back at it next Saturday as they host the Vancouver Ravens. After that it's the Uruguay National Team followed by James Bay to close out the month. 
08 Jan 15:40

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Stats


Click here to go see the bonus panel!

Oh, so I should just rely on your anecdotes about the location of your own parts?

New comic!
Today's News:
08 Jan 15:40

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Frog Princess


Click here to go see the bonus panel!

Pro Tip: That last panel could go after any comic.

New comic!
Today's News:

HEY! Geeks of MIT and London! We need more submissions for BAHFest!

08 Jan 15:39

No "Cool" Person

sleep is dumb

TONIGHT ONLY: Indie Rock Pete and CSSTine on the definition of "cool."

08 Jan 15:38

SCARY GO ROUND for January 8th 2018

06 Jan 16:39

Giovanni Valderas’ “Casita Tristes” (Little Sad Houses)

by Glasstire


Yesterday our friends over at Dallas’ Art & Seek published a nice story that demystifies the recent appearance of the small, house-shaped piñatas that have been popping up in and around Oak Cliff, specifically near big new development sites. Those of us who know Giovanni Valderas’ work may have recognized them right away (although this feels like the first time he’s made such anthropomorphic piñatas — they really are very sad and very cute; they practically emit imaginary cartoon ‘sad horn’ sound effects), but they tend to disappear pretty quickly as well. He calls them Casita Tristes (or, Little Sad Houses).

Valderas is as well known in North Texas as an effective activist working on issues of affordable housing and gentrification run amok as he is known for being an artist. He’s also director of Kirk Hopper Fine Art and a college professor. He’s a busy man, but he takes the time to make art work that serves as both art and community advocacy.

Dallas, much like Houston and Austin (and many other cities across the country), has seen its cost of living and housing prices spike precipitously in the past ten years, and especially in the last five. Dallas artists are responding, and Valderas is one of the most visible, witty, and consistent artists to stay on top of the issue.

There’s a nice video and interview with Valderas on Art & Seek, so go here.

Top two photos by Kevin Todora for Art & Seek. Interview and story on Valderas by Hady Mawajdeh for Art & Seek.