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10 Sep 22:15

"You're Prettier That Way," They Say...

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"Go to Hell," I say.

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09 Sep 03:11

What is This? I Don't Even...

28 Aug 13:39


It was finally destroyed with a nuclear weapon carrying the destructive energy of the Hiroshima bomb.
16 Aug 14:28

Increased Risk

You may point out that strictly speaking, you can use that statement to prove that all risks are tiny--to which I reply HOLY SHIT WATCH OUT FOR THAT DOG!
22 Jul 14:53

Congressman Proposes No More Cap on Social Security Tax for the Wealthy

by Diane Sweet

U.S. Rep. Rush Holt has launched the third in his series of whiteboard videos making the case for bold progressive ideas. In the new video, “Social Security,” Holt argues that millionaires and billionaires should pay the same percent of their income to Social Security as middle-class workers.

“Ordinary people contribute about 6 percent of their paycheck to Social Security,” Holt explains in the video, “but someone earning a million dollars pays less than 1 percent. That's because Congress has given millionaires and billionaires a free pass: an absolute cap on their social security taxes."

Holt proposes asking the wealthy to pay the same tax rate into Social Security as the middle class. “That would save Social Security, ” Holt says, “no need to raise the retirement age or cut benefits. This isn't rocket science; it isn't even fifth grade math."

You can view Rep. Holt's other videos in the whiteboard series, at the links for “Wall Street” and “Student Loans."

BTW, Rep. Holt is also running for the U.S. Senate in NJ, competing with Newark Mayor Cory Booker, the favorite.

22 May 04:06

CNN's Wolf Blitzer to tornado victim: "You gotta thank the lord". Victim: "I'm an atheist"

by Rob Beschizza

This is CNN.