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hajandrade: Some Self Portraits by Women Artists:Sofonisba...

Sofonisba Anguissola (Italian, 1530 - 1625), Self Portrait at the Easel Painting a Devotional Panel, 1556

Judith Leyster (Dutch, 1609 - 1660), Self Portrait, ca. 1630

Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun (1755 - 1842), Self Portrait in a Straw Hat, after 1782

Marie-Gabrielle Capet (French, 1761-1818), Self Portrait, c. 1783

Zinaida Serebriakova (Russian, 1884 - 1967), At the Dressing Table - Self Portrait, 1909

Nasta Rojc (Croatian, 1883 - 1964), Self Portrait, 1912

Tamara de Lempika (Polish, 1898-1980), Self Portrait in the Green Bugatti, 1925

Leonor Fini (Argentine-French, 1908 - 1996), Self Portrait with Scorpion, 1938

Frida Kahlo (Mexican, 1907 - 1954), Self Portrait, 1945

Yana Movchan (born in Kiev, 1971), Beautiful Me (Self Portrait)


Some Self Portraits by Women Artists:

  1. Sofonisba Anguissola (Italian, 1530-1625), Self Portrait at the Easel Painting a Devotional Panel, 1556
  2. Judith Leyster (Dutch, 1609-1660), Self Portrait, ca. 1630
  3. Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun (French, 1755-1842), Self Portrait in a Straw Hat, after 1782
  4. Marie-Gabrielle Capet (French, 1761-1818), Self Portrait, c. 1783
  5. Zinaida Serebriakova (Russian, 1884-1967), At the Dressing Table - Self Portrait, 1909
  6. Nasta Rojc (Croatian, 1883-1964), Self Portrait, 1912
  7. Tamara de Lempika (Polish, 1898-1980), Self Portrait in the Green Bugatti, 1925
  8. Leonor Fini (Argentine-French, 1908-1996), Self Portrait with Scorpion, 1938
  9. Frida Kahlo (Mexican, 1907-1954), Self Portrait, 1945
  10. Yana Movchan (b. in Kiev, Ukraine, 1971), Beautiful Me (Self Portrait)
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mer-ow: An official post of my Harry Potter Valentines...


An official post of my Harry Potter Valentines (including some new ones I didn’t post last night) !

The Hagrid one is kind of like… an insulting Valentine. So you can give it to your enemy to let them know you still don’t like them, but you wanted to include them on this emotional Hallmark holiday. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! (bit early, woops)

-Kjersti (new york kitty)


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by swissmiss


Passweird generates weird passwords for you. Nothing else. So good!

(via Chris)

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suzeart: I’d been kicking this idea around for a while and...


I’d been kicking this idea around for a while and trying to think about how to articulate it. Pretty happy with how it eventually turned out! 

Sometimes I think about my reasons for getting tattoos (just for myself, not because they need justification). Adding onto this painting metaphore, I think getting ink is a way for me to put down portable roots. I move a lot and will be doing it again soon, and until I can actually settle down and paint some walls I’ll take visual control of something more accessible, namely myself.

27 Jan 19:40

skaletal: wholetjackdrive: queerart-civildisobedience: Europea...




European accents (and in general white people accents) are commonly perceived as attractive and endearing, while accents from basically any other part of the world are considered to be signs of laziness and disrespect and get routinely made fun of.

My whole family is Korean. My sister and I have grown up in the US so we can pretty much speak English. However, our parents speak very broken English. It makes me mad though because my mother has taken ESL classes at our local university and my father graduated from the University of Washington with a PhD in mechanical engineering, yet I constantly see them being made fun of by their coworkers or other people in general because “they’re too lazy to try to understand English.” My mom has spent countless nights crying whilst taking her classes because of the stress wishing she could speak half as fluently as I can. If you don’t know what it’s like trying to learn English as a second language, then you have no room to talk.

As someone who’s been trained to teach English to non-English speakers, allow me to inform you that English is an eldritch Frankenstein-esque abomination of borrowed words and mismatched grammatical rules.

Structurally, English is as convoluted and obtuse as any aspect of governmental bureaucracy, and it’s similarly societally entrenched in a way that makes people believe, and even insist, that’s just “the way of things.”

Here’s the facts: English is fucking hard. English doesn’t make logical sense. English is weird and horrible and inconsistent and makes common use of unusual phonemes that most adult speakers of other languages have to be mechanically taught to differentiate from similar sounds that are distinct in the English language. Without mechanical introduction and proper instruction, a lot of people cannot actually hear the difference in sounds you are mocking them for.

In some languages, [p] and [b] are indistinguishable. This is why you heard that gentleman say he would like a “can of Coke or Bebsi” with his order. It has nothing to do with laziness.

In some languages, [l] and [r] are indistinguishable. This is why you’re an asshole for going “me rikey” like the substitution is somehow comical. You’re a dick, and also most likely racist.

In the vast majority of languages, [θ] and [ð], known to English speakers as the voiceless (thing) and voiced (there) versions of the th sound, respectively, straight up does not even exist. This is why she says “teef” or “toofbrush,” why he keeps saying “ze” or “de” in place of “the,” and why they said “sank you very much” when you held open the door for them. 

There are sounds in English that a hell of a lot of speakers of other languages cannot teach themselves to recognize and recreate without assistance.

And, y’know, even if you get the screwy grammar and troublesome pronounciation down, English is a language in which very slight changes in intonation and word stress can completely change the meaning of a sentence. 

Like so:

But how are you doing? (Flamboyant pleasure to see someone, eagerness to catch up.)

But how are you doing? (Deflection from inquiries about self, moving conversation in a new direction.)

But how are you doing? (Concern, request for further or more accurate information.)

These are all totally different statements.

It’s incredibly easy to come across in a way you did not want or intend to when you’re not familiar with the particular ways in which saying something can change what it means to other people. 

Don’t you ever give people shit for not achieving or approaching fluency in English.

Repeat after me: English is a terrible fucking language and speaking it does not make me tangibly superior to anyone else in literally any way.

07 Jan 10:11

Dealing with Unwanted Weight Loss Compliments

by danceswithfat

The world is messed up you are fineA reader wrote in with a question that I’ve been asked before by a number of people who have lost weight unintentionally – through illness, or grief, or some other reason, and I thought I would address it today:

Now my friends are asking me for tips on how to lose weight.  I don’t know what to say.  But when I say that I wasn’t trying to lose weight, people don’t believe me.  They don’t believe me when I say that I was just as happy with my body when it was heavier.  But I really was. Do you have any advice about what to say?

When your body size has changed and you become smaller, people’s unwanted comments can range from annoying, to rude, to incredibly hurtful (I hear from lots of readers who are complimented on weight lost following the loss of a loved one, or an illness – one reader with stage 4 cancer had a co-worker tell her “cancer looks great on you!”)

To me, the most important thing to realize is that the problem here isn’t the person whose body is smaller, it’s people who are making inappropriate comments about it and the culture that tells us that everyone wants to be smaller than they are, that smaller is better, and that it’s ok to comment on each other’s body size without invitation.  So once again we have an issue that isn’t our fault, but can become our problem.

Nobody is under any obligation to do activism/education etc. so each person who deals with this gets to choose how to handle it.  On the other hand you might consider that, whether you ask for it or not, having a less-fat body in a fatphobic world means that you may have access to more things (clothes, spaces, etc.0 and people may treat you better.  You probably didn’t ask for this and you can’t really give it away, but you can use this as an opportunity for activism, and when you do it is much appreciated.

So here are some options for replying if people make undesired weight loss compliments.

Responses that invite a dialog

People keep asking me that – do you think they are assuming I tried to lose weight on purpose?

Oh, I’m not interested in weight loss.  My body size may go up or down and I’m fine with that. Isn’t it odd that we are so fixated on thinness as a culture?

I believe in Size Acceptance and practice Health at Every Size, I’d be happy to tell you more about that.

Responses that don’t invite dialog

I don’t engage in diet talk.

Diet talk makes me really uncomfortable, how about that local and or college sportsballing team?

Can’t help you – I don’t pay attention to my body size.

Responses to shut that shit down

I didn’t know that you were monitoring my body size, please stop, it’s hella creepy.

What a strange and inappropriate question, I’m curious – what made you think that was ok to ask me?

How are your bowel movements? Oh, sorry – I thought we were asking each other inappropriate personal questions.

Remember that, no matter how you handle this, you are not the problem.

Like this blog?  Here’s more cool stuff:

Like my work?  Want to help me keep doing it? Become a Member! For ten bucks a month you can support size diversity activism, help keep the blog ad free, and get deals from size positive businesses as a thank you.  Click here for details

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Book Me!  I’d love to speak to your organization. You can get more information here or just e-mail me at ragen at danceswithfat dot org!

I’m training for an IRONMAN! You can follow my journey at

If you are uncomfortable with my offering things for sale on this site, you are invited to check out this post.



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berlin1991: any sentiment that prioritizes hard work over mental health or wellness is capitalist...


any sentiment that prioritizes hard work over mental health or wellness is capitalist propaganda

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tongueturner: (via Saturday Morning Cartoons: Baopu #15) by Yao...

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leftist-daily-reminders: blue-author: projectivepenteract: theuppitynegras: projectivepenteract: ...







I’m about 90% sure the economy is never gonna “improve” 

this is capitalism in it’s final form

this is it honey 

except, you know, those companies that do a charitable thing for every thing they sell

that’s kinda new and interesting. benevolent capitalism


Pay attention, class: This is what it looks like when one is unwilling to consider new information.

It’s not new information, though. It’s misinformation.

First, it’s not that new.

Did you know that there was a time in U.S. history—which is by definition recent history—when a corporation was generally intended to have some sort of public interest that they served? I mean, that’s the whole point of allowing corporations to form. Corporations are recognized by the commonwealth or state, and this recognition is not a right but a privilege, in exchange for which the state (representing the people) is allowed to ask, “So what does this do for everyone else?”

The way the economy is now is a direct result of a shift away from this thinking and to one where a corporation is an entity unto itself whose first, last, and only concern is an ever-increasing stream of profits. What you’re calling “benevolent capitalism” isn’t benevolent at all. It’s a pure profit/loss calculation designed to distract from—not even paper over or stick a band-aid on—the problems capitalism creates. And the fact that you’re here championing it as “benevolent capitalism” is a sign of how ell it’s working.

Let’s take Toms, as one example. The shoe that’s a cause. Buy a pair of trendy shoes, and a pair of trendy shoes will be given away to someone somewhere in the world who can’t afford them.

That’s not genuine benevolence. That’s selling you, the consumer, on the idea that you can be benevolent by buying shoes, that the act of purchasing these shoes is an act of charity. The reality is that their model is an inefficient means of addressing the problems on the ground that shoelessness represents, and severely disrupts the local economies of the locations selected for benevolence.

(Imagine what it does to the local shoemakers, for instance.)

The supposed act of charity is just a value add to convince you to spend your money on these shoes instead of some other shoes. It’s no different than putting a prize in a box of cereal.

Heck, you want to see how malevolent this is?

Go ask a multinational corporation that makes shoes or other garments to double the wages of their workers. They’ll tell you they can’t afford it, that it’s not possible, that consumers won’t stand for it, that you’ll drive them out of business and then no one will have wages.

But the fact that a company can give away one item for every item sold shows you what a lie this is. A one-for-one giving model represents double the cost of labor and materials for each unit that is sold for revenue. Doubling wages would only double the labor.

So why are companies willing to give their products away (and throw them away, destroy unused industry with bleach and razors to render them unsalvageable, et cetera) but they’re not willing to pay their workers more?

Because capitalism is the opposite of benevolence.

“Charity” is by definition exemplary, above and beyond, extraordinary, extra. “Charity” is not something that people are entitled to. You give people a shirt or shoes or some food and call it charity, and you’re setting up an expectation that you can and will control the stream of largesse in the future, and anything and everything you give should be considered a boon from on high.

On the other hand, once you start paying your workers a higher wage, you’re creating an expectation. You’re admitting that their labor is more valuable to you than you were previously willing to admit, and it’s hard to walk that back.

Plus, when people have enough money for their basic needs, they’re smarter and stronger and warier and more comfortable with pushing back instead of being steamrolled over. They have time and money to pursue education. They can save money up and maybe move away. They can escape from the system that depends on a steady flow of forced or near-forced labor.

So companies will do charitable “buy one, give one” and marketing “buy one, get one” even though these things by definition double the overhead per unit, but they won’t do anything that makes a lasting difference in the standard of living for the people.

Capitalism has redefined the world so that the baseline of ethics is “How much money can we make?” and every little good deed over and above that is saintly.

But there’s nothing benevolent about throwing a scrap of bread to someone who’s starving in a ditch because you ran them out of their home in the first place.

This is one of the best anti-capitalist posts on the entire site.

26 Jan 03:04

chronicillnessmemes: bedboundspoonies: I was kind of a mess when I first became bedridden, and...



I was kind of a mess when I first became bedridden, and still am if I’m being honest.  Having this disability takes so much freaking discipline.  If I were to ever get cured, I’d be a productivity machine because I’ve trained myself not to procrastinate which is kind of a normal part of able-bodied life. 

This website helped retrain me into working with my disability.  What I like best is that things you don’t do will turn yellow, orange, red, and dark red over time so it’s a simpler way to keep track of all the minutiae that used to be natural (eating, drinking, peeing, pooing) and gives you a graph history of how many days it’s been since you done x. 

I keep my “dailies” as things I should do everyday:  brush teeth, take pills, lists of things I can try for a migraine.  While “habits” are things I strive for: drinking water, stretching, bms.  And “to dos” as things I need to get done when I’m above base level: fight for healthcare (I live in the states.)

Here’s a link to their commercial

Anyone else want to add suggestions?

Admin J here. Admin E and I are both HUGE fans of this website. We’ve talked about it before here. I like this site simply because I can’t do very much daily. So it was the first time I felt like I was getting stuff done even if it was still only brushing my teeth, eating and taking my pills.

It helped me get a routine going and helps keep my anxiety levels down because I don’t feel overwhelmed or like I am forgetting things.

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29 Dec 01:28

Active ways to cultivate positive body image:


(Because oh my god, it’s so hard, and everyone’s all like stop feeling so bad about yourself and it’s like how???) 

  • Be naked. A lot. Sleep naked. Have sex naked. Eat cereal naked. (Or naked and wrapped in a sheet. Favorite thing.) 
  • Follow beautiful, confident, (un-photoshopped) body-positive babes on the Internet. Unfollow anything that makes you feel insecure. Exposure is key. You’re not going to get it if you don’t seek it out, because the media sucks and wants us to feel like shit about ourselves so they can take our money. (Some hashtags to follow: #effyourbeautystandards #bootyrevolution #blackisbeautiful #transisbeautiful #wheelchairlife #fatkini #fatshion)
  • Lingerie. Next best thing to being naked. 
  • Self care, babe. Different for everyone. (Me? Showers, books, shaving my legs, nature walks, dark lipstick, good playlists, clean rooms, candles, sexy time.) 
  • Get ready in your underwear. Boobs = happiness. 
  • Self portraits. Be pro-selfie. Take a million selfies. Take sexy selfies. Take no makeup selfies. Take bad angle silly selfies. Take artsy tripod selfies. Take everything-is-on-point selfies. You’re gorgeous; document your gorgeousness. You don’t even need to post them. 
  • Stop with the self deprecationnnnn. Pleeeeaseeee. It’s hard to control your thoughts love, I know, but you can control what you say. NEVER insult yourself out loud. Dare I say compliment yourself out loud? (And if you can, do your best to try to body-positive-ify your thoughts too.) 
  • Sex (including solo sexy time), wine, and chocolate. In that order. 
  • Share the body love. Compliment your girlfriends. Cultivate a nonjudgemental, supportive, lift-each-other-up “we’re so cute” friend group. Everyone’s insecure. Compliment your besties. And strangers, too. Be that person that makes everyone feel good about themselves when they’re around. 

Good luck gorgeous. It’s a battle. We gotta unlearn all this societal bullshit.

02 Jan 07:26

Did you actually just say that being racist comes with being white?????

yep, that I did.  granted, if you don’t believe in white privilege, then those articles are probably going to do very little for you and I would suggest researching what white privilege means and then move onto those later.  seeing as racism is something that’s basically just seeded into us from a very young age, it makes sense that it’s going to take many steps and processes to unlearn it.  at one point I thought that merely being aware of my privilege absolved me from actually being racist, but that’s simply just not how it works.

04 Jan 01:50

cream-and-stars: descantforhope: almostdrchelsearar: themidwif...






You feel like shit is a website set up to help you get out of that funk/improve things just enough to not feel horrible and miserable all the time.  It’s amazing.

Whether you struggle with mental health problems all the time or whether this is a new/temporary state for you, this guide is an easy and judgement-free self-care tool.

PLEASE TRY IT OUT!  Really!  You just click through the questions to answer and follow simple instructions that in the end, ideally, will help you to feel more comfortable and stable on a daily basis. 

Good luck!  Have fun!

Wow this self-care took is incredible.

I’m feeling ok right now and am about to settle into bed (but this was scheduled hence the early morning post) but I flipped through it for awhile just to see what it is like and holy crap it’s like a choose-your-own-adventure of self-care activities that not only aims to engage you in positive feel good behaviors but also tries to match its suggestions to your level of energy/ability/can even.

I think I am going to use this definitely when I am having a bad time but maybe also try to incorporate it into my life on at least a weekly if not a daily or semi-daily basis.

This is super super awesome!

Adding this to my resource list.

I LOVE this. Love this.

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thelingerieaddict: kerosenedeluxe: From my shoot last month in...





From my shoot last month in L.A😄

Photographer: Heidi Calvert
Dress: Rebdolls
Corset: Sweet Carousel Corsetry


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by eeyelightss

26 Dec 17:14

dharma-swan: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.



21 Jan 19:40

annieelainey: Forever and ever, amen. I love seeing all your...


Forever and ever, amen. I love seeing all your selfies ❤

01 Dec 06:04

stophatingyourbody: These photos are a part of “Self...


These photos are a part of “Self Revealed” The Naked Photography Project. For over a year Photographer Elizabeth Sanjuan continues to photograph over 100 women, giving women of all ages, race, and size the opportunity to express and validate beauty on their terms. 

The exhibit will have it’s opening reception on January 9, 2016 at Gallery 2014 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


08 Dec 05:33

ben-c: mahimahi713: ben-c: things i hate: transphobes institutionalized racism banana strings If...




things i hate:

  • transphobes
  • institutionalized racism
  • banana strings

If you peel the banana from the bottom, you will not get the strings

brilliant. do u have solutions for the other two

16 Jan 16:00

ffffjjjj: dykebrigade: graciehagen: Illusions of the Body...

by mossbelly




Illusions of the Body was made to tackle the supposed norms of what we think our bodies are supposed to look like. Most of us realize that the media displays the only the prettiest photos of people, yet we compare ourselves to those images. We never get to see those photos juxtaposed against a picture of that same person looking unflattering. That contrast would help a lot of body image issues we as a culture have.  

Within the series I tried get a range of body types, ethnicities & genders to show how everyone is a different shape & size; there is no “normal”. Each photo was taken with the same lighting & the same angle.  

Celebrate your shapes, sizes & the odd contortions your body can get itself into. The human body is a weird & beautiful thing. 

Photographer: Gracie Hagen

People bodies are so fucking cool

I love this.

16 Jan 03:25

charbizzle: Ashish SS16 Every season Ashish manages to keep...


Ashish SS16

Every season Ashish manages to keep outdoing themselves. However this show caused for a celebration as this season marks Ashish’s 10th year showing at LFW. As per, the casting was refreshingly diverse. Alongside new faces, Chloe Norgaard, DJ Larry B and Jay Boogie stole the show.

When I heard that models were skateboarding at Ashish, I originally thought meh, that’s v Charlotte Free at Moschino. I was completely wrong. It was SO much better than that. On top of that, Anna Trevelyan’s styling makes me want to wear everything, all day every day.

Who’d have thought that there’s nothing I want more than to skateboard to the corner shop wearing a sequinned, ruffled, mesh dress with confetti in my hair?

27 Nov 23:00

afatfox: yourtugboatcaptain: If I were 120 pounds eating a...

by mossbelly
25 Nov 11:34

Unboxing and Review - Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones.

by Jasmine Lammers
So over a year and a half ago I backed a project on Indiegogo for these cool but odd looking headphones. 

They were cute and had Cats Ears..... of course I had to get some.

image from here

It was all just concept art at that point but they looked awesome.

After a few delays and set backs they were finally shipped out to us a year later that first told.

I was super excited when I received mine, I just had to share it with you. 
Be warned, this post is very image heavy. I just had to take tons of pictures.

As expected I ordered the red, how could I not..

The box was just lovely, I am always a sucker for pretty packaging.

The cover art is as good as expected with artwork by the designer of Axent wear Yuumei 

The headphones came in a Protective Hard case for you to store them after, and came with a postcard and the usual instruction booklet. 

and now the headphones themselves in their case 

In the box they came with the hard case, a detachable gaming mic, 4 foot detachable 3.5mm headphone cable (with inline controls) and a USB recharging cable.

they have the ability to play sounds as normal for you through the ear cups but you can also share what you are listening to through the speakers in the cats ears... pretty cool

More importantly how do they look and are they comfy.....

the answer..... KAWAII!!

I love them, they are super cute and they are comfy.

The accent lights in speakers in the ears and the red bands on the ear cups light up and are controlled separately to the sound from the external ear speakers.

With the lights on, the red is more an orange which is a little disappointing. it still looks really cool though so I am still happy.

the ear cups have a 20Hz-20KHz frequency response, 32 Ohm impedance and 40mm drivers. The sound is good, I listen to music a lot and my tastes are very varied. I have tried these with music ranging from Classical to Metal and have been happy with the sound. I have also used them gaming on multiple occasions and had the same result. 

The overall shape is just awesome, they are also not too heavy. The ears are fully articulate so you can wear them flat on your chest when you have them around your neck

They have a very comfortable over ear padding that was cushioned to help with noise reduction and fit. I have worn them for extended periods and they were not too tight or squishy on my ears. 

The controls for the external speakers including volume are on one cup, with a separate control for the accent lights. The other cup has the plug holes for the Audio cable, the USB for recharging and the boom mic.

With a closer look at the cats ears, they are well made and sturdy. The sound from them is pretty decent and what you would expect from small speakers. The car ear speaker audio is 200Hz - 18KHz frequency response with 32mm drivers.  

 so my overall thoughts, I am super happy I got a pair right away from the Indiegogo backer rewards. it was worth the year and a half wait. 

The mix of practicality and total kawaii is just perfect.

They are now available to buy from Brookstone for $149.00 USD.
which for over-ear headphones that can be used as a gaming headset is quite affordable

They come in Red, Blue, Green and Purple. 
I love my red but now i kinda want all the other colours as well just cause..... 

 so what do you think, would you rock some Cats Ear headphones?

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30 Oct 00:05

feetlips: My #Halloween #costume 2015: @pomwonderful bottle!...




My #Halloween #costume 2015: @pomwonderful bottle! I’ve always joked about sharing the same body type as my favorite juice, so I decided it was time for the vision to come alive!

All of the front lettering is felt that has been hand sewn to a dress (from ebay). Most of the nutritional facts on my bum are done with puffy paint. The cap hat is made from cardboard, phonebook paper, hot glue, and some netting.

My purse is a large Pom Wonderful bottle, dyed with alcohol ink, lined in cellophane with a ribbon strap and button closure. Wig is from Amazon! Shoes are thrifted.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and Happy Halloween! 🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃
#costume #costumes #cosplay #diy #fatshion #effyourbeautystandards #me #costuming #curvy #chubbybunny

omg I love it!

29 Oct 04:34



Seriously tempted to get a septum piercing! Love this look.

05 Oct 15:00

chokedoll: amphetamine-angel: huffingtonpost: Margaret Cho:...

by mossbelly




Margaret Cho: Trolls Who Call Me ‘Fat And Ugly’ Are Admitting Defeat

Margaret Cho has a simple philosophy for dealing with degrading comments about herself: If you’re debating a woman and you stoop to calling her “fat” or “ugly,” you’ve already lost the argument.

The comedian explains how to turn misogynist attacks into a “more palatable and pleasurable” experience.

I love her so much