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Where do your old clothes go?                      ...

by murketing


Where do your old clothes go?                                     By Lucy Rodgers BBC News                              

Every year, thousands of us across the UK donate our used clothing to charity - many in the belief that it will be given to those in need or sold in High Street charity shops to raise funds.

But a new book has revealed that most of what we hand over actually ends up getting shipped abroad - part of a £2.8bn ($4.3bn) second-hand garment trade that spans the globe.

We investigate the journey of our cast-offs and begin to follow one set of garments from donation to their eventual destination.

The full story is here and worth reading. It also includes an interactive graphic that shows the destination countries for used clothing. Really interesting.

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Problems Too Disgusting to Solve - The New Yorker

by murketing
Problems Too Disgusting to Solve - The New Yorker:

Following this earlier post about the (much publicized) Gates Foundation project converting sewage to drinkable water, this piece is pretty interesting: “The technology to turn sewage into clean water has been around for years, and its efficacy is an established fact,” it says. “So why hasn’t it been widely adopted yet?” 

That’s precisely the question that Paul Rozin, along with Brent Haddad, Carol Nemeroff, and Paul Slovic, tackled in a series of studies spanning more than two thousand American adults and several hundred college students. The results were published, in January, in the journal Judgment and Decision Making. “The problem isn’t making the recycled water but getting people to drink it,” Rozin told me recently. “And it’s a problem that isn’t going to be solved by engineers. It will be solved by psychologists.”

In the first series of studies, the group asked adults in five cities about their backgrounds, their political and personal views, and, most important, their view on the concept of “recycled water.” On average, everyone was uncomfortable with the idea—even when they were told that treated, recycled water is actually safer to drink than unfiltered tap water. That discomfort, Rozin found, was all about disgust. Twenty-six per cent of participants were so disgusted by the idea of toilet-to-tap that they even agreed with the statement, “It is impossible for recycled water to be treated to a high enough quality that I would want to use it.” They didn’t care what the safety data said. Their guts told them that the water would never be drinkable.

The rest is here.

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csrcalloway:Victims of police brutality… Art by Ashley A....


Victims of police brutality… Art by Ashley A. Woods.

This is my submission for the APB - Artists Against Police Brutality book - with John Jennings and Bill Campbell. Please take the time to read about the victims in the subsequent posts.
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"The war on drugs is built on the idea that the chemicals are the problem. Once you realize that..."

“The war on drugs is built on the idea that the chemicals are the problem. Once you realize that disconnection and isolation are the drivers of addiction, you suddenly realize that what we do actually makes addiction worse. We take addicts who are addicted because they’re isolated and suffering, isolate them in prison cells and make it impossible for them to get jobs when they leave, and inflict more pain and suffering on them. As the doctor from Vancouver said to me, if you wanted to create a system that would make addiction worse, you would create the system that we have.”

- Everything you know about drug addiction is wrong 
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spacemuffinz:daviddrag:Is this a BDSM community protest of 50...



Is this a BDSM community protest of 50 Shades of Grey? Cool.

this is my favorite thing

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nonepants:djrocca87:God, look at her face. I love her. This was...



God, look at her face. I love her.

This was one of my favorite exchanges in TNG. And some of the best advice I received and have been able to pass on. 

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arsenicinshell:Steel mermaid corset by Fiori Couture


Steel mermaid corset by Fiori Couture

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lodubimvloyaar: thranduskul: tastefullyoffensive: [wierddad] t...





the cats are what really makes this for me

This is the most awesome baby picture ever.

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Lol. puppiesandbabies

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Jessica Huang gives her son “the talk.”

Jessica Huang gives her son “the talk.”
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impuni: Watermelon. by Hello i’m Wild ! on Flickr.

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monstrousreg:Today in the park I was walking my dog and there was this other girl walking her...


Today in the park I was walking my dog and there was this other girl walking her poodle. She was really pretty and very very nice. Our dogs played for a little while. And then her poodle squatted and pooped, and when she leaned down to pick it up a dude started yelling obscenities about how he’d like to put his dick in her ass.

She got up and literally threw the bag of warm poop at him.

It hit him in the face.

I got to witness that. This might be the best day of my life. 

This girl wins at life

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I’ll just leave this here.

It’s not abuse if the person has given consent.

1. “No, please. I can’t do this, not now. I need some time, please.” 

"Oh Ana, don’t overthink this."

2. “No,” I protest, trying to kick him off

He stops. “If you struggle, I’ll tie your feet too. If you make a noise, Anastasia, I will gag you.”

3. “Alaska is very cold and no place to run, I would find you. I can track your cellphone - remember?”

There is no such thing as ‘abuse with consent’ abuse is abuse, no matter what way you look at it.

Christian Grey is an abuser, sadist, and rapist. He takes advantage of Ana, using the fact that they’re together as an excuse, because if you’re dating someone their body automatically belongs to you, right?

Don’t you dare try to give me that “It’s not abuse if the person has given consent” bullshit. This is not just a fictional book, this happens to women and even men all over the world, and its ignorant assholes like you that refuse to realize it.

Yeah, this book sure does show a lot of fucking consent, don’t you think?

Just leave the book alone. If you don’t like it why are you reading it and talking about it? And it’s all consensual. She had the choice to leave. And she did at the end of the first book.

ya hi stay off my posts.

"Leave the book alone"?? Why? I’m dead fucking serious, why? Are we hurting the book’s feelings? Is the book going to go home and cry itself to sleep? Why tf do you care more about an inanimate object than the real fucking women who are hurt and killed by abusive men every day??

Take your own fucking advice and don’t read/comment on posts you can’t fucking handle.

There are THREE books?

"she had the choice to leave"




are you fucking serious. how much of an abuse apologist can you be? do you understand how abuse works? here’s a handy infographic of the multitude of ways women are psychologically conditioned and LITERALLY FORCED to stay in abusive relationships:


these books encompass almost all of these methods of control. also have we forgotten the whole tracking on the cellphone bit? 

when you believe you might be in serious physical danger if you leave a man, you do not have the “simple” choice of leaving. i speak from experience. 

additionally, when you are traumatized, your mind is constantly trying to make sense of the threats in your environment. sometimes it is easier for your brain to condition itself to think that you either want or deserve harsh treatment than to accept that someone who is supposed to love/care for you is hurting you. 

BDSM can be consensual, but consent=constant checking in about boundaries, feelings and emotional wellbeing. these books have none of that. 

All the yes to consensual bdsm (hi, daddy) ;) but all the fucking no to abuse disguised as kink. Fuck Fifty Shades

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horrorproportions: afatfox:selfcarezine: The Self Care Journal...




The Self Care Journal is 100 pages of worksheets, journal prompts, coloring pages, and more! Get yours now!

this is so fantastic.

I need this

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micdotcom:Watch: The FDA will allow gay men to donate blood, as...

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inixoq: nethilia: whitepeople.jpg I can’t stop thinking of...




I can’t stop thinking of this and how it describes white people’s attitude towards Mexican food perfectly. 


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micdotcom:14 powerful illustrations show that women can change...


14 powerful illustrations show that women can change the world 

Our society has a nasty habit of erasing women from its historical memory. Whether it’s because men have taken credit for their work or because their work has been ignored altogether, women who have undoubtedly contributed to our collective progress rarely get the acknowledgement they deserve.]

María María Acha-Kutscher intends to change that. See the rest of work.

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freckle-goddess: bettiefatal: Holographic Space Bra &...



Holographic Space Bra & Panty Set

I’ve never wanted something so much in my life.

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"Feminists are made, not born. One does not become an advocate of feminist politics simply by having..."

“Feminists are made, not born. One does not become an advocate of feminist politics simply by having the privilege of having been born female. Like all political positions one becomes a believer in feminist politics through choice and action. When women first organized in groups to talk together about the issue of sexism and male domination, they were clear that females were socialized to believe sexist thinking and values as males, the difference being simply that males benefited from sexism more than females and were as a consequence less likely to want to surrender patriarchal privilege. Before women could change patriarchy we had to change ourselves; we had to raise our consciousness.”

- bell hooks, Feminism is For Everybody: Passionate Politics, p. 7 (via clarawebbwillcutoffyourhead)
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hannahaltmanphoto:"And Everything Nice" is an unflinching...


"And Everything Nice" is an unflinching analysis of the standard for female beauty. The ongoing series consists of women in states of affliction; the body fluid of the models have been replaced with glitter to visualize the concept of girls invariably needing to seem attractive regardless of the actual situation.

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SO gorgeous.

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The 2015 Femmy Awards: 6 Lingerie Design Contestants Compete For...



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chromat:Happy Valentines Day from Gisele Xtravaganza in the...


Happy Valentines Day from Gisele Xtravaganza in the Chromat Laser Bra!

Read the Dazed and Confused Magazine review of the #Chromat AW15: MINDFILES Show:

Chromat keep making everybody else look bad

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