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22 Mar 04:50

Old friends, new faces: LEGO Space reimagined

by Caylin

Space is one of LEGO’s core themes, along with Castle and Town. These three themes, for me, form the foundation that the rest of LEGO is built on. As a kid, and even now, my tastes run definitely toward the Castle/Town end of things. I am, however, developing a healthy regard for Space that comes from a passion around real spacecraft. I have a lot of respect for space builders, because it’s a theme I struggle to build in myself.

Jeremy Croft has taken a look at LEGO Space, and re-imagined many of the classic themes. He’s titled his series “Old Friends, New Faces,” and each build is full of nostalgia. Let’s count down Jeremy’s 10 builds, and wander back to when space was blue, grey, and trans-yellow.

OFNF #4: Space Police I

10. Unitron
OFNF #10: Unitron

9. Spyrius
OFNF #9: Spyrius

8. Ice Planet
OFNF #8: Ice Planet

7. Space Police II
OFNF #7: Space Police II

6. Blacktron II
OFNF #6: Blacktron II

5. M-Tron
OFNF #5: M-Tron

4. Space Police I
OFNF #4: Space Police I

3. Blacktron I
OFNF #3: Blacktron I

2. Futuron
OFNF #2: Futuron

1. Classic Space
OFNF 1: Classic Space

19 Feb 19:43

'Bud': A smart pregnancy device that acts as a...

by eayaydin

'Bud': A smart pregnancy device that acts as a support system for pregnant women. Using smart printer technology, it prints daily messages about baby's development and medical suggestions.

(Want more? See and
18 Feb 21:15

Daniel Thomas Roasted Coffee

by Elizabeth Freeman

Start your day on the right foot with a Keilodoscope of roasted coffees. Designed by Downtown Creative Agency, a series of coffees are bagged in foil pouches, digitally printed with superior color definition. Each bag has an illustration in correlation with the name of the blend. A brief description is written, similarly with tea, with a suggested time of day for intake. 


"Daniel Thomas is South Africa’s top Master Roaster, and has created a range of artisan coffee blends, that are world class. This Sheep Framer turned coffee roasting expert is the only framer in the world to expertly roast the finest blends of the world’s finest AA Grade Arabica beans. This coffee range is bespoke and unique both in it concept of the coffee blend names and the design execution of the packaging."


Designed by Downtown Creative Agency

Country: South Africa

City: Johannesburg

Creative Director: Marco Cannata

Master Roaster: Daniel Thomas


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18 Feb 15:54

Stussy x Herschel Supply Co. 2015 Spring/Summer Collection Preview

by Hypebeast

Two heavyweights in the streetwear game – Stussy and Herschel Supply Co. – have teamed up for a new collection this season, looking to throwback color-blocking and sportswear style to execute an array of backpacks, tote bags and pouches. The collection abides by a strict color palette of blue, red, white and black, relying instead on the simplicity of Herschel's ramped-up design this year. While only the above looks are the only ones available, eager parties can peruse this collection at Stussy chapter stores beginning February 20.

Click here to view full gallery at