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Comic for April 5, 2013

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The way out is to use the marker you have to add a box that says 'get a marker' to the line between you and 'start', then add a 'no' line from the trap box to 'end'.
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Comic for April 4, 2013

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04. April, 2013

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02. April, 2013

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Comic for March 31, 2013

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I'm so bad at carrying a tune, those 'find a song by humming its melody' websites throw an HTTP 406 error as soon as I start to hum.
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28. March, 2013

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Comic for March 24, 2013

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Virus Venn Diagram

Within five minutes of the Singularity appearing, somebody will suggest defragging it.
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28. February, 2013

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4пары: дополнительные материалы - Математик.

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ISO 8601

ISO 8601 was published on 06/05/88 and most recently amended on 12/01/04.
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If I click 'no', I've probably given up on everything, so don't bother taking me to the page I was trying to go to. Just drop me on the homepage. Thanks.
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A human is a system for converting dust billions of years ago into dust billions of years from now via a roundabout process which involves checking email a lot.
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There are probably children out there holding down spacebar to stay warm in the winter! YOUR UPDATE MURDERS CHILDREN.
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Невер Блюд


And it says a lot about you that when your friends jump off a bridge en masse, your first thought is apparently 'my friends are all foolish and I won't be like them' and not 'are my friends ok?'.
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I don't know what's worse--the fact that after 15 years of using tar I still can't keep the flags straight, or that after 15 years of technological advancement I'm still mucking with tar flags that were 15 years old when I started.
25 Mar 05:38

Comic for March 17, 2013

Невер Блюд

инженер - звучит гордо

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[Species5618] ""

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Цитата номер 78766

Виталий Милонов: "У Стивена Фрая очень бедный словарный запас.
Весь наш разговор он лишь повторял: "Are you serious?"".

у стивена фрая очень бедный словарный запас



15 Mar 23:02

Цитата номер 78771

Комментарий под картинкой: "Физик, изучающий атомы - это просто кучка атомов, которые пытаются осознать самих себя".
-Эм, я, конечно, не очень силен в биологии, но разве люди состоят не из клеток?
-Биологи состоят из клеток, а физики из атомов. Боже, чему только учат в школе?