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25 Mar 10:21

Afghan & Arab Bakery (Afghan Sufra), Lakemba

by Helen (Grab Your Fork)
You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten Arabian bread fresh from the tandoor oven. We’re talking a round of piping hot fluffiness that’s softer than a baby’s cheek. They’re bigger than a dinner plate and only a dollar each at Afghan & Arab Bakery, one of the latest additions to Lakemba’s Haldon Street. Arabic bread $1 each Join the queue of families grabbing bags of bread to take home or get it
20 Mar 02:21

10 Amazing Reasons to Visit Orange

Fergus Noodle

Bet she doesn't mention that car wash with the sleazy car mascot

Orange is a terrible place without anything to do. I'm clearly joking and the former sentence is a complete lie because Orange is one of most vibrant and thriving regional cities in Australia. There is so much to do there, especially for the avid foodie. From helicopter wine trails to feasting in apple orchards, luxurious accommodation, Italian pop up dinners and sublime food here are 10 amazing things to do in Orange (and some suggestions for F.O.O.D. Week!).
19 Mar 21:14

Do You Even Soylent? And What Even Is It?

Fergus Noodle

terrible flutulence

Dear Reader have you ever heard of Soylent? If you move in certain circles you may have while others remain blissfully unaware of it. Soylent is a food obsession particularly among techies. Designed to be the solution to freeing up time, controlling calories and improving allover health it has a strong following. But what exactly is it and how does it taste?
15 Mar 10:15

Caramelised Mango Lime Right Side Up Tart

Inspired by a caramelsied mango tart at a restaurant, this mango and lime tart is sheer heaven. If you love buttery filo pastry and caramelised sweet mango slices and tropical hits of lime zest then this right side up tarte tatin will be a dream come true! Plus, it's actually not very hard at all!
13 Mar 05:06

New OC blog

Fergus Noodle

Laura why u no role play Moka?

//Getting close to feeling like RP'ing on Moka again, but for now, go check out my new OC RP blog please ^^


13 Mar 04:25

Re-Framing the Clothesline

by Lisa Wade, PhD
Fergus Noodle

It is insane to me that clotheslines are banned

Flashback Friday.

Electric clothes dryers are among the most energy-greedy appliances in the home, accounting for between 6% and 15% percent of home energy use. In contrast, drying clothes outside is both environmentally friendly and free. Yet, according to the New York Times, many homeowners associations insist that they are “…an eyesore, not unlike storing junk cars in driveways, and a marker of poverty that lowers property values.” In the documentary Drying for Freedom, laundry activists claim that bans on clotheslines affect 50 million households, requiring people to buy electric clothes dryers or hang their clothes inside their home.

Homeowners associations require many things intended to increase the “curb appeal” and property value of homes.  Many of these things specifically function to make the home and yard appear decorative instead of functional. Rules prohibit visible vegetable gardens, parking cars in the driveway overnight, allowing your cat outside (lest they poop), and failing to clean oil stains left by leaky vehicles.  They turn driveways, curbs, front yards, and porches into communal space designed to advertise the luxury of having non-functional spaces.  They say, in effect, “This is a lovely neighborhood where we can afford to curate flowers instead of vegetables and preserve pristine concrete by taking our cars to Jiffy Lube.”

All of this supposedly protects home values by preserving the notion that the neighborhood includes only middle- and upper-class people who can afford to avoid (dirty) work by consuming services.  Not being able to afford to dry your clothes electrically apparently appears, well, trashy.

Drying for Freedom is trying to interrupt this narrative, but instead of fighting the classist reasoning behind the clothesline bans, they are trying a different social movement strategy: re-framing. They are suggesting that using clotheslines isn’t a sign of poverty, but one of good global citizenship and, thus, a sign of responsible living. It seems to be working, too. As of 2016, 19 states ban clothesline bans, which is a start. Laundry activists hope the trend will go nation-wide, and then global, and that someday drying one’s clothes in a dryer will be the “trashy” thing to do.

Trailer :

Originally posted in 2010.

Lisa Wade, PhD is a professor at Occidental College. She is the author of American Hookup, a book about college sexual culture, and a textbook about gender. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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10 Mar 22:58

Baby Feminist Power and Helping Children Join the Movement

by caroline.catlin

This viral note by a fourth grader offering a secret invite to a club for “female empowerment,” left me cheering at my desk this week. The baby feminist power brought hope at a fitting time, after the International Women’s Strike, and was a needed reminder of the power of including children in our protests and conversations.

Given the opportunity, they too can organize change. So here are four ways we can encourage the kids in our lives to feel empowered and discover their own radical feminist voices.

1. TEACH THEM THE CORRECT LANGUAGE Using euphemisms or simplifying our language when answering questions does children a disservice, especially when it comes to their sexual health.  Research shows that teaching kids words like vulva, vagina, and penis (rather than “private parts” or “bathing suit areas”) could help kids learn about consent and communicate boundaries (pretty intuitive right?). This is not to say that our job as adults is to throw terms and information at children before they’re ready—rather we owe kids honest answers to the questions they’re capable of voicing.

We also need to be giving kids language to talk about the systems they’re inheriting. These systems will affect them long before they learn about them in school, and it’s important we start the conversations early. It’s important to teach children about socioeconomic class and help them understand the value of money. We should be teaching children about privilege, and actually using the word privilege. And we should teach kids about race, and use the word racism.

2. OFFER RESOURCES  Obviously educating kids about big things on your own, even with the help of a partner or school system, is a tough task. So here are some awesome resources for helping children learn about feminism, themselves, and the world:

Leave your favorite empowering resources, books, links, etc. in the comments!

3. LEAD BY EXAMPLE Bring kids to protests, meetings, marches, and conversations. Give them a seat at the table, ask their opinions, and then really listen to their answers. This practice comes with caveats—it is as much a child’s right to attend a protest, as it is their right to ask to go home early. The point is that if we allow an opportunity for discussion, we empower our kids to know their voices matter.  In my work with kids, I often remind myself to model the behavior I want to see with the adults I work with. I try and discuss topics openly, practice active listening, and let others know when I am feeling strongly about something. I use words like “angry” or “hurt” in an effort to show that vulnerability is a form of strength, and to stress the importance of communication.

4. LET THEM LEAD Lastly, look to the kids. If you’re going to a protest together, ask them what they want their signs to say. Let them take the signs they’ve made, even if they can’t write. If they want to start a club for female empowerment, help them organize a time and then stay silent while they lead. It is easy to lose hope, and to assume our job is to protect kids from the hurt happening in the world. But children are smart, and capable, and powerful. Perhaps the real work is instead in teaching children they are strong enough to protect themselves.

Header image via Twitter

02 Mar 01:13

Jasmin1, Punchbowl

by Helen (Grab Your Fork)
Looking for a cheap feed that'll suit the vegetarians, meat eaters and carb avoiders in your life? Jasmin1 ticks every box. Deliciously. No wonder this Lebanese restaurant has been a longtime favourite with locals, as well as those happy to travel for good food. You'll find a mix of families, couples and large groups of friends gathered here, for breakfast, lunch or an early dinner. The
14 Feb 07:48

Passionfruit Melting Hearts Chocolates for Valentines Day

Chocolates with melting passionfruit centres made of fresh cream and passionfruit? Making your own chocolate for a Valentines Day present isn't as intimidating as you would think!
14 Feb 07:24

Stay Cool With Easy Lychee Ice Cream!

Sweltering in the heat? Cool off with this simplest lychee ice cream that is made of 3 ingredients and doesn't need an ice cream maker (although you can use one if you want!). Stay cool in this heat my lovelies!
14 Feb 05:09

Poke Me! The Challenge to Find The Best Poke in Sydney!

Fergus Noodle

Remember when we went to Kobe Jones and ate all you can eat sushi?

Ahhh poke. It's the perfect summer food and it's no coincidence that our friends in Hawaii invented this wonderfully fresh dish. Cubes of sashimi grade fish are tossed with a delicious soy and sesame seed sauce with limu or ogo seaweed. These additions bring out the flavour of the fish and the luscious texture and yet it is surprisingly simple. But given its simple makeup, we found that the poke in Sydney varies wildly.
31 Jan 06:10

Bathers' Pavilion, Balmoral

by Helen (Grab Your Fork)
Fergus Noodle

Remember when we went here and had breakfast Pimms? It was good times.

In a city seemingly obsessed with restaurant openings and closings, it can be a welcome change to revisit the classic stayers. Bathers' Pavilion still has one hat, boasts one of the prettiest beachfront views, and head chef and owner Serge Dansereau can regularly be found on the pass. The modern Australian menu includes touches of French influence (a nod to Dansereau's French Canadian
30 Jan 09:51


30 Jan 09:47

princess-misana: mokas: princess-misana: “Uhm… Yeah. Apparently. So what?” Moka sighed. This is...

Fergus Noodle

Good RP




“Uhm… Yeah. Apparently. So what?”

Moka sighed. This is just like the first time with Tsukune. 

She stood up and brushed the grass off herself. “First things first. Are you a human?”


“Uhm… No. But I’m very similar to one! Why do you ask?”

“Because if you are a human, you will die in this school,” Moka said bluntly. “This school is one for monsters. Real monsters, the kind that humans talk about when reflecting on their nightmares.” She looked the girl over. “If you are weak, you will also die. This is the survival of the fittest.”

27 Jan 21:31

Five days in Brisbane.

by (Merlesworld)
Fergus Noodle

WTF my brother bought this secret house with a pool and has a goat. The cats have their own house? WHY IS MY FAMILY SO WEIRD!

The new house in Brisbane.
I knew nothing about it, as we pulled up to the house My son told me we were staying at the koala park as a special treat, there is a koala park just down the road well a sign anyway so I  didn't think twice but when we went inside the house which is very nice by the way their  house cat Moi Moi wandered out I was a bit wary, they have a new house on 5 acres with another small house, sheds, and a swimming pool it is a lovely place.
This fine looking dog greats at the front door.
My daughter in law.
The son with the newest member of the family, Goatie.
A pineapple plant, never seen one before.
The cat house where all the other cats live.
The gym not sure if it gets used much never by me.
the side yard, thats bamboo in the background and that marks the edge of their land
The house
My son and daughter in law looking very relaxed on the back deck.
The pool.

And the back yard.

We  went to visit a cousin who I hadn't seen for about 45 years good to catch up with all the family business .

Afternoon tea yummy cakes.

The first day I was there it was very humid strange light too felt like it was going to rain all day it did that night.

But the next day it was much better not as hot or humid,  here is Goatie eating carrot treats.
He is a real cutie

Had enough I think

Trying out his new harness

Can't stop eating
Went for a swim
Water was lovely and warm

Cooking dinner alway good to visit and other people cook, I like it anyway.

We went out for dinner the next day, I took this picture of Brisbane by night, it's not far to the city centre about 45mts by car about 1hour by bus, nothing like Sydney traffic much nicer.
My son took this one his is much better
So he took a few more

Dinner was very yummy I might add but didn't take a picture it was a posh place and we had a whispering waiter, I couldn't hear what he was saying but the other two were very amused by him they had trouble hearing him too.
The second last day we took Goatie for a walk down the back of the property it's the wild area, just bush.

You need a stick to wipe down the spider webs and frighten away snakes but didn't see any of those.

Goatie like to romp around and run free he also eats anything he can
You come out of the wild area into the back yard this is the back of the house from the edge of the lawn.

And the cat house
Lots of gums

This is their Jade or money tree it's doing well, mine died.
Goatie has patches to graze on

Goaties home it really a chicken yard but he is using it at the moment, there are foxes around here so always put away when no one is at home for safety.
Well it's goodbye from QLD I'm now back in Sydney.
19 Jan 17:53

Mavis turns 100.

by (Merlesworld)
Fergus Noodle

That is what the Queen sends you

I went to a 100year old's birthday party yesterday, this was a first for me, it was Barbara's mother      Mavis 100 birthday last week she is my oldest mate.
Held in the local club a wonderful affair all her family and a few friends.   
You can get a blessing from the pope
A letter from the Queen
I think this one is from the governor general
                                                 and this one is from the prime minister.

These were the place mats various things of interest from her lifetime
Did you know listerine was once used as a aftershave lotion, I didn't......
The front page of the daily telegraph on the day Mavis was born.

And her flowers she asked we all bring a artifical flower to make a display and give a donation to the stroke foundation instead of gifts.
Her cake was quite something made by her great grand daughter.

Here we are, The Bingo girls as Mavis called us, as we have been going for some time now.
Here is a much better picture of Mavis with her grand daughter.
She is looking good for 100.
12 Jan 10:08

Hand Made Pesto | Zeffirino Pesto

by Ganga108
Hand made, home made pesto is the most exquisite of creations. Do try it. I first made it long ago, when I took a cooking class with Bill Grainger of the famous Bills Restaurants in Sydney, and author of many Sydney-style cookbooks. He made pesto by hand in the class. At home, Bill didn’t keep … Continue reading "Hand Made Pesto | Zeffirino Pesto"
08 Jan 20:48

The twins first Christmas but sadly Drummy's last.

by (Merlesworld)
Fergus Noodle

RIP Drumstick

This christmas was tinged with sadness as Drummy passed away she was a old chicken and had not been quite right  for a while but had always came good in a day or two .
The beer fairy found her near where she slept at night maybe she died in her sleep and my son buried her in the backyard and planted a dragon fruit plant we will miss her she was a real character. 
 Uncle Joe and his  nephew

 and this is Aunty May with her neice

Just chilling after christmas dinner

 We are sitting up waiting for our dinner bibs on and all.
 we are still waiting

 Dozing in the great outdoors
 A good brush after the bath
 Fluffy and smelling good.

 Angus is sitting in the sun till he is at least half dry.

All dressed up but will not stop kicking the legs
Kidney the guard cat

 They drove me home today so I showed my grand daughter the garden she likes ceiling,
but a roof of moving tree leaves was something new to her.

 The amazement in her eyes was wonderful
 and she is such a cutie

 Watching the leaves
Watching me.
02 Jan 01:30

Strawberry and Peach Lassi with Basil

by Ganga108
You know what? In hot weather I love a lassi, particularly a fruit lassi, for breakfast. Indian in origin, fruit lassi drinks mix yoghurt with fruit, spices and jaggery or sugar. Today, there were peaches on the kitchen bench, strawberries in the fridge and basil in the garden. A beautiful breakfast was born in the … Continue reading "Strawberry and Peach Lassi with Basil"
16 Dec 01:24

Dumpling Size Matters at The Mandoo, Strathfield

I had all but given up on my $25 or less per person restaurant section but then along came The Mandoo. Located on The Boulevarde in Strathfield this small Korean restaurant sells just two things: ENORMOUS dumplings and noodles.
15 Dec 22:47

Escaping The Rat Race With Lunch at Lochiel House, Kurrajong

Feel like escaping the rat race, if only for a day and going for a drive out in the country for some fresh air? Lochiel House in Kurrajong is a gorgeous 1825 cottage that calls itself a cafe but the food is definitely more restaurant style and quality and worth a trip in itself.
15 Dec 21:46

Lekker! South African Milk Tart Or Melktert

Fergus Noodle

I would eat it

A milk tart or melktert in Afrikaans is as the name suggests, a tart whose main ingredient is a milk based custard. With its Dutch spice origins, the tart is sprinkled with a generous amount of cinnamon sugar on top. It smells as good when it is baking that the only tough thing is waiting until the next day to eat it!
29 Nov 06:47

In Which Rory Gilmore Contemplates A Voyage Into The Known

by Durga

Yale Was Not A Good Choice


Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
creators Daniel Palladino and Amy Sherman-Palladino

That last season of Gilmore Girls, when Amy Sherman-Palladino was no longer working on the show, was quite depressing. Nothing, however, could be as sad as the condition these women find themselves in when Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life begins. Lorelai was the brightest light in a cute but sometimes grim New England town. Now she looks completely bored by the place she selected to raise her daughter so long ago. Even the most mediocre people seek appropriately-sized challenges for themselves, but Lorelai doesn't want kids, or a new job, or anything more from her boyfriend than to lie next to her as she watches the Hallmark Channel. An inspirational mother and hotelier has given up.

Things are even worse for Rory Gilmore. She has not found one man of any persistent intelligence. It is far more believable that Rory would be stuck in an endless loop, given that the only male figure she had to look up to during her childhood was barely ever there at all. Her relationships with men conform to the only way of interacting she knows: babbling endlessly to her mother. Some men like a woman who talks a lot, but most do not like to be talked to like the girl's mother.

Rory's Yale boyfriend Logan was always a problematic and underwritten character. His wealthy father made a point of putting Rory down, and she weirdly accepted this determination. Somehow, it seemed to enhance her view of the man's son. Logan lives in London, and when Rory is there she stays in his apartment. He promises not to discuss the other women he is schtupping, and she is cautious about prying too much in his drawers and closets. When we learn he is not really serious about Rory, it is expected and reflects even more poorly on her judgment.

Emily, the girls' mother and grandmother, is the only one who time has altered at all. The role played by Edward Herrmann of Lorelai's awful, distant father was one of the best characters on the show. It seems strange to eulogize his passing given that he was pretty much a monster to Lorelai and nothing like the loving father he should have been. We witness a long funeral scene with sweeping music, and various other lawyers talking about what an irreverent piece of shit Richard was. In the wake of the death, Emily lives in a massive house with an entire Portuguese family who has presumed on her grief.

Minority characters are always completely subservient to the white ones in Palladino-Sherman's writing, and Rory's friend Lane never got half the scenes she deserved during the run of the original show. She has had two children with her husband, but we never even get to learn the names of the boys or speculate on the kind of relationship Rory might have with them. Kids have changed everyone I know, but they don't seem to alter Lane or Rory's other friend Paris, who ironically runs a fertility clinic.

Everyone on Gilmore Girls look none the worse for wear, unless you probe deeper. Lauren Graham in particular is still a vibrant and beautiful woman; even though Luke still has a certain mercurial charm, it feels like she has not completely found the right man. Alexis Bledel enters middle age even more self-possessed; it seems a mystery that she cannot find a man who complements her. They really should have cast her real life husband on this joint, and maybe they still will.

One running joke has Rory ignoring a boy with no self-respect, who believes he is dating her and getting to know her family, named Paul. It is cruel in the way that jokes on Gilmore Girls always were. One character would make fun of another, and this seemingly offhand jibe would represent some deeper unhappiness, and the immensity of the problem would balloon when you least expected it. Sherman-Palladino excelled at writing scenes like this, which ostensibly started as one thing but because something completely different through the flow of his signature patter.

We are supposed to believe that Rory has seen some of the world: the parts that her mother was never able to. At one point, Rory romanticizes a vagabond life, and we realize how much she needs this valuable perspective, a journey that would allow her to see what kind of man she could love who would love her back. Instead by the end of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, she is tied down exactly like her mother. God this show made me want to cry.

Ethan Peterson is the reviews editor of This Recording.

24 Nov 01:04


22 Nov 06:58

the-midnight-blues: I gotta go, my date is here


I gotta go, my date is here

22 Nov 02:37

mel-cat: My first spring ( via Sergey Kosov )


My first spring ( via Sergey Kosov )

14 Nov 02:21

archiemcphee: We were so taken with Cassie Murphy’s “Mangier...


We were so taken with Cassie Murphy’s “Mangier Things” illustration, her depiction of the cast of Stranger Things as cute kitty cats, that we wanted to make sure you saw some of her other catified pop culture reimaginings.

All of these punny pieces are available as prints via Murphy’s KittyCassandra Etsy shop.

[via sosuperawesome]

14 Nov 01:26

archiemcphee: We’re pretty sure that’s not how you use a Horse...


We’re pretty sure that’s not how you use a Horse Mask… 

[via redditor blur92]

11 Nov 01:53

cat-cosplay: “Look to the future, because that is where you’ll...


“Look to the future, because that is where you’ll spend the rest of your life.” ~George Burns

Cat Cosplay, Harry Potter

10 Nov 21:23

archiemcphee: Cats can and will do whatever they want....


Cats can and will do whatever they want. Previously we’ve met a cat who attends school in California, another who frequents a grocery store, a busy kitty on the go who likes to ride the train, and a dutiful cat that helps run a train station in Japan. Now let’s meet Sailor, our first feline Ship’s Captain.

Captain Sailor is a Persian cat who’s been working on a Russian tourist ship since 2008. The ship cruises between Moscow and St. Petersburg and is co-captained by a human, Captain Vladimir Kotin, who also helps Sailor keep his uniform lint-free.

Sailor keeps watch on the bridge of this ship every night from midnight to 4am. He now also has a Scottish Fold subordinate named Boatswain, who is apparently often caught napping on the job:


[via My Modern Metropolis]