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extraextraex: "beautiful braids!""they are sausages"


"beautiful braids!"
"they are sausages"

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spicegorl: im crying


im crying

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Daria Nifontova

Офигенно всё, а на съемках Носферату я бы тоже повалялась на лужайке!

The Shawshank Redemption (1994), Frank Darabont

Под катом серия фотографий со знаменитых съемочных площадок.

Offret (1986), Andrei Tarkovsky

Átame! (1989), Pedro Almodóvar

Fahrenheit 451 (1966), François Truffaut

Fitzcarraldo (1982), Werner Herzog

Scarface (1983), Brian De Palma

Boogie Nights (1997), Paul Thomas Anderson

Les demoiselles de Rochefort (1967), Jacques Demy

Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979), Werner Herzog

35 rhums (2008), Claire Denis

The Bourne Identity (2002), Doug Liman

Pierrot le Fou (1965), Jean-Luc Godard

Fanny och Alexander (1982), Ingmar Bergman

Munich (2005), Steven Spielberg

Fahrenheit 451 (1966), François Truffaut

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), Wes Anderson

Dead Man (1995), Jim Jarmusch

In Bruges (2008), Martin McDonagh

Taking Lives (2004), D.J. Caruso

Don't Come Knocking (2005), Wim Wenders

Before Midnight (2013), Richard Linklater

The Aviator (2004), Martin Scorsese

Les parapluies de Cherbourg (1964), Jacques Demy

Short Cuts (1993), Robert Altman

Interstellar (2014), Christopher Nolan

Caché (2005), Michael Haneke

Thelma & Louise (1991), Ridley Scott

Back to the Future Part II (1989), Robert Zemeckis

Kagemusha (1980), Akira Kurosawa

Days of Heaven (1978), Terrence Malick

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mayahan: Self Watering Animal Planter

Daria Nifontova

=^● ⋏ ●^=

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crocojim18: 11/5/14 Thing-A-Day #187 - How Computers Work Wow!



Thing-A-Day #187 - How Computers Work


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Halloween: A Timeline


Halloween: A Timeline

Some of these will not apply to you Halloween nuts. Tell us some of your Hallow_ _ _s on Facebook!

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eadlynsinger: 1. Welcome to Appleton2. Candle Space3. Off Site...


1. Welcome to Appleton
2. Candle Space
3. Off Site Location
4. Out of the Winter Candy Apple
5. All You Had to Do Was Say (you didnt have the candles)
6. Shake it Off
7. I Wish You Would Give Me My Candles For Free
8. Bad Peach Bellini
9. Oh Jen
10. How You Get the Candles
11. Are you Not A Live Person?
12. Im Sorry Ma’am I cant help you

I Went On My Merry F***** Way
New Candles

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trollldoll: frankenfemme: Talkative/Overly Friendly White...

Daria Nifontova

хороший костюм



Talkative/Overly Friendly White woman at the Farmers Market


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New Shopping Label

Daria Nifontova

or a hat

New Shopping Label

This would drastically affect my shopping decisions. Comment on Facebook!

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renietan: wake up america


wake up america

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Amal Clooney Is More Influential Than A Nobel Peace Prize Winner

by Erin Donnelly
Daria Nifontova

You'd think that surviving an assassination attempt by the Taliban and inspiring the entire world would at least land you ahead of Posh Spice, but there you go.

1amalPhoto: Rex USA/Rex.
One would like to think that Amal Clooney (née Alamuddin) was inspiring people long before that dude from ER asked for her digits. She's a human rights lawyer. She campaigns to protect children living in war zones. She's helping the Greeks repatriate the Elgin Marbles. And, yes, she's got really, really great hair.

Now that she's officially Mrs. George Clooney, the barrister's achievements are getting even more attention. Clooney placed fourth in the Evening Standard's annual list of the 1,000 most influential Londoners, one of just three women making the top 10. Her ranking puts her ahead of Britain's home secretary, Theresa May (#6), Prince Harry (#7), Victoria Beckham (#9), and even Prime Minister David Cameron (#10).

The power list also includes significant figures like recent Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, who came in at number 12. You'd think that surviving an assassination attempt by the Taliban and inspiring the entire world would at least land you ahead of Posh Spice, but there you go.

Singer Kate Bush (#16) was the final woman in the top 20, while Stephen Hawking (#18) and Benedict Cumberbatch (#20) also made the cut.

So, yes, it all sounds fairly arbitrary, but it's hard to give Clooney flak for stealing the spotlight. Her husband might be nudging her toward fame, but we can't say she's not inspiring or badass.

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#TBT Halloween: The Celebrity-Costume Edition
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happycolorfulhair: The latest look 💫


The latest look 💫

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geekandsundry: A simple yet delicious drink for the weary...

by thedrunkenmooglestaffblog
Daria Nifontova



A simple yet delicious drink for the weary Traveller (get it?!) in honor of Destiny! Click here for the tutorial.

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laurapalmerwalkswithme: laurapalmerwalkswithme: "When two...

Daria Nifontova

fuck you, all of you



"When two separate events occur simultaneously pertaining to the same object of inquiry we must always pay strict attention!"

- Special Agent Dale Cooper

Twin Peaks to return to TV on Showtime or Netfix as 8 episode run written by Lynch/Frost directed by Lynch. Possible announcement Monday. #rumor

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deerhoof: This is so true

Daria Nifontova

это я танцую


This is so true

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spookyrollerdisco: Nicole Kidman leaving her lawyer’s office...

Daria Nifontova

лучшая фотография столетия


Nicole Kidman leaving her lawyer’s office after finalising her divorce with Tom Cruise

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whatdat: STEAL THE LOOK - NAIL EMOJI Chanel 165 Organdy: $27.00




Chanel 165 Organdy: $27.00

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by The Sartorialist


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Дизайнеты FitBit разработали концепт цифровой смарт-татуировки

by 590261
Daria Nifontova

well, well, well…

Дизайнеты FitBit разработали концепт цифровой смарт-татуировки

Устройство может сообщать об эмоциях пользователя и его здоровье, открывать двери и использоваться для подтверждения личности при соверше...

Читать дальше...

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Daria Nifontova

Какая, если вдуматься, говнячая шутка.

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larvalhex: "Howl’s Moving Castle"-2004


"Howl’s Moving Castle"-2004

12 Sep 17:15

Where To Find The Best Oysters In NYC

by Erin Cunningham
Daria Nifontova


oyster1Photo: Courtesy of Ditch Plains.
Oyster lovers rejoice. It doesn't matter whether you know the difference between Blue Point and Kumamoto, it's Oyster Week in NYC, which calls for some serious shucking and slurping. Celebrate these delicious bivalves with an array of events (from wine pairings to yacht festivities) around New York City, now through September 28. Ahead, we've rounded up the 12 best spots to kick back, relax, and slurp those suckers down.

Ditch Plains
Ditch Plains is good for oysters at pretty much any point of the day. For brunch, grab deviled eggs topped with fried oysters. Any other time, treat yourself to half a dozen grilled oysters, soaked in garlic and parsley butter and served on crunchy slices of bread.
Ditch Plains, 100 West 82nd Street (between Columbus and Amsterdam avenues); 212-362-4815.

This newly opened Crown Heights neighborhood spot offers a fresh selection of East and West Coast oysters (which are $1 during happy hour from 5 to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday) and oyster-vodka shooters, for those feeling a little more adventurous.
Docklands, 789 Franklin Avenue (between St. Johns and Lincoln places), Brooklyn; 718-483-9998.

Mar’s Oyster Bar
Mar's, an oyster-bar-meets-speakeasy, is Astoria's hidden gem. Looking for something more than its raw bar (where oysters are $1 during happy hour)? Try the beer-battered oysters served with tequila apple relish or the fried oyster po-boy for a new twist on an old favorite.
Mar's Oyster Bar, 34-21 34th Avenue (between 34th and 35th streets), Queens; 718-685-2480.
oyster3Photo: Courtesy of The Clam NYC.
The Clam
Come here for oysters (chilled and served with a chili-lime vinaigrette), stay for the never-ending seafood selection: Fried belly clam and lobster sliders, Long Island fluke crudo with watermelon gazpacho, and whole local sea bream.
The Clam, 420 Hudson Street (at St. Lukes Place); 212-242-7420.

Sel Rrose
Named after Rrose Sélavy (Marcel Duchamp's feminine alter ego), this East Village oyster house seriously channels its 20th-century Parisian inspiration. Aside from the extensive raw-bar selection (including Duxbury, Wellfleet, and Hama-Hama varieties), the resto offers a La Petit Plateau & Sparkling, which features half a dozen oysters and a glass of bubbly for $18.
Sel Rrose, 1 Delancey Street (at Bowery); 212-226-2510.

Little Neck
The beloved Gowanus clam shack is known for its laid-back, casual atmosphere and serious raw bar (oysters, clams, the works). It's bringing the beach to Brooklyn, one mollusk at a time.
Little Neck, 286 Third Avenue (between President and Carroll streets), Brooklyn; 718-522-1921.
oyster4Photo: Courtesy of Virgola.
This tiny, intimate West Village wine and oyster bar features a variety of local oysters, cheeses, and charcuterie, as well as multiple seafood platters filled to the brim with everything from ceviche and tuna tartare to crudo and caviar.
Virgola, 28 Greenwich Avenue (between West 10th and Charles streets).

Buttermilk Channel
Enjoy locally sourced oysters chilled with a grapefruit mignonette or opt for the barbecued version accompanied with bacon and green onions at this popular Carroll Gardens spot. If you're there for brunch, don't miss the Star of the Sea Bloody Mary: It features celery, peppercorn-infused vodka, and a freshly shucked oyster on top.
Buttermilk Channel, 524 Court Street (at Huntington Street), Brookyln; 718-852-8490.

Wild Edibles
Wild Edibles does a little bit of everything: It has a seafood market, an oyster bar, and sells seafood delicacies wholesale. Its eatery, however, is a can't-miss, with over 10 varieties of oysters (all seasonally selected), to choose from.

Wild Edibles, 535 Third Avenue (between 35th and 36th streets); 212-213-8552.
oyster2Photo: Jesse Winter/M. Wells Dinette.
M. Wells Dinette
Styled like a classroom, this eatery (located at MoMA PS1 in Long Island City) is known for its oyster Bolognese, which features the half-shell delicacy served with pork and beef sauce and bread crumbs and topped with a hefty helping of Parmesan cheese.
M. Wells Dinette, MoMA PS1, 22-25 Jackson Avenue (at 46th Avenue), Long Island City; 718-786-1800.

This pint-sized West Village restaurant can serve a big appetite with its array of seafood and raw-bar dishes. Its known best for its red, white, and blue special (only $8), which includes six Blue Point oysters with a glass of wine or PBR.
Fish, 280 Bleecker Street (between Seventh Avenue South and Morton Street); 212-727-2879.

If you're into craft beers and oysters (particularly together), Upstate is the spot for your next date. The East Village haunt is not only romantic, but it has a killer raw-bar list to boot.
Upstate, 95 First Avenue (at East Sixth Street); 917-408-3395.

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Британский дизайнер нарисовал город из эмодзи

by 590261
Daria Nifontova

прочитала «из мрази»

Британский дизайнер нарисовал город из эмодзи

По словам автора, его работа должна помочь людям задуматься о связи языка и мышления

Читать дальше...

11 Sep 13:22

My Hair

by Garance
Daria Nifontova


The more time goes by, the more I love my short hair.

One year (ONE YEAR!!!)(it’s the anniversary of when I cut it, I should celebrate, right?) after getting it cut, people still tell me how much they like it on me (so proud) and I still think it’s the easiest thing in the world to maintain (so lazy) and plus, little by little, my hair stylist Clyde and I have adjusted the cut to make it softer and more feminine.

We’ve been adding longer layers, softening the color and most of all, trying to keep it as natural as possible.

So the other day, I was thinking it would be cool to show you the different kinds of hair styles you can do with my type of cut. You can even braid it!!

I did all of these myself without any help, so it’s not pro (but I don’t know anyone who has a hair stylist available in her bathroom in the morning anyway) and Brie is the one who did the braid. (It’s easy, all I have to do now is get used to doing it myself). Other than that, I just used a bit of Elnett hairspray.

Super simple!!!

And now you have a little idea of the highlights I did this summer. I really like them because it really adds depth and movement.

Voilà!!! You have a photo of my hair, as promised!

Which style do you like best?

PS : Ohhhhh crap it feels so weird to publish photos of me like that!!

Click on the arrows to see more images…

Translated by Andrea Perdue / Photos by Taea Thale / Makeup by Tatyana Makarova, Haircut by Clyde at The Drawing Room