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20 Nov 16:57

crispy sweet potato roast

by deb

crispy sweet potato roast

I have a complicated relationship with sweet potatoes. I think they’re one of these wonder vegetables — impossible to mess up cooking, pretty consistently delicious whether you buy them freshly-dug from the farmers market or from a grocery chain, aglow with vitamins A and C and chock full of fiber. [Which I mostly think about because I’m the mother of a sweet potato junkie.] I like them in cake, sweet biscuits and pie. I like them with goat cheese and a light vinaigrette, gratin-ed with a tangle of chard, with a strange-but-addictive mix of spices and roasted in wedges, and one-bowl-meal-ed with roasted broccoli, black rice and miso sauce. But I also have all sorts of quibbles with them. They’re never crispy enough. They’re rarely savory enough — basically, if you get within 10 feet of my savory sweet potato dish with cinnamon, I go into hiding. For me, the louder the contrast between their sweet, soft nature, the happier I am eating them.

sweet potatoes everywhere

Which means that it was only a matter of time before I took this pretty-pretty crispy potato roast from the archives and tried to put a Thanksgiving spin on it. The ta-da factor is strong here and the workload manageable. You thinly slice a whole lot of sweet potatoes and arrange them in a butter and olive oil-brushed dish, and brush them with even more. You can slide slivers of shallots between the sweet potato pages. You’ll want to shower the whole thing with salt and black pepper or red pepper flakes. You bake it with foil on long enough that the insides get tender and without foil long enough to get the tops brown and crispy. This is not your standard holiday sweet potato mash.

you'll have a lot

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25 Nov 16:51

The Men’s Rights activist behind a fraudulent White Ribbon website accuses the real White Ribbon Australia of fraud

by David Futrelle
Sydney's White Ribbon Day walk this year

Sydney’s White Ribbon Day walk this year

November 25th is White Ribbon Day in Australia, a day devoted to ending domestic violence against women. This year – the 25th has already drawn to a close in Australia – there were reportedly hundreds of White Ribbon events held across the country, including a massive march in suburban Sydney that drew thousands of participants.

White Ribbon Australia, which describes itself as “Australia’s only national, male led Campaign to end men’s violence against women” calls on men to “swear never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women.” It helps to coordinate events in schools and workplaces, and has gotten support from police departments across the country as well as from various branches of the nation’s military.

It’s also gotten the attention of the folks at A Voice for Men.

Not that long ago, as you may recall, everyone’s favorite Men’s Rights hate site set up its own phony White Ribbon website in an attempt to push its own noxious views on domestic violence, undermine real White Ribbon organizations worldwide – and to do a bit of fundraising of its own. (AVFM, perhaps fearing legal reprisal, has since taken down the “donate” button it used to have on the site.)

Now AVFM has decided to take White Ribbon Australia on directly, declaring November 25th to be “White Ribbon Fraud Day.” That’s right: the group that just set up a fake White Ribbon website is accusing the real domestic violence awareness group of fraud.

AVFM’s head boy Paul Elam declares in his typically overheated prose that

Profiteers have now industrialized battered women, reducing them to storefront mannequins for the sake of lining their pockets. …

One of the most deplorable examples of that in existence today is the so-called “White Ribbon Campaign.” … Their modus operandi is to paint a false picture of the problem, identifying its sole source as abusive men and its sole victims as helpless women. It is a calculated deception that flies in the face of virtually all known credible research on the issue, but it is a financial windfall because female-only victims and male-only perpetrators have proven to provide the best incentive for inspiring well-meaning people to give money.

Perhaps the worst of the worst in this worldwide consortium of con artists is the White Ribbon Campaign in Australia.

Never mind the actual domestic violence survivors (not mannequins) who show up and speak out at White Ribbon Day events. Never mind that Elam’s notion of “credible research” on the subject of domestic violence is considered by most DV experts as seriously flawed.

And never mind that Elam himself seems to think that the best “solution” to domestic violence perpetrated by women against men is for men

to beat the living shit out of them. I don’t mean subdue them, or deliver an open handed pop on the face to get them to settle down. I mean literally to grab them by the hair and smack their face against the wall till the smugness of beating on someone because you know they won’t fight back drains from their nose with a few million red corpuscles.

And then make them clean up the mess.

This isn’t the only time that the truculent Elam has fantasized publicly about beating up women.

So the idea that Elam is some sort of moral authority on the issue of domestic violence is laughable.

But let’s hear him out anyway.

Elam’s “smoking gun” against White Ribbon Australia? That after a cursory examination of the group’s publicly available financial records

we have found no evidence that White Ribbon Australia has ever contributed a solid nickel to a single service for actual victims of domestic violence. That includes female victims.

Well, Paul, that’s probably because THAT’S NOT WHAT WHITE RIBBON AUSTRALIA DOES. There are numerous groups in Australia that do provide direct support to victims of domestic violence; White Ribbon Australia links to many of them on its website.

But, as the group makes plain on its website, it doesn’t provide direct assistance. Instead, it “work[s] to change the attitudes and behaviours that lead to violence against women.”

What does this mean? Well, in addition to White Ribbon Day events (and other events held throughout the year), the group organizes programs in schools and workplaces, recruits and works with corporate partners, and trains Advocates and Amabassadors to speak out against violence against women.

The efforts of White Ribbon Australia and other DV organizations to raise awareness are bearing fruit; indeed, the Australian government earlier this year pledged $100 million to step up the fight against domestic violence.

A Voice for Men, meanwhile, has set up a phony website to undermine these efforts.

I think it’s pretty clear who the real fraud is here.

25 Nov 01:05

He’s the hero Thanksgiving needs. -knumbknuts

He’s the hero Thanksgiving needs. -knumbknuts

23 Nov 16:53

Crows playing in the snow

Crows playing in the snow

25 Nov 23:31

Ferguson Grand Jury Evidence (WARNING: NON-COMEDIC POST)

by Kevin

Not that the outcome isn't a real hoot, but this is really just to provide a couple of links for those who are interested.

First, this New York Times page has all the grand jury evidence in one place, including testimony, forensic reports, etc.

Second, I for some reason spent a couple hours last night sort of live-tweeting me reading the testimony of the crime-scene investigator and of Darren Wilson, and if you for some reason are interested in seeing how that unfolded, my Twitter feed is here.

The investigator's testimony was not that interesting (the reports probably are), but I did find this remarkable to the point of being almost humorous: he testified that whenever an officer is involved in a shooting, the default position is "always" that it was an "assault on law enforcement" and the officer is therefore listed as the "victim":


* * *


I don't know—it almost seems like you should keep an open mind about that when you start an investigation, but I'm no expert. Not surprisingly, though, they got confused by their own terminology not long after this, and agreed that they would call Brown the "decedent" going forward. This being one of those cases in which the dead person is not the victim. I mean, in which we have not yet established that the victim was not the victim. Well, you know what I mean.

Wilson's testimony of course is well worth reading, but it's well past time for me to go back to comedy.

25 Nov 16:00

A Grand Jury Indictment Is Extremely Common

by Meredith Borders
A Grand Jury Indictment Is Extremely Common

And yet Michael Brown's killer will not go to trial. 

25 Nov 20:01

someone hates celine dion

someone hates celine dion

25 Nov 15:12


by PZ Myers

It seems that Palestinians are very familiar with injustice.


24 Nov 21:16

never stop tweeting

never stop tweeting

24 Nov 22:00

Now I must go.

Now I must go.

24 Nov 19:40

The best elevator in Russia

by Mark Frauenfelder

"To call the elevator, connect the two wires." [via]

24 Nov 11:55

Republican empathy represented perfectly on Fox News

by PZ Myers

I have to say one thing for Obama’s announcement of a new immigration policy: it has really smoked out the inhumane and vicious Republicans. There have been so many things said that reveal the core values of the Republican party, but this comment from a Fox News host captures the attitude perfectly.

Co-host Anna Kooiman was specifically outraged that immigrant school children might qualify for the school lunch program.

Many of them are living in poverty, she noted. So, they’re going to be on free or reduced lunch. So, who’s going to be paying for that? You’re going to be paying for that.

Remarkable. There are hungry children right here in our own country. I am just fine with my tax dollars being used to educate and feed people less fortunate than I am, and I think we have an obligation to give everyone equal opportunity, and in particular, that every child ought to have the same basic provisions to live and thrive.

This seems to be something Fox News Republicans simply can’t comprehend.

22 Nov 07:12


24 Nov 00:00

Background Screens

No way, we gotta rewind and cross-reference this map with the list of coordinates we saw on the other screen. This Greenland thing could be big.
21 Nov 11:51

Who goes there?

by Josh

This watchful owl, by Mihai Marius Mihu, looks poised to fly off and tell its master of your approach. Proceed with caution!

Owl on Branch

The owl is nicely done but the angles on that dead tree? Very elegant.

20 Nov 05:00

November 20, 2014

20 Nov 06:05

gadaboutgreen: celestialallegorist: thinkinghurts321: celestia...





Okay but check out this on-point campaign my schools starting
((Lone Mountain is one of the buildings on campus and there’s a ridiculous set of stairs to get up to it))

Um whoa, how cool. The school is seriously doing this? This makes me want to visit again haha. 

Do you know what started it?

I’m actually not sure, but the posters say it’s a couple professors from the psych department, design department, and school of management working together on it. The posters should be up next week, I’m stoked


18 Nov 05:00

#1077; In which it’s Lonely at the Top

by David Malki

Chompsenberg had a few good turns in that Krandanayev anthology but Krandanayev was never the same post-Trantlydoff.

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18 Nov 08:01

A Good Day to Die

by Doug
19 Nov 04:51


18 Nov 22:39

mayormadeleinerobin: bottaslicious: Finnish language was...



Finnish language was originally a game where you take a word and then you try to add as much conjugations as possible. The game was born when  the winter was too fucking cold to do anything and people sat around a fire trying to stay warm and not die. Since Finnish winter is 8 months long people eventually got bored, and came up with this game.


19 Nov 05:00

November 19, 2014

If you want a Science book in a hurry, they're on amazon!
20 Nov 00:34

skatedistrict: Same place, different day.


Same place, different day.

20 Nov 20:10

metaf: He looks like he feels bad though he said it was...


He looks like he feels bad though

he said it was delicious

20 Nov 12:08

I’d rather not live in a police state

by PZ Myers

It looks like that’s what I’m going to get, though. Mother Jones sent a reporter to the Urban Shield conference, a gathering of cops and their new toys. It’s chilling.

This summer, images of armored vehicles and police pointing semi-automatic rifles at demonstrators in Ferguson, Missouri, set off a debate over what journalist Radley Balko has termed the “rise of the warrior cop.” A National Public Radio analysis found that since 2006, the Pentagon has given local cops some $1.9 billion worth of equipment—including 600 mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicles (MRAPs), 80,000 assault rifles, 200 grenade launchers, and 12,000 bayonets (yes, bayonets). But those totals pale in comparison to the amount of gear purchased from private companies. The Ferguson Police Department, for example, received some computers, utility trucks, and blankets from the military—but all that battle gear you saw on TV was bought from corporations like the ones pitching their wares at Urban Shield. Outfitting America’s warrior cops, it turns out, is a major business, and one fueled in large part by the federal Department of Homeland Security. The Department of Defense has given $5.1 billion worth of equipment to state and local police departments since 1997, with even rural counties acquiring things like grenade launchers and armored personnel carriers. But Homeland Security has handed out grants worth eight times as much—$41 billion since 2002. The money is earmarked for counterterrorism, but DHS specifies that once acquired, the equipment can be used for any other law-enforcement purpose, from shutting down protests to serving warrants and executing home searches.

These over-equipped paramilitary police squads are taking over — not only are they hauling around enough firepower to take down a small nation, it’s almost entirely superfluous…so they’re using excessive force for mundane tasks. You better pay your traffic tickets, or a tank will roll up to your door and armored thugs with AR-15s and grenade launchers will leap out to get your compliance.

Today, 85 percent of SWAT operations are for “choice-driven raids on people’s private residences,” Peter Kraska, an Eastern Kentucky University researcher who studies tactical policing, said in a recent Senate hearing. According to a study released by the American Civil Liberties Union earlier this year, 62 percent of SWAT deployments were for drug raids. The study found that in these raids, drugs were found only half of the time. When weapons were “believed to be present,” they were not found in half of the cases for which the outcome was known.

Oh, wait, no, I can relax. I’m white. They’re only going to bully black people with these tactics.

The study also found that while white people were more likely to be involved in the types of scenarios SWAT teams were intended for—like hostage or active-shooter situations—71 percent of today’s SWAT raids (when race was known) target people of color. The racial disparity can be much higher in some places: In Burlington, North Carolina, the study notes, African Americans are 47 times more likely to be affected by SWAT raids than whites.

It’s interesting that while universities are being starved for revenue by the state, the state is pouring cash into beefing up police forces into utterly useless and damaging urban assault teams.

19 Nov 12:51

Dismayingly Dawkins

by PZ Myers

Richard Dawkins has done another frank and open interview. And it’s killing me. He’s just doubling down on everything.

He is, he said, not a misogynist, as some critics have called him, but a passionate feminist. The greatest threats to women, in his view, are Islamism and jihadism — and his concern over that sometimes leads him to speak off-the-cuff.

I concentrate my attention on that menace and I confess I occasionally get a little impatient with American women who complain of being inappropriately touched by the water cooler or invited for coffee or something which I think is, by comparison, relatively trivial, he said.

Richard Dawkins is a feminist like Christina Hoff Sommers, who he praises, is a feminist … that is not a feminist at all, scarcely understanding what feminism is, and detesting every feminist cause they encounter. Anti-feminists love Sommers and Dawkins because they create a lovely gray zone in which even misogynists get to claim nominal status as being all for equality, when they aren’t.

Islamism and jihadism are serious problems, no question there. But having great big problems does not diminish the smaller problems into nonexistence — that women in Africa are being burned as witches does not mean there is no pay gap between the sexes; you don’t get to use a ranking of social ills to pretend that the lesser ones are to be ignored.

Guess how much working to end workplace harassment in the West harms the the effort to end female genital mutilation in other parts of the world? Not at all. Empowering women at home gives them the clout and the freedom to act for others. So who the fuck are you to tell American women to grin and bear it when they get fondled at the water cooler, in the name of Islamist oppression? This is a right-wing tactic, to use an external fear to silence criticism and efforts to correct inequities at home, and is a formula for futility — when you trivialize local, incremental changes that people can make, demanding that they instead deal immediately with larger problems directly, you get paralysis. Hey, you, stop working in that women’s shelter and instead get a gun and go fight ISIS!

That’s just annoying. But in the light of the next little gem, it’s infuriatingly hypocritical.

I don’t take back anything that I’ve said, Dawkins said from a shady spot in the leafy backyard of one of his Bay Area supporters. I would not say it again, however, because I am now accustomed to being misunderstood and so I will …

He trailed off momentarily, gazing at his hands resting on a patio table.

I feel muzzled, and a lot of other people do as well, he continued. There is a climate of bullying, a climate of intransigent thought police which is highly influential in the sense that it suppresses people like me.

Richard Dawkins is worth over $100 million. Every book Richard Dawkins writes is a best-seller. People pay Richard Dawkins $10-20,000 to come lecture at them for an hour. When any news source wants to get an opinion from the atheist community, who do they turn to first? Richard Dawkins. Richard Dawkins gets to tell conference organizers who to uninvite from their speaker list. Richard Dawkins makes movies about Richard Dawkins.

And poor little Richard Dawkins is muzzled? After whining that American women ought to hush up about getting fondled in the workplace or harassed in an elevator, because they’re so well off compared to women in the patriarchal cultures of the Middle East, he’s claiming victimhood as a wealthy outspoken opinionated man, because people criticize him?

Jesus fuck. That’s pathetic.

18 Nov 05:00

November 18, 2014